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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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large sinkhole, that's putting it mildly. >> and we'll see a pretty dry weekend but some doubouts of raining continuing over the weekend. >> we have slick conditions, as well as a tree down in the north bay. we'll talk about those coming up. >> a beautiful, live look outside, nice clear shot of the day bridge. probably easier to commute across that this morning. it's thursday, december 4. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from the nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. the rain starting to clear out finally but it may still be an issue for parts of the bay area.
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christina loren has been a busy lady the last day or so. >> it's the kind of rain that we need to actually make a difference and it certainly did. in san francisco we had some amazing rainfall totals like we haven't seen for years, since 2009. and those numbers could go up even more so throughout the day today. though san francisco is pretty dry right now, you'll find some light activity through marin. and as we head throughout the day, though, nothing heavy expected. that doesn't return until we get into tomorrow. i'll give you an eye of what to expect for your friday. temperatures in the mid 60s, and they'll drop to the low 60s and we'll bring in that rain. clean out those storm drains as
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week get ready for another round of rainfall. >> down here in san rafael, you see the glow of the lights and the water kicking up on the roadway. 101 is still soupy here. and in heelsburg, properties of a tree down across the roadway. we're look technical bay bridge where there's some puddling going on here and slick conditions. no big drama at the toll plaza, to or from san francisco. not completely dry. slick conditions here. water sometimes kicking up behind the cars. highway 9 at 35 outside saratoga, a tree down and folks are having to go off the shoulder and back on. >> thank you for following that, mike. recent heavy rains are overwhelming some of san francisco's sewer pipelines,
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creating several sinkholes across the city. steph, 21 hours later and are crews still out there? >> this pipe was installed in 1904 here at lake and 6th so very old. the crews just said they're just overnight monitoring making sure no one gets close to this gigantic sinkhole. you can see how close it is to you guys. police say the tire of a car passing through around 8:00 yesterday morning punctured the street. thankfully the hole was not big enough to swallow the car. city initials said it burst, watching the crampment they lost access for water.
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>> i said. >> and down in belmont, crews are hoping to prevent a sinkhole from forming there. cal storm said thom -- crews still have to fix the road here, the pipe. crews are estimating this could take another couple of days. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> today in san jose, teams are promising to convict the many
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inhabitants of the jungle. good morning. >> today anyone still live hearing today will be evicted. then structures, debris and waste will be cleaned out. the closing and clean-up of the camp was planned to coincide with the cold weather. 130 or so people have already moved out. it's estimated there are about 150 left. the shut down begins around 6 0 6:30. >> destination home and hope first conditions are what's
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driving the shutdown. the control board served the city of san jose to start polluting the. i'm told once the eviction is complete, there will be regular patrols of the area to make sure th this. >> protesters took to the streets on the peninsula late last night.
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at one point blocking a few lanes of highway 101. this is what it looked like at 101 and university early bow in pal eric garner's wife is also speaking out this morning. >> he should be here celebrating christmas and thanksgiving and everything else with his children and his grandchildren. and he can't. why? because a cop did wrong. somebody that gets paid to do right did wrong, and he's not held accountable for it. >> the new york district attorney is now seeking a court order to release the transcripts from the grand jury. the obama administration is also taking action as well. we'll have more details on that element of the story at 5:30. >> san mateo's fire chief is
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enexpected in court today, i is fa fays. the d.a.'s office says he has left behind a walt. >> hey, we've had some weather events going on this week, haven't we? >> it's been a drencher. we get a little break today, doesn't we, christina? >> it's nice to have some weather, thank you so much for your viewer pictures.
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>> you might have to use your windshield wipers on your way to work. we still have ponding, puddles, downed limbs and branches from yesterday's wind/rain combined. take it easy. but overall, the steady stuff,ing if to. >> getting a nice break from the ran will continue until friday. between 2:00 and 6:00, the heavy stuff returns with some of that moderate rain fall coming in. and woo will tap into that at mo
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more. >> another little wave of moisture will come through as you wake on when it comes to the right here and here is mike inouye. >> i'm always looking down. this is san reef southbound 101. they're also clearing the rod way. >> look at the east bay. a smool drit already some slowing out of the altamont is par of is prb. the roadways still slick. even though it's not wet on the
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maps, is wet. a tree still down just outside of saratoga. we often hear about trees come down but this. >> back to you. >> thank you. >> one of the biggest rivals are dodgers going head to head with the giants, trying to snag one of the biggest free agents on the market. >> plus, you have. >> and the sony hack is so much worse than we first thought. we'll look at what's going on coming up in business.
