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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. we are following breaking news, a crash on 880 involving as many as a dozen cars and the freeway is shut down in both directions and it will stay that way for a while. nine people are injured, including some people who had to be airlifted right from the scene. we are live at the scene next. >> that's causing a huge traffic nightmare. look at this traffic backed up on the nimitz highway and i'll talk about the ripple that will happen as a result of this crash. >> and a category 3 hurricane touching down in baja overnight and could cause devastating damage to a popular resort town. >> and moisture could impact the bay area. but today we're looking at mild temperatures and mid-week shower chances. a look at your forecast coming up. >> and a live look at the bay
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bridge this morning. a little bit of low cloud cover and changes coming mid week. also we're watching the nimitz freeway for you. it is monday, september 15th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanches. laura garcia-cannon has the day off today. we begin with a massive accident that virtually halted the morning commute already on san leandro on 880. stephanie, this looks like quite a mess from the chopper video. what are you seeing on the ground? >> we see a lot of people stuck, a lot of patrol cars. we're south of the marina
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boulevard exit. here is what we believe to be the semi truck involved. it crashed through into the northbound lanes and rested here. we understand it started with an with an suv. a report says the suv t-boned the truck. nine people to hospitals, three with critical injuries. at least one car was on fire after it crashed into the central divider and burst into flames, this was a chain reaction. first responders worked to help with triage. we saw some try to rescue people from their vehicles. a lot of damage reported from being from the concrete debris all over the highway from the central divider. i also understand the northbound lanes are also coated in oil. it is a mess out here. i want to bring in jordan
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daniels, who was stuck in this traffic. you're about 30 cars back. tell me what you saw when you got here. >> me and my uncle were traveling north, we just passed washington street and we just saw highway patrol zoom by, fire trucks zoom by and we saw a lot of brake lights and a plume of smoke and from that point on we've been resting here ever since. everyone is out here tailgating basically, at a complete stop for the last hour and a half. >> you were saying had you been here just minutes earlier, you and your uncle were talking about how nerve racking that was. >> if he picked me up just five minutes earlier, who know what is could have happened. >> reporter: you also a helicopter land, right? >> we heard a helicopter coming. it circled a couple times and landed in the southbound lane. i watched it resting over there and then another helicopter came
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and started to circle and we just saw it leave after that. the helicopter stayed there for about 20 minutes and then left. >> reporter: no indication from chp when you guys will be able to get out of here, right? >> oh, no, i've been trying to figure that out since we stopped. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. we're glad that you're okay and your uncle is okay. no estimated time of when this is all going to reopen. we've seen a few tow trucks coming in the last few minutes. cal tran is trying to get rid of the concrete and fib the -- fix central divider. i'll send it over to mike inouye. >> this the scene from overhead. we see a few tow trucks
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arriving. she interviewed jordan who saw that crash. two more tow trucks arrived. they were stuck in that backup but they did arrive. they will start to move some of the vehicles. up to maybe a dozen vehicles were involved in the crash, which started off with a big rig and it sounds like an suv. marina boulevard and 238 shut off. they hope to get lanes open but they don't know when they can do that. there's a lot of work to do there. you can use san leandro as your alternate. and there's 580, which will now see the big rigs this morning. that will be a problem for folks heading south and might send folks over the bay bridge.
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meanwhile, those folks may go down to the san mateo bridge. we dough see the traffic is moving pretty well. >> hurricane o'deal slamming into the coast of baja, california overnight. it's a category 3 hurricane. mexican authorities said more than 30 those folks were told to leave their homes for shelter. how will this affect news the bay area? >> the storm made landfall in the last three hours. now down to a category 2 at 110
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miles per hour and will continue to track right along baja, california, weakening as a tropical storm as we get into early tuesday and this storm, what's left of it, will track out toward the gulf of california. but a lot of moisture could stream in southern california and southern arizona. by tuesday and wednesday you'll start to see that rain in southern california but some of that may try to get pulled up toward the bay area as we have our own weather system approach mid week. that could bring showers and we'll show you that in your microclimate format in a few minutes. >> the flames are now out after an early morning playground fire. it happened near the capital expressway. fire crews finished mopping ut.
