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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning, i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have team coverage this morning. first let's help you get out of the door this morning if that's
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where you're headed with a look at the forecast. we say hello to christina loren. >> we have a really comfortable afternoon coming your way with temperatures in the 70s. four days away, though, from another round of rain. it looks like we're going to see two really potent winter storms come into the bay area before we even get into wintertime. so we'll take a look at your forecast for today, plus give you a sneak peek for thanksgiving and talk about rain totals. right now we want to send it over to mike inouye. some construction out there. >> oh, yeah, road crews. we don't see any in this shot but we're seeing the typical 880. 580 last night had some concerns. a lot of demonstrations going on. it has so far for the morning reported clear but we'll track that as anything develops. we see a smooth drive toward the
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bay bridge on our maps. eastbound 580, westbound is your commute coming through oakland. even pather bac er farther back crash, east 580 through the dublin area, a little bit of slowing, no major concern, no crashes there. the south bay shows you overnight road crews. 880 at mission i did see a closure overnight. that may last for a bit this time this morning. that overnight crew should go on schedule. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, mike. more now on our developing story. frustration flowed into the streets nationwide after a grand jury chose not to indict a ferguson police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown in the bay area -- i
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should say this is the scene in oakland as angry people smashed windows while police in riot gears tried to push back. no word on how many arrests were made but our crews on the ground did see several people taken away. >> kris sanchez monitoring overnight developments in ferguson. >> let's begin with bob redell. he's live in oakland where there's still a crowd of people in the street out there. good morning, bob. >> reporter: it is quiet here in oakland. those people for the most part in oakland have left, especially after the discussion we had earlier with o.p.d. the on sounds are the sounds of power drills and power saws, the workers are trying to board up this store, we understand the store was looted inside and there's spray paint, we've seen spray paint up and down broadway. there's the starbucks at 8th and
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broadway that had its window smashed and another business that had some damage. this all started as a peaceful gathering. when it was announced the officer was not indicted, some marched saying "hands up, don't shoot" but others had other ideas. some set trash cans and debris on fire in the middle of the streets and vandalized at least one police car. at around 8:00 in the evening, hundreds of protesters, possibly as many as a thousand went up to 580 via the lake shore off ramp and had both directions of the road shut down. other parts of the town remained peaceful pup can see protesters
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holding a die-in. >> black or brown in this country, you are not human. people get to take your life and not be accountable for that. >> reporter: there were arrests last night. how many not clear. oakland police hope to tabulate that number and get us an answer later this morning. as far as we can tell, the majority of the people who were are here are definitely not here now, they're inside, at home. what you have now are contractors trying to board up broken windows. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the emotion still very raw all over the country, including here in the bay area.
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>> stay right here. >> in fact, gunshot sent our nbc news crews in cover. jay gray and his crew ducked inside a nearby building. it's not clear if the shots were fired by police or protesters. >> that barrage of gun fire all night long kept firefighters from reaching several fires across the city. protesters set this car lot ablaze and multiple businesses were also torched. >> kris sanchez brings us more on that. >> you have to start at the againing. there were weeks of waiting. news of the grand jury not to indict the officer in the shooting of michael brown. a lot of folks wanted to know something was going to happen.
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a few blocks away from where brown was killed, there was complete chaos. there was outcry from the community angry over that grand jury decision. st. louis county prosecutor robert mccullough stressing that the panel of seven men and five women, nine people who were white, three people who were black all examined the evidence, the witnesses and they all came to the same conclusion. president obama spoke from the white house last night about that announcement saying to the folks in ferguson to channel their concerns constructively and to make sure that michael brown's parents understand that the protesters mean well. >> to those in ferguson, there are ways of channelling your concerns constructively and there are ways of channelling
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your concerns destructively. michael brown's parents understand what it means to be constructive. the vast majority of peaceful protesters, they understand it as well. >> and yet there were lots of folks swarming the streets, torching buildings, destroying businesses, dealing another blow to that community that feels just battered by three months of turmoil. now, the brown family's statement asks not just for peaceful protest but also expresses their hope to cam pan for body cameras on every police officer, not just in ferguson but nationwide. we're expected to hear more from michael brown's family. they asked for peace so they're very frustrated this morning. >> we are closely monitoring this developing situation in ferguson, as well as right here in the bay area. we'll have a live report from the center of the unrest in
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missouri coming up in our 5:00 hour. any time we're not on air, please visit our web site, we update it around the clock. >> lots of people starting their now tuesday morning. lots of people have already taken off on holiday vacation. it's another cold start to our morning, christina. >> you may actually have the day off. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we have a really comfortable finish coming your way the peninsula is at 71, 69 on the east shore. some comfortable conditions. temperatures are going to warm up even more so as we get into your wednesday and beautiful conditions. for those of you who have family and friends coming into town for thanksgiving, temperatures are going to be really, really nice around here. then we bring in some pretty
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stark changes as we get into your friday. rain comes in on saturday and then we're talking about maybe three to four consecutive days of rainfall here in the bay area, which we need but a lot of people are going to be trying to get back home through that weather. we'll talk more about that coming up. i want to check your drive. a lot of people still have to go to work, mike, just like us. >> christina talked about need and want and there's a difference. try and tell the kids that, especially with the rain. easy drive right now, you do see a good number of cars. owner, yeah, vacation week for a lot of schools, that doesn't mean everything shuts down. we're talking about a smooth drive for west 580. yesterday had some issues but because morning was complicated by a stall there at the dub interchange. nothing like that going on this morning. we expect to see a lighter volume again. we'll watch for the build coming out of the altamont.
