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tv   Today  NBC  September 13, 2014 5:30am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. breaking news overnight. nfl star indicted. adrian peterson, one of pro footballs best running backs turns himself in to police on charges of injuring his own child after the nfl under fire for the ray rice controversy. how will the league respond this time? seeking the truth. raw reaction from reeva steenkamp's parents moments after the oscar pistorius verdict came down. >> i don't want him to go away for ten years and be hurt in jail. that's not in my heart. i just want the truth. >> this morning, what's next for oscar pistorius as he awaits his sentencing. and burning out of control. a massive wildfire rages on this
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morning in california's orange county. more than 1,000 acres already scorched as firefighters battle dangerous conditions and residents flee for their lives. today is saturday, september 13th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. nice to have the gang back together. >> i'm about three hours behind. vacationing on the west coast. >> been a while since you have gotten up this early? >> wow, this is really early. >> we will all be carrying you today? >> like every weekend. that's more like it. >> we carry lester holt. sure. >> pretty much.
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people don't know. just ahead this morning, a lot of people making their way to london this weekend. hoping to catch a glimpse of clooney and his fiancee after word they may be getting married there soon. in case you did not get your ticket, we will take you there live. we will talk live to the second lady of the united states, dr. jill biden has been watchi watching the invictus games. >> i look forward to that in london over george. we begin with "today's" top story. the vikings adrian peterson will not play after he turned himself in to police late last night on alleged child abuse charges. nbc's peter alexander has this story for us. >> reporter: good morning, erica. adrian peterson landed in houston and turned himself in to
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montgomery county, texas. he was detained for 30 minutes and booked on a charge of injury to a child before posting $15,000 bond and released. on thursday, a montgomery county, texas grand jury recommended indictment of peterson on charge of reckless and criminal negligent. peterson's attorney issued a statement saying the former mvp used a branch to spank his 4-year-old son. he said, quote, he used the same discipline on the child that he experienced growing up in texas. adrian deeply regretted the unintentional injury. this is coming after the sports league, about $6 billion in revenue a year, is fending off questions of handling of the ray rice domestic violence case captured in the video seen around the globe. a source close to nbc, tells us
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that the meeting with roger goodell, rice said he admitted to punching his then fiancee in the face. goodell insists rice did not tell him everything. he said, quote, the video shows a different sequence of events. as for peterson, he is not playing this weekend. the vikings benched him. erica. >> peter alexander this morning, thanks. this morning, president obama is speaking out about his administration's plan to quote degrade and destroy the terror group isis. for the first time, the administration is acknowledging that america is in fact at war with isis. so what happens next? kristen welker is at the white house with more. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. the u.s. will continue to fly surveillance missions over syria this weekend. all part of the effort to
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identify isis targets there. what is the end game and now as you say senior administration officials are acknowledging the u.s. is at war. with u.s. air strikes continuing in iraq and expected soon in syria, this morning, president obama called it a campaign in the weekly address. >> what is needed now is a targeted campaign against isil. >> reporter: on friday, top officials acknowledged the united states is at war with isis. a group the administration calls isil. >> the united states is at war with isil. the same we are at war with al qaeda. >> make no mistake, we know we are at war with isil. >> we are at war with isil. >> reporter: administration officials say they are now using the war to make it easier for the american public to understand comparing it to the fight against al qaeda. critics are skeptical of the
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reasoning. >> i think the change and emphasis here is deliberate because the american public was polled two or three days ago, saying 71% were in favor of air strikes. >> reporter: meanwhile, secretary kerry continues to cross the middle east trying to build a coalition to help fight isis. on friday, he was in turkey. >> i'm comfortable that this will be a broad based coalition. >> reporter: and arab nations have expressed support, it is unlikely the u.s. will get help from their army. with 1,600 advisers soon on the ground, the president is entangled for the rest of his term. >> whether you call them advisers or experts, they are soldiers and they are in harm's way. >> reporter: now the president says he doesn't need congressional approval to expand air strikes. most lawmakers don't want to vote on that in an election year. they will vote on whether to give the president approval to train and arm syrian opposition
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fighters. that does that support after the campaign issue on monday. lester. >> kristen welker, thanks. after the investigation of the joan rivers death moves forward, there is an issue at the clinic where she had the throat surgery. we know the doctor at the clinic no longer works there. katy tur has more. >> reporter: since joan rivers had the procedure at the endoscope clinic, dr. cohen is out. the clinic says dr. cohen is not performing procedures at endoscope or serving as medical director. dr. cohen allowed rivers' personal ear nose and throat doctor to examine her in the clinic. that according to the times and
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people briefed on the matter. the clinic staff noticed the oxygen levels plummeting. when they could not stabilize her, they called 911. rivers was transferred to mt. sinai. now the private ent specialists performed a biopsy. the suggestion that rivers throat doctor may have been permitted in the clinic raises questions. >> it would be inappropriate to bring a physician into the operating theater who was not affiliated and approved by the surgical center. >> reporter: although dr. cohen is gone, his bio is on the web site. his contributions have been recognized by the peers who selected him to be in best doctors in america. on sunday outside her manhattan memorial, thousands lined the streets for a final good-bye to