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>> this is golden gate bridge unions. they're set to announce whether they're going to go on strike to protest rising health care costs. the announcement comes after several meetings in the month ended in a stalemate. their contract includes laand the announcement on whether a strike will happen this week is expected at 4:00 this afternoon. >> a disappointing end to the 49ers first regular season home game at their new home. a brutal fourth quarter loss followed by a major slowdown in the parking lot for thousands of fans who were already disappointed. some fans spent hours waiting to
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leave and others found ways to break the rules to get out. folks were feeling very hot last night. >> that's right. and those fans are obviously already disappointed, frustrated at the loss to the bears. then they were to come out in the parking lots and realized there was there was more traugs to come. . they decided to take the risk and jump over the grass and sidewalks, fed up with waiting long times, upwards of three hours in some cases. drivers report gridlock, a lack of exit signs and very few traffic directing staff to let people know where to go and keep things in order. >> it's really frustrating. we lost the game and now we're sitting in the parking lot and
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we been here 45 minutes and we were parked five three stalls up. >> they have no pedestrian walkway walkways. >> somewhere was their goal to get out the last car here from the levi connell plex. according to drivers, it took much longer than that. obviously the niners and santa clara have spent some time tweaking their traffic plans, especially for those coming into the event. unfortunately you can't quite stagger people leaving because they all want to leave after the game. we'll have to see what the city and the team does in order to tweak their plan and get people out of here a little bit quicker. i should mention bta was not a blob lem. >> not exactly what the niners or the fans wanted.
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>> the weather, you saw things wrapped up but this morning low codes prn that could top a few showers early in the bay area. hurricane o'deal looks look -- foster city 74 degrees, should see low 80 around santa rosa, pleasantton 85 degrees. we will see those temperatures staying mild through the middle part of the weeks but notice thursday. there comes that chance of seeing showers. temperatures rebounding as you approach the weekend. here's mike.
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>>. it took out the center divide and a number of other vehicles. we're talking ba bancroft, international. big leagues are allowed on 580. that will disrupt the flow. right now they end with the bay bridge shot and you do see traffic is pretty standard there. >> what a mess. thank you very much. it is 5:12 now and the new america may call the big apple home now bu she's a bay area lady through and through. we'll take a look. >> and we'll look at the sale of phones so far coming up in business.
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they are working to divert people from scene. at least three people have critical injuries. you'll have to find a way around this one. mike inouye will help you on that and we have stephanie chuang on the ground as well. >> scott mcgrew is here with four things you need to know. the apple, iphone 6 go on sale friday. can you still preorder the regular 6, which is super big. the 6l, which is super, super
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big and i broke sales records. >> and alibaba could be the biggest ipo of any kind, beating out san francisco's top stott. thursday scotland votes aye or nay on independence. we'll talk more about what that means in the next hour. the fourth issue is the fed. for that let's turn to hampton, live at the morning grew are her
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m mrp. >> the dow, nasdaq and s&p had the worst weekly losses. we get the two-day federal meeting tomorrow and there's speculation the fed could tweak the language soap the nasdaq falling 51 points on friday to close at 19987. so wednesday is really d jab et
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zwrul nt. >> everybody gets proven wrong on the market. >> i'm almost and eventually right. >> we're triering to figure out we had a warm-up over the course of the last week. we don't need more of that. we need the rain. >> we do need the rain. those are few and more events over the weekend. you can see the fog over san francisco, low 60s there. you've gom. so mostly mild for now. we will see the phonine we had the numbers vaulting up in the uperp 90 to near 100 degrees.
