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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre and we're at levi stadium tonight inside our own brand new nbc studio. for the next hour we are going to take you behind the scenes. you have got the best seat in the house. >> this was a significant and controversial time in the national football league, as you probably know, but it's also a historic time for santa clara and the 49ers. we have both story lines for you this morning. we'll also give you the lowdown on what to expect as a fan, the new high-tech upgrades, the food, the parking and even the weather, which is a lot different than it was at candlestick. >> very different. for you tonight we're going to take you behind the scenes, live reports, and give you 68,000 reasons to hang on tight. those reports in just a moment. but first, the hush-hush opening ceremony. the special operations crew here at levi stadium is on the clock tonight. in fact we see them right around us. we've already had a few events here at the stadium, but those have been preseason events, or soccer matches. this sunday night, the real
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thing, and that means the real show. the 49ers say they're rowing out the red carpet. a 30-game pregame ceremony with secret vip guests. >> on the subject of secrets, this morning on "today in the bay," the pregame show producer revealed a little secret to us telling us exclusively that the national anthem will be sung by the lead singer of the band train, a well-known local group. they actually perform a lot at the giants games, so very familiar to san francisco fans. >> and kickoff is at 5:30. we've had our share of preseason hiccups, the problematic turf and some of the bad parking issues. damian trujillo is also here with us. dress rehearsal is over. where do we stand tonight? >> reporter: we heard from the 49ers earlier and in their words levi stadium is good to go. in fact they held practice here on the field earlier today. levi's is ready for football. >> kaepernick, pass caught. >> reporter: this is where they
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won their five super bowls, the stick. but after 43 seasons, the 49ers prepared to move south to a place called levi's. a $1.3 billion stadium, a sunny monument. team owners praised it as the most eco-friendly, technologically advanced stadium in the world, a place where the food menu is like no other, just like their prices. >> one water, one m & m is $12. >> you know what, it's the 49ers. we're not in disneyland anymore. >> reporter: stores and restaurants around the stadium stocked up, savoring the green they anticipate pouring into their coffers. >> you're looking at walk-in refrigerator. we're stocked all the way to the top. >> reporter: the first-ever event arrived, a soccer match with the san jose earthquakes. by the end of the match fans talked more about their nightmares with traffic, parking and mass transit to and from the game. >> i would never go to another evening game at levi stadium.
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>> it took about two and a half hours from the time the game got out until we got to our door in loss gatos at five mill midnight. >> a soccer match also tore up the new field. >> they were burning back the divots and taking a look at the overall field and the health of the grass. >> reporter: because of the faulty grass, levi's had to p t postpone two high school football games. the fans returned as levi stadium hosted a sold-out confrontation between the chile and mexican national team. this time fans came prepared to wait out the traffic jam, even restarting their tailgate parties. >> probably at least two hours honestly to get home. it's going to be a long ride home. >> reporter: now the wait is over. football has arrived in the south bay at a place called levis with the five-time super bowl champions. and the 49ers say expect 68,000 fans here at the stadium so you
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have to expect some delays. the gates open at 1:30 for sunday's game, the gates into the stadium open at 2:30. jessica, back to you. >> thank you very much, damian. so how did we get here? it was a major project taking a little more than two years. by all accounts construction did move at a rapid pace. some construction milestones to share with you. the ground breaking, so shovels on the ground happened april 19th, 2012. that first steel beam was installed just a few months later in july. and it was a big day when those first seats came roll in, in october of 2013. the stadium eventually opened on july 17th of this year and now here we are getting ready for the big home opener. >> amazing to see that video of the construction. we have come a long way from candlestick. remember back in candlestick, high tech meant those escalators? and usually the escalators didn't work, but that's another story. here at levis, it's a nerd's paradise and we mean that in the
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best way. >> a haven for ipads, smart phones, all of that. scott budman is here to tell us more. >> reporter: well, jessica and raj, certainly levis was built primarily for football but also with a whole lot of technology in mind. here's just a little example. this is a levis stadium app where you can see game highlights live, also order food to be delivered to your seat during the football games. part of an admission from silicon valley's newest stadium that it knows you're going mobile. the tour starts inside the nerve center far beneath the crowds at levis stadium. >> you're going to see the guts today. >> reporter: where 400 miles of cable wind through the facility, aiming to make your experience in the stands more high tech. >> no longer can we tell fans come to the venue and be unplugged for six hours. that doesn't work.