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the groundbreaking comedienne. nbc news reached out for comment, but neither physician got back to us. the new york state is investigating the matter, but they will not say if they suspect any wrongdoing. for "today," katy tur, nbc news. >> we will get to the rest of the top stories. evacuation orders are ahead for california. hundreds of firefighters are battering heat while trying to contain the flames in cleveland national forest. it burned through two square miles and evacuations have been ordered for 30 homes. conditions for firefighters are dangerous with temperatures topping 100 degrees today. video showing the moment that escaped school shooter t.j. lane was captured in ohio. check out the police recording showing the 19-year-old taken
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into custody friday morning. lane and two other inmates slipped out of the ohio prison on thursday, all have been captured. lane is he serving a life sentence for the shooting deaths of students at the high school in 2012. and man waived his right to appear in court for the deaths of his children. nbc's mark potter has the story. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: at a somber memorial, the photos of the five children were on tragic display as family and friends gather to mourn and grief through a slide show of the lives cut short. >> help forgive. remember the moments you have in your life. >> reporter: 32-year-old timothy ray jones jr., a divorced father with primary custody is charged
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with five counts of murder for allegedly killing his children. ages 1 to 8. by violent means in his home in lexington, south carolina. police say he then drove to alabama with the bodies in his car dumping them in plastic bags in the woods. last saturday, he was arrested at a dui checkpoint in mississippi where officers looked in the car and became suspicious. >> they saw blood and children's clothing, but no children. >> reporter: his lawyer says jones suffers from mental illness untreated. at the end of the memorial, mourners sought comfort outside and released balloons for the children still trying to understand why they were killed. for "today," mark potter, nbc news. ten men suspected in the shooting of teen activist malala have been arrested in pakistan. pakistani military officials on friday announced the taliban suspects have been rounded up in
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a raid. malala was a 15-year-old activist for girls education in 2012 when she was shot in the head. she survived. the enterovirus is spreading east. new york and connecticut are now reporting cases. the infection broke out in the middle of the country and has been spreading since august. children begin with cold-like symptoms. children with asthma and other respiratory diseases are at risk. doctors recommend careful hygiene to prevent spread. dr. rick sacra is recovering. this is not a typo, they have ben & jerry's ice cream to be thankful for it. sacra is being treated in omaha. patients lose a lot of fluids and doctors wanted to get 1,000 calories in sacra.
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they tried several kinds, but ben & jerry's did the trick. works for pregnant women. just saying. if ben & jerry's is your thing, great. some prefer bugs and beetles. this restaurant has it on the menu. tacos topped with spiders and scorpions. you can do and/or. you can do both. the chef says the bugs are bland. you have to spice them up to get the customers to eat them. which seems obvious to me. i don't know why i have to say that. it seems like something you would know. >> they are bland. >> you want to spice them up to get the protein. >> waiter, there's a bug in my soup. yes, that's what you ordered. jenna, thank you. dylan has a check of the forecast. >> i'm gagging over here. that's not my thing. >> thanks for that visual.
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>> enjoy your breakfast. it is cold outside in some areas back to the midwest. look at the frost advisories. even a freeze warning across northern minnesota up to duluth. hastings, nebraska, 36 degrees. it is chilly when you walk the dog. high temperatures this afternoon not much better. chicago topping out at 59 degrees today. that is nearly 20 degrees below average. 62 in minneapolis. 66 in columbus. all of this cooler air is going to spread to the good morning. 5:44 the time here on this saturday morning. we are waking up to fog in san francisco. just a few clouds in the south bay. what you'll notice about today, temperatures are not going to be as hot. yesterday livermore got into the triple digits. expecting upper 90s today. east shore at 76. the tri-valley, 98.
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and that's the latest forecast. lester. >> dylan, thanks. hundreds of wounded warriors are in london attending in the invictus games. it is where injured servicemen and women from 13 countries compete in sports from rowing to wheelchair rugby. the united states has 98 athletes taking part. second lady dr. jill biden is leading the u.s. delegation. dr. biden, great to see you this morning. >> good morning, lester. >> before we talk about the games, if we can, i want to touch on the fallout from the ray rice controversy. we are marking the 20th anniversary of the violence against women act which your husband pushed through as a u.s. senator. i'm curious what you think needs to be done and how much progress we made in the last 20 years on
5:46 am
that subject. >> you know, lester, i'm really proud of what joe has done of writing the violence against women act. of course, there is more to be done. today, i'm here with the best of america with our wounded warriors and athletes. we're here at the invictus games. >> let's turn to that. as you watch the u.s. compete, what has struck out to you? >> i just watched the usa versus england basketball game. the u.s. won. i'll tell you, lester, i wish you were here. these athletes are incredible. just their energy and their positive spirit and resilience. they make americans so proud. >> you and we talked about this before, you and first lady michelle obama are behind the joining forces initiative which creates opportunities for veterans and military families. how do these games help bring
5:47 am
that to light what you are trying to accomplish? >> well, you know, when i was at the basketball game, i was talking to prince harry. he was saying he was talking to a military spouse and he was saying, these athletes are so great and this is so great for them. she said no, prince harry, these games are so great for the families. they mean so much to the families. first lady michelle obama and i have given support to the military families. we wanted to do it with actions, not just words. we are supporting them with employment, education and wellness. >> you mentioned prince harry. this came together with his experience on wounded warriors. are you struck by how quickly this came together and how successful it has been? >> he saw our warrior games in colorado. now he brought it to a global scale. we have 14 countries and over 400 athletes competing.
