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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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due to roadway flooding and we have a closing in the san francisco area. >> and even though we start the the new. >> showers move in late tomorrow and your microep climate thok. >> this is "today in the bay." >> and a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. traffic is being diverted around flooding on highway 101 in redwood city, prompting officials to order a sig alert.
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bob, you got stuck in that mess yourself today? >> reporter: i did. just below us until about ten minutes ago it was a burst sprinkler line that had been gushing on po but the issue right now is call tran is trying to move the mix out and o, which it looks like they might be almost finished doing. csh has shut down the two left lanes pip they've been shut down for the past 20 minutes or so. so until you got those two left lanes open, you're going to have a slowing of the traffic.
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chp thinks they could have this open within any missouri of the next. >> so, again, they had a a burst sprinkler line, there was gushing water that was bust. but cal france here did have it turned up and trying to get those two left lanes reopen. reporting live here along knocked. >> also a developing story this morning, new video reportedly showing the aftermaft of u.s. air strikes in syria, they are targeting terrorist element and key allies are stepping in to help. >> mike: chris, this is all part
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of in the. >> and we will father. let's take a look. >> he self-defeerpd this video is of american air strikes launched from the u.s. it by those american fighters jets and the bombers. now nbc new is trying to fill skon firm this youtube video that was posed, claiming to play the attacks as they you were a meantime, the it it sz.
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the aircraft was shot down over the israeli the >> duane: our defense capabilities, our patriot air force defense mechanism intercepted the aircraft and we are currently reviewing the incident. >> back to the u.s. action in syria, monster again, we expect to hear from president obama himself at 7 dlk it but be woe wp. >> okay. well, pag pag customers -- >> that's okay. they have a chance to voice their opinions today on new monthly charges. puig wants to add a $10,000 to
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everyone's bill. they say the charges hogs subs in several student came planed by thee this this is second time this is the first exit coming left off the bay bring. today the closure is expected to cause some pretty big backups. good morning, steph. >> good morning to you, laura.
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part of the plan is to make the pedes treen friendly save and they've turned the trial roo is it still open this morning that there are those coals she was completely rof it ppg, just be mig might. >> it some days better than others. today's not a good day. >> i don't have any choice. it's not ideal. >> reporter: not ideal but there are ways around one of the alternative routes is the
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harrison exit that is the far ramp any city. now, back to your life, you're looking at the part of the cracks project that will turn that area into one with a crosswalk, as well as traffic sill nalls for peddest wants wap coming up in our nks report, they decided to put the closure in so early in stephanie twng what impediments could possibly lie in their way? one big problem will be the other drivers. i'll explain why there's a potential for a big problem. now, you see traffic flowing
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smoothly past the fremont street off ramp. we're talking about right here. harrison street. typically you get off on this side. harrison ethat the. >> if you exit on fremont you have to take four left turns to get back on to that fremont area. it's going to be very con skresed for most of this offense. and the who-a-day happens. >> right now prepare for a bigger delay. they may show down the metering lights to keep you in traffic in
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san francisco parkas soon as like claj. >> it's so interesting, the psychology of driving. everybody has different places to be, different urgency levels and we're all in our own little bubble. today you can go ahead and roll down the windes, it feels comfortable out there, we're in the 60s. as i head throughout the afternoon, it's going to feel like summertime, temperatures above average for the first official day of call. but we've got showers on the way as of tomorrow night. >> you, your sunrise and sun set starting to come in a little you're going to lear 7:08. so enjoy the wamt while it lasts.
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71 degrees, another warm day coming your way in san francisco. that's about average for you. hey, even not too bad in the hot spots. looking good from the tri-valley. more about that rain coming up. i know the baria is a big play. back to you, sam and laura. >> it's 5:10. san francisco is considering regularing how film companies do business in city neighborhoods. the boards are considering requiring to give businesses or neighbors 72 hours notice before they shut down streets or houses. "san andreas" shut dunn portions of the area. many residents field wanted or noticed.
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>> why one group says the zuckerbergs make bad neighbors.
