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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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discovery inside one of the units. good evening. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. densely populated area in mountain view, off el camino real. nbc's peggy bunker at the scene with the latest. peggy? >> reporter: indeed, a gruesome discovery. what started out as possibly a gas leak on the avenue has turned into the discovery of two body. hazmat crews went inside, a suicide note posted on the front door. the neighbor called police. police arrived. decided they needed backup. the smell so toxic. chemical smell filling the hall ways. hazmat crews suited up. went in. alerted neighbors to evacuate. evacuated two buildings coming pleatly t -- completely. put a fourth building stay in place lockdown. take a look at hazmat crews. mountain view representative from the fire department. they were hazmat suited up a, full complete coverage because
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the air was so bad. >> level a suit where you are excluded from outside air, wearing a suit, self-contained apparatus, bottled oxygen, rubber suit over that. isolated from outside environment. >> just coming back from playing tennis over here at the park. unfortunately went out, without a wallet, phone, nothing. we come back, the police are there. told us we cannot go back in. and, i'll do a shout out for the people, at chevy's restaurant. allowed us to enjoy dinner on the premise that we come back and pay tomorrow. >> as for the toxic smell. had all the people pushed out of their homes. right now police and fire department don't know exactly what it is. they say it was powerful. and overwhelming. right now taking air samples. trying to figure out what the chemical could be. as for two bed thodies inside. they're not speculating what the situation is there. the investigation very much under way. streets filled with residents
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coach to get back inside. in mountain view, peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, peggy. stay out of the water not a strong swimmer the warning from firefighters after rescuing two men from the walteul waters. one man washed ashore. rescuers pulled a man out of the water. both suffered critical injuries. >> it is a dangerous beach. there is a very strong undertow. if you are not a good surfer or swimmer, i suggest you do not go in. even then it is still dangerous. the tide will sneak up on you. >> then three hours later, another rescue by coast guard. a surfer got stranded on seal rocks near the cliff house. he was able to paddle to a boat crew. he was treated for hypothermia and broken finger. the rough conditions at ocean beach come as rain begins to move right into the bay area. want to show you video from mill valley tonight. the second storm in a week.
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while it won't bring major rain it could make a mess out of the morning commute. the chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking conditions. what do we expect? >> the doppler radar now. you can see the storm system is inching towards the bay area. zoom in. we have noted tonight. areas of spotty rainfall in the north bay. drizzle towards san francisco. check out the weather underground rainfall network. you can see how much some of the spotty areas of rain added up to. impressive for twin peaks. in a drought. .07 inch. toward mission, .04 inch. north beach at .02. as we get a look at timing. of what i think is going to happen. 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., most consistent area of rainfall passing over. a lot of you may be sleeping when measurable rainfall happens. here is the bottom line on this. the first rain drops arriving at the coast. also for the north bay. heading into the morning
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commute. if you are traveling anywhere between 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. be ready. another update in 15 minutes. full coverage on the storm at 4. 30. on "today in the bay." >> jeff, thank you. one month since the south napa earth quake. for many people their lives changed forever. now, no more tears. home owners and business owners are on to something else. jeanne elle in napa, not a feel good, recovery story. difficult and taxing for a lot? >> reporter: you are right, raj, a lot of repair work all over napa. we are downtown. the historic courthouse. work is under way. crews had to add tarps to protect the building from incoming rain jeff is mentioning. a week after the quake, work is underway far from complete. >> i have been living out of a suitcase for a month. >> reporter: her home was red tagged after the earthquake shook napa a month ago. she says her home moved two
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feet. next door the homes that burned down that morning are now cleared. some neighbors still have repairs to do. but sheriff just got some good news. >> i get to move in this saturday. >> ready to move out of her brother and sister in law hae house. but is grateful for their help and help from others. >> i didn't think everything would come together quickly. everybody worked together so quickly. all the can tractors. and, everybody. and the insurance people. >> a different story at napa self storage. a building with more than 200 storage units inside is off-limits. it is red tagged and you can see why. the steel structure is a twisted, mangled hazard. >> it is kind of crazy living across the street from it. knowing that our stuff is so close. but we can't get to it. >> chris metro is living out of the suitcase across the street. he says he and his girlfriend hatch hey hou have a house full of belongings. some things can't be replaced. >> my girlfriend has some stuff
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from her grandma she wants back. a lot of sentimental stuff in there. several engineers told her the building must be demolished and working to dismantle it. hundreds of workers can get their belongings. >> hopefully to get our belongings back. definitely. >> one month later, people are eager for progress. reporting live, jean elle. >> tomorrow night on class action we look at how schools fared during that quake. and we'll show you why students were lucky the earthquake hit overnight and hidden dangers in the classroom that could have injured them. that's tomorrow night at 6:00 on class action. >> now to an nbc bay area follow-up on a double homicide in san jose. police identified a father/son as victims. 61-year-old keith lange and son
