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tv   Today  NBC  December 16, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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i feel like i'm giving away the prize. it's worth nearly $5,000. >> you have a future in show biz. >> have to go somewhere from here. >> don't go yet. >> have a good day. good morning. breaking news. massacre in pakistan. at least 126 people dead, most of them children in class, after taliban gunmen storm a school. the situation still unfolding this morning. manhunt. the search is on for the iraq war veteran accused of killing six family members in pennsylvania. was he involved in an attempted robbery overnight? we'll be live with the latest. heroes, powerful tribute in australia for two victims killed during that hostage situation. one of them shot trying to wrestle the gun away from his captor. this morning, inside the dramatic end to the siege.
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and morally treasonous, heavyweight aaron sorkin weighs in live "today," tuesday, december 16th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. >> we're starting to get details from pakistan and an attack out there. and the details are shocking. it is our top story. unthinkable attack of the taliban on school. students and teachers shot one by one as gunmen went through classrooms. nbc's katy tur has the latest on this. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. 126 killed, mostly children. we're told the gunmen went in, wearing suicide vests and, as you said, shot some kids one by
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one. there are also more than 150 injured. these numbers keep going up as the attacks are still ongoing. they are going through each room of the school to make sure. this made only more complicated by reports of booby traps. ambulances and police rush to a military school as at least six taliban gunmen stormed the compound, killing dozens, injuring scores more, and holding many hostage. soldiers reportedly evacuated about 500 student, but there was worry that many were still trapped inside. a taliban spokesman says the attackers were suicide bombers on a revenge mission. this boy made it out only to describe the horror from a hospital bed saying, today we had a chemistry exam. as the firing started, militants opened up. they killed a 2-year-old child who was visiting.
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others inside say the gunmen went class by class and shot some kids one by one while they beat others. a military officer told reporters the militants literally set a teacher on fire with gasoline and made the kids watch. nearby, a hospital was told to get ready for mass casualties, as the death toll and number of victims continue to crime. the city, which is just miles from the afghanistan border, has been the target of frequent attacks in the past, but it's seen relative quiet as of late. this morning, the taliban claimed responsibility saying, we targeted the school because the army targets our families. we want them to feel our pain. that spokesman also said the bombers were told to target soldiers and older students, specifically the children of senior military officials. the group says this attack is in retaliation for army operations in the country's tribal area. matt?
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>> katy tur, thank you very much. richard engel is nbc's chief foreign correspondent. good morning to you. we're used to hearing and have become accustomed to hearing about attacks by the taliban in afghanistan. this is across the border. it appears to be for revenge. what can you tell us? >> the taliban operates on both sides of the afghan/pakistan border. and for years the taliban have been crossing over the border and fighting in pakistan. the pakistani government is fighting the taliban on its side of the border. and the problem is there has never been a really effective, coordinated strategy between pakistan and the united states to try and push them from both sides of the border. and as the u.s. troops draw down, taliban have been getting stronger in afghanistan, which is causing problems on the other side of the border in pakistan. and then in june, to get to this
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specific attack, in june the pakistani military launched a major offensive in the tribal area that is katy mentioned where the taliban is strongest in pakistan and that is the reason that the group says it carried out this revenge attack against a school. >> and the strength of the taliban right now in this region, how would you describe it? >> i would say it's getting stronger. it's getting stronger because u.s. troops are drawing down. it's like squeezing a balloon. you squeeze it in one part, it just shifts to another area. as u.s. troops draw down in afghanistan, do fewer and fewer operations, they are able to grow in numbers, grow in strength there and operate in pakistan as well. >> richard engel, it's a terrible story. thank you for coming in this morning. we appreciate it. mean while, closer to home, an intense manhunt under way in pennsylvania. an iraq war veteran suspected of killing six family members, including his wife. a possible sighting leading to a massive police response overnight. rehema ellis has more on all of
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it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. i'm at police headquarters 30 miles outside philadelphia. some schools are closed today as a precaution as police hunt for a man in connection with what's been called one of the deadliest shooting rampages ever in this region. overnight, a possible lead in the search for fugitive gunman bradley william stone after an attempted robbery in doylestown, pennsylvania, by a man who matches stone's description. the victim, who was armed, resisted and fired multiple rounds at the suspect, last seen fleeing the area on foot. the incident follows a dramatic scene on monday with s.w.a.t. teams following a home in nearby montgomery county where they believe stone was hiding out. >> we saw the smoke come up. they threw it in their front door. i don't know. it was crazy. >> reporter: police say the suspect was not there. >> as we stand here right now we do not know where he is. >> reporter: authorities say stone went on a deadly shooting spree early monday morning,
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killing six family members, including his ex-wife, her sister and brother-in-law, her 14-year-old niece, her mother and her 75-year-old grandmother, 17-year-old nephew, the only survivor, is being treated for a head wound at a philadelphia hospital. >> it's just hard to believe. this is just in one day it's all gone. everything is all gone. >> nbc affiliate wcau talked with a neighbor who didn't want to be shown on camera, but said she heard gunshots and saw stone leaving with his two children. >> i opened the window and i asked him was everything okay. he just looked at me and said she's hurt pretty bad. we have to leave. >> reporter: authorities say his two children were found unharmed. >> mr. stone delivered his two daughters to a neighbor in pennsburg. that is the last time he was seen by anyone. >> reporter: police say 35-year-old stone has been known to use a cane or walker, but they don't know if he's using
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any of those devices now. savannah and matt? >> rehema ellis, thank you very much. we have a series of tragic stories this morning. we're learning more about that terrifying hostage siege in sydney, aust australia. the victims held for more than 16 hours, and we're also learning more about the man behind it. hallie jackson is in sydney with the latest. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the australian prime minister says the gunman was not on a terror watch list and described him as disturbed. here in downtown sydney, many are choosing instead to focus on the victims. even at 11:08 at night, this plaza filled not just with flowers but with people, who came to pay their respects to the two hostages who died in this crisis, both now being remembered as heroes. just hours after this dramatic and deadly end to sydney's hostage crisis, a somber service honoring the two lives of the
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innocent victims killed in the downtown cafe. >> these heroes were willing to lay down their lives so that others might live. >> reporter: katrina dawson, 38-year-old lawyer and mother of three, died after reportedly shielding her pregnant friend from gunfire. 34-year-old tori johnson was killed after he tried to wrestle the gun away from his captor. >> he wasn't coming out until everybody else was. >> reporter: the shot that killed johnson triggering the police response that ended the nearly 17-hour siege, officers storming the building. hostages sprinting for safety. the lindt chocolate cafe lighting up from inside. several people were hurt, including a police officer. the gunman was killed. >> he had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability. >> reporter: the self-described cleric had a criminal history,
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released on bail last year after being charged as an accessory in the murder of his ex-wife, who was stabbed and set on fire. this man represented him in that case and others. >> we're talking about a person who, probably as a result of a combination of factors, became unhinged and acted in this extraordinary, catastrophic way. >> reporter: he forced his hostages to hold an islamic flag on the cafe windows but australian officials say he's a lone wolf, an extremist. >> as an australian and a muslim as well -- >> reporter: this man one of hundreds waiting to place flowers at a growing memorial near the cafe. in the heart of sydney, a testament to its unity. the crisis is over, but the investigation is not. a full official account of those 16-plus hours inside the cafe is still some time away. police say they're talking with the hostages and their families
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but understandably they're very emotional. matt and savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. the hacking scandal that has rocked sony pictures. hollywood is bracing for the possible release of even more e-mails and private information. should the press publish them? joe friar is in los angeles with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. town hall meetings, execs reportedly apologized and tried to rally the troops. we're hearing from the stars of the sony movie "the interview," upcoming comedy about north korean leader kim jong-un that the hackers say they don't want released. it's impossible for seth rogen to do an interview about "the interview." i can't believe people are so happy. look at this stolen information. let's read it. >> reporter: they're upset that it's become public. >> they're not doing anything illegal. they're not trying to fool you as the consumer. they're having private
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correspondence with one another. here, read it and pick it apart and dissect it. >> reporter: rogen and franco have not escaped the steady flow of revelations, which include their recent salaries and negative internal memos about their new movie. in a town hall meeting monday, sony pictures co-chair amy pascal reportedly apologized again for controversial e-mails unveiled during the attack. >> i think the question has to become for sony, what's the economic trade-off of keeping amy in the seat versus replacing her? >> reporter: now the man behind the tv drama "the newsroom" is criticizing media outlets publishing information from the hack. in a "new york times" op-ed, aaron sorkin writes, as demented and criminal as it is, at least the hackers are doing it for a cause. the press is doing it for a nickel. many legal experts say it's hard to stop the coverage. >> the media is free to publish even illegally leaked
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information, information originally stolen by someone else and then leaked to them. >> attorneys for sony have sent letters to some media outlets, demanding they not publish materials from the hack. as for the movie "the interview," due out on christmas, seth rogen says he has not been asked to make any changes to the film since this hacking attack started. savannah and matt? >> thank you, joe. by the way, we'll talk to aaron sorkin in the next hour. he of course wrote that "new york times" op-ed saying the press is complicit with the hackers. >> interesting to hear what he has to say. closer to throwing his hat into the 2016 presidential ring, and it's former florida governor jeb bush. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more on that. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning to you. jeb bush may have just handed out the clearest clue yet he's preparing to unwrap his presidential ambitions, announcing he'll release tens of thousands of e-mails as well as a new book in the new year.
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now his mother barbara bush appears to be on board too. jeb bush taking the stage as commencement speaker of the university of south carolina monday. >> and i can tell you from personal experience if your parents worked in politics, well, you know the rest. don't be afraid to shake things up. and don't be afraid of change, especially in your own life. >> reporter: his visit to the important gop primary state comes after the former governor announced he will release 250,000 e-mails from his time in office. >> part of serving or running, both of them, is transparency, to be totally transparent. >> reporter: another sign? bush has also recently shed 15 pounds. the son of 41 and brother of 43 says will he decide whether to chase 45 in short order. >> i have no idea if i would be a good candidate. i hope i would be. i think i could serve well as president. >> reporter: last year on "today," barbara bush made her opinion clear. >> there are other people out there that are very qualified
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and we've had enough bushes. >> reporter: but now she has even had a change of heart. >> i think she's come around now, honestly. so many people have come up to her and said jeb is the most qualified guy. >> reporter: hardly a shoo-in with positions on immigration and education at odds with much of the party's base. a bush announcement would immediately put pressure on another familiar last name in presidential politics, hillary clinton, who has signaled he could wait until spring to launch a 2016 campaign. matt? >> we will wait and see. peter alexander at the white house, thank you very much. natalie is here with new fallout on the uva story. >> that's right. new developments in that story about sexual assault allegations at the university of virginia. university officials knew back in mid-september about those allegations of a gang rape at a fraternity back in 2012, yet they did not request a police investigation until after a "rolling stone" article about
7:16 am
the alleged attack was published. that was more than two months later. the daily progress says an associate dean met in september with fraternity reps to inform them of the allegations. school officials have not responded to requests for comment. general motors has raised the death toll in relation to the defective ignition switches to 42 people. the attorney hired by gm to compensate victims says he has received 251 death claims and more than 2,000 injury claims since august. the fund so far has deemed 100 claims eligible for compensation. hanukkah, the jewish festival of lights, begins tonight in washington, d.c. they'll mark the occasion by lighting the national menorah. it's a symbol of the eight-day holiday. vice president joe biden will deliver remarks at the event. heartwarming story of a tortoise who helped his friend get back on his feet. take a look at this video was
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shot at the taipei zoo in taiwan. one tortoise is stuck, upside down on his shell. his friend comes to the rescue. slowly, using his head and front legs, managing to nudge him from underneath and flip him over. getting him right backside up. didn't appear there would be a thank you there, but i think he was pretty grateful for that. the kids certainly -- you hear them cheering and happy. >> no thank you, because he was the one who pushed him over in the first place. >> probably. >> just making good on it. >> they actually sped that up. it took two days. >> it was a heartwarming story. >> leave it to the dover boys. >> al, what's up? we've got some showers and thunderstorms along this front. nothing all that horrible. we are looking at activity ahead of the front. warmer conditions, 10 degrees warmer than behind it. pittsburgh right now, showers. chicago, lot of fog. going to be a lot of airport delays both at o'hare and midway. behind the system, we've got colder air. we watch snow wrap around this,
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u.p. of michigan on into parts of wisconsin, michigan as well. rain moving into the northeast. we'll see some airport delays during the day today as the afternoon wears on. d.c., baltimore, philly, new york, newark, and boston. back behind the system we're looking at generally between 3 to 6 inches of snow. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. honey, haven't i asked you to please use the.... >>we don't have a reception entrance. ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. good morning. 7:18 now. we do have a little bit of lingering shower activity but
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you can see the sky over san jose starting to open up. plenty of clouds to go around. cloud and sunol. gilroy and morgan hill will be clearing out briefly for today and we have a heavier rond on the way as we head out this evening through tonight. the heavy stuff moves in by 3:00. mr. roker, thanks very much. >> tamron is here with all things orange, in the orange room. >> not all things, but most things. you know what? we're kind of teeing up tomorrow's -- looking back at the biggest news story of the year. from the ebola crisis to the amazing care workers who not only treated patients but ultimately survived that virus to the many other topics we discussed during the year. of course, malaysia airlines lost two passenger planes. since its disappearance in
7:20 am
march, mh-370 mystery lingers on, only to be followed with a plane shot down over the ukraine with 300 souls on board. and ferguson continues to be a big story. we'll take a look back. and transitioning into the world of sports -- by the way, ferguson, 16.8 million tweets. and the world cup solidifying its top at the list. some of the big stories you see there. isis, ebola. polar vortex. mr. roker, you remember the big controversy with that? >> what's that? >> people never heard of it and then you had to whip out your meteorological book, if that's the word for it, from 1910, that the polar vortex was not made up. do you remember that? >> i do. i'm just kind of glad you finished that. that pause was a little long.
