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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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out shell. why arson investigators are being called in. >> it's a little dangerous this morning, you want to leave a little extra time for yourself. you'll also see the end of king tides, rain pushing in. >> do leave extra time. can you do that because you'll have a little extra time. we'll show you what's going on with those roadways. it's going to be hard to show you, coming up. >> let's get a live look at the san mateo bridge. things flowing nicely but a little foggy out there so be careful. it's tuesday, december 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay". >> good morning. thank you for joining us this tuesday. i'm vicky nguyen, laura garcia-cannon has the morning off. >> and i'm sam brock. did we mention it's an unusually
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foggy start in the south bay? a challenge for some drivers as they try to get to work. anthony slaughter is keeping tabs on your weather. >> we're looking at that dense fog. visibility is down to less than a quarter of mile. as i was going to some of the sky cams in san jose, there are some sky kams where it actually looks clear. it's all in the vantage point of where you're at. it's all relative this morning. you'll notice the visibility is starting to lessen, especially across oakland and across the coastline. that's the morning fog that we typically see. again, it's not for everybody. it's very isolated this morning. the thing about it this afternoon, sunshine for everyone. that won't be isolated. we're going to see 70 in the south bay today, 67 in the opinio peninsula, and you'll be in the low 70s, the fog is starting to
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build across the golden gate bridge. that will cause a few more problems. let's talk to mike and see what he's got for that. >> the fog is a factor for the south bay. by the time these folks reach downtown, it should start to lighten up. you watch for that on the north bay, as well look the bay bridge. our shot from emeryville turned toward the city and this dark band here, low clouds drifting across the span. there's all sorts of vehicles getting closer to the san francisco 9th street off ramp. lower visibility gives you less reaction time. we'll track the rest of your commute. it should be a lighter tuesday. >> mike, thank you. this morning a busy start for
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south bay firefighters. take a look. this is what's left after flames ripped through a third car overnight. two of those cars now have the attention of arson investigators. >> stephanie, another fire broke out, a third fire. hard to keep track at this point. >> reporter: good morning sam and vicky. the first of the fires happened here at the river walk apartment in call bell around 11:40 last night. around 40 minutes later, a second fire. investigators may be looking at location. this is the trail for the lolos los gattos creek. then just over an hour later after the second fire, san jose firefighters responded to a third vehicle fire, that one about 12 miles away in east san jose by silver vehicle valley
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road. there was an suv fully ungulfed by flames. by the time our crew got there, the firefighters were hosing down hot spots. you could just see the metal frame and wires expost. we noticed no other vehicles around that park. the next step is to examine the evidence, field system, engine, carburetor. could it have started from an electrical short? so far the third fire not being investigated as arson. these happened just in the last few hours and overnight. they say no link between the first two fires. police are also investigating. >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> not a fun start for those drivers. this morning we are learning one of the new york city police officers murdered in an ambush was just an hour away from becoming a certified chap plan. officer rafael ramos had spent
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ten weeks studying to become a chaplain with the new york state chap plan task force. just before 3:00 saturday afternoon, ramos and fellow officer wenjian liu were shot and killed while sitting in their police cruiser. ramos was scheduled to graduate at 4:00 that day. the group's president said ramos wanted to go into full this is video from inside a mall. can you see him. he's holding a box there. investigators believe the gun used in the attack is inside that package. brinsley had spoken out against police in the wake of the controversial officer-involved killings of two black men. in a call for calm the mayor of new york city is asking protesters not to return to the streets until after both liu and ramos are laid to rest.
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>> the the tns times. brian tavera was shot and killed by aee. as they do every year, they gather to honor the 28-year-old. they say december 22nd is always an emotional day but the loss in new york is magnifying their pain. >> it feels because. >> right now we're grieving for two fallen officers on guilty of wearing a uniform. >> officers from san francisco, as well as other departments across the bay area, plan to. we give you a live look over san
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francisco. flag flying beautifully there. it's going to be pretty puch all going to see the sunshine and that's something we haven't seen a whole lot of in the past week or so. the fog in san francisco not too bad but it's very isolated this morning. it's denoted on our fog map, the gray blob right over the silicon valley index. it's not causing any delays at sfor. even at go. i want to show you your futurecast. if you're traveling to the eastern sea board, this is the
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weather center be. >> for christmas day itself, here's the remarkable thing. even though they're seeing the rain and snow across the eastern coast, it's going to be dry from boston all the way down through miami for christmas morning and most of the country will be dry for the middle part of the country. then you get over toward the rockies and you'll see a little snow there. back at home the fog will be with us at least for the first half the day. we're talking 70s for daytime highs today. 67 with a few clouds on the peninsula. weill we've got the fog developing now, especially acrosses golden gate bridge, we'll see temperatures here 65 and in the low 70s. we'll have a chance to dry out before our next storm system moves in tomorrow.
