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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 29, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. two men behind bars accused of setting eight different fires in alameda within a couple of hours over the weekend. nbc bay area's stephanie live in the alameda area. eight fires and now investigators are looking at some suspicious fires in oakland, as well. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, kris. there were five suspicious fires set in oakland along international boulevard early friday morning. so now alameda police will be connecting with investigators to see if there's any connection between the two. but here in alameda, the most powerful, the biggest fire was arguably here in the downtown
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area where you see it started back here and quickly charred the building up there where we're told two people live and barely escaped. and to the right, a business that's been here for 30 years now devastated. >> three different locations. flames shooting up in the air. and embers flying all over the place. >> witnessed the chaos as flames threatened his 60-year-old family business, jim's coffee shop. >> there were so many fire trucks, they had practically surrounded the fire. they did an incredible job controlling it. these are very old buildings and very old wood inside there. so it burns extremely fast. >> 22-year-old transient andrew gutierrez and 27-year-old steven peterson of alameda are behind bars accused of starting the eight fires around a 7-block radius in alameda between 1:00 and 5:00 sunday morning. police caught both of them near the fires. two different locations about three hours apart. >> it's fortuitous we were able to locate them at the scenes.
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usually it's very difficult to catch people setting fires, but in this case, we got a little luck on our side. >> the fires damaged at least five businesses in the downtown area and forced four families out of their homes. some of them boarded up the next morning with a mountain of debris from toys to furniture spilling out on the sidewalk. this morning, police stopped by neighboring businesses to pick up footage caught on camera. was also back out 24 hours later surveying the damage, silently thanking firefighters and counting his blessings. >> it was incredibly scary, very scary. i mean, the owner of the cleaners, daniel, we've known each other for 30 years, started the same time. and he's worked incredibly hard to build a really, really good news business and now it's -- it's up in smoke. >> we found the facebook page for one of the two men accused of setting these fires. steven michaelson peterson according to page studied english literature. protested at various ucsf
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protests against animal testing and cruelty. and a musician who apparently hosts open mike nights around alameda. a lot of connections here. in fact, he was advertising in san francisco in just a couple of weeks. he and the other suspect, gutierrez, are both due in court tomorrow to be formally charged. live in alameda, stephanie truong, bay area news. >> thank you very much, steph. san jose police have a murder mystery on their hands right now. a father of two gunned down during a drive by shooting over the weekend. this happened saturday night in a driveway off of monterey road. the man believed to be in his 20s suffered multiple shots from behind. one woman said she heard five gun shots and then the sound of a car racing off. >> heard that shot. and after one car go faster. >> and the victim's name is not
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yet being released. but neighbors say he had two young daughters and another child on the way. this is the city's 29th homicide of the year. a san jose man accused of beating an elderly man will be in court today. the fouler creek park on labor day. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries. police say he claims he confronted that victim about an indecent exposure at the park. but police add they have not substantiated that claim. in less than one hour, we could find out more about last week's deadly shooting involving a police officer and a suspect. it started as a chaotic car chase that went through three bay area counties and ended up in san francisco. investigators say a suspect car jacked a woman in richmond ended up crashing in the city's financial district. he reportedly shot at bystanders and at police who returned fire and killed him.