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>> reporter: what does work is the 1200 wi-fi access points, one for every 100 seats in the stadium. along with the levis app that lets you watch highlights and order food from your seat. all from a team that expects you to go mobile at the game. >> if i come to an event, i want to be able to use my device to socialize, to check my fantasy scores, to check e-mail, to work because we are in the valley and we're a bunch of workaholics. we should be connected. >> reporter: with enough bandwidth to power all those mobile devices, the 49ers figure you'll buy food in the stands, keeping one eye on the action and one eye on your gadget. but if they keep the transactions quick enough, you'll spend more time watching the game. >> we didn't want people sitting there staring at their phones and not cheering and making noise. we needed a home field advantage. >> reporter: a tech advantage that keeps fans interested.
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that's a little bit of a preview. there's a lot more technology here in the stadium. we'll come back in about 30 minutes and show you more of it, including some of the gadgets the 49ers say will give them a home field advantage during the football season. that's coming up. for now i'll send it back to you. >> okay, thank you very much, scott. i just want to focus on the app that brings me food to my seat. i don't have to wave my money anymore, that's fantastic. >> you can sit in your 50 yard line seat and have it brought to you. >> let's talk about the fan. so far the fan favorites are unique hot dogs and lamb bury. they don't call them hot dogs, they are nitrate free frankfurters as well as freshly ground burgers, oven baked pizzas. there are more than 180 culinary choices. some of those include indian lamb curry, there's a barbecued pork sandwich, which i will be ordering right away with apple jalapeno coleslaw and also a
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steamed pork bun or smoked salmon sandwich. if you're a vegetarian, you can find a barbecued sandwich and the best part that i'm ordering, 30 craft beers on tap to choose from. >> are you going to order all 30? >> no, to choose from. choose from. >> fans are always known for tailgating and food. come hungry here because the niners are estimating they'll sell more than 13,000 slices of pizza and 5,000 burgers this sunday night. fans are also expected to buy 7,000 of the hot dogs, frankfurters, and 12,000 orders of garlic fries. >> yes, that means you better bring a credit card or a nice, big wad of cash because the average ticket price for niners tickets is not cheap. >> it is expensive here, but well worth the money for many of the fans. on stubhub, one of the most expensive tickets in 49ers history. here is stephanie chuang. >> reporter: it's niners versus bears for game one of the season
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at levis and fans are apparently willing to pay up big-time to get their hands on tickets. >> one of the most expensive this year but that just goes to show the demand for 49ers and the demand to see the new stadium. this is a chance for fans to witness history. >> reporter: according to stubhub the average ticket price is $373, way up from the price to get a seat at cowboys stadium, $222. and for five of the eight teams visiting levis this year, the niners matchup is the highest selling away game. the other three have their games at the end of the year but could be eight for eight on that. in the days leading up to the game the prices on the ticket-selling site were pretty high. roughly 500 in the $500 to $900 range. dozens for a couple to a few thousand dollars and these six outlie outliers. 35 to $99,000, for one seat, for one game. >> stubhub is an open
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marketplace so we don't set someone prices on our own. if someone sets an outrageous price, we're not going to regulate it but we have a term that outrageous prices and those are tickets that aren't going to sell. >> reporter: city of -- stephanie chuang. >> here's the upcoming schedule. sunday night the home opener against the bears, followed by other home games against the eelz and the chiefs. how about this, friday night football here at levis. eight high schools get that rare chance to play on an nfl field. among the matchups, wilcox against santa clara and then the powerhouse, de lasalle against james logan, and then cal hosting oregon in some college football. here's one of the biggest differences now from candlestick. the heat. it is about 20 degrees hotter here in santa clara. many fans you might recall were caught off guard during those preseason games. fans were racing into the shade,
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into the concourses while paramedics dealt with dozens of emergency calls for heat stroke. here's the scoop, keep it simple. limit your beers, especially on that upper deck and drink plenty of water. >> ditch the sweatshirt and bring a hat inside. jeff ranieri joins us now. it's going to be warm on sunday. >> yeah, it certainly is. as you guys both mentioned, a lot of the fans that are used to candlestick, those long-timers, you know, the temperature can throw them off. we're not talking about triple digits this upcoming weekend, but as you're going to be able to see, the temperatures do average quite a bit hotter. you can see at candlestick we typically this time of the year average 68 degrees. at levis stadium we average 82 degrees so certainly a lot hotter. now, there's something about this stadium and how that weather will impact those of you differently. temperatures may actually feel like 84 to 88. now, the coolest spot of course