5:48 am
it has been great. >> all right. dr. jill biden, nice to have you on. thanks for spending time with us. enjoy the games. >> thank you. okay. >> if you are one of the people who always look at the weather forecast before you leave for vacation praying for clear skies and sunny days, this next story may scratch your head. we go along with one adventure and some are hoping for the worst weather. >> reporter: the hunt is on. wendy and allen rogers live in southern england. >> i don't know. another. >> reporter: their american vacation is a bit unusual to say the least. >> i'm in the back. i feel like i'm riding a roller coaster. >> reporter: the van full of tourists are stalking a lightning storm. >> you are the fanatic.
5:49 am
i'm a willing accomplice. >> reporter: they are after nature's fury. 1 billion volts of electricity. hotter than the surface of the sun and in a milisecond, it is gone. weather like this in england is rare. did i mention this is the sixth u.s. lightning hunt. >> look at the blowing dirt. >> reporter: led by lightning expert roger hill. they are in for a heck of a road trip. we have gone 250 miles so far through two time zones and two states, but it is worth it. most people who make this trip have the expensive lightning triggers. >> it trips your shutter. >> reporter: wendy and allen glide along on hope. >> i invested in a lightning trigger. >> reporter: and fast finger. >> that i hope i got.
5:50 am
that might be my first lightning picture. >> reporter: moments after we pass this sign, the trip took a turn. flash flood. >> that was cool. >> this is coming across the road. >> reporter: right before our eyes and lens, it is the perfect summer vacation for mother nature's fan club. >> when she wants to strike, she'll do it. >> we don't want that to happen. we just want a photograph. >> reporter: looks like they got it. for "today," dave malkoff, somewhere in the mojave desert. >> that would be awesome. the paranoid side of me, there is something dangerous to the lightning and tornadoes. if you are with a professional. >> lightning. it is -- you don't have to be close to it. >> no. it can strike something on the ground and go through the ground. i'm paranoid. >> i wanted to get your thoughts
5:51 am
on that. >> that's why we would always check with you first. >> jenna. >> and that's it. so up next, speaking of jenna, you may have heard that there is big changes ahead for jenna and not just the little munchkin. we will get into that, but
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♪ a good crowd. we are back with some bittersweet news at "weekend today." jenna is leaving us soon. >> she is not saying good-bye to the "today" family. she will be able to sleep inasmuch as you can with a 1-year-old. >> you want to rethink it now? >> matt broke the news yesterday. you will become "today's"
5:54 am
lifestyle and fitness correspondent. >> focus on the monday through friday part. let's focus on that right now. i will come by. >> this is so exciting for you. this is your passion. this is your dream to do everything so well. >> this is tailor made for me. it is what i love. eat, sleep, drink, think about all the time. this will be great. i love the three of you like nobody's business. i will miss you guys, not the hours. >> will you punish matt with the exercise like you did us? >> i will not put him in mild cardiac arrest. i am glad you have come on board with the fitness journey i have dragged you along. >> it is not just us. there's a lot of people on twitter and facebook who have so many nice things to say about you. come on over to the orange room. we can run if you want. >> that's okay. >> we can do burpees on the way over there. >> let's not. >> we compiled some of the pictures of some of our favorite memories with you. most include exercising.
5:55 am
one includes a doughnut. were you pregnant at that point? >> i don't know. >> we have so many people writing in well wishes for you. jenna wolfe, you rock. congratulations, jenna. it's in your blood. you will be great. and mona saying i see diet and exercise in my future. and i hope jenna wolfe challenges matt to rigorous exercise like she did lester. and i will miss you like crazy. you are not going far. i'll call you early on weekends. >> i responded please don't so much. i'll call you. >> we are so excited for you. obviously it is bittersweet. >> i'm not going far. >> you're not done. >> i still have another couple weeks. next weekend. >> we are not letting you off
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the week. >> we will do something over the top next week. that's what we do. >> we at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. good morning. your time now is 5:56. we are giving you a live look at downtown san jose. clear skies looking beautiful, waiting for the sun to come up.