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brian were shot at a home on rancho drive near monterey road. the son's girlfriend was shot but survived. investigators are now looking at security video that may help them identify a suspect. >> new at 11:00. first look at the gunman who kidnapped and robbed a woman in walnut creek yesterday. the man in front of the b of a on main street. police hope someone will recognize him though covered with that straw hat. he has got gloves on. and something, over his face. police say he kidnapped a woman from her front yard. then forced her to go off to the bank and drain her accounts. she drove back to her neighborhood the man jumped out of the car. wt man was not hurt. >> a high school coach from south san francisco under acuesed of committing a lewd act on a 15-year-old student. a football coach and security officer at el camino took advantage of the student. the investigation started after the girl want to school
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officials. turner arrested last night. the alleged act didn't happen on school campus or school hours. investigators want to know if there are any other potential victims. classes back in session tomorrow at san mateo high. school officials had a can tractor drain the gas line on campus today. as pg & e crews ser. for a gas like. the smell of gas was reported last night. right now the campus does not have any running hot walter because the gas line has been shut off. the cafeteria is closed. food for students delivered from an off campus provider. >> tomorrow morning they're having a victory party at martins beach because to day the surf riders foundation scored a legal against a billionaire. the billionaire venture capitalist tells nbc bay air y he feels he is being extorted by the surf riders foundation. in an e-mail to us tonight he cites a legal blog that says today's ruling could set a dangerous precedent for the hundreds of private land own
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ears long california's coastline. a san mateo county judge ruled kosla must unlock the small gate to this private road that led to the public beach south of the bay. the co-founder of sun microsystems bought the acreage in 2809 for $32 million. he is expected to appeal today's decision. but for now his private road will be reopened by court order. >> next at 11:00, striking it rich. the bay area has a multimillionaire. where a $225 million powerball ticket was sold. >> we investigate spending at san jose state. see what happened after we exposed questionable use of school money. >> the problem for the iphone. why the tech skrigiant doesn't you off to update your smart phone. >> good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, rain beginning to move the north bay. the full storm time line for your morning commute coming of in just a few minutes.
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san jose state on damage control after a newly released internal audit from a former chair getting caught using university funds for personal expenses. >> chief investigative reporter broke the story and has the results of the four month audit. tony kovaleski? >> reporter: whistle blowers calling for justice in the justice studies department. now inside this 47-page audit, a failing grade for san jose state's oversight of public money.
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>> i think that going to the media and also, turning to the student activists made all of the difference in the world. >> she is an associate professor in san jose state's justice studies department. and one of the whistle blowers who contacted nbc bay area. >> i think what the -- awudit shows us is there were institutional issues around how the university and campus deals with money. >> the 47-page audit found weaknesses in fiscal operational and administrative controls at san jose state and the justice studies department. >> multiple offices, seem to have been involved in -- in -- not crossing their ts and dogt the -- dotting their is which allowed the former chair to game the system. >> reporter: in may our investigation questioned several spending decisions by former justice studies department head, and the university's internal investigation that concluded
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there were no fiscal improprieties. >> this audit essentially confirmed everything we reported. surprised? >> i'm not surprised by the report. but i am certainly concerned about the number of issues that were identified. >> in fact, the audit found breakdown that led to 1 specific recommendations for san jose state. the audit said areas of concern include an unauthorized off-campus back account, administrative oversight. contracting practices and spending from campus accounts. >> should the university be embarrassed by what this audit found? >> i don't think it is a matter of being embarrassed. i think it is a matter of being enlightened what occurred in the department and ensuring that well address thoser u eissues. san jose state's president issued this statement that included you may share my deep
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disapin t disappointment, trust, policy and protocol. >> is it your job to fix this culture. >> what i am focusing on, we are focusing on as a university is moving forward addressing the issue that were rayed in the audit. that's what i intend to do. >> just sad i had to turn to the students as well as, the media in order to get the things that needed to be done done. >> the provost says san jose state will fully implement the 1 recommended changes by the end of this year. i'm tony kovaleski, nbc bay area news. >> tony, thank you. a tip for tony or any one in the investigative unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send directly to the unit at another winning lotto tick it sold in the bay area, some one is $225 million richer after buying the only winning tick it for the lotto.
