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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 18, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning to you and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we've been hoping for it, finally got it. the rain is back, but how much will we get? we have team coverage, meteorologist christina loren watching the sky, but let's begin with nbc bay area's stephanie chuang in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. we really haven't seen too much of the rain, a little light drizzle on and off. it's been really dry, though. it is out here in chinatown pretty common to see umbrellas, we've seen some this entire morning here, but nothing major. it is the first pacific storm since april, so at this point
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people say they are happy to see every drop. resembled a waterfall of embers as fairly strong gusts blew sparks from power poles overnight as a result of the mix of rain and dust that built up during the dry spell. one major reason why nearly 12,000 people across the bay area lost power. the chp is worrying about another impact, the one on the road with the oil that's built up. >> it definitely percolates up once we get the wet weather because, obviously, oil is a lot lighter than water so it rises up and it definitely poses a slippery hazard. >> reporter: he makes deliveries around san francisco, even the slightest bit of rain can make his job more dangerous. >> you have to be more careful when you're driving around because you have to watch for pedestrians and when you're unloading the truck, slippery. >> reporter: in fact, you told me you almost fell a couple times? >> couple times. >> reporter: against the
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backdrop of this extremely dry year, everyone we spoke with welcomed the rain, however little. >> i think it's really important, any water helps, and hopefully we'll get some more. >> it's terrific, absolutely terrific, and it's cleaning the sidewalks and the trees and it's a good omen, good omen for rain.
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i'm going to tell you all about that in your microclimate
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weather forecast just moments away. right now back to you, scott, kris, and the rest of the stories of the day. >> investigators are trying to figure out how a fire started in a vacant home just after 6:00 this morning on clover oak drive in east san jose. firefighters say a neighbor called 911 after hearing a large boom. when they arrived, the attic engulfed in flames. nobody hurt. >> the biggest wildfire right now in california continues to grow out of control. take a look at this photo of the king fire taken from lake tahoe. it nearly doubled to 71,000 acres overnight. two more towns in eldorado county are under evacuation and there are just some people forced from their homes sitting in this auditorium. the fire is only 5% contained and the fire behavior is erratic. >> very explosive fire behavior by the fire activity, however, we live in the mountains, fall is coming, whether patterns can
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be variable at this time of year and so we'll keep our eye on that and adjust priorities as the weather dictates. >> a bay area strike team joined in that fire fight. responding departments are now eligible to get 75% reimbursement from the federal government to cover the cost of fighting the fire. more than 3,300 fire personnel are tackling this fire alone, that includes nearly 300 fire engines, 15 helicopters, and 49 bull dozers. the king fire is just one of nearly a dozen wildfires burning up and down the state. there is a press conference on the king fire expected in about a half hour. we will take you there live as it happens. arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer left jail early this morning, booked yesterday on several criminal charges, including aggravated assault and causing a fracture and one count of assault involving a minor. it's an 18-month-old toddler.
