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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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it was vicious, yeah. it was unbelievable. the people who witnessed the attack said they had never seen anything like that before. >> right now at 11:00, it was a du3"áqpáu bay.e by two pit bulls tonight a victim tells a harrowing story as police search for a suspect. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. pit bulls on the prowl and on the attack. a san leandro man says he was
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viciously attacked by two dogs and he wasn't the only one. by the time it was over the pit bulls had killed a dog, injured two others, and left a man battered. more disturbing, though, police say the dogs were intentionally set free. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live at the marina where several people helped that man fight those dogs off, michelle. >> reporter: yeah. it took a team of people. the first attack happened earlier in the morning. unfortunately, in that situation the dog died from the injuries. later in the afternoon there was an owner who in the middle of the commotion got tangled, fell down these rocks about ten feet. he's doing okay but still recovering from this traumatic experience. >> i didn't sleep last night at all. i stayed awake until 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: larry osborne said he's been replaying the vicious attack in his mind. >> i started punching the dog and yelling at it, trying to get my dog out of its mouth. >> reporter: every morning larry walks his dogs margo and mia along the marina in san leandro. yesterday two pit bulls
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approached them. >> they were on me like that. >> reporter: he says the dogs went for mia's neck first, then margo. >> reporter: the dog had margo in its mouth and was just shaking it like a ragdoll. just shaking it. >> reporter: the dog bit larry's finger when he tried to stop the attack. he was tangled in the leashes and fell about ten feet, hitting the jagged rocks before landing in the water. >> it hurt my hips and my lower back, and i'm in the water, and i couldn't get back up. >> reporter: that's when several people came running to help. >> broke a patio chair over the dog's head. >> reporter: police say the same dogs also attacked a pit bull that was running with his owner near the marina inn. that dog didn't survive his injuries. police spent hours trying to catch the pit bulls. the chase ended about a mile away at our lady of good counsel parish. >> the dogs were acting aggressively toward our officers, and one of the dogs had to be shot because of the
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aggressive nature. >> reporter: larry's grateful he and his dogs will be okay, but he hasse?ç message for the ow who let the pit bulls loose. >> look what you've done to my dogs. you know, merry christmas. >> reporter: well, police say they did try to contain the animals, but they were too aggressive, so both of the dogs were shot by police. now police are look for the people responsible for this. they do believe they were driving a blue pickup toyota. reporting live in san leandro, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> all right, michelle, thank you very much. new at 11:00, one of san jose's fire stations is partially shutting down due to mold. fire crews will no longer be allowed to sleep at fire station 16. near overfeld high school. that's due to concerns the mold could put firefighters' health at risk. the fire station is particularly busy during peak hours. firefighters will be work out of the station's parking lot. tonight it's not too clear if the station will have to be closed down altogether or if the station will be cleaned and then reopened. was it a crime or consensual
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act of sex between two adults or not? new court documents in the ray mcdonald sexual assault investigation detail what the alleged victim says happened on the night in question. the woman said that she and mcdonald had been drinking at the willow den bar in san jose and later went to a party at mcdonald's home. the woman says she fell and hit her head by the pool and was knocked unconscious and that the next thing she remembers is waking up nude in mcdonald's bed. the alleged victim says she doesn't remember the incident but mcdonald says he has video to prove that the woman initiated the sexual encounter. >> it's not going to be ray mcdonald saying he didn't have sex but it was consensual sex. but if she wasn't capable of giving consensual sex, it can still be rape under california law. >> ray mcdonald was recently the subject of a domestic violence investigation but was not charged in that case. the 49ers released mcdonald last week. more details now. the victim also says the day after the alleged assault she went drinking with mcdonald and
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embattled 49ers player aldon smith, who's currently on probation and not allowed to drink. smith refuted that allegation via his attorney. the widow of one of the officers killed this weekend in new york city spoke through her tears tonight thanking the city for its support. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. >> officer wenjian liu had only been married for three months when he was shot and killed saturday. he and officer rafael ramos were ambushed as they sat in their patrol car. the gunman, identified as ismaaiyl brinsley, had spoken out against police in thehkb$x of controversial officer-involved killings of two black men. tonight investigators released new surveillance video of brinsley in the hours leading up to that attack. the video is from inside a mall, and it shows him holding that package. the gun used in the attack is
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believed to be inside that package. his family said today that brinsley never got the mental help he needed. >> if you have emotional issues and you're constantly going in and out of jail, you know, prison, clearly something's wrong. he should have been offered help in the system. right? but he wasn't. >> new york's mayor personally gave his condolences to the family today, and he is now asking protesters not to return to the streets until after liu and ramos are laid to rest. well, the killing of those two officers has shaken police departments here in the bay area as well. in san francisco it comes during an already difficult time. eight years ago tonight an sfpd officer was shot and killed. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in san francisco with more on how the department is reacting. jean. >> reporter: jessica, dozens of people who knew officer brian tuvera gathered in his honor
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tonight. they say the shooting in new york brings back painful memories and tonight they grieve for two more families facing senseless loss. in the glow of a holiday tree people come together at taravel station to remember officer brian tuvera. >> he was his father in law. part of a group that gathers every year on the night a parolee shot and killed the 28-year-old officer. >> for me it helps. i'm not too sure how some of the other family members feel. i think&k it's very difficult his mom. a lot of emotions are brought up every year at this time for her. >> reporter: each gathering is emotional, but he says tonight feels more intense. >> the magnitude, especially the two officers that were killed there in new york. >> reporter: people here know the weight of the sadness families in new york are now facing. >> shock, grief. all the emotions.
