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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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peterson for this sunday's game. nbc bay area legal expert stephen clark explains why this case involving a one-time league mvp may be murky. >> this has been a national debate on what is appropriate corporal punishment. clearly he, according to the authorities, has crossed the line. >> so far the vikings have only deactivated peterson but have not suspended him. within the last hour peterson's attorney issued a statement that reads in part, quote, adrian is a loving father who sd 82 his judgment as a parent to discipline his son. he used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east texas. adrian has never hidden from what happened. well, this has been a challenging week for the nfl. on monday tmz released video of ray rice of the baltimore ravens hitting his then-fiancee in an elevator in january. the running back was immediately released from the team and the nfl has suspended him indefinitely. nfl commissioner roger goodell has come under fire amid
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speculation there may have been some kind of attempt to cover up what really happened. and the criminal investigation into 49er ray mcdonald continues tonight. today the santa clara county district attorney postponed a court hearing scheduled for monday. mcdonald may be facing a felony charge for domestic violence for an incident last month. he's accused of hitting his pregnant fiancee. it's expected that a new court date will be announced on monday. only on nbc, san jose police are investigating the city's 26th homicide of the year. the brutal beating death of a woman early this morning. nbc bay area has exclusive pictures of her which were captured shortly before she was murdered. it happened on 15th street and commercial by oakland road and the 880/101 interchange. robert is live with more for us. robert. >> reporter: well, people here who knew the victim say it's a sad and eerie feeling to be talking to someone and then
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hours later find out that person has been killed. in this case to have that moment captured on camera. these are pictures from surveillance video at oakland road near north 15th street. the woman known as betty had come in saying she had been attacked, showing visible wounds on her head. she rushes to a restroom to clean up. according to people who were there, she left with police but the alleged attackers had fled. they believe betty is homeless. one man said he called 911 after seeing two young men giving betty a bad time. >> i said leave her alone. she leaves. but she came back. so in my point of view, they got in a fight because they were drinking. >> there was a lot of blood. it did appear that there was a lot of trauma to her body, to her -- you know, different parts of her body. >> reporter: now, at this point police say they are questioning three so-called people of interest and they also say at this point no arrests have been
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made. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. now to a sign of progress. nearly three weeks after the south napa earthquake. you're looking live at georgia street in downtown vallejo. it opened up to traffic just in the last couple of hours for the first time since the 6.0 earthquake hit on august 24th. the street was closed because the city worried about safety. a brick building on the streak was unstable but it has been stabilized. the closure had a serious exact on businesses. tonight the art walk is back on. the first one since the earthquake. one shop owner says it's been tough and he's glad the street is back open. >> now people can stop by and drive by and see stuff out here and make it a point to stop, where before they couldn't. so it just was a weird feeling down here not having the street open. >> the city says work on the damaged building is not complete. they plan to meet with the owner
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early next week to review plans for the next step. less than 24 hours ago, napa learned that federal money is on the way to help them rebuild, but many hit hardest by the earthquake are finding out none of the money will be coming to them. at least not yet. mark matthews is live in napa with why homeowners are disappointed. mark. >> reporter: well, janelle, the president has signed off on the governor's request for federal assistance, but as of right now, that assistance just covers the city's infrastructure. the federal assistance the president has promised will cover uninsured public property. >> the water system costs, the streets cost, all those things that got damaged during the earthquake. >> reporter: what it does not cover is individual property owners, like gary pierce, whose house came off its foundation. >> still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people, at least at this point, aren't going to have any help, just the government is. i'm kind of shocked.