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temperatures fairly comfortable, mostly mid too upper 80s instand they will be watch twchl we're looking then we can even go to gulf of california. but a lot of that moisture will try to spill as we go to the second half the week. but a chance for bay area, that's going to be a trough of low pressure that is also tapping into moisture from fairly. at least a chance a purchase --
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60s today in san francisco, low 80s around the north day and mid 80s toward the tri-valley. and now an update on the 880. >> the nimitz freeway is closed right here. will's -- some injuries are major. we had already one helicopter land on scene and take some of the injuries away. let's show you how it makes out for your common 5es going to affect drivers heading to the
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san mateo bridge. another hiej issue, in you're you're medical meanwhile, we'll get you a live look through dublin. same thing for the peninsula. meanwhile, send it back to you. >> three-peat,ness new york! >> a big congratulations for the new miss america winner, miss new york. it was crowned last night. but despite the fact that miss new york is her title, she a bay area girl. as a teen-ager she attended high school in walnut creek. she was student body president while a versity clear leader.
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and remains happy. >> 5:21 onion monday morning. they've created a smartphone sidewalk lane. why? too many people involved in messaging a watch where they're actually going. >> a reminder that it is dangerous to walk and jog without lightning. >> it ride like a great. >> and we'll show you the very special gift the fans got to
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. welcome back. it is 5:24 now and what a lot of folks will be talking about at the office, whether or not they were there, the big opener at levi stadium. there were a will tlot of surpr. ♪ and the home of the brave >> first the good stuff. the lead singer from train kicking things off with the national anthem. the opening festivities also included appearances by some 49ers legends, dwight clark, jerry rice, joe montana all in attendance. niner royalty. the pregame show featured a message from a long-time 49ers
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fan who also happens to be a hollywood star. >> it's our new home. it's where the faith never ends. >> academy award nominee jeremy renner was featured in a special kickoff video, with you ical. and then at halftime, snoop dog. he performed a couple of touchdowns as well. the bears scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to edge out the 49ers in what proved to be a crushing loss. >> and the fans did get kpem ra tiff tickets to mark the first regular season game. 501 of those tickets were golden. they got a $50 gift certificate
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to the levi store. >> we have more coverage on the team's home opener on our web site. click on the photo box in the left-hand corner and you'll be directed to full. >> the time is faux 5:27 now. and ray rice is ready tock it could mean the end of and companies are climb being. >> reporter: and the nimitz freeway is still closed right now. we'll give you the latest on
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. more than half a dozen people injured on interstate 880, closed in both directions this morning. a live report is forthcoming. s trucks starting to get on the move. we have an update because these cars haven't budged. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell absent from the legame. >> and look at your microclimate forecast coming up. >> a live picture of the bay
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bridge on this monday morning. we are packed with news. this is monday, september 15 and you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a happy monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon has the day off. breaking news, a major accident that has shut down both directions of 880. this morning, mike. >> good morning, kris. we're told maybe a dozen cars involved. stephanie is going to get you the latest, the details of what happened here. the nimitz is closed between washington and marina boulevard. i did hear one of the southbound
5:32 am
lanes may be opening. 580 is allowing big rigs this morning. that will be your alternate for you. heading to the oakland airport, you'll have to take 580. . take 580 to 238 and that will add more congestion. we'll track the effects as it ripples your morning commute. stephanie, what's the latest you have for the situation? >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. we're just off the marina boulevard exit. we understand it was just after 3:00 this morning when an suv reportedly crashed, a.
5:33 am
>> at least one was on fire after it crashed into the central divider and burst into flames. there was a major chain reaction here. multiple vehicles very, very damaged. first responders helped with the triage and tried to save people from their cars. we spoke -- >> i seen this one driver drive up to it. they put him in the ambulance and he took off. i seen four, five ambulances go by then had pooh. >> reporter: a lot of the damage reported from being from that concrete debris from the center
5:34 am
divider. cal tran has been out here br brrn -- the traffic has been diverted. there is out here live a group looking at this scene, a group of vehicles that has been stuck out here since around 3:10 when this happened happened but they were not late enough to get diverted off. they're out and about walking around, taking pictures and [ hopefully that means those who need to be taken to hospitals have already been taken care of. >> a lot of less activity here in the immediate facility. looks like some folks are
5:35 am
scanning for more debris. they hope to have one of your second lanes open until 6:00. no word on when they can reopen the northbound sin. 580 is the alternate. it going to get crowded. >> several people with critical injuries. we'll continue to follow that situation. >> ray rice is expected to appeal his suspension from the nfl. the league says it suspended rice in part because he lied about what happened in the elevator of an atlantic city casino. rice's appeal is against bsh --
5:36 am
the commissioner and goodell was supposed to be at the opening game of levi stadium last night but he cancelled for unspecified reasons. that did not stop a woman's advocacy group from using that gym gapd mg -- opportunity, with a sign saying "goodell must go."
