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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now at 6:00. finally we do have liftoff. >> and a new night brings new protests all across the country as hundreds are cuffed and hauled to jail. the latest developments just ahead. >> and more heavy rain on the way to the bay area in less than five hours. >> and we have jaw dropping new job numbers. those numbers trounce expectation. what it all means for the economy coming up with scott mcgrew. >> we do have a backup at the bay bridge. but a crash -- actually two crashes that might affect your drive out of the tri-valley. >> a live look outside. i think that's the bay bridge, safe to say, all lit up on 6:00 on friday, december the 5th.
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and you are watching "today in the bay." >> thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon sleeping in this morning. >> yes, she is. a live look outside this morning, the golden gate bridge and san jose your right. >> we're expecting more green blobs on your radar. >> the count down is on for more heavy rain. we have some really great stores to tell in san francisco. we've had more rain in the past week than in all of 2013. we'll find out if we can take these totals all the way back to the 2005/2006 range.
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and there's more rain on the way today. this also is going to be added to that count after all. we started the rain on sunday. we're going to to keep it going through saturday. you can see quite a bit of moisture rolling offer the bay area at that point. that's when it going to be kind of dangerous to be out there on the road. unfortunately a lot of people trying to get home from work at that point and a lot of people heading to at that toe. between 3 hawk and 6:00, it gets really dangerous. you can see all that heavy moistu moisture. >> thanks, christina. we have new video, key off in as thousands of protesters came face to face with police once
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given. they're if i am -- face to face with protesters. >> one group formed a massive human chain. closer to home bart riders are hoping for an easy morning commute after pro tessers shut down a bart station last night. trains didn't even stop at fruitvale and officers stan
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strategize. he said an audience jobs happened to restore calm in the 60s and he hopes jobs can restore the calm today. >> kid that when on a street corn are doing nothing ended up putting on a suitoned tie and you know what they learned? they learned they're just as smart as the rich white folk. the former ambassador to the united nations also say that hiring officer will roo flekt the community and hp reduce bad police and that peaceful protest can lead to chang. >> coming up on "today," new
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york governor andrew kwomio talks about his take on the grand jury's decision. he's pledging chang and what he plans to do with the city's police department and their training. you can watch that police are beefing up we know that we've seen it before but what are they doing so we don't see it again this weekend? >> yeah, good morning to you, kris and sam. a lot of excited fans but a lot of concern, too, because of what happened last time the raids are met the niners. this time, though, is here at there will be extra security, as you mentioned it. you may not notice it. that's because officers will be
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undercover. the last time these two was police ended up ejecting more than 730 fans and there were more than 40 report for fights and there was a vicious attack in the bathroom that knocked out a 26-year-old man and multi-. people were shot in. >> you may remember the topic of violenceright side shortly after, the nfl required all. >> so far the courts have not
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agreed. we' we'll. either tonight or with the raiders. stephan stephanie. >> and we are looking live at a. thele. >> bad bet but i'll take it. >> san francisco showing you cloud cover overhead. i can tell you right now that the golden gate bridge is getting fog from time to time. we're gettingy gettingy a storm
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will impact us pore today. but we'll clear prm frfrmt frmt then weep saw the clock at 10. still getting decent rain full. if want pock pb and the balance tn. in plus keel tell you about
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nfrmt the doct getting toward the end of the year, we might see a couple of backups here. the volume of traffic is not the problem. the glow for the light just pass the sign there, that is the issue. there's moisture in the air and there may be patchy fog in the area. and the map will show you a mild slow down where an earlier crash quickly cleared from the interchange itself. getting out of town, you're going to watch as the rain comes in as well. so think about maybe 2:00 to get your getaway over toward the sierra where it very clear for the highways and fresh snow. a mild slowdown right there. nothing dramatic for the south
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bay or the peninsula. we'll look at the south bay for san jose, a live look shows you the easy drive. we'll get a first burst in on a friday that's just a few minutes long. a bunch of cars head through. >> maybe i should just called friday lite. you can determine the factor. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:10 right now. evacuations are under way as a powerful typhoon is about to slam the philippines. >> and a powerful jobs report as well. toing
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. another area of heavy rain moving into the bay area. >> i'll say it folks. >> again? we'll tell you how it affects your roadways coming up. >> the alameda man accused of killing his wife to end her suffering will be in court today. canfield had reportedly promised his wife he would help end her suffering. >> and president obama is expected to announce ashin carter as the next secretary of defense. he is an ivy leaguer from yale who taught at stanford and at harvard.