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>> the mootering lights are not unusual. but the fact is there's a lighter-than-normal volume here because we have the weeks of christmas. you saw that really take nekt the hillside remains stable this morning. 101 is clear down past the waldo tunnel and in toward san francisco via the golden gate bridge. the stalled vehicle looks like it has cleared as you get in toward san francisco. a patch of clouds and fogs near the span. the orange blob is where the fog
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is the dennist. we can actually see 880 as it passes by on the left side. a smooth drive past tesla the volume builds but this is typically one of your slower spots of the day. it is still one of your slowest at about 55. that's a good flow of traffic coming out of the altamont pass. >> an and interesting contrast. so much fog in fremont and not elsewhere. >> your time now is 6:10. mold forces a san jose fire station to shut its doors.
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>> i guess they call that good luck. a live look outside right now. emeryville at 6:10 on your tuesday morning. a holiday wook for many folks. if you are commuting, we have the latest on the weather and plenty of news in your community. we'll be right back.
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welcome back here on this tuesday morning. we're looking at oakland where we saw visibility really bad yesterday. this is our trouble spot. this morning our trouble spot is the south bay.
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this is looking at christmas in the park downtown. you can barely make out the streets below. let's toss things to mike to see how the roads are shaping up. >> the fog is playing a factor in your morning drive. we've been warning you, this is 101 through san jose. >> first at look at today's top stories this morning. the east bay regional park district will provide an update on the death of rob runzel. >> and firefighters have yet to pinpoint a cause on multiple car
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fires. >> and firefighters no longer allowed to sleep inside fire station 16 on king road. crews are working on cleaning out the mold in that station right now. >> first now sony wants its secrets off the internet and it is starting with one guy with a twitter account that i have a feeling is about to pick up a few thousand more followers, right? bikinirobotarmy, that's a heck of a handle. >> just when you think things couldn't get any weirder, there is a twitter user by that name. he's been leaking e-mails and other secrets put out there by hackers. sony is not amused. it's writing to twitter saying sony will hold twitter responsible for any loss
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associated with the posting of those documents. sony is not amused. the other things we're going to talk about include -- i don't know. we'll find out in just a second here. show me some video and i'll tell you. facebook took down this page off the internet at least in russia after vladimir putin objected to it. it's a facebook page that calls for the rally of anti-putin folks. where it breaks russian law, it's an unauthorized demonstration. silicon valley companies generally have to follow the laws of the country they're in. >> putin had a three-hour conference last week. the ruble is doing better. it takes 51 rubles to get you an
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american dollar. last week it took you 80 dollars. i got some rubles. i've got a lot of rubles. >> should we be answering questions at this point -- >> these are 500s. that's a lot of rubles. here's the deal. i got these rubles at an exchange rate of 80 rubles to the dollar. now it's at 51 rubles to the dollar and it's going up. so i'm making money on this. >> you've almost doubled your investment right there. >> i'm an arbitrager and didn't even know it. i have nearly doubled my $45. >> i should have bought like $100,000 worth of rubles. >> that would be a good christmas for you right now where they stand. >> i want to see you make it rain on the next hit, okay? >> time now to check our
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forecast. it is 6:17. we want to give you a live look outside at san bruno mountain. look at that. just beautiful. it almost looks like a satellite picture from space. >> we've had enough making it rain. we're good in the rain department. you know it's going to pick up again but for the time being for the holidays -- >> i'm just glad i finally got to see what a ruble is. let's talk about that weather forecast. you just saw on that camera it was clear. no fog in san francisco this morning so you may be scratching your head where is the fog? you look out your window, it is completely fogged in and it's dangerous this morning, visibility down to less than a quarter of a mile. you can see for yourself and there it's christmas in the park
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down below. you really can't even make out this vantage point. take it easy if you're hitting the road. later this afternoon we'll see some sunshine, 70 degrees in the south bay, 67 for the peninsula, season fran, you'll be at 65 and the north bay at 71 for your highs today. it will turn out to be a pretty nice day after we get rid of the morning fog. today is the last day of the king tides. you can see how close it gets right to the. >> i want to show you this is our futurecast. tomorrow morning at 7:00, you'll notice showers pushing into the north bay. it will stay isolated and then by the afternoon the showers will spread to the south bay,