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>> anyway, it's on the list. ray rice. we know that matt recently spoke to ray and his wife. and the bill cosby story. we'll break it down tomorrow with the big list. >> tamron, thank you. coming up on the ongoing sexual assault allegations, bill cosby's wife breaks her silence. what she has to say. plus aaron sorkin and the cyber attack against sony, why he's not pleased how it's being handled, specifically by the media. first this is "today" on nbc. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas.
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, the board of supervisor will vote on whether to settle with the family of a woman found dead in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital last year. lynn spaulding was missing from her hospital room for 17 days before her body was found. spaulding's family has filed a claim with the city for more than $2.9 million. >> we've issued a microclimate weather alert because of all the recent storms, one slated to hit the bay area today caused things like this to happen. crews had to shut down route 17 to remove a downed tree and power line. let's check the forecast right
7:27 am
now, though, with christina. >> good morning to you. want to start with this fly picture of pacifica. getting a little break from the rain. we do have some lingering shower activity in the south bay. a lot of that is clearing out of gilroy, the last lingering activity. the sun is coming out and will stay out for a few hours. then we got another round of heavy rain. let me give you the timeline for that. right at 3:00 as people are starting to make their way home from work, the heavy rain returns to the north bay. then we'll get heavy rain in the south bay. overnight it will start to clear out. spotty showers will linger. your full forecast today at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> laura was talking about that closure, they thought it was going to take hours. now they say, no, 15 minutes.
7:28 am
not a lot of problem for the south bay, a typical pattern. this is tuesday, look how light this traffic flow is around the bay. some slowing toward hayward and the tri-valley. look at the san mateo bridge where things got slow across the hayward side and then think start to move. >> back to you. >> have a great morning. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow.
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i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0. tuesday morning, 7:30, 16th of december, 2014, a very happy hanukkah to those celebrating the holiday, which begins tonight. it's a nice start to the day here in new york city. a pleasant day. mr. sunshine over here, al roker, says rain is on the way. right? >> yeah. but, you know, it's going to be quick. >> all right, al. we'll get to you in a minute. let's take a look at what's making headline this is morning. terrible situation unfolding in pakistan today, taliban gunmen storming into a school in the city of peshawar.
7:31 am
killing children and officials expect the death toll to rise. the man who held hostages inside a sydney cafe was not on a terror watch list but he did have a history of violent crimes and fascination with extremism. the suspect and two of his hostages were killed as that standoff came to an end. aaa predicted a record 98.6 million americans will hit the ro roads and airports, up 4% from last year. the start of a special three-day rossen reports. our team revisits some of its most talked about undercover investigations, from locksmiths to -- ew, clothing returns. has anything changed? >> is it that dirty underwear story again? >> enjoy your cheerios. >> that's a classic.
7:32 am
nicki minaj is joining us here in the studio for a special live performance. one of the hottest performers on the planet. >> absolutely. we look forward to that. bill cosby's wife, camille, speaking out now about the scandal surrounding her husband. kate snow has that story. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. in a strongly worded statement about the accusations against her husband, if there was any doubt at all, she is standing by her man. after 50 years of marriage, camille cosby says she still loves her husband. in her statement, camille calls bill a kind man, a generous man, the man you thought you knew. she is also lashing out at the media, saying, quote, there appears to be no veting of my husband's accuse rs. camille cosby even drew comparisons about allegations against her husband and the
7:33 am
article from "rolling stone." >> what she is implying with her statement is that that was a complete falsehood that she completely concocted and swren rated that story for whatever reason and so are all these women accusing her husband. >> reporter: but camille's perspective is clear, her statement concludes none of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. but the question should be asked, who is the victim? over the weekend, bill cosby was asked how camille was holding up. >> the love and the strength of womanhood. and you can reverse it, the strength of womanhood and love. >> reporter: cosby said those words in an interview with the washington reporter, the comedian, who did not know he was being recorded, went on to talk about the coverage of the scandal by the african-american media. >> i only expect our black media to uphold the standards of
7:34 am
excellent journalism. >> reporter: journalist stacey brown recorded that interview. >> when i spoke to him, for sure, i thought his -- this sounds like a person that's ready to talk. he wants to open up. but people that he is paying a lot of money to have told him not to talk. and i think he's following that counsel. >> once again, bill cosby has never been chashrged with any crime, his attorney has continuously sought to discredit the allegations of now more than two dozen women. a look at the forecast, you say a little rain, huh? >> correct. and out in california, rain hasn't stopped. it has started to get a little bit of a break. that's really important. for example, san francisco has been looking at a lot of rain over the last week tochlt gi. to give you an idea, the month
7:35 am
of december they've had about 10 inches of rain. normally they get about two inches of rain. they're at about 7 1/3 inches of rain above normal. there's more coming onshore today and tonight and again for tomorrow more shower activity and even into wednesday evening. rainfall amounts, southern california, about an inch to an inch and a half, could be some debris flows, though, as you get into parts of san francisco and northern california. and the good news for the drought, the sierra mountains are going to be look at another one to two, maybe four feet of snow. that's great snow pack that will remain there and then slowly drip out, as you start to see melting later on next 7:35, good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is a pretty shot of hayes valley in san francisco. we're getting a little sunshine this morning. showers lingering in the south bay. as we head throughout the second half of the day, another wave of
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the heavy rainfall so don't put your umbrella away just yet. you'll need it for tomorrow and thursday we'll get another weather maker toward the end of the week, temps in the 50s. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up on trending, rock 'n' roll hall of fame's new class of inductees announced overnight. we'll tell you who is on the list. >> and heavyweight aaron musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away.
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go bold with flavors that kick. ♪ we are back now at 7:41 with oscar winning screen writer and playwright aaron sorkin, taking aim at the media for publishing that stolen information in the massive cyber attack against sony. good morning. >> good morning. >> to quote a little bit from your op ed you said the immediateias has been morally treasonous and spectacularly dishonest. is it your belief that the press should not have published this at all? >> yes. listen, i think that -- i talk about this in the op ed. there are certainly times when the press should -- has an obligation to publish something
7:42 am
that's stolen. loosen the standards a little bit. is there anything in these e-mails at all that's in the public interest, that points to wrongdoing at the company, that helps anyone in any way? there isn't. there's just gossip there. you can loosen the standards even more but ultimately you have to dispense with standards entirely in order to be okay with publishing these e-mails. >> it's hard to defend a decision to print salacious e-mails that are gossipy about this actor or this actress, but can you really say there's zero public importance? you have an e-mail, for example, an e-mail between the sony chief executive and hollywood producer where they're making racially continuing tinged jokes about the president of the united states. >> i'm much less interested in a tasteless joke than i am in a massive invasion of privacy. naked photos of famous women
7:43 am
made available to the press. i thought we all did a really good job of preemptively telling the press if you publish these things, you're being sleazy. this is the exact same situation, only worse by magnitudes because in this case, the hackers stole this material and are threatening the lives of children. by the way, this is a crime in progress. they've just promised us a christmas surprise. they're threatening the lives of whole families because they don't like a movie that the studio is planning on releasing. how many different bedrock pieces of our decency do you have to obliterate before the press stops running the anchor leg of this relay travesty? >> let me be devil's advocate. some people say this is aaron sorkin, who wants the media to self sensor because he, himself, had e-mails that were released that were embarrassing. he wants to protect himself and his powerful hollywood
7:44 am
colleague. >> yeah. first of all, i think that because i don't have anything to defend, there were e-mails about me where there was some insulting things lobbied back and forth. but i'm not here having to defend myself. that makes me credible. but, look, if you think that what i'm doing is defending the people who pay me, i can't offer any evidence to dissuade you. maybe it will help, though, to know that the people i'm calling out are the people who tell you whether or not to go see something i've written. >> are you suggesting that what the media is doing is illegal or that the government should stop them or are you saying the media should stop itself? >> you're a lawyer. i have no idea whether it's illegal or not. something doesn't have to be illegal to be wrong. but this is plainly wrong and we all know it. again, there is no wrong doing being pointed to at all. there's just gossipy stuff about famous people. i get that it's fun.
7:45 am
i get that it's delicious, but are we honestly saying that there's no such thing as privacy anymore? these were private conversations that were made public at the point of a knife. and there's another thing we should be talking about, which is, look, sony is not a mom and pop organization. this is a big company owned by a bigger company. if hackers were able to breach that firewall, how are we going to feel when they get into bank of america or our air traffic control grid, that kind of thing? we should be taking that seriously. but the thing we should be taking seriously first about foremost is privacy and dignity and the fact that, once again, hackers who have threatened violence because the studio just wants to exercise the same first amendment right that everybody else does, studio just wants to release a movie, have stolen this material and now the press is selling it out of the back of
7:46 am
a truck. >> aaron sorkin, always good to get your perspective. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. >> appreciate it. co-director of "frozen" to parents everywhere. >> and tamron is out on the parents everywhere. >> and tamron is out on the plaz ♪ parents everywhere. >>the mercedes-benz winter event plaz is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 ml 350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. we're back now. tamron likes to look ahead. done with christmas, out of the orange room, headed outside and is talking new year's eve already. what's going on? >> i've already given out the holiday gifts. we are ready for new year's eve. just fast forward. we are officially how many days away? >> 15. >> it says it right there on my script.
7:51 am
don't be so surprised. 15 days till the new year. making its way to the top of the time square is the number 15, known as one-half. track all the way from mt. vernon, and hoisted high this afternoon. phillips sponsors these bright lights on the numbers and the ball in times square. let's all learn together. each of these is seven feet tall with a total of 238 led bulbs. we are getting into the new year's spirit. we're going to share our creative take on the year 2015. take a look there. viewers are actually getting in on the action, too. this is from laura, creative use of emojis. you see that, of course. keep them coming to us. creative ways of saying 2015. i'm going to give you a quick quiz here. i don't know the answer. how tall are each of the
7:52 am
numbers? i just said it. >> seven feet. >> they do pay attention to me, guys. there you have it. the countdown begins. one, two, three. happy new year! >> just ahead ♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, it's a whipped cream day ♪
7:53 am
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. a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> today the board will receive a report on the feasibility of body-worn cameras. the county is thinking about purchasing cameras like these currently being used by san jose police officers. president obama called for funding for body cameras after an officer shot a teen in missouri. >> i want to stay with hayes valley, san francisco, getting a little bit of sunshine at this hour. we will see sun today but not for long. there is more rain heavy at times for tonight. you'll need your jacket and your
7:57 am
umbrella as well. heavy rain, let me stop the clock for you, by 1:00 p.m., starting to feel the impact in the north bay. we continue to move this in notion. heavy rain at that point from san francisco north through sonoma county and then we all get wet between 3:00 and 7:00. another round of rain on the way tomorrow. let check the drive, here's mike. >> we're looking at an unusual pattern this tuesday. weer volume of traffic throughout the bay area. looks like some folks are making a late move into the fastrak lane. 880 northbound, we'll show you that in a second. we're slow through the north bay, a little bit through san rafael. there was an earlier issue, a stalled car, and a nice smooth
7:58 am
drive on the san mateo bridge. >> another update in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today, coming up, a mother's touching message to her daughter's stepmom. >> because of you and your courage to mother our daughter the way that you do, she will be a better woman for it. >> we'll hear from the modern family whose condid conversation has people around the world applauding. ♪ ♪ it's almost christmas and i'm singing ♪ ♪ >> then buddy is back. emmy winner jim parsons on his new role as everyone's favorite elf ♪ >> and music super star knicky minutage gets personal and puts on a live performance today,
8:01 am
tuesday, december 16th, 2014. 3 3 dallas, texas. >> we love our family and friends in dallas, texas. >> good morning, missouri. >> don't text and drive! woo! 3 c3 las profesoras estamos >> my graduation on the "today" show. >> birthday girls are always on the nice list. >> and welcome back to today. it's 8:00, tuesday morning, the 16th of december, 2014. the waning days of 2014 as we get ready for the holidays. we have got a great holiday crowd out on the plaza. >> that's right. if you are getting into the holidays right now and also getting nervous about fitting
8:02 am
into your clothes after the holidays -- first of all, if you can fit into your clothes after the holidays, you didn't celebrate enough. but fur nervous, 40 second tips to cut the fat and burn the extra call lease from jenna wolf and die bower. >> today's top stories now. >> a busy news morning. this morning, the u.s. condemning what it calls a heinous attack overnight at a school in pakistan. more than 125 people were killed, most of them children. nbc's cutie tur is in london following the story. >> reporter: the attack, according to pakistani officials is concluding. as of now, they say six terrorists are dead. that could be all of them but they are going room to room to clear the situation. it is a slow and meticulous process as they are reports of booby traps. as for the dead, it is a staggering number. 135, mostly children. another 150 injured. and the numbers keep on going up.