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>> reporter: captain curtis lumm says officers at taravel are stunned. >> it does feel different. it feels different because it's more of an impact because of the recent events. with that happening and remembering this, we really feel it. >> reporter: emotional officers all over the bay area are on patrol. >> right now we're grieving as a profession, as a country for two fallen officers only guilty of wearing a uniform. >> reporter: tonight the order from the top is be safe. >> heightened officer safety alert. just to tell the officers to be aware of their surroundings. certainly don't go anywhere by themselves. back each other up. and just err on the side of caution on everything. >> reporter: the chief says officers here in san francisco are planning to attend services for their fallen brothers in new york. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you so much. the man convicted of setting more than a dozen fires in san jose back in january learned his fate today. he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison as part of a
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plea deal patrick brennan pleaded guilty today to more than a dozen charges all in exchange for a sentencing of 40 years to life in prison. the deal stipulates that brennan serves at least 38 years before he'll be eligible for parole. and tonight the window washer that fell 11 stories from a san francisco building is alive, recovering, and does hope to walk again. last month 58-year-old pedro perez landed on a moving car, fracturing his pelvis, breaking his arm, and suffering brain trauma. now his wife says he's improving and will be transferred to a rehab center. however, his family is really struggling to make ends meet. >> why we're here today is to ask help from the public and from the community. we need help during this time of recuperation and to help maintain our family. it's not easy to be here asking for help. >> the family remains hopeful but it's now relying on
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donations to help pay for its monthly bills. >> it's significant. how much has changed in a sort amount of time. >> major changes in the way california oversees children's daycares. i'm investigative reporter stephen stock. tonight, our investigation gets results. now you can see for yourself how your child's daycare safety record really stacks up. coming up, we'll show you. and right now we're watching patchy areas of fog heading toward the morning commute tomorrow. things are calm for mow but look at the storm system that will pack a one-two punch of wind and rain. the latest in your microclimate forecast coming up. also ahead, google unveils its car of the future. the company's latest self-driving prototype that's ready to hit the road. plus meet the man with one of the best holiday light displays in the bay area. why so many people came out to honor him tonight.
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if you're a parent, you will find this remarkable because this year has seen major improvements when it comes to protecting children in california's daycare. >> and that's a direct result of an nbc bay area investigation with the center for investigative reporting. stephen stock has been on this since last year, joining us now with the very latest. stephen. >> peggy, jessica, california may still rank near the bottom in the nation when it comes to daycare inspections, but this year the state took a big step toward better protecting its children. that includes a new website and a new law, all designed to help parents pick safe and quality
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daycare. our undercover investigation shed light on an inspection and safety verification system in california that had kept parents in the dark for years. our investigation also uncovered little state oversight of daycares or the availability of simple safety inspection information on daycares for parents. >> you don't have anything that we can look at? >> no. >> reporter: the department of social services oversees nearly 48,000 daycares in california, where 1.1 million children go every day. >> i was wondering if you have -- >> so i have nothing to provide to you. >> reporter: back in january even state officials admitted that the current system of overseeing and regulating daycares in california was ant squaited and underfunded. >> it was horrifying. >> reporter: after our reporting bay area parents like denise ross demanded action. >> if we can't protect our most vulnerable in our society, what
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does it say about us as a society? >> unfortunately the way our system works, we don't have an easy way, we don't even have a difficult way at the moment, we don't have a way of taking the information that's in this system and putting it up online. >> reporter: so that's what we did. last summer the investigative unit spent months scanning and puttinging the records for napa county and santa clara county daycares online. something that had never been done before. then the state followed suit. >> i was just happy to be able to get this process. >> reporter: assemblywoman christina garcia represents an urban area southeast of los angeles p. after our initial investigation representative garcia sponsored and helped pass a new law that now requires the state to publish its inspection records online and to update them. it's now easy for parents to check those inspection histories of their daycares with just a few mouse clicks. >> to ensure that the rest of the legislators were informed of this power.
