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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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light rain and cooler temperatures helping crews fight fires in california. >> plus a car slams into a person walking into a bay area freeway overnight. officials are still trying to figure out how many times the victim was struck. >> and oil spills into the bay near a popular tourist attraction. the impact it's having on a popular swim spot this afternoon. >> and it's the final day of summer. warm finish to the season as we head through tomorrow. your clouds increasing all courtesy of a storm system slated to bring us some rain by mid week. your full forecast is just moments away. >> the bay bridge metering lights are on. there's a mattress on fire. we'll let you know what's going on coming up. >> and a live look at the bay bridge. no matter how many times you see
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it, never folks to unveil some fuzzy feelings. you are watching "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we begin with the latest on the fire burning in el dorado county. this morning 12,000 homes are still in the fire's path, which has grown to 82,000 acres. bob, more local firefighters now helping out in this effort. >> sam, station nine here in san jose with the san jose fire department, dave already sent a team. as i speak, another team from the bay area should be arriving, if not already just about to on the front lines of the king fire. i'm talking about the alameda
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fire department. they yesterday sent five engines along with 21 firefighters. this fire is only 17% contained. it has grown by more than 5,000 acres over the past 48 hours. as you mentioned, it's now just over 87,000 acres, ten homes burned, 12,000 more threatened. as you can imagine, the smoke having a significant impact on air quality. so bad that yesterday organizers of the very large ironman race in lake tahoe had to pull the plug on their event, cancel it minutes before start time. this was because of the advice they received from the county air plus office. they had sensor recording high levels of particulate matter. this was a huge disappointment for 3,100 athletes who had spent in some cases hundreds if not thousands of dollars, not to mention the months and years they spent training. >> i don't know how we're going
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to make this happen again. >> reporter: that school teacher from brentwood said he'd never seen anything like it in terms of the disappointment among his fellow athletes seeing grown men cry. the poor air quality not only cancelled the ironman triathlon but other events as well. >> investigators still trying to figure out what led to a deadly accident involving a pedestrian on an east bay freeway overnight. it happened on 680 near rut ger road in walnut creek. chp officers were called to the scene by someone had hit a person. at least vehicle has been impounded so investigators can collect evidence. but so far nobody has been arrested.
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>> union city police help the community can help them find a man who has been missing for five days. late yesterday the department issued a so-called silver alert. prior was last seen wearing a shirt, tie and hat. his family describes him as, quote, self-sufficient for his age. if you see him, union city police would lick to hear from you. >> a popular swimming spot is off limits this weekend after a weekend oil ship docked at one of san francisco's latest swimming attracts. the spill itself is not big but it's the type of oil that had the coast guard very concerned. >> reporter: that's right. less than 50 gallons spilling into the waters here but we're talking about a heavy grade crude oil that apparently spilled from the "s.s. jeremiah
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o'brien." this happened at 11:00 this weekend. the risk was there enough to stop the closure of the area. the coast guard has been there to make sure clean-up doesn't impact their work. >> we haven't had any notification of beaches being closed. we're working with the commercial fishermen in the harbor to do the work with the minimal impact to their operations. >> initially they put around 6,000 feet of boom around the harbor.
