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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 16, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> as firefighters rush out to a massive fire in san jose in the middle of the night. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. piles of pallets went up in flames in a storage yard near the 101/880 interchange. it took firefighters several hours to put that fire out. nbc bay area's bob redell is there live. bob, you just looked at some of the surveillance video of the fire. what did you see? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, kris, good morning to you, scott. that video should help firefighters figure out the cause. you know, earlier this morning san jose fire was suspicious because this fire happened in the middle of the night before 2:00, because the property was
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locked and no one was supposed to be in here, but after speaking with eyewitnesss, they are now working on a theory this was accidental. a surveillance camera at a body shop next door caught the beginning, middle, and end of this morning's fire that burned through chualar pallet recycling. this was possibly electrical. you can see the flames inside a building at the top right corner of your screen. it burned small. you can see workers at the shop walking by, aware something is wrong, calling 911. one person out of view tries to douse it. then about ten minutes later, there's a large burst of flames, turning this into an emergency beyond the skills of a man with a single garden hose. >> the next thing you know, the whole thing catch on fire and the forklift blew up and it was a whole mess. >> reporter: by the time firefighters arrived, the fire was fuelled by piles of wooden pallets and oxygen in the open spaces below. the first alarm units went on the defensive to keep the fire
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contained to the property, the second alarm units protected the exposures, mainly businesses next door. >> we're all in a panic trying to get it out. >> the flames were really, really, really close. almost to the other side of the fence, so we just had to really book it from both sides from getting all the cars out. >> reporter: and here we are nine hours later after ignition, more than, and you see the fire department is still having to dump water on to hot spots, just to give you a sense of how hot this fire burned, and that's typical to pallet fires. the businesses next door, we heard from witnesses, they were able to get cars out of the way. the body shop next door, we spoke to the owner, the man who had the surveillance video, they said they've lost or at least had damage around 20 vehicles. reporting live here in san jose, rob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. now to the latest on a developing story along the pacific coastline. tourists and locals along the
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baja peninsula are emerging from cramped shelters to discover severe hurricane damage and widespread flooding. even though hurricane odile weakened overnight, the storm continued to wash out roads and trigger mudslides. the category 3 storm ripped through coastal resorts yesterday, uprooting trees, smashing shop windows, and it is one of the worst storms ever to hit the area specifically where the luxury retreats are in the area. now the focus is shifting to another storm which could affect the same area this week. meteorologist rob mayeda is watching that and more. good morning. >> kris, we're seeing tropical storm odile starting to weaken as the tropical storm is starting to move over the open waters of california, so weakening may slow down briefly. we'll see what's left of the tropical storm move into southern arizona as a tropical depression, where we'll see the potential for some flooding rains around the southern end of the state, mainly down towards tucson, the university of arizona, areas south of phoenix, perhaps picking up more than a
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half foot of rain and three to four hours' time. we're also watching a new tropical storm polo to the south. you can see off the southern coast of mexico, winds at 40 miles per hour, but watch the track here as we head through the weekend, turning to a category 1 hurricane and perhaps drifting a little further to the west of cabo san lucas sunday as a strong tropical storm, given that it's tuesday and we're looking well far out into the future, we could still very likely see a category 1 hurricane approaching cabo san lucas by the weekend. so there you see all the moisture from odile staying south of southern california, but notice what's happening here just over my shoulder, pretty good looking system offshore here that will bring an increasing chance of much needed rain for parts of the bay area. we'll show you that and when we expect chances of rain to arrive in your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. targeting the elderly because of their kindness, who two brazen robbers did this
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weekend, beating a husband and wife both in their 90s. police say the suspects actually robbed the couple twice. the first time they befriended the wife by complimenting her garden and stole cash and jewelry while she was distracted. that robbery was not reported. the suspects came back the next day, once again talked their way into the home, this time the suspects began beating the couple. the wife also stabbed as she tried to call 911. neighbors say they are stunned and on guard. >> just disgusting. i mean, what kind of person do that? >> and i don't let anybody in, you know, i think that was their mistake, they let somebody in. >> police say the robbers stole the couple's safe during the second attack. both husband and wife expected to recover from their injuries. now to seeking more information following the south napa earthquake. health officials and volunteers will begin walking the streets of napa and american canyon to talk with as many residents as possible about the damage they
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suffered in last month's earthquake. they say the quake impact study will take them about three days. that team will go door to door, assessing each resident's immediate need, including everything from counseling and stress reduction, to actual housing and referrals for services. the volunteers have been trained and everyone taking part will be wearing badges and vests, so not like the story we reported before. happening now, golden gate bridge workers officially on strike. a live look at the bridge. 13 union coalition, which includes ferry captains, said today's strike will not affect traffic on the bridge or ferry service. video of the workers from earlier today, union says it's been unable to reach an agreement with the golden gate bridge district on a new contract. picket lines started at 6:00 this morning and will last until 3:30 this afternoon. drivers have always been expected to share the road with cyclists, but now if you don't, you will be slapped with a fine.