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east bay, peninsula toward the valley. by 5:00, 6:00 all of that activity will clear out. if you're headed up to tahoe, be all set how this map just comes alive. so after what, the key o the bottom, we're talking about winds at the coastline up to 50 miles an hour. from the valley floor we see anything from 30 to 40. nonetheless, our ground is still very saturated. even yesterday we had a lan overall, though, enjoy the day today. it is going to be nice, 65 in san francisco and 70 in san jose. rain arrives tomorrow and
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christmas day will be dry but cold. 50 returns across the entire bay as we head towards this upcoming weekend. >> we'll give you a live lookout for san jose. anthony showed you downtown. the last 20 minutes we've seen a little bit more visibility and speeds are coming up a tad bit. show this is very cler. the camera is right here. coming up past capital, 87 toward curtain. things are moving around. >> a lighter than norm at pattern volume of traffic.
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>> as we get a live look out there, we'll show you we have the metering lights turned on. the fastrak lanes are moving very well. the upper 50s, that's a great flow of traffic. the golden gate bridge, one more akle will be the cloud drifting around. the south end of it is clear as far as your views go. again, the roadway itself was clear no problems like that today. >> we appreciate that from the man we call mr. traffic. now a peek at one of the most extraf gand
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a bay area tradition comes to an end. mr. christmas is calling it quits. >> three and a half decades. health issues have forced him to say this year will be his final hurrah. several hundred of his neighbors came out last night to see the
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lights and just say thank you. >> they all came out in force and really showed me what a community spirit is like. >> the lights will stay on until january the 2nd. if you'd like to check them out for yourself, his home son the 5200 block on olive drive in concord, not far from the kirk akirker pass. >> chelsea had low muscle town. she discovered a sport that she loved and has not looked back since. >> see probably competed for three years and probably came in last place every time. she didn't care. then there came a time where she did understand what the lower score meant. that began a whole new journey of training her to understand if this is what you want to do, then you have to work harder, if you want to get a medal.
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>> and she forged ahead. chelsea was one of the top competitors in gymnastics at this year's u.s. special olympics championship. she'll be feature on the "today" show this morning. >> your time now is 6:27. the opening bell is just minutes away. scott mcgrew will join us next with the early numbers. >> plus north korea back online this morning after a massive internet outage. why some are wondering if the u.s. is behind the entire thing.
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good morning. we have dense fog out there this morning. you want to make sure you travel safely. we have rain in the forecast. >> that dense fog will be an unexpected influence on your drive. we have extended influences like
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this coming up. >> dow industrials will start this morning at a new record as we get things under way on the nyse. now over to the nasdaq as they get under way. >> the confetti not falling in the bay area but it will be in the new year, not only a little over a week ago. it is tuesday, december 23rd. you are watching "today in the bay". >> a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm vicky nguyen, laura garcia-cannon has the day off. the internet in north korea is back on today after a mysterious outage. some are asking whether the
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united states was behind all of this. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. the white house is not confirming or denying anything right now. >> and neither is the state department. it's very possible that this was just a big router problem. internet, which is always sketchy in north korea, was down for more than nine hours monday. was it the u.s. making good on a promise to deal with whoever hacked sony pictures? the state department won't say. >> as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen. >> the u.s. believes north korea was behind the sony attack. north korea denies it but says they are targeting the white house and pentagon. the white house says there's no credible information about that. meantime one washington lawmaker is inviting sony to screen its
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movie at the u.s. capitol. >> we're not going to be deprived of seeing what's either a good or bad movie because of threats from north korea. >> silence will not make the north korean government end its apubuses and silence will not me the international community safer. >> she's urging -- >> officials from china saying they had nothing to do with the sony attack and they want to make sure that the u.s. and north korea are talking about who may have been responsible. >> china just getting out in front of the whole thing. we don't have anything to do with this. thank you. >> 6:32 right now.
