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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. we are going to begin this hour with a live look at the left-hand side of your screen. san jose on your right side, san bruno on the left. >> christina joins us now. this next storm could be the strongest we've had here in the bay area in years. >> in years, kris and sam. considering the fact that we've already received so many rain over the past few weeks, this is where it could start to get dangerous in terms of our storm
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reports, downed trees, and gusty winds. temperatures mostly in the 50s, it's really mild out there. you're going to hit 66 degrees, east shore 66, 70 for the south bay and the tri-valley about 70 degrees as well. as we take you through your afternoon, staying dry. that will continue until tomorrow. and by about 10:00, the system will be very potent. take a look at some of the anticipated rainfall totals. we're going to give you a scientific analysis as to why we're getting so much rainfall all at once.
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>> thank you, christina. 6:02. a developing story, chaos on bay area streets. overnight more damage as protesters shat are windows and set fire across the bay. >> bob redell is in berkeley this morning. a few police officers were injured and provoked in the midst of all this violence. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. according to berkeley police, they said they had rocks, bottles and pieces of concrete thrown at them, apparently an explosive device as well that we believe was an m-80. two officers hurt with minor injuries. most of the damage was confined to shattuck and tell grach. you're looking at the radio shack that the windows were
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smashed. it seemed like they targeted the businesses, radio shack, whole foods. it's not like you're seeing business after business after business. they also vandalized some police cars and they started some fires. this is a fire they started at telegraph and alcatraz. they lit some debris and did the same with some dumpsters. around 9:00 last night, you had about 200 protesters who went up on highway 24 in oakland, blocking several lanes of traffic for some time until chp was able to get those people to disburse. at one point there were roughly 500 people out here. earlier in the evening, this did start as a peaceful march.
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many of these protesters, at least according to one report were chanting "peaceful protest, peaceful protest" but obviously many of those people refused to listen. it was here at this radio shack that one protester stood up telling the other protesters, please do not do this. that's when that person was prn. >> thanks, bob. and bob redell will update us throughout the morning. any time we are not on the air, go to our web site, that is updated around the clock. >> hundreds of firefighters in los angeles are dousing hot spots this morning, trying to make sure a massive fire does
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not flair back up. this was on 110 and firefighters say so far there were no reports of any injuries. >> a disturbing discovery at the scene of a shooting in san francisco. police officers sound an assault rifle under a car near where someone was shot last night. the shooting happened around 9:30 at the corner of golden gate and leavenworth. it is unclear right now who the victim is and whether the shooter has been found. police are still trying to figure out if that assault rifle was used in a shooting. >> in the south bay, a security guard from a popular pub after a
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football game. the security guard was trying to break up a fight between raiders and niners fans when he was shot. several people were detained and questioned. it's unclear if the suspected shooter was even arrested. despite a heated rivalry, the s crowd hung out together and watched the game together. fans on both sides ate, tailgated, seemed to keep the action on the field. >> we're all together, we're having a good time. we've been here since 5:00 in the morning to tailgate and have a good time. >> we're family but i love my raiders! >> niners!