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a new law takes effect today, requiring motorists to give bicyclists a three-foot buffer zone when passing. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. steph, it's a matter of be patient or you may have to pay up. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, kris. especially if you're in san francisco, where people are having to share the road all the time. here along 18th street in the mission, it's a popular route for cyclists, but for drivers it's only one lane each way, so they cannot pass unless they have three feet of space between them, and i want to show you our live truck door here is about three feet and people are saying this kind of space is going to be too difficult. count them, one, two, three. bicyclists sometimes outnumbering drivers on the road behind the wheels of cars, suvs, and buses on market street. starting today, drivers may not pass cyclists unless there's at least a three-foot safety space between them. the options are wait or risk getting caught and pay a fine. $200 for a ticket with fees, if there's a collision, it's up to
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$1,000 with fees. bicyclists we spoke with had a split reaction. some worried this might result in even more road rage. >> it's difficult, because there's a danger that drivers are going to get frustrated behind you. it gets tough. >> biking in san francisco, especially on market street, tends to be pretty dangerous. anything to give bikes more space is a good thing. >> reporter: some say the law isn't enough to keep cyclists safe. david says they shouldn't even be on the road unless there's a designated bike lane. >> i don't think the bikes can compete with the trucks and the muni railway and the cars. i mean, it's just way too much traffic and it's too dangerous. >> there's generally an accident every couple of days a week. >> i drive a car in the city, too, and i think it's just, you know, about being aware and looking around and paying attention and knowing that between bikes and pedestrians,
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buses, you know, we all got to share. >> reporter: there's a flip side to this. if there's a bicycle causing a traffic backup of at least five vehicles behind it, it must pull over. it's just like if you were a driver and the chp telling me this morning that you as a bicyclist would get the same fine and a point on your record if you were caught doing that. also saying that there's not going to be a crack down per se, they are not going to get out the yardstick, it's up to the officers' discretion, but they will be out there trying to catch people who are not obeying this new law that goes into effect today. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> as i was driving around yesterday, steph, i was thinking about that buffer and i think there are going to be spots where it's going to be kind of hard. thank you very much. well, now to that developing story north of the bay area, where a destructive wildfire is still threatening most of an entire town. the boles fire burning in weed, california, near mt. shasta. at least 100 structures have been destroyed, hundreds more
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threatened. as miguel almaguer reports, some families have nothing left. >> reporter: flames didn't just race through weed, california, they exploded out of control. shooting hundreds of feet into the air, this blow torch igniting this tiny town in minutes. hopscotching from one neighborhood to another, at least 100 structures are gone, 1500 people forced to flee. >> i saw the flames heading up towards the school. >> reporter: anna widener watched the inferno engulf her entire block. >> i'm alive, i'm thankful my children are alive. >> reporter: whipped by 45 miles an hour winds, this monster is feeding on bone-dry land ready to burn. beneath the smoke, the blaze reportedly destroyed a church and a lumber mill. one of the town's biggest employers. >> there's a strong south wind right now pushing the smoke, and
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definitely encouraging for a lot of this whole area. >> reporter: this community just the latest disaster zone in a region battling a brutal heat wave and a devastating drought. a dozen wildfires are now burning in california. >> the heat and humidities we're expecting again today with those dry conditions, it causes extreme fire behavior. >> reporter: nowhere is the threat more extreme than here in weed. this morning, the damage is still being tallied, but in a fire like this, many have already lost it all. >> like a war zone. miguel almaguer reporting. the blaze in weed roughly 15% contained. crews have made progress, but when the fire is still advancing in mountainous terrain, the weather over the next 24 hours certainly going to play a major role in what the fire does next. contra costa county firefighters now helping to protect hundreds of homes from a raging wildfire west of lake tahoe.
