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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is friday, september the 12th. thanks so much for joining us. i'm sam brock. lots to get to this morning. first, let's talk about the dawn of a new era. the 49ers home opener is sunday. we are now less than 60 hours away from kickoff for those keeping track at home. laura garcia-cannon drew the wonderful task of being out at levi stadium this morning. it felt like it's taken a long time to get to this point but we're here now. >> we are here, it is now, it is going to be a huge weekend. it's so exciting to be out here as well. it was a major construction project that took more than two years by all accounts.
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construction moved at a rapid pace. here's a look at it. i love some of the krconstructi milestones. april 19, 2012 was the ground breaking and the first steel beams were installed a few weeks later. the stadium officially opened on july 17, 2014. it is not just me out here covering the 49ers home opener pop . we have a team in place. and we'll also check the kickoff forecast with meteorologist christina loren. right now we're going to toss it back to you in the studios now. >> fun awaits you both.
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>> a woman found early this morning on oakland road and commercial street, suffering reportedly from blunt force trauma. no word on any suspects, those police do have persons of interesting and they're looking into a motive as well. >> oscar pistorius has been found guilty of culpable manslaughter. h >> and president obama declared an disaster area after the
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earthqua earthquake, making people eligible for federal funds. >> the last game at candlestick, $290. there were outrages prices from 35,000 to $99,000. that's just for one seat at one game. >> stub hub is an open marketplace. so we don't set any prices on our own. if someone sets an outrageous price, we're not going to regulate it. we have a term for outrageous
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prices and those are the tickets that aren't going to sell. >> hey, we want to check in with our colleague. >> hello, laura. we're over here! you talk about field position, they've got it lined but they're going to have to still do a little paint job. we're talking with the organization and that's something they'll be doing later
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today. they have the lights on but it is dark out here. come sunday, the wind could affect the kickers in the game. 49ers kicker phil dawson said he's only been able to kick on the field four or five times because you might remember the problem with the turf. he says when he does try to kick a ball, the wnd ind is an issue. he said it starts gusting around 1:30 every day, which happens to be right around most game times. >> you'll go out for pregame, it will be no wind and perfect. you wait for kickoff and it will be totally different. it's just going to take time to figure that out. >> it wasn't an issue he had to deal with when he was playing at the stick. when asked if the sun was a problem, dawson said he played in cleveland where the sun
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rarely came out so he'll take all the sun he can get. coming up, we'll show you features that make the stadium very unique and we'll update you on the grass conditions. >> if you're on the field, don't mess up that turf, my friend. i'll keep my high heels off it as well. okay, bob. >> and 5:30 against the chicago bears, can you watch the game right here on nbc bay area. and christina loren joins me live. it a nice way to start our day. things are going to get warm later? >> they are. i have an official nfl football in my hand. i have to tell you, this thing is not light. this has some weight to it.
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as they're out there on that hot field as we get into sunday, i do believe weather will be a factor. we're going to focus in on what the heat does here at levi stadium, not just the players but for you, the fans, as well. as can you imagine, the stadium is going to be jam packed for just about everything single home game as we're seeing tickets selling fast. let's talk about your weather for today. it lab hot day all across the bay area, even in places where we typically get comfortable conditions. as we head throughout the day today, that wind is going to pick up between 1:00 and 2:00. as it does so, that wind comes from the northwest corner of the stadium. when the people are out here later on today preparing for that big home opener, it's going to be hot but that cool breeze starts to pick up each and every day between 1:00 and 2:00. that is the prevailing wind here at levi stadium. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
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if you have asthma or respiratory issues, a word of caution. limit your outdoor activity as much as possible for today, especially in the evening hours when we get the most pollution out there. that's when we get the highest levels. oh, east shore residents excited about the raiders home opener as well, kickoff, 65 degrees for tailgaters. temperatures will be more comfortable over the weekends. and your official 49ers forecast, temperatures in the 80s and then they drop off. i have some really good graphics that give you the idea that are the best places to sit that will give you the most comfort. stick around for that. right now, though, want to take
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a look at your drive. if you got to get out that front door, at least anthony can get you to work on time. >> thank you, christina. the metering lights have been turned on on the bridge. and on the south bridge, construction. and construction really keeping things flowing the northbound side. once you get back 680, things start to pick up heading over toward sunnyvale. speeds have already slowed to about 20 miles an hour approaching dublin. otherwise no major accidents to report of here at 6:09. back to you. >> christina with a football, that's dangerous. i'm told she has a cannon for an
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arm. still ahead, a tax break for nevada to bring the new battery factory to that state. and a look at the technology behind all the things at levi stadium. >> you better watch out or i'm going to start shagging christina as punt as she out there on the field. we'll get a sneak peek of what to expect for sunday's pregame show. it's 1.85 million square feet and seats nearly 68,500 fans. we'll be back in two minutes.
