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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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wet roads already after steady sprinkles overnight. let's bring in meteorologist christina loren. she's back. >> good morning to you, laura, everybody at home. our first rain of the season officially on the radar this season. we're really excited about this. this is not our only chance of
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rain as we get into the next seven days. i want to zoom in over the bay bridge for you and talk about oakland and bring you to stephanie chuang. she's out there live so far. any rain drops on your head? >> reporter: good morning, christina. not yet. we did see sprinkles about 45 minutes ago. traffic is nice and light at this hour. even though the rain has been very light so fenway paar, the is to slow down. the oil that's built up on the road will become a major factor. >> once we get that wet weather, obviously oil is a lot lighter than water and so it rises up and definitely poses a slippery hazard. >> now, there were also some
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power pole fires in the east bay overnight. this one in san pablo. this does tend to happen when it rains after a big dry spell. dust builds up and when the rain hits, it starts fire. most of the outages are still in richmond with 5,700 people still without power. again, back here live on the bay bridge nice and dry. i understand that's not to be the case the entire morning. back to you, christina. >> hey, thank you, steph. making that rain gear look good this morning. we'll be tracking the showers for you as they develop minute by minute. as you can imagine, with rain on the radar, probably going to be a slower-than-average commute. let's get all the details on that. good morning, mike. >> if it's not slower, maybe it should be slower.
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slick roadways often half after a long rain, a lot of that oil buildup. a little breeze kicking in there. the roads are dry but we did have a crash just north of the fremont scale. i did pass the 880 area a while ago and didn't see any problems. the rest of the area looking calm as far as the chp reports go. you do see some glowing lights and drizzling right around treasure island but not a big deal for drivers right now. >> developing news now. hundreds more people have been told to grab what they can and get out as the king fire near lake tahoe continues to grow driven by high winds and humidity. that fire grew by nearly 10,000 acres yesterday. in addition to containing t
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blaze, firefighters have to worry about evacuating more people. the boles fire, as it's called, has burned about 400 acres thus far but hopscotched neighborhoods, destroying more than 150 homes and businesses. now officials are trying to figure out how that fire started and are offering a $10,000 award for information on who started it. >> pg&e may be in court again.
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the company is accused of bombarding officials with e-mails, urging them to assign a specific judge to the case. three pg&e officials were fired over it. if they broke any laws, they could face millions of dollars in fine. pg&e is reviewing the company's order. they already owe $1.4 billion related to the san bruno explosion, but it is appealing that fine. >> there are also more questions surrounding a key employees who resigned from the public utility commission. she was asked to resign over her dealings with pg&e. she could soon resume her old
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job as administrative law judge for the commission. that would give her the power to regulate pg&e directly. that was an issue because brown was asked to resign after the public got access to e-mails that showed somewhat overfriendly relationship between her and the company. >> bonds was originally found guilty of giving evasive testimony involving steroid use. >> late last week, vector control district found several
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mosquitoes in this area and spraying will begin weather permitting. and mosquitoes that tested positive in the highlighted areas where they will start spraying tonight. we know mosquitoes thrive in humidity and fog. let's get a check of the weather with christina loren. >> good morning to you. you know what else is bizarre, how mild it is this morning. we're on the warm side of the system and as we head throughout the day today, you still want to bring a jacket because he's temperatures are headed straight down in san francisco for today. let me show you the scenario. we got this area of low pressure right out here in the pacific.
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it's behind that front where the very cold air trails behind and it's going to move in as we head throughout the day today. first we're going to see the wind, a little bit of shower activity and then the cold air will settle in for the second half of your day. we're expecting showers to intensify over the morning, between the hours of 7 and 9 and then we start to clear you out but not before potentially measuring up to half of an inch of rain in places like san francisco. this is a really welcomed sight. we're starting out in the 60s to 70s. here's mike on your drive. >> we're looking over toward our shot in san rafael and over on the right side you can see on the northbound side a truck pulled over there and be careful, slicker conditions there. not so bad across the golden
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gate bridge but we're watching as the system continues through the bay bridge. we continue to see lights over on the san francisco side of treasure island. watch for misty conditions, especially mid way across that span. the san mateo bridge has an easy live. look at that smear on the lens. make sure you have good wipers in good condition. you might have to spritz them and wipe over that dirt. i'm projecting because there's dirt on my windshield. i'm sure yours is clean. >> it's 4:39 right now. another nfl player arrested and charged with assault. this time it involves an 18-month-old child. we'll have details just ahead. >> we came around thinking we can break a window to get in and
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the whole wall was gone. he was gone and was nowhere to be found. >> and a couple's son swept right out of their home by floodwaters. >> plus apple offers new details about how it will handle your personal information. >> got a tip for bay area's investigative unit?
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the public relations nightmare continuing for the nfl. the league is spending as much time watching the arrest logs as it is watching actual game footage. now other player has been arrested for domestic violence. arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer made an initial court appearance for aggravated assault yesterday. a $25,000 bond was set late last night. following his arrest he was deactivated by the cardinals. it was based on an incident involving a 27-year-old woman
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and another incident involving an 18-month-old child. the 49ers say they are waiting for the legal process to work itself out but several lawmakers, including the house minority leader say that stance is not good enough. >> our coach says that innocent until proven guilty, due process and all of that, but the fact is he shouldn't have played. >> and congresswoman jackie spears says she is sending a letter to the nfl asking that all players charged with domestic violence are suspended. >> and hardy has been benched while his case proceeds.