8:03 am
we're told the gunmen went in wearing suicide vests and went classroom to classroom shooting students one by one in one case setting a teacher on fire with gasoline. witnesses report hearing five strong explosions. it's not clear if the terrorists detonated their bombs or were killed. this school is in pakistan, a few miles from afghanistan. it is a military school. grades one through ten. 500 students and teachers were inside at the start of attack. officials are saying the attack is in retal krags for operations in pakistan's tribal area. reports say they were told to target the solders and older children. police in the philadelphia suburb say they had a possible lead overnight in the hundred of an iraq war vet ran suspected of killingics his ex-wife and five members of her family. they say a man who watched the
8:04 am
description of bradley williamstone was foiled in a carjacking attempt monday night. shots were fired but the suspect escaped on foot. >> reporter: floo governor jeb bush said he will actively explore the possibility of running for president. he said he was spurred by conversations on thanksgiving with his family. he says he plans to create political action committee in january. the fbi has created a blood test to predict a pirnt's risk for heart disease. it appears to be effective for women. good morning. >> good morning. >> how does this new test work? is it readily available at doctor's offices. >> it is a simple blood test that measures a marker of inflammation that is released by the arteries in the heart when a plaque is become to rupture. what separates this from a screening test that checks cholesterol levels -- we know
8:05 am
cholesterol levels can be associated with the risk of heart attack or stroke, but this blood test actually really predicts this event happening. they measured for over five years 5,000 people and they found that the correlation between these levels was highest among women. when they did a subgroup analysis, even more so with african-american women. >> the fda is saying it's mostly beneficial to african-american women, yet only one in five african-american women see themselves as potentially at risk. what are the signs that you may be at risk, for all women. >> the people who should be really looking for these tests are women over the age of 55 with one or more matches for heart disease, diabetes, history of smoking, being post menopausal, not exercising. this is a conversation to have with your doctor. if you think it is for you, it is a simple blood test, and you don't need to fast. 8:05 right now. let's get another check on the
8:06 am
weather with mr. roker. hey, al. >> this portion of today is brought to you by "night at the museum, secret of the tomb, " in theaters friday. >> all these folks are wearing red. >> it is a promotion not to text and drive. just promoting good habtsd. >> very good. we have got teenage mutant ninja turtles. everybody coming down to get christmas love from the "today" show. looking at the satellite and radar, showers and thunderstorms across the great lakes. snow showers behind that. rain into california as well. looking at the afternoon temperatures. toasty side in the southeast, but as you get into the plains, temperatures in the teens and 20s, 30s and 40s in the pacific 8:06. good tuesday morning.
8:07 am
i'm meteorologist christina loren. watching this little storm cell getting ready to hit marin county. i want to show you, though, in san francisco we're getting some sunshine after some heavy downpours overnight, and this will be a brief break. more heavy rain on the way as of this afternoon. returning between about 3:00 and 6:00 for the greater bay area. showers linger into tomorrow. a little bit of a break on thursday, then it returns on friday. basically, thursday is going to be the best day to travel. >> and that is your latest weather. >> coming up next on trending, whose in and whose out, the 2015 rock and roll hall of fame class is revealed. plus emmy winner jim parsons teaming up with mass? and nicky manage performs live in our studios. first, these messages.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
all right. it's 8:11. time for what's trending today. we've got an all-music edition to start your tuesday. >> oh, good. >> inductees into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. listen. ♪ singing i love rock 'n' roll put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ >> that will get you moving. joan jett among next year's class. others include green day, lou reed and -- ♪ ain't no sunshine when she's gone ♪ next slide -- ♪ when she's away >> bill withers. ringo starr will receive an excellence award and he was first inducted with the beatles back in -- >> 1988. >> you looked at the prompter. >> they could get together and sing "with a little help from my
8:13 am
friends." >> that would be awesome. >> sir paul. >> would love to see that. i couldn't finish that second line. that leads us directly to the next story. two of the most popular songs of the year. but do you really know their lyrics? buzz feed has compiled a list of 2014's most misheard songs. let's do a couple of our favorites. first up, "fancy." take a listen ♪ i'm so fancy ♪ >> do you know what it says? >> can't you touch this girl? >> it says can't you taste this gold. but do you know what people think it is? >> what? >> can't you taste this scone. >> what is it actually? >> can't you taste this gold. >> run it. ♪ tell me when it's over if the high was worth the pain
8:14 am
star crossed lovers ♪ >> i got a lot of star crossed lovers or star mixed lover. >> i got stomach something. >> the right lyric is got a long list of ex-lovers. ♪ if the high was worth the pain got a long list of ex-lovers ♪ >> a lot of people think it's starbucks lover. >> perfect. >> love that. tapping your foot. >> right. what a difference a year makes. last december "let it go" was that catchy little song parent koss sing with their kids. everybody loved it. now it's a song that will not go away. parents are making their frustrations known to the director of the movie "frozen," jennifer lee. this time last year when people found out who she was, they would come up to her and say, we love the songs in that movie. we sing them all the time. now they say, yeah, we're still listening to those songs. jennifer says she's gone from saying thank you to saying
8:15 am
sorry. >> well it work. >> nothing to apologize for. >> as she's cashing that check. >> that is what's trending today. now to a touching letter getting a lot of attention and teaching us what it really means to be a family. sheinelle jones is here with this story. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the relationship so often betweeny mother and stepmother is rough. it can bring out re sentiment and bitterness that poisons not just one family but two. this is a family that does it right. candace curry, the mom. >> i could have had this situation make me bitter or better, and i chose better. >> and the stepmom, ashley. >> they treat me like family. >> you are. >> and styles, the daughter they both love. >> when they're happy and getting along together, that
8:16 am
makes me happy. >> reporter: that kind of relationship doesn't macome eas >> i was hoping you would be somewhat unattractive and i prayed my daughter would never look up to you. >> reporter: it was raw and honest and it touched a nerve and went viral. >> evil swirled inside me and then you arrived. i'll admit that you weren't what i expected. honestly, from day one, it's been amazing. there's zero competition, zero. >> reporter: somehow the women bonded. >> candace is amazing. i'm going to cry. >> reporter: both moms determined to see that styles came first. >> initially it was an effort to make sure that she knew she was first. and then it slowly just -- we grew to love each other and it's good. >> reporter: and styles is clearly benefiting in ways teenage girls appreciate. >> my mom always cooks wonderful
8:17 am
meals. ashley does cook some good macaroni and cheese from the box and then ashley is very good at giving hair tips and clothing and makeup. my mom does that, too, but you kind of just have a balance from both mom and stepmom. >> because of you and your courage to mother our daughter the way that you do, she will be a better woman for it. the hope is that maybe somebody can read it and understand that it can be this way. precious woman, you are a rare and beautiful gem and i love you. >> i love you, too. >> oh. that's not in the script. the two moms say the rules for styles are the same at both their homes. if styles is asked out on a date, both moms and both dads have to agree. i come from a blended family. i'm sure so many people watching this morning have a blended family. it doesn't have to be drama as
8:18 am
long as both sides can have peace and you're not talking about the other side it can be okay for the child. it can be healthy. >> if they're on the same page. >> absolutely. >> more love is better. >> let's all hug now. >> hold me, sheinelle. if you want to read the full letter we put it on let's send it over to matt. will ferrell brought buddy the elf to life in the modern day christmas classic "elf." now emmy winner jim parsons is taking up the mantle in the nbc's new special "elf: buddy's new christmas." ♪ it's almost christmas and i'm singing and i love santa so i'm singing ♪ >> buddy, you're standing on an efl again. >> i thought the floor felt squishy. sorry, ming ming. >> hey, jim, nice to have you back. >> that's the first time i've seen that part. >> is it really? >> when i recorded it, i did it. wasn't that a fascinating -- you're in this, people should know. >> that's a spoiler alert here.
8:19 am
>> oh, dear god, i'm sorry. should we start over? >> don't talk about the crazy ending, the catastrophic ending. >> that you didn't ever see coming. it's a crazy process recording one of these. isn't it? >> i'm always curious about the call the actor gets from the agent about a project. how did this call go? >> this was very simple. you've been offered to play the role of buddy the elf in "elf: buddy's musical christmas." would you want to? i said yes, dlivent. >> this is a big singing part. what is your singing experience? >> i have some and more than just the shower. but i've done musicals when i was living in houston, very early on in theater, did a lot of children's theater and we did a lot of singing there. i haven't done this pressurized singing in a long time. and this was especially pressurized because the composer was there with me when we were recording it in the booth. and, you know, it's one thing to sing mediocre. it's another thing to slaughter somebody's music that they've made. >> and they're right there. >> and they're standing there. but he was very supportive.
8:20 am
thank you. thank you. and so it was actually very fun. >> the process you mentioned a second ago is interesting for an actor. >> yeah. >> you're in an audio booth, not with any of the other actors. >> nope. >> you're in your pajamas. >> yep. >> and what else? >> no, i wasn't in my pajamas. >> you agreed. >> well, i wasn't actually listening to you. well, come on. you and i actually speak to each other in this movie. we could have not met and done it. that's the other fascinating thing about it. the people you're working with, they put together later. you don't even have to see. >> you mentioned i'm in this. it's a tiny little thing we shot right in the studio. >> it's important to the clock. >> talk to me about this idea of what can become, we hope, a christmas classic. we need these kinds of movies. >> it's very special, isn't it? you really hope for that to be part of something. i know that we grew up seeing so many things like this that replay still, these days replay.
8:21 am
and they've become part of the tradition. and you can aim at that but you never know until it happens. >> not to put you on the spot and put pressure on you, but do you have a favorite holiday movie? >> my very favorite in the animation, "frosty the snowman" and what's the one called with the misfit island, misfit toys are on this? >> that's "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer." >> "rudolph." we planned the whole day around that. and "national lampoons christmas vacation." >> "bad santa." >> right. not what we're doing with "elf" here. >> "big bang theory." >> it's still going. >> are you happy about that?
