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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ramp, traffic in the area will get between the east bay and the city and will have to figure out their commute. >> i don't know which way i'm going to go yet. >> now look at a map of alternative routes. of course this is going to be causing some traffic headaches for folks so we have our mike inouye. >> good morning, stephanie. that will be a big issue for
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folks as we adjust for the next few weeks. the bay bridge, they're probably going to slow the metering lights on earlier, that's just to keep the traffic into the city a little bit lighter. once you do reach that first off ramp, it's only the fremont exit now officially. if you want to get to folsom, you can take fremont off there. we're looking at the closure. the approach getting into season fran westbound 80, that's the harrison street. if you get off the fremont exit, you have to take a series of four turns here. a big adjustment for traffic flow. watch out for the traffic lane changes. this is going to last until march. hopefully folks will quickly
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approach. >> u.s. attacks in syria are still sinking in this morning as we look to find out whether the drops by planes and drones hit their marks. the strikes were in cooperation with five other nation and did considerable damage. the attacks target isis and syria where air strikes were carried out by manned and unmanned warships. so far it's unclear if anyone has died as a result of these air strikes or whether the targets were successfully destroyed. this morning syria said the u.s. informed its government before the air strikes happened and just a few hours ago the israeli
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military said it shot down a syrian aircraft that had entered its airspace. >> developing this morning, more evacuations are under way as crews worried wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour could spread an already massive king fire. warmer temperatures and low humidity along with strong winds are all in the forecast today. ten homes have been burned along with 22 other sheds and shacks. an additional 12,000 home are in danger and crews say a strong gust of wind is all it could take to blow this fire out of control. some firefighters, including some if the bay area, are working to get the fire under control. >> and people living near the fire lines are finding ways to show their appreciation for those who have been fighting the
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fire. residents of placerville are offering up their gratitude and sweets. >> dozens of crews have been deployed, including crews from alameda county, oakland and costra county. >> supervisor in --
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>> according to the chronicle, south bay domestic violence nonprofit next proposed a solution to ray mcdonald. the mayor agreed to discuss a resolution at tonight's meeting. >> a controversial hiv-prevention drug could soon be affordable to anyone who wants it in san francisco. supervisors are expected to vote today on a resolution to expand the use of truvada. researchers say when taken regularly, it has been proven to lower a person's chances of getting hiv. if passed today, the health
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department would have until december to develop a plan addressing the education and affordability of the drug. >> the police right now are looking for numerous people who hopped a fence at a peninsula repair shot and then stole several cars. it happened on island parkway in belmont. investigators say thieves hopped the finance, broke into the office and stole keys. at least one car was already found in the east bay. pand police want to know if you know this man. this surveillance video was taken on september the 19th but just released. can you see a man pacing around the inside of the complex's garage. police say he tried to take two vehicles but couldn't tliefl get them started.
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he got away but if you know anything about him, police want you to con ticket them. >> we want to hear from christina this morning. >> i'm guessing you're saying it's the first day of fall. >> that's not the only reason. >> wait a minute, wait a minute -- >> it's her birthday. >> it's the autumnal equinox. i wanted to show you the wind direction because your containment not up that much this morning, up to 18% away from the king fire. so we don't have any air quality concerns here but if you're going to be helped towards reno
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or tahoe today, you want to keep the windows up and keep the air recycling inside your vehicle. temperatures are going to be running just a tad above normal but not too bad. 73 degrees is a nice looking day on the peninsula. 81 in the north day today, east shore is looking fantastic at 3w7 4 degrees. in the tri-valley, 84 degrees is the forecasted temperature. let's go to mike. >> happy birthday. >> donna: christina, happy birthday fall. >> as you're heading past university and willow, we're talking about marsh where there are two lanes that are blocked now by water.
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bob redell is up like. it looks like there must be some sort of busted sprinkler heads. el cammine owe hitting two rights or you can just jump on the woodside road area. anywhere north of there, thur just fine. meanwhile, getting across the bay bridge we look at the treasure island approach. we see a smooth drive now. but getting into san francisco expect big slowing and across the upper deck this morning. they've closed that folsom street off ramp. accessing folsom a big hassle. you might want to shift over to your left and get over toward the harrison street offramp. we'll remind you about that.
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clear through dublin, guys. >> mike: the tem. >> then he or she will get to sit down and check out the view. construction on the stadium is entering its final stages and is set to open in time for the 2015 major league soccer steedium. >> new reports and certainly shutting down beats music just months as they acquired the company. >> plus experts trying to hack the mek.
