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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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li look. >> we'll also see you at 11:00 for the news. . good morning. "today" ex a nurse who worked at the dallas hospital at the center of the ebola crisis in america speaks out. her shocking claims of mismanagement, disorder and disregard for protocol that may have led to at least two of her co-workers being infected. trouble in paradise. hurricane gonzalez strengthens overnight, now a powerful category 4 with 140-mile-per-hour winds swirling toward bermuda while hawaii begins to prepare for a possible hurricane of its own. a woman tells police steven collins exposed himself to her when she was just 13 years old. the new investigation just launched.
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and fangate. >> we have an extremely peculiar situation right now. >> florida's governor refuses to take the stage in a debate because of the electric fan under his opponent's podium. an awkward moment that's blowing up online "today" thursday october 16th, 2014. >> good morning, withal come to "today" on a thursday morning. savannah remains on maternity leave. al is on the road and also in a little while we'll talk to a nurse who works at texas health presbyterian hospital and she is now you could accurately a say whistle-blower, talking about the lack of planning there, a lack of training, a lack of
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protocol and contradictions in procedure procedures that put people's lives and health at risk. >> she speaks about the hospital she loves and works so hard for. >> really courageous. let's get the latest develop developments. amber vinson is being treated at emorry university hospital, that of course is in atlanta. >> hearings on capitol hill feature dr. frieden and anthony fauchie, a lot of questions why the cdc knew vinson had a low grade fever but didn't stop her before boarding a commercial flight. >> cleveland schools are closed today because a staffer may have traveled on the same plane as that nurse and president obama is weighing in saying moving forward the see dk will spend rapid response teams to any site where cases are discovered.
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kate snow is in dallas for us once again. kate, good morning to you. >> the second nurse waking up at emory university hospital in atlanta where they have a specialized ebola team. meantime a lot of questions being raised about what she did in the hours just before she got tick and checked into this hospital. 2-year-old amber vinson walking onto the tarmac late wednesday night in atlanta. motorcade of ambulances heading for emroary university hospital. earlier, wearing yellow protective gear, vinson was able to walk on to the medical transport plane in dallas. but it's another flight the nurse took just days ago that has many concerned. this past friday she flew from dallas to cleveland to visit her family and ian say in akron to plan her upcoming wedding. on monday she boarded a frontier airlines flight with 132 passengers on board for the
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flight back to dallas even though she had a temperature of 99.5. on wednesday the director of the cdc first said she should have never taken that flight. >> at that point she was in a group of individuals known to have exposure to ebola. she should not have traveled on a commercial airline. >> wednesday night the see dk said someone on his staff gotten a call monday. she told him she had a fever and asked if it was time to fly. the see dk considered health care workers that had worn protective gear to be at lower risk but government officials said based on see dk guidelines vinson was never told not to take the flight. frontier was notified yesterday by the see dk vinson may have been symptomatic earlier than initially suspected including the possibility of possessing symptoms while on board the flight.
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>> we'll worry whose fault later. let's move forward and keep this community safe. >> reporter: 75 hospital workers, being closely monitored. the see dk director confirming there was no consistent protocol at the hospital in terms of what protective gear to wear. some wore layers of gloves. >> the risk of contamination during the process of taking these gloves off gets much higher. >> reporter: the mayor isn't very happy. is it human error? >> i think it's human beings coming together on the first time on a tough subject and this is a hard disease when you are perfect and when you only get 80 on the grade, that's not acceptable. >> reporter: president obama canceled fundraising trips planned for today as his administration deals with the deadly virus. >> we are monitoring, service supervising, overseeing in a much more aggressive way in dallas initially and making sure the lessons learned are transmitted to hospitals and
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clinics all across the crown. the country. >> reporter: on capitol hill later today, there will be a hearing at which officials will hear that their overall care and training was adequate. advanced copy dr. daniel vargas says "unfortunately in our initial treatment of mr. duncan despite our best intentions and highly skilled medical team we made mistakes. we are deeply sorry." this morning the dallas county executive tells nbc news he thinks this hospital should only be treating one ebola patient at a time. back to you. >> earlier this morning i spoke with breanna aguirre and her
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attorney bob kelly. earlier she spoke about their lack of planning protocol and precautions. >> i would imagine when you have a possible ebola patient walking into an emergency room given all the attention paid to the crisis in west africa and the fear of it coming to the united states it would be some code red. that there be a lock down, that emergency protocols would be put immediately into place. is that what you experienced? >> well, first, i think we all have been watching too much tv. because we never talked about ebola and we probably should have. i mean -- >> you never talked about it prior to mr. duncan arriving? >> no. we never had a discussion. they gave us an optional seminar to go to, just informational. not hands on and it was, it wasn't even suggested that we go. it wasn't, you know, something, that they say you really should try to make it. i believe it was only offered once, if not twice. we were never told what to look
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for. i don't think that any facility in the country is prepared for that at this time. >> so when mr. duncan came to the emergency room a possible ebola patient, where was he placed? what kind of procedures immediately kicked into gear, if any? >> first let me say, i was not a nurse that cared for him and so i only know what my co-workers, people in care of him, handling his lab specimens. i was setting next to the doctor who was in charge of his care that day, and all i know for sure without any speculation, without any, you know, without being here misleading here at all is that he was put into an area where there are up to seven other patients. we took probably around three hours to make our first contact with the cdc to even let them know that what we had is our
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suspicion. you know, there was no special precautions other than what we know in the medical industry to be basic contact precautions and droplet precautions, no special gear. we were unprepared in the sense that we didn't know what to do with his lab specimens. they were mishandled, and that's what the lab technician told me. it was a chaotic scene. our infectious department was contacted to ask what is the protocol and their answer was "we don't know. we'll have to call you back." >> i want to talk to you about the protective gear that you initially wore. you did care for my nina pham, contracted the virus while she cared for mr. duncan. you described there was a shield and a mask and a gown that covered your arms. you wore gloves and booties over your shoes, but there was a
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glaring difficulty or problem. there was a gap in your protective gear at your neck of several inches where your skin was exposed. is that true? >> just to clarify this very complicated story, initially, we were advised to wear a gown, front and back. by the time that i even partook in the ebola situation in my hospital, we were already wearing what i guess would be hazmat suits. they were tyvek suits. they were dupont suits, and it was basically, you know, just like you would have in a snowsuit or any hoodie, it would zip up to about here and then from there go into a hood up around my face, like this, around my whole face. on top of that was a mask in front of me that would go under my chin to here. so from here to here was uncovered. >> and that concerned you and
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you complained about it or you at least asked the officials at the hospital why that was being allowed to happen, correct? >> in fact, i'll just be honest, i threw a fit. i just, i couldn't believe it. you know, in the second week of the ebola crisis at my hospital, the only gore they're offering us at that time and up until that time is gear is that is allowing our necks to be uncovered and i just spot out asked several infectious disease nurses, i asked the cdc, why would i be wearing two pairs of gloves, three pairs of booties, a plastic suit covering my entire body and leave my neck hanging out this much so that it can, somebody can potentially go close to my mouth or nose? >> there are a lot of other hospitals in the dallas area. texas health presbyterian could have put a call out to other hospitals saying do you have the
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suits that protect the entire body? why don't you think they did that? >> i'm in no, i'm not in administration and i would only be speculating. i'm someone that i guess you would say is at the bottom of the totem pole here. i only know what information trickles down to me, but i actually posed that same question to someone who identified himself as the vice president of our organization. i asked him, "then good, you're the vice president. you can go and ask for these supplies that we need." and he advised me, he would call me back. i asked him for a contact phone number so we can call someone more at the top of the totem pole and ask them for direct things that we need. because it's not just that that we were missing. he said he will call me back with a phone number that i can reach help with and he had never called me back. >> you, i mentioned, worked at this hospital and have worked there for three years. you love your job.
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you are not a union member. in dallas there, there isn't that nurse's union. you are now saying things are going to make a lot of people at that hospital look very, very bad. are you worried about the fallout here? for you, personally? >> i want to say that i'm sorry, for my co-workers, i know a lot of people will be proud of me right now. i'm sorry for those who are not. what i'm doing here is not wrong and i don't believe anyone can argue that. and i'm very concerned about losing my job. it's the best job i ever had. i travel a great distance to work there. i don't live close to that hospital. i am the bread winner of my family and i'm terrified. i'm like the majority of the middle class working class people, just a couple paychecks away from not being able to pay my mortgage, and i'm terrified
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about that. and i don't know about my future there at that hospital or at any hospital. >> bob, does she have any protection? >> well, matt, as you know, we are doing everything we can to protect her. she's what is commonly known as a whistleblower and we have a history in these companies, when somebody comes out like this and blows the whistle of what's going on of retaliating against them. so she's got a 7-year-old daughter, a 10-year-old daughter, she's the bread winner in her family. our law firm is doing everything we can to protect her at this point. it's my hope after the american people hear today what's going on at that hospital, that the country will come behind and support her. >> brianna, finally for you, you are in that 21-day period where you are monitoring your temperature a couple times a day. although as i mentioned, there are no restrictions placed on you moving around right now. but if, and i don't -- this is hypothetical.
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if you were to start to experience symptoms of ebola, texas health presbyterian hospital would be the recommended hospital for you to go to for treatment. how would you feel about that? >> you know, i have played that situation out in my head and knowing what i know, i would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. i would feel at risk by going there. if i don't actually have ebola, i may contract it there is how i actually feel. i would do anything to refuse to go there. >> breanna aguirre and bob kely, thank you both very much. i appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you, matt. >> let me say off the bat, it was difficult for her to come forward. she said it over and over, she loves that job. she posted on facebook a while ago she was so proud of her hospital that if ebola had come to her area she thought her hospital would be best prepared
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to handle it. that all changed when mr. duncan walked through that door. >> this is a level 1 trauma center. everybody looking around is going to be asking the questions, if that's happening at one of the top hospitals in the country, what is happening at my hospital? >> that's right. we are going to hear more of that interview coming up. and dr. mehmet oz will be here with reaction. you can see the entire interview on there are more good news when it comes to gas prices. tamron is here with more. >> this is the larger picture of the economy as well, guys. there is a whole lot less pain at the pump today. aaa says the price of a gallon of regular is down $3.16, and in some places much lower than that. nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: it's sticker shock. but in a good way the price of gas taking a certified nose dive. a gallon of regular $3 nationwide. gasoline is now it's lowest price in four years. what do you think this is saving
7:17 am
you on gas? >> like about $100 a week. so that's pretty good for right now. >> reporter: since the start of the month, prices have dropped 15 cents. about 50 cents since the end of june, and hang on. analysts say it could drop another 20 cents. >> the real reason the gas prices are falling right now at steeper rates than we have seen in years is due to the freefall in crude oil prices. >> reporter: after hitting a peak of $104 over the summer, oil dipped to as low as $80 on wednesday. >> prices haven't been this cheap in years. it's a blessing and a saving at the same time. a double whammy. >> reporter: for many, saving even a few bucks makes a big difference. >> during the summer it cost me $35 just to fill up. now it only costs me 15 bucks. >> reporter: that's a big difference. >> that's a very big difference. >> reporter: consumers pocketing the difference as gas prices fall.
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for "today" janet shamlian, nbc news, baytown, texas. >> now, despite falling oil, gas prices are more turbulent on wednesday during a day of market jitters the dow at one point was down 460 points. it rebounded some, closed down 173 points. a frightening story is developing in nepal where 70 people are missing in mountains popular with hikers. the area has been buried by blizzards and avalanches. several hikers were rescued today, but at least 25 others were killed and officials fear the death toll, the number of people killed will go up. it's on to the world series for the kansas city royals. last night they completed a four-game sweep of the orioles to make it to the world series. for the first time, if you are counting, and they are, for 29 years with a win over baltimore set off a wild celebration on the field, and in the kansas city clubhouse, the royals will meet the winner of the giants/cardinal series. san francisco leads 3-1 game.
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>> i had the royals as my preseason pick. >> come on! >> no, i didn't. >> that would be amazing. some are calling it fangate. yes, a florida democrat charlie crist and rick scott got off to a windy start when only crist walked on stage. scott was upset over an electric fan charlie crist insists on using to keep himself cool. scott finally joined in. after one of the most bizarre debate moments in a long time, the fan won and stayed. it is now 7:19. we normally complain how cold it is. we battle to have heat under our desk. i have this little heater right here. charlie crist would run from this. >> fan gate. >> the big issues. >> it's amazing. it did happen. >> tamron, thank you very much. all right. we got al on the road today going back to school. he's at suni oswego and also talking about some big, big weather stories. al? >> we'll tell you a little bit
7:20 am
later why we're here at my alma mater. this is a major storm, a category 4 storm churning out there in the atlantic. unfortunately, it is going to be taking aim at bermuda, 140 miles south-southwest ofb bermuda. 140-mile-per-hour winds. it will take direct aim on bermuda sometime by friday afternoon. it makes landfall as you look at the port of bermuda cam right now, breezy, but that's about it. then as we look at out in the, near hawaii, we're worried about ana, 5435 miles southeast of hilo, hawaii. this will be taking aim on the hawaiian islands as we make our way into honolulu by sunday. that's right. we will be tracking that. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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7:21. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. look at gorgeous sun rise coming in from sunol. what is spectacular, in woodside, you have the same gorgeous color coming in. you have high and mid-level clouds coming in from pacifica. a gorgeous day ahead. a little bit of rain as we head through late tomorrow and into early saturday. weather. >> al, see you in a while.
