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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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onscene responding to wa they say was the woman found suffering from plunt force trauma. she died on scene. no words puerto rico any suspects or possible motivings.
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we'll bring you a live report come being up in the next half hour. i am some brock. laura is on assignment. let's get a quick check of your weather with anthony slaughter. as we head through the day the winds are going to shift offshore and it's going to push all of this fog back to the coastline. and we're going to be looking at another warm day like we saw yesterday. the temperatures will start to peak as we head -- a few cloudsin the south bay. in the north bay at 50. later on this afternoon expect another hot day near 1 union degrees in the north bay. east short, you'll be at 82 but the tri-valley, as we head through the upcoming weekend, that heat is expected to break. we gave mike the day off. we are talking about traffic
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now. we have lots of green on the map right now. i want to turn your attention to the north bay. that's where we have dense fog into san rafael. right now the golden kbat bri e bridge, it is going to be something we keep an eye on. >> more overnight from halfway across the world. a south african judge has found oscar pistorius culpable -- guilty of culpable homicide. and pistorius will be sentenced on october the 13th. millions of dollars are being made available for victims of
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earthquakes. typically homeowners without earthquake insurance can receive as much as $30 tuesday in cash. they can also receive low-interest federal loans of up to a quarter of a million dollars. business owners can apply for loans of up to $2 million. and the 91 1 calls detail the confusion. >> i don't know. we had a big -- it seems like there was an earthquake. all the power went out. >> do you see flames? >> what's going on there? >> i don't know, i don't know. there was an explosion if my house. >> ma'am, do you see anything on fire? >> no, i don't but the lights are completely off. >> we had an earthquake. is anyone injured there?
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>> no. >> no one is injured. >> okay, then i'll be right back with you. one moment, one moment. >> a complete disorientation for so many folks in the bay area waking up at 3:30. more than 120 buildings and homes have since been red tagged. to hear more, go to nbc bay organizers hope to have money for a new memorial. so far they raised 75% of the mon money. it will be located on mission boulevard and d street. >> this hit us just as hard in
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california. it may not have been quite the same but i know that it was a very hard time and we all mourned for those who were lost. >> it can be in every city, just so everybody has a place to go and reflect upon what took place that day. >> of course yesterday the first anniversary of september 11th. our coverage continues online at nbc bay >> new this morning ohio state troopers have arrested an inmate who escaped from prison. one of thein mates was quickly captured but lane wasn't found until 1:30 this morning. he was serving time for shooting
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and killing three students at a high school. >> an aid worker who is recovering from ebola. brantley was treated for ebola last month. sacra and who others were doing missionary work in liberia when they got sick. a fourth american is being treated at emory university but that person has in the yet been named. >> according to the "chronicle," police are investigating people who enrolled in online classes. each is posing as a student.
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each withdrew once they got their pell grants. and it's the dawn of a new era. this sunday a new chapter in 49ers history began as the team will play its regular season game. our coverage begins as we're inside the stadium coming up in our next half had your. but first let's look back at the stadium's journey. this is a time lapse. by all accounts construction moved at a rapid pace. here's a lock at some of the milestones along the way. ground first broke at levi
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stadium on july 12th. it started to take shape october 13th and on july 4th, 2014 it officially opened. take a look at the new locker rooms. high ceilings, carpet and the training room. it's very different visitors locker room. the lockers there were put in the middle of the room to divide the team. the stadium's project executive says that is all by design. it's also 1,000 square feet lower, it's designed as a locker room and it's supposed to make
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the players to feel uncomfortable. >> mundane finishes we want these guys to be underwhelmed. >> the ex -- stadium executive said they couldn't make it too uncomfortable because they will be hosting the super bowl. >> michael mena is offering fan as tailgate experience like known other at his new restaurant. we'll have a sneak peek inside bourbon steak and bob in about 30 minutes. many 49ers faithful were caught off guard by the heat.
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paramedics said they dealt with dozens of emergencies calls, especially heat stroke. anthony, you've been looking at how the folks are affected by the heat. what's your advice? >> just drink plenty of water. you want to add to some of the water to the celebratory libation you might be having. >> we're going to be looking at plenty sunshine for today. if you not yesterday was hot,
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it's going to be hot are today. even in san francisco, 81 second for today in the north day. 91 our warmest. the tri-valley, you'll be up to 102 this afternoon. the good news, temperatures do fall off this weekend. we're talking about mid to upper 80s, even in san francisco. saturday and sunday you're looking back into the 70s and as you head toward next week, you're talking about temperatures back into the 60s and 70s for san francisco. finally we can put some rain on the map. in is our model we can see tuesday into wednesday. the cloud are going to start to increase and look at this, a system to our south. the remnants of the hurricane scooting up the coastline. wednesday into thursday we could be looking at showers across the bay area finally. let's talk about some traffic.
