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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 11, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sports world is talking about domestic violence almost as much as the game itself. this while a coalition of senators led by dianne feinstein and barbara boxer says, enough is enough. instead of the game itself -- >> i don't think the issue is video or nonvideo, i think the issue is proof. >> reporter: the football talk these days is about ethics. what the nfl will do next after the ray rice controversy and new accusations yesterday that the league had evidence of the crime for months before acting on it. >> absolutely, 100%, i'm watching for that move. >> reporter: former nfl player ron niece talking about how the league and the 49ers need to better address domestic violence if they want to change the focus. >> i would love that everybody would be talking about the excitement around the game and the opening of the new stadium. but there are issues that are more spornt than sports themselves.
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>> it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: local at lets say they understand why the spotlight has moved from the games themselves -- >> sports is going to be a pivotal part of the ethics in our culture because sports is so much ingrained in our population. >> reporter: being watched more closely than ever for what happens off the field. >> santa clara is putting on that ethics summit for the fifth consecutive year. the organizer told me "it feels like the world is coming to us." >> not just the nfl. does baseball, major league baseball, need a domestic violence policy? commissioner selig is in town tonight. he was at this afternoon's giants game. he addressed the issue. >> we haven't had any cases, i'm happy to say, for a long, long time. i can't remember when the last time was. grateful for that. but we deal with situations as they occur. >> commissioner selig declined to comment directly on the ray
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rice case or how the nfl is handling it. but he did say baseball has had discussions about creating a league-wide policy in the past. he says he's leaving any decision in the future on creating a policy to the man who's replacing him in just a few months, rob manfred. new at 5, details of a secret court fight between yahoo! and the u.s. government over surveillance. a federal judge ordered some material unsealed surrounding a 2007 court challenge. the documents show the government threatened to fine yahoo! $250,000 a day if it did not go along with the expansion of u.s. surveillance laws. the company saw the surrender of online information as unconstitutional and refused to do it. they ultimately won their case. it was a rare sight in san jose. four of the city's former police chiefs joining forces saying public safety in the city is on the line. who do they blame? what's their solution? nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at city hall with the
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details. >> reporter: the mayor's working to hire and retain more police officers but those four chiefs say unless major changes are made, they won't be able to do it and officers will continue to go to other bay area cities. together these four men have more than 100 years in law enforcement. former san jose police chiefs rod davis, bill lons down, todd wheatley, chris moore sat down with nbc bay area's damian trujillo to talk about the department they once led. >> public safety is the lawsuit number one priority of city government. and they failed in that process here in san jose. >> we ask men and women to put their lives on the line. we're not willing to support them if they and their families are injured as a result of the injury the officer may suffer? unheard of. >> we don't have enough officers and the good ones are leaving. >> reporter: san jose has fewer officers now than it did a decade ago. >> they're holding on but i think a lot are leaving for other departments and you can't blame them. >> reporter: the chiefs say
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massive cuts and measure "b" put the city on a dangerous path. mayor chuck reed says money is tight and there's no shortage of need. but he is working to hire and retain more cops. >> despite having to put in a lot of overtime, they're working hard and we appreciate that. the crime rates are improving over the last couple of years. >> reporter: the mayoral election is only a few weeks away. these former chiefs are endorsing county supervisor dave corteszy. another councilman declined to be interviewed saying he wasn't going to debate public safety with former chiefs and credits the current chief for bringing down crime in san jose. overall, crime was down in 2013. but so far this year, violent crime is up 4%. oakland police are investigating the shooting of a 1-year-old boy this afternoon. witnesses flagged down police on 73rd avenue just a few blocks south of mills college where they found the 1-year-old with his family. the boy was shot at least once.
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he is listed in stable condition at a local hospital. officers say it appears this was an accidental shooting but at this time there is no information on the suspect. it is a difficult day and difficult evening in this country. 13 years after the september 11th attacks, millions of people reflected today. not only on the horror of that day, but the gratitude for the first responders. this is a live picture now. 8:00 east coast time in new york city. this is the tower of light. you can see the light where the twin towers once stood. so many people at this location tonight to remember those who died. the sound of a single bell marked the moment the first plane hit the world trade center. friends and family read the names of those killed, pausing to mark when the second plane hit, and when each tower fell to the ground. at the pentagon, which was also hilt by a plane, the president and first lady took part in a wreath-laying ceremony.