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>> and the pac-12 championship football game, the oregon ducks could seal their place in the playoffs. >> and liftoff at dawn. the dawn of orion and a new era of american space exploration. >> we are in the midst of an historic mission right now. >> it's a quick trip, all in one day. nanette miranda has the story for us. >> they will want to see how the parts that they've done perform on this flight. successful launch of the orion definitely ushers in a new era
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in this american space program, bringing nasa one step closer to putting human on it. the unmanned rocket holding the spacecraft. it blasted off at about 4:05 pacific time. nasa is breathing a sigh of relief after yesterday's launch had to be scrubbed due to gusty winds and sticking valves. researchers in the area were watching the flight closely over at nasa ames in mountain view. orion's panels were made there that protect oren as it climbs into space. >> you can't help but be a little bit excited.
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>> orion will orbit the world twice. that's expected to teak about four and a half hours. right now it's roughly halfway through the journey. the parachute-assisted splash down will take place around 8:30 pacific time and splash down about 600 miles west of baja, california/mexico. astronauts are expected to climb aboard in the year 20, 21. but that's all it takes. four and a half hours. >> today is most likely the day that jurors in oakland will hear from the late steve jobs. >> apple is facing a lawsuit over the way it kept other companies from selling music to ipod owners. >> the other two big cases against apple, one for ebook
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pricing, the other for fixing salaries in silicon valley. we know what jobs is going to say. the deposition is taped and he doesn't say much. jobs generally testifies he doesn't remember. other apple executives have already appeared on the stand. at issue, did apple go too far in protecting the ipod, locking it down so other companies, like real networks, would not be able to sell you music and that you depend only on i tuds and nobody else? >>other news, we just got the latest jobs number. the american economy added 3 1,000 jobs notice month of november. thein employment rate sticks. it's going to be difficult to find it's a movie based on the memoirs of jane hocking. the big question is did the real
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dr. hawking see the move and what did he think? i asked a reporter what is it even look to interview steven hawkins? >> i was amazed about how honest for somebody as intelligent and engineering based as he is, there was a nice voice because that's what he does. that's the only way he can communicate is through word. so it was a conversational style and it actually had a certain pace or rhythm to it. it was actually really, really nice. >> don swartz of "usa today." >> thank you very much, scott. developing right now, a typhoon is heading right towards the philippines. overnight the storm downgraded from a superify foo
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>> we got a lot of great viewer pictures of rainbows all across the bay area. if you want to check that out, just log on to our web site, nbc bay you'll see a little paej for weather. click on that and where you go. if you want to find out how heavy that rain is before you leave the office, that's one of the coolest tools we've got for you. now, radar shows you some very
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light activity right now. as we get into your day, we are going to have some showers. but right now it's calm as you get out to work. really no problem on the weather front. >> let's talk about your weather headlines. the afternoon rain really starts to pick up. we're expecting the first at about 10:00 a.m. and between 12:and 5:-- 12 and 5, it looks like the showers are going to come through. we'll see a nice dry day on sunday before rain returns again on monday. and the system that's coming through on monday looks very similar to the one that's going to come through today, if that happens you oat at all.