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thanks for joining us this saturday. some heat on our way. >> yes. but not as hot. yesterday we got into the triple digits. temperatures coming down today, even though it will still be in the 90s across most of our inland valleys. right now just a few clouds out there in the south. the fog didn't make it inland overnight. just expect the fog to be at the coast line this morning. 74 this afternoon in san francisco. you got close to 90 yesterday, closer to 80 today. no 90s. we'll top out right near 90 in the south bay. not as hot but you needed spf if you're outside and drink plenty of water. thanks, anthony. good news in the national football league. the show goes on in santa clara despite recent controversies with the nfl. this is a historic weekend for the bay area and 49ers.
5:58 am
the home opener is set for 5:30 tomorrow night. no more dress rehearsals. it is finally here. last night, a full 48 hours before the 49ers take on the chicago bears, fans packed the house. stadium tours were sold out. the restaurant was packed and shoppers gave rave reviews to the team store. after a handful of events and preseason games, stadium officials say this will be the first true test of traffic. they are hoping they have worked out the kinks. if you are heading to the game on sunday and want to know how to get around levi's, go to nbc bay and use our website. it is a match. forensic experts say dna evidence that proves the mountain lion euthanized was the same one that attacked a 6-year-old boy. they had no choice but to shoot and kill the animal because of his aggressive behavior. trackers found him on wednesday not far from where he attacked the boy. the cougar slashed the
5:59 am
16-year-old last sunday. the boy suffered cuts and gashes on his back and neck. good new for that little boy, he can stop treatment for rabies. the mountain lion tested negative. coming up this morning, we'll have much more on the 49ers' opener, including the history of the levi's company in the bay area. ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years.
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♪ wow! a lot of energy on the plaza. we are back on this saturday morning. it is september 13th, 2014. we have a great crowd out there. a lot of folks from cornell this weekend. they have taken over our plaza. we will check in with them later. coming up this half hour, perpetual bachelor clooney is getting married and why are people heading to london. and this week after two major league baseball players hit in the face with a pitch, this is new talk about baseball specifically and if more should be done to protect players. >> i can't even look.
6:01 am
and later, we hear from reeva steenkamp's parents reacting to the news that oscar pistorius was cleared of her murder and we will get into what is next for the sprinter. we will get into the twist of the toronto mayor rob ford. he is now withdrawing from the campaign for health reasons. kristen dahlgren is following that for us. good morning. >> good morning, erica. after the shocking admission of smoking crack, mayor ford vowed to be reelected. a tumor has him stepping down. mayor ford is not saying good-bye to politics. for months, toronto mayor rob ford has been best known for his unusual antics. and illegal drug use. making him perfect fodder for
6:02 am
la late night immediacomedians. this week, a very is serious health issue sidelined the mayor. diagnosed with an abdominal tumor and admitted to the hospital. on friday in a written statement from the hospital bed, ford announced, i could be facing a battle the of my lifetime. he went on to say my heart is heavy when i tell you i am unable to continue my campaign for re-election as your mayor. that doesn't mean ford is ready to hand in his city hall identification. the 45-year-old announced he is running for city council. a seat his nephew was planning to seek. his brother doug filed for mayor. finishing what his brother started. >> we want to build on the progress that rob has made. so, folks, i officially entered this campaign. >> reporter: rob ford spent two months in rehab this summer and
6:03 am
seen the mayoral race a chance to redeem himself after the scandal. telling matt. >> we're moving on. i cannot wait for the campaign. >> reporter: a campaign that is now for city council. a fight for his health that has comedians giving pause. jimmy kimmel tweeting, jokes aside, wishing mayor ford and his family the best. >> a serious issue. ford and his doctors say it is an abdominal tumor. they are waiting on biopsy results. thanks. >> time for a check of the weather. dylan is out on the plaza. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by advil. the pain reliever is fast and strong. >> and good morning, erica. we have a huge crowd from west virginia. all these ladies. how long are you in town? >> sunday. >> you have one full day in new york city? >> we're different groups.
6:04 am
>> this is the west virginia. i don't know where things are cut off here. you are here for one day? >> we leave at 10:00. >> they have until 10:00 this evening to squeeze in all things new york city. we are looking at temperatures in the southwest on the hot side. we are wearing jackets here. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above normal. we should top out at 103 in southwest california. it is hot today and hot tomorrow. it is dry as well. that increases the fire danger across california. l.a. is 96 degrees on sunday. today, we will see scattered showers in the northeast. they will move in later today. they extend to the gulf coast. we could see pockets of heavy rain across southern texas with 7 to 8 inches of rain. the middle of the country looks nice, but fall-like temperatures. nearly 20 degrees below average. topping out at
6:05 am
good morning. 6:04 the time. waiting on the sunrise in palo alto. a few clouds in the skies. traffic very light this morning. temperatures today not going to be as hot. right now in the 60s. 57 in the north bay. one of our cooler spots. not as hot this afternoon, but still wear sunscreen. if you are outside, water. 82 in the east shore. very hot conditions for the try valley. 98 there. and for "today's" top spot, i need pronunciation from lester holt. in the bay area from kntv. the 2014 festive colonial. check it out with food and pasta and of course italian wines. you will find merchandise for sale and listen to the headliner of the festival. i think i did that all right.