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strike team members met yesterday afternoon near fairfield to gear up. this is the strike team from alameda county now on the front lines of the king fire. that fire has doubled in size from yesterday to more than 11,000 acres. hundreds of homes threatened. firefighters say again the rugged terrain making it difficult to battle from the ground. evacuations are in effect for several neighborhoods in pollock pines, between lake tahoe and sacramento. right now, that fire, 5% contained. happening today, a kickoff ceremony for a project to fix a dangerous roadway. here's the area that we're talking about. it is rollins road to bay shore highway across highway 101. the fix is expected to ease traffic and make the area safer. today's kickoff event starts at 1:00 this afternoon in front of the san francisco bay trail. now to an exclusive investigative unit report, an officer veteran from pittsburgh has a warning this morning about a promising job opportunity left
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him on the brink of bankruptcy. mark bloom spent eight years overseas serving his country. he says when he returned to the bay area, a recruiter found him online, but after weeks of training, even a face-to-face interview, the job offer turned out to be an online scheme. >> i don't want anybody else to go through this, especially, you know, fellow veterans. >> i-team investigative unit exposes this complicated scheme and what all job seekers need to watch out for. we'll investigate tonight at 11:00. stepping up the search for a bank robbery suspect that terrorized northern california. new details straight ahead. and somehow some bay area parents dropping their kids off at school are becoming victims of crime. and we're seeing a lot of sunshine around the bay area right now. san francisco looks pretty nice, where we have temperatures near 70 right now, on our way to low 70s for the afternoon. you can see san jose there climbing up to 82 degrees later today.
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authorities released the name of another suspect connected to a violent bank robbery in stockton that ended in a hostage situation and deadly shootout, and now there is a $55,000 reward for information leading them to 21-year-old paul ravalcava. they say he and the teen are associated with the same gang as the suspected gunman. you might remember three women were taken hostage during that bank robbery in july and the police chase that followed. 41-year-old misty holt-singh was killed in that shootout. police say misty holt was used as a shield by one of the bank robbers. some recent smash and grabs have left a lot of people rattled. jodi hernandez in oakland with details on this back to school crime. >> reporter: one of the recent smash and grabs happened right here on broadway in front of a preschool. in fact, you can see the remnants of the break-in still
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here on the curb. this is where an unsuspecting mother became a victim in mere seconds. >> they broke the window, the passenger side window. >> reporter: emily feels violated and rattled after someone broke through her mini van window as she dropped off her 4-year-old at preschool two weeks ago. >> within 30 seconds, a neighbor ran in and said, who has a van? your car was broken into. of course, it was me. >> reporter: her bag containing her laptop, phone, and wallet was gone in a flash. the graphic designer lost all of the projects stored on her computer. >> of course, i was in a hurry and just racing in and, you know, giving the kids good-bye. >> reporter: the preschool director says it's something they see at the start of every school year. thieves targeting busy parents during dropoff and pick-up times, a similar burglary took place earlier this month. >> they seem to go from one place to the other. there are several schools right
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around us, and they just know the very vulnerable time the mom has to carry lunches, backpacks, all of their equipment, so they don't have the hands free to take care of everything else. >> reporter: oakland police say they are not ready to call what's taken place a trend, but they say it's a wake-up call every parent should learn from. >> put items of value away, they be cognizant of their surroundings and not be distracted when dropping off or picking up children from school. >> reporter: now that this is on their radar, oakland police say they'll be looking for patterns throughout the city, but no matter where you live, parents are being urged to take precautions. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. two east bay high school football players face hazing charges in connection with an attack on a teammate. investigators say both are accused of pulling a fellow teen down, a freshman, and shaving his head. police say it happened last week in the locker room at livermore
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valley charter prep. because the suspects are 17 years old and minors, they have not been named. police say the victim, who is a freshman, was not physically hurt, although his head was shaved. they also warn there could be other arrests. san jose state trying to figure out what happened to nearly half a million dollars, actually, a million dollars in missing equipment. $800,000, that's the precise number, in brand new wireless equipment brought in to improve internet connections on campus, but the problem is, the school doesn't know if the equipment was stolen or lost in the mail or just simply misplaced. san jose state police investigating. the federal government this morning sued the parent company of shield and everest college for predatory lending. a number of trade schools in the bay area and across the university, several have been shut down as part of an agreement with the u.s. department of education. the feds allege the schools try