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san francisco police will hold a press conference in about an hour to release new information about that incident. california has adopted new legislation designed to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses. signed a bill that makes california the first state in the country to define when yes means yes challenging the notion that victims of sexual assault must have resisted to have valid complaint. says in order for colleges to receive student aid money, they have to implement the affirmative consent standard. that means students must ensure in advance either verbally or nonverbally that a sexual act is consensu consensual. also vetoed a bill requiring law enforcement agencies obtain warrants to use drones for surveillance. in his message, brown says although there may be some circumstances where a warrant would be appropriate to use drones for these law enforcement agencies, the bill went too far. he claims the measure appeared to impose restrictions on law enforcement that he says go beyond constitutional protections against unreasonable
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search and seizures and the right to privacy. happening today, san jose voters have another chance to hear from the two remaining mayoral candidates. dave cortese and sam liccardo will answer questions in a forum hosted by the silicon valley leadership group. this is video of the two debating over the week. for today's event, scott budman will be among the panelists. this starts at 6:30 tonight on the ebay campus. the air campaign led by the u.s. targeting isis in both syria and iraq is showing results now. we're learning today that the fight against that militant group could've gotten underway sooner, save for one problem. richard engel explains. >> the u.s. military reportedly launched more air strikes overnight after pounding isis in syria over the weekend, targeting the militants, their oil facilities and armored vehicles. but isis fighters are still advancing on cities close to the
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turkish border. and in iraq, the militants are once again reportedly on the edge of baghdad. on sunday, president obama told 60 minutes, u.s. intelligence failed to see it coming. >> well, i think our head of the intelligence community jim claper's acknowledged they underestimated what's taking place in syria. >> he didn't say just say we underestimated isil. he said we overestimated the ability and the will of our allies, the iraqi army to fight. >> that's true. that's absolutely true. >> it's a major intelligence failure. islamic radicals were expanding in syria and iraq for two years. they bragged about their growing strength online. foreign journalists often reported that foreign fighters were streaming into syria. now the president said america is leading the fight against the radicals. >> so now after not seeing it coming, the u.s. is leading an
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international coalition against isis and likely will be for years. >> to hong kong now, waves of protests are bringing much of the city to a stand still. thousands of residents continue to defy -- the demonstrations were supposed to be confined to central districts, but they are spilling over into other neighborhoods even across the harbor. tear gas billowed into the city's famous subway system, as well. hong kong has been run under a one-country, two systems government style since british colonial rule ended in 1997. beijing promised to let residents choose that city's chief executive but now insists that all candidates must be vetted by a committee perceived as an offshoot of the chinese communist party. hong kong's democracy activists see this as a betrayal.
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25 people have been hurt. five more bodies have been found in the volcano that erupted on saturday in japan and now that brings the tally to 36 people who are confirmed dead. overnight recovery efforts were stopped as crews had to retreat from toxic gases and ash. witnesses say at least 200 people were hiking on the mount over the weekend when it suddenly blew. they say rocks fell like hailstones and they had trouble breathing, even opening their eyes. >> tragic there across the seas. new details this evening about another scare at the white house that had president obama and the first lady fuming. plus -- >> what some see as a three-piece problem, now has a one-piece solution. i'm bob redell. we'll take you here live to san francisco to introduce you to the inventor of the suitsy. you'll want to see it coming up. >> that was three piece amazement out there. i can't wait to see that.
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hoping bob redell tries it on. you know what, looking good in those fall fashions. you're only going to be able to keep them out for a couple more days. summer heat on the way. plus, we're tracking our next chance for rain. we'll tell you about it when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes back.
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new questions today about the secret service and the ability to protect the president. which claims that the agency grossly mishandled the shooting that happened in 2011. kristen welker has new details. >> everybody out right now. >> intense scrutiny for this fence jumping intruder. new revelations today about gun shots fired into the executive mansion three years ago. >> this is where investigators believe the shots came from. >> back in november of 2011, fired a semiautomatic rifle at the white house while parked 1/4 mile away. initially confusion. >> the supervisor that night on duty calls out stand down, disregard.
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it's just a construction noise. >> it took four days for the agency to realize the white house had been hit seven times. the discovery came only after a housekeeper found broken glass on the truman balcony. >> there appears to be a bullet lodged in a window sill and a bullet hole in one of the central glass windows that is, again, right outside the family's living room. >> sasha was home at the time with her grandmother. the president and first lady were traveling and didn't find out for several days. it was an usher who told the first lady assuming she already knew. >> aids have described the president and she as both fuming. >> an investigation was launched immediately. other law enforcement agencies were notified. hernandez was arrested and is now serving time in jail. >> i know the secret service is on top of this and they will take any necessary step to correct any problems. >> deep concern. >> i got serious questions about the leadership and protocol of
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the secret service. they have had far too many problems. this is not something that's acceptable. >> and that was kristen welker reporting. hernandez is serving 25 years after pleading guilty to terrorism and weapons offenses. the secret service notes that in the wake of that 2011 shooting, they implemented personnel and structural changes including additional surveillance cameras and they have enhanced security around the white house, as well, in the wake of the most recent fence jumper. a medical quagmire has doctors trying to figure out why a group of children in colorado have polio-like symptoms including paralysis. nine children there are sick and at least four of them tested positive for a rare strain of a common virus that acts like a bad cold and also makes it hard for you to breathe. 68 have been confirmed and nearly 300 people. mostly children across 40 states including here in california. doctors are working with the cdc to see if the polio-like
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symptoms are linked to the virus. today, facebook debuts a neutral for advertisers to track the 1.3 billion users. the company is rolling out an updated version of atlas which will direct ads to people on websites and mobile apps not on facebook page. but the advertisers will leverage facebook's marketing information nonetheless. it is the social networking giant's most direct challenge to google yet. atlas could create a new revenue source for facebook and also a valuable marketing tool for companies looking for an alternative to ad networks run by google and yahoo. facebook bought atlas from microsoft last year. >> so you're in a rush and you have an important meeting to get to. how do you address for success when you're in a time jam? >> you throw on a suit, right? >> of course. >> not just any kind of suit. >> no. >> bob redell live in san francisco to show us a special kind of suit design for someone has no time and needs lots of help. like bob himself, maybe.