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dwyer left jail after posting a $25,000 cash bond. he's also ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device. the arizona cardinals deactivated dwyer yesterday. the charges against him, just the latest in the string of domestic abuse cases in the nfl. happening later today, a panel of judges will hear an appeal from home run champion barry bonds. the slugger wants the court to overturn his 2011 obstruction of justice conviction. just last year another panel of judges from the same court upheld that conviction. bonds originally found guilty of giving evasive testimony to a federal grand jury investigating steroid use. the hearing is set for 2:00 this afternoon in san francisco. if the conviction is overturned, he's not out of the woods. that's because federal prosecutors still have the option to retry the case. san francisco is considering doing something no city has ever done before. one supervisor is asking the city to give out a controversial
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hiv prevention drug to anyone who needs it for free, after a fellow supervisor admits he is among those taking the drug. bob redell is live in san francisco. this is certainly something a lot of folks are talking about today, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. city leaders are in city hall right now in committee discussing a ground breaking proposal that could have a tremendous impact on the aids movement here in san francisco and throughout the world. >> the fact is, that prep can save lives, and i think that this is something that we should have done many, many, many weeks, months ago. >> reporter: just moments ago during a rally here on the steps of city hall, supervisor dave campos announced legislation that would make it much easier for city residents to gain access to the fda approved drug known as prep, a drug that can reportedly prevent and cut the risk of hiv infection among gay
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men by more than 90% if used properly. campos initiative would call for $807,000 in city funds to subsidize the drugs for residents who can't afford the roughly $1,000 a month cost and pay to educate the population. many people have resisted taking prep because of the stigma rounding its use, the argument it makes users more promiscuous, which is why yesterday supervisor scott weiner became the first known public official to announce he's been taking prep on a regular basis to counter the perception the drug promotes unsafe sex. >> one of the arguments people use against access to birth control is that it's going to make women promiscuous. people argue against the hpv vaccine for young girls because it's somehow going to make them promiscuous and those are totally bogus arguments, they are offensive and undermine public health, and the same is
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true of prep. >> you're talking about a very small investment, under a million dollars, which is what we're asking for, requesting in this supplemental. being able to save the city hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention the thousands of lives that will be spared. >> reporter: supervisor campos argues that for every resident they save from hiv infection, the city saves roughly $355,000 in treatment, so they are in committee today. he'll introduce his legislation before the full board here at city hall next tuesday. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. >> well, the waiting and wondering is over for families of eight california women vacationing in cabo, mexico, on a bachelorette trip when hurricane odile hit earlier this week. after days of waiting, the family got word about safety of their loved ones. >> woo! oh, my god, we love you, we miss
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you. >> reporter: the news this family waited 48 hours for. >> you're on speaker. >> we love you, honey, we've been so worried. >> reporter: the eight women, a bride and seven brides maids who went missing in cabo, mexico, after hurricane odile, calling home for the first time after losing all contact with loved ones. >> and i'm so happy, honey. i'm so happy. i love you more than you know. >> reporter: the seconds, minutes, and days leading up to this moment have been heartbreaking and frustrating. >> there's no lists, they are not making lists. >> reporter: lou cook the mother and shaun the husband of one of the bridesmaids. they lost contact sunday night after odile clobbered the resort. they did everything to get word, from going to the mexican consulate, to signing on to twitter for the first time praying for updates. >> i've never twittered in my life, and started twittering two days ago.
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>> reporter: but their prayers were answered and initially they came via text messages, the first was short and heart warming. >> got to love you. >> reporter: they waited 15 more grueling minutes for something else and finally -- >> we bugged enough people, private airplane. there she is. >> there she is, there she is. >> baby! where are you? you're landing where? you're landing in san diego right now. whoo! >> reporter: we got in contact with one of the bridesmaids just before the group boarded a second plane from san diego back home to fresno. >> the town of cabo is destroyed and we're lucky that we actually got a flight out. >> reporter: what it was like in a disaster zone for four days, well, that's a story they'll tell until the wedding in just two months from now. >> wow. caught on camera, an
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unwanted visitor lurking outside san jose homes and why police say they need your help tracking him down. and a miraculous story of survival after a baby was swept away in this. and skies are starting to clear over some parts of the bay area. this is san francisco, but we're still tracking showers in other parts, the east shore, for example. we'll tell you how much longer this batch of rain and when the next one moves in when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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another mountain lion has been sighted on the peninsula, this time reported just last night around 10:30. the mountain lion was seen in san carlos. this follows several sightings along the peninsula and an attack on a 6-year-old boy on a cupertino hiking trail. south bay neighbors repeatedly robbed want to know if you recognize a man caught stealing packages right off their front porch.