5:37 am
before last night's game, the lieutenant governor weighed in saying, quote, the 49ers continue to insist on playing ron mcgoldinging it no word yet on what action will could oo. >> the disgraced county supervisor is set to return to a south bay courtroom this morning facing charges of false impersonation. he accused of sending out 40 campaign millers. him is mmm. >> they call this adding insult to injury. >> i'll say. >> a brute atquarter loss,
5:38 am
followed by a massive slowdown in the parking lot. >> in some cases fans tell us they spent hours waiting to leave. others resorted to breaking the rules to try to find a way out. today we have more on the tangled traffic. good morning. >> good morning. you wonder if some of the fan as attitude might have been a little different with the track had the game ended differently. th this is what it looked like in the parking lot yesterday as people thied to life. contributing to that drivers told us was a lack of sign alk being -- signage to direct them.
5:39 am
>> there's no direction, no signs, nobody directing any traffic. >> it's really frustrating. we have to go to work tomorrow, too, so this is not good. >> and previously operations here told us they were expecting the last car to leave somewhere about 90 minutes after the completion of any event taking place at levi stadium and they have spent a lot of time their transit time to get here. as we dock back ot here live, 70,000 people coming here, they all want to leave after the game. it's going to be very hard to get people out. the niners and santa clara will be look at how to tweak the
5:40 am
plans on how to get people out of here in 90 minutes and not three hours. >> thank you, derek. now to the latest on a developing story along the baja peninsula. a category 3 hurricane making landfall near cabo san lucas overnight. authorities say more than 30,000 people were told to leave their homes for shelters as hurricane odile hearing. rob? >>, winds of 110 miles per hour. still right up the baja peninsula, weakening to a tropical storm storm by tuesday. but there may be some creeping up to south of monterey by the time we head towards wednesday or thursday. the rainfall projections based
5:41 am
across southern california as this system weakens and pushes that moisture through the desert southwest. closer to home we have 50s and 60s outside. can you see the low clouds hovering right over downtown san francisco. clear skies and patchy low clouds down the coastline. today's temperatures close to 80 in san jose once we lose what's left of the patchy, low clouds. upper 60's closer to san francisco. and high in the. >> the west will aim towards oreg oregon. >> we continue to follow
5:42 am
developing international world news as well. the world deciding what . >> and coming up, the hopes for any lanes being open.
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it's 5:44 this morning. a chaotic traffic scene. an suv reportedly t-boned a truck this morning going into the center divide and sprawling concrete on both sides of the freeway. they are still shut down at this hour. several people seriously injured
5:45 am
as well. we'll provide you with detaste of that. mike inouye will also have an update on your commute just ahead. >> and representatives from 30 companies are meeting to talk about how to deal with the growing islamist threat, you have help. >> ohs say the fire is too serious. >> the prince of jordan two days ago said he's ready today to put his troops into syria to put his troops into isis. >> we have countries inside this reej, outside this region, all of whom are prepared to engage
5:46 am
in military assistance. >> the latest poll shows 6 in 10 americans back actions in syria but almost 70% do not think this will stop isis. >> a crew pb. >> more than a thousand people have been evacuated. while some have been allowed to turn home, some are still out. so far the fire has burned more than 3 hubon. >> any many so he dug through and the fire is only 10%
5:47 am
contained. the kentuckyfuls ls. >> to southern california where the news on the firelines of the silveraldo where puerto rico well, firefighters protected their home from the silver add owe fire. crews have most of this. >> and two strike teams from the bay area of lending a hand on the black fire. gusty winds were a big factor in that fire, spreading the flames, which destroyed 3 fire trucks and 53 go about 50% con it and. >> it is 5:47 on your monday