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so we just got confirmation
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that the launch is now at 8:26 at east coast time, 5:26 at our time. there is cause for excitement for the local folks. the craft's air dynamics were tested here at ames and at lockheed martin in sunnyvale, they made the panels that protect orion as it climbs in space. those heat panels that we've seen in prior missions. even if you're not a space fanatic, what you need to know is that if this goes well and the next one goes well, then we could see people flying out into space. once again, manned space flights could return to nasa three year after the last shuttle mission.
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we will see you back here in about a half hour. >> sounds good. we'll look forward to checking back in with you. thanks, kris. >> for me details on the orion launch, lots of history here, scott. >> there is so much history. we want to talk about the part of the rocket that we really care about. that is the orion capsule itself, it's the very tip of the dealta 4 heavy rocket you're seeing. right at the very top there, that is the capsule. it's a capsule that took astronauts to and from the moon in the 60s and 70s. it is the first new use of a new spacecraft. so that is historic. this is the orion craft itself. and where it's going is historic. the space shuttle and international space station,
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they sit in orbit. we have not been that far away from earth in a spaceship, the kind that people can go in, is 1972. this is nasa going back to real space. admittedly no astronauts this time but that is indeed coming. in the meantime, we're going to talk a lot more about that throughout here. we're just a few minutes away from the launch. we will bring it to you live. let's get a quick check of the markets. we'll turn to landon doughty. good morning, landon. >> good morning, scott. futures are higher after stock rallied into the close with the dow and s&p ending at record highs. investors reacting to improving reports, including one from the fed that said the economy is improving throughout areas of the country. scott, back to you.
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>> landon, thank you. seven minutes away from launch. >> we could hear from senior apple executives, including from the late steve jobs on tape, if not today, maybe tomorrow. these are the latest sketches. cameras not allowed in federal court of course. this is all about how apple dealt with other companies who wanted to sell you music. and we are learning so much more about the sony hack from last week. it is so much worse than anyone thought. not only were movies leaked to the internet, now we're learning all kinds of personal data about sony employees, including salaries, were leaked in spread sheets. this could turn out to be the worst corporate hack ever. >> just a slew of cyber security issues being raised in these past several years. thank you very much, scott. >> it is 5:19.
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we want to check in with christina loren. we've experienced all these storms and it's really good news for the bay area. >> yeah. as we go into this weekend, we're going to keep the storm window open. but you know me, i like to look a good 15 days out if i can. it looks like after we get through the next round on monday, we're going to see a dry stretch and it could extend for the next ten days. it looks like we'll be cut off from that jet stream as we head on. that means a nice dry stretch for you to go out and get that christmas tree and get your lights up if you've been kept inside by the rainfall. we have spotty cells moving on shore. you want to give yourself extra time because there's a lot of
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aftermath from the weather we've had around here the past couple of days. as we head throughout the weekend, we'll see a lot of dry and we're going to keep these light cells in the forecast. between about noon and 7:00 they start to clear. and then let me take you into friday. we're going to get another wave of rain but not until you start to make your way home from work on friday. widespread rain fall, if you have a friday night date plan, you want to make sure you're ready for the rain to come in tomorrow night. 10:00 tomorrow, the heaviest moisture starts to move onshore and it does look like it's going to impact the south bay the most. that's because we're going to hit that atmospheric river. then saturday by 7:00 clearing out, that's a better date night
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for you. this is the best day to get outdoors during the course of the weekend. and today 67 on the peninsula, 65 for us here on the south bay. temperatures kind of stay put. our next chance of rain after friday and saturday comes in on wednesday. more in moments. here's mike on your drive. >> even though rain has ended for most of the bay, we still have leftovers. i like to call them leftovers because i like to think about leftovers. no problems off to the east shore. you do see here puddling and ponding. and a look at your maps and we'll show you the smooth drive into and out of san francisco. the major flooding has cleared from the highways like cesar