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take a look. this is the alleged thief, crystal clear video. the san jose family that caught him on camera had packages disappear three times in the last year and a half. they shared this video with neighbors to see if anyone knew this man and found out it's been happening to neighbors, as well. sometimes packages were stolen just minutes after being delivered. >> they are doing something wrong. they shouldn't do it. they are not welcome in this society and there should be no place for them in this society. >> here you see him again take a closer look. there he is. there goes the package. ups says, by the way, when a package is stolen, it's an issue between the person who sent the package and the home owner, not the delivery people. something you bought online, you can talk about sending another item, but again, another look at the alleged package thief. >> wow. now an amazing story of survival, flooding down in palm springs, decimated one family's home on tuesday, but even worse, the water was so powerful it
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rushed right through a house and through a baby boy's room. and when the water reached the ceiling, the exterior wall collapsed and the little boy was swept away. his parents say it is a miracle that he survived. nbc has the story. >> we really thought that we lost him. >> reporter: ryan talks about her 1-year-old boy tristan who survived a massive flood that destroyed their home. >> we came around thinking we could break a window and the whole wall was gone, his room was gone and he was nowhere to be found. >> reporter: he was inside his room when the water flooded and you can see by looking at the stains here, it got about five feet high, then literally built up to the ceiling and that's when it knocked down this wall here and he was washed away. the baby traveled about 200 feet from his room, past their barbed wire fence in their front yard. >> my friend busted the living room window, came through here, pointed out, dude, your son's
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over there. i turned around, saw him. peeked his head out of the mud, ran out, picked him up. >> reporter: his parents say it's a miracle they found him just in time. >> vitals were good, everything was fine. he was in shock. >> reporter: while they are relieved their son is okay, as well as their few pets they were able to save, the family lost everything within minutes. >> the house is gone, our furniture is gone, our clothes are gone, tristan's stuff is gone. i'm thankful to have my son and that was the most important thing, we had him and he was still alive. >> the couple was renting that house and did not have flood insurance, so the red cross is now assisting the family. can you imagine? >> terrifying. let's check in on our own weather, not going to get a flood, but maybe a little bit of rain. >> at this point, we don't want it all at once, but we're talking about the potential for flooding with this next system. let me wait just a moment before i show you that, but that is the
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big weather headline for today. overall it looks like our pattern is entirely changing, so let's dive into what's going on today and then we'll talk about your future, which does include two good opportunities for rain, one of which is a really good looking system. 73 degrees in san jose right now, 74 in concord, 75 in oakland. temperatures climbing three to five degrees. still on the warm side of this system, but you can see the spotty clouds out here, they are going to start to move in. that's an indication of a much cooler air mass. once we get rid of shower activity the next three to four hours, cold air comes in next and we're going to see the breeze build, as well. we're still not out of the woods when it comes to shower activity. 2:00 up and down the peninsula and north bay at that point and continuing to clear out through the evening hours. by about 7:00, looking nice and clear, except for over your local mountains. you'll see the clouds up against the santa cruz mountains, for example.
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76 for the peninsula, 70 degrees at uh-uh 4:30 this morning in san francisco. that is your high for today. 81 for the tri-valley. north bay is at 75 degrees. last weekend of summer, going to be nice enough to get out to the beach. saturday and sunday, mid 80s in the south bay, 70s on the way to the local beach spots, then things start to change. monday, the entire pattern starts to shift as we see the storms just line up out there in the pacific. monday at 6:00, this one looks like it's going to fall apart before it comes into the bay area, but look what's on its heels, red, orange, that yellow, this is a very well organized system that's going to move towards the bay area throughout wednesday. i think this could produce pretty decent rainfall, at least in higher elevations, talking about three-quarters an inch of rain and that's not it. take a look at this, stopping the clock again into next sunday at 11:00 a.m., but another storm system on the way, another very well organized front, and this means we could be in for a
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weather game changer as we head through the month of october. going to be keeping tabs on this for you. overall, though, happy to report temperatures getting comfortable out there and much needed rain, first of a series of storms. i can't wait to go back and track it right now. back to you, scott and kris. >> i think that was like a, but wait, there's more. wait, there's another one. byob and it's not beer, it's bags. where in the bay area the rules go into effect. and why a local restaurant is begging for bad reviews on yelp.