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erica, you can report back and let me know if lester approves. >> brava. dylan, thanks. just ahead, a conversation with two of hollywood's biggest stars. talking about love and their new movie "the fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too.
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welcome back. one of the fall's newest movies is getting buzz for the story line and two starring actors. "disappearance of eleanor rigby" stars jessica chastain and james mcavoy. earlier this week, craig melvin sat down with them about the relationship on and off screen. >> this brings together two hollywood power houses with jessica chastain and james mcavoy. it is about a couple whose marriage is shattered after
6:10 am
recapturing the love they once had. >> what are we doing here? >> you tell me. you're the one who said that we needed to talk. you stalked me. you went to my parents house. what are we doing here? >> just recently an hour ago, you walked into my bar and you suggested we drive aimlessly in the storm here. >> this is funny. >> jessica chastain and james mcavoy. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> thank you for calling us power houses, by the way. >> talk about this movie. it's a love story, but it is a very complex love story. >> i think it's a love story for grown ups and people falling in love. because it is the idea of this couple who are perfect for one another and have so much strong feelings between them. when dealt with a tragedy, they have to make these adult decisions and decide do we let
6:11 am
the other person grieve on their own. >> i think in most perfect real life loving relationship is a mine field and it's a rubik's cube and a lot of other metaphors. it is more than just we like each other. adult love is powerful and it is a romantic love. it takes more work and commitment. you hurt each with adult love. this film sounds like an absolute downer from the way we described it. it is a lot of magical moments. >> you see james dancing. first of all, let me tell you. >> there are some some steamy scenes between the two. >> and she has a steamy scene with somebody else. >> spoiler. >> i was trying not to give it
6:12 am
away. >> how would you describe the romantic scenes with mr. mcavoy? >> trying to keep a straight face the whole time. i mean that as a compliment. he is amazing. there are scenes in the film where james just starts going off and i start laughing. i look at him and i shake my head like oh, my gosh. >> lots of retakes? >> no, it made it in the film. >> a lot of people don't know this, the film they see in the theater is a marriage of two separate films. there was him. there was her. now there's this. what did you make of splitting the two films up? >> i should say how it started. it was always one movie. the disappearance of eleanor rigby and this was born out of it. ned came up with this idea to answer the mystery in my movie
6:13 am
which a man loses his wife and she disappears. >> it is a great film. when you see this film and you want to go deeper in the characters, a month later, october 10th, "disappearance of eleanor rigby" is released. >> the chemistry is undeniable. >> would you love to work with her? >> i would love to work with her again. >> i would love to do a fight scene with you. >> jessica chastain and james mcavoy, thank you so much. >> that was craig melvin. "the disappearance of eleanor rigby" is open in new york. let's send it to dylan in the orange room for the fan of the day. fans, you have a lot of them. >> we have broken a record. we are turning the orange room red as cornell celebrates the 150th anniversary.
6:14 am
mike, you go to cornell? >> yes. >> i'll let you finish. >> still to come on "today," london goes wild with the possible george clooney wedding, so is he tying the knot? but first these messages ♪ ♪
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plaza. in london, people have been flocking to a town hall after a report of george clooney just might be getting married there this weekend. kelly cobiella is there with more. clooney madness continues. >> reporter: it is will he or won't he? rumors that george clooney was getting married in a civil ceremony in london had fans rushing to the town hall steps cameras ready. it could happen any day now. george clooney and amal alamuddin saying i do. the 53-year-old star and his 36-year-old fiancee are believed to be getting married in italy some time this month. that didn't stop would-be wedding crashers showing up at a town hall in central london on friday hoping to snap a selfie with george and his bride. >> you must be excited? >> yes. who is not a fan of george?
6:19 am
>> do you know them. you will say i was there. >> reporter: clooney was married once before and vowed he would never do it again. the heartthrob has had a string of gorgeous girlfriends, but when he met amal alamuddin in october of last year, he fell hard. >> it has been an incredibly serious relationship. we thought the relationship earlier this year and already by that point, george and amal had met her parents. >> reporter: the actor and lawyer who has advised the united nations on syria and advised the government on julian assange. >> there is somebody to be his equal. >> reporter: clooney and alamuddin filled out paper work at the london town hall. fans did get to see a happy
6:20 am
couple. not the pair they were waiting for. the wedding could happen in venice and lake como and country estate outside london and los angeles. not one wedding, but half a dozen and yet another rumor, erica, then again, it might be information to keep us in the media a little confused. >> you may be on to something, kelly. nice to see you. kelly cobiella, thanks. the newest artists paintings up for auction. you can define them as you will. first this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
6:22 am
♪ still to come on "today," the latest on the case of adrian peterson accused of injuring his child. it comes as the nfl deals with the ray rice backlash. and after two major league
6:23 am
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replenish and polish for healthy enamel. colgate. ♪ #1 brand recommended by dentists. ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. time is 6:26. we are giving you a live look at san francisco from san bruno mountain. wow, our director erin just showed us that shot not 30 seconds ago and the fog has completely covered up this beautiful city.