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she's really a niners fan. >> they still have their arms around each other after, that's the question. >> the future of head coach jim harbaugh are in serious doubt right now. >> my priority are number one, winning football games. number two, the welfare of our players, coaches, our staff and lastly is what my personal professional future is. >> rumors of harbaugh potentially getting traded have been swirling. and, yes, a head coach can be traded. the 49ers head to seattle this weekend for a big matchup against the rival seahawks. >> we're going to give you the bay bridge as we head into our microclimate forecast at 6:08. enjoy the day today, clear out your rain gutters because we're going to get a dousing later
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this week. >> you're a half cup full -- let me try that again, a cup half full kind of person. >> you have to be in a drought situation. we want this rain for our farmers. in the bay area we're at about 200% average. but my biggest concern with this storm system is the fact that it's going to come through pretty quickly and it's going to j just dump rain on us like we haven't seen in over a decade. a few early showers this morning. you'll have a couple days to prepare your home, get all the leaves out of the storm gutters and repair anything outdoor that could get damaged, bring that through wednesday nights. mike and i will be here to guide you through it as we meet back here on thursday morning. let's me show you what's coming our way. this is the storm system we're
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expecting. light activity until about thursday at 1:00 a.m. you know what i like to talk about, that subtropical atmospheric river that we're going to tap into as we head throughout this thursday. watch what happens. at we really start to hit that tap at about 6:00 a.m. on thu thursday morning, that will produce rain rates at about 4 inches per hour and we could be talking about maybe a foot of rain above 3,000 feet in the bay area. meanwhile here in the south bay, we'll have to wait for that heavy stuff but by 6:00 it comes in and we're dealing with it all through friday and we're expecting gusty winds and 18 to 22-foot waves and dangerous rip currents as we head throughout friday specifically. we'll continue to give you the information. as i get it, i'll bring it right to you. i want to make sure you -- i'll
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say this could do some serious damage if you're not ready for it. >> at least you're warned to prepare. the bay bridge, we've had some changes there. the flashing lights at the bottom of your screen, right along the bottom of your screen there, the metering lights just turned on. look at the stanchion of lights there. you see them lining up like at a racetrack. i think they're waiting until that cleared so they turned on the metering lights so they wouldn't cause any additional traffic. we're looking at an issue for the tri-valley as well. visibility is all right here. we can see enough for a good stopping distance approaching the dublin interchange. the orange over there now pretty thick but you have the build for the commute at south 680.
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there's a crash through san ramon. as we look at the rest of your commutes, we see fog continuing north through concord. nothing unusual for that pattern over there coming off the benicia bridge. as we look at this wider view, you're pretty all right as far as the speed goes. also the south bay north 101. fog and low clouds, no big surprises. >> okay. already some buildup on 580. >> definitely. >> it's 6:12 right now. and a successful splashdown. the orion back on the move already? >> closed captioning provided by frontier ford.
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here are today's top stories at 6:14 right now. at least 13 people were arrested following a second night of violent, destructive protests in berkeley. hundreds of people were peacefully protesting the killings of unarmed black men by white police officers when a group of people splintered off and began vandalizing buildings and looting businesses. >> a police officer is out of the hospital this morning after chasing stolen car suspect. the driver reportedly rammed a cruiser. officers shot the driver. she currently listed in grave condition. >> and crews are on the scene of two massive fires in los angeles, including this one that closed two parts of major freeways. the first fire closed 101 and 110. they are open in time for the commute this morning. but about three hours later, another fire broke out at a
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building about two hours away. police are now looking for any indication that those fires are connected. >> a navy spokesperson says a warship carrying the unmanned spacecraft will arrive today and once it gets there, it will get the spacecraft and return it to nasa. >> uber service has been shut down in the capital of india this morning, after allegations that an uber driver raped his female passenger. scott mcgrew has said this man has been accused of rape before. >> the associated press said he had been acquitted in that case after spending seven months in jail and then becoming an uber
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driver. other newspapers are not so sure about this acquittal. we're working on that. there are even questions whether the driver had a driver's license. the driver is in jail. the ceo of uber wrote "our entire team's hearts go outs to the victim of this despicable crime. we will do everything, repeat everything, to help bring this perpetrator to justice and to support the victim in her recovery." uber is so familiar to us in the bay area and familiar to controversy. an uber executive recently claimed women were safer in uniuber cars in taxi cabs and anyone who criticized uber was putting those women in danger by encouraging them to take cabs. >> the san francisco police discussed their new drone.