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can you help me out with something? >> sure, of course. >> i'm very happily married. >> i know. >> i love my wife very, very much, but she's doing something to me that i don't think is right. i know this sounds gross, we eat in bed a lot. >> that sounds nice actually. >> okay, well i love reality television, i don't want to leave the room. bring the food here. so i'm eating it, but afterwards, as soon as the very second i'm done and put my plate to the side, my wife has wet naps going -- on my mouth, wiping my mouth. okay, i'm not her child. >> that's a nice thing. >> no! >> you're her man, she wants to take care of you. it's a really nice gesture she wants to do for you. >> no, what she's saying is i know this idiot is going to wipe his mouth on the pillow again. let me get this child before he messes up the sheets again. >> or that. well, starting today it
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should be nearly impossible to find plastic bags in most walnut creek stores. a new ban goes into effect in all department and pharmacies. shoppers can either bring a reusable bag or pay ten cents for each paper bag they need. the city hopes the ban will cut down on trash. the bag expands to include all the city's restaurants in december. now walnut creek is one of 90 cities to implement a plastic bag ban. stores that violate the ban could be fined up to $500 an incident. pizza hut going skinny, the restaurant testing out the skinny slice, with 250 calories per slice. now if you're me, i would think that less dough, less toppings, that's a smaller pizza, isn't it? several fast food companies and restaurant chains have turned to lighter offerings as a way to attract more health conscious consumers. >> does it cost more, that's the
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question. an east bay restaurant is urging customers to give them bad reviews on yelp. in fact, the staff is even offering customers special discounts for the poor reviews. the botto italian restaurant has a goal to be the lowest rated restaurant. right now it's at about two and a half stars. the restaurant is trying to make a point by asking for those bad reviews because were tired of yelp's blackmail tactics. the bistro is even offering 25% off a pizza to any customer who gives them a bad review. the owner says business is up and customers are embracing that concept. mark of san francisco gave one star and wrote, i wish there was a zero star option, i'd give that to them. my food arrived before i wanted it to come and was too hot to eat. brought back terrible memories
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of eating in italy. i have been here at least 20 times and it's still terrible. i'm so bad i'm going to give them a piece of my mind and appetite. >> clever. >> sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, right? a number of isis terrorists caught just in time. their disturbing plan to kill people randomly in australia. get ready, because it is flu season after a year that was deadly last year. important information about what you need to know for this season. we're waiting on a press conference for the king wildfire. these are live pictures. king fire has doubled in size.
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a disturbing plot uncovered
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in what police in australia say was isis. we'll tell you what they were planning to do. >> authorities detained 15 people, as you saw in that video, and raided more than a dozen property in the country's largest ever counterterrorism investigation. >> isis was planning random violent attacks in australia. nbc's jim maceda reports. >> reporter: this is just the kind attack that scares a whole nation. counterterror police intercepted a phone call two days ago in sydney between a man, 22 years old and a former nightclub bouncer believed now to be a high ranking isis operative based in the middle east and running a terror network in australia. of course, a key u.s. ally in the ongoing war on isis. according to australian police, the order was to show isis's reach by carrying out and
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videotaping and publishing a public beheading of someone picked randomly in the streets of sydney. one man is still at large with an arrest warrant out for him. police say the plot had been in the works since may and it was just last week prime minister tony abbott raised the terror alert in australia from medium to high. >> what i have been receiving with increasing urgency, over months and more recently, is that we are at serious risk from a terrorist attack. >> reporter: this is just the kind of nightmare scenario the u.s. and its allies fear. in this case, dozens of isis veterans returning from the fight in iraq and syria to commit acts of terror at home. at least this one it appears was caught in time. i'm jim maceda, nbc news reporting from london. now back to you. >> chuck hagel says he has approved a plan to target isis safe havens in syria. that plan was presented to president obama yesterday. today hagel told the house armed
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services committee while aiding syrian rebels entails risk, it is a risk worth taking, but some house members were still skeptical of that strategy and how much support america's allies will offer. >> there will always be risks, mr. chairman, there are risks in everything. there are risks in action and there are risks in inaction, but we believe the risk is justified, given the real threat isil poses to this country. and to the region, and to our allies. >> hagel also reiterated president obama's vow that no u.s. forces will take part in ground combat missions in iraq. the senate is expected to vote later on whether to authorize aiding syrian rebels in the fight against isis. the house passed the measure yesterday. meanwhile, new developments in the king fire in eldorado county. a press conference happening right now, authorities expected to announce how the fire started. let's go ahead and just listen in. >> several speakers, starting with chief mike caslan.