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a virgin american flight to los angeles made an unscheduled landing because of an unruly passenger.
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passengers say the man started arguing with the woman and started trying to open the play door during the flight. they were able to restrain him until the plane landed. the man was handcuffed and taken to a local hospital for observation. >> facebook inventor zuckerberg has been working on a construction project. many neighbors say they are sick of the no parking signs, the dust and all of the noise. >> i think the contractors tried to do a good job but it goes on and on and on and there's a lot of con jugestion and the noise
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it goes on six days a week. >> zuckerberg's personal trouble certainly not affecting the facebook stock. let's turn to dominic chu at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, dominic. >> good morning, laura. stocks fell sharply on monday, the dow and s&p 500 had their worst day in the month. the nasdaq down 52 points to 4527. now shares of smaller companies bore the brunt of the losses, though. the russell 2000 index of smaller companies fell more than 1%. there's a surprise drop in u.s. home sales over the past month.
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>> customers can use these printers to create their own prototypes. if you can't afford one of those big printers, can you outsource it. >> the area of a dudley mudslide has reopened. a $28 million project that was funded by the federal government. the mudslide on march 22nd killed 43 people and buried 49 homes. >> it is 5:16 right now. we want to welcome meteorologist christina loren. >> red is supposed to be good luck for the birthday person.
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>> you also know it's our color. >> what is the significance of red for the birthday girl? >> we'll look into that. sam trying to get me in trouble on my birthday. you never got out of it, what are you talking about? we're at 66 degrees on the east shore. i've got to tell you it is going to be nice. the leaves turn in the fall here in the bay area. part of the reason why the leaves turn color are shorter days, limit that chlorophyll production, the leaves change color, lose that green and eventually they die and fall off the trees. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be a little bit on the warm side. summer's grip hanging on type for the bay area. that's just about pushing the
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threshold for your air conditioner for today. so you night get buy and it will inten intense. >> as we head through tomorrow, you'll notice your temperatures are going to stay tudy and they be those numbers drop like a rock, as we head between a with so let's talk. timing of this storm system. we have another round of rain. but for tomorrow night, we stop that clock for you. 5:00 p.m., showers pushing in at that point. they'll spread to the south and when we meet back here tomorrow morning, we will have activated the doppler because we have shower and as we head throughout the second half of the day, we
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will get a little bit of a break. but some residdual moisture on the way for and that's typically what we get in the north bay, santa rose a, for kept. >> that's when we really hopefully everything will pan out. things are looking good there. red in japanese cults is forenat, with and at the bay bridge, you may see some extra slowing here. getting into san francisco is okay for now but that
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folsom/fremont exit is being reconfigured. folsom you might be better off getting off at harrison off to the right. we're watching for that to impact the westbound. so far not the case. an easy drive northbound past willow where we had two lanes blocked. we should have those lanes reopened any second now. no problem for the bay shore freeway right at the stone road. >> a suspected master mind of
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kidnapping and murder has been arrested. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law is expected to learn his fate today in a courtroom in manhattan. he was convicted back in march for conspiring to kill americans. he face as possible life sentence. >> and two former high ranking washington, d.c. power brokers are criticizing paj paj in the rite. some of pg&e's largest and most critical substations in northern and central california. it comes from the former chair of the -- a three-month nbc bay
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area investigation challenges the utility's claim that it now has high level security in place. >> did metcalf scare you? >> oh, it scared me to death. it still scares me today. >> why? >> because it's evident at least from the reporting that you've done that we have not taken substantial steps to in fact protect the physical security of these facilities. >> we work every day to make sure our security is in place so we don't have another metcalfe. >> investigator reporter tony kovaleski takes you up close and shows you the answers. you're invited to watch tonight at 11:00 on on nbc bay area. >> 5:22 on your tuesday morning. how this year's super bowl is going to make history and be good for the environment at the saturday time. coming up next.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. look at the lights illuminated on the bay bridge this morning. very nice start. first day of fall as well. we'll check the forecast with christina coming up. this year's super bowl will make history becoming the first ever to become under lights. >> they debuted the lights under sunday's game when the cardinals hosted the 49ers. the l.e.d.s are made for super slow motion, meaning the slow-mo flicker has it sometimes does under other lights and those lights can be turned on and off instantly. you can remember for the niners game against the ravens to resume when they had the
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blackout. >> parents of a mighty might team in new york thought it might be fun to get the kids to run through the banner for the first time. kids just aren't that strong enough to break through. why did they make it running? they have to get paper! why do they use vinyl? >> it's a rush of excitement. >> 5:26 right now. the city of santa gets ready to take on the nfl plus domestic violence. >> plus battling the king fire this morning. a red flag warning now in effect.