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carson is in the orange room with more on the ebola crisis. something that caught a lot of people's attention yesterday, carson. >> that's right, guys. at the on the of the show, we showed you the footage of amber carson, she was boarding that plane to emory hospital in atlanta. the scene on the r tarmac had a lot of people talking. people online questioning, one, two, three, four health care workers, full respirators, who was this guy quickly known online clipboard guy, for the hazmat suit, carrying a yellow folder, sunglasses, people writing in, lee writes, water wrong with the picture? everyone in hazmat suits, one guy with a clipboard. >> chris says, this is like a really bad movie! who was the man in plain clothes? you can see he was on that plane, there he is there. we still don't know exactly who that was. we believe he was a part of the flight crew. we are not sure. so inconsistencies still happening.
7:23 am
people online certainly took notice. >> thank you. coming up, more of our exclusive interview with the dallas nurse and the shocking claims of the hospital's handling of the ebola. how she and fellow nurses had to band together and refuse to move patients suspected of having ebola. plus we'll get e reaction from dr. oz.. then seem collins facing a new molestation investigation as a potential victim comes forward. we have the very latest. first, this is "today." on nbc. start shopping a new way. start maximizing at the place where you always get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. you deserve it. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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coming up, unfairly judged, a breast cancer survivor unfairly judged. her story after the news.
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a very good thursday morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators are looking for whoever shot a 12-year-old boy in front of an east bay apartment. the shooting happened last night between weldon street and willow pass in bay point. when deputies arrived, they found a 12-year-old with a gunshot wound. he was flown to a hospital in oakland. no word on his condition this morning. bay area detectives are looking for a man who groped two young girls inside of a crowded store. here's the suspect police are looking for. they say the first victim was at a san leandro walmart store with her family when a man grabbed her from behind. 15 minutes later, the same thngk happened at a target store.
7:27 am
police believe the same man is responsible for the attacks. tonight, the giants are trying for the world series. they are one win away from advancing. first pitch tonight at 5:00. will the winds cooperate out there at at&t? let's check in with christina. >> i think the wind is going to help. good morning to you. taking a live look here at sunol, really pretty start to the day as you're getting your wardrobe ready, we want to think fall conditions out there. a mix of sun and clouds. no rain before we head through tomorrow. so if you're interested in the timing of that storm, i'll have that for you coming up. in just about 15 minutes, 73 degrees on the peninsula. in san francisco, really pretty sunrise. you'll be about 66 degrees for today. by tomorrow, the rain moves in for the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. here's mike with your drive. >> christina, it looks bad at 101 north and 680.
7:28 am
the south bay is not an unusual pattern. we have extra slowing and recovering. we had an earlier crash at the expressway that caused a slow down. overall, the south bay looks pretty good. typical pattern sorting itself out. san mateo, same thing for the east shore freeway and east bay itself. 880 as well getting over towards the san mateo bridge. just slowing across the peninsula, laura. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
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♪ all right, 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 16th day of october, 2014. a rainy, rainy day here in the northeast. hopefully, it's nice where you are waking up. let's start by taking a look at some of the headlines. the explosive allegations made by briana aguirre. she says the hospital was unprepared, no training in place, and ebola patient thomas eric duncan was cared for in a room close to seven other patients, and nurses treating him had areas of their skin exposed. we're going to hear much more from briana coming up. meanwhile, the second dallas nurse infected with ebola is
7:31 am
being treated at emory university hospital in atlanta. amber vinson arrived last night, leaving a medical transport plane under her own power. earlier this week, vinson flew on a frontier airlines flight from cleveland to dallas, even though she had a low-grade fever. prior to boarding, she reached out to the cdc, but nbc news has learned she was never told not to fly. in a statement released overnight, the airline says it was notified of vinson's condition and has taken the plane out of service. coming up, dr. oz's take on the ebola crisis. does he think the cdc is doing enough, and are hospitals prepared? let's begin this half hour with a new investigation open into former "7th heaven star" stephen collins. he's already facing child molestation allegations, but now another alleged victim has reached out to police. nbc's holly jackson has the latest. >> reporter: stephen collins, back in the headlines, the subject of a new investigation,
7:32 am
this time by the l.a. county sheriff's department after a woman came forward telling police the actor exposed himself to her in 1983 when she was 13. tmz claims in an audio recording, not verified by nbc news, collins confessed during a 2012 therapy session to molesting three young girls years ago. his estranged wife turned the tape over to police in 2012. >> she was 11, and then 12 and 13. >> is this victim who came forward somebody who was referred to on this recording? >> i don't know yet. there's a possibility, but at this point we don't know for sure. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says collins is being investigated for misdemeanors, but because of the length of time that's passed, it's not clear whether the actor will be prosecuted if detectives determine the allegations are true. the nypd is conducting a separate investigation. collins is best known for playing a reverend on the show "7th heaven," but it's a more recent religious role that's causing controversy.
7:33 am
collins plays a priest who molested children, con fronted by a man he once abused. >> some day, it will be forgotten. >> so wrong, father. >> reporter: at least two film festivals have decided not to screen the movie, which was shot last year before the allegations against collins became public. >> needless to say, i was shocked. >> reporter: the film's director plans to do night to an organization that helps children. >> abuse doesn't go away, that you can move on, it affects everything in your world after that point. >> reporter: collins' lawyer did not respond to our requests for comment. for now, the police investigations go on. for "today," holly jackson, nbc news, los angeles. all right, let's get another check of the weather from al. he is on the road at his college stomping grounds. al, good morning again. >> hey, good morning, natalie. we are here, we're going to be chatting with some of the students later on.
7:34 am
we've got a media summit here, charlie rose, one of our morning colleagues, getting an honorary degree later today. let's show you what's happening, though, along the eastern seaboard. it is wet and it is wild. we are talking about a frontal system that stretches from new england, down to florida, but the heaviest rain right now in the northeast, causing big problems, and we're going to see this continuing during the day. we've got a lot of moisture, in fact, moisture from gonzalo will be making its way up along this system and into new england. some of the rain could be very, very heavy at times with strong, gusty winds. we're not looking for torrential down pours, but steady rain that could be two to three inches and locally up to four inches of rain, causing big, big 7:34. want to show you what it looks like over tiburon. really pretty start to the day. sun comes up and you can see gorgeous high and mid-level
7:35 am
clouds. temperatures will be comfortable today. we have cold air trailing behind the system that came through yesterday and another one on its heels. 69 degrees for the east shore. 76 in the south bay with rain arriving as we head throughout your friday. second half of friday, we stop that clock for you at 4:00 p.m. and that will continue into the overnight hours. . there are some broadcast journalists and majors in here could be the next matt and natalie. >> be careful. all right, al, see you in a little while. meanwhile, why did nurses at that dallas hospital have to band together and refuse to move patients suspected of having ebola. more of our exclusive interview with the furs who works there wh
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(vo) theraflu. serious power. now, that's a burger. and now you can pay and go when you're ready. now, isn't that convenient? the new lunch double burger from chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. nurse who was at the center of that dallas hospital crisis. dr. emmett oz is here. i'm glad you are here as i play you a little more of our exclusive conversation with brianna aguirre. as more and more patients who are coming in suspected of possibly having ebola, that a member of the infectious disease staff told a doctor that it would be okay to go from one
7:41 am
room of one patient wage to another room of another patient, without disinfecting herself. is that correct? >> yes. i'm sorry to say, yes. and i mean, i'm just embarrassed for my hospital to even say that because i expected more out of us. >> also rules that were kriblthd overnight. at one case a patient with a preliminary negative test for ebola, the nurses wanted to move that patient out of the room. they were told under no circumstances should that patient be moved until a final determination of whether that patient had ebola. then the very next day, several other patient was had preliminary negative tests were treated very differently. >> that's right. like you're saying, i worked two consecutive days in a row. the first day we called and said this patient preliminarily came back negative. can we move him out? we posed the question if it was early enough to say you don't
7:42 am
have it and you can now come out of isolation. they said, no, he must be maintained under isolation until the final results come back and say they are negative. and the very next day, we had two preliminary results that said these two patients were negative. they told us to move them out of isolation, because we had other patients coming in. and i stood with two other nurses at my signed we said, no, we refuse. we were just told something else the day before, how could it be a different story now. we said, we refuse. we said if you want them moved out of strict isolation, you can gown up and put on whatever suit and can you come in here and mover them, yourself. they did not do. that they told us that we didn't feed to wear the full suit with them anymore him they were negative. they told us we now only had to wear our gown and gloves.
7:43 am
i asked them, why would i need to we're anything if they have been proved to be negative. >> you told me there were waste receptacles in hallways outside of rooms where patients were treated and the materials were placed in those receptacles, people walked past them hour after hour. >> that's correct. those garbage containers pence the rooms, outside the rooms. we as nurses had said, you know, there are dirty items up and down this hallway. you know, no one can come in and out of here and the cdc, our infectious disease control nurses. they had been up and down that hallway where there was garbage piled to the ceiling without so much as even gloves on so much as having tear feet covered. and then just walking into other general areas that are supposed to be clean and there was no one to peck up our garbage for the two days that i was there pence
7:44 am
there. they had no one to pick up the garbage. it was literally piling high to the creeling. that's after we already filled up the room that they had designated as the garbage room. it was full. >> that again is brianna aguirre, she says she hates to say these things about the hospital she loves, no planning. they waited three hours to contact the cdc once they get mr. duncan. >> they are shockingacys, but the reality is we are in the middle of one massive live experiment in america. try to take care of ebola training, it changes the equation. now you have to protect yourself from getting infected. it's like trying to teach someone how to deploy a parachute after they jump out of the plane. there is no room for error. people are trembling because they are humbled about the reality. just to give you an idea. one droplet of ebola blood and one droplet of hiv.
7:45 am
i did this back tablation, one drop of ebola blood is probably 60 liters of hiv blood. it's a much different pathogen. it lives for days or weeks in gi fluid or in blood. >> even when we conduct interviews, i want to be cautious as to not create widespread panic out there. what is the most important message we send to our viewers even as we learn about more missteps that were taken at that hospital and the whole procedure. >> matt, every time i am asked about this i am asked not to panic people. i want to be humble and calm. the people that know how to do this, people in west africa struggling with doctors without borders. they're say wack we have been doing to today has not been enough. we will be camping up. i don't think the issue is flying on planes him health care workers have to be supported. it will take weeks for us to
7:46 am
train hospitals. the biggest message, one thing for me today, every hospital in america should not be gearing up. let's pick a couple centers of excellence, in major areas, not just four, we feed more. get them up and running. there will be more coming in. >> regional na fit u silts. thanks, for your input. you can see the full interview on our website at coming up on trending. the next host of the oscars revealed. but first these me for a crowd this big, your everyday dishes will only go so far. literally. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra. it's more concentrated... ...just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. here's to the over-extended family gathering. dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do. when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready,
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7:51 am
. all right. if you are still looking for the perfect costume, carson is in the orange room with suggestions. >> we have a theme for throwback thursday. 40% of adults will be dress figure costumes. we've done it around here, al, humpty dumpty and p-diddy and jlo. this is a deer caught in the headlines. that's a good one. here's the brauny pan. he found his roll of paper towels there. >> that's a good one. >> natalie, you mentioned yesterday, bob ross is somebody that calms you. a costume for that. this is the google pinles. that's a good one, here's bob ross and a fan. >> my happy painter. >> keep your pictures coming
7:52 am
#orange room. >> the deer in the headlights is genius. >> i like the brauny one. coming up, really an interesting story a. mom and a breast cancer survivor fighting back against people who criticized her for not ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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7:56 am
a very good morning to you. 7:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. a possible plea deal will be worked out in the case of a bay area teenager who had his skirt set on fire. the oakland teen is set to enter a plea bargain. he was charged with a hate crime after setting a skirt on fire last november. he identifies as agender. people will drop and cover as part of the earthquake drill. more than 10 million people at schools and universities are expected to take part in the drill at 10:16 this morning. it's supposed to prepare people for the next big earthquake. good advice. we never know when it's going to hit. let's check in with christina. she's going to give us the
7:57 am
forecast. we have more rain on the way. today is a transition day but because we're sandwiched between two systems, you'll see plenty of cloud cover and cool conditions. getting really cool time lapse imagery for you from our friends at weather underground. temperatures today will be comfortable. no need for the ac. good air quality thanks to the rain that came through yesterday. we're at 73 on the peninsula. low 70s right here in the south bay. rain moves in for tomorrow afternoon. here's mike and your drive. this is developing and holding steady at volume and speed. you have a slow drive down the east shore freeway for west 880 coming off the golden gate field area. the rest of your bay is a typical pattern slowing on both sides of the san mateo and dunn ba barton bridge.