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from key market in san mateo. family owned market. the family will get $1 million for selling that ticket. >> great. great. >> that hasn't sunk in. we are excited for the person who is going to get the big purse. >> interview, a short while ago. tonight's winner joins several recent bay area powerball winner. last december in san jose, a man within $324 million. also last year, some one won the lotto with a $425 million ticket. >> legal pot for everyone? well the nation's largest marijuana advocacy group wants it on the ballot in california to. day the marijuana policy project. filed papers with the state, saying it formed a committee to raise money for an initiative that would make pot lee ganl -- gachlee -- legal. 60% were in favor for legalizing the drug for casual loose.
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>> may have done more harm than good. glitches, complaints. apple yanked the first update to the operating system. rolled out ios 8 before the iphone 6 was released. some people say they lost cell phone service after installing it. others say their fingerprint sensor stopped working. update was to help share fitness data with apple's new health app. >> turn things over to chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. track the rain coming into the bay area. >> great news for us in the three year drought. the storm system, so, so slow to move anywhere for tonight. moved about 30 miles in a four-hour time span. you can see right now, the good news about the slow movement is the fact that, the slower it goats, the belt goes, the better chance to hold up in the bay area. confident. tomorrow morning. should have rain drops as far south as south bay. sample what is happening offshore. you can see not a light showery activity. tracking more moderate rainfall.
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right now, precip ra precipitat good enough off to make roadways slick. get a look right now at overall radar pattern. a lot of you have been noticing in the north bay, yes, we have had rain in mill valley. also up towards santda rosa. spotty. intermitent. radar having a tough time picking it up because of higher elevations. again we know you did get rainfall. also areas of drizzle right on done to san francisco. as we take you outside of the sky camera network. still tracking mainly, dry conditions across, a good majority of the peninsula. also for south bay. temperatures in the 60s. but once again. areas in san francisco, north bay, with some spotty areas of drizzle. take you to the time line on this much advertised storm system. you know, we weren't even finished with the storm system we had last thursday when weep were looking ahead toward this chance of rain. we haven't seen storms this closer back to back, in such a long time. so, go ahead. get a look. see by the overnight hours.
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we are expecting heavier rainfall off to arrive in the north bay. by 1:00 a.m. put this into motion. what you are going to fine. most of you've probably will be asleep when we get this consistent rainfall. become here toward lafayette. also towards, dublin, pleasanton as well. palo alto. through 6:00 a.m. moderate rainfall moving in. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. rainfall cold front moving to the east. get sunshine at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. not cloudy stormy day for us. we head throughout the afternoon hours. spotty showers throughout thursday. keep the chance of a few spotty showers. friday afternoon as well. an upper level feature. that continues to head south. a slight chance of showers throughout friday morning as well. rainfall totals all over the
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place. the layest run. boosted numbers in north bay, san francisco. what i want-up to know. san francisco. santa rosa. best chance of .25 and or higher. and, then you go to livermore. palo alto. and for the higher elevations. that's where we could see, decent wind fall for us. quarter to half an inch is possible at immediate coastline. maybe for the santa cruz mountains. again, great news for the drought. by the afternoon hours. should see the sun come out. temperatures cooler. 78, san jose. 79, morgan hill. 73, foster city. 76. san francisco, yes, a day we stay in the 60s with the areas of showers. and we'll take-up to the north bay.