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>> reporter: randy brown just got the estimate to repair his place. >> 150, $200,000 maybe. it's tough. >> reporter: hundreds of napa residents are in the same fix. fema inspectors are still in town looking at damage to homes and businesses. that should be wrapped up by the middle of next week and then it's up to the president. >> it is the president's call. we've had a lot of support. >> reporter: congressman thompson's letter says our government cannot turn their backs on them in their time of need. linda ashley recalls what happened to her brother's house. >> it's as if you picked up a box of matches and just opened it up. it was gone. nothing left. >> reporter: ashley said her brother rebuilt this house with a low-interest fema loan and i asked her could he have done so without it. >> no. >> reporter: no question that federal assistance to the city of napa is important, particularly to this town which depends on tourism, but the city has resources that individual property owners, business
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owners, they don't have. tonight they are hoping the president will expand the federal program. reporting from napa, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> now more on a story nbc bay area first brought you, the damage to the napa county jail from last month's 6.0 earthquake. it was so bad parts of it are no longer safe for inmates. the napa county department of corrections has received orders to begin transferring about 60 inmates to the solano county jail while the napa county jail is being assessed for repairs. new at 5:00, palo alto police are looking for a police impersonati impersonat impersonator. this man pulled over two high school students riding their bikes and scolded them about their bad riding habits. this happened last friday afternoon. the boy told officers the man had flashing lights that made his vehicle look like a police patrol car. he also pulled out a weapon that looked like a handgun or stun gun. he drove away and no one was hurt. we have confirmation now that the mountain lion killed on wednesday was the same one that
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attacked a 6-year-old boy in cupertino last weekend. the mountain lion also tested negative for rabies. officials said they had no choice but to take down the animal because of its aggressive behavior. he attacked the young boy who was walking with his family on sunday. the boy suffered cuts and gashes on his back and neck. and there's another mountain lion sighting on the peninsula. this one spotted at 10:30 last night on davinshire boulevard in san carlos. the animal was standing over a dead deer. deputies searched the area but did not find the big cat. again, we are counting down to the home opener at levi stadium this sunday. we want to bring you a live look outside the new stadium in santa clara where lots of last-minute preparations are under way. our own raj mathai and jessica aguirre are checking things out and join us live from our levi stadium studio with a preview. hi, guys.
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>> hi, how are you? so we looked at the outside of the stadium. we are coming to you from -- >> inside the stadium in, our own new studio. >> it is really nice. our nbc comcast studio right here at the studio. if you're walking by any day, especially gameday, poke your head through the window. you can see us through the glass door. you know what it feels like before a big party at your house? you're getting all sorts of things ready. that's what it's like here. there are hundreds here getting ready from commercial crews to cooks, waiters, waitresses. >> and lots of people just meandering around trying to see if they can get a look around. if you don't already have them, scoring a ticket to this is going to be big. and expensive. if you want to get into sunday's game against the chicago bears, you should proceed with caution because they are a little pricey for you. the most expensive ticket in the league you can find here at levi stadium. now, we're going to take a look at how much diehard fans are
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handing over to be part of 49ers history. >> and we'll take you behind the scenes with the legendary michael mena, the legendary local chef and a big 49ers fan. has a restaurant right here at levi stadium. and 49ers fans have always been known for great tailgating. well, he is taking tailgating to a whole new level, revolutionizing it. >> we are in there and it is fabulous to go in there. before kickoff there's the pregame ceremony and that is going to be super exciting. we're talking about big vips, fireworks, the works. we'll give you a preview of what to expect and tell you a little about some of the special surprises that are out there. so we have got some inside scoop that you are going to want to hear all about and we'll have that coming up at 6:00. >> we have all sorts of negative headlines in the nfl but this is one of the positive headlines this week, what's happening here at levi stadium. let's check in with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri now. he's also hanging out at levi
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stadium. jeff? >> yeah, good evening, you guys. we are right at the epicenter, just a couple of days out from the season home opener at the team store. you name it, they have got it out here. we'll talk more about some of the things you can't miss if you're headed out to the stadium this weekend. plus details on the weekend forecast, looks like a total touchdown. we'll have the details on how hot it stays in just a few minutes. i'm jody hernandez at the space and science center where astronomers are trying to figure out what was behind a light that was seen streaking through the morning sky. i'll have a live report coming up. also on the lookout, the surveillance pictures police have connected to a home invasion robbery in an upscale neighborhood. back in a moment.
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now to an nbc bay area follow-up. take a close look at these photos. police hope someone can identify
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these two suspects in a home invasion robbery last month in fremont. the suspect on the right, about six feet tall. the other suspect about 5'5". both suspects are in their early 20s. police say after the robbery they were seen in a car similar to this black four-door 2014 ford fusion. police say the two suspects broke into a home on monticello terrace in fremont on august 14th. they held the victims at gunpoint and forced them to empty a safe and then fled. the suspects later used the victim's debit card in cupertino, san jose and milpitas. oscar pistorius is facing prison time after a judge found him responsible for killing his girlfriend. >> he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >> culpable homicide is similar to involuntary manslaughter here in the u.s. the sentencing date for the double amputee is set for next month. pistorius could receive anything from a fine and community service to 15 years in prison. yesterday the judge cleared him of the more serious charge of
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premeditated murder. pistorius says he accidentally shot and killed his model girlfriend last year after mistaking her for an intruder. and our coverage continues tonight at 5:30. tonight on nightly news, exclusive reaction from the victim's parents, who say they are very disappointed with the verdict. well, if you woke up this morning to a streak of light in the sky, you are not alone. the mysterious light was spotted across the bay area and california. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the space and science center where astronomers are scratching their heads. jodi. >> reporter: they really are. astronomers say at this point they just don't know what that streak of light was, but it certainly caught the attention of many early this morning. >> i walked out of this door here and i saw this light kind of over the top of mt. diablo. >> reporter: scott courtwright describes the strange sight he woke up to when he stepped out to drink his morning coffee.