6:27 am
good morning, i'm vikki nguyen alongside anthony with a look at your weekend forecast. >> you talk about micro comments. we are seeing that fog roll in and roll out in just a few seconds. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like from our skycam networks. we have a few clouds across the bay area this morning. that fog socked in across san francisco. look at those numbers this afternoon. temperatures not as hot. 74 in san francisco. 92 in the north bay. 90 in the south bay. cooler weather on the way and the potential for our first rain of the season. >> great. >> we are looking forward to it. thank you, anthony. parents in palo alto are on high alert after someone posing as a police officer pulled over a teenager last friday and brandished a gun at the teen. this police sketch of that suspect this morning. palo alto police say the high school student was riding his bike when the suspect pulled him over in an unmarked car.
6:28 am
the man used a loud speaker to yell at the teenager for committing a traffic infraction. the phony cop displayed a silver badge and held up a stun gun or hand gun pointing it at the roof of his car before driving off. some good news in the national football league. the show goes on in santa clara. this is a historic weekend for the bay area and the 49ers. the home opener is set for 5:30 tomorrow night. no more dress rehearsal. it is finally here. last night a full 48 hours before the niners take on the chicago bears, fans packed the house. the stadium stores were sold off, the restaurant was packed and shoppers gave rave reviews to the team store. after a handful of events and preseason games, officials say this will be the first true test of traffic. they are hoping they worked out all of the kinks. if you are heading to the game sunday and want to know how to get around the stadium, go to nbc bay and use our stadium guide. it will help you get around. coming up this morning on
6:29 am
"today in the bay," much more on the 49ers' opener, including the history of the levi's company here in the bay area. that plus all your top story and anthony will be back with a complete look at your forecast. my lenses have a sunset mode. and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to clear inside mode. new transitions® signature™ adaptive lenses are more responsive than ever. so why settle for a lens with just one mode. experience life well lit. upgrade your lenses to new transitions® signature™. visit your local visionworks today. to ask about our new transitions® signature™ lenses with chromea7™ technology. and start living a life well lit.
6:30 am
good morning. it is saturday, september 13th, 2014. here's a look at the top stories. nfl star indicted. another star running back under investigation this morning. vikings adrian peterson is facing a charge he injured his child. he will not play in the game. another blow to the nfl after the ray rice investigation. seeking the truth. reeva steenkamp's parents speaking out in an emotional interview in the moments after the verdict of oscar pistorius. you will hear from them and we will also tell you what happens next for pistorius. and burning out of control. firefighters in orange county, california having a tough time
6:31 am
raging a wildfire there. more than 1,000 acres burned and families evacuated as heat and dry conditions prove to be a fierce challenge. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." >> it is a busy morning. let's get the latest on the breaking news. the indictment of adrian peterson. the vikings player turned himself in to answer to the charges. latest news comes among the nfl dealing with the ray rice controversy. peter alexander has more for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. the official charge is injury to a child, reckless and criminal negligent. peterson turned himself in in montgomery county, texas. near houston. he was booked and charged $15,000 bond and released. the vikings marquee running back adrian peterson is on the defensive. on thursday, a montgomery county, texas grand jury
6:32 am
recommended indictment of peterson on charge of injury to a child. his attorney issued a statement saying the former mvp used a switch or branch to spank his 4-year-old son. he used the same discipline on the child that he experienced growing up in texas. peterson was at practice on friday. according to his attorney, adrian never intended to harm his son and regrets the injury. the latest headline comes as the sports league which produced $6 billion in revenue last year is fending off questions of the handling of the ray rice domestic violence case captured in the video seen around the globe. a source close to rice tells nbc news, that during the june meeting with goodell, he told him he clearly hit her in the face. then the letter obtained by nbc news, goodell insists rice did not tell him everything. the video shows a different
6:33 am
stark change. and what the commissioner knew and when and the nfl faces a new level. >> this is changing how the nfl handles a number of issues. >> reporter: as for adrian peterson, he will not play this weekend. the minnesota vikings have benched him for tomorrow's against against the patriots. lester and erica. >> peter alexander. thank you. oscar pistorius will be sentenced next month. on friday, the sprinter was found guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. we are talking to her parents. jeff rossen is continuing to follow the story from pretoria, south africa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. oscar pistorius cleared of the murder charges, but guilty of culpable homicide and reaction is pouring in this morning. this is the morning paper in
6:34 am
south africa. reeva's parents believe pistorius got off tooat down wis parents for an exclusive interview. their first comments since the verdict. supporters cheered oscar pistorius as he walked out of court friday. out on bail, awaiting sentencing for culpable homicide. his uncle arnold reacting to the verdict -- not guilty of murder. >> we would really like to show how deep grateful we are to judge masipa. >> reporter: the judge believed pistorius' version that he shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steenkamp by accident, mistook her for an intruder. >> evidence led by the state in respect of this count was purely circumstantial. >> reporter: the prosecution releasing a statement after the verdict saying that, while it respected the court's findings, quote, we are, however, disappointed that we were not successful in securing a
