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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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several former police chiefs call out san jose city leaders asking for safer streets. >> plus, it is a day we will never forget. how the country is remembering 9/11 victims 13 years later. >> and just 12 days away from the official kickoff of fall and we are in the dog days of summer. peak heat tomorrow as we climb more. and that heat will break just in time for the weekend and also tracking chances of rain. much more in your microformat over. >> slaying up y-- coming up, we
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have breaking news. on dennis avenue near north temple drive, a few minutes away from 680. several areas are being evacuated. >> at least four former police chiefs say the city needs change immediately because it is headed in the wrong direction when it
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comes to public safety. we can to trujillo. >> this is an election year and the police chiefs have endorz endorzed -- endorsed more police
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officers. >> we're expecting to hear from sam lacardo. if he shows up, we'll bring him to you. >> thanks very much. >> 13 years ago today america changed forever. taking a moment of silence now.
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>> and they're continuing the reading of the names of the nearly 3,000 people that died 13 years ago today. we took that moment of silence as hijackers crashed united flight 175 into the upper floors of the south floors of the world trade center. would two other planes high jekd on september 11th, including united flight 93. several was.
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>> and at the pentagon, the president will delivery marks in about 30 minutes. >> president obama expanding the fight against the terrorist group isis. he's promising to take that fight wherever it goes. kris sanchez joins us with more details. what can we expect sp. >> he laid out a strategy, sam, that some say could spark a major conflict in the middle east. secretary of state john kerry is speaking with king and gull la this morning. last night the president called
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for air strikes in iraq and new air strikes in syria. >> we will not get dragged into another ground war in iraq. >> we have a thousand boots on the ground. he's going to send more boots on the ground. they're in a combat situation. to say they're not is obviously untrue. >> people will become angry. ma maybe we send troops into combat and they you have a wb, and that marks the dramatic escalation against isis. on the ground there is work to build a coalition among iraqi
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government forces and kurds and also in syria, to conduct strikes there. this is far from a simple plan. while the president maintains that his nation is not going. >> >> we'll see how the governments cooperate in the immediatele east opinions -- middle east. >> about a half an hour ago, the
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judge cleared oscar pistorius of premeditated murder, but he could be found guilty on lesser charges, culpable homicide, basically the equivalent of manslaughter. >> let's switch gears. making a peek outside. whoa, can you make it out? that's our beloved bay bridge this morning. can you only see half of it. >> we're not used to that, christina. >> a little bit of that fog rolling in. and temperatures out there etting we do have a compressed marine layer. it right there we like to think of it as a friday eve around here.
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after all, we are getting into the end of summertime. it's going to be very summer-like this weekend and then we bring in some showers still. it's going to be hot today, to the tomorrow and then we start to take your tempts down for the weekend. as promised, take a look at this. lines pressure for you this morning. high pressure comes in. above those low clouds you can speak the asor traveling up the inclient, these are your highest today, 90 for the south bay, 89 on the peninsula, a warm day coming your way in san francisco, 97 degrees out in the tri-valley. as we get to the next couple of
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days, temperatures will stay wum by a big will the the slowdown is soudbound to 1301. in order bound does slow a bit toward marsh. >> you well dwraded you can get on safe before.
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>> that sounds good. thanks. >> out of the south bay, favorites are working hard to contain a house fire that is threatening to spread now to other homes. our sister station just arrived on scene. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. we just arrived on scene here on dennis avenue in melpitas. they have evacuated several residents here in pb we do know that the that. >> they're still working on the fire hydrant. in the meantime we know that there are three fire trucks who are out here, several fear be.
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>> there are several people sp they don't know the news of the results but they did more tests today. >> and some people may have to give all the reand oo .
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the president said, quote, we will not get dragged into another ground war in iraq. >> and announcer ted robinson was suspended two games for making remarks about janay. robinson hascy put around 5:30 this morning. it's still happening right now on dennis avenue, just a few flex of -- seconds away. >> and scott mcgrew joins us with some delays this morning.