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it is a sound that brings back memories. if you went to candlestick, you love the beloved fog horn. don't worry, it made the trek. it sits on the north video board. it will give the tailgaters the signal to get inside, the game is going to start. when it starts, it's going to be pretty spectacular this weekend. rob is the vice president and executive producer of sunday's big pregame show. can you imagine all that gets
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into that? rob joins me out here this morning. now, this is a project you've been working on for like 12 months? >> we have, we have. a team of 11 full-time employees. we've been thinking about this before we kicked off the ball in our final season at candlestick so we're ready. >> so what can you tell me? >> be in your seat for sure. i saw you plugging that. 5:01 the show starts. you don't want to miss it. give yourself a little extra time. we have some very hollywoodesque stuff that will start us off at 5:01. a lot of flames. >> a lot of heat, not just from the sun. >> how about the national anthem? who is going to sing it? >> i'll break it here for you. we've got a local guy, pat monahan from train is going to sending the national anthem. fabulous local band.
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we'll have a full field flag. it's going to be unbelievable and we're going to ask the folks in the stadium to participate in a card stunt as well that's going to fill the bowl. >> no kidding. that's good. fans can get in on the action. but we're going to enjoy it from home as well? >> absolutely. and if you miss anything -- a shameless plug -- will have the rundown of everything we've done, the very next day we'll have the whole game lined up, the whole festivities. >> looks like you're ready. thanks for joining us as well. lead singer from train going to be singing the national anthem. they don't need my pipes just yet. right now tossing it back to sam in the studio. >> it's not too late for you, laura. perhaps we'll get a serenade during sometime in the morning. >> you seem to during the commercial breaks.
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>> just give me something, laura. >> and the stadium is loaded with the most technological gadgetry. scott mcgrew will take us to the server room. >> reporter: 400 miles strung throughout the stadium, wifi that will let you watch and order food from your seats. the niners are encouraging people to bring your smart phones. >> if i come to the event, i want to use my smart phone to check your fantasy football, to check your e-mail at work. >> reporter: no way i'm checking
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my work e-mail. there's one wifi access point for every hundred seats but it might be helpful if you have the app already. >> for geeks and non-geeks, us and everybody else included. the last time we saw meteorologist christina loren, she was toting the rock, the rock i'm referring to the football. now she's standing by with folks who might have been involved in the construction of the stadium. >> what was your first clue on that, sam? what gave it away? you know what? these guys have given their blood, sweat and tears to levi stadium since the very beginning. i am with mike, victor and robert. are you guys excited about the home opener? >> definitely, definitely. >> are you excited about near 90 degrees today? >> no. >> no, less than enthusiastic. he's the boss out here, this is mike. and he's actually a raiders fan.
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so you're still giving your all to this stadium, though. >> definitely, definitely. it's a bay area team. >> that's right. i'm a raiders fan, too. we love all of our bay area teams. let's get to your weather and talk about how the weather impacts this field. we're going to talk about heat at levi stadium because you are definitely exposed to the sun out here. make sure if you're going to be attending any game and we have abundant sunshine that you have the sunscreen ready to go and that you're taking frequent breaks to drink water, especially on the visitor side. if you can get the seats under the suite tower, that's where you'll find the most shade. the 19ers moved their bench -- they had it on the other side of the feed. they moved it back to the shady side just to enjoy that shade. that just gives you an intd case of how hot it can get out there.
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there's so much to do when you go inside, they have shops and food and lots of cool stuff to check out. it was are going to be hot today, 93 in the south bay, 92 in the peninsula and we are going to see rain as we head into next week. well, northern california will. le big question is whether we'll get it in the bay area. right now want to check your drive with anthony slaughter. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, christina. right now we want to pay attention to dublin. we have an accident at flynn road, right at the break area where we're seeing slowing, the brake-check area. just about five minutes ago, this was stop and go through this area because of an accident. the good news is traffic is starting to move along. there's the yellow.