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the spill apparently happened during an internal transfer on board. still trying to determine the exact cause of the spill but the oil sheen was pretty much gone by yesterday. no word when the entire clean-up will be done, though the initial estimates was two or three tiles over all. starting this morning, city officials will display up to 4,000 warning signs on those so-called quake risk buildings. the signs will warn people that the building's owners have not complied with the quake
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guidelines. >> the report ranked disasters by how likely they were to happen and how big the impact would be. >> 6:07 right now on your monday morning as we take a live look outside of downtown san jose. pretty early. about 6:00 this morning. "we are not sorsorry to say gooo yesterday." >> is that boyz ii men, by the way? >> let's get back to what's really important. and that is that you have some r & b knowledge and i'm very happy to hear it this morning. good morning to you. 64 in san martin, it's mild out
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there, another great song, "california dreamin'" because that's what the east coasters are going to be doing. temperatures looking cold over there for us. we're going to see just a beautiful finish to the summer here in the bay area, 66 in san francisco. what you can't see from that picture is overcast conditions. >> nice and cool today at 78 for the south base, east short 72. kind of warm in the tri-valley, not putt ba. some issues possible from the king fire. stick around. those are both coming up in my next report. if you have to get out that front door, though, set your tivo. >> let's start in the south. we do have a slower drive and a
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really curious thing. we told you about the reports right here. 1 1 northbound, you're getting more crowded and it will slow you down up toward 880. that's because of that volume of traffic. just before you get there, we m a crash at story, which sound like everything is shifting to a slowdown at tullly road. now a mattory is out on the roadway leaning up against the wall and it's on fire. i don't know why. chp said stay to your right and we'll get details on what's going on there. if there's anything of note to bring you, we'll let you know. usually they just put the fire out and clear it. the volume builds for the tri-valley. moving across 580 toward the san mateo bridge, 101 and bay road
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freeway is good. the fast tracker, they didn't slow down until later. that means the >> duane: 6:10, why the drought is now being blamed for a mudslide in northern california. >> plus, the man accused of getting into the white house with a knife heads to court today. now the national security is rethinking security around 1,600 pennsylvania and maybe for blocks in every direction. >> and hundreds of newborns get exposed to tuberculosis at a texas hospital or e-mail "the
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unit" at we investigate.
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welcome back. taking a live look at emeryville. the last day of summer. we usher in fall tonight. and right on cue, winter storm shaping up. i'll let you know what we're expecting from that storm system. any rain drops on your household? that answer coming up in just moments. >> we had a fire report on some roadway debris. we'll bring you the update here.
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on 880, we've got a lot of company here, we've seen a burst of traffic. >> and more local firefighters called up to help battle the king fire. thatfire has already burned more than 87,000 acres. that is about twice the size of oakland. 12,000 homes are still in the fire's path. >> and health care workers are trying to complete tuberculosis screenings after more than 700 newborns were exposed to that disease. so far all that have come in contact with that sick worker have all tested negative. >> apple says it sold offer 12 million iphones. >> visiting our nation's capitol
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could soon be a different experience. let's talk about what could be changing for some of the tourists. and also this man who made it into the white house. >> made it into the white house with a 2.5, 3-inch knife. the security change that we might be talking about that the secret service is considering is check points blocks away from the white house, not tantamount to what we see at the airport but just checking bags and kind of screening people for folks that they might consider dangerous. >> now, that suspect who managed to make it all the way into the white house is expected to make his first court appearance today. in case you missed it this weekend, he is a 42-year-old man who jumped the white house fence friday night, ran the length of the north lawn and got in
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through an unlocked front door of the first family's residence. a guard inside the white house did and happrehend him. >> how anyone, especially in these days of isis, could get into the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> on friday, another man was charged with trying to drive through the wipe it's a weapon what has me into the presidential manner. gonzalez is a homeless iraq veterans who served about 13 years until he retired in 2012 due to disability. a relative told "the washington post" that he was an amputee who
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suffered from post traumatic stress. he faces up to ten years for entering a security facility with a deadly weapon. by the way, white house guards don't carry tasers. they did release the dogs thae the dogs, which is one of the strategies they have, and a lot of people are wondering why. >> i wonder what he was trying to do. >> some news sources, and we haven't confirmed it, he said he felt like the atmosphere was falling and he needed to tell the president. so there are some mental health issues as well. >> laura, thank you. to the latest from our investigative unit, pg&e says it has high-level security in place to protect the electric.
