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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ it was reassuring they were sweeping the area to make sure there was nothing left. >> right now, an alert neighbor helps catch burglars in south bay community. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. >> scoping and hoping to score. burglars, come up against alert neighbors who spring into action. minutes later, police swarm the area catching the crooks.
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live in the ever green area of san jose, kimberly tere, talk about a neighborhood watch? >> that's right, jessica, really pays to know your neighbors. police say it was a savvy surveillance, one man that led to the arrest of three burglary suspects. >> i know who lives there and know for a fact i have never seen the two kids before. >> reporter: a woman who does not want to be identified called 911 after she and her son noticed suspicious people driving in the blue sedan. >> the third time he was look mother come back they're actually back and they went inside the house. >> within minutes police arrived. >> we apprehended one out front. acting as a lookout. >> two suspects inside took off running. police locked down the neighborhood. >> they looked like they were s.w.a.t. team. they were eyeing on every single house. >> right behind there. >> he was in his living room
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when he spotted one of the men hiding in his backyard. >> the police looked over the fence there. they said don't move. >> police took the suspect into custody. the third was sniffed out buy a canine. >> this area is pretty hard hit. it is. and, the, the burglars are brazen. >> investigators trying to determine if suspects are responsible for a string of other burglaries in the neighborhood including nine that happen just today. -- five that happened just today. >> it is the same people that got our house. i think it is. >> they're sophisticated. lookouts. >> i'm very happy that they caught them. >> police say they would not have been able to make these arrests except for that call that that neighbor made. and they say it is a great reminder to be vigilant. look around your neighborhood. if you see anything suspicious. make sure to call it in. live, kimberly tere, nbc bay
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area news. >> mr. ore details now. burglaries have been increasing. in 2010, fewer than 4,000 burglaries. just last year, more than 5,000. the city is on pace to exceed last year's number too. >> more scrutiny for companies like uber, san francisco and los angeles district attorneys are raising questions to night about the background checks that uber, lift and side car claim to run on their drivers. nbc bay area's jean elle, a new frontier, trying to legislate this industry? >> reporter: that's right, raj. ride share services have been popular and controversial since they hit the road. critics have said all along they have been skirting the law and now two california district attorneys say they may be breaking the law. >> i use uber. lift. >> reporter: like most with a smart phone. trisha regularly uses ride share services. >> everyone is amazing.
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between uber and lift. >> now district attorneys in san francisco and los angeles, say the services are giving customers a false sense of security. and even breaking the law. sending uber, lift and side car a letter accusing companies of illegal pricing on shared ride and inadequate background checks. the safety concerns get denny's attention. >> the fact there are sometimes young children, single women, getting in a car with a complete stranger. yes, definitely do due diligence. >> via face time, chris dolan applaud the effort. >> dolan is suing uber over the death of 6-year-old sophia lu, an uber driver hit and killed the girl in a cross walk in san francisco. he believes ride share service are steering clear of law. >> the consumers are the ones who suffer. they're not providing prommer
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safety inspection, training, background checks. >> the district attorneys are demanding services remove, shared ride features and remove language that include criminal background checks. reveal a criminal history for face legal action. no response from uber or lift tonight. side car asking users to sign petition in support of their service in a statement says shared ride are great for california because they're safe, affordable. cut down on traffic congestion and reduce pollution. the district attorneys are trying to enforce laws written for limousines in an era before smart phones. side car will continue to operate and expand shared rides. now tonight the two district attorneys are demanding a meeting with the three companies by october 8th. reporting live in san francisco. jean elle, bay area news. >> tomorrow, fewer ferries on the bay more cars on the highways. a strike will shut down golden gate ferry service between san
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francisco and marin. boat captains in a contract dispute, accusing district leaders of bargaining in bad faith. bay area commuters are working on their plan b. >> well, getting together with another person in the ferry building with me. and we are just, she is going to drive. and, a few of us, we are going to fill the car up. and park at the ferry building. there is a high chance i will work from home. it will be work from home or drive. >> the one day strike starts at 4:30 in the morning. at least 100 ferry workers, machinists, to deck hand are expected to honor the picket line. >> not just the strike. rain could have an impact on the morning commute. >> jeff ranieri joins us with what we can expect on the weather end. >> yes, not expecting anything close to what we had this morning with the area of widespread rainfall. it is significant enough to at least mention. we have got this upper level
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area, low pressure right now. sitting offshore. it is lacking a lot of moisture. it has enough uplift again we may see a few showers. get sparked off. see here across chico, reading, red bluff, isolated rainfall, lightning. some of that may push done to the bay area. see it is currently dry right now. get a look at futurecast. for armiest commuter, may be impacted by the strike. talking, 4:00, 5:00. have them in the buy area. have our best chance of isolated showers. again, possibly here throughout the trivalley. also near the coastline. maybe a little bit of activity for south bay as well. now, we will have more on the full time line of tomorrow's with coming up. but of i also do want to leave you on this note. after that, rainfall this morning. some good news to start off the water year in the south bay. we are 327% of average. yes in a drought. long way to go this water year wecht are off on the right foot.