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>> plus a high-end dealership.
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what police are telling us about the unusual heist next. >> and another one on an unofficial day of showers. you might need your umbrella for a couple days. >> and closing an off ramp in san francisco may cause a major backup for all of the bay bridge this morning. i'll talk you through the change. >> and a live look at san jose. the rain may be coming on its way. it is tuesday, september the 23rd and you are watching today in the bay. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> police are looking for a
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thief from a popular car dealership. bob redell joins us. >> reporter: they recovered one of the cars quite a ways away in the east bay. this is on island parkway. several thieves climbed the fence, they found the keys to the cars that have been left overnight for the dealership of the repairs. police confirmed at least nine were stolen with one being stolen in the east bay. it's not clear if dealerships have surveillance cameras that might have caught or captured an image of the suspects. we have reached to s.j.p., we
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have reports that several men stole five cars from formula 1 motors and another eight from mercedes-benz. it is very suspicious. >> okay, they're going to have to up their security. thanks, bob. >> also developing this morning, more evacuations are under way near pollock pines as low humidity, winds and higher temperatures are in the forecast. an additional 12,000 homes are in danger and crews say a strong gust of wind is all it could take to get the fire under
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control. right now the fire is only 18% contained. people who live near the fire lines are finding ways to show their appreciation. people have put up banners so customers can sign their names and show their thanks. even the youngest of residents offering up appreciation and some sweets. >> what are you going to do with the candy? >> give it to the firefighters. >> this has been one of the most hospitable communities i've ever been deployed to. >> dozens of firefighters from the bay area have been deployed to help fight that fire several areas. >> so much particulate matter in the air. we talked about it yesterday, they had to cancel the ironman up in the tahoe area. that's still up there, isn't it? >> yes.
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they're urging people to be careful. even if you're driving in the area, you're talking about very high levels of pollution. in the morning hours, your visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. if you want to keep that in mind, it's just not a great time to head over to the tahoe basin. as we head throughout the next couple days, that smoke is going to continue to drift towards tahoe, towards reno but we've got a storm system coming in and whenever that occurs, you get instability ahead of that front. at this time the wind is pretty calm in the bay area and you can see that will keep the smoke here out of the bay area. the wind is going to intensify for today. so firefighters are going to be on guard today and tomorrow and then hopefully we'll get some heavy downpours throughout friday. we'll keep you updated on that and your local forecast in just a few minutes.