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would be anywhere on the home side. if this is your first time here for the home opener on sunday, you've got the good spot here. you'll be in some shade. of course it is a later kickoff so we're not expecting hot weather throughout the duration of the game, but at least for the first and second quarter it will be warm. here's some simple tips. high doppler radar, don't forget the water, shade yourself, wear a hat and protect yourself, use broad spectrum spf. we'll have the full forecast of what you can expect for that 5:30 kick jooff coming up and wl take you behind the scenes in the team store and show you some of the can't miss buys. there's stuff in here that's already going collector's items, folks. >> all right, jeff ranieri also with us here at levi's stadium. up next, our coverage continues. we'll take you inside the much hi celebrated restaurant at the stadium. the lendary chef shows us what he's serving. plus about as plush as they come, the 49ers locker room we'll take you inside.
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>> we also have janelle wang from our primary studios. >> straight ahead, stunning allegations against one of the nfl's biggest superstars. we'll have the latest details on the child abuse investigation. plus what was it? the mystery light in the sky over the bay area this morning.
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welcome back. we are in two locations tonight. our nbc studios here at levi's stadium and our primary studios back at nbc head quarters. >> that's where we find janelle wang. she's looking at the news headlines from around the bay area today. >> first we want to talk about the nfl. a tough week for the nfl gets tougher. star minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is facing child abuse charges tonight. peterson has been indicted by a texas grand jury for reckless or negligent injury to a child.
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peterson's attorney confirms it's for striking his son with a switch. for those who may not know, a switch is a long, skinny rod used for discipline. the vikings have now deactivated peterson from sunday's game against new england, but he is still on the team's active roster. confirmation tonight that the mountain lion killed on wednesday was the same one that attacked a 6-year-old boy in cupertino last weekend. the final dna test results came back today. the mountain lion also tested negative for rabies. officials say they had no choice but to take down the animal because of its aggressive behavior. he attacked the young boy who was walking with his family on sunday. the boy suffered cuts and gashes on his back and neck. now to continuing coverage of the south napa earthquake. hundreds of properties damaged, now more financial help is on the way. president obama signed governor brown's request for feds reral , but so far it only covers uninsured public property and
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some nonprofits. individual property owners are not eligible for federal assistance, at least not yet. the mayor of napa says fema inspectors are still in town looking at damage to private property and she hopes the president will add to his initial aid package. homeowners say they are depending on. >> it we'll need declaration number two, which we're working on right now. >> it's just hard for me to understand why the common people aren't getting help. i mean they're the ones who need it the most, i would think. >> congressman mike thompson sent a letter to president obama this morning saying in part our government cannot turn their backs on them in their time of need. this is some relief tonight in downtown vallejo. a popular street closed after the earthquake is back open again. georgia street was closed to allow crews to remove bricks from a building damaged in the quake. merchants in the area are just thrilled. georgia street is home to restaurants, antique shops and art galleries. the damaged building still needs
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serious work but it is stabilized. the art walk is back on tonight. was ia meteor, a rocket, some ufo? what was in the sky above the bay area this morning. take a look at the unusual streak of light. some witnesses say it was shaped like a wedge and changed from white to red before turning and then disappearing. the light was seen up and down california and even as far north as washington state. so far astronomers are stumped. >> it was pretty amazing. i feel lucky that i got to see that while it was happening. >> to us it really doesn't look like a meteor or meteorite or natural-falling rock. to us it looked more like something man made. maybe a rocket or a piece of space debris reentering the atmosphere. >> still a mystery. while astronomers don't know what it is, they say they are certain it has nothing to do with a solar flare that has sent a large ball of plasma near earth. that's a look at today's headlines, let's send it back to jessica aguirre at our brand