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>> well, kris and sam, i want you to think about what it takes for a man to get ready to work every morning. i'm talking about the two-piece suit. think about the time it takes to button up an entire dress shirt. of course, the hand-eye coordination to do a tie and that all before your first cup of coffee. well, soon, that's about to change. >> on your mark, get set, go. >> all right. san francisco real estate developer has invented a two-piece suit for the man who just doesn't want to deal with the hassle of actually getting dressed. you step into it like a mechanic's overalls. he calls it the suitsy, it combines the pants, dress shirt and casual sport coat, which he demonstrated for us clearly on the steps of the old stock exchange here in the financial district. no need to button the shirt, there's a zipper for that.
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fix the collar, pop on the shoes and he was ready for work in just under 28 seconds. >> i was sitting at work and thought it would be great to look professional and feel comfortable. >> because the whole suit and tie thing? >> you know, you've got different elements going on. it's a lot of things to put on. it's not as comfortable as a onesie. and so i thought if you could combine those two somewhere there could be a happy medium. >> clothing website beta brand has taken an interest in jesse's prototype. they're coming up with plans to bring the suitsie to market by christmas time. possibly the price in the high $300s, about half the price of a regular two-piece suit. >> would you wear something like this? >> i work in tech, i don't normally wear stuff, lower maintenance the better. >> that was the idea.
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the tech folks in the bay area. this would be an easier way to class it up but be comfortable. >> what's the name? >> suitsie. the. >> like suit and onesie. >> got it. >> reporter: he tells us he's heard from members of an orchestra and parking valets who would be interested. the downside, he wore it to the rehearsal dinner last summer, became an issue when a friend suggested he give his fiancee his coat to stay warm. clearly he couldn't do that without taking off the entire outfit and that probably would have been slightly inappropriate. this company beta brand, they have a website. you can take a better look at the suitsie again. he's trying to get it to market in time for christmas. look at how long it took him, 28 seconds, you saw me from beginning to end. shirt, tie, jacket, we're looking at a good two minutes. and i haven't even gotten to my pants yet. >> good thing that shot is from the waist up right now.
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i don't know what's going on. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. well, we have to ask you, you're a guy. what do you think? >> do i have to publicly shame myself by doing this in front of people in the middle of a street? i don't know, seems like a lot of work. i like the name, suitsie. >> i guess. for somebody. christina, i know you've got opinions. >> coincidence that the sirens were going off as bob was telling us, i think not. nothing like a grown man in a onesie. 66 in san jose, 66 degrees in livermore. looking at temperature up in santa rosa. 57 degrees up there. meanwhile, plenty of 60s. so basically, that temperature map tells the story of the day. that's where you still have those thick low clouds. and i want to show you something really cool right now. this is a time lapse from weather underground and shows you that compressed marine layer here from sunol. you're here on the high hill top
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overlooking the east bay. and then, watch what it looks like in the east bay, completely murky, gray overcast. it's not going to be like that all day. but this is what's keeping our temperatures down onshore flow is firmly in effect. so for us, this little trough here is going to stay out of the bay area, but it's going to keep the cool clouds right at the coast and the cool ocean air all day long. it's crisp out there, feels like fall today and tomorrow. getting average highs. temperatures for today in the south bay, 78 degrees, 79 for the north bay. right around 72 on the east shore. nice and comfortable there. and 80 degrees in the tri-valley. a weather story to tell you. coastal clouds today, a murky start, sunny finish by tomorrow. temperatures are going to climb just a touch. then that summer air really settles in as we head throughout the midsection of your week and we're back in the 90s. back to summer levels before you know it at the end of the week. nonetheless, we have a good chance for rain. it's quite a ways out. i've got to tell you that much and keep it honest. i can tell you it's looking good. for today, 78, 77, we'll be in
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the 80s by wednesday, up to 90 by thursday, 92 for friday, great beach weekend coming your way and we're talking showers next week. i'll show you what i was thinking in a little bit. now i'm going to send it back to you, sam and kris. and let's get that onesie out of our head for now, shall we? >> my eyes. my eyes. >> thank you very much. up next, could the raiders be looking for a new head coach? and the play here that stole the show in a recent baseball showdown when we return. >> again. my eyes.