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>> and adrian peterson is charged with child abuse for hitting his son with a stick. and the team is apologizing with how they handled the case. >> experts say there is a good chance the bill to send weapons in the fight against isis could pass. the president continues to say the troops he is sending will not end up fighting a ground war there. police arrested 15 people in -- the attack was set to include plans for a random public beheading. the group had been calling on australian supporters to kill.
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it was the largest raid in the country's history. >> apple is releasing new details about what it does and does not do with your personal information. hampton pearson joins us live at cnbc's washington bureau. good morning, hampton. >> reporter: just weeapple is l a cam pan to explain how it does handle people's personal data. apple is saying it will encrypt more personal information, photos, contacts and other information. the central bank is reassuring markets it will continue to keep interest rates at historic lows long after it ends its bond
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buying next month. we get data this morning on unemployment and new home construction around 8:30 eastern time. the dow on wednesday rising 24 points to close 17,516, the nasdaq closing at 4,562. and kindle -- amazon is releasing two new kindles. >> sounds like christmas, hampton. >> thank you, hampton. >> 4:47 on your thursday morning. >> that's right. sometimes we call it friday eve
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around here. >> that's wishful thinking. how are things looking outside, christina. >> we have some rain out there. because we're in a drought, we need it. your seven-day forecast book-ended by rain chances all across the bay area. 70 degrees, good morning to you, oakland. hello there, san jose, you'll need your umbrella out there. it is mild and downright balmy but that's going to change as we head throughout the day. for the most part this has been the story, showers north of the golden gate bridge. that's where they are right now. because of our technology, i can zoom into the street level for you. on 101 between san rafael and mill valley, you're using your
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windshield wipers. 7:00 a.m., bulk of the moisture comes through. you can see widespread showers at that point. across the bay area, we bump that up to 9:00 a.m. and we start to clear out throughout the day. most of the area will be drying out with lingering activity through the north bay. enough up there to potentially get some thunderstorms. these are your temperatures right now. we're going to stay in the 70s. 76 for the peninsula, 72 on the east shore and san francisco at 70 straight up for the day. we'll get a nice break from the rain, a little warmup and by wednesday we'll have some showers for the first day of fall. back to you, sam and laura. >> thanks so much, christina. good to have you back. hundreds of looters in mexico are ransacking storms in the
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wake of tropical storm odile. people are filling up their grocery carts and shopping bags with anything they can find. it's been three days since the storm hit los cabos and most people are still without electricity. >> the family of a california boy is opening up and telling an amazing story of survival this morning. the family was inside their palm spring home on tuesday when a flash flood rushed through. they said before they knew what happened, five feet of water came through their home and the couple's 1-year-old boy got pushed out of their home, through their barbed wire fence. >> my friend came here to the window and said, dude, your son is over there. i ran over there and expected him up.
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>> the boy was not hurt but he was in shock. the family says even though their home was destroyed, they are just happy because their son is okay. >> up next, why an nbc bay anchor had a cameo on the "tonight show." >> it was so much fun -- no, i wish it was me. we're watching for wet roads and slowing already this morning.
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>> his brother will be there for the unveiling, which is set to happen at 4:30 this morning. if you haven't seen it yet, the "tonight show" has a segment featuring newscasters that we wish were true. it features one of our own news anchors. >> a dog in oregon is doing well after it accidentally ate 43 socks but that's okay because he's a good boy, such a good whittle boy. who is a good boy? he is.
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>> he's a good widdle boy. >> at ththat ran last night, ri? >> yeah. >> i'm going to call him this morning. >> why didn't we have the ticker running all night long, good widdle boy! >> the dublin, west 588 and we do see a smooth drive for 580, both directions coming over the eastern edge of levermore. there's a road crew there and may may be a little distraction. a very smooth drive over the bay bridge. even though the traffic and weather maps are here, i show the radar activity. look at san rafael on a live shot and you do see the roadways
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have been dampened by mist and drizily right here in san rafael. be careful there as they head toward the golden gate bridge. midday there's a 12:35 game the a's are playing. if you're planning a quick lunch time, get past the coliseum just before lunch because it could get a little slow there. >> it is 4:56 right now on your thursday morning. california firefighters battling a blaze the size of manhattan. >> plus packages disappearing off front porches just minutes after they're delivered. a south bay nabbed that's on alert this morning. >> and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. enjoy this while it lasts. no congestion, no buildup. a look at your traffic, news and
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weather right after the break.
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the rain triggering fires in parts of the bay area overnight. we are live with more on why the combination of drought and drizzle is to blame. >> and we're tracking that rain on the radar. the first of the season. not our only chance, though. we're going to see a weekend warmup. and as we get into next week, more reain on the way. could this be a pattern change? >> plus finally home safe. a bachelorette party back safe from cabo. >> and we'll talk about a crash on the peninsula. >> and a live look outside on your thursday morning. the beautiful, majestic bay
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bridge, which could be sprinkled with a little bit of rain. it is thursday, accept septembe this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. our top story today is the rein, something we haven't seen for months. enough today, christina, to not wash the car? >> yeah. i had so much confidence, i did not wash the car. we need it. our hillsides need it. we're in a drought so every drop counts. we're not getting a lot right now, mostly north of the golden gate bridge but this little cell is starting to move into san francisco so the activity is trending to the south. i want to show you the bay bridge, which is mostly clear. stephanie chuang is on the oakland side this morning.


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