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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now. rain, lightning and hail. parts of the bay area get pounded with dangerous weather. good friday evening. thank you for joining us. i'men i'men -- i'm jessica aguirre. >> the impact of unusual weather that slammed the bay area. in fairfield, road crews were
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kept busy. the rain came suddenly and led to minor flooding. jeff ranieri with a look at some damage. >> the hardest hit location for the longest period of time in fairfield in solano county, under a flash flood warning. the worst started at 3:00 this afternoon. backed up the doppler loop. stayed heavy with the rainfall. through about 6:00 p.m. tonight. not only that, half inch hail in diameter. as we saw in the pictures. flooding. number two location got nailed this afternoon. was in napa, down highway 29. right to downtown napa. also to the west of downtown. we also had reports of half inch hail. and of course flooding as well. and numerous lightning strikes. now here is the remarkable thing. in just a two-hour period. one to two inches of rainfall was picked up. that now goes down as the top five rainiest days of 2014.
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it is a little bit of good news, fire danger and drought. way too close for comfort. dangerous weather for a lot of folks in the bay area. why did it ham peppen. low pressure. closer than any forecast model. combine that with the jet stream. 140 mile per hour wind. upper levels. we had major uplift in the atmosphere. added thunderstorm chances in the forecast for tomorrow. i have that updated look in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. new details on an uber ride gone wrong. uber driver accused of assaulting his passenger with a hammer. the san francisco district attorney raising questions about the legality of aspects of the popular ride sharen d eindustry. more on the violent ride. jean? >> reporter: janelle, police arrested the uber ex-driver here at his family home. and the district attorney says members of his family used the popular ride share application.
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he wants to make sure it is following the law. >> the injuries are serious. the hammer was actually on the, right around the eye. very severe injuries. >> san francisco district attorney, george gascon says, patrick kirage, attacked a passenger with a hammer tuesday morning at alomany and allsworth. >> when there was a dispaute to the route. the driver, asked everybody out of the car and assaulted the person. >> reporter: the man taken to the hospital. police say the suspect took off. officers arrested him at his home in pacifica. at 8:00, a man in a hoody quickly got into a car and sped off. pretty shocking. neighbors are stunned by the allegation. >> very friendly people. the mom very gracious.
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off awe poli >> police were out a year ago. >> police came out. guns drawn, neighbors said. very scary. something to do with the boys were fighting. pled not guilty to battery with serious bodily harm. on the heels of the district attorney threatening legal action against uber, lift and side car. he sent a letter questioning legality of pricing and claims of thorough background checks for drivers. >> alleging you have the safest background system. then we have evidence to indicate that that is, that its not appear to be the case. >> he says he does not have a criminal record. in a statement, uber says safety is uber's number one priority. we take reports like this seriously and are treating the matter wit utmost urgency and care. also our approximately see poli
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driver's account following any serious allegations. which we have done. we stand ready to assist authorities in any investigation. kirage is out on bail. police tell me the victim is in the hospital with serious injuries but its expected to survive. reporting live in pacifica, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> so why did the van cross the center divide and plow into the bus? what investigators are trying to figure out after an accident that left two dead. another five recovering from injuries. the accident happened at san mateo, el camino real. the van crossinged t eed the ce divide. a man and woman didn't survive. the bus was carrying 20 people. most weren't badly hurt. five were taken to the hospital. well, new at 11:00, bizarre burglary in the south bay caught on camera. kind of like the story of goldilocks and the three bears. this time it wasn't a girl but a thief. sleeping in one couple's home.