7:58 am
87 recovering after earlier crash. we'll be back in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, bottle feeding shaming. a new mom, a breast cancer survivor, fed up being criticized by other women for not breastfeeding her baby. she sparks a national debate. the mohamed ali's family speaks out in a way you've never seen before. al goes back to school. >> how are you? >> this is where i used to live. >> mr. roker takes you on a trip down memory lane with a trip to his alma mater today, october
8:01 am
16, 2014. shout out to the best town in north dakota. >> i want to give a shout out to my husband steve in cincinnasic ohio. >> my mom took me to new york for my 50th birthday so she could meet matt lauer. >> happy birthday from the big apple. woo! . we're back now, 8:00 on a thursday morning. it's the 16th day of october, 2014. doesn't take long to realize it's a nasty day here in the northeast. pouring when i came in around 4:30-5:00. little better now. we thank these people for sticking it out. they're sticking it out with natalie's throw back thursday song. i love rick ashley. >> you said i stole your song this morning.
8:02 am
not controversial. >> i love this song. >> you like rick ashley? wow. >> it is a little controversial still. matt loves him. i thought i'd pick an easy one. >> sounds good this morning. >> meanwhile, coming up, a special steals and deals with big items. she has her clutches in hand. first let's check the top stories. >> good morning everyone. the second nurse with ebola is treated at emory medical center in atlanta. amber vinson was transported wednesday night after board a specially outfitted plane. she raised concerns taking a commercial flight one day before she was diagnosed. there are claims this morning the texas hospital at the heart of the ebola crisis mishandled the situation from the start. nbc national correspondent kate snow is in dallas.
8:03 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of questions raised about this hospital, texas presbyterian in dallas. this morning on "today" you heard from a nurse that works at the hospital. matt asked her why she's changed her opinion of her own hospital since the crisis began. here's what she had to say. >> i believe they should have known that they were not handling this well, this ebola crisis. they should have known that it was getting out of hand. they should have called in more help, even to make a public plea and say help us. you know, help us get the supplies we need. help us get the nurses the education and training they need. anyone. we're not handling it well, and i watched them violate basic principles of nursing care of medical care. >> reporter: in reaction to breanna's statements, the hospital referred us to an earlier statement they made this
8:04 am
morning responding to anonymous nurses with statement as similar to breanna's. in that they said duncan was moved to a private room and placed in isolation. they said the thd staff at the hospital wore the personal protective equipment as recommended by the cdc at the time. they said nurses at no known risk were allowed to treat other patients per cdc guidelines. on the hazardous waste question, the hospital says it went above and beyond cdc recommendations to keep it contained. today a hospital official along with other authorities including the cdc will be testifying at a hearing on capitol hill. we can expect lawmakers to have a lot of questions about the protocols in dallas. >> thank you very much. the news that nurse vinson had traveled on a commercial flight the day before her ebola diagnosis has many travelers on edge.
8:05 am
it comes as four more airports continue screening travelers from west africa. we are at one of the airports with tom. good morning. >> reporter: good maorning. the coast guard is assisting screening passengers coming from west africa. even though the cdc says risks on the frontier airlines plane is low, it's still reaching out to 132 out of abundance of caution. >> nurse amber vinson's journey began last friday october 10th when she left dallas and boarded a frontier airline flight to cleveland to plan a wedding with her family. she flew back to dallas monday october 13th with a low grade fever. before the airlines knew about the exposure, the same flight flew other flights. it's been decontaminated and flown back to denver empty. now the director of cdc is
8:06 am
imposing rules who has cared for ebola patients. >> we will from this moment toward insure no other individual who's being monitored for exposure undergoes travel. >> when mile starting today, four more airports are joining jfk in screening arriving passengers from west africa for symptoms of ebola. on capitol hill and among health care professional, a growing call to impose a travel ban on passengers from the region. infectious disease export just back from liberia thinks that could be counter productive. >> that would hamper the efforts to control this outbreak. we need to get as many responders to the outbreak areas as possible to be able to stop transmission and prevent the risk of further people becoming ill. >> reporter: as for that frontier airlines plane, it's been taken out of service and will be cleaned for a fourth time. the crew is now given 21 days off.
8:07 am
now back to you. >> thank you v. more than 25 million people are expected to take part in the great shake out later today. it's the large's earthquake drill teaching people to drop, cover, hold onto something sturdy when the ground starts to shake. experts say the worst people can do is run because that exposes them to falling debris and broken glass. alaska and nevada are among the states taking part in the global exercise. it was the catch of the day for some fishermen when they hauled in a large and active sea lion in their net. while trying to release the animal, it grabbed one of the men and flung him across the deck. they did eventually get it off the boat as you see by using a hose to scurry it along safely. it is now 8:07. let's get another check with the weather from al in new york. >> reporter: all right tam ran. thank you so much.
8:08 am
we are live outside the studio that has my name on it. i was a student here. they did me the honor of naming this studio. kids learn about broadcast journalism. they have a fully intact studio. great to see you. what's going on with gonzalo and bermuda? we have a live picture now from bermuda. right now things not all that bad. you're basically looking at some breeziy conditions, no big problems. as you watch it now, it's currently south of bermuda. that's changing rapidly as it makes it's way north. we're expecting to see it 140 miles per hour winds. as it moves north, we expect landfall sometime friday as a category 3 storm. it's been sense 2006 since the category 3 has hit bermuda. we're going to continue to track
8:09 am
8:08, good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a really pretty day coming your way. we're sandwiched between two storm systems. temperatures will be comfortable and there's rain on the way for tomorrow. 76 in the south bay. 66 on the east shore. 74 on the north bay, and a comfortable condition in san francisco, got to tell you, final day, and temperatures just about perfect with a mostly clear sky. as we head throughout the rest of the week, showers tomorrow afternoon. >> and we got college president here, dr. debra stanley. thanks for hosting us. >> well, welcome home, al. we're thrilled to have you here. >> thank you, thank you. place looks fantastic. next time we'll see if we can get a better alumni to name a studio after. >> we couldn't. >> back to you guys. >> all right, al, thank you very much. that is really cool.
8:10 am
>> thank you very much. >> how can a college refuse to add mitt a foreign student because there's cases of ebola in his home country? the backlash against one mom who has a very good reason for not breastfeeding. why her story has caught fire online. first these messages. it's halloween, but instead of pumpkins... we carve cran-o-lanterns. and we make hot cranberry cider with our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail. scary, huh? mm. [ gasp! ] find all our recipes at
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introducing the leggings studio. more looks than you can imagine. only at white house black market. we carve cran-o-lanterns. and we make hot cranberry cider with our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail. scary, huh? mm. [ gasp! ] find all our recipes at we're back with what's trending today. first up, we know there's a lot of fear and confusion about ebola in this country now. but, here's a question, did one texas college reject a foreign applicant because he's originally from a country in the west african hot zone in the happily can't is from nigeria and cnbc obtain aed a copy of t letter.
8:16 am
it reads, unfortunately navarro college is not accepting international students from countries affected. in the statement the college refused to say if it has or had a policy to reject students based on the ebola outbreak. it did say unfortunately some students received incorrect information regarding their applications to the institution. the college also noting it's currently has 100 students from africa on the campus. if that is correct and that's what the reason was for rejection, that's a big, big problem. >> it owes students who got the letter an explanation. he's hosted the emmy's and to tony's but now he's going to have a date with oscar. >> i'm in. nice. >> need we say more? he's confirmed he's hosting the oscars in february. he posted this video of his bucket list.
8:17 am
he's jumped out of a plane, wrapped with snoop dogg, had children. now he's hosting the oscars and can cross that off the bucket list. >> he has big shoes to fill. we all know what a great job ellen did. >> he needs to slow down on the bucket list. got to add some things. come on. >> you hear parents say my kids are growing up so fast. after his son's frightening medical scare, one dad is making sure to saver precious moments. his son was hospitalized after suffering bedtime seizures. thankfully he's okay, but the experience inspired his dad to take these gorgeous photos of emmerson and his brother grayson. intimate moments captured of the boys being little boys. now the photos insure other
8:18 am
parents to do the same. see more on "today." we talked about this before where moms were saying they took so many pictures of their kids but realized they weren't in any pictures with the kids. >> i'm the photographer in my family. >> that's the purpose of selfies. get your whole family in and have a few of the whole family together. >> i never print them. >> it's an inspiring parent. as a parent, you see that and realize you can saver those great moments. guys, that loud noise you heard last night was from baseball fans all over kansas city. we mentioned earlier, royals are headed to the world series in almost 30 years. one fan wouldn't let something like a live news report stop him from celebrating. >> oh my goodness. >> probably the biggest leader on this team right now --
8:19 am
>> johnny cane got a scare. all in all handled it well. >> wasn't it paul who invited fans to his mom's home after the game? he said my mom is out of town. let's go to my mom's house. that's what's trending today. still to come, steals and deals including the perfect fall shrug for 86% off. >> what's a shrug? >> we'll be back.
8:20 am
back now with an essay that touched a nerve. emily had a double mastectomy at the age of 32, which left her unable to breast-feed her son. to much dismay, she faced criticism when she formula fed him. some of the comments she good, you know, breast-feeding is optimal. breast is best. so you're not breast-feeding. it's better, you know. she decided to write a column, why i do not breast-feed, if you must know. how are you doing health wise, first? >> great. great. things very really good. okay, for all cancer survivors, it hangs in the background. right now, i'm enjoying this little guy. things have been great. >> he is almost seven months old now? >> almost eight. >> your essay touched quite a nerve. a lot of people responded to this. were you amazed by the responses
8:21 am
that you got? >> it was great. i think it touched a lot of women who wanted to talk about being judged for doing natural child birth, being judged for not doing natural child birth. being judged for so many things from you're too big during pregnancy. are you too small. so it really struck people beyond the cancer survivor community. >> it's okay. >> you know, as i was reading it. what really struck me is how hard it was for you to get pregnant. you had to wait many, many years. you talk about this is your little miracle and to be judged so harshly. not just by women, but even some men judged you. how painful was that for you and why did you feel like you had to explain, i didn't breast-feed because i had breast cancer? >> well, i didn't always explain. i endured dirty looks, but within i did explain, i really
8:22 am
felt like there were so many cancer survivors. women are surviveing it. it's going. i think there is a story to be told. i really wanted to tell it before in this context. >> it brings up the bigger issue in society on women, how we judge each other. you raise those important questions and points. yeah. carson is in the orange. >> reporter: you know you have the results of some surveys as well? >> i do. i'm here with a psychology. let me show you interesting data. when asked, do you think people judge pots was don't breast-feed? 86% say yes. going on, if are you a mom that didn't breast-feed, do you think people judge you. does this surprise you? >> no, it didn't surprise me. we are judging each other, based on what we see other people
8:23 am
doing. in popular culture, breast-feeding is best. if we look at the research, more of the medical research, research is coming out saying, you know, be there for your kid. provide them sustenance and safety. it's a cham why we judge instead of empower? >> we are social beings. women look at the social relationships they have. we always compare ourselves. are we doing as well as this one. do i look as good as that one? we are constantly in that mode. often we are looking and judging and our own insecurities we put on people comes back to us. if we could lift each other up, how much better it could be. >> natalie, back to you. >> you know, emily, final message here, if you want women to take away from what you wrote. what is the larger issue here and the pont you can make. >> you need to run your own race in lie and know what's in your
8:24 am
heart and what you want to do. and forget about the haters. >> good for you. good for you for speaking out. the really as i mentioned touched such a federal reserve. i think a lot of people, if they haven't read it yet, they certainly should be reading it. we will put that up on our website as well. thanks so much. and let's turn it over to matt. >> thank you very much. coming up, we have marsden and martin. james on his brand-new movie and jill with fall favorites in her steals and views segment. >> there is a shrug. it's a
8:25 am
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. it is 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. apple officially unveiling its new ipads today. we got a sneak peek yesterday. someone leaked screen shots of the new ipad mini and air. it was part of apple's users guide that was posted on itunes. the new ipads have i.d. technology, similar to what's on the new iphone. we'll bring you more details during our 11:00 newscast. right now, you may be trying to get around town. let's check in with mike. >> around apple is traditionally slow. slow for north 101. in fact, coming through san jose and heading into the area, same for 280. we've had scattered crashes around the south bay, serious one north 17 at hamilton.
8:27 am
another report of a red chicken running around the area of hamilton. had that the last couple of days in the roadway, then into the bushes. approach to the bay bridge, slower drive through oakland and really the east shore freeway, tough drive this morning from richmond. all morning after about 7:30, just really congested through berkley. back to you. >> tricky chicken. chicken on a thursday morning. another local news update for you in, what, animal patrol, as well? half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> it's 8:30 on a thursday morning on the 16th day of october, 2014. a nice group of people sticking around, tamron saved a pan's phone. i'm not sure if you got to save it. >> sit working? hold on? i'm checking on it. he dropped his phone. >> in the heat of the moment when you walked up, i got flustered. >> really?