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welcome back. 11:24 on your monday. when it comes to parking at levi stadium for the 49ers games, it is still apparently a work in progress. we spoke to fans leaving as the niners big win yesterday over the philadelphia eagles. and it appeared in some areas there were fewer problems with drivers than others. just like the situation after the game two weeks ago, some folks were still a bit frustrated. >> crazy. >> too much coffee. way too much. >> it's better than the first time we heard. >> amazing? >> better today, definitely. >> all right. inch by inch getting a little bit better. santa clara will have another chance to test the parking out next weekend when the niners play host to the kansas city chiefs. the oakland raiders head
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coach might be wishing the floigt from london to the bay area was longer. speculation is swirling that once he touches down, he's going to be out of a job. right now, the team headed home after losing to miami 38-14. the raiders winless so far this season, which is why many think it's the end of the line for that head coach. offensive line coach tony spirano is the rumored replacement. the team has lost ten straight games. >> that is also a christina loren approved hand pick tony spirano. debuting new team unis instead of calling the normal event. the top ten tweeters to twitter headquarters to see the uniforms, check them out, weigh in. among that group, twitter's ceo. the uniform will be worn in addition to the traditional warriors uniforms. the team will first wear the
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alternate jerseys during a home game against the hornets. already taking orders on its website. you see a lot of end zone dancing but not a lot of dancing in baseball. one seattle mariner took the saying dance like no one's watching to a level. take a look at this. when the popular song "turn down for what" came on, the pitcher couldn't help himself. he busted some serious moves as everybody in the stands still watching, celebrating the sweep of the l.a. angels. unfortunately, more dancing will have to wait as the mariners finish just out of the post season. >> yeah, maybe they should have actually won -- before going nuts with a victory dance. but, you know, to each his own. 11:26 right now on your monday morning. the danger of bird strikes puts your safety at risk every time you fly. >> with the increasing incidents of bird strikes, we've got to do something more than what we're doing currently.
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>> why isn't the faa using a new and proven technology to reduce those collisions? we investigate. and a $2,300 dinner, fancy cars all paid for with your money. only on nbc bay area, an audit exposing how san jose spends public dollars.
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what happens every day and puts people at risk. birds colliding with airplanes. and now nbc bay area's investigative team has learned of a new technology that could help to reduce some of those avian collisions. >> which are so common. the faa has dragged its feet on using new technology. investigative reporter has much more. >> we're talking about bird or avian radar. radar that is so good it can
11:30 am
spot and even predict the presence of large birds or large flocks of birds around airports. this radar is already being successfully used at airports in india, israel and south africa as well as by our military and by nasa. even so, the faa has yet to put it in place at most of our nation's commercial airports. >> it's a topic many local airports don't like to discuss. airport wildlife managers routinely shooting and killing birds that gather around runways in order to keep them from colliding with airplanes taking off and landing. for example, back in january of 2013, this male falcon was found -- while sfo never figured out exactly who shot the falcon. in the previous two years, wildlife management officials there killed 964 birds all part of a u.s. fish and wildlife
11:31 am
program meant to reduce the number of bird strikes on aircraft. during the same time frame, oakland killed 2,375 birds. san jose began killing birds only last year, killing about a dozen birds in the first month of its program. even so, collisions between birds and airplanes continued to rise not only nationwide but also at all three of the bay area's major airports. >> the most famous example of the consequences of that occurred in the skies over new york city when a flock of canadian geese collided with u.s. air flight 1549 forcing the plane to ditch in the hudson river. the so-called miracle on the hudson. >> the fact is that with the increasing incidents of bird strikes, we've got to do something more than what we're doing currently. >> that's why congressman james moran of northern virginia
11:32 am
can -- >> we ought to use the technology that's available. >> signed along with congressman joseph crowley of new york, the letter raises concerns that this quote valuable tool still isn't being used at, quote, our commercial airports. >> nasa and our military, the israelis, other countries have figured out how to deal with this. but in the united states, the only thing we think about is, well, let's go kill all the birds. and it's ineffective and, frankly, it's inhumane, too. >> we're finding out that this one's working out really well. >> we went to the only commercial airport in the country where avian or bird radar has been tested and used continuously since 2007. seattle/tacoma international airport. >> we get a bird persistence in those sites, which is two or three minutes over a 15-minute period. that's where we get an alert. >> the top airport biologist at seattle/taco seattle/tacoma.