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they bought the drone without any kind of public comment. it was "vice" magazine that figured out they had the drone. now they cannot fly the drone without getting approval from the faa. the san jose police say the drone would only be used in certain situations, like an active shooter situation or a bomb threat. >> and so far at least 21 people are confirmed dead as a result of the typhoon. the rain and winds are heading toward manila. while it was downgraded from a powerful typhoon to a tropical storm, the concerns are that it
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could trigger flooding and landslides. >> people make their work and wonder what kind of weather am i in store for this week? and the answer is more of the heavy rain. >> that's right. the past through years, people started getting used to the mild conditions. >> we thought we were in arizona. >> 6:17. we have some really hefty rainfall totals this week. i'm going to show you what one specific computer model is projecting. but these totals, they look pretty high, outrageous. some people at the national weather service saying this could be more rain than we've had in over a decade from a single storm in a 24-hour period. this is what we're working with right now. you've got a lot of rain coming in north of the bay area. just some very light showers right now. most of this is to the west of 101 this morning. as we head throughout the day this morning, we'll see a little
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fog drifting around. watch out, though, you're down to about three-quarters of a mile but fog drifts around, it doesn't stay stationary. you might encounter patches through the tri-valley and gilroy as well. 70 degrees today in san jose. let me let this run for you. most of this rainfall is expected over the course of thursday into friday. but take a look into how much rain is going to come through over maybe 36 hours. we're talking about 2 inches in san jose. some models bringing that total to 3 1/2 inches. up in ukiah, 5 inches of rainfall. but here's my big concern. it's not just the rain. watch what happens when it comes to your anticipated wind speed. we take you into wednesday
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afternoon. i really want to bring your attentions to the bottom of this screen where you'll see this key. as we head throughout wednesday afternoon, that wind starting to pick up, not expecting anything hefty until we head through thursday at 1:00 a.m. take a look at this, widespread 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts on the way. this could take down trees on the saturated ground. we'll be giving you the latest every time i check i get a little more information. stick with us and i'll bring that to you. here's mike. >> that thursday morning commute could be an issue. we don't get those reports of trees or mudslides until folks actually encountered them. stick with us on thursday morning as the weather system continues to develop. the bay bridge developing very nicely. the metering lights are on, the backup is looking a little bit lighter. any time after thanksgiving till
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the new year we have what some folks call the slide, it's the slide toward the end of the year, the holidays and everything building up and that also means a disrupted commute in the morning. we may see from time to time an earlier, lighter commute throughout the time. tomorrow will probably be full force but monday we might be easing in. we do have some slowing through san pablo. we have fog. 680 moving smoothly threw walnut creek. a fender bender at the dublin interchange looks like it has changed. a typical biluild out of the altamont and an accident has cleared through the castor y valley. and we'll give you a look at both sides of the approach. fremont and southbound off the
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east bay, an easy drive down toward michigan boulevard. on the peninsula side, looking at palo alto, northbound no delays through palo alto, san mateo and into the city. >> some little pockets of congestion. thank you very much, mike. >> he was about to be released. up next, what we're learning about one of the hostages killed during that rescue mission that went terribly wrong.
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6:26 right now. >> the u.s. and nato formally ending their combat missions in afghanistan. nato planning to lower their flag in kabul, ending a mission 14 years long. the coalition will maintain some 13,000 troops in afghanistan along the way, mostly to help serve in a transitioning role. at its peak there were about 140,000 nato troops in that country. >> and according to a top american diplomat, the u.s. had no clue that one of two hostages killed in a navy seal raid last week was on the verge of being released. navy seals tried to rescue american photojournalist luke somers over the summer. and they were not aware of a second hostage, peter korkie.
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they did not know negotiations were under way to release him. both hostages died in the fire fight. >> he had his releaaeease negotd for $200,000 that day. -how old are you kids? -four.
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a royal visit. what's in store for the duke and duchess of cambridge and what's in store for them this morning. >> and quiet conditions. a little fog drifting around. as we head through the next few days, we'll see sun and clouds staying nice and mild and then we get some really heavy rainfall, the heaviest potentially in over a decade. also gusty winds and big waves.