8:31 am
here, matt, can you give him your new iphone 6? >> yeah, i have it pence. meanwhile. >> i'm glad you all got the purple memo today it's spirit day. this is a movement against bullying and awareness of the lbgt community as well a. lot of people on the plaza are wearing purple. >> coming up, the legendary mohammed ali as you have never seen him before through personal recordings. two of his daughters are here to share the public side of an icon him also ahead, some must hats for the fall, steals and deals, including, okay, hold on, a $550 shrug at a price we are told you
8:32 am
will not believe. they're useful. >> i can hardly wait for that. also, james morrison is here to talk about his role in a new nicholas sparks high school singing talents. >> you never have to miss a moment of today on your dial. they still call it dial? we go for a check of the weather with al. >> that's right on the crystal radio. let's show awe we got going on right now. for today, again, wet weather in the northeast a showery day. fog around the great lakes. a gorgeous day through the gulf coast. as we move on into tomorrow, again, we will be looking at a gorgeous day finally along the eastern seaboard. temperatures cooler in the southeast. rain from northern california into the coastal
8:33 am
8:32. good thursday morning, or friday eve. if you want something to help you get through the day, we've got a gorgeous day ahead. temperatures are looking really good. a mix of sun and clouds and comfortable numbers. mid 70s in the south bay for today. right around 66 degrees in san francisco and 68 degrees in the east shore. out in the tri-valley, comfortable conditions, 76 degrees as we get into the afternoon. good news is, more rain on the way as we head throughout late tomorrow, early saturday. hope you have a great day. >>. >> now we like to call oswego's oz. i got here for a summitf before that, i got toio around campus, you know what, things haven't changed much. no, they've changed completely. take a look. [ music playing ]
8:34 am
picture this, it was september, 1972. a young al roker coming from new york city to upstate new york. oswego. i'm starting my college career and dorm. onadaga hall. back in the day that same furniture was there. certainly smells like it. i remember these mailboxes. i used to live on the 3rd floor. okay, with eed a elevators, i never took them. okay, i did. hello. al roker. how are you? nice to see you. this is where i used to live when i went to this school. was in this room right here. this was mine. >> this side. >> i was on this side. all right. ah, look at this, you guy versus tv. you brought it in, yourself. and the women are stronger
8:35 am
today. >> wow. we didn't have selfies back in the day. we had save drawings. that was it. this is where i spent most of my college career public radio for central new york. not only did i earn a clap, i earned hard earned cash running the board during the watergate hearings. back when i was here in school, you feed sustenance to maintain the brain power to make sure you were a good student. that's where the oswego subshop came in. hi, how are you? >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: wow,ly have a half of roast beef and a half of a meatball. >> everything on the roast beef? >> everything, load it up. back in the day, i could do two subs at a time. i'm not proud of it. but there it is. ah, college.
8:36 am
good times. yes, this is the al roker sub. how many people have had the al roker sub? it's got tomato, it's got plenty of ham. back to you, boys. >> for the surprise there al, feast away, enjoy. all right, muhammad ali is one of the most pivotal figures in american history. he has always been my idol. a new documentary takes a closer look at muhammad ali the dad. it includes never before heard personal audio recordings of the champ. listen. >> what's your dad's name? >> muhammad ali! >> he would always tell me, time is going to fly, he could foresee things and knew how important things would be. >> it was unbelievable the power that this man had. >> hannah and mai-mai are two of his daughters. i want to talk to you. i can't wait for this. i want to ask you how your day is doing.
8:37 am
nasty rumors over the weekend he was if bad health. how is he doing? >> he is doing really good, actually. we call him in the morning. he enjoys being muhammad ali. he is not in pain. >> unfortunately, certain family members that don't understand parkinsons might misspeak, they think he is doing worse than he s. he is fine, people, don't be worried. >> that's fuse can i hear. so much is written about your dad or recorded. this was really supposed to take a different look. you wanted to show a different side. what does it show? >> it shows him as a human being i think, a father, a friend. it gets into the essence of who he is. the spirit he is. >> people know this big personality, dynamic out of the box personality. was he like that at home like a dad? >> you know, he was leak that. he was pretty much the same he had an intimate softer side.
8:38 am
he'd banish us to the kid room. he wanted us involved if his decision-making. he wanted to know from us, what do you want in life? he engaged that conversation. >> do you think in some ways he didn't want the public to see that quiet, softer side that he always liked the public to see that larger than life side of himself? >> i don't know for us, he was larger than life around the house. >> he would help you around the house and go i am the greatest? >> he'd chase us with halloween masks, playing jokes and magic tricks. >> he had a spiritual side around the house that was profound t. spirituality he wanted for us to exercise that so we can have major coping skills in life. >> i said a bunch of times, i never got to sit down with him and have that talk that interview and ask all the questions i had formulated since i was a 7-year-old boy because his voice was taken by
8:39 am
parkinsons. you can communicate with him much better than most people. but has it been frustrating to see him lose that ability to communicate in that way. >> for me, it's frustrating. my father still community indicates. we are lucky to be able to talk to him and see him more often than most people. you know, we still get it. it's just a softer voice. now we have the blessing of his audio recordings. >> i have some. we talked a lot about everything. we really did. i can tell on film the kind of conversations. so it was a quality of conversations. so, you know, we handled this with stride. this is destiny. >> your dad always likes to look to the future. so this future generation coming up. he never had the privilege of watching him in the ring, what do you want them to take away from watching this documentary? >> it's interesting you say that. a lot of journalists say we talked to him. i talked to people 30 and under. they don't know his history. i want them to take way.
8:40 am
be free who you are and there is a lot of discrimination and everyone is equal. py father not for that equality. be who you are, stand up. so that to me would be the most powerful message. >> stand by your convictions. >> thank you so much. my best to your dad. and i am ali is in theaters and on video on demand. up next, fall fashion favorites, including that watch for 83% off. first this is "today" on nbc [ music playing ] look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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8:43 am
>> good morning. >> let's talk first with what we are wearing right here, these great shrugs from mila for fall. >> we told mat what a shrug is. >> if you didn't know. >> they retail 550. they're super fine. >> silky. >> luxurious silk cashmere blend, four colors here. high end boutiques, neiman marcus, the deal is 86% off. >> incredible. they are perfect to throw in the bag when you are traveling. >> doesn't wrinkle. >> a great layering piece. >> let's go to these big ballasts. if you are a mom, you are working, they are great. you throw in your purse or your toet. they're foldable. sizes 5 through 12.
8:44 am
carried in bloomingdale, dillards and fine stores nationwide. 70% off. >> wow, huge! . >> just as a suggestion, i have this gift closet at home. >> great idea. >> with the holidays coming up, few want to start stocking up. >> let's talk about jewelry here and watches. this is a bold piece that can spruce up any outfit. retail 350, made by master craftsmen. you can choose from 11 different colors and pieces, so this is a really good feel. this is a great gift. carried in nordstroms, retail 350. 83% off. >> more and more women are liking these bold faced watches and colors. this is fantastic. >> my mom has every rainbow and every crazy outfit she ha.
8:45 am
>> you should do that. >> tell us about these bracelets. the cuffs are by zela. >> retail at $into. it's an awesome gift, super soft. italian leather, made in the u.s. comes in six colors, to see them go to the deal is $19, 79% off. >> fantastic. all right. let's come over here, couture candles from dania decker. >> these are major. fantastic candles. they rarely give discounts. they smell good. they're fan taft ij. it's not overly fragrant. that's what i love. >> retail $96. a large size candle. eight best selling scents, a blend of soy waxs, sold at barneys, neiman marcus and sachs. 70% off. >> i love that.
8:46 am
all right. stack up on those. finally, these leather club laced clutches here. these are from below the belt. >> i love that name. below the belt lace close-up, retail 1 fine. it's a leather clutch. you can attach this for it to become a wristlet. the deal $39, 80% off. it takes a little before you break in the leather. >> exactly. >> you get the idea. >> it's super fun. >> perfect, jill. these are great starts for the fall. all great gift suggestions as well. >> the products once again are the beautiful shucks from mila. ballet flats. we have watches from ocean ot and the below the belt clutch. for questions on any of these items or past orders, head to the steals and deals at
8:47 am coming up, james marsden on "the best of me"
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ music playing ] >> it's 8:49. we are back with james marsden. he is in the new nicholas sparks movie "the best of me." when love, life and loss intersect when you leechl expect it. take a look. >> why are you laughing? >> i don't know, i guess i miss this. i miss you getting all mad at me. >> i know. be a little pushy. >> i'm not pushy. >> you just care so much. juju can't help yourself. >> welcome back. good to see you. >> they gave me a screener. they said bring me a kleenex. i made a vow to myself i would not cry. >> that's presumptuous.
8:50 am
this movie is well crafted. >> thank you very much. >> had you read the book? >> i did read the book. it wasn't the director said, look, this will be different than the book. most of it is pretty much the same. he said, we will follow the script. it will be our blue print. read it if you want to. i think he was concerned sometimes actors get ideas. >> nicholas sparks has this ability to bring emotions right to the surface without making it seem obvious or schmalcy he gets you every time. the character, dawson coal, how would you describe him? i said rough around the edges, is that fair? >> i think he has an abusive father, he's an introvert. he meets this young woman. she's a beacon of light, opens him up. for the first time, experiences real love or someone showing love to him. he wants to stay in her field of gravity. >> the movie takes you back and
8:51 am
forth between 20 years ago and the characters in high school and the present day. to me it's about what ifs. do you know what i mean by that? >> we all, it's easy to romanticize who we would be or how would it be different if we stayed with the person in high school, if we sikhed instead of zagged, you'd nerve know, would i be more happier, more content? in this case, this was the one for him. 20 years later, she's moved on with her life when he's trying desperately to get her back. >> they go back to high school. it's tough for someone as young as you are. take me back to your high school. >> no. >> just for a second. >> no thanks. >> aren't you also working on a project with jack black about high school days? >> yes, i did a film with jack, it's a samberg about a high school reunion, a 20 year high school reunion. >> the producers desperately wanted to see a pick of you in high school. >> i was like the cool guy if high school.
8:52 am
jack was the little nerd. nice. >> technically a mullet in. >> i don't know, i don't know what the health ca heck it is. i think that was 1989. >> we've all been there. >> yeah. >> we all have those. what are you working on next? >> i just finished the pilot for west world with jonah nolan. it's an hbo highlight. we finished that with anthony hopkins and harrison, so fingers crossed for that. the jack black movie is coming up after this. >> that's the last time we will ever share the high school photo. i promise you. >> that's all right. i get more mileage out of that. >> "the best of me" opens tomorrow. you are great in this movie. we will talk to his co-star in our next half hour. first, did you see this, the gymnast scared off the medal podium by a bee? she is one of the great future stars in that sport.
8:53 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ only one place helps you maximize everything in your life, everyday. the place where you always get more than you pay for...
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t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. this fall, shop smarter. maxx first! doesn't everyone deserve a maxx life? t.j.maxx. well, the u.s. women's gym fastics team competed over the weekend and landed on the on the of the leader board. she led with four golds, one silver, a lot of respect for
8:55 am
bees. cy simone, good morning. >> good morning. >> we are looking at your impressive harvard work. that is amazing. you are quite the star. i think what a lot of people are also talking about, not just the medal count but the little incident with the bee on the podium. >> yes. >> what happened there? >> it was in the flower. marissa pointed it out to me. i tried not to freak out. i freaked out. >> i don't blame you. i don't like bees. >> you kept your smile the entire time. get rid of the flowers, finally. >> in addition to all this stuff, there is so much in the way of expectations on you as we head into the next olympic cycle. are you feeling it? >> yes, kind of. still leving it off a little bit. >> does it bother you at all? >> it doesn't bother me. it actually excites me. i try not to think about it. >> does it motivate you? >> yes.