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>> thank you, jeff. weather coverage continues tomorrow morning on today in the bay as well. starts at 4. 30. . they have continuous weather and updates for you. >> following up on a story we broke last night at 11:00. police continue to investigate the mysterious deaths of two of people. found inside of a mountain view apartment. now initially there were reports of a strange smell. dozens of residents were evacuate last night. and allowed to return to their apartments just this morning. police found dangerous levels of chemicals in the air. >> scary having it that close to where you live. it wasn't a gas type of smell. it was more, sulphur. more like eggs. >> in the middle of town. police found a note at the scene. but say it was, was not a suicide note. >> a chaotic car chase lasted more than an hour and went through three bay area counties. came to a deadly end in the streets of san francisco. a man carjacked a woman in richmond. then sped off over the san
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rafael bridge. down the 101. over the golden gate into san francisco. the suv belonged to a woman who doesn't want her face to be shown. she was shaken after being confronted by the suspect on her way to the gym. >> the man he opened my passenger car seat. and he, he, told me to drive off. he pulled a gun on me. he started screaming. i said no. he was reaching over at me. so, i, jumped out of my truck. i started screaming. >> she jumped out. ran inside her home. where her two children were. early this morning. the suspect ended up krashg tcr the suv. when good samaritans checked on the man. he shot at them. police told the man to put the gun down. instead he fired at them. officers shot and killed the suspect. >> mr. teit's more terrifying k he could have shot me. >> the victim didn't recognize the man. >> will california's attorney
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general be heading to the white house. plenty of spk laeculation. camilla harris could be joining president obama's cabinet after eric holder announce his resignation. >> work remains to be done. but our list off comb poli acco is real. one of three remaining members of obama's original cabinet t the president had nothing but praise for holder. the president called him "the people any lawyer" and congarage lacongarage congratulated him. several names emerged as successor, including camilla harris. her office offered a statement, suggesting she had little interest. could leave the door open. saying while she was honored she intend to keep working as california's attorney general. also rumored eyeing a run for
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governor or seat in the u.s. senate. >> they may be too secure. why the fbi is concerned about what apple and google are doing with smart phones. >> then stopping the spread of cancer. stanford researchers come up with potential alternative to chemotherapy. >> nfl player pumps up his daughter before cancer surgery. we will have the video going viral. >> good evening, i'm meteorologist, jeff ranieri. classic fog in san francisco. clear skies in san jose. not done yet. tracking slight chance of showers. have the time line on that. plus what it all means for your weekend forecast in a few minutes.