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to lure people into paying unrealistically high tuition and want a half billion in restitution. as we're entering just about the nicest time of the year here in the bay area, rob mayeda, nice and mild and sunny. >> yeah, sunshine around san francisco, as we get in the latter half of the month, tends to be the warmest time of the year. 70 degrees, 71 right now in san jose. you can see 72 out in the north bay. mostly sunny right now, we'll take you in with this view from the weather underground team. you can see that we've already hit 75 at the civic center, head down to north beach, you're at 70 degrees, but towards the west, still seeing mid 60s for temperatures as we see the ocean influence backing off a bit in the higher elevation locations around downtown san francisco. so this is the pacifica time lapse for you, as we show you clouds this morning, but by 8:00, the clouds cleared out. nice day on the coast, even pacifica today should see highs close to 70 degrees. got the low clouds along the
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coast, warm temperatures inland, the microclimate spotlight will focus into san francisco. 74 degrees for a high today, not too bad as we show you the tri-valley, pleasanton 86 degrees today, and mostly sunny skies. it doesn't look like we're going to get moisture from tropical storm odile. most of that will be directed towards southern california and move up into southern arizona over the next couple of days, as you can see what's left of the system will track into southern arizona and the flooding threat will be focused on areas, mainly to the east of palm springs into southern arizona or places like tucson, as we mentioned before, could pick up maybe more than a half foot of rain through the afternoon, so that is the concern with odile. meantime off to the west, we have our own weather system that will be approaching the coast, giving us high clouds for this evening and during the day tomorrow, increasing clouds and take a look at the weather projection here, the computer model updated within the last half hour, spreading more rain throughout parts of california,
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good news for the fires towards the north and pollock pines. could get some measurable rainfall by wednesday night, on into thursday. rainfall projections, while light, i think they'll be appreciated around the bay area, less than a tenth of an inch of rain, but it does look like most will come down during the first half of thursday. something to look forward to for the second half of the week. today's highs, 82 degrees in san jose, mid 70s closer to san francisco. north bay temperatures in the mid 80s today, mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley and the temperature trend, at least short-term, will turn cooler as the clouds increase. chance of showers as early as tomorrow, thursday looks to be the main event for seeing a chance of showers in the forecast and high pressure builds in, temperatures climbing again as we start the weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much, rob. the nfl under fire again, this time because of a team name some say is racist. and the jackpot this nevada man won on ebay. his incredible story when we return.
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there is mountain pressure today for the washington redskins to change their controversial name. a campaign called "change the mascot" will hold a press conference on capitol hill today, joined by several members of congress, as well. the group claims the team name is racist and offensive to the native american community and are calling on other nfl team owners to push the redskins' owner to change the name. a nevada man says he hit the jackpot when he managed to nab an extremely rare baseball card, paying less than $200 for a card that could be worth more than half a million. elias johnson reports. >> nolan ryan, real nice card. that card's 40 years old. >> reporter: jason mars' collection of baseball cards has been steadily growing since he was a young boy. >> i probably have 50,000. >> reporter: but far from the days of buying cards at the general store, jason spends his days on ebay just like he did a month ago, when the holy grail of baseball cards, a wagner
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popped up in one of the online auctions. >> all of a sudden the bids were going for $50, $60, $70, then went up to $150 and so i put my last bid in for $170, you know, and just hoping and praying that nobody else would bid. >> reporter: the last minute midnight bid won, but the anxiety wasn't over. a genuine wagner can be worth anywhere from several hundred thousands to over $2 million, while a fake is worth nothing. >> i was just stressed, stressed, going, okay, this could be a reprint. this could be something different, not what he's saying. when i opened the package, opened real slow like this, i'm like, oh, my god. it's the real one. it's the real deal. >> reporter: the timing couldn't be better for this blue collared guy who's been waiting for life to give him a break. >> maybe i can sell it and get a house and have a nice start in life. you know, i mean, pay off all my bills, i had two back surgeries,
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lost my job because of the back surgeries in the last year, and we had a baby, and now this seems like everything's looking up and maybe this can give me a good start in life. >> reporter: and hopefully a little left over for one other project on his wish list. >> fix my mustang out there, that i had for 15 years, never had the money. >> elias johnson reporting. the next step is for jason getting the card actually verified by a professional service, he said he'll do that as soon as he can. >> hopefully it's not a fake. fire outbreak showing no signs of easing in africa, and president obama wants to provide even more help. we'll show you what he's proposing. >> syria's appeal to u.s. lawmakers in the mission to take down isis. plus, is the united kingdom falling apart? how scotland could end up seceding from the union in just two days.