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newly vie's stadium studio. >> here it's all about the red and gold. one thing you can definitely do here at levi's stadium is shop. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is in the team store. i understand you already found yourself some goodies at the store? >> yes, we are right here where all of the action is. we're not even at the season home opener which is sunday and people are already coming in. check out the registers back here behind me and you can see they are very, very busy. i just learned that anyone that wants to come in here tonight can come on in and check things out. i mean this place is gigantic. is probably as big as maybe a football field in terms of square footage. as my photographer pans on back, you can see just the depth of all of that 49er paraphernalia. they have got cups, they have got key chains, they have stuffed animals, they have stuff for adults, they have stuff for kids. yes, it feels a little bit like a commercial, but we are of course one of the sponsors of the 49ers this year. we are very proud to call them
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an nbc bay area partner. and let's come on in, since i'm your personal shopper tonight. we'll show you some of the things you can't miss. the levi's stadium inaugural stadium t-shirt. they say this will fly off the shelves. it's a commemorative item and can only get it here. ladies, check out this t-shirt, yes, they haven't forgot you. and if you're one of the old 49er fans, you've been true for 30, 40 years, this rice jersey might be for you. they have got some stuff that you would take right off the field, it's so authentic. and check it out, something for fido, a dog bowl and even some sort of toy there. let's get to the weather forecast. we've got some beautiful weather out here at the stadium. for all of you heading out here, this stadium is like no other. if you have never been here and this is your first game on sunday, 65,000 plus seats in two-thirds of the stadium, they call the lower bowl, so you're closer to the action than ever before.
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if you're heading here this weekend, you've got great weather. the south bay 90 degrees on saturday, 87 across the peninsula, san francisco 77 and for the tri-valley 98. and of course sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. if you couldn't snag a ticket and are going to watch it at home, kickoff at 5:30. we've got 86 degrees and sunny skies. it looks fantastic. jessica, i asked what the most popular item is. you might be shocked to find out it is a lanyard. people love to put their passes in and show it off. i thought maybe it was a t-shirt or football or something. it's a lanyard. so get the lanyards. they say they sell out sometimes. >> and you can match them up with your 501 jeans, so it's perfect. meet me in the store after the show and we can shop together. coming up next, an interview with the 49ers team president and how any fan can become a levi's stadium insider. we'll tagalong on an official stadium tour. then cementing their legacy.
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some 49er fans were able to make a permanent mark on the stadium, but those dreaded seattle seahawk fans may have
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welcome back to our nbc bay area news special. we are coming to you live from levi's stadium, just 48 hours until opening night in terms of the home opener for the 49ers. this is the restaurant at levi's stadium by the celebrated local chef michael mina and that's where we are now. raj mathai along with paraag marathe, 49ers president. we have plenty of headlines with the restaurant and opening of the stadium but let me start with what's going on around the national football league. this is directly linked to you because of what's happening. i know roger goodell was supposed to be at this game sunday night. is he still coming? >> i think so. he usually comes to most stadium openings so i expect him to. >> what's the tone in the 49ers headquarters going on with how
6:25 pm
you're dealing it locally and the league is dealing with it nationally? >> it's obviously a challenging time for us at the club and at the league level. there's a lot of thoughtful consideration that went into all the decisions that we've made, so nothing was made lightly. because we know that the decisions we make have ramifications, we wanted to make sure that we considered all the facts as we went into it. so i would say most importantly we've just been very conscious about how we're speaking about it. >> you are very conscious in terms of speaking about it but ray mcdonald was arrested a few weeks ago by san jose police. have you gone back and i know you continue to say you want the due process to play out. have you thought about allowing the due process to play out but at the same time suspending him with pay? >> like i said, we thought about a lot of different options. we stayed consistent in our belief and core values in terms of what we want, to allow the due process to stand true and we
6:26 pm