8:56 am
very. >> did you hear what olympic mary lou retton said, she called you unbeatable. she said you are the most talented gymnast she has ever seen. >> yes. >> that's pretty amazing hearing that from mary lou retton. >> give it to the bee. >> thanks for letting us keep this. your work paid off for you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. in just minutes, protesters will gather outside san francisco city hall, upset over what they call the privatization of the mission playground. the protests stems from this video posted on youtube showing a group of neighborhood kids arguing with a group of dropbox employees over a soccer area at the playground. the employees have a permit to use the area, but the kids play
8:57 am
pickup soccer there every night. the city allows the area to be reserved two nights a week. today, protesters will ask the city to make the park 100% public. since this video was posted, dropbox has apologized for the way its employees acted. they eventually worked it out and played. that's good. another update in half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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9:00 am
this is "today's take," live from studio 1-a in rock ferl plaza. >> well item to "today" on a drizzly, dreary thursday morning here in new york city. october 16th, 2014. al is on the road at his alma mater, oswego, new york. that's part of the university system here in new york. al is distinguished alumni. >> bmoc up there. >> big man on campus. >> we're having a great time,
9:01 am
we're just down the hall from the al roker television studio, which gives you an idea really not much -- nobody of any note has graduated from here. they all went ahhh. it was a shameless attempt to get sympathy. thank you so much. >> it works every time, though. >> all right, al, we'll check in with you in just a couple of minutes. how cool is that, you go to school and come back and two years later your name is up above. >> that's so major, i love that. >> that's what al roker does. meanwhile the latest on this ebola story. we're talking with nurse briana aguir aguirre. her colleagues treated thomas eric duncan, the man who died last week. she did not. but she talked to matt earlier this morning and talking about some of the concerns that she and she says other health care personnel have at that hospital, specifically about the protective gear they're using or not using. >> and it was basically, you
9:02 am
know, just like you would have in a snowsuit or any hoodie, it would zip up to about here. then from there go into a hood up around my face, like this around my whole face. and then on top of that was a mask in front of me that would go under my chin to here. so from here to here was up covered. >> if you were to start to experience symptoms of ebola, texas health presbyterian hospital would be the recommended hospital for you to go to for treatment. how would you feel about that? >> you know, i played that situation out in my head, and knowing what i know, i would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. i wolf at risk by going there. if i don't actually have ebola, i may contract it there. >> wow, and that's coming from a
9:03 am
nurse that works inside that hospital. >> and hospital officials, specifically daniel varga, will participate in this hearing later today on capitol hill. i can't wait to see if one of the lawmakers specifically cites this interview and rather than a written statement, rather than a statement that comes in the middle of the night on capitol hill respond to that specific allegation from that nurse. >> she goes on to recount, you know, more details about the night when thomas duncan presented himself to the hospital. all of the errors that were made since then and continue to be made there. in fact she says some of the nurses that she works with, she's on vacation right now but she's allowed to walk around freely. there is -- obviously she's checking herself regularly and doing all the things that she's supposed to be doing but the nurses that she works with, they're going to work as well and they're still encountering people who could potentially be cases of ebola. so a lot of questions that she's raising. i think a lot of unanswered
9:04 am
questions and concerns. >> the other part from the cdc i think people are worried about today is amber vincent, the second nurse diagnosed with ebola, was allowed to get on a flight to cleveland, spend time with friends and family. she called and said should i travel and the cdc said yes. >> she said she had like a 99.5. >> which is below their threshold. >> low grade, though. >> that's amazing i think to a lot of people that that was allowed to go on. meanwhile last night symbol survivor dr. kent brantly speak to cnn's anderson cooper. still says he doesn't know how he got the disease. >> do you know how you got it? was there a moment that you look back on and say that was it, that was the moment? >> i am convinced that i did not get ebola in the isolation unit. >> really? >> our process there was safe. every time i went into that unit full of ebola patients, i was fully suited up in the tvvex
9:05 am
suit, mask. >> every part of your skin was covered up. >> every inch. >> then i'm curious, how does he believe he got it? >> and all these months later he still doesn't know. >> and he's going through in his head, they followed every single protocol and procedure. so even having those protocols and procedures in place, mistakes happen. so what kind of a dad are you? when the baby is crying in the middle of the night do you get up and take care of them? >> luckily they don't cry in the middle of the night too much. i'll be honest -- >> did you duck the night shift? >> christina and i have an agreement that for me to get up for an hour or two in the morning wouldn't make a lot of sense. i would be there during the day and she'd get up in the night. but the question here is do guys fake sleep when they hear the baby cry? >> turns out they do. they do. there was a survey conducted. apparently 56% of dads pretend to be asleep when their kids are
9:06 am
crying in the night. they say the babies are crying for mom anyway, they don't want me half the time. >> we are the worst. >> i do have to say my husband i give all the credit in the world because we have that same deal. he knows i'm getting up at god awful hours in the morning, so he pretty much is the one who answers the call a lot. so pretty lucky in that sense. >> it's almost half and half. i was just trying to find a silver lining. like 85% say i did not hear my own child scream. >> i do think and maybe even sympathize. there is a moment, like on a weekend when i do have to wake up and it's the middle of the night and you hear the cry. you both lie there and see is the other one going to move or am i going to move? there's that chess match that you play. >> plus if you get up to comfort the child and it doesn't work. you're like i got up. >> the list of excuses, the top five excuses, they say i've got to go work tomorrow. like we don't have to? i did it last night. they're calling for you, not me,
9:07 am
and then i just pretend to be asleep as we talked about. you're better at dealing with it than i am. that doesn't work. >> that's never the right answer. >> what could you say that would get you out of that? nothing. >> we take turns. that's the only way to handle it. share responsibility. >> it took two to have that child. it takes two to take care of it. something else we like, throwback thursday. we go online and spy on celebrities. i couldn't even get it out. to see what they're posting on instagram. and madonna put up a picture and it says unconsciously transmitting ideas to the other m.c. way back quantum. that is a picture of madonna in the early days. i don't know the year -- >> early '80s? >> before "borderline"? that was the first hit. well, no, she was blonde by then. anyway, madonna, call us and let us. was she channeling miley?
9:08 am
>> miley was channeling her perhaps back in the day. >> oh, that's right. the chicken came before the egg. i was thinking how much madonna looks like her daughter, lordes, which you should because it's your child, but it's a really uncanny resemblance with lordes who's now in college. i read a story that she could have her own apartment, her mom's super rich. she's sharing a dorm room and she's at the university of michigan where her mom went to school. let's get a check of weather with al again up in oswego. >> today's weather is brought to you by progressoh light soups. 100 calories per serving. progress oh light supoups. >> i got to go to my dorm i stayed in here back in 1972. anyone here from annendaga? the first year i went was the first year they had coed dorms here. it didn't really do me any good.
9:09 am
and then the dining hall, of course. the food here is pretty good, isn't it? back in the day -- i worked in the dining hall. they had salisbury steak and it was so bad everybody started sticking it onto the bulletin board with a fork. you're all waving. or do you have to go to the bathroom? all right, let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we are watching two tropical entities, but of course we've also got this system along the eastern seaboard that's bringing heavy rain making its way into the northeast and into new england. and in fact some moisture from gonzalo which is going to hit bermuda on friday. that is going to rocket up the coast and enhance the moisture and the winds, so we've got a real mess thursday into friday, especially as you get into new england, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain, but we could have some isolated areas of 4 inches of rain with torrential rain and strong wind gusts. we're going to be watching this
9:10 am
over the next 24 hours. s. that's what's hey, thank you. gorgeous day coming your way. mild temperatures, a mix of sun and clouds. 66 in san francisco. 69 for the east shore, and 76 degrees in the south bay, with changes on the way. today will be mild. by tomorrow you'll need that umbrella, need your jacket. more rain on the way. then for the weekend, temps stay cool. we've got another system for monday, so we'll show you the timing for the next two systems today at 11:00. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right, al, we'll see you in a couple of minutes. coming up next, she won the hearts of millions of fans for her award-winning role as ugly betty. she actually got her start by speaking into a certain audition years earlier. >> good to see you. >> good to see you here. >> we'll talk to her right after this.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
tv and film star america ferrera got an emmy, golden globe and screen actors guild award. >> now she's hitting the stage in "lips together, teeth apart." >> america is with us. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> just quickly looking back at the "ugly betty" years. a baby. >> i was. >> not that you're older now. >> well, i am older now. >> older and looking good in that dress. >> thank you. >> but when you look at that, does it seem like forever again? >> it kind of does. it kind of feels like a long time ago. i was a baby. i was 21 when i started that. >> what a journey, and now you're here with this new production. it's a heavy topic with a comedic air.
9:15 am
you're a pro so i won't ask you how you balance is because that's your job, but how do you decompress when you're dealing with buried secrets after you leave? >> you know, theater is interesting. i for some reason had this idea that i'd go and do my job for two and a half hours and have the rest of the day to myself. theater really stays with you all day and kind of your entire day is about getting up on stage for those two and a half hours and giving the best performance you can for every person who buys a ticket to see you. but that's one of the reasons i moved to new york, live theater. i was born and raised in los angeles and we didn't have access to live theater the way you do here in new york. i moved here to watch live theater, but also as an actress to get to do live theater. so it's a childhood dream for me to get on the subway and do a show every night on 43rd street. >> it's a question we ask a lot of tv and film actors when they go to the stage, but what is that difference for you? obviously you've got the immediate reaction from the audience, but at the same time
9:16 am
you're doing it eight nights a week and have to keep it fresh. >> yeah, it's a different muscle as an actor that you use than when you're doing television or film. and it requires a lot of discipline, which i love. it sort of brings me back to the bare bones of why i do what i do and trying to challenge myself as an actor and make sure i never get too comfortable doing, you know, one thing or the other. and they're all challenging in their own way. but, you know, there's nothing like that live energy. once you hear that audience, 300 people milling about waiting to see what you have to show them for the night, your energy and your heartbeat can't help but start lifting off. >> well, you also have just completed a production, a film with your husband. >> yeah. >> and i understand there was a certain sex scene in there that you had to warn the family about, right? what was the reaction? >> they were pretty great about it. this is our second feature film that we've done together, my husband and i, that he wrote and directed and i starred in and
9:17 am
produced. we do -- the scene opens with a very intimate scene between the two of them so we did have to warn a few of our family members. his mother, who is very loving and supportive, asked very nicely, ryan, did you make a porno? and he said, no, mom, i didn't. it's not that bad, i promise. they were wonderful and supportive. >> but at least it's with your spouse, right? >> not some weird guy you just met. >> we premiered at the film festival here in new york and it was completely shot in new york city. so we're committed to being new yorkers. >> we love to hear that. glad to hear that. >> you've got to tell us about this tweet -- i guess it was on instagr instagram, the sisterhood of the traveling bands. we know the script may be in the works. what's the story here? >> the story here is just that
9:18 am
we were having brunch. >> you know why i'm asking, america. >> we love each other. i mean it's out there that the script is being written for a third film, which is based on a fifth book that the author put out, which picks up ten years after the last time you saw the girls. so they're about 28, 29, which is around the age. i think that's a who knows, we'll see. >> one of the best places to dine in new york, we'll give you all of the new york secrets, where willie hangs, you live in new york near us. >> but in the meantime -- >> we can't ever go too long without seeing each other because we love each other. >> it is a sisterhood. >> america, so great to have you here. >> thanks, america. coming up next, two high school sweethearts reunited after 20 years. that's the premise of the new romantic drama, "the best of
9:19 am
me." michelle mon han is one of the stars and she's got another talent that you may not know about, but you will, right after this.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
taking a look at the headlines, another big recall, this one from chrysler. the company is recalling more than 900,000 cars and suvs worldwide because of problems with altl the natures and power mirrors. affected are green wrajeep wran mystery about that man with the clipboard when the second ebola patient was transferred wednesday. he is the medical safety coordinator for the flight and part of that team's protocol is to have one person not in a biohazard suit. a new study may contradict some of the weight loss wisdom that you've heard before. researchers in australia found that gradual weight loss is no better than crash dieting for long-term weight control. in a study of 200 obese adults,
9:23 am
more people in the crash dieting group were able to lose a significant amount of weight but after three years, both groups had put back about 70% of what they had lost. as always, it's always best to check with your doctor. today apple holds a big event in california. it is widely expected that they are going to be introducing the new ipads and computers, perhaps including macs with new high resolution displays. apple has also indicated a new mac operating system will soon be coming out. phobia facebook is launchin tool for users to get word to friends that they're safe after natural disasters. it's called safety check and it will be become to the 1.3 billion users. people in areas affected by disasters will get a mess annual from safety check asking if they're safe. if they answer yes, facebook will let their friends know that they are okay. an oregon man making good on his childhood promise to share
9:24 am
the prize with his brother if he ever hit the lottery jackpot. quinn hale thought his brother was joking when you called to say he finally won a million dollars. each brother now pockets $335,000 after taxes. i think just an example of brotherly love there. fantastic. coming up, we'll tell you where you can find brad pitt this weekend, after your local news.
9:25 am
9:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good thursday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. investigators right now are looking for whoever is responsible for shooting a 12-year-old boy in front of an east bay apartment. the shooting happened just before 9:00 last night in bay point. deputies arrived, they found a 12 year old with a gunshot wound. a helicopter flew the boy to children's hospital in oakland. no word on his condition. bay area detectives are looking for a man who groped two young girls inside of a crowded store. the first victim was at a san leandro walmart store. the man grabbed her from behind monday night. 15 minutes later, the same thing happened to another girl at a target right down the street. police believe the same man is
9:27 am
responsible for both attacks. and this evening, the giants looking to advance to their third world series in five seasons if they can close the door. they are one win away from advancing. first pitch this evening is at 5:00. we are all very excited about that. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we've got a great looking day. kind of a transitional day between two storm systems. more rain on the way as we head throughout tomorrow. we're going to wait on that, though, until tomorrow afternoon. and temperatures are going to be really, really comfortable, both today and tomorrow. we're talking about the low 70s on the peninsula. upper 60s on the east shore, and san francisco, 66 degrees for the final day of the dream force conference. biggest tech conference in the world. as we head throughout the next couple days, more change coming your way. we'll time out the storm system today at 11:00. we are a very slow drive here in fremont.