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i sent most people names. several speakers, then a series of questions and answers. starting with the unit chief for the cal fire and eldorado unit. >> thank you. and good morning and thank you all for being here. i'd like to update you on the king fire and information on a subsequent arrest of an arson suspect. as we all know and we've seen for several days that the king fire is burning in some steep, rugged terrain just north of pollock pines, essentially it is in three separate drainages. the acreage we have is 71,000 acres. it continues to grow, as well. we have 12,000 residences that are under current threat from the fire, and that equates to right now we have approximately 3,000 people evacuated. in addition to that, currently
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we have more than 4,000 people signed to fight this fire. we have had a few injuries, but most importantly on the initial stages of this fire we had fire shelter deployments, where 12 firefighters had to run to a deployment zone and deploy their fire shelters. thankfully, they were all able to be helicoptered out to the airport. subsequently assessed for further injuries and happy to report that they are all doing okay. the fire behavior on this fire is very significant. yesterday we've had some major runs. we've seen the fire in the previous days go two, three miles. yesterday, the king fire ran north approximately 15 miles. it grew so significantly that we had active spotting that was out ahead of the fire of approximately three miles. it's now burned into the casper
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county area. in addition to that, and more importantly, the reason why we're here, is that we're going to talk about the investigation. within minutes of the initial call on this fire, we had investigators on scene. it started with, in minutes, the investigation, and in cooperation with u.s. forest service, the eldorado sheriff's office, the eldorado district attorney's office, we have arrested a suspect. in custody is wayne allen huntsman, age 37. so from there i will move forward and pass it over to my partner, lawrence crabtree, forest supervisor on the eldorado national forest. >> thank you, mike. i have three quick comments to make. number one, i'm going to underscore the 4,000 firefighters that are out there right now putting their lives at
11:34 am
risk to try to stop this fire, and that's continuing. i'm going to acknowledge the assistance provided by the forest service law enforcement fire investigation team, who contributed to this. and lastly, we are continuing to spend $5 million a day and there is no estimate of containment of this fire. it's a growing and dangerous fire. i want to introduce john, eldorado county sheriff. >> thank you, lawrence. i'll be brief. first of all, i want to thank cal fire, u.s. forest service and u.s. district attorney office for cooperation and expediency on which this investigation took place. mr. huntsman is currently being housed in the eldorado county jail with a bail set at $10 million, significant bail.