really stand by that. you've heard it consistently, whether from coach harbaugh, from jeb, from trent and now myself. we do want to let everything play out and then evaluate it at that point. >> you're getting a lot of criticism from senator dianne feinstein and ronnie lott. have you ever thought about changing your stance? >> every decision you make, with any challenging decision you make, there's always going to be criticism. we expect that, that's part of the job. >> okay. so we talked about the headlines here in the nfl. there are the controversial headlines but there's also this positive headline of this, not just for you guys, the 49ers, but the city of santa clara. you grew up like me around here. did you ever think this would happen, a billion dollar stadium in the south bay? >> no. growing up in the bay area and with this team trying to build a stadium since 1997, it's just been such an effort for such a long period of time. it's not just santa clara, it's for all 49er fans in all 49er land. there's just a certain electricity here. we haven't even played a regular
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season game and i just love walking by here. there's just a certain vibe that i feel like i recharge my juices every time i walk by. >> one more question for you. obviously you know the lineage of quarterbacks, joe montana, john brodie, steve young, is colin kaepernick there right now in terms of the whole package? >> certainly has the potential to be. he certainly has the potential to be. he has all the talent and a lot of talent around him too. but ultimately you're measured by how many of those trophies you have. in the museum -- in the 49er museum down the hall, we've got five trophy placements so we have room for a few more. so ultimately the measure of a quarterback is going to be in those trophies. >> thanks for your time. you don't miss the urinals at candlestick, do you? >> we've got urinals here too but they're a little more high tech. >> paraag marathe, president of the 49ers. jessica, back to you. still ahead, winning history on display. a look at the museum where fans can relive the team's glory
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days. plus a candlestick staple makes the trip to santa clara. how the fog horn will be put to use here in the south bay. we're back in two. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to our special coverage of the 49ers home opener at levi's stadium. it is the dawn of a new era. i'm here inside our new studio inside the stadium. it's very pretty and an exciting time for 49ers and fans as they
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both will share the state-of-the-art new stadium. you're probably wondering what's going on with the players. one of the big upgrades is the locker room. it's an eye-popping improvement from candlestick park. check it out. tall wood lockers, soft carpeting, spacious training room and very high ceilings. the room is open and harbaugh wanted that look. he wanted his players to be able to see him so when he says who's got it better than us speech, they can hear him. it also features a banner of the team's five super bowl championships. now, quite a little different feel in the visitors locker room and that is the point. it's 1,000 square feet smaller than the 49ers locker room. it's got more of a generic office feel with drab colors and drab carpeting. >> i would say mundane finishes. kind of beiges. we want these guys to be calm and really underwhelmed, although this is a great locker and a lot of teams that would come in to see this would take this for their home locker room. >> now, the project executive
6:32 pm
says they couldn't make the locker room too because it will host the super bowl in 2016 and other things will be held like high school football games. the niners room will be off limits, so don't even think about it, you won't get to go there. now, there's a ton of the stadium that are miles of cable underneath that you can't even see. forget the smartphones, this is a smart stadium built as the most high-tech in the league. so what does that mean? of course we brought in our business and tech reporter, scott budman, to fill us in. so we've got the app on the phone but there's even more? >> a lot more technology, jessi jessica, and part of that with them saying they know you can watch at home. but they have larger than life screens that they say gives the team a home field advantage. of the 400 miles of cable stretching through levi's stadium, 70 miles is for wi-fi
6:33 pm
alone. launched from an protected by the stadium's data center. >> whether it's to light the video board, the horns or the touchdowns, the wi-fi, the concession stands, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: another huge chunk of cable is for video. that comes through here, the broadcast nerve center. downstairs, far below the fans and players, connecting to the giant screens up above. the niners say these give them a home field advantage when it comes to what they show. >> if a call is missed and we can show it, we're going to show it -- and it's in our favor, we're going to show it as quickly as possible. if it's against us, why would we show it? >> what they do show broadcasts through 5.2 million pixels. think of it as the biggest tv screen you'll ever watch football on. >> why not deliver content to those people sitting in the stands that's even better than what they get at home.