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this is the area i was showing you. once you get past dublin, things do pick up rather quickly. let's hop over to the bay bridge approach. once you get right toward the poll plaza, things are really strong. looking really strong, you can even see some of that fog i was telling you about, developing in the sky. it is another golden gate bridge. expect visibility to be reduced here. otherwise, no major accidents to report. otherwise other than the one in 580 at flynn road. back to you. >> thank you. it is a green light for tesla in the saturday of nevada. they've officially agreed to a factory in reno and we are green with envy here in california. the governor of nevada signed into law an unprecedented package of incentives to bring
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them those streets. >> 6:20 on your friday. study happy on "today in the bay." a survivor gives a transfusion to another patient recovering from that disease. >> when we come back, the seattle native who is the biggest 49ers fan. and it's friday night lights as eight high school football teams get the rare chance to play on an nfl field. how cool is that? among the matchups, bitter rivals wilcox faces o off against santa clara and de la salle squares off against james
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logan and cal hosts pac-12 action.
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welcome back, everyone. a very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon live here at levi stadium where it is the dawn of a new era. he may have a michelin star and
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spent most of his time cooking, the celebrated chef has his new pub at levi stadium. he spent his childhood just 100 miles outside of seattle. he called watching the seahawks back then painful, adding that he just fell in love with san francisco and our niners after his parents took him here for vacation. in 1989 chef made a move to the city by the bay. and his first purchase, two season tickets. >> 49ers, football -- i mean, i love basketball but football is above every other sport to begin with. i can watch a football game no matter who's playing, except seahawks. >> and now he's kind of an honorary member of the team. on game day the chef cooks food with a theme all based on where the opposing team is from. it's a play on chicago
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steakhouses for this sunday's game against the bears. but chef says just wait to see what he's got cooked up for the game against the seahawks! that will be fun to see. we'll have more of the 49ers' home opener. but for now we'll send it back to the studio. >> laura, i have you on record about cooking stuff up so you're going to return with a steak, right? >> tell me how you like it cooked, my friend. >> medium rare. thank you very much. an american aid worker who has recovered from ebola is helping another doctor who is fighting off that disease right now. doctors treating rick sacra saying he's doing well during treatment including receiving two blood transfusions from the other two patients who have recovered.
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a fourth patient is being treated right now at emory university. >> still ahead, taking on isis appears to be tougher than first thought. new numbers from the cia about how many fighters are really part of that terrorist group. laura. >> and back here live at levi stadium, we'll show you why coming to a game here is like no other. first, take a look at the 49ers' fan walk at the stadium entrance. it's made up of commemorative bricks. for a price, fans could order their on custom brick. but, you know, the enemy got into the action as well. one of those bricks belongs to fans of those dreaded seahawks. it supposedly has a cryptic message that the seahawks group says you'll know when you see it.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. it is friday, september 12th. you're taking a live look right now at levi stadium. if you didn't know it, the niners home opener coming up in just a couple of days. we are following a developing story. several american ships and helicopters are scouring the ocean searching for a pilot based in san diego, flying one of two fha hornets that crashed that night. the fighter pilots were patrolling the western pacific open ocean when they went down. >> a new assessment is suggesting that isis is much longer than originally anticipated. tracie potts, estimates put it in the thousands, tens of
6:31 am
thousands? how many are we talking about? >> reporter: as many as 31,000. the cia thought it was 10,000 but now it's from 20 through 21,000. the issue is they're attracting foreign fighters, people from outside of the muslim world, outside of iraq and syria every time they make gains in those areas. here in capitol hill, lawmakers are trying to figure out in the president's plan to fight isis is is going to work. air strikes, there seems to be support for that, even from top republicans like house speaker john boehner. but when it comes to arming the syrian rebels, there is concern. some of them say we don't know what their allegiances are, we don't know if they're working with the isis group. there may be a debate on this idea of arming the syrian
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rebels. they're looking at training iraqis. some say look at the iraq war. we tried that, it didn't work. >> all the points you just made part of the presentation he made on wednesday. thank you. >> let's go back out to the levi stadium where we find laura garcia-cannon to tell bus the fan experience. a bomb shell dropped right to you earlier this morning about something fans can expect. >> that's right. patrick moynihan, the lead singer of train is going to be singing the national anthem on sunday. you learned that live, breaking news right here on "today in the bay." it is a wonderful morning out here. we're looking forward to a great weekend when the 49ers take on the bears. we're ready to break in this place the right way. one guy that has had a lot of planning behind it is al, the