11:35 am
and again, the inner agency cooperation, not only on this investigation, but also on all the fire suppression efforts. i can't thank them enough, eldorado county can't thank them enough, and we really appreciate it. with that, i'll hand it off for more information on the investigation to eldorado county district attorney vernon pearson. >> thank you, sheriff. you know, i'm struck by talk of cooperation between the various agencies. on monday afternoon i saw a column of san diego county, both city and various cities within and the county of san diego fire engines coming up highway 50 and it's really significant to see that and then appreciate the fact that it's not just the fire side, as well as the law enforcement side and the various efforts that had gone on, both as was indicated from an investigation as to the cause of origin of this fire, from
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minutes from its discovery, and up to and including right now. and we expect that that investigation will be ongoing into the near future. as was eluded to yesterday, a superior court judge here in eldorado county signed an arrest warrant for this person and set bail at $10 million. he was late yesterday taken into custody and booked into eldorado county jail. this morning we filed a criminal complaint, which is being distributed and you, i believe the gentleman back here has a copy of it. you can receive a copy of it. i want to, as a resident of eldorado county, i want to personally thank every member of the fire service, as well as law enforcement, for all the hard work that went into getting us to this point and the hard work which is still left to be done in dealing with this fire. thank you.
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>> good morning. kent pemlock, director chief of cal fire. to put things in perspective, right now throughout california, collectively all of these agencies we have over 6,600 firefighters battling ten major wildfires throughout the state. in amongst that and going on as we speak, as well, there are multiple arson investigations occurring throughout the state. cal fire has over 150 law enforcement investigators working with local law enforcement, our federal partners, and local district attorneys to go after individuals who willfully set these extremely dangerous and damaging fires. together we will continue to remain relentless in our pursuit of individuals who choose to pursue and engage in these heinous acts. oftentimes the public is very helpful in helping us bring these cases to closure by
11:38 am
identifying any suspicious activity or individuals, and i would encourage everybody to be diligent and report anything suspicious that you see. the arson hot line works statewide is 1-800-468-4408, and you can certainly go to the cal fire website, as well as the partner agencies here, and obtain that information. i just want to reiterate and everybody here has said this already, we are engaged in this fight together. this is happening because of cooperation and it will continue to be that way. so thank you and i'll turn it back to daniel. >> thanks, chief. so that ends our -- concludes our remarks. we'll now open for questions and answers. as i did mention at the beginning, we will provide the mug shot afterwards. with that -- >> can you explain the
11:39 am
circumstances of the arson? >> press conference from -- talking about the speed of this fire going from two miles per day to 15 miles per day. earlier this morning we learned that this fire had doubled, essentially, overnight. >> making huge runs, but also notably one person is under arrest, 37-year-old man, and they are handing out the complaints right now. we, of course, have a crew there and will learn more about this person, but to be placed on $10 million bail after being arrested on a charge of arson is, certainly, very, very serious thing. we also heard that 12 firefighters had to deploy their emergency shelters and if you've ever had to deal, like a bit of tinfoil. >> it is. so the fact they were able to walk away and only minor injuries are really remarkable, as well. >> we will continue to cover this throughout the newscast and tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 and we'll be back in just a minute.
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a funeral service was held today in scranton, pennsylvania, for a state trooper gunned down last week. corporal byron dickson was a former marine who joined the pennsylvania state police in 2007. last friday, the father of two, was killed in an ambush that touched off a massive man hunt. his family, friends, and coworkers remember dickson, the search for eric frein entered its sixth day. he's believed to be hiding in the pocono mountains in northeastern pennsylvania. some area schools have been shut down as a precaution. new surveillance video meanwhile released by virginia police raising more questions in the disappearance of a uva student. >> the video shows a man following the young woman, but he may not have been the last person to see her. nbc's craig melvin reports. >> reporter: overnight, police released new surveillance video showing this man following 18-year-old hannah graham in a
11:43 am