6:34 pm
why shouldn't you compete with the at-home broadcast. >> reporter: with big screens and small screens, the niners know you're connected, and they want you to feel at home in silicon valley. >> now, we talked about the small screens. this is the app. it will go on your android or iphone. it works on wi-fi and even with 70 miles of cable that we talked about, there are going to be 70,000 fans in the stadium. best bet, and i tried it, turn on the app and download it at home because there's going to be so many people using the wi-fi and we really haven't seen that large of a crowd use wi-fi at any one time. >> can you order something for me now? thank you very much, scott. cementing your name in history. we want to show you the 49ers fan walk at the stadium entrance made up of commemorative bricks. for a price fans can order their own custom brick. but get ready for this, because the enemy got into the action
6:35 pm
here too. one of those bricks somewhere out there actually belongs to a group of seattle seahawk fans. now, folks here are not saying where the brick is located, exactly where, even though you can look around for it, but one of those bricks has a cryptic message that the seahawk fans say you will know when you see it. so you're going to have to look around and look around. all right, now, you can go by going -- you can look around besides going around looking for that thing, you can take a tour of the stadium as well. there's an underground tour. the 49ers offer tours seven days a week all year round. nbc bay area's ian cole takes you behind the scenes for that. >> reporter: with just a few fans in an empty venue, tours at levi's stadium feel private. a quick start up the escalator to see how far the 49ers have come. >> even the escalators are an improvement over the old
6:36 pm
stadium. >> the group sits in club seats and is treated by tour dpied pat with a chance to feel the energy of the silent stadium. >> the views from all over the stadium are just fantastic. >> reporter: the next stop, the green roof on the sweet tower. 14 different native california plants grow here. a visual reminder it's the most sustainable. solar panels top the entrance gates. the energy will offset the power used at all home games this season, and 85% of the water used is recycled water. >> there's so many things that you don't know that you don't get to see. >> reporter: next, to the press box. room for 250 writers and broadcasters. then the visitors locker room and the cheerleaders locker room. before ending up on the field. fans impressed. >> some of the newer stadiums like dallas or the updated lambeau field, it just far exceeds those. >> reporter: an intimate experience in the stadium, to
6:37 pm
prepare the ultimate fan for gameday. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> very nice. one of the biggest draws for fans also is the 49ers museum. the niners are among the most historic and accomplished teams in the nfl, you know that, and they're putting their history on display. in fact this museum is right next door to our studios here at the stadium. you see those real life-size statues from 49ers legends. it also has the game ball from the catch as well as the letter colin kaepernick wrote to himself in the fourth grade predicting that he would one day be the quarterback of the 49ers. >> this building is created to . if you like fine art, we have sculpture. if you like technology. we have 14 interactive exhibits on 40 different screens of every possible size. >> it is really nice. they actually put a lot of time and thought into this. it's part of the daily tours.
6:38 pm
you see some people getting a tour here. the kids also are going to love it. there's a big part of the museum that's open for kids. this museum is open every day from 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. remember that fog horn? far from candlestick. the niners didn't want to leave it behind. that fog horn has some great memories, especially of tailgating. the fog horn made the 40-mile trek south here to santa clara and now sits on the north video board. it will continue to go off at 90 minutes and then 30 minutes before the game to give tailgaters a signal to get inside and take your seats. this will also be a special guest each week who will sound that fog horn. >> oh, that sounds fun, okay. so it's going to be a fun weekend here on nbc bay area. big weekend, not just football, we're talking about baseball as well. in fact about a half an hour the giants begin a key series with the rival dodgers. at at&t park tonight. that game airs right here on nbc
6:39 pm
bay area. tomorrow you can catch the notre dame game starting at 4:30. after that game you know tune to in watch our 49ers special followed by nbc bay area news, of course. >> we have a lot going on. and by the way, sunday it's the stadium debut airing right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 4:00. the kickoff is at 5:30 and then of course the second installment of the faithful and then our newscast followed by the faithful and then we have xfinity sports sunday, all starts on sunday night. >> so just stay on nbc bay area, that's what you need to do, all day. i'm stephanie chuang at chef michael mina's new restaurant. how he's taking the tailgate tradition from candlestick and bringing it indoors here at levi's stadium. ...we need to break up.