6:30 am
>> we caught it and caught a glimpse of it in 580. >> wall street is going to have to figure out what to do with all this good news about the american economy, 321,000 jobs added in november. there's your nyse. and then over on the nasdaq, the opening bell as well. >> doesn't know what to do with that fed decision impending. a live look outside, monday december the 8th, as we get ready to kick start your work week here, you are watching "today in the bay." >> i'm sam brock, good morning. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and the duke and duchess are
6:31 am
in new york. it's their first trip to new york city. we get all the details of their whirl wind visit. brian, good morning. >> reporter: am i the only one that thinks that the washington is getting sort of the consolation prize, but not a bad one? they'll be here meeting in a short time with president obama and vice president biden? but the prince is also going to the world bank, addressing a subject he feels very passionately, about the trade of illegal animal parts. he hopes these people will not only be a receptive audience but that they are people with power who can do something to take care of this global problem. from washington the prince will head up i-95 who will go to a harlem development center for children. and they'll be holding court
6:32 am
with a different royal family, king james and the kings. we're hoping they can get good seats for the game. >> i feel like they're in a safe position to probably get some decent seats. >> i don't know if they can afford the scalped seats but those tend to be the best ones, if you ask me. >> it's 6:32. time to check our forecast. it's a good thing the royals are not going to be in the bay area on thursday. they'd get soaked. looking live at san jose traffic smoothly moving along. and the forecast is smoothly moving along today. >> christina was saying this could be an historic week for bay weather. >> good morning. >> good morning. they're new parents just traveling around with a baby. oh, my goodness. on thursday it's going to be
6:33 am
very dangerous. we want to keep everything in perspective. the storm doesn't come in until we hit wednesday night. that's when the heavy stuff arrives. but you're going to have three good days to get out there, get your storm drains cleaned and get out all the leaves from your house removed, anything that could get damaged outdoors with inches of rain on the way, you want to bring those in. i want to show you san jose right now, nice and clear, really pretty start to the day. this is hit or miss, it's very light, and it's going to come to a close as we head throughout this afternoon. becoming sunny all across the bay area with really mild, comfortable temperatures. 70 is not a bad way to finish the day in the south bay. 66 degrees in san francisco, 66 in wine country and you'll hit about 70 degrees out in the tri-valley. here's the deal for this week. nice and dry but temperatures drop all the way through wednesday. then thursday the heavy, heavy stuff comes through. we're going to talk about this, i'll give you the timeline and
6:34 am
how much you're expecting where you live in my next report. but a lot of rain on the way and cold. this is also going to produce really heavy snowfall totals in tahoe. right now here's mike and your drive. >> we'll look over here because we do have some climate -- look at the picture here, there's some fog. i can say it's fog. this is a nice westbound drive. easy flow but it's building. we're talking about the fog and low clouds where it's orange over there, westbound out of the altamont pass. nothing unusual about this pattern. south 680 the most recent to show the slow down. castor valley y also bogs down. nothing unusual anywhere north of the dumbarton bridge.