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air force one takes off from washington this morning. president obama now in atlanta where he is touring the centers for disease control. the focus of the visit is the fight against the deadly ebola virus. ebola has now killed almost 2500 people in west africa and is unprecedented in modern times. it kills half of the people who become infected. >> during a stop today in atlanta, the president is expected to announce new steps by the u.s. to try to contain the virus. tom costello reports that may include sending in more u.s. military personnel. >> reporter: on the ground in west africa, the entire health care systems in liberia, sierra leone, and guinea have been overrun as the ebola virus spreads unchecked with a 50% mortality rate, the death toll is now 2,400 and climbing fast. >> patients can't get into hospitals when they get into hospitals they are often on
11:31 am
pallets on the floor. >> reporter: it was in an interview with chuck todd the president said containing the outbreak is now a matter of national security. >> we're going to have to get u.s. military assets just to set up, for example, isolation units and equipment there. >> reporter: already the u.s. has spend $175 million dispatching health care workers, food, water, equipment, and a 25-bed military field hospital. now president obama wants another $88 million to do even more. and plans to send up to 3,000 military personnel with a command center in liberia, hundreds of more beds, and global coordination. >> i won't mince words, the situation on the ground is dire and growing worse by the day. >> reporter: so far, four americans working in africa who contracted the virus have or are recovering. including dr. kent brantly, who talked to matt two weeks ago. >> i don't think they ever said, kent, i think you're about to die, but i felt like i was about
11:32 am
to die. >> reporter: later today, brantley will testify before congress. mean while, this morning, good news about another american being treated for ebola at the nebraska medical center. dr. rich sacra's wife says while he tires easily, he's getting sharper mentally and doctors are pleased. >> tom costello reporting. doctors very encouraged that an experimental drug worked on dr. brantly and a colleague, but they ran out of that medicine. it hasn't been fda approved, but because it apparently does work, there is talk of waiving the traditional drug approval process and expediting the ramp-up of that drug. a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of foreign troops near the u.s. foreign embassy. at least three nato troops are dead, five others injured and the taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack. the nato-led coalition in afghanistan has not yet released the nationalities of the troops killed and wounded, but reports
11:33 am
nonconfirmed there were americans. air strikes in syria and iraq are only part of what must be done to defeat isis. you may remember syrian leaders support u.s. air strikes against isis and today's nbc's bill neely reports on a new statement from the syrian leader. >> reporter: the speaker of syria's parliament, who is, of course, loyal to syrian president bashar al assad has made a direct appeal to the u.s. congress. he has written to congressional leaders nancy pelosi and john boehner asking them not to vote to train and arm syrian rebels. he argues that syrian rebels handed over u.s. journalists to isis only for them to be decapitated and he says there's absolutely no reason why they wouldn't hand over u.s. weapons to isis at some point in the future. and he calls for long-term effective collaboration between
11:34 am
the syrian government and the united states on the ground in iraq, air strike number 162 is a little bit different, unlike the other 161, this one was in support of iraqi forces out of baghdad, so for the first time, the air strikes have not been in northern iraq, they have been out of baghdad in support of iraqi forces in syria and the effective capital of isis. thousands of people have been fleeing there, fearing imminent u.s. air strikes and indeed a syrian air force plane crashed into the city earlier today, but, in fact, there is no sign yet of any imminent u.s. air strikes on syria, as i said, we've now had 2,800 missions and at least 162 air strikes on iraq. back to you. a 5.6-earthquake shook eastern japan this morning, but
11:35 am
there are no reports of major damage. the quake was centered just northeast of tokyo, but could be felt for miles. the quake startled workers as warnings went off in their offices when the quake hit. trains in tokyo were stopped for hours until rail lines could be checked and in one rural area, a land slide damaged a car and house, but there are no reports of injuries. japanese officials also say there is no threat of a tsunami. more than 12,000 people living near a volcano in the philippines are under evacuation orders. scientists have recorded a series of recent quakes and lava flow from the central philippines. the country's volcano agency raised its alert status and made an evacuation order mandatory for those within four miles of the volcano. the last time it erupted was in 2009. the next time you see convicted killer oscar pistorius, he could be running in a qualifying race for the olympics. olympic officials say pistorius is eligible to run, as long as
11:36 am
it doesn't violate the ruling of a south african judge. pistorius will be sentenced next month after being found guilty of negligent homicide for shooting and killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. there's no minimum sentence for the conviction in south africa and he's out on bail until sentencing. pistorius was also cleared to run while he was on trial, but he instead chose to focus on that trial. in just a matter of days, scots will choose whether to remain part of the united kingdom or become an independent country. certainly an emotional time, it's historic and there is no going back. nbc shows us how even celebrities are taking sides. >> reporter: from rallies to cat walks, the highlands to the lowlands, the united kingdom is a little less united this morning. in two days, scotland will decide whether to say yes to independence or stay part of the union. the polls are dead even.