8:22 am
>> yes. our writers are enthusiastic about it. but the character, i like to play shelden. infinitily interesting to me. >> you play him to perfection. >> you're too kind. >> and now you're in this movie voicing elf. >> yes, alongside you-ish. >> even if we hadn't met-ish. >> you can catch "elf: buddy's musical christmas" right here on nbc tonight. nicki minaj is the most successful female rapper of all time. first two albums soared to number one and she is back on top of the itunes chart with the newest release, the pink print. nicki is with us this morning. good morning. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> this is a little bit of a different nicki with the wigs and outfits. it's sort of more a demure nicki. >> absolutely. >> is that on purpose? zblie think it's time people got to see me and feel a little more
8:23 am
personable with people. i let my guard down lyrically with the album as well as the look. >> more personal. when you were thinking about going in that direction, was it scary at all or intimidating to think this is the real me that i'm showing? >> yeah. the other one was the real me, too. it was just a different side of me. this is a more vulnerable me. to write vulnerable records is very scary. because you're putting out a lot of personal information just to the world. and you don't always know how people are going to receive it. and once you give it to them, you can't take it back. >> how has it been, since you've shown this side of you? do you feel like you've gotten a warm reception from your fans? >> actually, yeah. i think that it's actually done what i hoped it would do. it made people feel more connected to me and made me feel more relatable. i've gone through all the things every other girl my sage going through. it's good for them to know that. >> let's talk about you on snl a
8:24 am
while back. first, kim kardashian, you just saw, and beyonce. how fun was it to get to do an impression of those divas? >> i had so much fun. like i really, really enjoyed doing beyonce because i didn't know that i could actually get that tone of voice until i tried it and then i was in love with it. >> did you hear from her? >> no. but then right after that was my birthday and she said happy birthday so i figured she wasn't upset and i did her justice. >> and kim kardashian, i think that might be my actual favorite. did you have a little too much fun with that one? >> yes, probably. she's fun, too, because the writing was so funny that like i had no choice but to be silly. and, you know oor, i never thoui would be on snl impersonating either of them. people seem to like t maybe that's my new calling. >> do you have any other
8:25 am
impressions up your sleeve? >> that's the thing, no. when they asked me to do kim kardashian and beyonce, i was like, i can't do them. so, i don't know. >> you're going to sing for us in a little bit. >> yes, i am. >> with skylar grace. in a minute. let's head it over to matt. give us two minutes and these two will
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good tuesday morning, i'm sam brock. happening today, the police supervisors getting ready to vote on whether to settle with a family of a woman found dead at a stairwell in san francisco's general hospital last year. lynne spalding was missing from her hospital room for 17 days before her body was ultimately discovered. spalding's family has filed a claim with the city of san francisco of more than $2.9 million. today was a very wet start. so far, no letup yet in sight. how is that impacting commute times? >> actually, sam, because we're sliding in toward the end of the year, a fewer cars on the roadway. some colleges have vacation already kicking in. bay bridge toll plaza looks
8:27 am
packed, but as we look at your map, this is the pattern that we see. oakland 880 smoothly, lighter flow there, but the jam is for 580 and east shore freeway coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza. you saw the lanes off the berkley curve, slower drive down the san mateo bridge, west 92, as well as west 84. dunbarton bridge showing a heavier volume of traffic. all these folks heading from the east bay joining the drive. back to you. >> thank you very much for that update. see you again in 25 minutes for another look at news, weather, traffic.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now on tuesday morning, december 16th, 2014. look who that is, miss usa helping us out with our toy drive thon tuesday morning, nichlt a sanchez. we'll be talking to her in a moment. she has a big announcement to make. >> she certainly does. jenna wolfe and joy bauer are here, back day two of our
8:31 am
60-second secrets. this morning how to survive the holiday hoopla without gaining an ounce. >> plus, nicki minaj will be back to sing a song and she also brought a guest, skylar gray. and gracie gold stops by for a spin on the rink. i just love her name. >> it's perfect, isn't it? and she won gold in japan. let's say hi to miss usa, nia sanchez. >> thank you for having me. >> it's good to have you. flying by. you were named miss usa in june, right? >> six months ago. >> coming up you have another major competition. >> yes, sir, miss universe coming up january 25th in doral. >> down in florida, right? >> yes, sir. >> are you looking forward to it? >> it's going to be freezing cold here. i'm looking forward to being
8:32 am
warm. >> you're not just a beauty queen. you're fourth black belt tae kwon do. >> i was super shy and my dad got me into it. >> could you throw al across the plaza? >> are you sure? >> you have exciting news about who is hosting the miss universe pageant. >> it's actually your very own natalie morales. i'm really excited, you'll be an amazing team. >> i haven't done it in a while. it will be great to be down in miami for it, too. >> we are rooting for you. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> have a great holiday. >> thank you. >> you can catch the 63rd annual miss universe pageant sunday, january 25th, 8:00, 7:00 central time hosted by natalie and thomas here on nbc. let's get a check of the weather. >> let's see what we've got for you, starting with today. wet weather in the northeast. icy mix in northern new england. snow in the rockies and the
8:33 am
sierra. southern california. for tomorrow, that rain expands into the southwest with an icy mix and snow in the four corners. look for rain in northern new england. we're expecting showers from texas on into oklahoma. beautiful day in the 8:33. good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. still tracking some very light activity. grab your umbrella. we've got the heavy stuff on the way later on today. i want to show you those clouds that clear for a short time. the sky actually opened up over san francisco, but the clouds are rolling back in. the heavy rain is going to return between about 3:00 and 7:00, then we'll be in the thick of it all night long. showers linger for the first part of tomorrow, then a nice dry break for thursday. another round of rain on friday. keep the umbrella handy. >> announcer: red thumb day on the plaza is brought to you by
8:34 am
nissan. mark your thumb red as a reminder to put your phone down while driving. not just today but every day. >> we say hi to steve babcock, founder of the red thumb foundation. how did this get started? >> because i realized i had a bad habit using my phone while i was driving and i just was trying to figure out how do i break the habit? i was picking up my daughter from school and she had a little ribbon around my finger and she remembered this is for you to sign my reading log for school. i got a text notification as i was driving, picked up my phone and it clicked in my head that i need a little reminder. i said i'm going to paint my nail red. because that's what sits on top of your thumb. i tried it and it worked. >> you teamed up with nissan? >> absolutely and adam lavigne and "the voice" last night. it's really exciting to see this thing take off. >> that's terrific. you're going to do your toes as
8:35 am
well? >> yes, my toes are done right now. >> very nice. very nice. if you can text with your toes you're a very impressive man. steve babcock, thank you very much. matt? >> now more of our special series, 60 seconds to surviving the holiday creep. how to help you stay fit and healthy throughout the holiday season. our guides, "today" contributor and nutritionist, joy bauer and our fitness and lifestyle contributor, jenna wolfe. good morning, ladies. >> i'm going to give you four simple strategies that everyone can do in order to stay on track when they hit all of the holiday parties. and everything that i'm going to be going over, including the recipes, are on our website at >> you had your iphone timer out, making sure you can do this in 60 seconds. >> i know. >> put 60 on the clock. >> before heading out to a party, drink two cups of bubble
8:36 am
seltzer or club soda. carbonation and fluid will take up belly space to make it less likely that you'll overeat at that party. byod. bring your own dish. make it delicious and light. the hostess is going to think you're super gracious and you have a backup plan if, in fact, all else fails. check out some of these recipes, skinny spinach lasagna roll-ups, quinoa. fondue on our website. >> you're falling behind. >> master the buffet with a two-plate strategy. plate one, you are going to load on the produce only. lots of vegetables, even steal some fruit from the cheese plate. you're going to be front loading with fiber. you take the edge off your hunger. plate two, a little bit of everything that you like. lastly, splurge seasonally. skip anything that you can get year round. it's so not worth it. take advantage of holiday inspired yummies. >> okay. you owe me three seconds.
8:37 am
>> ooh! >> but that's all right. nice job, joy. thanks. let's go up to jenna. 60 seconds on the clock. what are you focusing on? >> joy told you how to cut calories at a holiday party. we started our 60 seconds. here we go. fun games if you're throwing a different kind of party. deck of cards. take a deck of cards and assign a different exercise for each suit. hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. hearts, jumping jacks, diamonds, squats. you turn over each card. nine of hearts. jumping jacks, nine jumping jacks, so on and so forth. try to get through the whole deck. make it more challenging, double up on the repetitions, even triple up. next game over here, two big leftover cardboard boxes from the holiday gifts. right an exercise on each side of one. toss it up in the air. what have you got? situps. we almost knocked everything over. the next one, numbers on it. 60. 60 situps.
8:38 am
can you can buy these online. two fun games, two ways to turn your holiday party on to something fitness oriented and fun. >> situps, that's a fun game, jenna? >> that's what we do in our family, matt. that's what we do in our family. >> i'll take your word for it. joy, thank you very much. jenna, appreciate it. go to our website for more tips tomorrow we're going to give you smart swaps for your favorite and fattening holiday beverage. >> and i'm going to nail 60 seconds. coming up, 19-year-old figure skating star grace gold takes us over to the ice in rockefeller ernt. she'll perform for us. look where i'm walking. up next, the one and only nicki minaj performing in our studio. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> is time to watch nickie ma nanl in action. performing the song "bed of lies" with skylar grey, ladies and gentlemen, ms. nicki minaj. take it away. ♪ oh yeah ♪ do you ever think of me when you lie? lie down in your bed, your bed of lies. and i knew better than to look in your eyes they only pretend you would be mine and oh how you made me believe
8:42 am
you had me caught in every web that you weaved. but do you ever think of me when you lie? lie down in your bed, your bed of lies. you could never make eye contact everything you got was based off of my contacts you a fraud, but i'mma remain icon-stat balenciagas on my boots with the python strap you was caught up in the rush, and you was caught up in the thrill of it you was with me way before i hit a quarter mill' in it put you in the crib and you ain't never pay a bill in it i was killin' it, man, you got me poppin' pills in it i told baby hit you, i said this nigga buggin' 'cause i was doing it for us, i told the public couldn't believe that i was home alone, contemplating overdosin', no more coastin', no more toastin' over oceans they say you don't know what you got 'til
8:43 am
it's gone they say that your darkest hour come before your dawn but there was something that i should've asked all along i'mma ask on the song do you ever think of me when you lie? lie down in your bed, your bed of lies and i knew better than to look in your eyes they only pretend you would be mine and you know how you made me believe you had just figured i was something that you couldn't replace but there was just a blank stare and i couldn't relate i just couldn't understand and i couldn't defend what we had, what we shared, and i couldn't pretend when the tears roll down it's like you ain't even notice 'em if you had a heart, i was hoping that you would show it some what the [ muted ] you really telling me? what you telling me? i could tell you lying, get the [ muted ] out, don't yell at me i ain't mean to cut you, i ain't wanna catch a felony this ain't how to be a player, you ain't bill bellamy they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone they say that your darkest hour come before your dawn but there was something that i
8:44 am
should've asked, all along i'mma ask on the song. so does she know i've been in that bed before? a thousand count, and not a single thread of truth then i'm ashamed to say that i'm not over you there's one thing i need to know so call me when you're not so busy just thinking of yourself. but do you ever think of me when you lie? lie down in your bed, your bed of lies. lie down in your bed, your bed of lies ♪ >> nicki minaj, skylar grey, thank you so much. up next, sochi standout gracie gold take to the rink.
8:45 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> announcer: "today" at the rink is brought to you by jif. choosey moms choose jif. >> we are back here on the rink. you know what, 2014 was a really good year for gracie gold. she won a bronze medal in the team event and olympics in sochi and followed that up with her first-ever gold in a grand prix series event and now she's here, joining us at the rink. hi, gracie. good morning. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. thanks for having me. >> we're thrilled to have you. let's start with the good news, bad news. you were in japan and won gold and qualified for that grand prix final. now you also got done with that and you felt a little discomfort in your foot. >> yeah. i was thinking that it was just tendonitis or something muscular. i had a little bit of pain
8:48 am
before the competition in japan, but i went ahead and skated through it. when i got back and we went to the doctor, we found out that it was a stress fracture. >> doesn't sound good. how does that impact your training and your competing going forward? because i know u.s. championships are coming up in january. you won them last year. >> yeah, and i'm looking forward. i really want to win another title. we just have to buckle down as soon as we get the doctor's okay. one to two more weeks before we start doing all my triples again. and, you know, it will be just like old times. >> where are you going to be for the holidays? >> los angeles, where it's warm and sunny. >> don't you want to come here where it's cold and frosty? >> i can't feel all my fingers or face right now. it's a little too cold for me. but it's beautiful. >> it's going to get worse because i'm going to ask you to take that coat, you're going to go out on the rink and skate to "my favorite things"? >> yes. >> i'll take that. ladies and gentlemen, i will introduce miss gracie gold.
8:49 am
♪ [ my favorite things ] ♪ [ favorite things lyrics ] ♪ girls in white dress with blue satin sashes snowflakes that stay on my nose
8:50 am
and eyelashes silver white winters that melt into springs these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ when the dog bites when the bee stings when i'm feeling sad i simply remember my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ when the dog bites when the bee stings when i'm feeling sad i simply remember my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad ♪
8:51 am
♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens brown paper packages tied up with strings these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ when the dog bites when the bee stings when i'm feeling sad i simply remember my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad ♪ >> gracie gold on the rink on a tuesday morning. gracie, thank you very much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we're back at 8:53 with willee's shine a light initiative. i understand, willie, this is a big week for your project. >> it is, savannah. we got it all ready on thursday. just before thanksgiving, we introduced you to children at a
8:54 am
shelter with brooklyn, promised to take their empty rec room and transform it into what we think will be one of the coolest playrooms on the planet. after our last segment, army of volunteers from home depot swooped in and got to work. they've been at it now for two weeks. when i visited on friday, there were about 30 or so of them on their days off, chipping in with their tools and their know-how. huge thank you to team home depot. we're almost at the finish line. we'll be live from the shelter thursday to reveal this new room. and none of this would have happened without the people who donated. you at home. if you would like to build more spaces in shelters across the country, go to guys, we've got our big reveal on thufrs. you saw some of the work there. you're going to be stunned when you see the finished product and some surprises as well there in bushwick. >> can't wait. >> fen phenomenal. >> good work, willie, thank you.
8:55 am
original songs last night that are now available on itunes. this evening, we'll learn who is going to walk away with the title. >> and you can catch all of it at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. by the way, the winner will have a late night. join us live tomorrow on "today." >> wow! >> i don't think they go to bed at that point. >> no. >> celebrating. >> adrenaline, exactly. >> what do you guys have? >> nicki minaj sticking around. >> she did not believe how we were into bang bang and we're trying to get her to come perform. >> we tweeted, we begged. >> i heard about bang bang from you two. >> it's our anthem. >> bang
8:56 am
zblnchtsd you're watching today in the bay. >> very good morning to you. it is 8:56, i'm laura garcia-cannon. baggage handlers for southwest airlines will stage a protest today at san jose international airport. informational ticketing at sjc and 15 other airlines across the country. they are also upset with
8:57 am
contract negotiations that have been going on for three years. southwest airlines says it supports the employees' rights to express their opinions and reaching a deal remains a top priority. we're going to have another local news update for you, as well as a look at this fantastic weather out there, at least for the moment. we'll check with christina coming up later.