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>> reporter: but garcia says the job isn't over. >> making sure we have enough personnel that's trained and able to get out there and do the investigations and how do we beef up quickly. >> reporter: last month president barack obama signed the child care and development block grant into law. the law requires annual inspections of all daycares. right now california only inspects its daycares once every five years under the law. >> that needs to change immediately. >> reporter: kim johnson serves as policy director at california's child care resource and referral network. johnson has advocated for more information for parents about their child's care. >> we did hear directly from families, who searched for childcare and didn't know where to turn. >> reporter: johnson says putting the inspection records online is a good first step, but she says california needs to comply with the new federal law and increase inspections by the fall of 2016 or risk losing $7.5 million in federal funding for childcare. >> we absolutely need to ensure that where children are have
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some basic health and safety standards, and we just can't afford not to do that. >> reporter: johnson and assemblywoman garcia both credit nbc bay area and c.i.r.'s joint investigation with what they call changing the conversation and forcing state policy makers to confront the issues with daycare oversight. >> it's significant. it's really significant how much has changed in a short amount of time. >> thank you for all the hard work you've been doing to make sure this got done, and we got it done. >> now, state officials said they were too busy this month to sit down and answer our questions about what exactly has changed in this system, but they did e-mail us a statement saying in part, "we are working with our federal and state partners to better understand the impacts of this new federal legislation." if you want to read the entire statement or see more of these inspection records, just go to our website, nbc bay we have a link for you. by the way, this is going to cost millions of dollars, but if california doesn't do it it's going to cost even more.
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>> i think there's a lot of parents thanking you this evening. >> you bet. >> if you have a tip or our investigative unit give us a call. 1-888-996-tips. you also can send an e-mail to following the crippling north korean cyber attack, sony pictures is in damage control mode tonight, all trying to keep their confidential data under wraps. in a letter sent today to twitter obtained by the l.a. times, sony demanding the social media company take down the accounts of people posting images of the stolen documents or face a lawsuit. the movie studio is specifically concerned with one user who's tweeted more than 50 screen shots of stolen data. twitter has not asked the user to remove the tweets so far but has advised him to get an attorney. just ahead of christmas, google is unwrapping new details behind its self-driving car and what it looks like. here's the latest picture of the prototype, which is the first working real car of the 100 cars google says it's going to
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initially build. the car now has working components like real headlights. the car looks almost identical to the prototype google featured in this video during the summer. google said it's going to start test-driving the vehicles which don't have pedals or steering wheels. they're going to do it around silicon valley in the new year. so look out for that. >> wow. pretty easy to spot. they're very different-looking. that's for sure. meteorologist rob mayeda standing by as we get a look at this microclimate forecast just before the big holiday. >> and the forecast right now still dry but we're going to have to watch out for some patchy thick fog in parts of the bay area for your morning commute. 40s and 50s. north bay down to 48 degrees. and speaking of the fog, less than a half mile visibility in napa. you can see the visibility at two miles in fairfield. areas of fog mainly toward the north and east by valleys. could have some mist and drizzle for the morning. then as the low clouds begin to clear we'll see some hazy afternoon sunshine. that's one of the things we're watching. also another coastal flood advisory for the third day of king tides around the bay area.
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we could see some localized flooding. the next high tide coming up just before 11:00 in the morning as we use ocean beach as a guide here. it will be close to 6.7 feet there. the latest set of our astronomical high tide. low tide coming up at 5:48. from here we should begin to see the high tides drop off. the situation could have been made worse if we had a lot of wind or runoff from heavy rain. not seeing that now but things should begin to change by the time we get into wednesday afternoon. of course high pressure keeping us drive for the moment which this time of year after recent rain and light winds and clear skies overnight is a real recipe for radiation fog setting up. we'll have some of that for tomorrow morning. nice day tomorrow. you'll see our temperatures. the last of our mild days for the rest of the week. upper 60s, maybe near 70 in the warmest spots around the south bay. san francisco seeing those highs in the mid 60. for the north bay close to 70 in santa rosa. toward tri-valley numbers in the mid 60s once the fog clears. the change starts to arrive during the day wednesday.