11:37 am
>> we're all voting. >> reporter: and the prime minister is desperate. >> we care passionately about this family of nations, and we would really be desperately sad to see it torn apart. >> reporter: paul mccartney, susan boyle, and this week david beckham begging scotland to stay, while actors gerard butler, allen cummings, and the original 007 shaun connery wanting them to break away. yes voters want scotland to make its own decisions on how to spend billions of dollars from offshore oil. >> if you were given a golden chance to change things, would you not take it? >> reporter: what would the uk be without scotland? would the union jack lose its scottish blue, would scotland still pay with the british pound? the queen weighed in, telling a well wisher outside church, i hope people will think very carefully about the future.
11:38 am
on thursday, the world will be watching to see if this small country of 6 million will remain loyal to the crown or go its own way. just under half a million scots are undecided and just like everything in this country, you can place a bet on this. bookies have the odds slightly in favor of the no votes. nbc news, london. celebrations for mexico's independence day are under way today. thousands gathered in mexico city cheering their president as he waved the mexican flag and gave the historic call to arms late last night. a rebel priest made that original call to arms against the spanish colonialists more than 200 years ago. mexico eventually won its independence from spain in 1821. one state trooper dead, another recovering after an ambush in pennsylvania. how authorities are stepping up their man hunt. and where a shark sighting has surfers and swimmers out of the water today. a lot of sunshine around the bay area now, 74 degrees in san
11:39 am
francisco and up towards the tri-valley, highs in the mid 80s, but the real headline is the chance of seeing rain in the seven-day forecast. a look at that when we come right back.
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police in pennsylvania asking for the public's help to hunt down the gunman or gunmen on two state troopers, killing one of them. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. >> you are a coward. you committed this spineless act and attacked defenseless troopers, shot them, they had no opportunity to defend themselves. >> the man hunt is intensifying this morning for the person or persons who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers late friday, killing one and critically injuring another. authorities began their monday news conference by directly addressing the gunmen. >> we will find you and we will seek justice when we do. >> reporter: the attack occurred friday around 11:00 p.m. at a
11:42 am
state trooper barracks in pennsylvania, about 35 miles east of scranton. the officers were shot just after a shift change. police withheld certain details, but suggested a profile of the at-large shooter, saying he may be an avid hunter with weapons training, who had an ongoing issue with law enforcement or the government. they did confirm that he was hidden from sight at the time of the shooting. . we're well aware of where the shooter was. i don't want to describe it at this point, but again, he was very well concealed, there is nothing those troopers could have done to avoid the shooting. >> reporter: the barracks is located near the dense woods of the delaware state forest. the trooper killed was 38-year-old corporal brian dickson, a seven-year veteran and father of two. >> like losing a family member, because they come in every day. >> it has touched us to the core. >> gosk reporting this morning. officers also announced they've raised a reward for the shooter
11:43 am
to $75,000. funeral services will be held thursday. delaware authorities have now released the names of five victims of the 1978 jonestown massacre whose remains were recently found inside an abandoned funeral home. officials are still trying to find family members to claim the remains. tony walker, irene mason, and ruth atkins. in all, 38 sets of remains were found inside that funeral last month. there are still seven sets of remains unidentified. many of the people who died in the jonestown massacre were from the bay area. marin county turning to technology to track mountain lions and other wildlife. the county will install 100 motion sensor cameras to photograph animals out in the open space preserves. according to the marin independent journal, county officials hope the cameras will give a better idea to wildlife hot spots and habitation specialists. officials say the data can also
11:44 am