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chief operating officer of the 49ers. he's been with them for a year or so. you've made it so great for the fans as well. we're tech savvy here in the bay area. right here in the heart of sillin con vallsill -- silicon valley and you're ready for that. >> we're delivering each individual replay between 5 and 10 seconds after it it it happens, we're allowing fans to order foods from their seats. >> no matter where you're sitting? >> no matter where you're sitting, we're delivering to every seat. >> that's a good point. so this app, you can get a replay. i was talking to a friend saying i really prefer to watch some of the games at home because you get the replay action. but this way you can be in the heart of the game and rewatch it. >> we think obviously being at the stadium is a tremendous
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atmosphere. but if we can bring some of the things you love about the at-home experience in stadium, we can match all perspectives. if you watch the national anthem and then can you order a food and beverage to your seat. i have three little girls at home and it's hard to get them out of their seats so if i can get food and beverage delivered to my seat, that's great. >> much success to you as well. we're talking about what a nice morning it's been out here. it's been a little warm the last few days. what are we looking at for weather this weekend? christina is live here as well. >> good morning to you. this stadium is so big, we are so spread out this morning. i don't even know what happened
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to bob redell. temperatures are falling to their coolest levels as we head through the next level. we're mostly in the 50s and 60s. we're headed towards a hot day but this is the peak of these heat waves and the temperatures will slowly ease. 99 degrees for the north bay, meanwhile the hot spot, 102 out in the tri-valley. let's talk about your weekend because temperatures will ease gradually on saturday and then it will really start to break as we head through sunday. and then as we head to next week, we have much cooler weather on the way and our first chance for september showers. we stop that clock for you on
6:36 am
wednesday. best chance for showers looks like the east bay and south bay. we'll keep you updated. when we come back, i'm going to tell you how rain, if we do get heavy rain on the field, the drainage that's involved and what fans can do to stay protected. we are counting on that rain. even though we're in a drought, we're watching some pretty significant systems. before we send it to anthony, i get to fulfill a life long dream, a touchdown dance. >> i was waiting for you to throw it to you. i'm open! all right, she's having fun all by herself. let's talk about some traffic, shall we? see how calm it is now when we do traffic? christina, come back! let's talk about traffic in dublin. we did have an accident earlier, let's switch over to the maps and we can see the yellows and
6:37 am
oranges there. it's actually picked up since our last report. otherwise let's expect a bit of slowing there more than usual. you can see at the bay bridge approach, 80 westbound there was an accident. you can see as we step outside and show you what it looks like there again. the metering lights have been on for our an hour now. our final stop takes us to the golden gate bridge. visibility will be impacted over the next hour or so. no major accidents to report, which is great news. touchdown in the traffic center. >> anthony, i'm going to admit, i had absolutely no idea what christina was going to do there but a knee-knocking touchdown dance was not first on the list. >> coming up, going after russia's largest companies, the enough sanctions they can expect next. >> and at levi stadium, we're
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ushering in the dawn of a new era. imagine exploring an art museum inside levi stadium. it features more than 2 hoon pie -- 200 original pieces of art and photographs. most of the artists are from california. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back.
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the european union has imposed new sanctions against russia, responding to its actions in ukraine. it's cut of lending to several companies, including the largest oil producer. ukraine and the west have accused russia of providing the rebels with weapons and recruits. >> and in ukraine, government forces and rebel groups freed prisoners this morning as part of a cease-fire agreement. 36 ukrainian soldiers were released in exchange for pro russia rebels. after the prisoner exchange, a barrage of firing was heard from donetsk. >> and olympian oscar pistorius found guilty of shooting and
6:42 am
killing his girl friend, but he might not spend a day in prison. >> and we'll have team coverage as we get ready for the 49ers home opener. and there are more planes. and levi opened 64 years after candlestick with a cost of $1.26 billion and it's twice as large as candlestick seating thousands more people.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> 6:44, lots to get to this
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morning. the 49ers home opener is sunday. this as we give you a live look at the field. at levi stadium, we're less than 60 hours away from kickoff. laura, you've been out there this morning, tons of surprises. what about tom foolery in the locker room? what's going on out there? >> oh, this is a good one. the 49ers new locker room is a huge upgrade from candlestickpark. this new one features high ceilings, tall wood lockers, pretty plush carpet and a trainer's room. the room is open so coach jim harbaugh can look his players in the eye when he needs to give a speech, go over a game plan. that's different from the visitors locker room where lockers were put in the middle of the room to divide up the team. that's by design.