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>> there's snow on the way to tahoe as well but a lot of skiers and snow boarders excited. snap some picturesand then clearing out and another storm system toward the end of the week. we are going to let you know everything that develops. but, hey, what a success story from just this week alone, mike. >> you're talking about more rain coming in but nothing compared to what we just saw. we do need the rain. someone has said that over the last one or two days. we talk about the golden gate bridge. look at the sheen on the roadway. right now it's a very clear view
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but we've seen low clouds difficult in here. no problem as far as our speeds go coming into san francisco. watch the coast. specifically highway one, down through pacifica, definitely is going to be an issue on that portion of the bay. we will focus here, there is a crash southbound 680 right around the truck scales but it moved over quickly. a live drive is shape.
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>> from an empee winning producer of the symptoms, it's a brand new holiday trailer.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 6:25 right now. health official say california is experiencing its worst whooping cough epidemic nfor years and to blame, the vaccine.
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parents were upset about the side effects of the older vaccine, which was painful for the kids and caused seizures sometimes. now the vaccine is more potent. back in 2010, 9,000 people got sick and ten babies died because newborns are especially vulnerable to whooping cough. health officials recommend expectant mothers get a booster vaccine during the third trimester of their pregnancy. >> the bay area air quality district says wrapping paper cause as lot of problems. the agency says the paper is often burned in fireplaces on christmas morning creating toxic
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fumes and polluting the water. they're asking that people use gift bags and boxes. . >> my uncle always used to use the sunday funniefunnies. recyclable. >> and coming up, we'll have a live report from washington. >> and beautiful san jose. a break in the rain so go get a christmas tree. back in a few minutes.
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good friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. light showers for now. we've got some heavy rain developing as of this afternoon. by tomorrow, light showers linger for the first part of your weekend. then we'll clear you out by sunday before another round of rain moves in on monday. i'm show you the changes in the timeline for where you live in just a moment. >> and while the weather might
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be giving you a break, we're not getting a complete break from the backup. >> phenomenal news on the economy. the american economy adding tons of jobs. there's america online, celebrating on the nyse. there's the nasdaq. we'll check your numbers in just a minute. >> and a live look outside right now on your friday morning. this a live picture of downtown san jose. the day getting ready to break. it is of course a friday and it is december the 5th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today president obama will announce his choice to replace chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. he is expected to nominate ashton carter in about 30
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minutes. trac tracie potts joins us from capitol hill. he's an unknown name, though not unknown to the administration. >> he was the number two at the pentagon until last year when he was passed over for the top job by chuck hagel. he is initially an academic but also has a long history at the pentagon managing defense cuts. he's an expert in weapons. he came in as a missile defense analyst so he knows a lot about weapons. he was the main purchaser for weapons at the pentagon so he know s a lot about the tools they're going to need to do things like fight isis, get out of afghanistan, ukraine, ebola.
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the nomination, then he'll probably make a tour and do some visits on capitol hill the confirmation hearing will not likely take place until the new legislators take office. >> we know that chuck hagel's nomination and confirmation were hard fought. so maybe some compromise there in washington. thanks, tracie. >> plenty of storms in washington over budgetary issues and immigration brewing. here we've had our own storms to deal with of the meteorology
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variety. >> when you hear the sounds, anything that sounds like rain drops later on, i'll confirm it now, we've got a lot more on the way. 60 degrees right now in san francisco, you're only going to climb to about 64. and same deal that we saw on tuesday but it's not going to last as long so we're going to get maybe half as much rain as the storm system that came through tuesday, as you can recall, tuesday, wednesday, another really active day for us. a little bit of a break yesterday and then today look what's coming back as of 11:00 a.m. you can see the leading edge at the front starting to push on shore at the immediate coast. then once this hits, we're in the thick of it basically all day long.