be used for land management planning. speaking of wildlife, another shark sighting has put a couple beaches on alert in santa cruz county. warning signs are up in santa cruz after someone spotted a shark feasting on the seal near shore. seabright beach is up the coast from manresa state beach that was closed after a shark attacked a surf this weekend. he noticed a huge shadow under his wave, that's when he says a 15-foot great white shark knocked him off his surf board, took a bite out of the board, and managed to get away unharmed. the current shark warnings will include both beaches and the santa cruz boardwalk. the search is on for dozens of forgotten ship wrecks off our coast. researchers believe there are more than 300 off the san francisco coast. last week researchers found a 100-year-old cargo ship. some of the ships hadn't been seen since 1910. >> any time we're looking at a
11:45 am
wreck and we realize we're amongst the first to see it, it's a pretty amazing thing. >> nbc bay area got an exclusive look during one of noaa's missions for the ship wrecks looking for them, tonight at 6:00 you can ride along with two men hoping to find them. today governor brown signed a landmark measure that requires cities to wait for their groundwater supply to replenish as they take it out. it is viewed as the most significant california water law in nearly 50 years. it forces local governments to keep the ground water basins at sustainable levels. essentially, they can only take out as much water as is naturally replenished. because of rain, you can't take anymore water out. farmers in areas that survive on well water say the rule could put them out of business. it could take decades before the most depleted groundwater basins are replenished and the law itself will take years to be implemented. any hope of rain at all? let's check in with rob mayeda. >> typically this time of year the answer is no, but we do have a changes coming in late
11:46 am
tomorrow, into thursday. we'll be showing you clouds and the increase, some of the high clouds later on today. right now, 60s to low 70s outside as we show you a more detailed look from our weather underground microclimate data network here. in the east bay, you can see approaching 80, pleasanton around the tri-valley, cooler around warren springs near 72 degrees and 68 around the berkley marina. as we show you views of skies around the bay area from the sunol grade, high clouds expected to increase towards the evening. in pacifica, it's the opposite. should set the stage for a nice day. the sea breeze, though, keeping temperatures close to 70 around pacifica. inland spots today will see a chance at mid to upper 80s. high clouds starting to show up, it's the outer fringe of this weather system over my shoulder that by wednesday night, on into thursday, will bring us a chance of seeing some rain. meantime, that tropical moisture
11:47 am
will stay east of southern california, heading into arizona. so the progression here, lunchtime tomorrow, notice as we head towards wednesday night, on into thursday, you're seeing less than a tenth of an inch of rain, but that could be enough to wet the roads for your thursday morning commute, so it could impact that. cooler temperatures, too, and that very brief chance of rain coming up for tomorrow night, into thursday. today's highs in the 80s around san jose. still warm around saratoga, lost gat gatos, morgan hill. north bay, san rafael and tri-valley, temperatures at least for today, upper 80s, but from here things will be cooling a bit. north bay, too, first chance of showers likely north of the golden gate tomorrow, thursday temperatures cooler with a chance of light rain and the numbers rebound as we head into the weekend. speaking of the weekend forecast, places like the tri-valley climbing close to 90, high pressure will build in
11:48 am
behind the brief chance of rain, so a taste of summer as we head into the upcoming weekend, and as we keep an eye on local sports teams here, the 49ers taking on the cardinals, be glad they have the retractable roof and i think the roof will be closed as the temperatures out there in glendale, arizona, for sunday's game, 101 degrees, santa clara 86, san francisco 72. play safely under the dome, they'll need it. 101 for the weekend, but glendale arizona and tucson may be getting about a half foot of rain. back to you. >> can you imagine the size of the air conditioner in that thing? >> air conditioning bill. >> that, too. coming up, mcdonald's has a morning treat for all of its customers and we have details for you. plus, the fabric of levi's stadium. why the legendary jean company and the 49ers make a perfect fit. coming up after our newscast, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives here on nbc bay area.