11:33 am
>> there's a lot of targets out there that the radar is picking up. >> seattle/tacoma served as one of seven demonstration sites to test this system. the other six were military installations. the avian radar was designed by a canadian the company. and this research from three years ago demonstrates clearly that the radar works. >> what i hope to get to in the future is a wildlife forecast in the same way we have weather forecasts today. >> by using this radar airport workers can go to the scene and chase off birds. air traffic control can temporarily hold planes on the ground or before final approach to land. and pilots can even change course or be on the lookout to avoid large flocks of birds. >> and i wouldn't be a bit surprised if this was a soaring red tail hawk. >> we could see the very same hawk hovering right along runway 1-6. >> this is our starling traps.
11:34 am
>> also uses techniques such as these live traps and extensive netting over retention ponds. even so, the airport was forced to kill 853 birds in 2012, but they say they don't shoot any predator or raptor birds. >> couple years ago, we got 13 in one day. >> instead, they trapped them like this, which then recovered from the trap, put a hood on, then placed in a travel pan, then on to a local bus which drove 70 miles away and released the bird into the forest. >> it's kind of interesting that you have an airport doing wildlife conservation at the same time mitigating risks with some of these larger birds. >> all of it proved critics of the faa say that wildlife can be saved while keeping it from colliding with aircraft and putting people in jeopardy. >> i want the federal aviation administration to understand that there is a better way of dealing with bird strikes than simply slaughtering all the birds that's ineffective, it's
11:35 am
not working. >> at seattle/tacoma, the avian radar equipment cost the airport about $60,000 in all for the equipment. similar radar is now being used at dallas ft. worth airport, but it has not been installed at any other airports throughout the country including here in the bay area. when we asked the faa why not, a spokesman told us that was a good question. but then he never got back to us with an answer. we'll stay on the faa. if you want to read the full report, go to our website, nbc bay nbc bay area news. >> and we'll see if that technology does, indeed, take flight. in the meantime, if you have a tip for an investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. from renting a bmw for two weeks and lavish meals and hundreds of dollars spent on
11:36 am
wine. some city employees are using their credit cards for questionable purchases. so, exactly which employees are living the high life on your dime? found out in this exclusive report. >> these are some of the thousands of documents nbc bay area got from the city auditor today. this one sharon erickson said in her report violated prudent use of city funds. it's a charge for more than $2,300, including $700 in alcohol to entertain a delegation from ireland. at the dinner table that night, the mayor and several council members. the city manager and city attorney were also there. >> and there was approval for alcohol purchase as part of that meal. we questioned whether it was a prudent expenditure of taxpayer dollars to spend that much money on alcohol. >> in a statement, the mayor's office wrote, quote, city policy allows limited expenditures of this type for economic development purposes.