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>> it was pointed up like this and had a triangular shape like that. then it slowly turned right. >> reporter: he snapped a couple of photos of the streak of light as did others across the region. a police officer in the sacramento area even captured it on video. >> right now we don't know what this was. >> reporter: astronomers at oakland space and science center said people spotted the morning light from los angeles clear up to oregon and washington, and while experts initially suspect that it was a meteor, after reviewing the video, they're not so sure. >> to us it doesn't really look like a meteor or meteorite, a natural falling rock. to us it looked more like something man made, maybe a rocket or piece of space debris reentering the atmosphere. scientists don't know what it is but they are certain what it is not nothing to do with the solar
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flare. those who saw it say they feel lucky, it's something they'll never forget. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a ballot initiative that called for splitting california into six separate states failed to qualify for the ballot today. silicon valley venture capitalist tim draper was behind the initiative. he wanted to sflplit california into six states. but only 66% of the signatures submitted to get the measure on the 2016 ballot were valid. it fell far short of qualification. well, we've been talking about it a lot. subbed, the big day in the bay area where the niners take on the bears in their home opener. we want to get right back to jessica and raj in our brand new stadium studio. everything shiny and new out there, right, guys? >> that it is. here we are in our brand new studios. they are top technology, just really beautiful. it's really hard to imagine that it's such a long road for the
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49ers since 2006 when they first talked about proposing that in candlestick and here we are in santa clara in probably what's called the smart technology stadium. the most high-tech stadium ever. and here we are just a day and a half away from game night. >> it's amazing. we talked about all the people that put this together. coming through the parking lot there was about 20 construction workers and hey, man, make sure you say hello to us, we're still out working. all these years of work and they're still putting finishing touches on for sunday night football. >> but before sunday night football, we are here for you. we'll take you through the entire stadium, show you the tailgating area, the clubhouses, the club areas. we're going to meet some cheerleaders. >> did you say club houses? it's locker rooms for football. >> okay, locker rooms, yes. >> we're going give you a pass on that. you know who else is here with us? our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. this is what we call the 49ers team store. it's like if you go to target and neiman marcus for 49ers fans
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all in one. >> reporter: we've got your vip pass right here, come on in. there's plenty of history with the 49ers. you can get some top-notch jerseys, montana, rice, lott, craig, and that's some of the old and amazing history of the 49ers. check it out, back here behind me, this store stretches on for several thousand square feet. tons of brand new merchandise. as i said before, you name it, they have got it. of course you are lucky you've got me with you tonight because i have personally selected some of the best merchandise that they have got available. of course people are shopping around here so hopefully they didn't pick up some of the best merchandise i had picked out. one of the first ones that caught my eye, oh, yes, an authentic helmet that will set you back a couple hundred dollars but who wouldn't want one of those. and we showed you those old jerseys. this is the real deal, folks, a
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montana jersey, $285. yes, pricey but some of your pockets run deep. ladies, they did not forget you. yes, this is an official colin kaepernick jersey. you can pick it out, take it home, show the guys who's boss. and something that they say is going to be one of the most popular, anything that says inaugural is going to be pretty much instantly a collector's item. a lot of that you can only get right here at the stadium. and it wouldn't be, you know, fun if i didn't show you something to keep cool with. check out this tumbler, it keeps drinks hot or cool and it is inaugural. so it's already a collector's item. let's go ahead and get a look at the weather forecast as we head throughout the next 24 hours. there is a ton of stuff. i've got a huge crowd back he behind me. how are you guys doing? oh, awesome, they got some inaugural wine glasses. did you know the most likely wind direction to impact levi stadium, it would be a north or south wind. that could help to carry a football farther into the end
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zone. who knows, might get a few more touchdowns just due to that wind. let's get you into the rest of the forecast. you can see on the microclimates tomorrow, yes, after a hot week it is finally beginning to cool down a little bit. we'll still have 90s in san jose, pacifica 70 and throughout san francisco some 70s. as you look at the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, napa expecting 95 degrees. walnut creek 98 and for the tri-valley, temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100. how about the season home opener on sunday. well, you can see we've got a great forecast. temperatures are expected to be in the 80s for that 5:30 kickoff. it looks pretty much perfect at this point and a little bit of wind coming out of the west-northwest at times 5 to 15 miles per hour. all right, raj, jessica, how do you like this? this is the ultimate combination of levi stadium. you've got a levi's jacket. janelle, branded in with some
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49ers. isn't this item hot? i'm not sure they'll let me leave with it, we'll have to see. >> it looks vintage on you. the weather is going to be great, quite a difference from candlestick. >> oh, yeah. still ahead, the snag and delay apple fans are facing after trying to preorder their new iphones. plus saturday night live's weekend update is getting an update of its own. we'll tell you who will be on the anchor desk when snl returns.