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obviously there are many te tentacles to this story. >> that would be against the spirit of the internet, for one country to cut off another country could well be considered a crime. considering the obama administration came down hard on countries like egypt for restricting internet access, it would be very strange to think the white house would authorize such a thing. val has been posting links and screen shots to some of sony's internal e-mails. we don't think he has anything to do with the hackers themselves. sony is not amused writing to twitter and brooksmith saying sony would hold twitter responsible for damage or loss from such use and dissemination and asked the account be closed. from what we can see, he's only linking and screen shotting
6:34 am
stuff that's already available online. sony playing hard ball but it's drawing attention to the twitter account. it has 19,000 followers now. we call this the streisand effect. ten years ago she got upset someone took a picture of her house as part of the project photographing the pacific coastline to measure each beach erosion. if she had said nothing, very few pictures would have seen the picture of her house. she sued and everybody took a look and now it's named the streisand effect. >> bikini robot army, every time you mention it, i feel like another twitter member posts up. >> and remember, it's all on the internet already. they're finding little pieces and postings, pieces of information. that's where everybody is going
6:35 am
to look. >> now they call it the sony streisand effect. >> 6:34 as we check your live look outside right now, this is going to be downtown san jose. we have a clear picture at this point, we can see the sunrise coming up, we're moving well into the holiday week here. we're going to check in with meteorologist anthony slaughter. anthony, a little bit of rain left before christmas. >> that shot that you just saw shows clear skies in san jose. this the. it's very isolated. when you run into a patch of fog this thick, you want to make sure you're driving slow enough to react opinion it's very isolated so not everybody is seeing it. san jose, silicon valley are the
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only places looking at fog this thick. 101 san francisco you can see, visibility not so bad, the altamont pass, ten miles there. we are going to see sunshine later on this afternoon. we're talking 70 for the south bay, 68 for the east shore and 65 for san francisco. that north bay cam looking real nice right now from belvedere. quite a different story from what we saw yesterday. let's time this out, show you you are next storm system. by lunch time we'll see the showers from san francisco, oakland and eventually the afternoon hours and for that matter, if you're traveling up to tahoe, it.
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>> so we'll get the rain first and then tomorrow night it's going to be very windy at the coastline, up to 50 miles an hour at the coast and wouldn't be surprised if we get some gusts up to 50 across some of our higher peaks. so the rain and wind for tomorrow and temperatures only in the 50s on thursday and overnight lows. >> looking over to fremont where we had some fog as well. we shouldn't take any of this lightly because the unexpected fog through fremont and san jose as well could cause a slow down. on northbound 680 there may be some debris in the road or maybe a stall.
6:38 am
we're not clear what's going on right there. the orange blob at the bottom of your screen, that's denser fog still registering on our system, northbound to 101 capital expressway. we see the bill for the san mateo bridge. looks like it's a pretty slow coming off the maze now. that is your tuesday commute starting to well and this is coming off the high rise that's really kicked in over the last 20 minutes. a steady but that poult traffic does way.
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>> well, your time now is 6:38. >> still ahead, a baggage handler apparent lip uses his own credentials to smuggle guns on to a fly to new york. >> stay with us.
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a delta airlines baggage handler is under arrest this morning, accused of helping another man smuggle guns on to an airplane. eugene harvey brought 18
6:42 am
handguns into the airport, using his employees pass to bypass the metal detector and gave the hand guns to another person who flew all the way to new york, where he was arrested. >> quite the covert operation. 6:42 right now. a warning on the peninsula as a teen-age girl is followed while out for a run. >> plus up in flames. three cars torched in the south bay overnight and now arson investigators are combing through what is left behind. >> plus by road or air, weather making holiday travel a little tricky in the days ahead. >> and time now is 6:42. we're going to take you live outside. we are back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break. we'll leave you with this shot of san bruno mountain.