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if you need a little caffeine boost today and you want to get it for free, mcdonald's has you covered. starting this morning, you can get a free small mccafe hot coffee every day until the end of the month. the complementary coffee will be available during breakfast hours at participating mcdonald's locations. it is part of the company's sip and tell campaign, in which they want customers to share their embarrassing pre-coffee moments on twitter. 49ers aren't happy with how long it took cars to leave this weekend, so the team is promising changes. you'll remember after the game
11:52 am
some fans waited two, three hours, other drivers jumped the curb or knocked down fences instead of waiting in line. it would appear one problem was how well the light rail worked. people who took vta said they got home quickly, but fans who drove say the constant stream of pedestrians and trains contributed to the delay. this is leaving the niners to consider slowing down the trains' frequency. the next game at levi, september 28th. it was almost perfect for the 49ers. the stadium lived up to the hype, but sunday's game, you know how that one turned out. among the people and the companies basking in the spotlight, though, was levi's and they paid for that exposure. here's nbc bay area's report. >> there was a button fly here. >> reporter: we may have our issues, our disagreements. >> you'll see the watch pocket. >> reporter: but there's one piece of history that unites us all across the bay area, and that's our jeans. >> let me take you back to the
11:53 am
start. >> reporter: we can all chase our roots back to the '70s when levi strauss arrived in san francisco to capitalize on the gold rush. after operating a general store, he took out a patent for a new invention, a style of denim pants fortified with rivets. >> those original blue jeans were made specifically for mens working in mines or carpenters. >> reporter: they were a hit, so he built a factory. >> this would have been on battery street near pine. >> reporter: which didn't last too long. >> that same building burned down in the san francisco earthquake and fire. >> reporter: following the quake, strauss built a new plant, which was pressed into service until 2002. >> there are not many people able to trace their history back over 160 years. >> reporter: the jean maker's earliest connection to the 49ers, football team that is, traces back to a '50s advertisement. >> the model here, this is the first quarterback for the san francisco 49ers. >> reporter: thanks to that
11:54 am
history and $220 million in naming rights, the new 49ers stadium will bear levi's name. >> the double "xx" are the oldest pair of pants that we have. >> reporter: levi's historian opens a vault revealing links to the company's own past, a pair of jeans from the 1870s. >> they are the oldest pair in the world. this was an early advertisement. >> reporter: it's not a stretch. >> you could see how well worn they are. >> reporter: to say levi's somewhat woven into the fabric of the bay area. after all, it's a name that fits well with 49ers past and present. joe rosado jr., nbc bay area news. well, up next, the extent one man took to save the life of his goldfish.
11:55 am
11:56 am
i was wearing a sweater around all morning long. >> should be just fine. 70s san francisco. sunshine, very nice for the afternoon, 82 san jose, mid 80s up towards the north bay, and for the evening game of the a's
11:57 am
after 7:00, it will be cooling off into the upper 60s, high clouds on the increase, which hint at bigger changes. tomorrow, increasing clouds, san francisco north could see a few showers for tomorrow afternoon. thursday will be the day, best chance of seeing showers and temperatures warm up through the weekend. >> thanks very much. what do you do if you have a beloved goldfish and it has a tumor around its head? >> i have no idea, what do you do? >> you would think you would flush it, but that's not what an australian man did. he had a 10-year-old goldfish who had a tumor, his name was george. george was starting to really suffer, trouble eating, getting around and was being bullied by other fish so he was sedated in a bucket and the operation to remove the tumor then took 45 minutes. george was closed up with standard sutures and tissue glue and returned to the bucket with painkillers. >> that's amazing. >> yeah. he's expected to live 20 years longer. >> fish painkillers, i didn't know. >> who knew? thank you so much for joining us, our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. .
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>> yes we need kit hair and make up team immediately in here today on "access hollywood live". dancing are the stars. 2 words for you. tommy john. he was great. what a night. plus joan rivers. her last recording. it's very telling. >> and rihanna not happy about cbs pulling her song for thursday night football. and kerry washington speaks out about doms domestic violence. >> "access hollywood live", about doms domestic violence. >> "access hollywood live", starts right now keri ♪ i have got the bet to move your feet because i know the words ♪ might have been a pepper one to stepper ♪ baby it's the same. >> our boy right there


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