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system here dropping in from the north, which means it's not going to have as much rain. but some pretty blustery winds. as that cold air comes rushing toward the bay area, winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. right now looks like around 4:00 you'll see the frontal boundary pass through. by 9:00 things already shutting down. and then from there as santa sweeps over the bay area, looks dry. a little windy, though. and much cooler temperatures as we finish off the week. rainfall projections with this storm coming in for wednesday. relatively light. less than a quarter inch of rain but maybe close to a foot of snow for a white christmas in the sierra for thursday morning. here's your changes over the next five days. chance of rain. more wind as opposed to rain for wednesday. high temperatures in san jose and san francisco. upper 50s. and overnight low temperatures, watch that, for thursday into friday, upper 30s and mid 30s in some of those wind-sheltered valleys. once we get past the system. the cold air's going tonight story. the upcoming weekend looks dry
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but chilly for the bay area. back to you. >> thanks very much, rob. back in a moment with the man they call mr. christmas here in the bay area.
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mr. christmas is calling it quits. we're not talking about santa claus, though. >> no. after nearly four decades of bringing holiday cheer to the east bay, mr. christmas is hanging up his lights. tonight his concord neighbors came out to wish him one final merry christmas. nbc bay area's ian cole with mr. christmas. >> reporter: for 36 years christmas lights have brought the concord community together. especially at this home on olive drive. for many families stopping by is an annual tradition. >> we've been coming here since i was probably a teenager, and now we're bringing our kids. >> reporter: the man who lives here behind the lights is bruce murts. but everyone calls him mr. christmas. when his wife passed away in 1985, he devoted himself to
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putting up more lights. 50,000 in all. more ex-trav grant displays. more smiles from neighbors and their children. >> kept me occupied. and something to do. so i guess i did a pretty good job. >> reporter: but it's a lot of work. mertz just turned 85. he had back surgery in june, a heart attack in august, and decided this will be the last year he'll put the lights out. >> he's one of a kind. >> reporter: so tonight hundreds of neighbors organized and came out to see them once more, to bring their kids even if they won't remember and to mourn in a way. >> this is beyond words. >> reporter: and most of all to say thank you to a man who brought them together in christmas cheer so many times. >> he said a couple minutes ago this is better than a funeral. i hope so. >> they all came out in force and really showed me what the community spirit is like. >> reporter: in concord, ian
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cole, nbc bay area news. >> and he deserves all that love. >> a lot of people sad to see him go. both warriors and sharks fans had their teams in action tonight. how'd they do? sports coming up next.
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good evening. geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. i-80 rivalry back in play at oracle. the dubs with a healthy david lee coming off the bench hosting sacramento and demarcus cousins who's fully recovered from that bout with viral meningitis. how about some holiday cheer? we've got holiday cheer for you tonight. staff sergeant mindy castle returning home to surprise her son. that is a game winner for the little guy. pick it up in the second quarter. warriors up 10-6. klay thompson finishing the alley-oop. 55-43. 11 assists for curry on the night. third quarter warriors up 16. demarcus cousins cheating on d and gets dunked on. festus ezeli doing damage. to the ice. california showdown. sharks and ducks from the o.c. third period ducks down a goal. ryan getzlaf finding fowler.
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we head to o.t. ryan kesler with the puck. and on the wing this is just a little too easy. ducks take the 3-2 victory. the clock on the jim harbaugh era with the 49ers winding down as the season finale against the arizona cardinals draws within a week. reports that the coach and the franchise parting ways shortly after sunday, and harbaugh seems at peace with the inevitable. >> we know this is going to be the last week of the season, and i'm growing to enjoy it. i'm going to enjoy all the players, enjoy the coaches, enjoy the staff, enjoy the -- enjoy all the people in the building that i really enjoy being around. the trainers and front office people. the entire organization. cal hosting sixth ranked wisconsin. badgers receiving a huge game from nigel hayes. second half up 14, hayes spins baseline and throws down the two-hand flush. the sophomore finished with 17 points. 13 rebounds.
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cal falls 68-56. that's their first home loss of the season. and finally, a quick baseball note. as we reported last week, reliever sergio romo and the giants made their two-year deal official today. the righty pitched in 64 games last season. sporting a 3.72 e.r.a. more news coming up after the break.
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before we wind down for the holidays, tomorrow morning for folks going to work. >> looks like some fog. some drizzle in a few spots. 60s in the afrp. our next weather system we're watching is that one still in the central pacific. that's going to arrive on wednesday. and for christmas eve breezy conditions, some rain that will be gone just in time for midnight as santa arrives. clearing out. but cooler temperatures there for the second half of the week. we're looking at highs in the upper 50s and some of the valleys could see some 30s and 40s for the end of the week. real taste of winter coming our way. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you, rob. we hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris pine, david oyelowo, bobby flay,


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