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in shanksville, pennsylvania, bells tolled for the heroes of united flight 93 who brought that plane down far from its intended target. nearly every bay area community held some sort of observance today. one of the largest took place at the flight 93 memorial in union city. >> nbc bay area's christie smith was at that memorial today and spoke with family members of some of the flight 93 victim. >> we spoke with two victims' families and they say the anniversary takes them right back to that day and how they got the horrible news. also moving forward and making sure to keep honoring their lives. ♪ the mother of wanda green and sister of jason bell hugged after today's ceremony. green was a flight attendant and jason the pilot of united flight 93. both families say they've developed a bond after all these years. about 100 people came to today's ceremony, held in a small park
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where stone tablets wear bearing the names of passengers and crew stand. the victims' names were read aloud. their families say these memorials are critical. >> it's a way for me to honor her, her life. she's gone. it's been 13 years now. can't bring her back. but what we can do is honor and just keep her name alive. >> my immediate thoughts go to jason right away. miss him and wish he was still here to share family events with us. >> both families say they've attended memorials across the country, across the years, but they don't watch detailed coverage on this day. >> in san francisco, mayor ed lee joined firefighters in a remembrance outside a mission district fire station. the department rang what's called the last alarm with this fire bell. the signal honors fallen firefighters. the group then saluted the flag which was raised and then lowered to half staff for a moment of silence. the same ceremony played out at fire stations across the city.
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>> it's an important time to reflect and to appreciate all the sacrifices that were made that day, the lives that were lost, all of our lives really were changed. it also is a time to reinforce what we do as first responders. >> 343 new york city firefighters died as a result of the 9/11 attacks. today's ceremony in san francisco included the reading of each of their names. other fire departments across the bay area and the country held remembrances as well. the livermore/pleasanton fire department hosted this public ceremony this morning. and our coverage of this somber anniversary continues online at there you'll find a link to a slide show of photos from memorials across the country. to a developing story, bipartisan support, but is it enough? lawmakers on capitol hill support president obama's plan to destroy isis by launching
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more air strikes in iraq and syria. the top republicans say ground troops are needed to win the fight against this terror group. ten arab nations are backing president obama's plan but none have offered to send ground troops. britain and germany are saying they're staying out of it, offer nothing assistance to the white house. president obama is sticking to his plan of no u.s. ground troops in this war. protesters demand access to blue shield's new sky box at the 49ers stadium. yeah, it was a political stunt. i'm mark matthews. they were doing it in favor of prop 45. we'll tell you about it coming up next. cancer, one of the things people do not talk about is how it affects the finances. >> how a bay area woman is helping ease both the physical and financial pains many cancer patients experience. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. another hot day right now at
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yes on 45! >> new at 5:00, backers of a november ballot measure rallied in front of the blue shield headquarters in san francisco's financial district demanding seats in blue shield's brand-new multi-million dollar sky box at levi's stadium. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in san francisco with details on the ballot measure and the supporters who have a tendency for political stunt.
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>> reporter: a group out of los angeles, consumer watchdog, the voice behind prop 45, the measure that would require insurance companies to get permission from the state's insurance commissioner before raising rates on health care premiums. a couple of dozen protesters chanted outside the blue shield headquarters on beale street this afternoon. the focus of their attention, a $2.5 million sky box the not for profit health insurer has purchased at the 49ers' new stadium. >> not for profit companies have no business with multi-million dollar sky boxes while policy holders are asked to pay rate headaches in the double digits every year. >> reporter: jaime cort is president of the watchdog whose founder is best known for california's automobile insurance rollback 25 years ago. consumer groups claim that measure, known as prop 103, has saved california drivers tens of billions of dollars.