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right now back to you for the rest of the top stories of today. >> driving into san francisco this morning, you're being advised to expect heavier-than-normal traffic because the folsom street off ramp in the financial district is closed this morning. >> "today in the bay" is live by the off ramp where traffic is starting to build up already this morning. good morning, steph. >> reporter: good morning. the folsom street off ramp is said to be closed for half a year to make it more pedestrian friendly and to allow for more housing. joining us is eric young with the transportation authority. tell bus the traffic impact here. >> we are taking the folsom street offramp out of service but we're hoping that the impacts on the bridge aren't too drastic. we've been emphasizing is that
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the harrison street off ramp is uneffective and open and that can get you to folsom as well and the fremont ramp remains open. >> we've got some events coming up like oracle, open world, 250 buses from the city and treasure island. >> we've done outreach specifically too oracle and to other businesses that we think might be affected. to let people know well in advance that this is happening. >> reporter: so more pedestrian friendly in the area, perhaps for high rises as well. >> we are in a redevelopment area. this is part of the transbay redevelopment plan. where we are right behind me is slated for housing in coming years, more than 600 units. so that is happening as well as
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the safety improvements that will be coming about. >> reporter: eric young, thank you so much for joining us this morning. there will be some cement barriers put in place on the off ramp. coming up, the next report to area businesses. we'll have that live. >> thanks so much, steph. something people are going to have to get used to for quite some time. >> one of the recommendations, alternates there for the transportation authority, what are you suggesting to drivers this morning? >> that might be the easiest as far as changes and turn. let's talk them through that. harrison street probably your best right now. we're looking over here, sam and laura, but we do have the cash lanes backed up we may see the
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metering lights turned on. we do see a good volume. we want to keep this volume a little lighter to ease folks heading into san francisco. harrison street on the opposite side of the fremont. you can't access folsom directly on there. you'll loop back around. if you exit fremont street, you have to take a series of four left turns into a a very congested area already. you'd have to do this whole circuitous route. that will mean taking last-minute lane changes getting off the bridge. use caution and watch out for your fellow drivers. we do see a smooth map right now, just the build starting. the earlier flooding through the park has cleared as far as any
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slowing, no problems there. your typical build coming out of the altimont pass. back to you. >> recovery continues this morning after the south napa earthquake. this morning the county supervisor will meet to discuss extending its state of emergency. damage topped $5 million in the city of vallejo alone. supervisors are considering using millions from the county's contingency refund. >> meantime over in the south bay, santa clara city council members will be voting on whether to bench ray mcdonald
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until the conclusion his charges. next door lashed out claiming the city was trying to protect business interests and the mayor agreed to discussion the issue tonight. >> a concentrated effort in the fight against isis. >> a u.s. team is teaming up with arab nations for a series of air strikes in syria. isis is responding. >> experts trying to hack the web site. they're going to tell you what they found next. ...we need to break up.
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>> the number of infections
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could soar to 21,000 by november unless they ramp up efforts to curb the outbreaks. ebola could continue to sicken people for years to come without better control measures. there are -- >> world leaders are meeting to discuss climate change for the first time in five years. they begin today at the u.n. headquarters in new york city. they hope to cut back on emissions by this time next year. >> government watch dogs say they've tried to hack into the new web site. the health and human services department says its own
5:46 am
employees hacked into the system to test security features. the experts said they found a number of features where the web sites were vulnerable to hackers. so some bit of confidence there. >> there we go, it's 5:46 right now. first day of fall. >> first day of fall feeling like summertime. we rarely get average. we did yesterday. that is what it's supposed to feel like for the last day of this summer. the first day of fall, it's going to be warmer out there 61 in san martin and temperatures are going to dive, we will be in chowder weather territory before you know it. so enjoy that vitamin d while it's still coming in full force for the bay area. we're at 61 in san martin, 69 degrees in beautiful san jose. so i want to start with a look at the bay area from space because this really tells the weather story of the day.
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you can see from this picture, we've got widespread cloud cover out there similar to yesterday. temperatures aren't going to skyrocket, not too hot out there but it will be warmer than average for the first official day of fall. the north bay is looking good, it will be warm at 81 degrees, 73 degree, 74 degrees, for the east shore, meanwhile you'll hit 84 degrees, not a bad way coming your way out in the tri-valley. big changes as we head throughout the next 36 hours. we take it right to your futurecast, we stopped the clock for you. at 5:00 p.m., you can see showers moving into sonoma county at that point. the north bay is going to see the highest rainfall totals per usual, the classic front coming in from the north. as it comes in the south bay area, falling apart from the santa cruz mountains.