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tonight we go undercover for a closer look. the investigative unit put the promise for enhanced security to the test. tony kovaleski and the team drove 1,600 miles throughout northern and central california staying on public property. they made more than a dozen unannounced visits the largest and most critical substations during the day and late at night. >> we spend over an hour of this apparent individual. >> it could be repeated across all the sites you showed me in less than 15 minutes. >> tonight we'll take you undercover to some of those very important substations, including
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visits to med cap, now 18 months before that attack. >> crews are assessing the damage after a melting glacier spent miles of mud sliding down matsle feg. >> a spokesperson said it's the largest on mount shafta in 20 years. >> now it's kind of fun -- clear on the roadway, at least by the golden gate bridge. >> today's the last day of summer right now. we're going to be on the wall side as we head to about 7:29. you know what? let talk about that. we're going to get into that right now. let's talk about some, say it with me now, science!
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okay, i'll say it by myself. michael say it with me. as we head throughout tonight, this is the deal. so it's actually really cool stuff i'm about to teach you, about to don you with some knowledge. so come around your tv, if you're not in front of it right now. today is the day when the night and date are going to be just about equal. something you may not know, the sun shines directly over the equator because of a 23.4 degree tilt of our earth. tonight at 7:29, the sun disappears, you get your warmest teaches right here. 64 degrees in oakland, we're at 63. kind of mild out there to sart the day in concord and 64 in san carl owe.
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mostly clear from that shot but you'll notice from this shot over here, san francisco a little bit of fog out there and plenty of low cloud all across the board. 67 degrees for season fran with rain on the way within the next 72 hours. i stopped that clock for you. as we head throughout late wednesday night into thursday, this front comes through. the models don't really agree as to what this front was going to do when it comes lieu the but we could be measuring if inches if all tiles out just right. right now let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> science! >> thank you. we're looking over here toward the valley, as you see slowing toward the hayward and fremont
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area. i do want to give you the update on the san jose issue. northbound 101, as you're passing by tully road. we had reports of a mattress on fi fire. >> chp said whaefrs going i. it's 101. we have a good vol um of trafhes struck scales there. no problems. and for $6.80 as well. fast track is still showing a good advantage, though. you still see that moving well.
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and through the north bay, just more company, no problems. back to you. >> still ahead on today today, a chief goes shopping outside and can help someone identify her.
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she eventually gets back in the car. the car appears to be a 2014/2015 silver chevy traverse suv with tinted windows. investigators say there was at least one other person in the car but can't be seen in the video. if you know anything about this incident, call livermore police. >> the city is struggling to find housing for the businesses damaged in the napa earthquake. the health and human services building was also damaged. all of those problems mean that hundreds of employees didn't have anywhere to go to work for
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weeks. the city hopes to have those damages repaired, though, within the next six months. >> still ahead, it could prove to be a pivotal week for president obama and his plans to defeat isis. we'll have details on his rare top-level meeting at the u.n. >> and three afghan soldiers visiting cape cod vanish. more on where they were last seen just ahead.
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this morning president obama makes his case to the world concerning the isis problem. >> and we'll tell you how long your showers could last in the microclimbat forecast this
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morning. >> an earl burst toward the bay bridge has things stacked up. >> see how things will sort out on wall street this morning. we hear the opening bells on nyse and nasdaq. >> a live look outside of san jose of what's going to be a beautiful start to our fall. this is monday, september 22, and you are watching "today in the bay". keep it positive. >> we're nothing but positive here at nbc bay area. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this could be a critical week as president obama continues to build a coalition in the battle to destroy the terrorist group
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isis. tracie potts joins us live from washington with more. >> reporter: that starts wednesday when the president gives a major address to the general assembly of the united nations, and then that afternoon he chairs the security council, which is an effort to fight global terrorism by clamping down on passports, people who leave the country, go to iraq or syria and fight there and then bring that fight home. he's hoping to create a global lock on passports so people won't be able to do that. as the president tries to get the backing other nations, the u.n. ambassador, samantha power, is saying they already have a number of nations, 40 of them, backing the u.s. plan to fight isis, this terror group. but who is doing what? they want to leave it up to every country to make those
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announcements on their own. power did say if we decide to use air strikes, that the u.s. will not be alone. we're told that the president has been briefed but hasn't made a decision yet. laura? >> one to watch. thank you very much. >> three separate high-profile searches under way now. in pennsylvania, they are hot on the trail of a man they believe ambushed and killed two state troopers two weeks ago. trackers have already found items eric frein's items. >> and over in massachusetts, the search is on for three
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afghan soldiers who went missing while training a the a military base. the three had been participating in the cooperation,er size at cape cod. they were last seen at a massachusetts mall. federal and state officials have been looking for them since saturday night when they first went missing. officials say the three are not a threat to the public. >> and over in fremont, they're waiting for the sun's arrival. >> how about the inspiring idea we are now moving into a brand new season, christina. >> that likely means our triple digit opportunities are going to diminish more and more as we head throughout the end of the month by october. i got to tell you, it wasn't that bad this summer. we actually had it pretty well off. in august cooler than average. now we're getting into september and we're tracking our second chance for rain as we head throughout this week. so not too bad to start.