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yes, i'm doing double duty today filling in for christina and mike. you'll notice in the north bay a fog warning because we are expecting a little dense fog to develop across the golden gate bridge this afternoon. no rain here but things moving smoothly on the map. lots of green so it means things are moving smoothly. keeping my life easy here. >> one final push for summer. new troubles for general motors. still ahead, why the automaker is stopping delivery of its corvette. and what you need to know if you're looking to get your hands at this new gadget. and at levi stadium, we have a crew getting ready to give you
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an inside peek. we'll check in with them coming up.
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welcome back. 4:45, breaking news this morning. a homicide investigation in san jose after a body found this morning at the intersection of oakland road and commercial. that's near the casino matrix.
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let's bring in "today in the bay" stephanie chuang. what's going on? >> there's a heavy police presence. i counted 17 police cars when i got here 17 minutes ago. a woman was found on a sidewalk under a light pole. all we know is that it's a female victim who suffered blunt force trauma and died here at the scene. the call came in at 2:22 this morning for san jose police. the homicide unit is on site taking a look. they've been walking around this block trying to look for any evidence at all. very few details, no suspects or
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persons of interest at this point. again, homicide here in san jose off of oakland road and 101. this is the 25th in the city this year. we'll work on the details and bring you the latest during the newscast. >> we'll check in with you throughout the morning. thank you, stephanie. >> as the title suggests right there, it's the dawn of a new era. we are now just two days away from the 49ers' new opener at levi stadium. our coverage of the activities starts this morning. why wait? you see our photographers, our anchors, laura garcia-cannon
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scituating themselves there. >> the stadium was built to quickly gather and collect data and send it out to their fans. >> no longer can we tell fans come to the venue and be unplugged for six hours. that doesn't work. >> it seems to be a new theme. new trouble for general motors this morning surrounding one of its hottest selling cars, the
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number 2015 corvette. when you mention corvette, morgan, people's attentions get grabbed. >> oh, they certainly do. i think when you mention gm as well in light of all the headline there is. they issued a stop delivery for one of its hottest selling car. they want to fix two issues before the vehicles leave the factory or get sold by dealers. there may be a -- the parking may not be fully gauged. the dow is poised for he is its weekly lost. today we're getting data on retail sales, import prices and consumer sentiment. the nasdaq closing up 5 to 45.
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back to you. >> anthony, the corvette we just saw. hopefully there's no issues with it. it would be a nice day to have your top down and to be able to drive down the california coastline. what do you think? >> oh, yeah. it's going to be real warm. they're looking at triple digit heat across the entire coastline. we have lots of fog still socked in over toward the fremont area stretching up towards 808, even toward san francisco the bay bridge and it's going to be the way we look until about 8:00, 9:00. then we'll start to clear out. cup see in san francisco that gray sky. that's all the fog. peninsula, traffic moving without a problem. and temperatures right near 60 degrees. but later this afternoon is when the microclimates are going to pop out.
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92 in the peninsula. even san francisco. you're going to be above average today. in the tri-valley, one of our warmest. without a doubt, places like concord, pleasantton, wam nut creek, you're expecting temperatures near 100 degrees. tomorrow and sunday temperatures do cool off but it's relative. look what happens as we head towards monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's when we start to see temperatures more tolerable back in the 80s. the ocean wind will take over. then the cloud cover starts to fill in by wednesday. we could be looking for a pretty good shot at showers by
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wednesday. this is what we'll be keeping an eye on all week longneck week. this could be significant ranfall. i don't think we've had significant reinfall since april and then back to january opin n opiniopinio opinion --. >> man, do we need that. >> coming up, how one woman's love for the 49s aers helped he and her family adapt to life in the bay area. and there's sunday's home opener against the bears. and it's "friday night lights" as eight high school football teams get the rare chance to play on an nfl field. in late october, cal hosts oregon in pac-12 action. we'll be back just a moment.
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. the 49ers art gallery featured hundreds of pieces, including from one woman who
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says the 49ers changed her life. >> i love football because it brings families together. >> she's born in vietnam but raised in san francisco. while adapting to life in the area, she says the 49ers gave her family a way to adjust. >> let's get a quick look at what's going on on the roadway with anthony slaughter. >> if you're coming in from the north bay, keep an eye on that. otherwise we're looking at pretty good conditions.
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we are starting to see a little bit of slowing on livermore. otherwise it's friday so that means friday light. let's keep our fingers crossed. >> this show is anything but. it's packed. the president declaring a state of emergency in napa. and the verdict is in. what's in store for the future olympian, now turned accused murderer, oscar pistorius. and our live coverage from inside the stadium starts right after the break. it starts momentarily.
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and a good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon inside levi stadium all morning
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long. we're going to be bringing you a behind-th behind-the-scenes home of your san francisco 49ers. it's going to be a lot of fun. plus how should you dress? and it's the hottest ticket in town. we are going to take you live inside the new restaurant inside levi stadium. that's all in just a few minutes. first we want to send it back to you to the studio for the top stories of the morning. >> in the meantime, we have breaking news. an american fighter pilot is missing in the pacific ocean after two fh-18 hornets crashed this morning. one pilot was found and is being treated. several ships and helicopters are out


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