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coming up, some whirl wind travel days ahead. lower gas prices encouraging people to drive. weather worries for the roadways and in the air. live from chicago, what everyone needs to know. >> it's one of those days here in chicago. we're seeing the sun for the first time in weeks here and that's good news. you get on the road or in the air now. but things will disintegrate as far as the weather goes in the next couple of days and that's when a lot of people are traveling. >> the rush is on. one in three americans is traveling for the holidays. primetime for not so frequent flyers visiting family and friends. 98.6 million americans plan to
6:46 am
travel 50 miles or more. airports to watch today for delays, on the east coast, heavy rain or low ceilings expected in boston, atlanta, minneapolis. christmas eve moving into charlotte, cleveland, worsening in chicago and detroit. unleaded gas now averaging $2.36 a gallon nationwide and less than $2 in 27 states. >> right now we're paying 81 cents less than we were a year ago. take into account we've dropped almost 35 cents in a month, 13 cents in less than a week. >> reporter: and price watchers say we can expect this trend to continue into the new year. >> this is really the gift that keeps on giving for american motorists. gas prices already 80 cents lower than last year. >> reporter: that adds up to a little extra cash to spend when
6:47 am
you get there. that is if you get there. there's already been a few delays along the eastern sea board, up to an hour or two depending where you're going. that can have a ripple effect across the country. >> jennifer, thank you. your time now 6:47. we've got anthony slaughter here to look at the forecast and any flight delays. >> we don't have any flight delays right now. sfo is completely fogged in. up would think because of the fog there would be delays but we don't have any. so count your blessings. >> in newark we're starting to see delays, even in houston, texas, up to 45-minute delay there and it's all because of the same weather system. can you see it's a system to our east and it's picking up lots of gulf moisture and that's what's going to be thrown across the east coast as we head through
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the day, the tennessee valley, mississippi valley and all the way up to the atlantic states. if you're doing any traveling today, that's where you're going to run into problems as the next storm system, the one that's going to impact us, starts to move up. that live shot here not getting any better. and now, as you can see, some of the data is picking up on dense fog, toward central valley. this morning in san jose it has been very thick. it has been dangerous, in fact. later this afternoon we're going to see sunshine in here. 67 for the peninsula. on the east shore you'll be at 68, san francisco at 65 and the north bay looking at a beautiful sunrise here. this is the stuff you live for, right? beautiful, right? you can't get enough of that. let's talk about -- i'm talking to everybody. >> johnson public? >> everybody. >> let's talk about your
6:49 am
futurecast. i want to fast forward you into our next form system. it's going to move out very quickly so by 5:00, 6:00, the showers will start to end but the wind is really going to pick up. look how this map just blossoms. we're talking about wind tomorrow evening at the coastline anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour. even some of our higher hilltops, mount hamilton and tomorrow up to 50 miles an hour. that's going to be the case overnight into christmas morning. it will be very windy. we had that mud slide yesterday you might recall on 101 but we didn't have any rain or any wind. with this added rain and added wind -- you can see what i did to rain there. like that? we're going to be looking at problems. just keep in mind. not only are the reindeers going to be looking at issue but i
6:50 am
think folks on the road could be having issues as well. >> if you can get a flying slay, that's great for you. the volume is very light today. we do see the backup but it's starting to recede. every ten minutes or so we'll cycle with a full toll plaza, everything starting to back up and we're seeing the heart beat of that traffic flow that we see around the bay. we're looking at oakland as well things are moving nicely and we just saw a burst of traffic and starting to move smoothly again. people tend to travel in packs. all over a typical pattern but a lighter than typical volume in traffic. we're not seeing much beyond that green. upper 50s for hayward and union city. in toward livermore, coming into
6:51 am
the upper 40s at times. the orange on our map, that's the fog. we'll show you right here where there is some slowing north of 680 for 101. the live camera shows you traffic is flowing nicely and it good visibility we haven't seen for quite some time this morning. so that word of caution if you're traveling south on 101 as well. >> a busy morning for south bay firefighters. it's what's left after flames ripped through a third car overnight. two of those cars have the attention of arson investigators. >> stephanie chuang joins us live from campbell this morning, where the first fire broke out. good morning, steph. >> reporter: good morning to you, vicky and sam. i'm at the river walk apartments
6:52 am
in campbell. take a look at the los gattos creek trail. the first two fires happened along the creek, less than a mile apart and just over an hour after each other. around 1:40 this morning, san jose firefighters responded to a third vehicle fire. this one, though, on another side of town, 12 miles away al silver creekland and park. there was an suv ungulfed at that point. all you could see just a shell, a skeleton of the vehicle, the metal frame, the seats, the wires exposed. there were no other vehicles around. the next step for investigators is to take a look at the evidence and figure out if there