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>> how a teacher was able to save a boy from being attacked by a fox.
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new this morning, a government watch dog tried to hack into a web site. >> despite seeing more than 10 million iphone 6s the first weekend of sales, apple stock relatively flat this morning. the company not worried, however, already turning its attention to something else. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hey there. we've got some conflicting reports about apple. it's denying a report it plans to shut down beats music. it bought the service back in
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may for $3 million. at the time beats music had only a few hundred thousand subscribers. apple is expected to make changes to beats, which will means the beats will go away but the service wouldn't. >> the nasdaq didn't fair very well yesterday, down 52 points. it was shares of smaller companies, though, that bore the brunt of the losses with the russe russe russell 2000 index. >> sony plans to start selling its playstation box next month. users can also access hundreds of tv shows and movies.
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playstation tv will cost $100 or $140 with a wire less kel. >> the theater venue has been closed since june. they plan to rent it out until they can find a permanent solution for that building. >> and san hope say looking to expand the children's museums. >> kids love it.
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pt. >> let's be serious, though, chasing three triplets around, i can hardly imagine. we have widespread low clouds to start. that's going to keep us really comfortable. now that we have officially transitioned into the bay nave been -- and we're 40 days away from the end of daylight saving time. then the good one. we gain an hour of sleep. that occurs on january 2nd. so when it comes to our first fall showers, right on queue, 36 hours out. we stop that clock for you at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. showers moving into the north end of sonoma county.
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even the south bay where we typically get a rain shadow, we're going to get a little precipitation down here. don't go doing anything crazy like washing your car. we're not expecting any heavy totals. we might just get enough to keep your lawn most and dry but we could pick up half an inch to an inch if this thing comes down right. i do believe that this system is going to argue a little bit more and we could get some generous reallyin reallyings. >> and i met --
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>> a fox bit a 7-year-old on his wrist and ankle. a anymore teacher ran to hem him help and -- >> she was being attacked as she was trying to get the fox off my son. >> the school psychologist all the victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. they're now testing it for rabies. >> 4:51 right now. the giants going into extras last night. roar. >> lambing over here folks get. >> part of the bay shore freeway is closed now because of water on the road. we'll talk about that coming up.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. 4:54 on your tuesday morning as we take a live peek outside at at&t park. get those playoff juices flowing. hopefully the giants still on the road ready for game two in a key series with the los angeles dodgers. tonight's game begins at 7:10. if you're with us at this hour, you didn't stay up last night to watch the dodgers. the angels put up three and
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defeated the dodgers. right now the dodgers lead the rays by 3 1/2 games with a handful of games to go. >> the a's beat the anaheim angels last night 8-4, which means oakland hangs on to the top spot in the wild card race. tonight's game starts at 7:05. >> while most stadiums have kiss cams, the braves have the simba cam. many people are praising the team for the inventive alternative to the kiss cam.
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>> i love that. that is fantastic. >> it teakes a brave parent to hoist your baby up like that. >> also, michael jackson had a pla blanket cam. hold safely, not over the edge. >> this is peninsula 101 northbound. it's okay in palo alto, look at the map. two lanes are closed because of some flooding and that they just shut off the water causing that keyed. very clearly, this is all south of woodside. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza but over toward san francisco. with her that that fremont folsom street is recon figuring.
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folsom will not be an easy drive. approach that area after treasure island and move over to your left, use harrison, take a couple of lefts back on to folsom and you should be okay. >> thanks very much. >> the fight over filming. what they are doing to try to appease people upset with it.
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pg&e promised aggressive commits to security. we investigate whether pg&e kept its promise to protect the system powering millions of bay area homes. >> has pg&e done enough to prevent another attack?
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>> we are working every day to make sure it never happens again. >> on nbc news, we investigate. we continue to follow developing news. isis responding to recent air strikes by the u.s. and the arab nation. the terrorist group releasing a new video overnight. we have details and a live report. >> plus you may need to allow some extra time getting to work today. >> and toward the city, as you approach 101, we have an issue
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due to roadway flooding and we have a closing in the san francisco area. >> and even though we start the the new. >> showers move in late tomorrow and your microep climate thok. >> this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. traffic is being diverted around flooding on highway 101 in redwood city, prompting officials to order a sig alert.


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