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welcome back. we're coming to you live from levi's stadium, we're in our nbc studios. it's right along tazman avenue. so we have a glass wall. >> lots of people peeking in. >> it's part of the fab experience as we like to call it. >> and part of the fan experience as well includes the cheerleaders who have their own locker room. for that we bring in peggy bunker who's live with the 49ers gold rush. >> reporter: you know, raj and jessica, you guys know me just as a hard-nosed journalist, but in high school i tried out for cheerleading three times and made it precisely zero times so i'm excited to be down here meeting the 49ers cheerleaders. we are about to meet the gold rush cheerleaders. it is not easy to make it on this squad. 400 plus people try out trying to be a gold rush cheerleader. only 40 of them make it. boy, once they do make the
6:43 pm
squad, they get very, very busy. 300 appearances a year. come back into the locker room, i'm about to take you where quite literally, no man has gone before. this is the room where they get ready and wouldn't you know we do have two 49ers gold rush cheerleaders here. we have jessa and gabrielle. thank you so much, ladies, for being here with us. we're so excited to meet you and being in this incredible locker room. it is not easy to make this squad. >> new york city it's not. auditions are really a rigorous process. over 400 girls try out. veteran or not, you do have to try out each year so each of us are proud to be on the team. >> every single member is a college graduate or in college. you guys have a full load plus 300 appearances every year. how do you do it? >> it's easy. our manager does a great job to work around our schedule and we can easily accommodate appearances with school or our job and it's just so easy and awesome. >> we know there's teachers, we
6:44 pm
know there's accountants. there are a lot of people very successful cheerleaders who are on the squad. what do you think will happen with the niners? if you go play at the super bowl, you guys go with the team. >> oh, yeah. actually my rookie year, two years ago, i actually had the opportunity to go to the super bowl with the team and that was such an amazing sungt. so hopefully we get to go back this year and experience it with the whole team. >> big game on sunday. what do you want to say as we send it back to jessica and raj. >> go, niners. >> of course. of course, go niners. isn't that a spectacular makeup room? we went on a tour and peggy, don't feel bad, i got rejected too. 49ers and of course giants baseball. we're counting down toward the first pitch. giants and dodgers at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area. we're back in a moment.
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6:47 pm
back here in our nbc studios at levi's stadium. i'm raj mathai along with jessica aguirre. historically 49ers tailgating has always been very high end. >> oh, but not like this. >> we are stepping it up this time around. >> legendary chef michael mina is a big part of the food here. forget your grill, forget your cooler. you want to see how he does it? watch stephanie chuang. >> reporter: for chef michael mina, the tailgate was almost as important as the niners game himself. his restaurant, bourbon steak and pub will host parties before and after games. there's a special take on tailgating that 1,000 fans already have prepaid tickets for. >> a lot of fun little dishes they can try and have before they go before the game and we have liquid nitrogen ice cream floats and we give everyone a little lunch pail to take inside with all their snacks for the game.
6:48 pm
so it's a fun parties. >> reporter: an amazing feat for all senses prepared by expert hands. it's on full display in this kitchen. chef mina took the three pieces of equipment he always used at ti tail gates, except here each piece is exponentially bigger. a burner, big grill and rotisser rotisserie. but it's not just meat that will get roasted. >> we let a few fans from the other team in as well just to have fun with them. if you're one of the lucky few that gets tortured. >> at levi's stadium, stephanie chua chuang, nbc bay area news. listen to this, michael mina himself will be at the tailgating parties. i hear that his wife makes a special bloody mary bar that she sets up when they have the tailgate parties. >> a bloody mary par. >> special, with her own homegrown tomatoes.
6:49 pm
>> and he's been a long time season ticket holder as well. we're back in a moment and will talk about giants baseball coming up here on nbc bay area.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
welcome back. first he was exploring the fashion, now he's checking out the food. of course you know who we're talking about 'our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. get a notepad out because jessica has a long order. >> i've got to ditch the notepad, it's time for some fun. we just arrived here at michael mina's brand new restaurant here at levi's stadium. everyone is having a lot of fun over here, right?
6:52 pm
this is my favorite table over here. how are you guys doing? that's a big beer you've got there. oh, my god. major action happening. let's go over here. we do want to interview real quick patricia, one of the managers here at michael mina's brand new restaurant. what's on the menu tonight? >> on the menu tonight we've got some burgers on our wood fire grill, whole hog rotisserie for our whole hog happy hour. it's great. >> can anyone come out for this? >> yes, we're open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. we open at 11:30. >> the smell is amazing. you can almost taste it in the air. let's go ahead and get a live look at our weather graphics for tonight. there's a lot of jumbo tv screens in here, but there's also, of course, mega tv screens out at the stadium. in fact the one that many of the folks that head out will be looking at is 48 feet high and 200 feet wide. huge. all right, let's get your mic microclimate forecast in here.