6:35 am
conviction on the original charge of premeditated murder, negligent discharge of a firearm and possession of ammunition. i sat down with reeva steenkamp's parents late friday for an exclusive interview. what is your reaction to the verdict? >> very disappointing. very, very disappointing. >> reporter: you don't believe oscar's story. >> no. >> reporter: even though the judge does. >> no, i don't. >> if he thought that there was somebody there, his balcony windows were open, he could have shouted for help. he could have reached an alarm. he could have done everything and we wouldn't have this case today. >> reporter: earlier the judge allowed oscar pistorius to walk right out of court. >> exactly. yes. >> reporter: even though he's convicted of culpable homicide. do you think he belongs in prison right now? >> like i said, i'm not the one who wants him to suffer. i'm not the one that wants him to go away ten years in jail. i don't want that. that's not in my heart. but i just want the truth. i want the truth. if he could have stood up and
6:36 am
said in the beginning, i made a mistake. but he didn't. he never once said that he made a mistake. it was an accident. >> reporter: pistorius will be sentenced on october 13th, one month from today. he faces anywhere from zero days in prison up to 15 years. so it is possible he serves no time at all. erica. >> jeff roston in pretoria, south africa, this morning, thanks. >> time for the top stories. jenna is here with that. >> hello. firefighters face extreme conditions today as evacuations have been ordered because of a wildfire in southern california. the flames are spreading through california's cleveland national forest. hundreds will be fighting the blaze today in temperatures expected to top 100 degrees. 30 homes have been evacuated so far. late word of a shooting overnight at a pennsylvania state police barracks. a search is under way and road blocks are up for the shooter who opened fire on the barracks
6:37 am
in blooming grove, pennsylvania, last night. one state trooper was killed and another has been injured. a new video may shed more light on what happened when a police officer shot an unarmed man in missouri. in the moments after 18-year-old michael brown fell dead on the street in ferguson last month, two construction workers can be seen on the right indicating that brown had his hands in the air when he was shot. police say brown struggled with police officers who shot him. the shooting set off days of unrest in ferguson. a new twist in the strange saga of congressman mark sanford. sanford announced the end of his engagement on facebook on friday. the affair ended his marriage back in 2009. sanford was governor of south carolina when he mysteriously disappeared only to turn up days later after aides claimed he'd been out hiking the appalachian trail. he admitted at the time he'd been in argentina with a woman he called his soulmate. he's still locked in a bitter custody feud with his former wife. finally, if you've ever
6:38 am
played golf, you have experienced your share of frustrations with interesting shots. golfer rory mcilroy laughed at his yesterday. his tee shot at the tour championship in atlanta hits a tree, maybe some bermuda grass and literally on into a pair of bermuda shorts. no, no, it happened. the ball landed inside a spectator's pants pocket. rory and the spectator had a good laugh. the official let him drop without adding a stroke. i'll give you three reasons why, the first two don't count. he played the ball, just one, from where the guy was standing. that was awesome, right? >> lover loved that. >> lester really liked that story. >> that's the way you put it. >> wow. >> should we go to weather? >> wow, you really are. >> five lines going through my brain, none of which i can use on tv. >> lester holt is not as wholesome as you think, is he? no. dylan, your turn.
6:39 am
>> let you guys calm down. i'll take over this one. we've got tropical storm edouard. it will most likely become a hurricane, but this will not be a threat to land. it's moving northwest at 15, but it will take a turn to the north. and even bermuda shouldn't be affected by this storm. we do have a couple of areas that we're keeping an eye on off the west coast of florida, we have a chance of this developing into a bigger system but only a 30% chance. we also have a lot of rain moving into brownsville, texas. we need to keep an eye on that because it's very warm in mexico. favorable conditions for any storms to strengthen. that's something we have to watch. we also have the stalled front that's kind of the triggering mechanism that's causing these showers and storms. we are looking at the chance of perhaps as much as 8 inches of rain possible in southern texas. you can see through southern mississippi, a few inches of rain. also across the southwest, especially up into the carolinas, 3 to 5 inches of rain. with some of these heavier downpours. so that is something we'll watch over the next 48 hours.
6:40 am
the middle of the country is dry but chilly. highs today in the midwest. only in the upper 50s. that's a look at the weather across the country. good morning. 6:40 is the time right now. look at our temperatures. already balmy. 65 in livermore. 60 in san francisco. our cool is 65 in san martin. you'll notice the highs this afternoon. another scorcher. 90 in the south bay. the east shore in the mid 70s. hot in the tri-valley. close to 100. not as hot as san francisco, 74 with a nice breeze. 92 in the north bay. and that's your later forecast. lester. >> dylan, thanks. two major league baseball players recovering today, days after being hit in the face by pitches while they were at bat. it is raising questions about the safety of batters who face down the speeding fastballs. whether it is in the major leagues or little league diamond.