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opponents of prop 45, business groups, health providers, and insurance companies, say this is a different issue. >> so auto insurance and health insurance are vastly different. it's great that you bring up 103. the people who put this on the ballot have made millions and millions of dollars through being the people who intervened under prop 103. >> reporter: and that's accurate. when prop 103 went through, the consumer watchdog folks got compensated when they challenged rate hikes on automobile insurance. they also get money when they challenge rate hikes on homeowners insurance. and they think that health insurance premiums should also be challengeable. we'll have more on where the money is coming from on both sides of this proposition battle coming up at 6:00. we'll also tell you about some of their more infamous political stunts. the mountain lion has been euthanized but the hiking trails remain closed. wildlife officials are still on
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the case in the cupertino his. the department of fish and wildlife killed the animal that they think attacked a 6-year-old boy last sunday. they found the big cat yesterday near the pachetti winery close to where the attack happened. the mountain lion will undergo a full dna analysis to make sure it was indeed the one responsible. it's also being tested for rabies. anyone who has battled cancer or knows someone who has understands the physical and emotional toll it can take on patients and families. >> what about the financial toll? it's something the people don't talk about enough. here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas with more in "bay area proud." >> sandra wing has spent a lifetime in the business world studying, teaching, doing. finances is something they snows a lot about. cancer? when she was diagnosed it was something she knew nothing about. having survived, sandra now knows a lot and has figured a way to put her unique set of skills to very good use. >> now you're really tight back here today.
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in the sacrum area. >> reporter: kathleen bolio gave a therapeutic massage to paula harris. >> taking in your wholeness -- >> reporter: less man a mile away, guided imagery. >> good chi here too. >> reporter: not far from there, christine buckley performed ac cue puncture on natalie bianco. three different practitioners. three different therapies. three different cancer patients. all brought together by a single woman. a woman who knows exactly what those patients are going through. >> i was diagnosed with two cancers. ovarian and use rin cancer. in november '06. >> reporter: sandra wing says before her diagnosis she was never one to even consider what she now calls complementary healing treatments.
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but sandra says she was up for trying anything at the time that might help ease the pain, not to mention the fear that came with surgery and chemotherapy. >> and it did. i'm happy to report it did. that's why we're sharing with others. >> reporter: sharing it in a big way. through the sandra j. wing healing therapies foundation. over the past six years, raising money and providing grants to patients in the the tri-valley to get treatments like the ones that helped sandra. treatments that sandra says she was fortunate to be able to pay for. >> how about in here, tender at all? >> reporter: but knows that's not the case with everyone. >> because cancer, one of the things people do not talk about is how it affects the finances. nobody really talks about that. >> reporter: in its short history, sandra's foundation has helped close to 500 grateful patients. because they are all local, sandra says she'll often get stopped at the grocery store or
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wherever they might find her and thank her for making their difficult journey a little more comfortable to take. >> i don't appreciate it enough, to be honest. i don't take the time to really go, wow. this is incredible. >> they've done it so far with an all-volunteer team and one of their big events for the next coming year is they're going to finally hire their first employee to work on the nonprofit. so greater things even to come. >> she's accomplish sod much in such a short period of time. remarkable, thanks so much, garvin. let's throw things to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. how do you spell hot? >> h-o-t, how do you spell it? >> it's hot outside. >> you might want to spell it uncomfortable. many different ways. extreme microclimate heat for today, it was all about hot temperatures here. not only for the east bay but no matter where you went across the bay area, all the microclimates
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feeling above-average temperatures, near record-setting hize. gilroy 101 today. los altos 97. that's a discoverier for you on the peninsula. in the mission 82. san ramon one of our hottest with 102. let's take you outside of the sky camera network and we'll go ahead and survey what's happening. you can see mainly clear skies in the south bay, 83 degrees. toward san francisco, fog moving in, 70. right now averaging 85 in the north bay. the peninsula right now, that's where we are being impacted by not only a cooler breeze but also some fingers of fog, we call it, starting to move in across the peninsula. and that is going to make a huge impact in the forecast as we head throughout tomorrow. so here's the deal. as we head throughout friday's forecast we're going to be on day three of these hot temperatures. but just a small, a subtle change in the atmosphere is going to set off some differences for us. we've got high pressure. it's been sitting across california. it's going to migrate a little bit here off to the east and
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gradually weaken. so with high pressure beginning to weaken for tomorrow, that's going to allow more of an onshore flow to set return here's where we're going, with more of an onshore flow you're going to have more fog building at the coastline and gradually that's going to help those temperatures to cool down. you can see areas of fog expected tomorrow morning at the immediate coast. also for mainly the north bay. and the computer models picking up on a little bit of green with possibly some drizzle. by the afternoon hours we get sunny skies here from santa rosa down toward san jose. even though we've got that sunshine, the other thing we're going to have to worry about even with hot temperatures inland is the air quality. it's going to be hazy sun. spare the air day in effect. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. sunny skies and with fog at the coastline numbers are going to go down 2 to 3 degrees here. not substantial for places like san jose. a little bit cooler. 94 expected in downtown. 96 in saratoga. hot in morgan hill with 99. for the coastline going down to
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68 in pacifica. there's some of your cooling from the fog. 92 in palo alto. for san francisco, dropping into the 70s instead of the 80s like we've had the past few days. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, napa hot at 99. oakland going down to 81. but the last location always to get any effects or impacts from the fog beginning to move in is the tri-valley. you'll still have triple digit-heat for tomorrow. pleasanton 102. livermore expecting 101. by the weekend forecast, check it out, numbers going down a little cooler for saturday, sunday. 80s in the south bay. instead of 100s in the tri-valley, mid-90s expected this upcoming weekend. that is h-o-t, raj. >> thank you, jeff. >> stay hydrated. bracing for impact. the solar storm headed our way and how it could disrupt things here on earth. this south bay bar is banned from selling alcohol for 30 days. we'll tell you why.