8:58 am
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a rockefeller center. >> good morning. it's tuesday, december 16th, 2014. it's the first day of hanukkah. happy hanukkah to all of our jewish friends. >> happy hanukkah. a new chapter in the bill cosby scandal. his wife, camille, supported her husband with all these allegations. i'll read part of it. the man i met and fell in love and whom i continue to love is
9:01 am
the man you all knew threw his work. he is a kind man, a generous man, a funny man, a wonderful husband, father and friend. is he the man you thought you knew. the man portrayed in the media is a port rate painted by individuals and orgs whom many in the media have given a pass, none of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim, but we have to ask, who is the victim? so she's saying the media is printing these stories without digging into them. what is the number, 24, 26? she obviously doesn't believe any of them. she stands by her husband and has put it on the media to say you need to pump the brakes here, look into these stories before they come out, before they go viral, as she put it. >> she made the comparison of the allegations to the rape case at uva. as that story continues to unfold, that story seemed to, you know, devolve a little bit. it broke apart t didn't quite
9:02 am
hold up there. she compared it to that. but i'm glad she finally spoke out, you know. i think maybe it's a little too late. too little, too late. hearing her side of the story and a woman who has been married to this man for 50 years, i think you want to hear what she has known about him and how she feels about him. >> i'm not really bothered, honestly, that she hasn't spoken. because it's not her scandal. and i think sometimes -- there was a headline this morning that she's standing by her man and that instantly made you think of hillary clinton and this blind woman standing by her man when if it's the man's scandal, his problem, he needs to face it. granted -- >> yeah. >> i totally know that feeling of wanting to hear from her. she's there for 60 plus years. but you could be with him and not know him. >> and that's what she just said. that's not the person i know. >> doesn't mean that person doesn't exist. >> that's not who she knows.
9:03 am
>> exactly. that's why i'm like, he needs to -- it's kind of when the politician comes out with the wife. david vitter, some others, and you see this woman in this position not forced but certainly feeling the need to stand there and defend when the person who is the focus is not. >> i think always the woman comes first it seems and then eventually -- >> yeah, yeah. >> you hope you hear their side of the story. >> it's interesting. we had a report earlier this morning. and the reporter that he spoke with yesterday, remember, we talked about it -- >> uh-huh. >> we had an interview with him and he said he got the sense that bill cosby really wants to talk but that the people, his attorneys, people he's paying him money doesn't want him to. but he really wants to talk. i have a feeling before long we will hear from mr. cosby. >> this may be the beginning of the process. camille comes out first. her statement i wouldn't expect anything different from a wife
9:04 am
for a husband but it blanketly discredits 26 women's claims. when you reach a number that high it's hard to disbelieve all of them. >> the story lines are all similar and these women have no linkage to each other tochlt have a similar tale. >> she makes a point. in this world of viral media, people make claims and suddenly it's on the front of a tabloid and it is printed as fact. however, going back to the source, then bill cosby can come on and refute, with his attorney. we've had people come on with their attorneys all the time and address these things. but we do live in a viral -- from how this even started. the comedian who went on a rif. >> who had been doing -- >> who had been doing -- >> that's when somebody taped it and put it online. speaking of online this sony hack is now taking on another sort of -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- color if you will. when you talk about filmmaker and screenwriter aaron sorkin,
9:05 am
who has gone on the offensive, in a sense, wrote an op-ed piece in the times saying this is wrong that the news media is repeating and publishing all this stuff from the sony -- the sony hack. savannah talked to him earlier. he is really very adamant about this. take a look. >> is there anything in these e-mails at all that's in the public interest, that points to wrongdoing at the company, that helps anyone in any way? there isn't. there's just gossip there. i have no idea if it's illegal or not. but something doesn't have to be illegal to be wrong. and this is plainly wrong and we all know it. >> i think he raises a very interesting point. >> i totally agree. >> we talked about it. >> we felt a little creeped out about the details of these e-mails and e-mails that were criminally obtained. it is stealing people's information online.
9:06 am
so then you're reading all the juicy details. the same way that the media did not post those naked pictures when the celebrities' e-mail accounts and phones were hacked. you have to take a look at what is worth reporting and what's not. even though it is a juicy story, granted. we're all involved. we've done it. >> and in a sense, at least allegedly, has been born out of the sony's decision to do this movie "the interview," where seth rogen and james franco's characters in this comedy assassinate the leader of north korea. both these guys went on howard stern. seth rogen comes out strongly. look at this. >> so happy. look at this stolen information. hey, let's [ bleep ] read it. they're not doing anything illegal, trying to fool you as the consumer. they're having private correspondence with one another. here, read it. and pick it apart and dissect it. >> yeah. >> we actually were on the air on "morning joe" last week have
9:07 am
this conversation, about to do a read about these e-mails and we all said wait. let's stop a second. we went around the table. is there value in this? we decided there wasn't. it's not the nsa, whether or not you think snowden should have leaked that information. there's no questions of national security. what's the value of it? salacious got gossip. >> and embarrassment. and the fact is, any one of us if, you go into our computers -- >> oh, my gosh. >> -- the fact is that you may find stuff that we may have chatted with somebody and in the context of it seemed funny at the time and is not and we probably wouldn't want that out there. you know i agree with these folks. >> we talk a lot about privacy of e-mail from work then on to your home life. i think people take it for granted that, yeah, you're not a celebrity. but do you want an ex, neighbor or someone to focus on you and suddenly start trying to recover your information? it's very possible. we see it. you don't have to be a super hacker. these issues involving our
9:08 am
e-mails come up more. >> if it's your work e-mail, it ain't your e-mail. >> it's not your e-mail. people forget. google searches of the year, putting together a list and they revealed some of the top searches for 2014. i say some because the year is not over. >> true. >> and, for example, the ferguson protest here in new york, anything can happen in the ne next 15 days so the top searches as revealed by -- >> google. >> thank you. top global searches were robin williams. remember when you saw that alert came by -- >> crushing blow. vacation. you can't believe what you're reading. the world cup. we were all just in love with the sportsmanship, the passion and what brazil presented. ebola. malaysia airlines and the als ice bucket challenge, which i am so happy that made the list as well. that's just something that was not on our radar and it joined
9:09 am
people from all across the globe for an amazing cause. top u.s. searches. that was you. >> oh, willie. >> uh-oh. >> there's willie. >> there's not enough ice in there. you should do it again. the top four u.s. searches were the same except for the number five, which was the game, flappy bird. >> which nobody is playing anymore. >> why? >> i don't know. >> they pulled the game. jennifer lawrence, kim k., of course, the french mistress of francois hollande, tracy morgan and renee zellweger. >> how about the u.s.? >> kim k., ray rice, and tony
9:10 am
stewart after the accident. jennifer lawrence was ahead of kim k. because she said she was going to break the internet. quite a mix of things we're talking about. >> are you hungry? all of a sudden that google search made me hungry. >> i'm always hungry. wait. is that the smell that we -- >> yes. >> french fries. >> i thought you needed some french fries. this is for the guys. tamron and i, we don't get french fries. >> we don't get fries? >> why? >> we'll steal some. dig in. >> oh, that's hot sauce? >> i'm not a big hot sauce fan. >> the reason we're doing this -- >> we walked into an ambush here. >> how much would you dip on the fry if you did like it? >> none. >> are you a hot sauce guy? >> just a little bit. >> you don't do it at all? >> we're with two men that don't like hot sauce. >> the reason behind this, of course, is always some foreign study. this time it's a french study. scientist found the men who added the most spicy sauce to their plate, they had the
9:11 am
highest levels of testosterone. so keep dipping. >> i'm basically a woman. >> you're okay with that? >> you're nicki minaj, i knew it, with your performance of "bang bang." >> the men with more testosterone take more risks in life. >> so more alpha male eats more hot sauce. >> i'm alpha female. >> natalie is more man than i am. that's not really a surprise. thunderstorms and showers pushing their way into pennsylvania, parts of virginia, and behind it we've got colder air. looking at snow coming in here. rain along the eastern seaboard. airport delays, d.c., baltimore. philadelphia has had a ground stop because of fog. new york city and boston. back through the midwest we're looking at more snow, anywhere from three to six inches. another big storm system coming into parts of california, southern california on into central california as well. look for anywhere from one to
9:12 am
two inches of rain along the coast and back through the sierra. good news. a lot of snow anywhere from two to four feet. that's great news for the drought or it is going to be girly weather for our neck of the woods. why? because we're going to get a good hair day today, ladies. the reason is, finally a break from the straight rainfall we've had to deal with. as i widen out for you, you can see more on the way, but doesn't arrive until about 4:00, 5:00, then it will last all night long. but take a look at this, the sun is finally returned to healdsburg this morning, looking really pretty there. another round of rain as early as tomorrow. >> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. one of the hottest singers on the planet, superstar nicki minaj will sit down with us for on the planet, superstar nicki minaj will sit down with us for a few minutes when we come back
9:13 am
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9:16 am
nicki minaj, as you well know, has more billboard hits than any other female hip-hop artist. >> now out with her new album "the pink print." with us in studio is the person who smells so good. >> yes. >> natalie and i were like -- okay. >> what are you wearing and you gave it to a famous celebrity recently. >> well, i'm wearing my own perfume, anika. i was with madonna and i gave it to her like half of a bottle. she loved it so much. i hate leaving people without it, so -- >> that's how you know when you're a superstar.
9:17 am
madonna comes up, hey, girl. >> i sent for her and her children a bunch of them. i'm going to send it to you guys. >> yeah! >> merry christmas to us. >> thank you, nicki. >> how does it feel to have "pink print" in reality, off the pages and into the hands of the fans? >> it's a blessing. i feel like it's my whole life. in the last year i've had such an up and down, emotional sort of roller coaster with -- personally, you know. professionally, i was great. but personally, there was so much for me to write about. and that's one of the beauties of being a writer and being able to put out an album because i think for the last two years, people had no idea what i was thinking. because when i do features, you can't really tell. i'm not writing in that way. but with the pink print, it's the truth. it's organic. it's just very relatable. and that's what i really, really
9:18 am
love about it. it feels great. >> for those of us who walked around with copies of the blueprint and never let it go, explain the pink print. >> jay-z is the best rapper of all times arguably. i really look up to him. with the pink print i felt i wanted to make a masterpiece album that would live on. i think just how jay-z's blueprint will always be referenced in hip-hop i know the pink print will always be referenced. i spent a lot of time on it. with the other two albums i spent three months. this one i spent a year perfecting it. >> wow! >> and you got two songs with beyonce, one on her album, one on this one. >> yeah. >> this is not a bromance, but sister romance. >> sromance? >> we need to work on that. >> you know what?
9:19 am
beyonce has such a huge movement. there are so few black women in music that have a movement, who impact the culture and i think that our fans have wanted us to come together for a very long time. when two voices like that come together it's a moment. and i feel like the entire hip-hop culture and pop culture have really been asking for that for a while. with beyonce, i'm such a fan. i was a fan of her work before but now i'm a fan of her as a person. she's sweet, she's funny. >> she's just like you. and also like mr. al roker, who is sweet, funny and quite the hip-hop artist. i just teed that up. can we show it? >> can we hear it? >> oh, my god. >> here we go. ♪ bang bang ♪ bang bang >> when the song was out, we were begging you to come and do this. >> i didn't know that.
9:20 am
today is the first day that i -- >> really? we took to twitter. we sent dubs in the air. we begged. >> tried everything. >> today is the first day i ever heard of that. >> had you known, would you have come? >> of course. >> pink print is perfection. next follow-up, for it to be perfect, you have to team up with al roker. >> oh, boy. >> all of a sudden nicki's retired. >> suddenly she's switching to acting permanently. thank you, nicki. congratulations. >> well done. and we'll be right back after this. there are some people you should give underwear to this holiday. and there are some people you shouldn't. people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom.
9:21 am
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9:24 am
shows people who rely on life-saving epi pens are using them incorrectly. only 20% are using the device properly, a mere 7% of those with asthma inhalers know what they are doing. tanning beds, apparently it's not just skin cancer you need to worry about. cdc says thousands of people were sent to the e.r. after getting hurt in tanning beds. topping the list of complaints, skin burns, eye injuries, lacerations and even dislocations. if you feel younger than your age, you could actually add years to your life. according to a new study in london of more than 6400 men and women, people who feel three or more years younger than they actually are have lower death rates compared to people who felt their age or older. two college professors in tennessee have broken the world record for living under the water the longest. 63-year-old bruce cantrell and jessica thane lived in this, underwater lab near the florida
9:25 am
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9:26 am
we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good morning to you. 9:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. cupertino leaders present possible solutions today to make the city safer for bicyclists. in october, a high school student was struck and killed by a big rig as he rode in the bike lanes. since then, ideas about potential changes. santa clara county supervisors will hold a final vote on implementing a living wage. any company doing business in the county would have to pay workers $19.06 an hour. rules would take effect in july. southwest baggage handlers will ticket at san jose international today, along with 15 other airports. the union claims the airline is overworking employees by trying
9:27 am
to squeeze more flights into its schedule. southwest says it supports the employees' right to express their opinion. a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now, i'm meteorologist christina loren. we are tracking a significant area for you. strong thunderstorm heading towardspoint reyes. 9:48 we're expecting. we're expecting pea-sized hail, lightning, and definitely some very gusty wind with that cell, but as i widen out for you, you can see the bay area overall getting a bit of a break right now. the heavy rain will return 3:00 to 7:00, then in the thick of it all night long. then we'll get a break, finally, by thursday. mostly dry conditions, good for travel, but wet conditions return as early as friday. so you do want to keep that umbrella handy, and as we head throughout the day today with the next round of rain, maybe an additional one to two inches, so we are expecting localized
9:29 am
flooding in the north bay. here's mike and your drive. >> still seeing the bay bridge toll plaza, although a full toll plaza. lanes to the left now full again. it's been fluctuating all morning. slow drive down the freeway compressing towards berkley, easing towards the berkley curve. not so bad as far as the rest of your commute. slower drive off the castro valley, but improvements on the east bay, slew on the san mateo side coming down the peninsula. compression still through fremont. back to you. >> all right. we'll be back for you in about half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," tuesday, december 16th. happy hanukkah to those of you celebrating out there. new survey that reveals men are more likely than women to splurge on holiday gifts. nearly half of women surveyed planned to spend less than $100 for gifts on their significant other. men reported they would spend $100 to $300 on a gift for their significant other. do you think that's true? >> my husband is very generous and thoughtful with his gift. >> and you're not. >> is it also because maybe they make more money? men make usually more money than
9:31 am
women. i don't know. >> i don't know. >> if you've got it to spend -- >> i'm buying for my husband all year round. >> yeah. >> he's got more of the -- >> he's not buying for you all year round? >> no. >> oh! >> if i see something at a store that reminds me of him, i buy it for him. >> what's going on, buddy? no, all year round? >> it's a good thing he's on a flight right now. >> does he tivo the show? >> joe, joe, joe. >> but more of the anniversary. >> joe is going to be getting some tweets. >> he goes big on those holidays. >> goes big on the important things. >> joe, when you get e-mails when you get off the plane -- >> i'm really fine of that, so you're aware. >> she's fine with it. >> he doesn't have to give me gifts every day. >> a lamborghini, new wedding ring. just go through the list. >> so, joe, tell me what it looks like underneath that bus. how is that transmission looking? >> that's not true. you guys are the worst. >> oh, we're the worst?