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so not significant totals but enough to wash your car. after all, we are still in a drought but this is not the only opportunity for rain in our future. as we head throughout this thursday, a little bit of shower activity taking a break for friday, saturday and much of next week. and then for the first week of october, we get two good looking storm systems starting to organize in the pacific. it's a traffic tuesday. >> happy birthday. it's christina as birthday tuesday as well. there is a nice treat for folks. we do have the build. look at the map we're talking about out of the altimont has. nothing unusual. we'll track it because we already see a little build as folks are coming up. no surprises so far. your approach toward the bay bridge moves nicely. there's a game for the oakland a's tonight. an easy flow through the maze
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right now but the metering lights are turned on toward the toll bay plaza. remember how that folsom street ramp will be closed. the harrison will loop you around and that will cause some to dart across the roadway. watch out for your fellow drivers. likely to see slower metering lights to keep traffic slower on the span itself. that first burst really kicking in now. just sudden burst of traffic at 6:80. back to you. >> the city is considering feedback it received about the future of the hammer theater center. that venue has been closed since june. now san jose planning to rent it
5:50 am
out when it finds a permanent solution to that building. and san jose also planning a major addition. the city plan will consider that plan this afternoon. >> good hands on for those kids. a second grader in connecticut back home this morning one day after a fox attacked him on the school playground. the fox bit 7-year-old evan on his wrist. he said he didn't even see it coming. a gym teacher ran to help him and the fox turned on her. >> my teacher got it off of me and i got up and ran away. >> she was being attacked as she was trying to get the fox off my son. i'm very grateful for her. >> a school psychologist was also bitten when trapping the fox under a recycling bin.
5:51 am
the animal was shot and killed and is now being tested for rabies. >> the giants going into extra innings, wrapping up before midnight. did you see the results? if not, we'll tell you when we come back.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. 5:53 on your tuesday morning. apple denying a report by tech crunch that it plans to shut down beat music. apple bought it back in may for $3 billion. at the time beats music only had a few hundred thousand subscribers. later now we're learning that
5:54 am
apple is expected to make some changes to beats which could mean the brand will go away but the service will not. >> a major milestone for the new san jose earthquake stadium this morning. >> the team is going to begin installing the stadium seating, giving one lucky season ticket holder watching her seat in go for itself. the stadium located near san jose airport is set to open in time for the 2015 mls season. who is pumped? we are. >> at&t park this morning giants still on the road, ready for game two in a key series. tonight's game starts at 7:10. and if you're up early with us, odds are you didn't see the end of the marathon game with the
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dodgers. they held on to beat the dodgers 5-2. the two team battling out for the top spot in the national league west. excitement on both of baseball. the a's have increased their league in the american league wild card race. oakland now holds on to that top spot in the wild card race with on a handful of games to go. they'll play again tonight at 7:05. >> "the circle of life." have you seen this? while most people have the kiss cam, well, they have the simba cam. internet really loving the idea.
5:56 am
yeah, holding a player, too. many praising them for the alternative to the kiss cam. everyone loves babies but everyone hates the other lion scar. >> good morning to you. temperatures mostly in the 60s. it's the first day of fall. my birthday always trumped by the first day of fall. go figure. 66 on the east side, 65, 51 degrees -- what? get out your jacket. dress in layers up. up to 81 degrees out there. i'm working on my biceps so we can get that done. >> thank you for holding me up
5:57 am
simba style. we're looking over here toward the bay bridge. the metering lights getting into san francisco. look at the maps. there's a good slowdown at the toll plaza. that folsom street onramp is closed. meanwhile the rest of your routes are smooth. >> we're learning more details about the man who hopped the fence at the white house and made it all the way into the white house before he was arrested. >> and winded heat expected to make things difficult at pollock pines.
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right now at 6:00, militants
6:00 am
target syria overnight. >> and a watery mess on a bay area highway. flooded lanes backed up traffic early this morning. >> we'll give you an update on the traffic in that area, as well as the closure for the off ramps in san francisco, which is likely to affect the entire bay bridge. >> and the time for boots and scarves has officially arrived. maybe not just yet. it will be mild for the first day of fall but we're counting on showers within the next 36 hours. lots to come this morning in your microweather forecast. >> hopefully it's enough to wash your car this morning. it is tuesday, december 23rd on


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