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morning. there are fires popping up all and down the state of california, dry conditions. what do you see on your radar in terms of possibility for precipitation? >> this is the worst season. there is some hope as we go through the middle part of the week, we might see a few showers in parts of northern california and another chance for rain for southern california rain. we have misty skies, 63 in san jose and a crisp start to your morning there in the north bay. down to 55 degrees. some areas of loaf cloud, not really fog this morning. san jose mainly clear and the patches of low cloud down the coast. for now, one like what we have last week, behave most and mostly 80s for highs in the
5:49 am
valley. this trend should continue now through about wednesday and then things may turn a little more interesting as we go through the middle part of the week. first where southern california is concerned, we're still watching this hurricane, which is a cat dwri 2, hurricane odile, moving to the north. some of that moisture will begin to drift towards california by wednesday and thursday. that can connect. but the trough of low pressure as we head toward wednesday, things might be get difficult for the bay area. this looks a bit more like october, tapping into moisture for hawaii,ly lks like we'll be staying in southern california. upper 60s near san francisco, for the north bay, highs in the low 80s, high in the mid 80s in the afternoon.
5:50 am
as we head toward wednesday and thursday, mild with more clouds and a slight chance of showers for thursday and whie. >> obviously no one is drive it looked like the cement ended up over there on the shoulder. there was another vehicle over there as well. they took out some fencing. this is one of the reasons they can't reopen the freeway right now. marina son the north side. that will affect folks coming south into the area. we are now seeing a big backup coming up castro valley. big rigs are also allowed on 580 so watch that traffic throw. be careful heading to oakland airport, you'll have to reroute
5:51 am
the airport. it'sing if let's book lock you see the rest of your commute, we have a blockage in your fast la lane. >> bo browning said a shark knocked him off of his surf board mid wave. he said the shark came up out of the water and landed on his board splitting it into two pieces and the shark took a bite out of the board.
5:52 am
>> popped in the air probably 10, 15 feet. and i looked down and saw a shark. rolled over on my board and i think took a bite on the way down. >> surprisingly understated for someone who just survived a shark attack. browning said he was still tethered to the board so when the shark went underwater, it pulled him under the surface. >> 5:52 on your monday morning. breaking news this morning, a massive backup that stomd all traffic this morning on the 880. >> plus, apple isn't even for sale yet and apple tax a look at some other things.
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coming up. clrd lfr. >> barracuda, reclaim your network. no rush, andy.
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download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can you're watching "today in the bay." >> apple said it already set record with iphone 6 sales, even they don't fit in your back pocket. >> you can't actually even get an iphone until next friday or the watch. maybe a television is the next next big thing. >> there's lots of things we'd like to work on that we have interest in but we know that we
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can't do everything great. >> is tv one of those? >> well, tv is one that we continue to have great interest in. >> as for the iphone 6, the really big one is sold out. >> have you seen sam's clutch? >> i can't even have a clutch because my tablet is taking up all my space. >> 5:56 on monday. what's your preview of what's going on? >> i think a light jacket would be just fine. we'll see temperatures pretty comfortable this afternoon with 70s to low 08s inland. >> we have the nimitz road we
5:57 am
completely closed. look at this southbound traffic jamming from the 880. >> coming up, we'll have the latest on the vantage point on the effort to reopen the freeway. >> plus water wasters, be wear. they are talking about implementing new fines for those who refuse to con receiver. >> and while on wheels.
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right now at 6:00, breaking news, flames, wrecked cars, smashed concrete and a major
6:00 am
east bay freeway shut down. >> and with that shutdown, it's causing a major backup here as our shot from the oakland coliseum. we'll talk about how traffic is rippling and give you some hope through the area. >> plus hurricane odile landing in mexico. >> plus several out-of-control wildfires force thousands of people out of their homes. >> mild temperatures to start the work week but we could see some showers. a forecast forecast in a couple minutes. >> a live rook outside asem ambulance of normalcy. this is monday,


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