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there was a closure at mission boulevard. no problem once you reach milpitas. we're talking about a smooth drive and smooth sailing coming offer the santa cruz summit. no delays and winds are at bay. we're looking at a smooth drive across the bay for the bay bridge and dumbarton bridge. >> up next, a dangerous night on the roads. first it was the protesters and then back-to-back crashes shotdownshout down a busy freeway.
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it was a saturday, august 9th when officer darren wilson shot
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18-year-old mikchael brown at least six times. after two nights of protest and violence, president obama asked for a federal investigation. on august 18th, missouri's governor isn't in the national guard. two days later the grand jury began meeting and considering whether there was enough evidence to indict officer wilson. we will, of course, update this this morning all morning long. any time we not on air, you can head to our web site and find up to the minute information, as well as photos. we have raw video, as well as all the unrest happening in oakland. >> a lot going on this morning. happening today closer to home, a live look at golden gate bridge where new legislation will be introduced aimed at blocking a proposal to charge people to walk or ride their bike going across the bridge. it would in theory charge
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anybody who walked or biked across the span. >> flooding concerns easing in buffalo this morning as the weather there showing signs of improvement. as the record snow starts to melt, residents are reporting only minor to moderate flooting in several weeks. the headline "no major damage." many schools reopen after being closed for nearly a week the region was buried under seven feet of snow during storms last week. >> and up to 10 inches of snow could delay thanksgiving plans for millions of families on the east coast. the storm is forecast to dump ran along the coast and snow more inland. it could cause delays in the northeast and possibly upset travel plans at airports up and down the coast. that storm is expected to hit tomorrow and blow through by thanksgiving morning. >> that man's umbrella was hill help. that snow was just moving side ways there. >> at some point you got to give it up. >> certainly not in our neck of the woods.
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but we are getting a system coming our weekend. >> we're watching out for more rain later in the week. christinia happy thanksgiving week to you. >> back to you, sam, i'm talking to you, this morning, we're at 43 in santa rosa, 43 in liver mor livermore. wait till i show you what some of the models are projecting. we're on our way to 72, 69 for the east shore and 72 degrees in the nor bay. we're going to stay nice and dry through thanksgiving day. the seahawks talk on the 49ers, you can see that game at 5:30. we're going to hold off on the rain until we get into the second half of your friday and
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really see soupy conditions. the real rain holds off for most of the bay area until we head to saturday. here's the first system. it comes through, brings about some pretty good rainfall. then this one comes through. the saturday system could bring maybe of an inch of rain to the south bay. but it's lts one heels that i'm concerned about. it looks like we are going to get some really good downpours, even here in the south bay. a lot of ran coming your way starting saturday, sunday and into monday looks like the heaviest. then we'll start to clear out towards the end of next week. but this is a pretty big system coming our way and i want to make sure you're aware of it. otherwise nice and dry through thanksgiving day. >> thanks for keeping us up to date, christina. just 24 hours out of bomb shell news from washington. secretary of defense chuck hagel
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resigns. the former nebraska senator made his announcement yesterday. he says he will remain on board until that position is adequately filled. the question now is who is going to fill the position. the list of upon replacements include former pentagon undersecretary michelle florinoy. other top candidates include former deputy secretary ashton carter, along with rhode island senator jack reid. whoever gets nominated will likely face tough scrutiny in senate confirmation hearings. >> still ahead, pablo sandoval's farewell message to his loyal bay area fans. >> who feel betrayed.
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pablo sandoval has agreed to a five-year deal with the red sox. nice to remember some of the good memories, though. the giants fan favorite made his debut in 2008. since then he's helped lead the team to three world series championships. last night he posted a message to his fans on instagram. "leaving the san francisco giants and this city i love is the most hardest decision i've had to make. >> what about all the panda hats
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we're used to seeing? i heard the company that manufactures them already has a contract in boston. >> can you do that, transplant a nickname? >> my son has an orange and black panda hat. maybe we'll sneak some of those in the red sox. >> $5 million was the difference. >> over the golden gate bridge, not that expense of to cross. a smooth drive across. let's look. that's a crystal clear view but we also want to show you the speed because that's my gig here. the orange just north of san rafael, mean a little patch of fog. just a heads up for folks traveling through the area. the benicia bridge is over on the right side of your screen. a little build coming out of the altamont. we do see a typical tuesday
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pattern. this shows up on the volume of traffic. san mateo bridge, we'll show you the live shots here. on the westbound, you can see the high rise twinkling in the distance. seasoned it back to y send it back to you. >> we are following new developments from ferguson this morning. plus we'll look at the damage from protests in the bay area. >> and why some of the brightest minds in bait area athe bay are turning their attention to your table. why google is looking to revolutionize the way you eat.
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