6:53 pm
tomorrow we'll cool off in the south bay at 92 degrees and throughout the peninsula anywhere from 70 in pacifica to 90 in palo alto, 70s in san francisco. as as we get a look at the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, it will stay hot in the tri-valley, but no 100s, we'll be in the 90s. by this weekend numbers continue to cool down even into sunday's forecast as we'll have 80s across the peninsula and 70s in san francisco. how about sunday night football and the big game? well, for that 5:30 kickoff, we do have sunny skies and 84 degrees. how does that sound for the big kickoff? >> sounds great. >> sounds great. is that a beer? >> it's a huge beer. the biggest beer i've ever seen. >> it's mega. all right, you guys have a good time tonight. enjoy it and i think i'm going to continue to party, you guys. >> yeah, just don't party too hard, jeff. we need you back tonight at 11:00. from jeff ranieri here at levi's stadium, we're also
6:54 pm
following the big giants/dodgers game. let's bring in jarod from the field level. >> reporter: hello, raj. this is indeed the series of the season. giants come in trailing the dodgers by just two games in the midwest. madison bum gardner taking the hill in the first of a three-game set. now, the giants come in here rolling. they have won 12 of 15 games. bumgardner has an e.r.a. of 2.56. the orange and black own a 7-6 lead but are trying to avenge a sweep at the end of july. >> i've been watching dodgers since i was 7 years old so i know the rivalry is true here. i'm just excited to get it going. >> we're in the hunt again, we're chasing the dodgers by a couple games and this is going to be a huge series. hopefully we're at home and have the support of the fans, support
6:55 pm
of the city and hopefully we can roll out of here with two or three wins in this series. >> reporter: we'll have highlights at 11:00. finally on sunday the debut of levi's stadium as the 49ers host the chicago bears. now, levi's stadium gets a big introduction to america on sunday night football in america, and with the 49ers winning three straight -- or, pardon me, participating in three straight nfc championship games, they are once again off to a quick start. >> while the red and gold started the year in midseason form, jim harbaugh wants to see more of the same in the levi's stadium opener. >> thought our team played excited. they were ready to play the game. they were very focused. >> reporter: frank gore enjoyed the enthusiasm of the 49ers offensive line, rushing for 66 yards and can't wait to carry the load on the big stage sunday night. >> to be in front of all of your
6:56 pm
fans who are there for you 100%, it will be great, especially with a new stadium, sunday night game. it will be fun. >> reporter: a good time is the last time opposing defenses will have this season, trying to defend a multi talented 49ers offense led by colin kaepernick's big play skills. >> he's confident in his ability, not only his ability, but he's -- he believes in the guys around him. he's disciplined. he's a playmaker. >> reporter: part of being that team leader on a super bowl contender is the ability to stay even keel at all times. and kaep is bringing a business-like attitude to sunday's stadium opener. >> i think everyone is focused on chicago. i don't think we're worried about having our first game here. we're worried about trying to get this win. >> reporter: the bears have not beaten the 49ers, by the way, here on the west coast since 1985, so a lot of red and gold success against chicago. that's going to do it for me reporting live from at&t. raj and jess, back to you.
6:57 pm
>> okay, thank you very much. so i think we are ready to rumble. isn't that a football term? we're ready to rumble? >> we're ready to rumble footballwise, baseballwise with the big giants/dodgers series. but it has been a challenging and controversial week for the entire national football league, but this is the positive side of the coin and the niners are embracing this, along with the city of santa clara and really the entire bay area as paraag marathe said. >> we are here and we are ready for the home opener. a lot of excitement and we'll see lots of celebrities and maybe some of those great niners. >> they said 5:the big pregame starts. they want everyone in their seats or in front of your television. if you're at the game, you're going to be part of it. the fans will have placards under their seats and then the home opener between the 49ers and the chicago bears. >> thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. >> have a great weekend. >> bye-bye.
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it feels like summer in the city by the bay. a perfect setting for the summer game and twolt long-time rivals,


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