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66 in san francisco, 64 in san carlos. you're waking up with widespread 60s today. temperatures aren't going to get much warmer. in san francisco you're going to climb to 67 degrees. that is it. we have an overcast sky serving as a blanket. this is where we're headed today, 78 in the south bay, 77 degrees, a beautiful day along the peninsula, palo alto looking really nice today, the east short at 72, 67 in san francisco. out in the tri-valley, a little on the warm side. in the north bay, straight up 80 as we head throughout your afternoon. we're talking rain chances and air quality when it comes to that king fire, how it could impact the bay area later on this week. stick around. that's coming up in my next report. mike has a couple reports for people who might be headed that way. visibility is pretty low out there because of the smoke and a little bit of fog out there.
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mike? >> through pollock finds, heading toward south lake tahoe, traffic flowing slowly but one lane closer to the fire, watch for traffic control and do what they say, folks. and in the circle, a mattress was on fire by tully road. we had a good deal of slowing. typical flow of traffic there and lighter than normal for north 101. it might have been an early burst and then folks calmed down for that portion of your bay. we have the steady build south 880 through hayward. a typical pattern past the san mateo bridge. you're getting a lot of company. no delays along the peninsula. a smooth drive for 101. certainly more company west 580.
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in dublin, you're seeing a smool drive with speeds coming down to the 50s and to the 40s at times and the bay bridge toll plaza, of course you have your metering lights on. it might not be a big deal to you, but if you're stuck in the cash lanes and watching those fast track lanes move, boy, i get jealous. i don't know why you wouldn't have a transponder. get a transponder. they're a little box, they don't cost anything extra and it speeds up your commute. >> but it's monday. who's in a rush to get to work? you just want to take your time. >> the markets are now open for business. we heard the bell just moments ago. they're down. a live look at the big board right now. about 26 points so far. we got the numbers in, apple announced 10 million iphone 6 and 6 plus models sold in the past three days alone, pushing that stock to about even right
6:37 am
now. >> and the iphone sales a record, according to tim cook. pretty impressive. >> still ahead, nasa returning to the red planet. the 442 million mile mission. >> and taking a little look more news ahead. stick around.
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they found that telecommuters are more productive and make more of an effort to help out their co-workers. that is because they go above and beyond to make everyone aware of their work away from the office. it also noted working from home was a good option for managing a conflict between a productive employees and a boss. >> that won't work with what we
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do, sam. >> and a shanghai sub dairy was reportedly putting new expiration dates on the meet before selling it to mcdonald's and yum brands which runs kfc and pizza hut. yum brand says they have halted all brands from that company and are investigating. >> late last night the maven satellite successfully reached the red planet after traveling some 440 million miles. maven will spend the next year in orbit. >> coming up, a change in weather helps crews make progress on the massive wildfire east of sacramento. a look at how the king fired
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managed to ruin an international event this weekend. >> plus, new video of an army vet who scaled the fence and made it into the white house with a knife. >> we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news after this break.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and track on "today in the bay." >> the king fire has burned an area twice the size of oakland approximately. more bay area crews are joining the fight and has forced the cancellation of an internationally recognized race. bob redell joins us.