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demand for the new iphone 6 takes down several websites overnight. preorders started at midnight. because of the high demand, apple, sprint and t-mobile
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websites crashed. at 2:00 a.m. the sites were back up and the iphone 6 plus quickly sold out. it is now on back order. buyers are expected to get their phones by thanksgiving. the smaller version, the iphone 6 is still available for preorder. both devices go on sale next friday. some people are already in line. changes are in the works for "saturday night live's" upcoming season. comedian michael che will be a weekend anchor segment. he was named one of the rolling stones 50 funniest people. buzz feed's 50 hottest men in comedy and variety's top ten comics to watch. snl returns september 27th right here on nbc bay area. back now to the 49ers home opener. we are learning more about the pregame show on sunday. on "today in the bay" this morning the executive producer of the show revealed for the first time to nbc bay area's laura garcia-cannon who will be
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singing the national anthem. >> the national anthem i can tell you, i'll break it right here. we've got a local guy, pat mon han, is going to sing the national anthem. fabulous guy, fabulous band. we're going to have a full-field flag. >> yep, an american flag as big as the football field. fans should definitely make sure they are in their seats by 5:00 p.m. sharp because the pregame show starts at exactly 5:01. organizers say they are pulling out all the stops for this big celebration. and we will be right back in a moment with more from raj and jessica from levi stadium.
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the dawn of a new era. jessica aguirre and raj mathai live from our new levi stadium studio where we're counting down to the home opener against the chicago bears. we're counting down for just 30 minutes from now. >> we're going to be live here at 6:00. we're working on a lot of interesting things for you. you have to know that technology was going to play a huge role in the construction of the stadium, after all it is in silicon valley, the heart of high tech. but the team knows that you can watch the game at home and that's why they are doing everything they can to make the fan experience very unique. we'll show you how they're doing
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it, plus the spin that gives the 49ers the ultimate in home field advantage. >> we've had a few test runs, dress rehearsals but now it's the real deal. technology may be ready but what about everything else? you've heard about the problematic turf and the parking issues. we'll tell you how it is all coming together. it has been a tough week for the nfl but the show goes on. we'll also be joined by the 49ers president who will have great insight about what's happening behind the scenes, in front of the scenes with the team and as it all relates to levi stadium. >> and we're going to take you on one of those tours so you can see what it will be like if you take a tour. go to the bottom of the stadium and places you've never seen before and take you inside the 49er museum as well. they have got over 500 vintage photographs and a lot of paintings from local artists, a lot that depicts the history of san francisco, so it's going to be really great. and we're going to have everything that you need to know about sunday's game, so we'll see you at 6:00. >> that sounds great. that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is next and we're going to be live from levi
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stadium at 6:00. hope to see you then. on our broadcast tonight, who's telling the truth? the nfl commissioner, ray rice and their private meeting about what we now know happened in that elevator. we are at war, a surprise announcement today from the white house and the pentagon about the new mission to destroy isis. fallout from the death of joan rivers at the clinic where she went into cardiac arrest as new reports surface about who was in the room when disaster struck. and the reunion. an update on one of our most-talked about stories, a 4-year-old boy, his best friend and what happened since moving day. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. goodve


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