6:35 am
it looks like things are clearing. let's look at the live view and it shows san jose shows an easy volume now and starting to build now. the sun comes up in this shot. we'll go to the north bay and look at south bay 101. not a lot of fog here but a lot of cars are starting to build. here you're close to the limit, coming down up in upper 50s. it's a clear view across that span. >> good, because that one shot was pretty foggy. >> 6:35 right now. those markets have been open for a few minutes. lots of good economic data to chew on these days. >> let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> good morning to you. right now the dow industrials are lower. part of this is concern over what the fed will do. let's talk about friday. we learned more than 300,000 jobs were added in the month of
6:36 am
november. the big question, what will the fed do? we'll find out in the next meeting but it seems very likely that would raise interest rates. >> still to come, a chemical leak forcing thousands of people dressed like furry animals to evacuate a hotel. we're going to explain coming up. >> i certainly hope we have video for that. plus, major changes to the olympic games. the sport that could make a comeback thanks to a vote that happened while we were sleeping.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 6:39 on your monday. this is a compare and contrast. on your left was a massive sinkhole after the rain came in. on your right side, the progress that the crews have made. they are making considerable progress on that front. crews say they hope to be able to reopen the roadway at some point tomorrow. >> john: meantime, three people and a black bear killed in a bizarre chain reaction crash in
6:40 am
florida. a broward county officer said a car hit and killed a bear. a car stopped to get out to help when a third car slammed into the people. in addition to the three people killed, six people were rushed to the hospital, several are still in critical condition this morning. >> investigators in chicago are trying figure out who intentionally left chlorine powder in a hotel stairwell causing the gas to spread. this is the right video. thousands of people were in town for the faux fur convention. emergency crews worked quickly to decontaminate the hotel. everyone was allowed back in just a few hours later. >> don't see that every day. the international olympic commit approved a new bidding process
6:41 am
to make hosting the olympics more appealing to cities. cities will be allowed to hold events outside of the host cities or country, most notably for geography and sustainability reasons and there could be a return of baseball and soft ball in the 2020 tokyo games. >> up next, police make a disturbing discovery at the scene of an overnight shooting. >> that plus fierce flames light up the dark skies as firefighters try to keep a soon to be apartment complex okay from burning to the ground after a massive fire this morning. >> and what started peacefully ended violently. protests once again take a dangerous turn here in the bay area. we'll show you a look at some of the damage coming up next. >> and a live look outside this morning at the bay bridge.
6:42 am
we just love our bay area sunrises because they are breathtaking. there is exhibit a. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break.
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now 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> glad you are joining us on your monday morning. 6:44 as we give you a live look outside. that is the viewpoint of the san bruno mountains. >> we know there are delays at sfo. >> you get that dip right there at the city where the airport is, you get that fog. it's funny because in the city
6:45 am
of san francisco, hardly any fog. isn't it great all the different microclimates across the board here. you can basically pick and choose what kind of weather you're looking for today. if you want showers, head to the north bay, if you're looking for fog, daley city is the place to go. temperatures are looking pretty good this morning. it's nice and mild out there, just a little shower activity north of the golden gate bridge. it's already clearing out. the more impressive rain comes as we head throughout late wednesday and thursday. it is going to be very active around here and dangerous driving conditions anticipated. san francisco you'll hit 66 today, same for us in the south bay, upper 60s to low 70s. that extends across the board. let me talk about what's coming your way so you can be prepared once it starts to come in. we're going to have a good amount of rainfall on the way.
6:46 am
wednesday 10:00 p.m., the heavy stuff starts to move through. this is potentially the heaviest rain we've had in over a decade -- over a decade here in the bay area, totals ranging from 2.5 inches in the south bay to over 5 inches in youc ukiah. let's translate this to snow for you. this could be one of the best ski seasons we've had in years. we take you into saturday night, it's still coming in at this point, already a foot and a half in some places and almost a foot on the way. so we'll be tracking this for you as we head throughout this week. right now here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking to the south where traffic flows very nice, look at that beautiful sunrise, back lighting over here. s 680, 280 overpass crossing. slowing around capital
6:47 am
expressway, all the way through that entire stretch. sudden slowing here, no incidents reported into downtown. may just be a lot of folks who chose this time on a monday to start. same thing for 85 as we do have a slower build toward cupertino. the build still continues for mountain view and that will slow down for west 237 out of sun sunnyvale as well. also 680 slows south through the sunol area because of the volume starting to hit. no incidents forward 580. that's not holding anybody else. same thing for your castor valley y. we talked about the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge as well. we have the slower drive now throughmeryville.