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the story only gets stranger from there. nbc bay area's peggy bunker is live. homeowners were able to catch the thief on camera? >> that they were. good thing they did. police do not have the person in custody. they have a pretty good idea of who he is. because the of that surveillance camera. that police advised the tenants to install. we signed the lease last sunday. started moving things in. and then monday got a call from the owner that the contractors that were here working on the garage. found the back door had been broken into. >> the bedroom where the couple discovered the most disturbing detail. the man who broke in had slept
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there. in their room. >> we came in. this is, where he was, sleeping. i guess. he had taken the sleeping bag and sleeping pad down out of the closet here. it was laid out across here. and had a drop cam. caught him 3:00 in the morning the next night. >> see the young man looking up at the camera. some of the clothing. in the video. kind of funny. >> wearing your clothes. >> wearing the snow board pants. in the video. also upsetting. seeing the favorite coat in his hands. >> sentimental value. one of my favorite wool coats. so, that i had for a long time. >> the land loord has owned the home for 35 years and never had a break-in. >> so sorry for my tenants. nobody likes to be invaded like
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that. >> i asked jake if he will ever use the sleeping bag again? >> always wash a sleeping bag. creeped out. maybe in a couple years laugh about it. probably not. >> probably not. probably won't be using that sleeping bag again. now as for the suspect, the mandells think he was caught by surprise by contractors who came by the home. ran out of the front of the house. leaving evidence behind for police. in mountain view, peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. disturbing incident leaves tens of thousand of travelers stranded today. started with an act of sabotage. at an faa facility. investigators say a can tract worker set a fire near chicago. firefighters found the worker, brian howard inside. suffering from self-inflicted stab wound. officials say this know it linked to terrorism. but it forced midway and o'hair in the national to chancel 2,000
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flights. that set of a chain reaction impacting flights from the east kes coast to the bay area. it is frustrating. no one. you want to be angry at the airlines. what are they degree to do? air traffic control is down. just sad. want to be at my niece's wedding. >> a lot of frustrations. according to a criminal complaint. tonight air travel is getting back to normal. >> with the increasing incidents of bird strikes. we have got to do something more than what we are doing currently. >> the danger of bird strikes puts your safety at risk every team you fly. why isn't the faa using a new proven technology to reduce collisions. i'm avenue steven stock. tonight, bird radar and why it is not being used in our nation's airports. >> plus, the best new restaurants around may been your
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neighbor's home. how foodies and technology are coming to gooitsgether to creat culinary experience. >> good evening. jeff ranieri. clear skies in san francisco. and also in san jose. after the wild weather today on the doppler radar, also currently dry. we are tracking a few locations. a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. i've will have that coming of in a few minutes.
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>> it happen every day. putting people at risk. bird colliding with airplanes. a new technology that could reduce the avian collisions. >> the faa dragged its feet,
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using the technology. investigator reporter, covering aviation for a decade. he joins us now with more on this new technology. steven? >> we are talking avian, bird radar, radar so sophisticated it can spot and predict the presence of large bird or flocks of bird around airports. it is being used by our military and nasa. even so, the naa has yet to put it in place at most of our nation's xher sthcommercial air. [ indiscernible ] >> in 2013 this male perigrene
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falcon was found. while sfo never fog yerd out ig shot the falcon. 964 bird were killed part of the u.s. fish and wildlife program meant to reduce bird strike on aircraft. during the same time frame, oakland killed, 2,375 bird. san jose, manetta began killing bird last year. killing a dozen bird in the first month of the program. even so, collisions rise. at all three bay area major airports. >> this is 1539. >> the most famous example of the consequences of that occurred in the skies over new york city when a flk ock of canadian geese collided forcing the plane to ditch in the hudson river. the so-called miracle on the
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hudson. >> the fact is that, with the increasing incidents of bird strikes we have got to do something more than what we are doing currently. >> that's why congressman, james moran sent this letter two weeks ago. the letter raises concerns this valuable tool isn't being used at our commercial airports. >> nasa and our military. the israelis. other countries. figured out how to do with this. and let's kill all the bird. ineffective. and, and frankly it's, inhumane too. >> we're finding out this is working out really well. >> we went to the only commercial airport in the country where avian or bird radar has been tested and used continuously since 2007.
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two to three minutes over a running 15 minute period. we get an alert. >> the top airport wildlife biologist at seattle tacoma. >> there are a lot of targets out there. the radar is picking up. >> seattle tacoma served as one of seven demonstration sites to test the system. the other six military installations. the radar was designed by a canadian company. this research demonstrates the radar works. >> what i hope to get to in the future is wildlife forecast. the same way we have weather forecast tuesday. by using the radar. airport workers can go off to the scene and chase off bird. air traffic control can hold planes on the ground or before final approach to land. pie lots can change course or be on the lookout to avoid large
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flocks of birds. we could see the same hawk. hovering along run way 16. seattle tacoma uses techniques, live traps and netting over retention ponds. then placed in a travel pen. and drove 75 miles away and released the bird in the forest. >> interesting you have a airport doing wildlife conservation and mitigating risks for larger bird. >> all proof. critics of the faa say, wildlife can be saved while keeping it from colliding with aircraft and
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putting people in jeopardy. i want the federal aviation administration to, understand -- that, that there is a far better way. dealing with bird strikes than simply slaughtering all of the bird, that's ineffective. it's not working. >> now, at seattle tacoma airport. the avian radar there cost $60,000 total. similar radar is now being used dallas fort worth airport. not being installed at most of the commercial air ports throughout the country. including not here in the bay area. we asked the faa, why not? a spokesman told us that was a good question. but never got back to us with any kind of an answer. we will stay on them and try to get an answer for you. you can read more about this on our website. just go to nbc bay guys? >> interesting technology. thank you, steven. if you have a tip for the investigative unit.
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look at this. the first snowfall of the season. lake tahoe. heavenly. just ape dusting. encouraging signs for skiers and snow boarders. >> it looked like it was snowing in napa. this mom, sent a picture of the front yard and hail that fell at 6:00 p.m. sledding down the driveway. >> incredible. actually hail. >> still there at this hour. unbelievable. >> turn to chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. reporting on this all evening. the amount of hail falling. out of the five, to six forecasting models we look at. none of them had anything that we saw today like we had happen this afternoon.