6:53 am
is arson involved. >> police are warning early morning jogs are on the peninsula to watch out. a teenage girl out for a run yesterday morning was followed by a man in a dark gray preus. she first saw him near aterton. she believes he was taking pictures of her when she stopped to tie her shoe laces. the girl eventually lost the man and then called police to report the incident. >> investigative reporter steven stock first uncovered problems
6:54 am
in child care safety. good morning. >> in response to our six-month-long investigation, state lawmakers passed and governor brown signed into law a new state law here in california that requires state officials to post public safety information records for day care centers on line. also, parents can easily find that information and make good decisions. late this fall the federal government also passed a new law requiring that every state in the country inspect its day cares at least once a year. our investigation uncovered that under current law here in california, the state only inspects day cares once every five years. that will have to change or the state could risk losing more than $7 million in federal grant money. now, while children's advocates say much more needs to be done, they also say that getting these inspection reports online is a huge first step in improving child care here in california. you can view all the stories on
6:55 am
our day care investigation into its oversight but going to and clicking on investigations. now back to you. >> steven, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, please give us a call or send us an e-mail directly. >> please in san leandro are asking for hem in finding the owners of two pit bulls who they think were set free in order to attack. >> i started to yell at it, punch at it to get my dog out of its mouth. the dog had margo in its mouth was and was just jace shaking it like a pit bull. police say the same dogs attacked another police spent
6:56 am
hours trying to catch the bit bulls. they eventually caught up to them about a mile away. >> the dogs acted aggressively towards our officers and one of the dogs had to be shot. >> look what you've done to my dog. mer riff christmas. >> both of those pit bulls have been put down. police think the owners let the dogs out on purpose. they believe the owners drive a blue toyota pickup. >> it might seem like things are picking up lately. it turns out the u.s. economy is the best it's been in a decade according to the latest data. >> scott mcgrew is here. wall street is loving that news, right, scott? >> loving that news. the dow jumped over 18,000. it started this morning at record highs. nasdaq down ever so slightly. taser has gained yet another 2% today. let's talk about the gdp. the gdp up 5% in the third quarter, way better than
6:57 am
economists had expected. so we seem to be running on all sillers is. when you think about guys and total gas prices a at their low lowest they've been. last month we got absolutely gonzalezo numbers on employment as well. it's a good day for the economy. >> you're just hoping folks are also returning to the work force as well. so many of those people had not been working at all. >> absolutely. >> one final check of the day's top stories. pg&e has released a new batch of e-mails showing improper and cozy relationships between former executives and the public ults commission. the e-mails date back to 2010. most involve an executive who is no longer with pg&e. >> and this morning the east bay regional park district will have an update on the death of teacher david runzel.
6:58 am
two days before thanksgiving someone robbed him and shot him too death. police are also expected to announce a new reward to help locate his killer. >> and here's a look at the surf on sunday along with santa cruz coastline. they return again in about 28 days in january and in february. >> if you wanted to go check out that coastline, today seems. >> this is probably one of the best shots of fog i've seen since i've been here. even the golden gate bridge is clear right now. mook was talking about mud
6:59 am
slides yesterday. a little bit of a different story this morning. >> because of all that rain the buildup. that's why we had the concern for the later storm. you got a little bit of rein coming in but hopefully won't be a big deal. the fog was an issue. this is dublin, where we often see fog being a major factor, here as well the central valley. traffic flow very light as we talk about vacation week or holiday week for a lot of schools and businesses in the area. we look at just the mild slowdowns on our maps through livermore and into dublin. you have a little slowing out of hayward, typical for that southbound direction. it shows you we'll.
7:00 am
>> look at that, just a little slowing for the san mateo and bay bridge. not much of a wait unless you're coming off the berkeley curve. >> we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> see you then. monster storm set to snarl holiday travel for millions on the roads and in the skies. airports from the midwest and northeast preparing for major delays on christmas eve. dylan is here to tell you what to expect. call for calm. new york city's mayor asking for a few days of eased tensions so the city can properly mourn two officers gunned down in cold blood. new video shows the chaotic moments after the shooting as police around the country are told to be on high alert for copy cats. retaliation? north korea's internet shut down for hours. it's apparently back online this


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