9:32 am
>> i just was saying he does a great job on the important occasion. >> eventually, you got there, yeah. >> no. i said it all along. >> it took you a while because all that -- >> because you guys were busy -- >> being thrown under the bus. >> joe is a good husband and dad. >> joe was hanging on, doing that indiana jones on the back. >> this is what you get. see? don't go to your personal life ever. weather in the northeast, snow around the great lakes. a lot of rain, wind and snow. in fact, san francisco right now -- san francisco airport, three-hour delays. it is a mess. and tomorrow we're going to be look at more rain. in fact, the rain is going to spread further to the east. we've got a wintry mix with snow around the rockies, the four corners. look for wet weather, texas into oklahoma and wet weather continues in northern new england with some icy mix snow, rain and ice mixed in together. that's w 9:32. we are getting a break from the heavy rainfall, but i'm watching
9:33 am
a very potent thunderstorm getting ready to slam point reyes over the course of the next ten to 15 minutes. if you are hearing my voice from point reyes, you want to seek shelter until that thing passes. only going to take about 15 minutes to pass, but keep in mind that's a strong thunderstorm. throughout the second half of the day, we have another round of heavy rain, steady rainfall starting between about 3:00 and 7:00, continuing overnight. by tomorrow, a little bit of a break, then a good looking break by thursday. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> health headlines on "today" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. >> now big health headlines, including a surprising study linking male infertility to other medical problems and new information about the failure rate of prenatal screening te tests. >> here to talk about that and more is "today" contributor dr. roshini raj and from hopkins
9:34 am
university. good to have you both here. >> good morning. >> they found that noninvasive prenatal tests use bid hundreds of thousands of women when you're pregnant, that they are 50% of the time not accurate. >> that's right. >> that's pretty scary. >> it is. we're talking about blood tests that are done earlier on in the pregnancy, screening for certain diseases, things like down syndrome, or other genetic problems. the problem is while many times they're talked about as being highly accurate, the truth is you can get up to a 50% false positive rate, meaning you're told there's something seriously wrong with the fetus and it turns out not to be the case. this is a big issue and it's definitely something you need to discuss with your doctor before you get the test whether you really want it or how you're going to act on this information. >> is it true they're not regulated by the fda? >> it's unregulated by the fda because it's not invasive. willie, we this tendency to overtest in health care. that's the basis for this dr.
9:35 am
movement choosing wisely. because you can know your risk doesn't mean you should know your risk if you're not going to act on that information. we have an old saying, treat the patient and not the test. there's a lot of truth to that. >> dr., still for the vast majority recommend these tests, so dr. raj, what should you do if you're pregnant and you're told you should get these? >> i think you have to have a frank discussion with your doctor. if i get this type of scan, this type of test, what are we going to do with the information? most likely they're going to tell you because it's not 100% accurate, maybe only 50%, later on we're going to have to do a more definitive test. most women are probably going to choose not to go for that. i had both my kids after the averaage of 35 and i decided to do the more definitive amniocentesis. i wanted to know the true answer and wouldn't be okay with the maybe. >> the link between male infertility and other health problems. what are they? >> well, they are problems with the endocrine system, skin
9:36 am
disorders and blood pressure. now some have suggested that infertility could be a marker or an early screening test of these other medical problems. but we don't know if it's a cause or effect. i think it may be related to the medications that people are taking for these other problems and may have the side effect. 30% of all couple infertility is due to the male factor. >> it's interesting. these are relatively young men. the average age is 37. you don't think of screening men of that age for these types of diseases. infertility diagnosed, they may need to be screened. finally, good news for the yogis out there. yoga may be as good as aerobic exercise in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease. >> yes. we're learning more about yoga, meditation not only for our mental health but physical well-being. it helps specific risk factors for things like high blood pressure, cholesterol and bmi. it doesn't mean you shouldn't
9:37 am
exercise out there. even though it's as good as exercise, exercise protects our body in so many other ways, cancer prevention, dementia. incorporated in your routine it's great. >> we men have been fighting yoga mats for years. maybe it's time to give it a try. >> you sold me. i'm going to start. >> good for you. dr. raj and dr. mccarey, thank you both. you've seen them worn by swren fer lopez, angelina jolie, reese witherspoon. we're talking about winter white. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping
9:38 am
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you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here! hey, back now with my tuesday trend. all about rocking winter white. i've worn white a handful of times recently in october, with my favorite foodie ina garten. earlier this month i had fun with natalie and al and a few
9:42 am
guests. not the only one who dares to wear white, of course. angelina jolie wore a stunning cream number to her uk premiere of "unbroken." jennifer lopez looks amazing in anything, but especially great in this pant suit and then there is miss reese witherspoon, bringing elegance to a white strapless dress. so to help us do it right, do white right, is jacqui stafford, fashion editor and author of the wow factor, inside style secrets for every body and everybody. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> the white dress that i wore, i got about two tweets from people saying you're a fashionista. you should know better. there's no white after labor day. i didn't know anyone still thought that. >> throw the rule book out the window, tamron. it's all about the white type of white. winter white. we're thinking luxe fabrics, cashmere, silk, tweeds rather than the denim or linens of summer. winter white. >> winter white can be white white. i mean, that dress that i wore with ina, that's a pure white
9:43 am
dress, no offwhite, no cream but it is from a fall/winter collection. >> that's right. it's a winter white fabric. that is the secret. >> let's launch in here. >> here, launching in. wearing white, light fab rubbings near your face adds luminosty. >> brightens you up. >> brightens you up. >> even jewelry? >> even jewelry. >> from ann taylor, i love that. pop it in your ear. done. you have some models for me. slide on over here. let's launch into our first look as you move to your spaces. tell me what you have first up, jackie. >> a really good work look. it's very elongating. >> you look fantastic. >> she's gorgeous. if you wear one look head to toe, what you're going to do with this to help to elongate you. nice winter white fabric, great silk shirt at burlington. nice tailored pant. go for like a men's wear tailored pant. pop of accessories. you can put in a little bit of
9:44 am
leopard, sprinkle in a little bit of black if you want to. it's a nice, elongating look. >> all those pieces under $200, apart from the jacket. the jacket was $198. everything looks fantastic. thank you so much, patrice. and up next, winter white weekend. >> look at this. winter white look for the went, as pen chic meets the city. frankly the whole look here at burlington, great coat. little bit of black at the bottom. think about sweaters and chunky knits that have a little bit of sheer on them. rather than your boyfriend's sweater, nice, chunky knit sweater. it's got a little bit of spark. and, of course, little beanie hat. >> leave that coat here for me, and that hat. i'm serious. don't leave with that. that's going to be mine. i'm buying that. thank you so much. and finally the evening look. a lot of people still going to holiday parties, maybe even an evening party like this. >> why wear boring black? winter white is more fresh than
9:45 am
bright red. metallic. it is so cool. it looks chic. you'll stand out in the party. your face will be illuminated. fabulous dress by ann taylor. >> as jackie points out, don't worry about whether you should wear gold or silver. it goes. >> winter white, gold and silver works perfectly with both. >> you look smoking. hope you have some hot plans there. thank you, jackie. >> you're welcome. >> the models look amazing. up next, huddle up. we are throwing a cooking competition, who has more game just in time for your winter tailgating party. and ladies -- i want that coat. oh, my so many gifts to buy at so many stores.
9:46 am
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walmart has everything you need for christmas dinner at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher. walmart. >> announcer: "today" throws a party is brought to you by walmart. >> millions will be throwing tailgating parties watching the cardinals take on the seahawks. >> that's right. it's sunday, sunday! camelback mountains battling it out with seattle native erica burke, chef and owner of cafe. >> we have cheddar biscuits with little sesame, fried chicken. spicy pickles. killer little slider. if you want to kick it up. put a little chili pepper on here. and then i've going to a beautiful pork belly blt. bacon is my favorite vegetable.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> so is al's. >> so is mine. >> yeah. >> got to love it. put this on here just like this. >> i roasted the pork belly and i put a little housemade hot sauce on it. we have these beautiful little sliders. >> you make these little lettuce cups. >> with tomato jam. >> they're awesome. >> a beautiful creamy -- >> are we spoesd to be eating these? >> i think we're supposed to try them. >> i have a fork here. we'll test them out. erica, what do you have over here? >> pigs in a blanket with chiriso or hot sauce. caramelized onions, hot sauce there and roll your puff pastry. >> love it. >> you have a little egg wash to set it. bake them in the oven. representing the northwest is our -- >> salmon. >> salmon, of course. >> king salmon that we roasted with a little salt and coriander. little sirachi aioli that we put
9:51 am
on the bun. put the salmon on. this is a delicious cabbage slaw with some lime and sirachi. down here is a funny take on clam dip. bacon, of course. >> clams. >> clams. this is lemon juice and lemon zest. it gives it nice acidity. >> you can use fresh if you have the time. i have parsley, bacon, scallions, garlic and some smoked pap reekricka. >> toss it all in. >> if you want to be healthy with your bacon, you can have celery. >> who wants to do that? >> that's so good. >> we have to convene here and figure it out. >> okay. >> meanwhile, game ball. here. >> whoa! >> this is the trophy. easy now.
9:52 am
back down. >> wave got one in each corner here. >> i think so. >> but it can't be a tie game. >> that's true. >> somebody's got to win. >> seahawks or the cardinals? >> i will defer to you. >> no, you can't do that. >> this is more guys. this is very guy oriented. >> this one was more girl. although we loved the pigs in a blanket. >> okay, pigs in a blanket push it over. >> erica, you are winner of the game ball! >> erica, thank you so much. >> they're all delicious. >> and you're all winners if you get the recipes at >> they're all great. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
only four days left on the toy drive -- toys are packed up on their way to children in new
9:55 am
york and pennsylvania. >> also helping today is actress who stars in the newest "teenage mutant turtle" movie. she is joining us this morning. you're going to make a lot of kids happy with this donation. >> yes. since i play the turtles nemesis, i thought i would make up for all my shenanigans. on behalf of paramount to make the donation of over $150 million to make the donation of "teenage mutant ninja turtle" dvds and toys. >> the interesting thing about this, there's strong male and female role models in this movie. >> that's right. that's what i love. the women are strong in the movie as well as the turtles. the toy rts same.
9:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. santa clara county supervisors will take a look to plan -- look at a plan, rather, to outfit deputies with body cameras. today the board will receive the
9:57 am
report on whether or not that will work. the county thinking about buying cameras like these. earlier this month president obama called for millions of dollars in funding for police body cameras after, of course, an officer shot and killed a teenager in ferguson, missouri. well, let's check your weather this morning with christina. i wonder if christina is available. sure, mike, go right ahead. >> we're going to look at the commute. we have weather and traffic tied together here. the rain has calmed down a bit and we're going to get more rain today, but so far we have the puddling and ponding, even as the commute starts to ease up. look at the maps, a lighter volume of traffic around the bay, keep in mind tuesday tends to have the heaviest volume of traffic. however, west 237 coming off 880 we do have a slowing. more recent crash around great american parkway that might be blocking the off-ramp there. keep in mind that's a popular
9:58 am
off-ramp over towards levi's stadium, which is calm right now today. a smooth drive through the compression in fremont. the dunbarton bridge seeing late slowing and even though a lighter volume of traffic, we did have slower spots. 92 calming down, but slow over on the san mateo side in both directions for 101. no flooding reported, but watch the puddles in san jose. slower drive for 880 north through san leandro through downtown oakland. same for westbound 580 off highway 13. 580 was the toughest drive, but calming down now, bay bridge toll plaza still seeing a backup, but the left approach looking much lighter and slowing, sogginess in the north bay. sogginess is technical. back to you. >> thank you much. we'll have another local news update for you coming up in a half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
looking for one of these?