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and after seeing the hail picture. a lot of that happened. because we had so much uplift in the atmosphere. brought down rain in a short all. time. in a two-hour period. one, two inches of rainfall. makes the top five rainiest day of 2014 for napa and also for fairfield. let's take you outside, sky camera network right now. cleared out. north bay. and 59 degrees. coldest weather there. 64 in the south bay. now as we take you into tomorrow morning's forecast. start off clearen the south bay. had to deal with cloud in the east bay. san francisco. and temperatures in the low 50s. you need that jacket if you are headed out early. take-up to the microclimate forecast. head throughout saturday. we have updated with a few chances of thunderstorms on saturday. you can see not going to happen in the south bay peninsula or san francisco. for san jose. mainly sunny skies throughout the afternoon.
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morgan hill. peninsula. pacifica. cool weather there. 79, palo alto. san francisco. 60s. go to the marina. in the sun. golden gate bridge. 70 for you there. downtown. 72. north bay, east bay. trivalley. a slight risk of thunderstorms. upper level area of low pressure moves out. napa. santa rosa. walnut creek. trivalley. 81, pleasantton. dry weather. liver more. 81. sunday's forecast. temperatures heat up. don't worry. it is not going to got too hot. see the trivalleyen t ein the m 80s. rebuilding silicone valley. their annual paint the town event. awesome people. do volunteering. rebiddiuilding together. >> how do you feel about eating
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with strangers? the new foodie high tech trend. >> we have jimmy. >> guys, matthew broderick and nathan lane, and we have talk, and music from robert plant. and thank you notes. watch next.
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>> the air b & b of dining. eat with recently expanding to san francisco from overseas. >> it is home cooked and paying customers to get unique dining experience. is it safe or legal? nbc bay area's ian cole reservation to find out. for the night, rebecca williams' house could been beirut. >> modern style, lebanese food. >> teacher by day, cook by night preparing for ten. >> we don't mess around! >> not ten friend. ten paying guests. who bay now ay now are starting
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arrive. >> i smelled it outside. >> good smell? >> all made dinner reservations on, like a b & b for dinners. >> where the chef is actually part of the whole experience. bringing his personal story into the dinner. that's something that you just can't replicate outside of those homes. >> this type of service has raised questions at the san francisco department of public health. a number of inquiries asking if this is legal since the cooks don't have permits like restaurants do. a spokesperson says they're waiting to hear back from city attorney's office on whether or not the chefs are regulated. >> we are looking to work with the local regulator to find the right framework just as we have in the spain, and israel. to beep featured an employee attend a dinner to make sure the chef can cook. >> makes the salad well.
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compliments of the chef. >> ges can leave reviews on the chef's page. >> people are personable. they have personal lives. and easy to take to them what they're doing. check out people and things. a tech food start up event is pretty much in my home base. >> tonight a success. a worldly dinner in the home of a stranger now a friend. something different. sound like san francisco. >> i just really look to make people happy. and you know, food usually makes people happy. >> in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> interesting concept. >> uh-huh. playoff implications for giants and as. sports is up next.
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i was a little bit concerned about my health. i was very happy to make my first doctor's appointment.
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i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. over one million people have enrolled in health insurance through covered california. soon, you can join them. good evening, geraud moncure. punch time with the as. three games in the season. playoff spot not yet secured. lefty scott kashmir hadn't won in six starts. little run support from the offense would be on time. as/rangers. oakland's two, clinch a spot. top third. two on. one out. adam dunn.
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right field corner. coco crisp. done with the double. as up, 2-1. going boom. solo shot to right. 12th round tripper of the year. as up. kashmir. seven. two runs. 6-2 win. moving the number to one. so a seattle loss meant the as wufd be in. bottom fif bottom. 4-0. seattle. top of the ninth. brendon bosh. ground out. mariners go on to win. 4-3. now, playing for possible home wild card game. getting roughed up. find open grass.
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4-1. out on the road. pittsburgh. st. louis. congratulations to madison bumgartner. more news after the break.
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>> former first daughter, chelsea clinton tweeted about
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her new baby two hours ago. she wrote mark and i are full of love, awe, and gratitude as we celebrate charlotte clinton. her mother hillary clinton retweeted the message. clinton said becoming a grandmother may make or break her decision to run for president in 2016. so garage to tcongratulations t clintons. >> congratulations to chelsea. jeff? >> final word. >> tomorrow morning. chilly. temperatures in the 50s. not a bad start. 57, south bay. 60 by the afternoon. sunny. warmer. >> have a great weeken. bye, folks. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests. matthew broderick and nathan lane. robert plant.


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