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>> reporter: that's how difficult and how large this fire is, sam, that cal fire is having to lean on agencies outside the immediate area, calling on help in the bay area. you're looking at a photo from the alameda fire department. this was them prepping to send 21 firefighters along with engines and they're on the front lines trying to fight this fire. the keng fiing fire is only 17% contained, grown by 5,000 acres, now, the smoke is having an impact on air quality. organizers of the triathlon race in lake tahoe had to pull the plug on the event just minutes before start time because of
6:46 am
sensor recording high levels of particulate matter. that can get in your lungs and eventually in your blood stream. it can be very dangerous. this was a huge disappointment for athletes who had spent hundreds, in some cases thousands of dollars on this race, not to mention months, if not years, of training. >> i came up here early to acclimate from sea level. i spent a lot of money, booked my accommodation as year in advance, i've been training for a solid nine months. >> reporter: people could have heavy activity for two or three hours in those smokey conditions. but when you have swimming, running and biking, over ten hours, it's just too dangerous, hence the reason why they pulled the plug on the ironman triathlon. they had several other events in
6:47 am
tahoe that were cancelled or postponed because of poor air quality from the kings fire. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the precautions make sense but tough for the athletes. thank you very much, bob. >> let's take a peek outside overlooking the san mateo bridge. we'll check the commute in just moments with mike. but first bringing on christina. last day of summer. >> the last dance. >> it is the last dance. >> last chance. >> for romance? hey, i just got married. i just creeped myself out. wind out of the northeast and 5 miles per hour. here's the deal when it comes to the situation. we had some really good humidity
6:48 am
recoveries overnight. this is going to fall to about 35% as we get into this evening and that's when it will be the hardest for the firefighters to battle the blaze because it's also when the wind will be the highest. it's going to filter into the tahoe basin and into reno. if you have to head through here, go ahead and keep your windows shut tight and keep that air recycling inside your vehicle. as we head throughout your week, that's probably going to be a story. as we told you before, the containment still in the teens. the temperatures are going to be comfortable for the final day of summer. i do hate to see it goes as well but i'm happy with what i'm seeing out there in the pacific of time i check those models.
6:49 am
for us today, temperatures are going to be comfortable. we're starting out in the 50s and 60s, headed toward the upper 70s. upper 60 today in san francisco and right around 80 degrees straight up in the north bay. so here's our next weather maker, very well defined front. as we head throughout wednesday into thursday, we fire up the rain chances. the best chance for the greater bay area looks like thursday. that's the day you get a free car wash and you want to remember to bring your umbrella with you. so when we meet back here tomorrow, we'll have more on that. let's talk to mike about your drive. >> we're looking to the south bay with the build that's coming back. look now just ten minutes later, we do have a slower drive developing, 85, 87, 280, they're all seeing more traffic. speeds are starting to come
6:50 am
down, typical pattern here. h.p. pavilion, i've just marked a concert tonight. we expect to hear caty perry roar over there. this is the central expressway in lawrence. there are some sand bails that got damaged over there. there may be traffic repair. >> you are picking up the volume on the san mateo bridge. we just that means the 101 will be slower on the next side. tonight the a's are playing so there will be post-game traffic through the area. right now it's moving very slowly through the bay area. you pick up some company so
6:51 am
we're approaching 101. typical pattern, back to you. >> investigators say a pedestrian killed on an east bay freeway was a 24-year-old woman who had pulled over to deal with car problems. chp officers were called to the scene just after 11:00 p.m. by someone who had hit the woman. investigators say the victim had parked her car on the side of the road. she turned on her hazards and pulled over to call for help. she was hit one time, possibly more. >> 84-year-old leland prior lef his townhouse on partridge way near dakota road friday morning
6:52 am