9:29 am
typical of almost 9:30 in the morning. we have the compression, so look at the map, anywhere south of the dunbarton bridge, just jamming in towards milpitas, passing by mission. 680 south through the area. southbound northbound routes are starting to improve, but highway 17 around camden avenue, reports of paint, so be careful through the area. page mill road, earlier crash, still slowing there. but the rest moving smoothly. san mateo bridge, bottom of the screen, there's a tow truck. >> watch out if you're taking that route. see you again in another 25 minutes. thanks for joining us.
9:30 am
. >> welcome back to "today" thursday morning october 16ing, 2014. i'm willie with natalie and tamron. we will check in with al. he's on the road this morning, his alma matter in oswego, new york, with a look at the weather. al, what's going on? >> reporter: hey, guys, it's been raining up here. we are pence the student center. here are some of the kids outside the al roker television studio. wow, look at that. when i came to school here, we had nothing like this this is a full blown operational television studio. they got camera people, teleprompters. anchors, the mini me over here. kind of like al roker, what is your name? >> sebastian in there justin. >> marissa.
9:31 am
>> don't ever come after our jobs. we will drop you like a back of dimplt i mean it. seriously. >> oh, wow! >> hey, we're toughening these kids up. we're getting them ready for the real world! all right. let's show you what's going on -- they got a weather person, mollie, she's not here, she's their chief meteorologist. she's very good, actually. let show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we are talking about some severe stuff, again, for today, we got wet weather in new england, heavy rain, more rain in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine in the gulf coast. tomorrow the rain exits the eastern seaboard, thank goodness. showers around the great lakes. more wet weather, extensive rain from the pacific coastal northwest into northern california gulf coast again looking good. a little on the cool side in the southeast. we are looking at atlanta tomorrow with a h a high
9:32 am
hey, thank you. gorgeous day coming your way. mild temperatures, a mix of sun and clouds. 66 in san francisco, 69 for the east shore, and 76 degrees in the south bay, with changes on the way. today will be mild. by tomorrow you'll need that umbrella, your jacket, more rain on the way. then through the weekend, temps stay cool. we've got another system for monday, so we'll show you the timing for the next two systems today at 11:00. . >> and that's your latest weather. guys, i will give you a professional move i learned from willie geist who took this from ron burgundy. >> oh. >> yes. >> sweet. smashing. come try this. real quick. give it a try. okay. go ahead. give it a shot. >> u hu, yes, seen him up.
9:33 am
>> keep it classy. >> that's how you do it. >> nicely done. >> nice work, al. i love the al roker mentoring program. i will drop you like a bag of dirt for helping out the kids. >> a big move, al. >> give them the thumb's up. the real life story of actress michelle monaghan reads like a big movie script. >> a girl heads to the big sto city to become a big star. the plan worked. she went from starring with tom cruise to "true detective." now she's star income "the best of me." she reconnects with a high school flame after 20 years. >> i should go. >> what? >> this is dangerous. we've had wine and some how you have gotten better looking, which is so annoying. why couldn't have you gotten bald or fat or something, geeze.
9:34 am
>> no, he got more hair. >> we know where it's going. >> good to see you. >> the movie is so romantic. so everything nicholas sparks. we were talking last week, robertdowny, jr. said he wanted to have lunch with sarah jessica parker. we asked people, is it cool to reconnect with your ex. after seeing the scene? >> well, maybe. >> if he looks good. >> it depends what he looks like, i suppose, right? >> yeah, i know, i think what's great about it is it's a second chance, i mean, if you remember, you know your first love, you kind of remember all those butterflies in your stomach and the racing heart and all of that. and that's what she experiences 20 years later. >> sort of two high school loves, an incredible powerful love story, but you hear, you see them as they are then 20 years later in their lives an reconnecting and having that sec chance as you said. so what was it that appealed to
9:35 am
you about the role? >> well, i loved the idea that this is life that people have lived. you know, 20 years and it's confronting, you know, to look at your own life and it's self reflection and getting back to when you were happy, perhaps. and i love that it's self discovery and i love that it's full of passion and heartache and love than loss and i just related to that as a woman, i'm a romantic. it allows you to sort of escape into this really wonderful, wonderful world. >> lots of tears. >> i want to see you watching it. >> this is the ninth nicholas sparks book to be made into a movie. two things, this is a hit. then you will cry. so are you one of these people that have read all the nicholas sparks books? >> i haven't read, but i've watched the movies, okay, there are very few romantic stories that are made nowadays. he has a knack of attacking into
9:36 am
what women and men like and so i enjoy them just as much as the next person. >> before you became a big star, you were a journalism student at chicago's columbia college. >> i was. >> oh my gosh. >> i know it's a life long dream of yours to take over my job. >> yes, exactly. >> it's going to be bad for me. this is not going to go well for me. i want you to come on over. we will have fun. we call them our kickers. so that's my spot. this is news with michelle today. here we go. go ahead, michelle. >> competitive pumpkin growing is as fierce as any sport and records are being squashed, so to speak, all over the place, the monday at the half moon bay art and festival in california, john hockly set a new u.s. pumpkin weighing in at 2,058 pounds. they're only a-month-old, two lion cubs, a miami and a
9:37 am
female, are attracting long lines of adoring fans who allowed to get up close and personal and get to hold them and take pictures with them. enjoy it now, but please do not try it when they grow up. finally, after generating award buzz in this fall sports bliss, actress michelle monaghan is set to tuck at our heart springs in her latest flick "the best of me." if you ask me, it's some of her best work yet. it opens in theaters tomorrow. so do not miss it. >> news with michelle. it's official. >> i'll be here tomorrow, too. >> definitely. thank you. again, "the best of me" out tomorrow in theaters. bring your tissues. you will need it. coming up next, you heard of tour de france. i hit the road with the tour depink with breast cancer i hit the road with the tour depink w(male announcer)r it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®,
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9:42 am
. >> now our series hope to it for breast cancer survivors. >> they held a design competition where survivors can describe their struggles on a road bike. proceeds are benefiting survivors. >> we caught up with this year's winner and joined her on a tour depink. let me tell you, it was a life changing experience. >> reporter: this 38-year-old is in the prime of her life. she's a mother, a teacher. >> are you okay? let's start with -- >> reporter: a marathon runner. but just after finishing a half marathon, she noticed a lump on her breast. >> at the time, did you have any fear? did you think it could be breast cancer? >> i did for a second. i remember that my eyes welled up with tears because i thought of what if it is breast cancer? >> reporter: a biopsy confirmed her worst fear. >> a doctor came in and actually held my hand and told me i had
9:43 am
breast cancer. so that was a life changing thing to hear. then i knew that we just had to do what we could to fight it off. >> you found stronger, it seems through all of it. >> i think that in life you can focus on the negative or you can focus on the good things. >> reporter: with the support of family and her positive attitude, she finished her treatment and was ready for a new challenge. >> the bike contest, how does that come to you? >> i had described to a young survivor coalition. >> reporter: it's dedicated to supporting young women diagnosed with breast cancer. >> i subscribed to their e-mails. it said something about designing aic boo. i'm like, cool, that kind of sounds like fun. >> reporter: the contest called for a drawing and an accompanying essay to explain the symbolism of her design. >> when iron needs to be strengthenned it is put into the fire t. flames represent the fire i have been through with
9:44 am
cancer. i feel from diagnosis on we are all trying to rise above the flames. from hundreds of applicants, rena's design was chosen. her vision became a reality. >> she's an amazing woman. she's been through so much. so we were so honors to be able to give back to her and honor her in this biotic design. >> wow, look at this this is amazing. she was proud to show off her work and i couldn't wait to take it for a spin. >> here we go to delaware. whew! before we knew it, the tour depink was upon us, a three-day fundraising bike ride benefiting the young survival coalition. it began in pennsylvania and ended in maryland. >> this ride is important. i specifically am a survivor and my life changed because of this ride.
9:45 am
>> reporter: any advice for me or just joining it for the ride? >> just start out easy. it's tough. >> reporter: survivors, are you ready? >> yes! [ music playing ] >> reporter: this is amazing. i just want to know where willie, al and tamron are right now. next year, we're all doing this. along the way, i met many inspirational riders. some riding for themselves. >> i'm riding for the cause, i'm a two-time survivors. >> reporter: some for others. >> i'm riding today for my mom, my aunt, my friend kelly. >> reporter: one woman was even riding for three. >> they told me before i started chemo, i know you want a family, freeze yourics in case. the first try they took. >> reporter: amazing. >> i have two girls i have to ride for. >> reporter: seven hours and 100 miles later, it felt great to get off the bike. >> yay!
9:46 am
excellent job! and even better to see rena come in behind me with her husband in in tow. >> you have done amazingly well. so strong. >> i'm inspired. >> thank you. >> such a great day, young survivors coalition raised over 600,000 from this ride and over $8 million since it started doing the event. for more information on the young survival coalition which does so much to help all of these women. head to i only did 100 miles, that was a three-day ride. they did over 300 miles, incredible. >> one story after the next. so touching. about the mom of two. >> twins. she was seven months pregnant. she got the doctor's okay to go ahead and ride. so he did it. she spaced it out a bit. >> good job. >> very nice. >> next year, are you joining me. >> by join, yay, go, natalie.
9:47 am
>> up next, how would you like to spend your saturday night with brad pitt? sounds good. with brad pitt? sounds good. he's i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. it's part of a hershey's bar. we break it. we bite it. we sneak it. we smoosh it. we savor it. we love it. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate.
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9:50 am
. >> it's thursday. we know what you are thinking. the weekend is almost here, so if you plan on catching a movie or relaxing with a good book, we got you covered. >> here with entertainment, show, jack rico, good to see you.
9:51 am
tamron teased with a little of brad pitt going into break. what does that mean? >> that means he is back in a world war ii film, the last time he did this was "englorious bastards." he is back on board, with a movie of soldiers getting into a tank fury, their mission is to strike at the heart of nazi germany. now this is a very visceral film full of realism and grit. brew the oscar talk is light on this movie. it could pick up in the next weeks. >> it has a great cast. >> i like birdman with michael keaton. >> it was a great film. >> i hear it's amazing. >> it is amazing. >> it's intense. >> it's very intense the mexican director did battle in "21 grams." it's about michael keaton trying to mount a broadway play, at the core, it's about the illusion of
9:52 am
success and sort of the question of relevance. i love the dialogue. it's witty, smart, insightful. i think easy mom nation's for best pick, best direction and best screen play. >> i'm so happy for see him him with a big role and a comeback. >> let's move to a new emogi ap ap. >> he can't wait. >> i had a strong stance against emogis. >> you know how people like to describe tear moods, their emotions and text and e-mail. in this particular tech, can you see here, you can happen with the emogi app, hey, i'm running there, you can clear that and go, hey, my mind is plane with this or hey, what's up, boo? >> a what's up, boo? >> water up, boo? . >> so are you solved now? >> that's a lot of
9:53 am
interpretation. >> it looks like it. what the question mark, up, boo? >> the ghost. >> it's fun, now you have a vast and wide selection to choose from. now they come in combos. as opposed to individually. >> here's one for i'm on a boat. >> really? >> jack, thanks, great to see you. back in a moment with "today" on
9:54 am
9:55 am
. >> i'm going to step out of the shots of purple. >> ambush makeovers are great, especially for ones with a bad hair day. >> we have
9:56 am
look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone, 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a possible plea deal today may be worked out this morning in the case of a fellow accused of setting the skirt of a bay area teen on fire aboard an ac transit bus. 17-year-old richard thomas's
9:57 am
lawyer says the teen is set to enter the plea bargain. he was charged with a hate crime. fleischmann does not identify with a gender. in less than 20 minutes, millions of people will drop cover and hold on as part of this year's great california shakeout. the drill comes one day before the 25th anniversary of the loma prieta quake. more than 10 million people in schools and universities expected to take part in the shakeout. that will be at 10:16 this morning. why don't you try it at home. the drill is supposed to prepare people for the next big earthquake. well, let's check your weather this morning with christina. >> beautiful conditions coming your way today. widespread 70s, even a couple upper 60s, but not a big temperature separation across the bay area. 66 in san francisco. right around 73 degrees right here in the south bay. nice and cool, but you can keep that umbrella at home for today. you're going to need to pull it out by tomorrow. more rain on the way.