downtown pedestrian mall at 1:06 a.m. saturday. two minutes later, graham is seen walking with the same man following her. shortly after released, the man in the video showed up at the police department and admitted following hannah because she appeared distressed, visibly intoxicated, adding he wanted to make sure she was okay. the man said he never talked to hannah and stopped following her after he saw another man approach and put his arm around her. he told police it seemed the man either knew hannah or was trying to help. police are now looking for that man. meanwhile, other surveillance videos released show images of hannah graham earlier that evening outside a nearby irish pub where she's seen walking by herself but never going inside the bar. ten minutes later, the second-year uva student can be seen running, then walking in front of this charlottesville gas station. police say no one seems to be chasing her. a frustrated police chief
11:44 am
wednesday begged for answers. >> i'd be very disturbed that someone in this downtown mall did not see that young lady. pick up the phone and tell us something. >> reporter: uva, students painted this plea for their classmate's safe return. meanwhile, graham's parents issued a statement wednesday saying, "it is totally out of character for us not to have heard from her and we fear foul play." >> that was craig melvin reporting. in other news, the new flu season is fast approaching. i already got my flu shot. health officials say prevention is better than the cure. new data on flu vaccines for this flu season, they want people to remember that vaccination is the single best way to prevent the flu for anyone six months and older. nearly half the u.s. population got a flu vaccine during the 2012-2013 season. it prevented an estimated 6.6 million flu-related illnesses
11:45 am
and flu-related visits to hospitals. many more people could have been protected had they gotten vaccinated, including some children who died from the flu. >> these families are left shocked and devastated and cannot believe that their children actually died of this vaccine-preventable disease. ask any of them now, they are, they absolutely will push the vaccine and all of them believe that had their children been vaccinated, their children may still be here today. >> cdc officials say there are more varieties of flu vaccines to choose from and this for the first time the cdc is recommending a nasal spray when it's available. flu season can begin as early as october, usually peaks in january. workers from santa clara county will be out spraying for mosquitos. here's a map of the area they are targeting. late last week several mosquitos were found still carrying the
11:46 am
west nile virus in this area. tonight's fogging will begin at 11:00 tonight, weather permitting. workers in san mateo also preparing to spray for mosquitos. these west nile mosquitos found in foster city, belmont, redwood shores, and san mateo. that will start at 9:00. and now meteorologist christina loren is a busy little bee out in the weather center and some raindrops, happy to see them. >> yeah, happy to see them for sure. if you don't want to see the mosquitos around your house, accumulated standing water, go ahead and eliminate it as fast as possible. they love the moisture, love the dusk, and love the dawn. as we head throughout the next couple days, we'll be done with the rain. in fact, we'll be done over the course of the next few hours, but i am happy to report ben lo mond so far under three quarters of an inch of rainfall
11:47 am
accumulated mostly over the last seven hours. santa cruz, quarter, santa rosa over a tenth of an inch and same for castro valley. we didn't have good totals to tell you about in the south bay, but i can tell you we accumulated about five hundredths of an inch thanks to the showers that came through today. i want to show you this awesome time lapse from tiburon. at this point, the bulk of the moisture has come through and you can really see over the past three hours, showers are subsiding. we stopped that for you, you can see just a little activity lingering to the west of san carlos and over the bay bridge. throughout the day today, going to continue to see this activity wind down, the latest totals tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00, so stay tuned if that's something you're a geek like me you want to find out about. next couple days, we are going
11:48 am
to heat you up. i'm happy to report this is not our only chance for rain. as we get into this afternoon, everything starts to wind down. could see thunderstorms in the north bay. i want to put that on your radar, especially between the hours of 2:00 and 7:00. by 7:00, most of the activity is finished and we're going to see comfortable temperatures for today, then the warmup is on. 76 degrees for the peninsula, south bay 78 degrees, 70, damp and cloudy today in san francisco. meanwhile, 81 in the tri-valley. mix of sun and showers and we could see thunderstorms in the north bay tonight. here's the deal, weekend, temperatures start to warm up. saturday and sunday, this is the last weekend of summertime. you'll notice on the end of that five-day forecast, your temperatures drop off. seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of your screen and you'll notice we're book ended by shower chances. shower system tries to come
11:49 am
through, breaks apart before coming to the bay area. stop that clock again wednesday at 10:00 a.m., this is a very impressive looking system, then on its heels we get another one as we head into next weekend. overall, right now, pattern looks to be changing in the right direction. we'll keep you updated. back to you, scott and kris. >> she seems giddy. >> just a little bit. police have a new tool to spot drivers who text without looking inside the car. details straight ahead. and what you need to know before taking out equity in your home.