11:37 am
and that the mayor has been briefed by the city auditor and is exploring ways to increase transparency around p card transactions. >> we do question in this report. for business meals, for highly compensated or high level employees. >> also mentioned in the audit, a $2,250 expense for tickets to an awards dinner, a dinner city employees did not attend. we found in the new documents it was charged by the airport director. and this one four top grain leather rocker recliners bought by a firefighter in charge of facilities for almost $3,500. >> if they did knowingly use it in violation of procedures, then there are some steps to take some corrective actions for that. >> union leader jose guerrero says all employees go through
11:38 am
annual training on how to properly use their city-issued p card. >> all of us are city employees whether we're city employees or any politician must adhere to honesty, integrity and transparency and the use of the city credit cards. >> he says that goes for all employees whether elected or not. >> nbc bay area news. much more still ahead, how san jose is weeding out the number of pot clubs that will operate in the city in the future. >> and the role local scientists played on a mission to mars. and we have a beautiful day right here in the bay area. but some pretty big changes coming your way. today, tomorrow, feeling like fall, feeling comfortable out there. as we get into midweek, we are talking about summer heat, and then we really crank it up toward the end of the week. with that said, there's still rain on the way. we're going to have to wait for it. but i'll tell you the best chance when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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san jose right now in the process of deciding which pot clubs will be able to open for business. this after the city ordered all clubs to shut down in july. the city's decision on applicants so far shows a huge change in the vision for the medical marijuana landscape. robert honda has much more. >> san jose officials once said pot clubs were popping up throughout the city operating
11:42 am
like the wild, wild west. no regard for city restrictions. the number of applicants indicate many simply closed doors and of the 30 or so on the list, it appears only six have been approved for this first phase. >> once the ordinance goes into effect and we're down to the six to ten clubs that might be open. many of them will be be limited. >> the first phase means the clubs approved are in compliance with restrictions. they still have to apply for a permit to open. and clubs that can't get a permit will have to close by october 18th. >> so if you have a location that fits, regardless of how you run your operation, you can stay open. >> there's a lot of people that work in the industry that are no longer going to have their jobs. the biggest and most important thing is now you're going to push people to be selling these
11:43 am
things on the streets. >> robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> and city officials say a handful of clubs are not following the process at all. the city council tomorrow is expected to boost fines significantly for noncompliance. scientists are celebrating a big success, a trail blazing mission to mars that they have played a huge role in. jodi hernandez shows us firsthand how ten years of intensive work is finally paying off. >> the ignition and liftoff of the atlas 5. >> after a 10-month, 422-million mile journey, nasa's latest mars bound spacecraft called mars atmosphere revolution has made it to the red planet. >> congratulations. it's now in mars orbit. >> among those celebrating, scientists and engineers at u.c. berkeley. >> from wing tip to wing tip is
11:44 am
about the size of a yellow school bus. >> who help build many of the instruments onboard. >> you've helped something and worked on something for a number of years now it's an orbit around mars. >> sent the past decade designing sophisticated instruments. answering questions, what happened to the red planet's atmosphere that made it uninhabitable. >> there is evidence on the surface of having been passed milder climate, more atmosphere, more atmosphere. a much more earth like place. and we all wonder what happened to it. >> and data is already pouring in. >> greetings from mars. if you know how to look at it right. >> maven operations engineer is monitoring it all. >> we've been looking at data ever since we launched and
11:45 am
turned it on, but it's sort of not quite as cool as being on mars and looking at the real science we've been looking at for years. >> already a blip in the data has researchers scratching their heads. the possibility of new discoveries, finally a reality. >> when you get to design the instrument, build the instrument, test the instrument, calibrate the instrument, cry a little bit when you send the instrument off. watch the launch, wave good-bye as it goes away. it's a lot of fun. >> we will fill in that gap and knowledge of mars. this will -- >> in berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> what did you do at school today? >> that is way too heavy for this guy right here. 11:45 right now. we start off your workweek, hopefully with something nice. >> good morning. let's get to some localized science. san francisco, i want to start with this time lapse. this tells the weather story of the day. so we set this back. this is from our friends at weather underground, by the way.
11:46 am
we set this back to 5:00 a.m. this morning. it was dark out there, you were socked in with fog in san francisco. and look at this, even now at 11:45, same deal. low clouds continue. but 6 miles up the road, we are clearing you out rapidly. this is tiburon, set this in motion. this just occurred over the past 15 minutes. so you, too, will see clearing as we head throughout the next couple of hours. not a lot of sunshine coming your way today, but that's going to keep us so cool. we've got this trough of low pressure. as we head throughout the day today, it's going to continue to dig to the south. and for us, we're going to keep the westerly flow firmly in place, cool air, breeze will build tonight. we've got good air quality. feel free to open up the windows in your home and let mother nature cool it off for you. 69 degrees on the east shore, 69 degrees, comfortable day for you in san francisco. just kind of overcast still. 81 degrees for the north bay, and 75 degrees on the peninsula. let's get to it. changes coming your way. big ridge, this guy has a lot of
11:47 am
energy. and it's going to boost your temperatures rapidly. we'll get one more beautiful day tomorrow, and then this thing's going to block all the storm systems coming into the bay area. unfortunately, until we hit the 11th through the 14th, then that thing starts to break down and we're looking at good rain chances, really looking forward to that as we head throughout the second week of october. for this week, temperatures will climb, we'll be at 90 degrees by thursday and 92 degrees to finish off the week, good beach weekend. then we bring in that rain. more on that rm to. back to you sam and kris. >> now we're talking beach. >> you know, i'm glad to be able to open the windows and turn the fans off. sometimes in our house, you can't hear anybody. >> you can't have it all, kris. 11:47 right now on your monday morning. best new restaurants might be in your own neighbor's house. we'll explain. >> how foodies and technology are coming together to create a new culinary experience. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood
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live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m.