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chavez that has cleared. typical pattern, wet patterns continue through pittsburgh and bay point. the rest of your bay looking pretty smooth. we have a lot of slowing out of highway 205 there coming out of the altamont. a quick look at fremont shows you conditions out there. much drier than saturday but not come -- completely dry. >> you'll remember giants skipper bruce bochy flew to atlanta to try and steer in all-star pitcher jon lester. but nbc sports reports the dodgers are also trying to make a late push to swoop in and steal the left-hander. >> it is 5:23 right now. we're going to tell you what caused nbc to suddenly cancel
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"the tonight show" for a few nights. >> and a live look from cape canaveral. the final window for the whole morning is 9:44 eastern, 6:44 our time. kris sanchez is live at nasa's ames center. we'll be back after the break.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look at cape canaveral. the launch of orion on hold. we thought it was going to take off now but one of the last checks that they did, we understand one of the valves, possibly a fuel valve, did not
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close properly. so once again we're all on hold. we'll attempt to bring it live to you if it happens to within our 7:00 hour this morning. >> the window, which will close just before that time. "the tonight show" suddenly cancelled because jimmy fallon welcoming their new baby into the world. >> the couple kept the news to themselves until the baby was born via surrogate. >> how the warriors are making one fan's dreams come true. we'll explain next.
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clearing out the jungle. homeless activists support the homeless. >> and we'll see lingering showers as we head throughout your thursday. widespread rain continues tomorrow. the good news is i'll be able to get you outdoors over the weekend. it will be a little tricky. your microclimate forecast in just a moment. >> and trees down. we'll give you the latest coming up. >> and a live look at cape canaveral. we are still waiting for the launch of orion. it was supposed to be several minutes ago. nasa crews were doing final checks when they discovered two valves were not completely closed, a fuel and a drain valve. we're live at nasa ames with the
5:31 am
very latest. it is thursday, december 4th. we're watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a quick check of the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. what are we in store for today? >> i wanted to start with some of the amazing totals we've had so far this week. and we've picked up over 10 inches of rain in the past five days. santa cruz, almost 4 inches, livermore just about 3 and san jose, over 3.5 inches of rainfall, just over the course of this week. let me show you what's leftover on your radar. we're just getting light, unorganized spotty activity this morning. you may have to use your
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windshield wipers from time to time, you probably won't. it will get a break over the course of tonight before that heavy rainfall returns as of tomorrow. you can see on your future cast it's coming back in and coming back in heavily. we'll talk about how much rain is on the way for friday, a little break over the weekend and then it comes right back on monday. let's check your drive. a lot of aftermath because of the rain. >> that's right, christine. and organized or not, disorganized let's say, a lot of moisture in the air, water on the roadway kicking up from time to time. look at your maps. that's where we've seen the green highlighting going on. novato down toward mill valley, tree down across lanes there. for local traffic that is a concern. the roadways are still slick all throughout and in the south bay we have a tree down and local traffic control just outside of
5:33 am
saratoga. >> crews in san francisco busy trying to patch up sinkholes caused by the heavy rain. the sinkholes damaged sewer pipelines as well. >> reporter: that's right. we're here at 6th and lake and it's about ten feet deep into the ground but the crews i spoke with this morning who are here monitoring making sure no one comes here says they haven't even seen it because it is so deep. this could take a while to repair. city officials say the rain overwhelmed this area yesterday, compromising the entire section and sinkholes have been a problem outside the city as well. take a look in belmont. crews are hoping to prevent a sinkhole from opening on middle road at el camino. the stor the rains were too much for a storm drain pipe.