9:58 am
throughout this weekend, below average temps, two more storm systems over the course of the next five days. i'll time that out for where you live today at 11:00. first, we'll check your drive. >> typical flow in most parts of the bay. for example, fremont, we've been tracking this slow down south of the dunbarton bridge down towards mission boulevard to about 237, where things really lighten up. northbound routes through the south bay, slow, but the big problem right now, unusual slowing approaching page mill. the earlier crash cleared, but backed up into cupertino. >> all right, mike, thanks much. another local news update coming for you in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller pleas. >> hey, everybody. so glad you're with us on thursday, october 16th. boy, was it -- was it wild this morning with the rain and the wind. >> i was walking blake in a monsoon and that is not fun. >> he likes to take his time and sniff rned around. mine said no. she is huge and like 80 pounds. >> you did not say what people thought you said. >> no, i did not! no, i did not. >> so we have to apologize later. that's not what you heard and
10:01 am
what you think she said. >> i did not. >> no! i'm not going out there. any way they look at you like, mommy, do i have to? how was blake this morning? >> i carried him there is like an overhang kind of thing and i just walked him in a circle at fourths in the morning over and over and over. >> do you doubt your love for him? >> no. we have ambush makeovers and a lot of great stuff. nichols sparks with us today. >> the author of "the notebook." i love that. the new one is out. here with the young actors -- excuse me, lee anna liberoto. i hope i pronounced it right. darn cute. >> what i'm talking about. also a new gig for neil patrick harris and talk about that in a little bit. first, let's begin with a little recap of yesterday, shall we? if you can remember, they look
10:02 am
at homes and make them over their own way and get a little heated. let's just watch a little bit of yesterday. >> i changed the door. i added some black shutters and i added some shrubbery but the most important improvement is that fence. you felt like you have a little paradise. beat that, kathie lee gifford. >> i can't remember what i did. >> wow. looks like a prison. >> i think you won that one. barbara won the first one. >> you're just trying to play fair. be truthful now. the white tacky fixture on the front looks like an after-thought. >> kat's look better but you did much better. >> give it to kathie. she needs it. >> that is where barb and barbarian came from. we asked you guys to vote. >> it doesn't matter!
10:03 am
>> barbara's house and your house, the winner? that's the second house. >> close. but barbara -- what? who won? >> barbara. >> barbara won. >> very close. >> barbara won the first one, very close. >> here is number two. let's see. the majority of the people voted for kathie lee's. the yellow door is out for barbara. house number three. the clear winner again, kathie lee. barbara needs to take her toys and go home. okay? that's what needs to happen. thank you for voting. >> a happier person. i don't think she is very happy. >> cranky. but that is what she does for a living and she is good at it. >> we are happy for neil patrick harris. hosting one emmys and one tonys and now the host of the oscars.
10:04 am
he let everybody know on twitter. let's take a look. >> i'm in. nice! >> so he had a list of all the things he wanted to do, a bucket list. jump off a plane. move to new york. any way. at the bottom was host the oscars. apparently that is his last thing to do. >> and go. >> that's good for him. he is going to be terrific. he is going to be good. he is so multitalented and perfect in that role. >> yeah. only thing he has left to do is the grammys. >> oscars begin on february 22nd. good news, ladies. magic mike double xl is out. so this is where we need you. they are looking for 300 female extras. >> oh, my gosh. >> to be in the audience. it's going to take place in georgia. >> on tybee island. they say do not apply if you're offended by nudity and acts of a
10:05 am
sexual nature. can you believe that what it says? >> i saw the first movie. >> they are so cute. >> they really are. pardon the pun but they do -- did make the movie with tongue in cheek so to speak. do you know what i'm saying? they are laughing at themselves. >> you don't get paid. >> they do. they are making a fortune but you're not. women will make and predict i believe total buffoons of themselves. >> that would be like fun. >> that would be a dream job for hoda. >> speaking of hungs and mks. it's called hunks and hounds. >> is that for real? no, i mean the dog! how many pecs does he have there? >> looks like six but it could be an eight. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my! it's shot by a celebrity
10:06 am
photographer named mike ruiz. the proceeds go to animal rescue. it's the same guy? >> no, i think different guys but the same packs. different hounds! >> it looks like blake! >> who is looking at blake? oh, my gosh. >> i think they should put other guys' faces other. i think that should be illegal. >> that's love. that's love. this is a sweet story. >> all that money goes to 1999 to the new york city animal rescue organization. >> go to to get it. yesterday on "nightly" a great story and homecoming, a school in georgia in did you kn knowd urk-- dunwoody, georgia. they make things.
10:07 am
the students love them. >> everybody adores them. two kids were very popular hannah and gus. they were picked and nominated to be on the homecoming. the student body votes for the winner so let's take a look what happened. >> this year's winner is miss hann hannah! mr. gus. >> gus and hannah's classmates voted them king and queen of the homecoming court. for dunwoody high, it was a symbol of pride. and back at the coffee shop this week, gus and hannah were still glowing. what happened? >> i was nervous. >> reporter: you were nervous? exciting? >> exciting. >> wow! >> oh, my gosh!
10:08 am
>> we hear so much about bullying that takes place in all of these schools. that was beautiful! >> renew, thank you. i wonder when we would be getting this. >> i can't believe you did it! >> i asked for this about a month ago. thank you, jerry! it's not automatic. >> jerry, will you do it again so we get a shot how it works? >> it's the old-fashioned way! >> all right, back up. could we do that with a wine bottle? >> oh, my gosh. . that made me happy. good morning britain is a morning tv show kind of like our show except for it's in britain. any way, something funny and awkward happened. so let's just -- >> look closely and listen, please. >> listen. >> sunshine. that would be nice. >> yes, but it's not. >> i've done it again! it's time to go. give me news! that definitely wasn't me! >> don't blame the sofa!
10:09 am
>> let's watch it again and decide whether it was the sofa. >> sunshine, that would be nice. sunshine, that would be nice. sunshine, that would be nice. sunshine, that would be nice. sunshine, that would be nice. sunshine, that would be nice. >> why do i love that so much? no. >> we got time for one more. one more. thank you, jerry. we have time for one more thing. the most important thing of the day. >> oh, gosh. >> time for the playlist. >> oh, no! i was in such a good mood. >> there is a song that is called bang bang bang. >> oh, gosh! >> they were up all night with the lyrics. >> when you are on the treadmill and you're about to give up, you hear this, it keeps you going, i'm telling you, it's amazing. nicki minaj and jesse jay. >> aanna grundy. let's go.
10:10 am
♪ >> bang bang bang bang. ♪ bang bang bang let me take you take the medicine ♪ ♪ bang bang into the home ♪ ♪ i know you want it bang bang bang i'm over you ♪ >> do you know what this is about? >> bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! >> it's not what you think. >> it is! it should only be what i think! >> bang bang through your heart. >> oh, my gosh! >> through your heart. >> bang bang bang when you're on the treadmill. get that one. it's not what you think. >> hoda, go back and look at those lyrics! >> i did. >> in the back seat of my car, you know you want it? that's what the lyrics are! >> listen, i'm just telling you because your mind is there. >> oh, my gosh! >> you think that. if you love listening to our
10:11 am
music or just on sirius, we don't know why but we're on sirius xm channel 108. people tell us all the time they are listening to us and i go, why? they say we love it. i go, okay. >> coming up, we will talk more but there is a fashion trend that i have to say kathie lee gifford was way out in front of. now it's in the papers. it's big, big news and we will tell you exactly what it is when we come back. two ladies coming to new york on a girls trip and guess what? they are leaving with brand-new ambush makeovers. >> before and after pictures after these messages! ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning ingredient softens your carpet with every use. because it's resolve, you know it cleans and freshens, but now it also softens. so your carpet is always inviting.
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10:14 am
hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. all right. still trying to convince hoda she's wrong about that song. >> "bang, bang." two fashion trends, both are hot. how do you feel about socks and sandals? >> totally against it without even seeing the picture. >> okay, teva is making a push for socks and sandals on their
10:15 am
website. their whole website now looks like this. okay. with -- they're trying to -- they are saying you can pull it off, you have to have the right combo, it is a hot trend. would you ever do that? >> no. i don't care how hot it gets. >> kath, you've been on the show many times. >> many times talking about my fannie pack. >> she loves it and we all laugh. >> and they have been out for ten years. i said who cares. >> usa today, back page. >> there it is. out in l.a., there is my favorite one i can't find anymore. >> the paper, fannie packs, front row, sarah jessica parker, matthew mcconaughey, people on the red carpet, everybody is wearing them. >> yeah. >> you said it before. >> it just makes so much sense. you don't have to hold on to something. it is great when you're shopping. >> not bulky. >> it is not so bulky. >> what do you put in yours? >> my phone, and a credit card
10:16 am
and my lip gloss. all i need in life. >> this is a feel good piece of video. >> about a puppy, but i hope he has flatulence. that's our favorite thing today. >> it is a puppy learning how to ho howl. take a look. >> amazing. >> he matches the blanket. oh, my -- oh, there's more. >> he wants to be a big boy. >> how cute. >> let's just have a show that that's all we do is show fun videos. make the world forget about all the problems we have. >> i agree. >> lots of flatulence, please. >> yes, please. is it okay or not okay to bring kids to red carpet events? >> here's what we had to say
10:17 am
about it. i completely understand the desire to have your child with you, but i'm not sure it is the right thing for are your child. that's for every parent to decide, though. >> i say yes, it's okay. why not have something pint sized steal the spotlight from you? >> children are not accessories, they are human beings. >> exactly what i said. >> doesn't make any sense. >> from temper tantrums to mood swings, enough about hoda, how to get control of your kids' emotions and your own. to get control of your kids' emotions and your own. >> and two women brave and the lovin's greater than ever. monopoly at mcdonald's. now's your chance to score fifties, hundreds, or a cool million,... 'til you drop with a $5,000 giftcard from target ... a chartered flight on a cessna jet for you and your crew,... ...or a one-on-one experience with lebron. i appreciate it thank you. it's it's mr. monopoly!!!
10:18 am
welcome back. you too. let's play this game! glathey can inspirethe mostand exhilarate.ings. make you smile. our 37 unique fragrances spark every emotion imaginable. what will glade inspire in you? when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield,
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with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. well, it's been ther number one soup in americasoup? for four generations. some things just run in the family campbell's! m'm! m'm! good! for 4 generations. whether your toddler throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way, eq can be more important than iq. >> it can be taught. here are tips to help tame your kids' emotions is child expert
10:21 am
michelle borbar. >> it seems kid takes on .emotions of their parents. loud or not. that is something you can -- >> they model us, they come with video camera recorders implanted in their heads. step one is realize your power and your influence because what you model will be mirrored back to your child. if you are really sad, that's normal. be able to say, i'm sad because grandpa is sick, i'm going to go outside to get myself collected. i'm angry, so i'm going to turn off to the side of the road to get myself back into shape. >> you say a time-out for parents. >> exactly. but you're modeling through your child so he knows that moods are normal. >> you should show your child when you're sad, you should explain why you're sad? >> plainly explain is what you really want to do. >> it depends, doesn't it? >> sure. >> what it is, and -- >> you don't want to say i'm enraged, so here i go. >> all children are different to
10:22 am
me, and at different ages, they're certainly not ready for certain things. >> there are some kids who do throw crazy tantrums at times and what is the best way for a parent to sort of -- >> number one is if you look real carefully at your child, you'll see a predictable pattern that happens seconds before the exorcism. your goal is to realize the kid is always going like this -- you have seconds or his little feet are moving, that's when you can distract, you can use emotion coaching. you look really sad. you look mad. or the seconds before can actually -- >> if you see your child punching up -- you know the bomb is about to blow -- >> you have seconds to distract him, tell him -- freeze. look at the birdie over there. let's go find that little hummingbird. look at him go. or freeze, don't move your feet. take a big, big breath, dragon
10:23 am
breath. >> that works for kids, the breathing? >> it does. the thing you have to remember is once the temper tantrum it starts, the more attention you give it, the longer it lasts. >> it is hard to ignore it. cody, one and only one he had was in bloomingdale's. i'll never forget it. i had to stand there and just wait for him to finish. >> a plus. you want to make a fool of yourself, you go, guy. >> you have props and stuff that you can help kids. >> what we're trying to do is help your child learn a habit to manage the emotion when it gets too severe or too stressed. for instance, you're dealing with little kids, the coolest thing is actually bubble blowers. why? not during a time when they're really angry, but time right before. they can learn -- you take a deep breath from here, then blow your -- away. your child starts to feel it
10:24 am
starts here. when your daughter is older, yoga is wonderful. getting a slow deep breath into your brain, it is the fastest way to control yourself. >> what else? >> foosballs are great. go punch it out. go punch it out. walk it out. these ones are so fun too. ready made ones that are filled. but you can have your child put different emotions on them as they build up. play d-doh for some little guys >> that still works for me. >> every mom should have play-doh in their bag. >> or how tired they are -- >> boredom, hunger, all predictables. >> just leave them at home. don't go to bloomingdale's. >> help your child figure out one strategy he can use on a routine to keep it going. >> all right, michelle, thank you. a lot more tips on nbc's parent tool kit, sponsor are eed by pi. get the tissues ready, the
10:25 am
new tearjerker you can't miss from nicholas sparks. >> and ready to face the mir, from nicholas sparks. >> and ready to face the mir, the big ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this...