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so about 1:00 and 6:00, heavy stuff coming through. all of this moving over to tahoe. if you're planning on leaving and heading home to tahoe, you're going to be going with this on the drive. the system is really warm so our snow levels are going to be high. i'm more concerned about the pouring rein ain as you make yo way up to sierra nevada. at 11:00 tonight, still getting light activity. when we meet back here for monday morning, we'll have another round of rain. but the good news is for most of the weekend you're going to stay drive. our last wave comes through tomorrow morning. we stop that clock again by noon, the santa cruz mountains getting showers. but sunday you can get outdoors. mike, right now it's light, which is good news for commuters this morning. but it's really that evening commute that i'm concerned about. >> well, then we will let them
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know about that, christina, because it's a concern as the evening activities, for example in santa clara, we have that college pac-12 championship game so we'll have a lot of congestion around levi's stayed number. this is what we typically see eastbound but whiright now westbound there's still a little moisture in the air but fog is not an issue here. i just showed you the area with the arrow there, in through sunol we see the slowdown. 680 and through that area and into the south bay, a lighter volume of traffic today. hayward, a typical pattern.
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no big surprises coming into downtown san jose. the bay bridge, we'll give you a live look there. we had the metering lights turned on about 5:44 this morning, typical pattern for friday. the bay bridge visibility is good but the golden gate bridge, still have some sheen and probably have some slick roadways as well. >> thank you very much, mike. >> it's 6:36 right now. i'll tell you what, there's one thing the marks are definitely going to be weighing today, jobs, jobs, more jobs. >> scott mcgrew, maybe not as drastic and up as we might have expected. >> you can say jobs 321,000 times, that's how many jobs were added to the economy. as you look at the big board,
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you see 43 points, why aren't we doing more? you have some people who are worried the fed are going to raise interest rates, which they really at this point kind of have to, pulling it lower. 321,000, a blowout number, unemployment rate 5.8%. now, kris, a very smart woman that i follow on twitter asked, well, how many of these are seasonal? good question, that smart woman. the answer is we break those out in these numbers to temporary jobs. there were gains there but not to account for that huge number. so this is big numbers with a lot of white collar jobs as well, business and professional services. >> so these are folks that are going to be working for as long as they want to be working? >> yes, with high wages as well. >> like that smart woman.
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know her well.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> and this was a hot button issue several months ago. now new jersey lawmakers say they found no evidence that governor chris christie was involved in a political scheme to shut down the georgia washington bridge last year. the joint legislative panel's investigation did find, though, that two form are christie aides acted with "perceived impunity and little regard for public
6:41 am
safety." e-mails showed the aides orchestrated the shutdown, causing massive traffic jams. >> florida's attorney general is joining an ongoing civil suit against a college which is accused of using government money to hire strippers. the college called fast train used to operate seven colleges in florida is now shut down. investigators say the owner used funds to hire dancers to entice men to enroll and encouraged students to lie on their financial aid form. >> presumably some red flags there. >> 6:41 right now. and another flasher in palo alto. new information on that next. >> plus what police are doing to
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try to keep fans safe at sunday's 49ers/raiders showdown. >> and as this broadcaster is about to tell us, it's the dawn of a new era. an historic day for space travel. why the bay area is paying extra close attention to this mission. >> and a live look outside at san jose as the sky starts to blue up because the sun is coming.