10:00 am
yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! >> what is it? >> checking our notes. pretending as if i can actually see them. i can't. >> i can hold them. >> i like them because they're cute. >> they're props. >> it is booze day tuesday, december 16th. i used to like 16th -- >> why? >> that was the anniversary of my birthday. once i turned 61, i don't like 16 because you're one month older. >> exactly. a fun show. >> better than not making it to 16, if you know what i'm saying. >> excellent point.
10:01 am
fun show today. jill martin is here with holiday gifts available for less than $10. if you haven't finished your shopping, get on it. >> our guys are back. they're ready to tell all, they're going to weigh in on the red flags you should never ignore in your relationship, whether you're dating or married. what do they know? >> they're weird. very weird. all right. >> not very smart, but they're very entertaining. >> all right, so hanukkah begins at sundown tonight. >> yes. we want to wish all of our jewish friends a happy hanukkah. >> we have been playing with the dreidel. go ahead. >> i like a pointy dreidel. hoda says i can't. i'm excellent. >> someone please start the timer. we're going to see who spins the longest. on your mark -- get ready, set, go. >> wait. >> it has got to be the -- >> show off. do this one. this is the one she's good at. >> i'm good at this one.
10:02 am
it's good. no, not as much. remember, hoda, during practice -- >> i said, rehearse too much. in honor of the holiday, there is a group named 613, they did a parody of taylor swift's "shake it off" to celebrate hanukkah. check it out. ♪ gonna celebrate hanukkah, hanukkah ♪ >> we're enjoying. >> we're having latkes. >> we're hungry. they're delicious. >> latkes and wine, excellent combination. >> we were watching the show earlier today, nicki minaj was on. we're, like, oh, my gosh, nicki minaj and savannah were having a conversation and then we were shocked, stunned. >> we noticed two things. >> take a look. >> doesn't she look like she's topless? come on.
10:03 am
come on. we all looked up at the same moment and went, oh, my god. and savannah's clothes and then back to nicki. so funny. she did have an outfit on and sang beautifully. it was fun. >> you played the guitar for me the other day. you surprised me with your ihoda, you were with your teacher. >> jason. >> you were terrific. a lot of you responded and loved it. >> by the way, i have to tell you one other thing, i was -- i got to tell you, it was terrifying. i had to start over because i -- >> yeah, but -- >> you were nervous. >> you're, like, oh, you smelled something bad. >> no, i was stunned. i thought you were strumming up, down, up, up, down. >> a lot of people were talking about trying-v something new. we wanted to know if you guys who tried something new a little later in life would send us a video on our facebook or twitter page with the #nevertoolate, if you're playing the flute, if you're trying anything, art class. >> something you thought you
10:04 am
were too old for but then said, dog gone it, i want to do it. >> i'm not that great but it is so much fun. in my apartment, when i pick it up and play -- >> you're not going to become james taylor. >> you're going to be hoda that plays a nice little guitar. >> occasionally. >> occasionally. >> for those of you that say bah humbug that miracles don't happen anywhere in this world. >> yes. >> i say never give up. because after all these years something -- a miracle happened. i got in the mail a christmas card from howard stern. yes. so my message to all of you is never give up! >> there's always -- >> it may take 35 years, but miracles still happen. >> what does the inside -- >> happy holidays, peace and love. but look at -- >> look at the -- >> look at howard stern, of course. >> and beth sends over that darling book, too, by her -- and the money goes to the shelter. animal league. >> terrific.
10:05 am
>> thank you for that. >> big news in pop culture and in the world, really. camille cosby, bill cosby's wife -- >> over 50 years. >> spoke out for first time since all the allegations and i think a lot of people are anxious to hear what bill cosby has to say as well as his wife. this is her statement. he is a kind man, a generous man, a funny man, and a wonderful husband, father and friend. he is the man you thought you knew, a different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. it is the portrait of a man i do not know. and she, you know, is accusing the media of publishing stories without vetting them. she also went on to kind of compare it to the -- what was happening at uva, the rape case where those allegations were -- >> rolling stone magazine. >> and cosby's lawyer called the accusations against his client unsubstantiated and fantastical and he's never been charged with a crime. it is interesting because you wonder if you've been married for 50 years to a man and you
10:06 am
know him a certain way, you see him through a certain prism and you hear people saying these things, you wonder, how do you put your head on the pillow knowing all the allegations are floating around out there and even if they're not substantiated. >> i think sometimes you have to live in a place why you see him your way, and, look, who knows what the truth is, after all these allegations, but it was interesting to see her come out and basically say, you know, don't believe everything you're seeing. >> some of the words she used, and as a disclaimer, i was opening act for bill for several years, we went all over the country with him. i saw lots and lots of people coming and going everywhere. he is kind. he is capable of great kindness. he's capable of great generosity. i never, in all the years of working vegas, tahoe, reno, everywhere, i'm not a gambler. i work too hard and i wanted to take money away from those places, not -- every night he
10:07 am
would give me and mishi and denise, my other backup singer, money and say go, go win, go win. we don't gamble. >> there was never anything strange. >> his mother would be there with her friends. for two years, i literally also lived in like bill's home. he would play tennis with us, he would ask the chef -- i had those kinds of memories. i along with so many americans and people are right don't want the stories to be true. there was, i will admit, toward the end of the last time i saw him, he did try to kiss me, i said, no, i said, bill, we're friends, he said, okay, good night. i said, good night and i went into my room and he went into his room and so -- so i'm not saying the women's allegations are not true. i'm just saying i never personally saw it with my own two eyes. so until we know more facts, i do know -- i got a chill because
10:08 am
every night when we come off stage and bill would be going up on stage, he would have made cappuccinos for all three of us and now that i always thought it was such a kindness and so sweet, and now you see beverly johnson saying, you know, he made a cappuccino or something for her and i just don't want it to be true, but i'm not -- i'm not saying that the women are liars. for my own personal experience, it didn't happen. you know, a lot of married men come on to single women. >> that happens. >> yes, but once i said no, absolutely not, he respected it. >> he stopped, okay. well, her statement, by the way, concludes, none of us will ever want to be in a position of attacking a victim, but the question should be asked who is the victim? >> and i don't -- i think it is a carefully worded statement, obviously, vetted by their attorney. again, i told you, hoda, in all the years i worked with him, i never saw camille. i would see them at events together, but on the road, working, she wasn't really -- she wasn't anytime i was there she wasn't. so i don't know what to think.
10:09 am
i just -- i do remember those kindnesses and the generosity and i want to be fair. i think we all should be fair. and wait until more facts come out. >> okay, good. >> okay. >> all right. we do want to get to a piece of business. there is something today called red thumb day. and this was kicked off on the voice last night. and -- >> big night on "the voice" too. >> it was a big night. four finalists are going to pick the winner tonight, which we'll tell you about. there is a psa starring adam levine, created because people are texting and driving and it is causing a lot of issues. this was created by a person -- >> stacy babcock. >> babcock. want to take a look at this? >> okay. >> every year too many people die because they couldn't put their phones down while driving. this needs to stop. so join us in making your thumb red. let it be a reminder to put your thumb down while driving, save a life, maybe even your own. >> and, yes, sponsored by nissan and the voice. so join the cause by sharing photos on social media, not
10:10 am
while driving, please, today with the #redthumb. >> that reminds you not to text and drive. >> hopefully will save some lives. >> for more info go to the voice results air tonight, we'll bring them to you. when it comes to your holiday shopping, doesn't get any better than this. >> jill has the gifts for everybody on your list, $10 or less. >> if a guy wants to get intimate with you on a first date, should you continue seeing him or dump him? >> find out what our men have to say. >> are we going to ask jill or the four guys? >> hello. maybe jill knows. red thumb day is brought to you by nissan, innovation that excites. mark your thumb red as a reminder to put your phone down mark your thumb red as a reminder to put your phone down while
10:11 am
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10:14 am
there's a team that makes a real difference in the world. join the team that makes a difference. hello. it is time to reach inside jill's shopping bag. >> hold on. i can't see. >> and we think she's outdone herself this time. she's bearing gifts for 10 bucks or less. >> how that's possible, we don't know. whether you're buying for your teacher, baby-sitter, kid, "today" contributor jill martin has something for everyone. >> hi, jill. >> hey. >> are these $10? >> please don't get us these. >> how can you pass these up? i wanted to start with a festive happy holidays, happy hanukkah. let's start. these are amazing gifts for $10 or under, you'll look like a star. let's start with the philosophy ornaments. >> why am i the only one with these on still.
10:15 am
>> it comes with a card already. $7 to $10, >> that's great. having a little -- >> yeah. >> another thing you got to do, you know. >> something you can use. >> everyone loves philosophy. look at this. you get all the eye shadows. >> how much is that? >> $5 to $10. look at this whole thing. just put a bow on it and you go. look at these major kits. >> fantastic. >> shop, monogrammed necklaces for $9.99. >> how much time do you need for that? too late? >> no. it is just an initial. >> an initial, okay. >> they know how many ms and ss -- >> is this online stuff? >> yes, online stuff and they'll ship in time. okay. these books, i'm absolutely loving. >> they're adorable. >> i just absolutely love this. >> like an envelope. >> you put a date that you --
10:16 am
>> how cute? >> what a great baby gift. >> yeah. >> i would stock up on those for all the babies being born this year. >> and they have letters to my future self, but it was $14.95. look at the little mitts. i love these as little gifts. little miss sunshine, little miss somersault. this i saw in the store. cornucopia of fun -- each of these, they're festive, each of these has surprises in it. look. that's one of the cornucopias, i love that word, $8, >> pull it. >> is it the string? >> not inside. >> $9, these are personalized cases with the 3-d printer, we use it for the shoe, the printer, i'm not 100% sure how it works, but it is 3-d. >> crazy.
10:17 am
>> next up, these are a product created by one of our producer's husband. we love these. they're charms for your headphones. so if you want to personalize your headphones for $4.99. >> cute. >> aren't they cute? >> teenagers would love that. >> each of your child has their own thing and own personality. burt's bees, $8 to $10. you can get a whole little package for under $10. what a nice gift to give a new mommy. >> absolutely, great. >> my new little nephew. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. >> crazy, look at all the great -- they have clothing, all these great pajama sets for your little ones to wear on christmas day. and affordable because you're only going to wear them until they grow out of it, $5 to $10. the candles are now $1. $1 to $10.
10:18 am
>> how is that possible? >> i know. look at all the great sayings. a true love story never ends, which i mean we should all be so lucky. and then -- >> it does eventually, but -- while you're alive, think that way. >> anyway, okay, this is $2 to $10, you get all the sets. this comes in a set of four, a set of six. everything on sale now there. >> cute. >> okay. do this out of order. i think first goes the cider doughnuts. so cider doughnuts, can you try one? >> hoda can't. she gave up sweets. >> i'm off sweets. >> i think they have been out a while. >> okay. >> well, those are -- >> they're probably excellent. >> amazon, $10, you can make these in the microwave, microwave. >> adorable. >> you can't try that either. >> i can't. but so clever. >> hoda can have this. >> no, she can't. >> jerry! >> this is great for 5.99.
10:19 am
we love our wine and champagne. look at all the things you can put on. yours says gold digger. >> excuse me. i got the wrong glass. >> here. >> here. >> there you go. >> that would be me. and -- >> cheers. >> one last thing. this is the advent calendar. as we go along in december, to christmas, 16 and 25 and 9, you put the 16 up and the kids put one letter each letter each day to count down. >> adorable. >> coming up, the red flags you should never ignore when it comes to your relationship. >> we're going to ask the hunks when our guys tell all. >> no, please. >> he was sad before. >> no. no, guiney, no.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
time for our guys tell all and our panel of handsome hunks answer your burning questions on relationships and dating. >> first up, a new addition to our group, a delight, jack maxwell, the single host of booze traveler, mondays on the travel channel. >> next, comedian and actor rick younger, married with a son. followed by the married new dad kyle martino, cute baby and wife here. >> beautiful wife and baby marlo. >> cute. >> you can catch this weekend covering the premiere league for nbc sports. >> and last but not least, and now we know how he dances, dating personality and member of the band guiney and grimes, the divorced and so sad single bob guiney. >> yes. >> hi, guys. >> welcome to you. >> that dancer did not know -- >> women want to know certain things are red flags when they date. we'll go through a quick short list and you tell us if you say yes red flag or no. all right. he wants to have sex or get intimate on the first date.
10:24 am
red flag, yes or no? >> no. >> everyone wants to have sex on the first date, but may never say it out loud. >> it is personal, right, depending if that's what you want. >> they say a woman knows within 30 seconds, doesn't mean you should ask. >> you should move on anyway. >> move on. he's shady with his phone. takes calls in the other room, grabs it on the second ring. red flag? >> oh, yeah. >> big problem. >> doesn't work for the cia, then, yes. >> absolutely red flag. >> he's stingy with personal details and rarely tells you what he's thinking? >> not a red flag? being a guy? >> no. >> being himself. >> guys are not great communicators in general. >> me and my brother could sit in a room for hours and not talk and we think it is the greatest conversation. >> you don't even know your brother's name. >> man, that was a great time we sat in the room for two hours and didn't say anything. >> we have a lot of questions,
10:25 am
women want to know what you're thinking. we'll come back after this commercial break and answer them. >> and we're going to cut the creep after your local news. man (sternly): seriously? where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. mr. mucus: oh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours... just set aside a few tacos for me. man: forget the tacos! one pill lasts 12 hours. i'm good all day. mr. mucus (to himself): wait! your loss. i was going to wear a sombrero. [announcer:] only mucinex has a bi-layer tablet that starts fast, and keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 full hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. it's cookie time. cookie time? it's cookie time. get your betty on. show 'em what you got. ahhh! you can do this. this! betty crocker sugar cookie mix. your head start to homemade. get your betty on!