6:46 am
it's 1,000 square feet smaller and it's made to look like an office space, very beige looking, ceiling and carpet. the ceiling is lower as well to make opposing players feel a little uncomfortable. >> i would say mundane finishes, kind of beiges. we want these guys to be calm and really underwhelmed, although this is a great locker room and a lot of these teams that come in to see this would take this for their home locker room. >> the stadium project executives said they couldn't make the locker room too uncomfortable because levi stadium will be hosting the super bowl in 2015. college football gaps will actually use this locker room and an auxiliary locker room but how do you like the psychology behind all that? we have a team out here, christina loren has the weather
6:47 am
but let's check in with bob redell. he's somewhere in the stadium. >> we think we have found the most expensive seats in the stadium. to get to those seats, we're on the bottom field level, you've got a bar, you've got food here and while you're sitting here in the pregame warmups, here is where the 49ers will be going to the field. this is where they'll enter and exit, at least for pregame. for you to get to your seat, check this out. you just go through these glass doors, you walk out to the field, we're on the 50 yard line, you come out, there's the grass and right there is where the players are going to be and you do one of these, hey, cap, nice throw. blah, blah, blah, you walk up here and your seats are the best in the house. you're looking at right here, come on up if you can make your
6:48 am
way up, this is what you get on the 50 yard line. you're wondering, hey, bob, how much do these seats cost? that seat license they have to pay, take a guess. okay, $80,000, $375 for the tickets for the game, just a drop in the bucket for most people, right? >> yeah, no kidding. can i sleep there, too? i might have to at that price tag. what a place, though, to watch the game. >> absolutely. you see you get the cushion, you got the cup holders, the purse strap. i want to show you back out on to the turf. i know this is not the way to get in and out but if you go back down to the turf, we've been talking about the grass. there were some turf problems, they were doing the bermuda bandera, they had some issues with that.
6:49 am
now they've laid down the bermuda tiffway. they know it works and it was further along in development in its root growth. they would like to go back to bermuda bandera. they might do that further down the line. they just want to have this in place for sunday, which they do. they said they didn't have any problems last weekend during the mexico/chile soccer game. >> get off of it, you're making me nervous. we don't need any divots out there. of course you can watch the gam right here. christina loren also joining me here at the stadium. isn't it great, christina? >> it is. and what is more american than
6:50 am
football. we have old glory waving throughout the stadium and of course you have the big nbc on the jumbotron. the good news is because they're having the game, an evening game, temperatures are not going to that hot and at halftime, those numbers will really begin to fall. bring a light jacket. as you know we get some cold nights here in the santa clara valley. let's talk about your weather for today. we have some interesting changes ahead with the inclusion of a chance for rain, my friends. boy, oh, boy, do we need it. let's start with the heat, though. as we talk about the rain here at levi stadium, they they get an inch or two an hour, this
6:51 am
drainage, state of the art. umbrellas are permitted. we'll give you the official forecast hour by hour and let up know what to expect at nbc bay area. for today, temperatures are a little chilly to start but we're going to see a hot finish. this looks like the end of this heat wave and it also looks like our last summer sizzle with temperatures in the triple digits for one day in the tri-valley, dropping those numbers back in the 90s. as we head throughout your weekend, we'll see a little easing of those numbers. oakland, some haze out there as well it is a spare the air day. if you suffer from asthma or respiratory issues or your little ones do, you want to try to limit their outdoor activity for today. we should see better air quality as we get into the weekend and see more of an onshore flow returning to the area. then temperatures dropping off, clouds increasing. we take you into wednesday, we show you the futurecast and, yeah, expecting a little bit of shower activity over the course
6:52 am
of wednesday night. some of the preliminary totals that these models are projecting are pretty impressive, maybe a tenth of an inch of rain right here in the south bay. now, as the sun starts to come up out here at levi stadium, the workers are coming out here, everybody is excited about the home opener. just be prepared for a little bit of heat. overall not too bad. wind going to pick up and be really comfortable after halftime during that game. let find out if there's any problems on the roadway with our own anthony slaughter. >> we had an accident at flynn road but traffic moving smoothly, recovering well from that earlier accident. in san jose, we had an accident at the 880 connector at 101. right now can you see traffic moving without a problem. every now and again you start to see a little backup in a couple of those lanes. no problems here. it looks like that accident has been cleared. and we want to show you what's