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♪takes my breath away olivendless bowls of pastag pastwith new sauces at $9.99. like roasted mushroom alfredo, and toppings like crispy chicken fritta. never ending pasta bowl, unlimited pasta, garden salad, and fresh baked breadsticks. starting at $9.99. only at olive garden. you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone, 10:26, i'm scott mcgrew. investigators looking for whoever shot a 12-year-old boy in front of an east bay apartment. the shooting happened before 9:00 last night near the intersection of welden street and willow pass road in bay point. deputies got there and found the
10:27 am
12 year old with a gunshot wound. a helicopter flew the boy to children's hospital in oakland. at last check, he's still in critical condition. well, tonight the giants looking to advance to their third world series in five seasons. last night they beat the cardinals and are one away from advancing. first pitch tonight at 5:00. let's take a look at weather and traffic after the break. ecause f preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
10:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a great looking day.
10:29 am
kind of a transitional day between two storm systems. more rain on the way throughout tomorrow. we're going to wait on that until tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are going to be really, really comfortable, both today and tomorrow. we're talking about the low 70s on the peninsula. upper 6 os today on the east shore. san francisco, 66 degrees for the final day of the dream force conference. biggest tech conference in the world. as we head throughout the next couple days, more change coming your way. we'll time out the storm system today at 11:00. here's mike and your drive. >> the conference winds up, but the closures continue through the weekend. clearing up a little bit right now as fremont southbound 880, look at that towards mission boulevard. same section on the map, as well, slowing drive for 680, but moves over to the shoulder quickly around washington. 280 northbound recovering through palo alto after the earlier crash. there's the rest of your bay. no real surprises. we had a well behaved commute this morning, but it was a tough
10:30 am
one in many spots. back to you. more local news coming up in half an hour at 11:00. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. you know what that means, it is time for "ambush makeovers." >> two ladies out on the soggy plaza all morning and get a brand-new head to toe look. >> doing that is our crack makeover team, "today" contributor and makeover extraordinaire, louis licari. >> and the woman who knows how to dress the best of them, "today" contributor and author jill martin. >> it was dark and soggy. >> we found two of the nicest ladies, i can't wait for you to meet them. >> they're behind the camera now, some of the friends and family and they're so excited. the first lucky lady is carol from cincinnati, ohio, she's in new york celebrating her sister joyce's 60th birthday.
10:31 am
it is their first trip together in four decades. carol has not highlighted her hair in 15 years so she thought why not get ambushed for the occasion. let's take a listen. >> joyce has been hysterical crying since we picked carol and why are you so emotional about this? >> she's my older sister. she's always been there for me. and i was so happy because i've always wanted to come to new york and i turned 60, she said she would come with me, and i'm just so happy that you picked her. she really deserves it. >> you're excited, right? >> i'm very, very excited. i can't believe it. >> so sweet. >> there is joyce crying already. keep your blindfold on, okay? >> joyce, get a grip. >> okay, here is carol bricker before. and carol, let's see the new you. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh.
10:32 am
>> all right. are you ready, sister joyce? take off your blindfold. >> oh, my word! oh, my gosh! you look stunning. >> it is time. turn around and take a look at yourself. turn around. >> oh, my gosh! >> you look beautiful. >> jerry. >> thank you, jerry. >> don't mess up your makeup. oh, my gosh -- she's going to blow. >> look right here at camera 12. >> oh. >> tell us about the -- come over and join us. >> she's going to break down. >> i wanted her to look young, vibrant and glamorous, like her inner spirit. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> i can't thank you enough. >> we lightened her hair a few shades to give her a soft,
10:33 am
blonde color. i wanted her to look like her, not like me, and i think we succeeded. and vanessa did this great haircut, controlled the curl. she can wear it either way. >> jill, i love that dress. >> isn't it pretty? >> i love it. >> what i love about it, the sheer up here, it is delicate, but ladylike. this is from maggie london. you're so appreciative. it is so nice. you were so appreciative of the whole process. >> i love it. i love it. >> applause for both. right over there. thank you. >>o loyou look gorgeous. our second lady is jamie carrier from chicago. she has a girls get away thing going on now. jamie, her mom and four sisters have jetted off to some city to reconnect and have fun. that's what brought them to new york, minus the 11 kids between the sisters who are back at home with their dads. jamie is going home with a brand-new look to shock them
10:34 am
all. let's listen to her story. >> mom, you were very busy, five daughters. >> right. >> right. >> now we're giving your middle daughter, jamie, a makeover. so i know you're super pumped. >> i am. i always -- my favorite thing is you can't have favorites. i don't know why we can't have six makeovers, but that's okay. that's okay. we elect jamie. >> all right, blue crew, what do we think? >> blue crew. they're so cute. >> i love it. >> colleen and jodie, janelle, jackie and joy. long before the kardashians, there was the js. let's look at jamie before. and bring out the new jamie carrier. >> wow. >> keep your blindfolds on. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> all right, ladies. take off your blindfolds, please. >> wow. >> all right.
10:35 am
turn around. >> beautiful. >> wow. >> look right here at camera 12. you look so beautiful. >> mom, do you like? louis -- >> vanessa did this great haircut, soft, flattering to her face. i made her hair color auburn. he said, louis, no orange. i think we did it. all the colors came together with makeup. >> just beautiful. the outfit -- >> i love that jacket. >> it is sun woo. i love the asymmetrical zipper. it looks so chic, indoor and out. and the nydj jeans. >> cool. >> carol, step right out here. big round of applause for both. >> all right, does your home need a makeover? >> how to turn your walls from drab to fab coming up right after this.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
if you want to punch up the look of your home's interior, your first thought might be to add pizzazz with paint or wallpaper, but think again. >> here is another way to turn the walls from ordinary to extraordinary, the contributing editor for "inspired home," frank montana. >> new contributing editor, great site, all things home, and to inspire people like i'll inspire you to make amazing art. >> you are. what do we start with? >> we start with this brand-new product, just in the states today, out of canada, available only on home, a faux barn wood look. really hot now. >> different colors? >> this is gray distressed. check this out. it is really simple. it is great, like around $3 a
10:41 am
square foot. that whole wall you can do for 200 bucks. and it is a tongue and groove system like this. lock it into place. you can either glue it if you want it to be permanent, as trends change, you nail it down using a nail gun, start from the bottom, work your way up. >> we have a -- >> this is easy. >> this is how it converts. >> you can do it vertically, horizontally, and use it for lower walls, accent pieces, i can see this being used for, like, a coffee table or console. >> cool console. >> what is next, frank? >> faux leather. you like that? >> right place, it can be very cool. >> like a bathroom or like an accent wall. >> and it can get wet if you want to put it in the bathroom. >> you can seal it with polyurethane. we'll show you how this works. you take your latex paint and start with a lighter color on the bottom. unravel for me, if you don't
10:42 am
mind. i'll take one of you real quickly and show you how to do this. you want to leave it wet. thank you. you can hold on to that, hoda. >> i don't know why i went to all the trouble. >> make you work. >> she's exhausted. once you unravel it, smooth it on to the latex. it picks up all the crinkle. once that is done and dry, move on to the glazing portion over here. i use, like, i use modern masking tape. >> how long do you let this set? >> couple of hours until it is hard. it will feel like this, look a crispy paper. take a paintbrush, get your glaze on. not smooth. >> she doesn't want to. >> create that -- it is sealed with polyurethane. >> i would love to see how that looks in the room if we can test drive that. >> okay. >> it can be classic, you can make it funky. and stencils, royal design
10:43 am
studios makes amazing stencils, one of the best in the country. but, you know, people usually use paint. i like to kick it up a notch. plaster. texture medium, you do a light skim coat over. >> that's interesting. >> probably don't have time to do the whole thing. >> okay. >> i'll show you what this would look like, you know, as opposed to just paint. look at the three dimensional value that creates. and you get this texture, distressed, funky. >> behind you too. >> let's look in a room. >> it looks like wallpaper. >> kind of, but you know you put your blood, sweat and tears into it. >> yes. >> at the end? >> finally, with the busy life we all lead, digital mind set and not connecting, doing an organizational wall like this, to -- to take your kids pictures or mom and dad, and have a space with a chalkboard, and magnetic paint on the bottom. this is a new -- it is really cool. to me, it just -- instead of doing it in passing, you have a
10:44 am
visual, they can stop, enjoy it, remind them to do their chores. >> the trouble is, kids can't write anymore. everything is digital. nobody has good penmanship anymore. >> i never did. and i should. how about that? >> frank, thanks a lot. >> all righty. >> you loved the notebook, now there is a new nicholas sparks romance hitting the big screen. >> it is called "the best of romance hitting the big screen. >> it is called "the best of me," we'll talk to the walmart pharmacy is now a pin even more medicare part d plans. if you're a member in a plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy, you could save up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. and this could lower your prescription co-pays to as low as a dollar. there's an easy way to save, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most. learn about plans available in your area by calling 1-888-966-2790 or visit save money. live better. walmart. olivendless bowls of pastag pastwith new sauces at $9.99. like roasted mushroom alfredo,
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thank you! mmm! mmm!
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10:48 am
best-selling author nicholas sparks has written 18 books and listen to this, nine of them have been turned into heart pounding romantic dramas on the big screen. by 2004, the notebook starring rachel mcadams and ryan gosling. >> now the latest book turned movie "the best of me" about high school sweethearts reunited after 20 years. it stars liana liberato as young amanda. >> we're in the middle of
10:49 am
nowhere. we're not going to get something. even if you do get something, it is going to be a public broadcast. ♪ >> oh, yes. >> always got the shirts off. >> welcome, welcome. congratulations once again. terrific cast, another great big kiss in the rain. >> it was exciting. we had a nice -- >> rainstorm, right? >> yes, sort of. we had one day that we were filming it and it was all our own rain and then all of a sudden it was an actual thunderstorm during the scene, lightning cracking, like was that us? it wasn't. we had to stop production. so not safe to do that. >> no, it isn't. >> so fascinating, your books keep turning into great blockbuster movies. there is something about it. obviously what makes this one different because i know people
10:50 am
have seen a lot of the other ones. >> i think what makes this one different, this one for me just strikes even more core of reality, it will appeal to a broader audience. you capture the power of this first love, like we did in "the notebook" or walk to remember. you capture all that. this explodes the questions of -- that kind of hit in your 40s, the what if, the what if i -- >> the regret. >> the regrets. what if i made a different choice, what if i had a chance to do it all over again. >> say something when i had the chance to. >> right. here they come back 20 years later. they had more lives since they have last seen each other. >> they're both hot. >> the co-star is a hunk. >> i know. >> have you worked with him before? >> i haven't. but that's the great thing about doing a nicholas sparks movie is you can count on having a really hot guy as your co-star. >> do you play a role at all in the casting? >> oh, yeah. >> you do? >> i do. i see everything. and -- >> chemistry and -- >> i'm not always there.
10:51 am
there is an alchemy to it. you look for someone who you think can perform. liana is so explosive on screen. after all the premieres, she really just takes over the energy. so you look for that. but you also look for chemistry, which is how are they when they walk in the room together? do they stare a little longer, do they smile? are they leaning close? you look for this crazy stuff. how did we end up picking luke? >> he was the best kisser. >> is that true? >> in the end -- >> luke was a great kisser so -- >> it will be luke. that's how you get the final cast is and alchemy. >> your career, you wrote the first script, your agent called and said, you're being offered a million dollars for your very first screenplay -- your novel. >> my first novel, yeah. that's pretty much a surreal experience. at the same time, it was so funny, like, okay, we got to keep going. i'm, like, that was it, i don't have any more stories. that's all i had, right?
10:52 am
>> i just got to bring this up, last week i saw there was stuff in the news about you and there was a lawsuit that one of the people who worked at one of your schools filed, alleging discrimination. >> sure. >> i hadn't heard your response. i read some of the stuff, but what are your thoughts on that lawsuit? >> you know, i'm disappointed in it and i did post a response on my social media. >> the school you started. >> the school i started and really, in the end, it is a legal matter now and i can't even comment on it. and really that's all i can say. >> keep churning out the movies in the meantime, okay? and the books. great to meet you. you're lovely in this movie. really lovely. >> thank you. >> congratulations, again. "the best of me" hits theaters tomorrow. >> we're shining a spotlight on one of our bigge esgest fans th gets jiggy with it.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
time to shine our fan spotlight on a bouncy baby sure to put a smile on your face. >> laura posted an adorable video of her daughter charlotte on our facebook page who appears to be an irish step dancer in the making. >> let's look at charlotte's jig. ♪ >> all right. you go. >> how cute is that? >> okay. my gosh. >> laura, that was great. thank you. that was great. >> how cute. >> i love that. >> all right, tomorrow suze orman talks about financial infidelity. >> and from the new nbc show "constantine," we have an actor with us. >> have an awesome thirsty
10:57 am
thursday, everybody. >> tomorrow is try day friday. >> it is, indeed. >> and something saturday and something some
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we're learning more about the fallout of the flight the ebola-infected nurse took. >> that's where there are questions growing inside that texas hospital where she and a colleague were infected while caring for the patient who died from ebola there. nbc's jay gray is live in dallas with the latest. hi, jay. >> reporter: hey there, kris, scott. we learned this afternoon there are plans to move nina pham, the first nurse infected at this dallas hospital, to another facility. she'll go to the national institutes of health in


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