6:48 am
slowing through richmond as a result on the approach and here the bay bridge toll plaza shows the left approach with a little bit of a break. the rest of your lanes are full but fastrak moving pretty slowly. we may see a slightly less amount of traffic. back to you. >> protests across the country, and anger continues to grow overs use of deadly force by police officers. this is the scene in new york city last night where protesters took over a toys "r" us in manhattan holding toy guns chanting "don't shoot." >> and the response was bicoastal. overnight in the bay area,
6:49 am
protests turned destructive, setting fires in the streets and break windows. >> bob redell joins us. we've seen plywood going up already. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. this did start as a march through berkeley yesterday evening, a peaceful march with some of those protesters chanting peaceful protests but then it disintegrated. you can see here at shattuck and center, you're looking at a wells fargo, they tagged that and broke windows there, they can whip around here to the chase bank which had many windows trashed. you're talking about the windows being boarded up. the public works department has been busy this morning doing that to this business. i wanted you to see the video, what it looked like when these protesters started breaking the windows from the view from chopper. can you see it was a handful of them. it wasn't the majority of them. there were several hundred of them out here but a few of them
6:50 am
that were actually doing the damage. they tagged the chase, the radio shack, whole foods, trader joes. they definitely cherry picked their businesses. at one point they set fires. this is outside of arco station. they went up on the highway and shut down several lanes until the chp was able to disburse the crowd. 17 people were arrested last night, two for things allegedly done the night before but they were caught last night. and one protester was hurt. at the radio shack where we were earlier, he said to the other protest, please, let's not do this. that's when he was hit in the head with a hammer, he was taken to the hospital, he's going to be okay.
6:51 am
reporting live here in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> quite a price for intervention there. thank you for that report, bob. >> we will continue with those stories. any time we're not on air, go to our web site at >> this massive fire is happening at a construction site. the building was supposed to be a new apartment complex. overnight the flames could be seen for miles and parts of the 110 and 101 freeways were shut down for a short time north of downtown. no word yet on a cause. l.a.f.d. says that so far there are no reports of any injuries. >> new this morning, a disturbing discovery at the scene of a shooting in san francisco. san francisco police found an assault rifle underneath a car near where somebody got shot last night. it occurred around 9:30 is he
6:52 am
corner of golden gate and leavenworth streets. police are still trying to figure out if the assault rifle was actually used in the shooting. >> and new details on a shooting involving a san leandro police officer. the police officer is now the out of the hospital this morning after a chase. it started when police noticed a stole i don't know vehicle in san leandro. the driver led police on a chase through oakland where the woman behind them rammed the cruiser several times. officers fired at the car shooting the driver. she has not been identified but we're told she's in grave condition. the passenger in that car and the police officer were both taken to the hospital. they have been released. >> a lot of questions going into the weekend about any violence coming out of the battle in the bay between the raiders and niners. a security guard from a popular bar is in the hospital after a
6:53 am
shooting. the security guard was trying to break up a fight between fans when he was shot. the restaurant has not actually commented on what happened. several people were detained and questioned. unclear at this point if the suspected shooter was arrested. >> things were mostly calm at for the battle of the bay. the crowd was most lily peacefu. there were a few arrests but fans on both sides ate together, tailgated together and seemed to keep the action on the field. >> we're all together. we've been here since 5:00 in the morning to tailgate and have a good time. >> we're family but i love my raiders! >> niners! she's really a niners fan. >> i bet they're like that on christmas morning, too. the loss putting the 49ers'
6:54 am
hopes of reaching the playoffs and the future of jim harbaugh, head coach, in serious doubt this morning. >> my priorities are, number one, winning football games. number two, the welfare of our players, coaches, our staff. and lastly is what my personal professional future is. >> 49ers head to seattle this weekend to take on their rivals, the seahawks. >> and the oakland coliseum authority will meet this morning. one of the topics is expected to be how to keep the raids are in town. the team's lease to use the facility expires at the end of the season and so far there is still no new deal in place. the raiders want a new stadium. oakland says they'll give them one but so far the team doesn't like what they're offering. last month mark davis met with representatives from san antonio about possibly moving the team to texas. >> do not do that angry people