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now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> from brawls in the stands to shootings in the parking lot, oakland officials hope a beefed up police presence will prevent a scene like this at this weekend's football game between
6:45 am
the raiders and 49ers. >> stephanie chuang joins us live from coliseum. >> good morning, kris and sam. i was born and raised in the bay area. i remember family and friends both debating very passionately who was the better team but for some fans, that erupted into violence during the last battle of the bay in 2011. that was a match at candlestick park, a preseason during one of those exhibition games. the teams agreed to shut it down after a season high of fan violence. there were more than 40 reports of fan fights and arrests for battery, a vicious attack in the bathroom that knocked a man
6:46 am
unconscious and reports of a shooting in the parking lot. the violence at sports vant was big. it happened just months after brian stowe outside dodger stadium. the nfl required every nfl team to put metal detectors at every gate of entry. for sunday there is said to be extra security, private patrols. right now niners 7-5, raiders 1-11. the hope is that the passion will remain on the teams and how they do on the field. kickoff is set for sunday, 1:25 in the afternoon. >> competitive rivalry on the field a great thing. you done -- don't want it
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spilling offer. >> oregon is take on the wildcats in the pac-12 championship game. with a win, the ducks and their fan base would punch their tickets to the playoff. tickets are still available for this event. kickoff is set for 6:00 tonight near the end of the evening commute. so head to the stadium a little early if you can and dress, christina says, for the rain. >> take a live look this morning at the bay bridge. what a beautiful sight. we see the clouds overhead. but just wait, wait for it. >> when i show you the radar, you may not be that impressed this morning. >> it may not blow us away. >> it may not blow you away, as sam says. here it is. it doesn't many press you much, does it? >> where is it going? >> oh, oh, oh, sam, that is the
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question, my friend, that i need you to ask so i have something to talk about. that little blob headed over tahoe is for us. temperatures now in the 50s to 60s. even with all this rain and wet weather, we haven't had bitter cold just yet. it's pretty mild out there right now and we're going to stay put, mostly in the low 60s as we head throughout the day today as we have been all week long. right now you're getting the best drive because you saw this is what we're getting right now. here's your futurecast. let me show you what's on the way later today, my friend. we are going to connect that atmospheric river. watch what happens when we do that. at 11:00, it starts to come in and that convergence means a lot of rainfall is coming into the bay area over a very short duration of time once again with an already sach rited ground. let me guide you to your day. we take you to the 2:00 hour and
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start to get heavy downpours from sonoma county. the front will move through pretty quickly. as it does so, it's going to pack a punch. 3:00 to 6:00 looks downright treacherous. of course that game starting at 6:00. you have to kind of be a duck out there at 6:00 to enjoy the weather that going to be taking place. 56 degrees, heavy rain, gusty wind. the good news is because that system is moving through so quickly, you'll notice everything is starting to trend lighter. but it is going to be pretty tough for the start of your game. we stop you at 9:00, still getting some rainfall. we'll continue the light showers for the bay area all the way through 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. then we get a break from 11 a.m. on saturday until 6 p.m. on sunday before another weather make are moves in.
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this one doesn't lock like it's packing a punch. nonetheless, more rain on the way potentially towards the end of next week. and we need it. so got a good story to tell in this department. let's check the traffic department. here's mike. >> that's a better story overall, christina. we have that break going on in the south bay. we don't have a break now. the volume is causing an issue. as we look at your map and we see that northbound build, 85 we had a concern, there's a stall reported. that caused a backup this morning. we have a similar stretch of slowing. >> we're also looking at southbound 680, crash by sunl. it's maintaining the slower drive, just in the upare 50s. as we look at the live picture,
6:51 am
more grate at least from the -- back to your maps. really no major concern, typical pattern flowing southbound, nimitz out of hayward. the bay bridge has your backup at the cash lanes and the metering lights are on. we'll look at palo alto, a smooth drive for the peninsula. in belmont, we heard about a tree on san juan boulevard, not affecting rolston or the freeway. back to you? >> thanks, mike. we have a road closure you might want to know about because it could affect your friday night plans. caltrans will conduct an emergency response drill at the tunnels known as devils slide. the drill begins tonight at 10:00 and ends at 4:00. if all goes as expected, the tunnels will be closed at this
6:52 am
time. drivers will have to take interstate 280 to get up and down the peninsula as we did for so long before those were done. >> the alameda accused of killing his chronically ill wife to end her suffering is due in court today. he turned himself in in late october reportedly telling police officers that he shot his wife because she suffered from dementia and other illnesses. his attorney said he promised his wife he would help end her suffering from chronic pain. >> police are investigating another flashing incident in palo alto. two women in their 80s were on a walk near the corner of greer road and channing avenue when a man approached them and exposed himself. this happened tuesday evening around 5:00. the suspect ran away when one of the women said she was going to call police. this follows three other flashing incidents in december.