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>> uber, a network outage has started to stop people from ordering uber cars and getting a request for new rides. it's hard to guess how much data they are working in the city per day. pu a recent study in the. >> 16% of time you'll be picked up in the first ten minutes. uber does appear to be back up online this morning. if we'd like a ride, we can get one here in about four minutes. >> here's the "time" magazine covered, no doubt inspired by apple's no watch. the authors of the article cast a lot of doubt on the apple watch and other wearables pointing out, quote, this isn't just a new product, this is
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technology. the reporters also point out apple's recent security problems make people uneasy about a future data leak. the only thing worse than a naked selfie is a naeked selfie with the gpi address of your house. >> and say good-bye to the original apple ipod, they will no longer be for sale. orrin hatch thought it would cause piracy.
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>> it apple always moving forward. >> now i feel dated. >> thank you, scott. >> as palo alto considers imposing fines on people who use too much water, we're learning more about how bad this problem really. the staff has responded to more than 40 alleged violations and one second violation since last month. they will be voting on whether they should impose fines on water wasters. if approved, that fine would be worth $100. >> it is 6:18. new this morning thousands who got money from the federal government after hurricane sandy might have to pay it all back. after the storm hit, fema hand handed out 1 $1.4 and fema wants
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it back. and they've asked around 850 people to return the money the average refund is about $7,000. experts say fema's campaign to recover overpayments. >> the road will not be ready until tomorrow at the earliest. the route is the main artery between also a vague and. >> teaking a live it's going to
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be hot. we have. >>ets going to be cool. we' we're. >> 59 degrees. good morning to you in oakland, by the way. the weekend also looking forward to that and there a lot of sporting events-of happening in town. the giants have a day game and conditions out there are going to be warm for that day game. 59 degrees right now at about 1:00 in the city. you are going to be close to 80 degrees. the average high this year is about 82 degrees. i can tell the weather of the day with pictures. you can see the fog moving with the naked high.
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you can see just how thin it is. this is going to burn off, my friends, at around 9:30 this morning. 90 degrees on the south bay, 84 degrees on the hot spot, the trivalley. sko' so this is what we look at as we head throughout the door today. tomorrow a little bit warmer. then we cool you off for the big bay area sports weekend we're talking about temps in the low 80s for that kickoff. for the raiders home opener, kickoff, 9 clak a.m. 75 degrees. let's go, raiders, let's go giants, as well. they're in town as well the way through picked .
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>> as we get thoo mum, continue that cooling there will and thes about chance looks like the south bay. so we're going to keep tabs on this for you and give you the o probability. right now it's at30%. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> this is not looking good. 280 is still very clear heading down in from palo alto and el cammine owe moving pretty well done. only your right lane is open as you travel south fromwood site.
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>> palo alto will show you northbound 1 1. second you're moving very slowly at willow university. san jose shows you the volume starting to build now, just starting with the second burst, 101. no real drama down here. there are some low clouds and haze through the area. you can still move nicely by the gold yerp specific.
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>> this is the opportunity to make my dream come true. >> i'm here to change. >> and i think you're going to.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back on this day of remembrance. we're looking at a live image right now from 1 world trade center, rebuilt, renewed spirit in new york where folks are coming from all across the city and the country. nearly 3,000 people, all of their names are being read as we speak. >> it is quite a striking memorial, if you ever get the chance. i was there two weeks ago. it's something you've never
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forget. >> drivers have to stay at least three weeks away when passing by cyclists. they have to stay that distance until they pass. if a crash happens, a thine could reach $10:30. >> still ahead, the world reacting as the president vows to destroy isis.
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president obama is expected to speak this morning. all 59 people on board, 125 military and civilian personnel inside that building were killed. we see the president off to the left of the podium. we will come back to this in just a moment, as they remember all the incredible time marks of this morning, 13 years ago today. >> no question this is a day of reflection and now also a day of action. this morning lawmakers are reacting to president obama's primetime speech last night about how thence is going to deal with the group iceem tracy, what are we doing this morning? >> once of the big things he
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brought out last night was he wants to expnd the air strikes out of iraq or syria or, as the president put it, wherever isis is. the president talked about building a coalition so the u.s. is not going alone. but as of this morning, the foreign ministers of dprm and great bittan say they will not be participating in air strike over syria. in iraq the president wants to send another 475 troops in, not for combat, he said, but to support the iraqis fighting their own ground war. plus he's got secretary of state john kerry there trying to shore up their support in the region. some still think and strongly believe he needs to come back to congress to get their arrival
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first. >> congressional leaders wondering what their role is going to be in all this. thank you very much. >> it's 6:32 right now. it's time to take a peek this morning. the clouds in shroud. >> the. >> in the bay area you usually don't have to apply that much a.c. or heat as we get towards the end of the month but today is going to feel more like a late july afternoon. 59 degrees in san francisco, 61 in oakland and 59 in beautiful
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san jose to start the day. we have a very compressed marine layer. it's right at the surface. right along the coastline this morning as we just showed you. take a look at this as the compressed marine layer is wall owing up. you can see up above that cloud bank from the shot. it can burn off quickly. and san francisco. >> we are tracking a chance for rain. the gff model actually agrees with me. next wednesday at 11:30, a little precipitation coming up. >> the gff model agrees with
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you. that's breaking news right there. >> it's very slow for southbound 101. three lanes of southbound 101 now flow past the scene of this major injury crash just around march. you're jammed up from woodside road. let look at the live camera we have in palo alto. southbound picking up the volume. you are in so.