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10:27 am
lane. since then, workshops have been held to gather ideas to keep kids safe. santa clara supervisors will hold a final vote on implementing a living wage, the highest in the country. any business in the county would have to pay workers $19.06 an hour. the rules would take effect in july. a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
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pretty decent thunderstorm cells. everything right now moving towards point reyes. keep in mind it could be very active in that neck of the woods. most of us will stay dry until about 3:00 to 7:00. heavy rain we are expecting another round of flooding, especially up in marin county and sonoma. showers linger into wednesday, then a very tiny break on thursday before rain returns  friday. if you're interested in making travel plans, we'll have the latest today at 11:00. first, mike and your drive. >> it is a very light volume of traffic around the bay. we have a full bay bridge toll plaza, but traffic thinning out again, ebbing and flowing here. let's look at the map. a smooth drive down the east shore freeway, easy drive for 580 and 880. had a tough drive for aof time,. southbound 101 through san mateo, but the other side of the bay, easy drive there. the rest of the bay, no problems for the tri-valley or the south bay. just that san mateo stretch at
10:30 am
101 and slowing for 880 and 237. back to you. >> mike, thanks. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we'll see you then. we are back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday and round two of guys tell all. >> new to our man panel this time is single travel channel host jack maxwell, then married two dads, rick younger, new film coming out called "geezer". >> of course you do. >> a big deal, okay. you're going to dump us. >> no, no. stuff can wind up on the cutting room floor so just know that -- >> great. >> he's already over it. >> and the single guy, he's divorced, bob guiney. >> let go to the questions the ladies have for you. go ahead. >> i'm heather seger from austin, texas. i would like to know how to find
10:31 am
out what my husband really wants for the holidays. >> look at his search history or maybe that's a bad idea. don't look at his search history. >> with a guy, the best way is to ask him. if it is not exciting for you, still do it. my father used to ask for tools all the time. even after he stopped doing housework. my mother is, like, what do you want a drill for? just get him the drill. >> don't ask me. i don't know. ask my buddies. >> what do you want for christmas? >> can i just say, i love that you drink on the show because -- >> we don't. you don't drink wine, you sip it. >> let's go across the street. >> hi. i'm katie from nashville, tennessee. this one is for you, bob. what is the number one turnoff on a first date? >> honestly, this will sound weird, but when you sit at the dinner table and all they continue to do is talk about
10:32 am
themselves. for me, i want to ask them questions about themselves and hear about it, but i don't want them to carry it and constantly talk about themselves. i want to hear if they love their mom, great things about their family. >> you want to be asked. >> yes. >> all right. >> i think the other side of that is someone that gives you one word answers, like -- >> i had someone ask me the very first question on the first date was, don't you want to have my children? first thing she said, little bit of a turnoff. not how are you, where are you from? check! wow. that's a red flag. that should be on the list. >> across the street. >> i'm renee from lexington, south carolina. i was wondering how long should you be together with a guy before asking him home for the holidays. >> rick younger. >> oh, you know what, i think that's one of those things you got to play it by ear. it shouldn't take too long. i actually took too long to take my wife -- >> how long? >> it was, like, she almost didn't -- i was this close to not getting married to her. i came home from that holiday
10:33 am
and she had already -- she had had had an online dating profile, which she showed to me. and when she did that, she was at my house within the next two weeks. it wasn't even a holiday. i just took her home. >> you weren't quite ready but you didn't want to lose her. >> yeah, yeah. i think it is like the wedding and the taking home for a holiday thing, i think a year, like wait until after a year before you go big time. >> also have that discussion with him about what it means. like, you know, when i used to live with my parents, you meet my parents wasn't a big deal because if you were going to come and see me, you're going to see them. but it is, like -- >> it is a big deal. no way to ask it. it is going to indicate a bigger picture. >> single guy? >> i think it is -- it is all about what it means. my birthday is christmas day so it is really special for me. so if i ask you home, we'll have a discussion first. what does it mean to you and would you like to meet my folks and i'll reciprocate with another holiday.
10:34 am
>> big family people. like when i'm at home in baltimore, my family is so intertwined. if you go and run into my family or go some place with me and my family is there, it is commonplace. but living in new york and taking somebody home is a different deal. >> all right. we're out of time, kiddos. i don't know. by the way, welcome. and bob, we tease you a lot, but we love you. >> you're all great. >> and your little baby is so beautiful. >> gorgeous and congrats on your movie. >> "geezer". >> go see "geezer." >> when does it come out? >> 2015. >> all right. >> too busy running from store to store to eat a healthy meal? >> madelyn is back with two of our viewers to help you and we'll find out if they cut the creep. they'll weigh in after this. is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold?
10:35 am
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10:38 am
we are back and, hoda, you know what time it is? it is time to -- >> cut the creep!
10:39 am
>> all right. if you've been out scrambling to buy the last minute gifts and find yourself hitting the food court for a little snack, we'll help you make smart choices when you're on the run. >> a few weeks ago we recruited two viewers who are still here, they have been sleeping on the plaza, who wanted help keeping the extra pounds from keeping up over the holidays. they are andrea bellucci and nicole and their coaches nbc news health and nutrition editor made lylyn fernstrom. >> you weigh in both girls, right before. how did they do? >> so we're going to start with andrea. busy week for her. and did she cut the creep? what we did is the difference is this week, it is going to be -- >> what? >> -- up .5 pounds. >> i've done that before. >> .5, a smidgen. >> the good thing is her activity is up. she's walking almost another half a mile every day. keep up the good work.
10:40 am
>> what about you? >> we go to nicole, who had had a busy week as well and when we looked at her difference, she too is up half a pound. >> okay. >> were you hanging out together, eating the same stuff? >> they're also moving more because she's also walking another -- almost three quarters of a mile a day. >> i think you jiggle it on the scale a little bit. it goes away. >> what are we going to do, madelyn? >> today, we beat it or eat it. what i want you to do is -- switch places because each team will have two foods. i'll describe them and then you're going to beat the one that i ask. so listen. starting out, you're going to grab a quick snack at aymany maa mini mart, which one, the cinnamon bun or the -- >> go for it. >> you want to beat the cinnamon bun because that has about 800 calories. and the pretzel is 500. share it with someone.
10:41 am
>> you said 500. >> 500. >> so now you grab lunch at the mall. which of these must be beaten because it has more calories, a hamburger, quarter pounder, or the chili potato? >> pound it. >> pound it! >> you start beating that. >> the potato has about 375 and 600 in the -- >> okay. >> so here we have -- >> are you eating that? >> i might. >> we have snacks, some nachos and cheese or two chicken soft tacos. which one? >> hit it. let's go. >> oh, boy. you both would be right. beat the nachos. 750 calories. let's scoot around.
10:42 am
we have two more to beat. >> we're back here. >> so, you want to have a frozen treat. okay. which one? is it the -- is it just eight ounces of the low fat soft serve ice cream or a 16 ounce smoothie? >> i think it should be -- >> not nice. >> you would be beating the soft serve because it is actually -- >> what? >> you can get a smoothie, but small size smoothie. most places, ask for a kiddie, you'll do well with that. 260 calories. let's move on. >> come on. >> which one -- >> who knows? >> we're winning? >> it has calories and fat, more calories and fat, beat the one with more fat and calories. >> what is it? >> honey mustard pretzels or -- >> pretzels. >> you would be right. the honey mustard pretzels. >> yea! we made a mess. what happens?
10:43 am
we won? >> a tie. >> let the ladies both have something wonderful. >> careful. >> what a nice -- >> thank you. >> madelyn, thanks. thanks, everybody. here is something else that will help you beat the holiday stress. >> steve greenburg has gadgets. >> he's crazy. >> he enjoys his work way too much. >> wacky. we'll be right back. [coach] alright, listen up. out on that field today, you will be ready for anything. and i want you to always remember, this is the greatest team you will ever be part of. there is important work to be done. and only some able to do it. can you make the cut? he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not
10:44 am
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hey mom, can i have a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
10:48 am
between all the shopping and the parties, the holiday hustle may already have you stressed out. it is steve greenburg hasn't already done it. we brought in one of santa's little elves to bring back your festive spirit. >> he has the -- apps, the website, the tech to make your life easier during the holiday. he's the author of "gadget nation" and our own gadget guy, we claim him, steve greenburg. >> ugly holiday sweater, zombie
10:49 am
santa. and have the matching hat that goes with it, which i showed in the tease. so wherever you go, the party goes with you. >> that person should never been invited to begin with. >> these two bottles represent an app here, free app, called drizzly. you're in the holiday situation, people coming over, you need some liquor in your house quickly, you ran out, touch a button, and within -- in this case, 23 minutes i got this delivered. i live on the west side, i got this delivered in 23 minutes. your holiday gifts. >> thank you. i don't drink other people's stuff, but thank you. >> if you did -- regift it. great way to get -- delivered to your house in 20 to 40 minutes. >> depending on the city is quicker than -- >> right now ten major cities. >> yes. >> some cities you're not allowed to do that. >> you have a bottle of wine and you didn't finish it. that wouldn't happen to you
10:50 am
guys. >> you know what? >> you're so funny. >> these are called wine condoms right here. you put -- >> by the way, i bet they work. >> they work. so it -- we go in right here. turn it upside down, you can stir the liquor in the refrigerator, what not. >> are you putting it over the cork? >> no, it is open. >> just leave the condom alone. don't play with it. >> a little wine there, pretty cool, $10 for a box. >> all right. i like saying it over and over. >> this one i really want to say this is called save my app. it is an app of excuses. it gives you text messages. for example, pretend the -- pretend the text is from a baby-sitter, so we can ditch these people and get out of here. pull your, elet ear, let me kn you're ready to leave. it gives you premade excuses, click on it and a text --
10:51 am
>> that sounds -- >> i think that's a lot that's wrong with civilization. >> let's continue. >> we can discuss that on a larger scale. this is from folks at quirky. this is a power thing that turns and curves so you can put anything in it. you can control it from your smartphone, which is great. upstairs, let me turn the christmas tree off or you want the tree on ahead of time, you flip the -- we have it on, turn it off, three or four seconds to kick in and the lights go off. >> and they go off and come back on. >> also pivot power genius is the name of it. next, all the needles that fall under the tree. this is called the swiper. what you do is just keep it right by the tree, green, it disappears and a couple of swipes and it does pick them up. great for crumbs on the table. $6.99 from >> next. >> moving on, this is -- you have all this gift wrapping
10:52 am
scattered all over your house. this is like a garment bag that holds all of that, called the -- it holds 26 rolls of paper. and your bows, your cards. >> you hang it up? >> hang it up in the closet. >> so smart. >> costs about $39.99. >> wow. >> next, we have gloves. try a pair on. try a pair on. these are not only tech gloves. they have warming -- they have little warmers inside them. >> oh, my gosh. >> is that a great idea? >> called heat revolution, you want power, about $45, and you put them on and put the pack in -- >> great when you're walking blake early in the morning. >> i love these. >> this is called the auto stop. remember chains, we put chains on our tire. that's gone. in europe, about 2.5 million sold now. this comes to the u.s. you put this on your car wheel, just like a chain, and you can drive safely for the holiday party you're going to. >> thank you.
10:53 am
>> we'll be back with more. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
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so this is the final week of our 21st annual toy drive. but we're happy it has been so successful. kids around the country are having a merrier christmas thanks to your donations. >> also contributions from our partners like kay napier, ceo of aubon which donated generous gifts for kids and teens of all ages. thank you. what are you donating today? >> we're donating over $200,000 worth of products to your toy drive. and we're very focused on teens, that's the mission of our own foundation where we raised over $2.5 million. so you fit into our sweet spot and we're giving some natural bow ttanically based hand cream which teens love, and all teens love this puppy in support of
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our foundation and goes to all of our angels who volunteer on behalf of teens and self-esteem. >> talking about little kids. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> merry christmas to you. >> you have until friday to donate to our toy drive on the plaza at the nbc experience store, do it online at tomorrow, great actress and singer bernadette peters is here.
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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> indeed right now at 11:00, a brief calm before the next storm, as we give you a real time look at our radar, doppler radar. not a lot of activity, but you can see that green coming in, it's brewing off the coast. good morning, everyone, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon in for kris sanchez. let's give you a live look outside right now. a nice beautiful sunny day from san francisco and san jose. meteorologist christina loren, though, tracking this new system that's headed our way. >> yeah, you know, we're watching a couple systems and i'm really concerned about the one that's coming in for friday. that looks like a doozy, but we still have showers on the radar right now. you can see a


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