6:53 am
>>. >> policy instructs postal workers to call security first, not to call 911. vicky wynn is back after more employees step forward saying the policy has led to other critical safety failures. vicky? >> good morning. we told you about the postal service policy that tells thousands of employees to call security instead of calling 911. in oakland, 911 wasn't called for 53 minutes after a colleague found hmm lying on the ground bleeding. now employees are voicing concerns about the policy for years. these grievances were filed by postal workers here in the bay area. they document multiple instances where employees needed emergency
6:54 am
medical care. in one case someone suffered a seizure at work and 911 wasn't called for 45 minutes. and yet the usps did nothing to chang its emergency medical procedure. employees say they've also been told they would have to foot the bill if they call an ambulance. oakland postal officials say they're now revising their 911 policy after our initial investigation, but it's been six weeks and employees say still no changes. watch our full investigation and weighin. >> vicky, thank you. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, please give us a call or e-mail us. >> happening right now, nasa's new era of exploration is under way. an unmanned rocket took off from florida just after 4:00 this morning our time carrying the orion spacecraft. >> it was touch and go yesterday
6:55 am
but today was a success. nanette, scientists in the bay area have a lot invested here. explain. >> reporter: the orion is just about three hours into its flight launching at 4:05 pacific time from cape canaveral. >> five, four, three, two, one and liftoff at dawn! >> one nasa manager called today day one of the mars era. orion is expected to take astronauts to that planet sometime after 2030. but there's lots to do beforehand. the on board camera provided rare a couple of bay area sites are beaming with pride.
6:56 am
lockheed martin in sunnyvale made the 14-foot panels and they simulated speed of up to 20 miles per hour preparing orion for the trip back. the journey is expected to end later this morning with flashdown in the pacific ocean. >> kiit's not until we've reach pluto that we accomplished something. >> why do you have to fact check me? >> that's how i am, sam. >> a big jobs number, but not a
6:57 am
big impact on the stock market. >> a way bigger number than we expected. we didn't even get the first digit right. the american economy added 321,000 jobs in the month of november. it's a big number and most came in business services and professional jobs, white collar, not retail and other low-paying jobs. let's talk about the stock market. dow industrials up only about 20 points. part of this is, yes, there's excitement about the economy but we know at this point the fed has got to raise interest rates. they're going to do it and that's going to bring the stock market a little lower. we do think a federal jury in oakland will see taped testimony from steve jobs today. other apple executives have already appeared on the stand. that is of course over that ipod issue. we will continue to uncover that as it unfolds. >> a lot of money at stake there. >> billions. >> one final check of today's top stories. in a matter of just minutes, president obama is expected to
6:58 am
announce ashton carter as the next secretary of defense. carter is an ivy leaguer from yale who has taught at both stanford and harvard. >> and in oakland last night, the fruitvale bart station was briefly closed because of protesters upset with the grand jury decision to not charge officers in new york and ferguson. >> and about ten people forced out of a well-none san jose homeless encampment have taken up shelter just about a block away. the city has set up shelter for some but others say they have nowhere to go. >> christina, we have a teensy break and then more rain. >> temperatures are mostly in
6:59 am
the 50s, we are on our way to the 60s later on this afternoon and then that heavy rainfall arrives. this is the time frame i'm really concerned about, 2:00 to about 6:00. and you can see why. that big line is going to come through along with the heavy rain. it's going to bring some thunderstorms with it so just please take it easy out there today. >> all right. the morning commute seems okay. >> i'm going to be grateful for what we have right now. we'll take you to the roadways. just got reports of debris scattered across the roadway and it sound like a truck might have dropped that off the back of their pickup. watch for these people who appear to be picking stuff up out of the fast line. we had an earlier crash around the truck scales. we will look at this live camera
7:00 am
in san rafael because this is the exception for most of the rest of the bay. misty conditions. on the right, puddles left over from the rain. >> be careful out there. that is what's happening. we'll be back with you at 7:25 with more local news, weather and traffic. >> have a great weekend. protestas siguen en las calles, it's official. president obama will tap ashton carter as his next secretary of defense. the man he is replacing rejects claims he was forced out. liftoff. nasa launches the first test flightor


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