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>> low clouds are blocking our view from emeryville. the golden gate bridge is where visibility is more of an issue for those coming in. >> the market has kicked off already this morning. they've been open for about six minutes now. >> most of the country teaking a pauses pb pchb on this anniversary of 9/11.
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>> and of course we'll continue to take live looks across the nation this morning. this from the pentagon this morning. the president is there as we observe the 13th anniversary of 9/11. also they are currently reading the names of the nearly 3,000 people that were killed in work at the world trade center. ...we need to break up.
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let's take a live look at at&t park this morning. hopefully things will clear up no doubt. warm day ahead. and commissioner bud selig is in town today as part of his farewell tour. selig is set to retire at the end of the season so he's visiting every ballpark. >> the giants don't want to be retiring from their playoff play. first pitch at 12:45. >> reporter: good morning,
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everyone. your san francisco giants pulled out another win last night in a shutout over the diamondbacks. last night was great. blanco got the offense going but credit should go to ryan vogel song. >> i'd work one pitch and it didn't work. >> more news on brandon belt. he was here yesterday at at&t park. he did some sprints, he hit off a tee. before he hopped on a plane to pittsburgh to see concussion specialist dr. collins. if collins finds he's clear of
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concussion systems, bell will ahead to area on friday. they're looking to give him some live b.p. >> president obama speaking at the pentagon this morning on the 13th anniversary of 9/11. >> while these young americans did not know the horrors of that day, their lives have been shaped by all the days events, time has brought us bain also taught us endurance and strength, a time of rebuilding ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪
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an update to breaking news. fire crews have mostly contained a house fire burning in milpi s milpitas. right now we don't know if anyone was hurt. >> developing halfway around the world, oscar pistorius has left a south african courtroom. he still doesn't know whether he'll be sent to prison for keeling his girl friend, reeva steenkamp. the judge spent everybody home for the day after spending
6:46 am
several hours explaining her upcoming verdict. she did clear him of fird loun. >> the judge is second to retale the rest of the verdict tomorrow. d . america will certainly never forget as we take a live look at the pentagon right now the president of the united states was just speaking just moments ago. at this very moment 13 years ago the white house and u.s. capitol building were evacuated along with several other high-profile buildings, amid growing concerns of additional attacks. people are also gathering now at the new 9/11 museum and memorial build where the world trade
6:47 am
center tours once stood tall. they're reading over 3,000 names of the victims. some of their children are there today. >> people throughout the world are pausing to reflect this morning. >> yeah, they really are. a difficult day but for many a very important, very necessary day but the healing continues 13 years later. here in new york one of the biggest ceremonies. it's just outside of the 9/11 museum. it's reading allowed certainly one of the most emotional things that happens here. and there is that live ceremony at the pentagon where a giant
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flag has been pun furled -- been unfurled. it's a day to send a message that while we took a pretty strong blow, we are back on o our feet and we will do everything in our power to make sure this never happens again. that's the message we hope is shared as they continue this annual event to remember those who are lost. >> we are strong, we are resentent and sprk. >> flight 93 was heading from
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new jersey to san francisco before hijackers took control, rabid the toop. so many people on board that flight were from the bareir why were he was among the passengers who storm that scout kout peck peckspch and 7 in san francisco. this is how they looked about ten minutes ago. they had a ceremony that was going to take place of the people who were first responders who also lost their lives. now to the latest news from
6:50 am
last night. washington and the nation reacts to the president's strategy against the rising threat by isis. chris, the president is trying to built international consensus. >> he airplane is. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with king abdullah of saudi arabia as we speak, building that coalition. the president is also spending 500 more forces to iraq, though he han tans that the groups are not while, n--
6:51 am