6:53 am
been happening at the bay bij approach. the weatherman in he had to show you this picture, the sunrise over san francisco. isn't that beautiful? really makes waking up this early all worth it. >> anthony, we don't blame you at all. thank you very much. a homicide investigation. a woman found dead early this morning on the sidewalk. stephanie chuang joins us. steph, is the police presence still active out there? >> reporter: it is. they have two persons of interest in custody. you have the mobile command unit and the homicide investigators and crime scene techs. they're focused on that side of the street where the woman was found here on the stretch of north 15th street. officers responded to the scene of the 26th homicide of the year around 2:30 this morning where they found a woman in her 40s
6:54 am
lying face down. she had died from blunt force trauma, apparently the victim of a brutal physical attack. >> there's trauma, there's blood. we can't get a good look at the wounds, don't know if she has any stab wounds. we just know she has trauma. >> reporter: we won't know until the medical examiner can examine the body. that could take at least a couple more hours. to be clear, police are not actively searching for a specific suspect right now, they say. traffic meantime is not really impacted. oakland road is wide open, as is commercial street. just this stretch impacted. one employee of the gas station down there told to come back later. >> let's move to kris sanchez who has a guilty verdict against
6:55 am
former olympian oscar pistorius. >> he could spend up to 15 years for the killing of his girl friend or the judge could suspend that sentence. >> on count one, section 511 of the criminal law amendment s-105 of 1997 the accused is found not guilty and is instead found guilty of culpable homicide. >> oscar pistorius did weep yesterday as the judge ruled he was not guilty of murder because she said prosecutors failed to prove he intentionally killed his girl friend after an argument. attorneys argued successfully he
6:56 am
shot her accidentally. >> a man once known as the blade runner now returns to court for sentencing on october 13th. sam? >> and a range of possible outcomes there. thank you very much, kris. 6:56 on your friday morning. the markets have been open for about 25 minutes or so. let's get a check with scott mcgrew. >> dow industrials down 42 points. hewlett packard slightly hirer after some of its subsidiaries pled guilty in federal court for trying to bribe some of its russian companies. >> and the iphone is on sale, if you go online you can preorder
6:57 am
the iphone 6 or super size it. a phone by itself runs about $600. if you order it now, ups will deliver it 10:00 a.m. september 19th. which means if you want an iphone, sam, for the very first day you don't need to do this, you just go online on your computer and you buy one and they will send it to you in a box that day. >> but then it wouldn't be as theatrical. >> but it would be a lot warmer. >> yes, it would be warmer. thanks, scott. >> last we checked in with lawyer rarlaur laura, she was getting all sorts of digs on the pregame locker room but we've yet to hear you sing or cheer. i think now is your moment. >> well, they didn't ask me to sing the national anthem but we did break it here on the bay that patrick moynihan from train
6:58 am
will be singing the national anthem. and of course levi stadium itself, it is such a beauty. we're the only station to bring it to you live this morning. nbc bay area is happy to do that, as well as the game. kickoff 5:30 against the chicago bears. can you watch it right here on nbc bay area. the seats are empty now but they'll be rocking with fans later. we've had so much fun here this morning. a cool start to our day but the sun is going to warm things up. you're saying this is the last of the summer sizzle? >> that's it. as we get into fall, temperatures steadily drop off, maybe a little bit of rain as we head into next week. of course we'll keep you updated on that on "today in the bay." sunday 88 degrees. that's when you'll notice the heat really starting to break. out here for that game, hottest temps for the start of the game, cooling steadily with a nice
6:59 am
northwesterly wind picking up as well. it will be chilly. you want to bring a sweater and prepare for the heat at the start. there's nothing finer than a 49ers unless it's an oakland raider. 105. hot conditions. >> wearing a little red this morning. go niners. we've had so much fun out here this morning. we thank all the viewers that joined us as well. >> we laughed, we cried, christina did an end zone dance. all the el salvadements were th today. thank you very much. >> coverage of the game begins at 4:00. following the game, check out the second installment of "the faithful." and it's not just the niners on nbc bay area. tonight the giants and dodgers squaring off. our coverage begins at 7:00, right after our 6:00 news.
7:00 am
a big game for the giants. we'll see how that plays out. we are back in 25 minutes with a live look at news, weather and traffic. join us then for nbc news in the bay area at 11:00. have a wonderful day. durante la noche, oscar this morning we have reaction from the family. >> i don't feel this is the right thing done. i don't believe that story. >> prison break. a massive manhunt overnight after three inmates escape an ohio among them the teenager behind a deadly school shooting near cleveland.


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