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>> an issue about the privacy of your smart phone. the fbi firing back at google and apple, questioning smart phone security plans. james comey challenging their decision to encrypt information. law enforcement officials could intercept conversations but won't access contacts, photos and e-mails stored in the phones. that's what a court order. authorities say, immediate smart phone access may help in child kidnapping cases and terror threats. apple is in the headlines because of the bending iphone 6. heard about this. the company claims this phone is the most rigorously tested product in it history. apple did open its cuppertino lab to a cnbc crew who observed testing. according to apple. nine customers have filed complaints about bent aye phones. >> coming soon to a theater near
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you, drone footage. the government gave six movie, tv production companies permission to use video shot from a drone. until now that was banned by the faa. privileges come with limitatii n limitations. drones used through the day. and under 400 feet of altitude. operate toir needor need a lice see the drone. >> stopping the spread of cancer without chemotherapy would be a life saver for countless people suffering through the cancer and debilitating treatment. now researchers at stanford say they found way to do it. an alternative to chemotherapy. and here with how it works. >> reporter: at stanford's b bioengineering building, researchers are fighting cancer. the discovery stopping the spread by injecting a protein into the body. >> most succumb to disease when cancer spread to other areas of the bow. what we have done is created an
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engineered protein that will interfere with these biochemical signals and prevent it from happening. >> jennifer cochran is one of the co-augthors, they identifie a pre teen, mass produced it, and injected it into mice. it stopped the spread of cancer in 90% of the mice with ovarian cancer and 80% of the mice with breast cancer. important because cancerous tumors are harder to remove once harmful cells spread. >> which we were excite add but. again these are animal models. we need new see if it hold up in humans. >> the treatment is different than chemotherapy it didn't aper to leave toxic side effects. >> chemotherapy is nonspecific, target all cells including healthy cells. that's what makes it so toxic. >> this is phase one. but a major step. phase two will include human trials and could take several years for fda approval. the hope is, this treatment could give cancer patients a
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longer life. >> well, football players get pep talks from coaches and teammates. today an nfl player gave one of his own. it was one of the most important ones of his life. his 4-year-old daughter has cancer. today on her way off to the hospital to have a tumor removed. >> i'm going to ask you again. i am ready for today, you ready for today? you ready to get this cancer up out of you? let's do it. >> uh-huh. >> fist bump. >> i'll ask you again. >> that was devin still, cincinnati bengals giving a pep talk to leah after a six hour procedure. doctors were able to remove the tumor. leah will start chemo. >> sweet moment, the daughter and dad. so nice. turn things over to jeff ranieri. a microclimate forecast. expect little rain tomorrow? >> little shower activity cupping our way. want to recap some of the rainfall we got across the south way. incredible news. seems like you, know every storm
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that we have had so far, 2014 going back to january, february, march. pretty much missed the santa clara valley. you can see this morning we picked up .31. no, not a major storm system. but that is, you know, big news here with our current drought. the most, 24-hour rainfall well have had since march. the 31st. it now goes down as the sixth wettest day of 2014. and the top, the number one wettest day in san jose. in 2014. when you put it all in perspective wasn't an inch of rainfall. how bone dry has been. the storm system. tracking as well head through tomorrow morning. upper level area of low pressure. not a lot of moisture associated with it. enough uplift that we do think we may get a few scattered showers. we'll talk more about that coming up. our 24-hour temperature change. what many of-up are experiencing. may have found yourself needing a jacket. little time here. temperatures, 4 to 6 degrees
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cooler at this hour. see in the sky camera network. our temperatures. right now running at 59 degrees in the north bay. cloud cover moving in throughout the east bay. south bay. also, 65 in south bay. not temperatures near the freezing mark. but it is a huge departure from where we have been as well. take you into tomorrow morning's forecast. what you will find here. as we head through out the morning hours. the south bay and peninsula. a slight chance of showers. it's not major. we're only looking at about 40, 45% chance there. i think the better possibility for those of you that may be impacted by the strike we tacked about earlier in the show. that could be getting in your cars. and experiencing any slick spots on the roadways. here throughout san francisco. drizzle. for the north bay. mist and also cloud. and check out that temperature in the north bay. starting off near the 40s for tomorrow morning. focus on the time at the top. 1:00 a.m. mainly dry.
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not too long a way from where we are right now. we head through out, 4:00, 5:00. not much. computer models picking up on green. we have low level moisture. a good indication that we might actually get some of the drizzle and also mist across the bay area. then as we head throughout late morning hours. start to clear out with sunnier skies. building back into the forecast. go ahead and take-up into t you numbers. the microforecast. friday is here. we have much better weather for you. head through out midday and afternoon hours. also warmer. but notice, we are not looking at any 80s in the south bay. little drizzle in pacifica. 67. palo alto. stray shower. afternoon. sunny skies. 77. for most of san francisco. in the 60s for tomorrow. but again, you know the drill. headed to downtown. this time of the year. likely going to see warmer with and 70 degrees.