6:55 am
surely be reacting. listen up anybody who likes to use airbnb. you may have to start paying a little more money to rent a room through that service. san francisco will vote whether to force airbnb operators to charge a 10% tax on all rentals, similar to the occupancy tax like you see when you rent a hotel room. airbnb says it puts a burden on the group trying to offer people cost effective alternatives. it would be added to the other taxes and fees that airbnb already charges. >> if you live in san jose, your relatives might want to crash on the couch instead. >> that could be a negative fallout there. >> no, it's great. >> depending on where you're coming from. >> uber has been banned from
6:56 am
operating in new dehli after a terrible allegation that an uber driver raped its passenger. >> scott mcgrew, this is not the first time this driver has been accused of rape. >> good morning. the man had been in jail accused of an earlier rape but he had been acquitted. this latest accusation that he raped a woman on her way home from a restaurant, uber wrote "our entire team's hearts go out to the victim of this despicable crime, we will do everything we can to bring the perpetrator to justice and support the woman and her family." >> ipo, new relic, horton based in palo alto, it will raise about 80 million. compare that to lending club that's run by this man. lending club's ipo expected to raise $700 million. lending club allows you and me
6:57 am
to pool our money together and lend it out like we're a bank, except we get better returns than the bank does and lending club has been just printing money lately. it's a phenomenal success. so $700 million, that's bigger than go pro. not as big as facebook but it's going to be big. >> you said people tend to default less when they are borrowing from people rather than bank. >> lending club has smaller default banks than most banks. >> curious to see what the psychology of that is. one final check of the day's top stories, at least 13 people were arrested following a second night of violent destructive protest in berkeley. hundreds of people were peacefully protesting the killings of unarmed black men when a group of people began splitting off. >> nasa's orion -- a warship
6:58 am
carrying the unmanned spacecraft will be loaded on to a truck and taken way slower back to cape canaveral. >> and the duke and duchess of cambridge's whirl wind visit continues today. >> and now we want to get officer last look at the forecast because we are expecting a lot of rain on thursday. >> a lot of rain but we'll see some great conditions between now and then. a little shower activity. three dry days, right? you can really do something in three days, right? you can get all those leaves out. you're probably going to put it off till the last minute if you're like me. but you can get it done. i've got to tell you, though, potentially more rain than we've had in over a decade. temperatures today will be comfortable. mix of sun and clouds, 66 on the east shore. >> that rain, just the system the most we've seen in a decade. >> yeah, yeah.
6:59 am
and there's more on the way behind it. the next few weeks look active. >> that's a lot in a little bit of time. kind of like the traffic picture. >> and a lot for the little drains on the side of the road. that's why we watch that carefully. right now dry roadways but you have a lot of cars at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a little lighter flow on the left approach. that's good news. we're looking at your maps and we'll show you the slower drive and the east shore freeway, gets a little bit of a break through richmond. that causes some additional slowing. take a quick look at palo alto and we show you the peninsula with no delays. >> when it comes to the top of the charts, the smash hit "frozen" will have to settle for two out of three. ♪ let it go, let it go >> try as we do times to escape "frozen," it is the gift that
7:00 am
keeps on giving. itunes has issued its end of the year top seller list and the "frozen" sound track is its top selling album and it's the top selling movie, too. >> if you're wondering, it did not crack the top five. we'll be back in 30 minutes with more local news. good morning. inferno. a massive fire near downtown los angeles overnight. hundreds of firefighters called tine battle the blaze. traffic a mess with two major freeways shut down. we'll have the latest. >> high alert. u.s. embassies around the world bracing for an explosive senate report on torture techniques. will the findings spread deadly attacks. compounded tragedy. word that one of the hostages killed in a u.s.-led rescue in yemen was hours away from being freed as new details emerge about what may have tipped off


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