6:41 am
a warning. some of the video we are about to show you may be hard to watch. we have nbc's kerry sanders in florida with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, lester. the only protection a batter has from the ball is a helmet like this. after what you just mentioned, the question is, especially in the major leagues is about they should have protection that is more along the lines of something like this that covers an area that the helmet doesn't. it's hard to watch. >> the 0-1. stanton hit. yikes. oh, man. stanton got hit right in the face. >> reporter: marlins all star hitter giancarlo stanton drilled at home plate thursday by an 88-mile-an-hour fastball. also thursday. >> my goodness. >> reporter: yankees third baseman chase headley hit by a 98-mile-an-hour baseball. for headley, no fracture, but stanton suffered a fractured
6:42 am
left cheek. he tweeted friday, i'm much better today and deeply appreciate your prayers. this is what a watermelon looks like with a 90-mile-an-hour baseball. the minor leaguer revealed the aftereffects of a fastball like that followed by one to the face. the carbon helmets are protection for major league, but the protection is only good to 67 miles per hour. on the practice field at st. petersburg college, ball players watch the replay of giancarlo stanton getting beaned. >> horrible. >> he's still alive? >> reporter: there was a time in ice hockey where goalies had no face protection. playe players skated without helmets. that evolved. you can use the jason hayward helmet, but few do.
6:43 am
despite the ache s, there is little change. >> it is scary when it happens. it is not a reoccurring issue. it doesn't happen once or twice a week or anything like that. >> reporter: and while mel points out it is not common for major league players to be hit by a ball, some players say they would welcome an evolution, but their concern is this restricts their vision and that could be an obstacle to success. lester. >> kerry sanders this morning. kerry, thanks. >> this is a topic a lot of people are talking about. your brother wears and he pitches for slow pitch softball. >> he pitches and has been hit in the face. he lost teeth over it. >> jenna is in the orange room with more reaction. >> we threw the question out there. in the wake of the baseball injuries, do you have hesitation letting your kids play little league? they can't grow up in a bubble.
6:44 am
sean says it is part of the game. a low percentage of batters get hit. i would not have any hesitation to allow my child play little league. injuries can happen in any sport. most of the people we heard from have no hesitation letting their kids play little league baseball. we can throw the question out with all of the other sports. it is a big question to have. do you let them play or not play based on injuries? guys? >> every sport has a danger. i had a black eye from field hockey. >> it can happen. >> we talk about football with concussions and soccer and players affected by them. it is tough. a lot of decisions parents are making these days. still to come, are your walls looking bare? how about art work done by walls looking bare? how about art work done by speciahey, how you doin'?
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sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. unfortunately, that's not true anymore. 1 in 3 kids have been cyber bullied. teach your children to treat others online with respect. the more you know. we're back on a saturday morning with some art work that you really have to see to
6:48 am
believe. a little extra and unusual, but again, so are the artists. >> us, too. the story of the pieces come together is perhaps more interesting than the art. hollie jackson explains. >> reporter: this art for sale has buyers going wild. the artists. some of the creative types are more temperamental than others, but that is the price you pay. >> an expert artist. he is just talented. >> reporter: the squirrel monkey has competition at the oakland zoo. which is raising money for conservation programs. >> he knows the money we raise goes to save giraffes in the wild. >> reporter: the e-bay auction ends tomorrow. if you want an original from ben the giraffe, act fast. >> i like the colors.
6:49 am
>> reporter: he is no starving artist. >> otters paint. lizards paint. >> reporter: how do you get paint off the legs of a hissing cockroach? if the thought of owning that bugs you, maybe this print is a better fit. it could be yours for a couple hundred. >> i could see someone buying this. >> reporter: some artists are literally paid peanuts, you will pay more for that for a good cause and good work. for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news. >> we'll be right back, but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
that will do it for us on this saturday morning. tomorrow on "today," dylan and i will show you what happens with fancy tricks in the kitchen. shrimp in hat. >> i'll see you back here for "nbc nightly news." thanks for watching. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. and for dark spots this is kathleen.. setting up the perfect wedding day begins with arthritis pain and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good,
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good morning, i'm vicky nguyen. two guys say this guy looked like a cop and was armed. what he did that is raising alarms. >> an nfl star out on bail after being indicted by a grand jury for child abuse. >> and the dawn of a new era. out to levy stadium.
6:58 am
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good morning. let's give you a live look outside from our skycam rah network. that is san francisco, where else? today if you are a chocolate fan you want to be there from noon to five. ghiradelli square chocolate festival. i'm vicky nguyen with anthony slaughter. >> you took the words out of my mouth. that's what i've been thinking about all week. today and tomorrow.


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