>> isis leaders will not threaten america. >> there is still work to build a coalition on the ground among iraqi forces and governments there. now, this is clearly far from a simple plan. while the president maintains that the nation is not going to war, his critics say they're still sot no you can visit our
6:52 am
web site for complete coverage any time. >> it is 6:51 right now. time to check that forecast as we take a peek outside overlooking downtown san jose. it's going to be another warm one. enjoy today because things are going to be changing in the future. >> yeah, they are. it's one of those really rare occurrences where we not only have a chance for triple digits starting today and a now we're in september and we're getting triple digits but it could be our final stretch of heat, our last taste of the dog days of summer. fall is moving in quick. it was right now mostly in the 50s and 60s. good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us each and every day as we wind
6:53 am
down your work week. this picture of san francisco tells the weather story of the day. high pressure coming in, compressing everything, including our par particular he in san china 84 on the east shore. that's a hot day in oak town and for the tri-valley, 98 degrees. as we head throughout the next couple of days, changes coming your way. summer sizzle today. tomorrow we'll see the peak of this warming trend and then we'll be heading to the all-important weekend. that heat is going to drop off. second temps to by union looking
6:54 am
good for san jose and san gren wrrnl and this is one of two opportunities. next wednesday night, a pretty good chance, mostly for the geese. and then it looks like two storm systems will make their way to the bay area. >> i was watching this like a hawk. the pence larks we had that major injury crash reported. we don't have any details on who was injured or the extent of the injuries. we're tracking that in the newsroom. we just got word they reopened all lanes. willow and university will take you past the throwdown.
6:55 am
and over here that still remains clear. that's a good flow of traffic. the rest of the bay, nothing really unpredictable. northbound route throughout the south, starting to build. it's in of and so all the way across that taej pchb some folks may have been avoiding the did the un barton. in the north day, 101 san rafael
6:56 am
has no problems whatsoever. >> thank you, mike. >> change needs to happen now. that's the message from four former san jose police chiefs this morning. they're coming together and speaking only with "today in the bay." good morning, damian. >> reporter: good morning. these messages today are somewhat split call, but when they speak about public safety, their words carry a lot of credibility. we're talking about four expolice chiefs, rob davis, chris moore, tom cheatly and bi bill the mayor's office says crime stats show crime is
6:57 am
actually down in the city but chris says that claim isn't he insists the city is headed in the wrong direction. >> you find any police department that becomes preactive instead of being pro active, it a recipe for disaster. it's very concerning to us. we need to do something now. we need to change what's taking place in terms of how we're treating the police department. >> sam, licardo is in the runoff for mayor. he has the backing of former mayors we sent him a message last night, invited him to speak with us at 6 clack p.m., and he
6:58 am
says work psh. >> get off that treadmill and get oaf to damian's. thank you very much. >> big news for san francisco's flower mart. it could be a thing of the past soon. they'll be voting on whether to sell the flower mart to kilroy reality. some are afraid kil roy reality wants to buy the company to sell off to tech companies. >> good morning. the funny thing about flowers, it is the textbook example of a tech bubble, right? one of the economists who write about bubbles, write about the great tulip bulk bubble.
6:59 am
>> it is a bubble and a tech bubble and flowers as well. >> we'll talk about markets coming up in our updates. >> again, to touch upon the most important story of the morning, we are remembering the 9/11 events from 13 years ago as we observe a moment of silence. what's going on in new york city, they have been reading the names of all the victims and now tolling the bell. we're observing the moment of silence. this is the time that the south tower actually fell. this is a live look from san francisco this morning. there are memorials going on
7:00 am
throughout our nation this morni morning, and a day we will certainly never forget. more than 3,000 lives forgot. >> go out and hang your american flag today if you can. good morning, no safe haven. the president announces a broad expansion of u.s. military patrols in the battle against isis. for the first time, air strikes in syria. >> we will hunt them down, wherever they are. >> oscar pistorius cleared of murder this morning as the judge gave her decision, but faces prison time on other charges. we are live at the court. formatter head of the fbi set to lead an investigation in the nfl's handling of the ray rice scandal after a bomb shell


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