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77. 73, oakland. down to danville. 78. pleasanton, 79. not a major storm. with 58% of california in exceptional drought level. this is good enough to help out the short term fire threat. then as well head throughout the weekend. sunny skies return. temperatures warm up. mid 80s, south bay. trivalley. 86, sunday. not extremely hot. right in between for us. >> okay. thank you very much. jeff. >> well, coming up. alcatraz like you have never seen it before. take you inside for a look at unique art project. >> jimmy's guest. familiar face from berkeley. >> raj, jessica, everybody in the bay area. andy sandberg. my guest. kevin durant. kenny chesney. you have got to watch. we are on next, everybody!
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>> meant to bring customers in. a window display may have driven
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people away. earlier these black jeans hanging from what people say resemble a noose. from the gap store. part of the 1969 clothing line which was the year marked by race riots here in the united states. after several complaints. gap made a change. the display includes blue jeans instead of black. and ropes are tied differently. the store manager says the display was a company initiative and that something they did on their own. >> rock getting a redo. this weekend alcatraz, former prison becomes a public art exhibit. featuring the work of a man spent time behind bars himself, for being a chinese dissident. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney has the story of art on the rock. alcatraz, which once held the most famous criminals in america has new occupants behind its prison walls. the works of chinese artists. you will find the works hanging
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from the ceilingen what w ein we laundry room. political prisoners, dissidents, and civil right advocates. all images made of legos. pei wei spents in prison and not allowed to leave the country. you can find his work in drab, depressing prison cells. >> you see these light, beautiful objects, flying in space. i think he just wants us to think about the contrast between, restriction and control. and freedom. >> this is the first such art exhibit of this scale on the island known as the rock. >> alcatraz is not just a container for the exhibit. the artist, deeply interacted with each location. with the fundamental stories of alcatraz, bird life or prison story. to make his art, seemless with the island itself. in what was psychiatric ward.
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visitors will hear chanting from tibetans or the hopi tribe. >> we want visitors to ask -- why is it important? what are values of america? is that in alcatraz. and now contecontemporay. ironically it is free. on alcatraz, terry mcsweeney, bay area. >> enjoyed seeing terry be hen bars thehen -- behind bars there. >> it is free. >> tough night to watch for the giants. we'll show you what happened to dodgers stadium.
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good evening. geraud moncure here in comcast studios. the odds stacked against the giants. dodgers won 19 of the lefties, last 20 starts coming in. also had a chance to clinch the nl west. final meeting of the regular season between the two teams. tied at nine wins apiece. top third, two on. no outs. tim hudson. whacking a comebacker up the middle. grabs it behind his back. making the play ending the inning. bottom six. game now tied at 1.
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public enemy one at the dish. and, taking the hudson 0-2 offering. right over the wall. solo job. dodgers take the 2-1 lead. top seventh. 5-1. dodgers. matt duffy. giants. heading to third. quig. wheels, deals. guns it down by five feet. an amazing assist. top ninth. 9-1, dodgers. brian wilson in. gets blanco to ground out. ending the game. dodgers win it, 9-1. they win the west. angels, as. oakland tied for the wild card race. top third. halos up. kendrick. lester. crush the ball down the right field line. c calhoon. 3-0. as trailed. and cut the deficit. two on here for adam dunn. gets him swinging. ending the threat. angels win, 5-4. kansas city and seattle lost. oakland tied for the top wild
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card spot with kc. mariners three back. more news coming up after the break.
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>> drive carefully. >> we'll see the rainfall move in through the overnight hours. while a lot of you may be sleeping here. you can see the cold front. 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.
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will get the roadway wet. while the storm moves out from 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, the after storm. get through commute for tomorrow. so dry tore so long. past couple years. every time we get rain. hard to believe it is on the rain. the morning forecast temperatures, start off cool in the 50s. by the afternoon. we will get some sun in here. notice it will be a cooler day for the south bay. 77 degrees for your have rang. trivalley. no 90s. got teeing hgoing to happen. 79. sun by 11:00 a.m. san francisco, 69. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- andy samberg kevin durant


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