11:50 am
11:51 am
well, texting drivers beware, a virginia company working on a police radar that can detect when you're texting. the device picks up on special radio frequencies emitted from a cell phone when the person
11:52 am
behind the wheel is texting. the company says the radar is close to production, still needs to be legally approved before police departments can start using them. texting while driving currently banned in 44 states, including here in california. there has been a slow and steady rise in housing prices nationwide this year, which means that your house is probably worth more today than it was just a few months ago, so is it a good time to take out some of that equity or should you refinance? nbc's bob hanson finds out. >> reporter: it's been a crazy ten years in the housing market, home prices skyrocketed, came crashing down, now neighborhoods are bouncing back, so should you cash in on the higher home values? >> before you consider pulling any money out of your house, stop and look at your current financial situation. what is your current debt look like? >> certified financial planner mary beth is generally not in favor of people taking money out of their home. she says many folks simply don't understand home equity, thinking
11:53 am
it's somehow free money. >> the money you're taking out you're paying back to the bank. >> reporter: and you are paying it back with interest. money coming out of your house either in a refinance or home equity loan simply extends the time and amount of your loan. the people pushing home equity lines of credit are usually folks making money on the deal. >> that should be a moment to take pause and reflect on what your current financial situation is. >> reporter: if you can't make payments now, a line of credit only extends the problem and could make it worse. using home equity to buy cars or pay for vacations is not the best financial planning. so is there ever a reason to take out an equity line of credit? you may want to look at your credit cards. >> if you're using it to pay down higher interest rate debt, that makes sense because it's translating to money into your pocket, you can pay down your debt faster. >> reporter: this can be a temptation for people whose homes have been under water, finally they have equity in the house, but it's still not a good
11:54 am
idea to take it out. >> the more cash you take out, longer you're extending the goal and you may never see it. retirement might be a struggle because you have a mortgage payment still you haven't gotten rid of. >> reporter: if the goal is to own your home some day, taking money out now pushes that goal further away. home equity isn't free money and the price could be your future. >> and that was bob hanson reporting. experts say using home equity credit to pay off credit card debt could be a smart option, but only if you have a handle on your spending and you don't rack it up again. last thing you want to do is transfer debt to your home and then start building up more debt on your credit cards. >> good advice. up next, raj mathai's debut on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon.
11:55 am
11:56 am
so if you haven't seen it yet, the tonight show has a segment featuring everyday newscasters delivering the news that so many people wish was true. >> last night the segment featured one of our own nbc news bay area anchors.
11:57 am
>> a dog in oregon is doing well after it accident tally ate 43 socks. that's okay, because he's a good boy. such a good little boy. who's a good boy? he is. >> our own raj mathai delivering the good news of the day. >> yes, 100% chance of fun. 100% chance of rain, maybe a sprinkle. >> just enough to get our cars washed, right, so we don't have to get out and do it. yeah, not enough today. maybe next time. still tracking the next chance for rain and you know what, now that we're into that season, we're always going to be watching for anything coming down the pike. we're going to let you know as soon as we see it. 78 degrees for the south bay, on and off showers letting up through the next five days. no rain on the forecast, quite the contrary, warmup for the final weekend of summer and next wednesday, got a pretty good looking system organizing right now, getting its act together. should hit us by wednesday night. >> can't wait. see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
what are these people snon today on "access hollywood" live. the football hero blasting the domestic and child abuse issues. melissa rivers speaks out for the first time since her mother's funeral. gwen stephan i lip-synching. tell me it's not true. stand by billy and kit. we're live in 5, 4rks 3, 2, 1. ♪ ♪ whoo! >> armando pit bull steal


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