5:34 am
crews say the fix may not be complete until next week. >> this is a high traffic area, very. a lot of homes, a lot of complexes. so this is going to be a pain. >> kind of inconvenient as far as traffic. a lot of people getting in accidents. sinkholes are happening. but i guess if the state needs the water, it's a winner. >> it is. and in san francisco's richmond district, the largest sinkhole in the city is the result of yesterday's wet weather. again, overwhelming the sewer pipe. in 1904 it burst washing out the pavement and it cut the water main and created an even larger sinkhole. back here live. it's 15 x 20 x 30. but they will be out here for a while. another concern had been the residents who live in this corner residential building, which is where our camera is standing. you can see the proximity. you can see it's pretty risky so that was top of mind for feel as
5:35 am
well. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> some old pipes out there. thanks a lot, steph. >> nanette miranda is live in san jose where teams are prepping for the mass eviction of those living in the jungle. this may not be a very easy process. good morning, nanette. >> reporter: good morning. the city of san jose is ready to take down there encampment known as the jungle. crews are here unloading barricades and setting them up, essentially limiting access to the area. i think once the homeless have been evicted, they do not want them back in and that's the point. this area needs to be shut down today so it can be cleaned up. 72-hour notices were posted monday. some 130 or so people have left over the last few months and another 150 are believed to
5:36 am
still be here. the closure coincides with santa clara county's opening of cold weather shelters. so there is that option. also services are available to find housing. others say they are looking for another place to set up. >> part of the problem with finding a place is that if the police find it, they'll come and run you out of there. so this is a game of whack-a-mole. they're scattering people throughout the city and they're going to cause them to go further and further away from traditional places. they're going to end up in people's neighborhoods. >> reporter: unsanitary conditions are what's driving the shutdown. the san francisco bay regional water control board gave notice of the city to san jose to top waste from polluting nearby coyote creek that carries water that ends up in the bay. once the area is cleared, it
5:37 am
will be cleaned up and patrols will be kept on scene. >> investigators are trying to figure out if there are any survivors in a pennsylvania's explosion. at least one home was destroyed. another caught fire. neighbors say an elderly lived in one of the moments. it's unclear if she or anyone else was hurt. >> it is 5:37 on your thursday morning. new video being released this morning of what appears to be an american hostage kidnapped by gunmen in yemen in 2013. video of luke was discovered by a company that monitors terrorist groups. the man says he british born, an american hostage, who will be executed in three days if demands to the u.s. government
5:38 am
are not met. that video was reportedly made by an al qaeda-affiliated group in the area. the u.s. has not verified the authenticity of that video. >> and more rain is on the way. christina has more. >> good morning to you. happy thursday. just getting to work this morning is going to be easier than it has been over the past couple morning. we still have showers on the radar. we're going to see this activity for the first part of the day and get a little bit of a break as we head through tonight. basically you want to take a look at this map of the greater bay area, find your microclimate or where you work, where you're going it be spending your time today. we stop that clock for you. at 1:02:00, high noon, you're going to see that shower
5:39 am
activity. as you make your way home at 6:00, get egg closer to that all-important weekend, showers start to subside and we'll get a break. then i stop the clock for you at 2:00 on friday and that's when the next wave of the heavy stuff comes in and we're going to be dealing with showers starting at 2:00 tomorrow, all the way into early saturday morning. but you'll still be able to get outdoors for the second part of your saturday and first part of sunday. and we're taking you to tahoe coming up. for today, though, temperatures in the 60s, bring your coats and your jacket. mike knows how slow it is out there. how bad is it out there? >> we have a chopper, if they're able to get airborne this morning, they'll check things out. locals know about traffic
5:40 am
control. a little build for north 101 but the roadway is drier, damp now for most of the south bay. concerns for morgan hill and gilroy. there may be patchy fog in the area, a lot of moisture obviously left over from the rains. that will be a concern. the rest of your bay looks pretty good and the toll plaza has the backup for the cash lane. >> an histor totoric launch in offing. details next. >> and protests across the country after a grand jury decides not to charge a new york police officer in the death of a black man. we're live with what the obama administration is now doing. >> now we await another round of weather.
5:41 am
christina is keeping close tabs on that. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after the break.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> they're saying "don't shoot." protests in the new york area after the grand jury decided not to indict a white officer involved in the choking death of a black suspect. about 50 demonstrators took to the streets in palo alto last night. in both instances the protests mirrored events happening on the east coast as well. black lives matter, black lives matter. >> the protests snarling traffic in both new york and washington. tracie potts is live where the obama administration has to react quickly now. good morning, tracie.