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it costs a lot to drive. $44 billion a year. that's the cost of driving on california roads. this is according to a transportation advocacy group. this is a live look at 880 in oakland, congested like usual during rush hour. the group called trips says repairs, accidents and the time and fuel bumped in traffic jams add up. here's a look at the 280/17 interchange in san jose. also pretty thick in this 5:00 hour. the bay area ranks second in terms of highest cost to drivers after l.a., of course. a san jose bar is banned from selling alcohol for the next 30 days after a bartender served alcohol to two
5:25 pm
19-year-olds. what makes this the case especially serious is that after leaving the nowhere bar and grill, the two teenagers got into a car crash. both were killed. this happened in january of last year. alcoholic beverage control agents enforced the suspension after a lengthy investigation. >> it's a stiff penalty. i mean, if you talk to the owner i'm sure they have their own take on it. but it's a stiff penalty. there's nothing positive that happens when a young person is involved in possession of alcohol, consuming alcohol. it's illegal and it's dangerous. >> today's penalty was a result of a program called trace that uses grant money to investigate serious crashes involving alcohol and minors. a solar storm is headed to earth and it could be here as early as tomorrow. nasa says the flare erupted on the sun last sunday morning followed by several more bursts of radiation. earth's atmosphere protects us from the sun's harmful radiation but intense solar flares can disturb communication signals and power systems.
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however, scientists say the flare's worst effects will just miss us, will just miss earth, so the power grid is safe. gearing up for game day at levi's stadium this sunday. all the excitement next.
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we'll be back in a half hour. here's what we're working on for our 6:00 newscast. who shoots a pony? the criminal investigation under way and the reward being offered following the death of a bay area family's beloved animal
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tonight at 6:00. finally at 5:00 the excitement is building for sunday's game. the niners' home opener of the season. festivities kicked off with a rally at levi's plaza in san francisco. it wasn't only a kickoff for this weekend's game, levi's employee, 49ers alumni, and wives of players kicked off the school year stuffing more than 1,000 backpacks with back to school items for local students. organizers say it's a long-time and proud levi's tradition to help school in the bay area. nbc bay area is the broadcast home of the 49ers. tomorrow we go behind the scenes. our own laura garcia-cannon will be inside levi's stadium starting at 5:00 a.m. tune into our 6:00 p.m. newscast. raj and jeff will be there along with jessica aguirre. they'll show you the inside, the outside, all the highlights of the brand new stadium in santa clara. >> i believe jeff will be at the restaurant. >> i've looked at the menu and
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there's nothing i don't like. >> okay, i'm officially jealous. >> you got the good assignment. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. on our broadcast tonight, plan of attack. the wheels are already in motion to convert the president's words into an air assault to destroy isis. and tonight we have reaction from inside syria. cliffhanger, oscar pistorius weeps as he learns his fate for killing his girlfriend. not guilty of murder, but the case doesn't end there. nfl scandal, the former head of the fbi steps in to head up the investigation. but still the question tonight is, will it be fair and square? and to the rescue. on this 13th anniversary of 9/11 always a somber occasion. tom brokaw has the inspiring story of a surviving hero from that day. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new yorkth


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