and has not been seen since. he has no cell phone or wallets. if you see him, union city police would like to hear from you. and the "s.s. jeremiah o'brien" had an oil spill that occurred in san francisco over the weekend. thousands of -- actually, we're going to be moving ahead now -- this morning city officials from napa will post. >> a new problem off the field for the 49er player accused in a domestic violence case. sources tell nbc bay area someone broke into the san jose home of ray mcdonald saturday
6:53 am
night. he was in arizona for sunday's game against the cardinals. no suspects have been named in the case. police arrested him last month on suspicion of fell any domestic violence. the decision to lead him on the field has led to growing criticism from several high-profile players and current politicians. >>. >> kris sanchez is joining us and other fallout after a scary situation at the white house recently. >> it was frightening, not only for the first family, which had just departed the white house, but also because it is a breach that makes you wonder who else could get it? >> a man with a knife got inside
6:54 am
the white house and guard did take him down. the secret service has already upped sur veins. >> one source said could include bag check but not metal detectors. >> especially in these days of isis and we're concerned about terrorist attacks, someone could actually get into the white house without be after gonzalez's entry into the white house, there was another man arrested for also trying to breach security, making it on to white house property with his car.
6:55 am
in case you're wondering -- anyone who appears to be unarmed -- he did not appear to have any explosives attacked to him. guards do not carry tasers also, so the only option is to shoot and to release the dogs. that's a big question this morning, why were the dogs not released as he made his way across the lawn? laura? >> it is 6:55 right now. the popular swimming spot is off limi limits this weekend. steph, how big of an impact are we talking here? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the oil sheen here is pretty much gone. we're not talking about a large amount, less than 50 gallons bus
6:56 am
you where the coast card put no -- the s.s. jeremiah o'brien" is docked here. the other side is the popular aquatic park. the oil spill is closed enough to post a health risk and no swimming. no word on when swimming will be allowed again there. the california department fish and wildlife works to make sure there's minimal impact to the marine life here while the coast guard is try to. >>. >> it will be men mall impact to their operations. >> and the coast guard immediately had tried to recover the fuel, putting about 6,000
6:57 am
feet of boom around the harbor where the oil sheen was. they're still trying to determine exactly what caused. no exact -- i'll be done but the leanoff. >> live now, expect the roads to get a little busier today. back in session, stanford university. >> more local firefighters have been called up to help battle the king fire, burning still in el dorado county. that fire has burned through
6:58 am
37,000 acres of land, about twice the size of oakland. 1,200 homes are still in the fire's path. >> and 700 newborns were exposed to tuberculosis. it happened after a nurse who worked in the unit. >> okay, any records in the weather department on the last day of summer? >> right about average for us today, it's kind of unusual. it's going to feel like the final day of summer. we're going to have rain in the forecast. we'll tell you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. >> and on the roadways, hopefully nothing jamming people up. >> right now it's all right but
6:59 am
four more universities, a lot of them are commuter schools. the san mateo bridge does have a slow down. they have cameras on both sides of the freeway there. lowing a bit and we'll speck. >> so we say good-bye to summer but hopefully don't avoid the summer. giants will get a crucial three-game series with the dodgers tonight. they need a sweep for any hope at that division title. >> we're all very cautiously optimistic. the ball bounces over the fence in left field, ends up with a little girl celebrating her birthday. padres wouldn't hand it over
7:00 am
until she had. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25. . good morning. where are they? three afghan soldiers training with the u.s. military on cape cod disappear and authorities are now asking the public to help track them down. this morning, a live report from the pentagon. headed to court, the iraq war veteran who made it all the way through the front doo of the white house goes before a judge today as the secret service faces tough questions about whether they're doing enough to keep the president and his family safe. on the run. the man police described as a person of interest in the case of missing uva student hannah graham speeds away from officers who were following him


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