5:44 am
>> reporter: they've announced a civil rights investigation that's going to be headed by loretta lynch, the u.s. attorney there in new york and poised to take over here in the justice department if she's confirmed. that investigation will look at some of the same issues the grand jury looked at. the new york d.a. is trying to get some of those issues released. we heard from a number of democrats saying the real underlying problem there are the differences between police and communities. president obama talked about that as well, saying he didn't want to comment on the investigation but the level of mistrust,s th that's something wants to deal with. >> do you think this situation has the potential of becoming another ferguson? >> it possibly could. the fact that this whole thing was on video from beginning to end really have raised more questions than you might think it would answer. there's been a lot of discussion here in washington about body cameras and police wearing body
5:45 am
cameras. president obama wants to put r another 50,000 of them on the streets. but here's a situation where we had it all on camera and there are still questions about what really happened. >> a great point. we do have documentation this time around. tracie potts, live from washington. our coverage will continue on >> speaking of politicians, republican house lawmakers preparing to send a message to president obama about his recent immigration reform. lawmakers will vote today to declare the president's executive order null and void. it will likely pass in the republican-control led house. but the consensus is it won't be much more than a statement. that's because it stands little chance in the senate and because it's a bill the president will certainly viee veto.
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>> experts say the rain is only a drop in the bucket and we still need to see a wave of storms this winter. a new report shows that californians have not cut water use to the level. i stand northern californians, sorry, are a lot better than southern californians. i don't mean to build the rivalry again with the dodgers and giants kind of things but we have been doing a good job in regards to savings. >> you know what they say, numbers don't lie, data doesn't lie. >> let's not forget there's also history being made in the bay area with respect to all this rainfall. christina? >> there really is. i love talking to you, the locals who have been here most of your lives. you guys are the ones who put on my facebook page that you haven't seen rain like this for years. this is what we need to help us
5:47 am
get out of this drought. let's talk about where we are in terms of average for this season. as you know, we've had three dry years that we're trying to dig out of but for the season so far, this is where we understand when it comes to your average rainfall. mountain view with the 5 inches of rain so far this season, you are at 190% of normal. here in san jose, we're at 164% of normal for the season with more rain on the way. and we haven't even hit wintertime just yet, my friends. so we're looking really good. we need more rain. it does look like it's coming your way, at least for this weekend. in the short term, the storm window stays open. let's talk about your radar picture now, just some scattered showers out there, nothing heavy, nothing organized. about lunchtime we're going to clear you out. then by friday staying dry for most of the morning. by 11:00, that heavier rain starts to return, 11:03, our
5:48 am
first wave and by 5:00, we're talking about widespread activity for your drive home tomorrow all across the board. that will continue through saturday morning and it will continue through sunday as well. temperatures are going to stay put, nice and chilly out there. bring your coat, bring your jacket with you but you can bring your umbrella as we head from saturday afternoon into sunday. first here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking over here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were turned off. we have the backup filling up the toll plaza. remember slick roadways. here is the glow from the lights. no big drama from novato but we have the glowing lights and slick conditions. we see the green highlighted all over the area i just talked about and slick conditions coming off from the richmond san
5:49 am
rafael bridge. the bay bridge, a backup at the toll plaza and no real backup over the east way. concord, highway 4, 242, coming down through pleasant hill and walnut creek. likely a patch or two off of 580 in livermore. we have a concern, first of all, a free down. our chopper could not get there because of visibility. that is an issue. this is not impacting the majority of your south bay because that's over here toward san jose area. but the orange now creeping over here, highway 52, 101, gilroy, heading over toward i-5. a lot of moisture in the land and that's causing some fog. >> palo alto is adopting a new parking program aimed at keeping commuters out of neighborhoods. right now most areas only allow two-hour parking so many people who work downtown turn to nearby
5:50 am
neighborhoods for free spots. that, however, is about to change courtesy of a new permit program. residents who live downtown will get one free permit while commuters will have to pay between $100 and $450 per year depending upon their income. >> a lot of people working here are working on minimum wage or a bit above. and starting to pay permits or garages is going to be part of a problem. >> no such thing as free ride and now no such thing as free spot. >> and that's the scene at san jose's jungle homeless encampment as we give you a live look now. police are moving into the site. they are closing down the notorious homeless encampment known as the jungle. the city warned residents earlier this week they had until
5:51 am
this morning to clear out. the shutdown is planned to coincide with the opening of santa clara county's cold weather and distribution of housing vouchers so most of those people have somewhere to go. the encampment itself is one of the largest in the entire country. so they do have a lot of people to move out of that area but a strong police presence there this morning. city leaders say once bulldozers tear down the enkcamencampment, environmental company will try to restore the area. nanette miranda will have an update for us. >> we're patiently waiting for the next episode of space exploration. >> kris sanchez is live at ames field, everybody anticipating when it's going to take off, kris.