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so here's a company that is being called the air b & b of dining. it's called eat with and it recently expanded to san francisco from overseas. >> it's a unique dining experience, but is it safe and legal? a reservation to find out the answer. >> reporter: it may be in san francisco, but for the night, rebecca william's house could be in beirut. >> modern style lebanese food. >> reporter: this teacher by day, cook by night is preparing for ten. >> we don't mess around, okay. >> not ten friends, but ten paying guests. who by now are starting to arrive. >> i hope it was a good smell. >> yeah. >> reporter: all of them made dinner reservations on a website
11:51 am
called sort of like a b & b for dinner. locals looking for alternative dining experiences. >> where the chef is actually part of the whole experience. bringing his personal story into the dinner. that's something that you just can't replicate outside of the home. >> this type of service has raised questions at the san francisco department of public health. a number of inquiries asking if this is legal since the cooks don't have permits like restaurants do. on whether or not the chefs are regula regulated. >> we're working with the local regulator to find the right framework just as we have in spain and israel. >> to be featured on the site, an employee of eat with attends a dinner to ensure the chef can cook and the service is up to their standards. >> compliments to the chef. >> reporter: guests can also leave reviews on the chef's
11:52 am
page. >> people are personable. they have interesting lives. it's easy to talk with them about what they're doing. >> trying to meet a lot of people and check out a lot of new things. a tech food start-up event is pretty much in my home base. >> reporter: tonight, a success, a worldly dinner in the home of a stranger who is now a friend is something different. sounds like san francisco. >> i just really like to make people happy and, you know, food usually makes people happy. >> in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> i wonder if they'd mind my kids and dog running around. >> you could test it out and find out. but food most certainly makes people happy. got to like that. >> i'll feed you for free, though. >> yeah. proof that george clooney is now officially off the market. hey john check it out.
11:53 am
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whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity.
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okay. this has become quite the public spectacle. hundreds of well wishers waited for hours in venice to cheers george clooney. >> the couple celebrated a civil ceremony today after a private ceremony on saturday, which was also my anniversary. keir simmons reports. >> reporter: mr. and mrs. clooney have just left the building where they signed the legal papers that means they are now officially married. the bride's father describes it as a simple affair. the truth, it was simply
11:56 am
stunning. >> george clooney with his new wife wearing, yes, a wedding ring. proof that he has finally made that lifelong commitment after decades as a committed bachelor. the bride, a british lawyer is said to have worn a wedding dress by the same designer as kate middleton. mr. and mrs. clooney married in romantic venice amid stunning scenery traveling in a boat italian for love. pursued by the paparazzi. one vessel close to capsizing. he wore a tuxedo for the ceremony on saturday in front of 150 guests including matt damon, cindy crawford, bono and bill murray. while crowding on to every canal bank and bridge, thousand of well wishers.
11:57 am
the couple requested no cameras for the exchange of vows. official pictures will apparently appear in a magazine for a large donation to charity. >> reporter: meanwhile, women around the world are crying tears that will flood the canals of venice. i exaggerate, but just a little bit. back to you. >> that's funny. >> and apparently, people have heard of george clooney in venice. >> he has homes there, spends lots of time there. he would have been my second choice, i married my first one. >> that's the money comment right there. the "today" show welcomed a special guest this morning, savannah guthrie and her husband dropped by with the newborn daughter vale. >> vale was born on the 13th. where she talked about the joys of being a new mother. she says it's scary at times. savannah will return ton the "today" show on november 3rd. >> and she has many fans. thank you so much for joining us. in the meantime, we'll see you again at 5:00 for our next newscast.
11:58 am
the third annual leyva middle school fundraiser, prizes and games for the whole family. see you there.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> today on "access hollywood live", the george clooney wedding album. tons of video. pictures. insider details. >> we pwriping breakdown the wedding weekend of style. amal alamuddin was flawless and beyonce on stage wardrobe oops and kim kardashian booty shot for the ages. >> "access hollywood for the ages. >> "access hollywood live", starts right now jeans. >> oh, my dear. look, look at that royal wedding. right there. a champagne toast, my friends. >> oh. yes. >> to the new couple. mr. and mrs. george clooney. >> to the cloo


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