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don't worry the chance of showers will be ending. afternoon the nice time-out at vineyards. trivalley. cooler in livermore. 77 degrees. so, our chance of any kind of shower activity completely end. by this weekend. saturday and also sunday. personally, i don't know. you guys. raj, jessica. sunday the better day. 84, south bay. san francisco, 72. for the trivalley. 86 and sunny skies. nudging us to go to wine country. >> thanks a lot a head at 11:00 new. allegations when the nfl received the controversial surveillance video about ray rice. >> and well have jimmy. >> hey, raj, jessica, the bay area. chris pratt, my guest tonight. and, music from john mellencamp. watch, we are on next. it's great.
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>> he won't be able to hide much longer. fbi agents claim to know the identity of the executioner in the isis propaganda videos. the fbi director declined to release any more on the militant with british accent. appears in three videos that show the beheadings of two journalists and aide worker. trying to i didn't tie two militants in individual dwroez wdwroez -- videos. iraq's prime minister announced he believes isis is planning an attack on subway systems in the u.s. and france. the prime minister learned of the plan from captured militants. u.s. security leaders say they haven't been able to verify the threat. numerous sources say u.s. intelligence has no credible evidence of any isis plot in the u.s. >> another potential bombshell, ray rice case. law enforcement official said tonight the video of rice punching his then-fiancee inside the elevator was sent to the nfl
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headquarters in new york city. to the attention of league security chief, jeffrey miller in april. the league repeatedly said no one in the nfl saw the video until tmz released it earlier this month. miller said late tonight through a spokesperson he never received that videotape. >> up next, a lot of champagne in the giants' clubhouse as we speak. going to take you inside next.
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>> are we on the road to number three. a lot of celebrating in the giants' clubhouse. >> look at 6:00. getting in there. you never know what could happen. fully knowing their post season tech it had been punched at first pitch. giants focusing on winning out against the padres, and catching the pirates in a wild card race. first, at at & t park. pick this up in the top seventh. bases loaded. padres, 6-3. hammered into the mccuovey nigh. second home run of the game. bottom half. g men rally. base hit to right. andrew scores.
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tied at 8. next up, matt duffy. hunter pence. they win, 9-8. i couldn't be prouder of these guys. these guys. oakland's magic number. runner on second. singles to left. off right here. brandon moss. not on time. scores. pitching for oakland. beltre. flexing the opposite way. a walk off home run.
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if you've don't think baseball gods exist. man you need to watch this. derek jeter's game. tied in the ninth. jeter's, facing him. base hit to right. chasing home. antoine richardson for a whackowhac wakeoff winner. crazy cool for yankee and bay ball fans in general. here's the captain afterward. last inning almost lost it. same thing. don't know how many times in my career. going on over and over. thought i would break down. an out-of-body experience. >> asked in post game to describe his career. jeter replayed "i can honestly say i don't think any one played harder. i've don't." more news coming up after the break.
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>> this is officially when jeff starts focusing on the weekend. >> you two. >> don't put me in that boat. >> jessica thinking "saturday." >> morning forecast. friday. little chance of showers. 40, 45%. south bay, peninsula.
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best possibility. get a little chance of drizzle. san francisco. also for north bay. check out the temperature. 53 degrees to start. as we head throughout the day tomorrow. we'll get plenty of sunshine. warmer. still comfortable. 79 in the tri valley. 78 in the north bay. 76. in peninsula. how about that weekend. sounds good right about now. see for saturday. 82 in the south bay. tri valley. and sunday. warmer. smooth sailing. no rainfall expected. got plenty of time to do all the yard work from the recent rain. >> my goodness. the yard work again. >> have a grit friday. hope to see you back here tomorrow. rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris pratt, rosamund pike, musical guest john mellencamp,


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