5:52 am
>> reporter: this is certainly something to see. this if it goes well could lead to manned travel space and even to mars. we are still standing by here at nasa ames where quite a few folks have gathered to watch that are space enthusiasts and others work at nasa and had a hand in getting orion to this point. a number of different issues delayed launch, there was a core temperature problem, a problem with the core boosters, the fill and drain valve. that's for lockheed and nasa to figure out. but what we can't understand, there have also been some weather delays, a couple of wind events that stopped the launch not quite during countdown but close to it. still, a lot of folks here
5:53 am
waiting to see what happened. there are a number of reason for folks here in the bay area to feel very proud. >> it's excitement for nasa that we're getting back into the human space flight program. >> reporter: the craft's aerodynamics were tested here in the wind tunnel at nasa ames. that can help to quickly fix a design issue without spending a lot of money and at lockheed martin in sunnyvale, they made the 14-foot panel that protect orion has it clieps into space. we are still on hold. it's been a very exciting process. eight years to build this orion spaceship. it is unmanned but if it goes well, there could be one more unmanned flight and then perhaps astronauts will go up on that third flight. it would be the first time since the space shuttle mission -- rather since the shuttle program was grounded about three years ago. when it gets up there in the air, it's going to travel around for four and a half hours, twice around the earth gathering information as it goes and then
5:54 am
it will splash down near san diego. we'll have the whole wrap up for you hopefully. >> our big american adventure in space powered a lot by russian technology. earlier this morning, vladimir putin gave a fiery speech in which he brought up all kinds of themes including hitler and damaging the ruble. the ruble collapsed earlier there week. energy prices are down, russia is a big exporter of energy, oil
5:55 am
and gas. that country is on the edge of a recession and putin played a lot of big cards, patriotism, kabul. it's a lot of concerning stuff. >> and sam and lawyurlaura, the yesterday listed some of the hot jobs in the west, we're we're going to see the growth. >> i wonder if any of them are tech-related or not. >> here, i don't know. >> as for the actual skies, there might still be some rain left. >> hey, rain is good for our economy here in california. we have a lot of agriculture and our farmers are rejoicing this morning. our hillsides were thirsting for rain. when the sun comes out, take a
5:56 am
look around the bay area. it will be spectacular. you will see greener hills than we've had and it looks like we'll keep that rainfall coming in all day long. then we get a heavier wave as we head through your friday. i'm going to show you that, plus i promise you tahoe numbers. that's all coming up in the 6:00 hour. here's mike on your drive. >> we still have the wet roadways. right here, watch as this vehicle comes over here makes that turn, slick conditions, the possibility if it's too fast, you could hydroplane a little bit with standing water. trent frost will be signed to a one-day contract with the
5:57 am
warriors today. he told the make a wish foundation was to meet the warriors and attend the game. he'll meet with the team, have lunch and sit courtside tonight in the game against the pelicans. >> 5:57. right now, sinkhole trouble. crews still trying to figure out how to seal up a large sinkhole in san francisco. details next. >> and we continue to keep an eye on the south bay where crews are getting ready to clear out one of the largest homeless encampments in the nation. police are there in force. we'll go there next.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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shutting down the jungle. crews get ready to remove people from the largest homeless encampment this morning. >> and right now crews are getting sinkholes fixed while more rain is on the way. >> don't ditch the umbrella just yet. widespread rainfall for friday. i'll still be able to get you outdoors. stick around. your microclimate forecast is coming up in moments. >> and we'll talk about its effect on your commute coming pup. >> and, mike, a live look outside. this of course the bay bridge on your thursday morning, lit up and populated with some cars, tiny dots if you look really closely. it is thursday, december the 4th and you are


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