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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 24, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> good evening. the umbrellas can be put away and you want to keep a nice winter coat nearby. we have some wind chill temperatures, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour, and our rain totals from the fast-moving storm, just under .10 and more in the santa cruz mountains, and east bay hills, fast-moving system, not a lot, enough to wet the grounds in 580, and san jose, less than .10. still seeing travel impacts in the sierra with heavy snow and gusty winds at times and strong winds moving into southern california as this cooler, drier air sweeps into the bay area, it will remain gusty during the day tomorrow with saturated soil, and the recent rains over the last two or three weeks, downed trees responsible, especially in the hilltops and along the coast. high temperatures tomorrow, similar to what we have outside right now. mid 50s for the next few days and as the winds back off overnight, we're going to have to watch out for patchy frost
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which could be one of the coldest nights since the beginning of the year. we'll talk about how cold it's going to get the next few days and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. a different problem in marin county, skywalker ranch in novato is closed after a tree and power line came down. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon, but officials say the road may be closed until tomorrow morning for repairs. they also tell us, a few dozen people in the area may start their christmas morning without power while they reset the downed lines. more troubling scene in oakland when a tree fell on to a moving car on 580. the driver says he saw the tree falling, but couldn't get out of the way in time. this car was damaged but he was not hurt. chp officers say at least one other car hit the tree, but no injuries were reported. we've got wind, rain and falling trees. but they are not keeping holiday travelers from hitting the road tonight. as you can see, freeways here in the bay area are packed.
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this is what it looks like along i-80 near emeryville. aaa says a record number of travelers are on the road for the holiday. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez in the thick of it on this christmas eve. hey, jodi. >> reporter: scott, i'll tell you, it has been rough for many folks traveling today. but i say within the last half hour or so, things seem to have lightened up quite a bit for the traffic coming off of the bay bridge and on to interstate 80. but still, patience is very much in order. >> it is wet, packed and slippery, and a lot of cars on the road. >> reporter: that's how travelers driving through the bay area describe what it's like out on the road this christmas eve. that trip to grandma's is slow-going. >> i'm going to drive safe. i'm going to drive slow. i'm going to take my time to get there. >> reporter: but a drastic drop in gas prices is taking some of the sting out of sitting in
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bumper to bumper traffic. aaa says more folks can afford to travel this year. thanks in part to plunging prices at the pump. >> i have to save money where i can. i have presents to buy for family, and anywhere i can save some money and make my wallet heavier, i'm thankful for that. >> the savings prompted this family to fly their grandma to sfo, instead of to nevada where they live. the cost to pick her up wasn't much at all. >> that's why we came to get her rather than fly her to reno. it was cheaper. >> reporter: the airport has been quiet today. most of the rush has already passed. but minor delays due to fog have left some folks like this family hanging out at the airport a little longer than expected. waiting for loved ones to arrive. >> obviously, we had to change some plans, but this is a pleasant family time as well, so we're together here chatting. it's not unpleasant.
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>> reporter: it's important toi when dealing with this holiday traffic. again, things seem to have lightened up a little bit here on interstate 80. at least in emeryville. and maybe these folks will get home in time for their christmas eve dinner, and with any luck, i will too. reporting live in emeryville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. drive safe. speaking of travel, an unexpected delay today for travelers heading for a hawaiian holiday vacation. hawaiian airlines flight 19 departed sacramento just after 9:00 this morning, but reported a mechanical issue a short time later. as a precaution, the captain diverted the flight to oakland. that flight landed just before noon and took crews two hours to fix the problem and get the plane back in the air. if it's not wind and rain, it's snow coming up in about ten minutes. we'll tell you to the sierra for a look at what you'll face if you're headed up for some christmas skiing. meanwhile, the latest on the developing story in berkeley, missouri, where there are
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growing protests after a fatal police shooting. this time an 18-year-old black teen was shot by a white officer. it happened just two miles from ferguson, where a police shooting sparked national protest. but officials there say this is a much different case, one they say includes video evidence of the teenager pointing a gun at police when he was shot. that video has not prevented protests, including a vigil under way right now inoí berkel, california. mark matthews has the latest on tonight's vigil. >> reporter: protesters say they want accountability and transparency from the police, following the deaths of michael brown, eric garner and now 18-year-old antonio martin. they say they won't stop until they get it, not even for christmas. the posters used to spread the word about tomorrow's protest in oakland, proclaim "no time off." oakland reports over $1 million spent on police overtime related to these protests. san francisco police say they have spent nearly $162,000.
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>> there have been times where we have had to cancel days off. >> reporter: during the holidays, that has caused a strain, though the department is playing that down. >> you know, we're here, we took an oath to serve the city of san francisco. and that's our job. >> reporter: the presence of the police unions in san francisco, san jose and oakland have written an open letter, calling for more constructive dialogue. activist thea matthews told me today, protesters would be willing to engage in constructive dialogue, but the protests, they will continue. >> it is our right and it is our role to apply continuous pressure in shifting this criminal justice system. we demand justice. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: in san francisco, protesters stopped traffic at market and octavia. this intersection includes on and off ramps to 101 so cars on the crosstown freeway were brought to a stand still. more than 100 people took part, organized with activists by the
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less bee an, gay, transsexual and community. they stopped in the middle of the intersection, placed a pink triangle on the street and held a moment of silence and a brief die-in, punctuated by honking horns. >> it's almost christmas and then they do this. >> mark matthews reporting. a grim discovery in the south bay tonight. within the past few hours, a body has been found in the stairwell of an apartment complex near downtown san jose. you're looking at the intersection of stockton avenue and sinebar street. no details on the investigation. we will follow the story and bring you updates as we get them. tonight, two men are facing felony charges after a fight in downtown palo alto that could turn deadly. officers say early sunday morning, two groups of men argued outside a bar downtown. the man on the left is charged with knocking another man out as
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that victim hit the ground, his head hit the sidewalk. and he has not regained consciousness. the second suspect is facing charges of nearly hitting officers with a get-away car. the attack happened near the corner of emerson street and university avenue in palo alto. police say further charges will likely be added if the victim dies. governor jerry brown continued his christmas eve tradition today, partnering more than 100 minor conviction offenders. these are people who have been convicted of nonviolent drug foenss and burglary more than a decade ago. one of the pardons was for a man sentenced to three years probation in 1986 for taking wine out of a wine cellular and bringing it. governor brown has handed out more than 500 pardons since taking office in 2011. still ahead, a rough ride for uber ceo. why the they are under indictment in korea. we caught up with procrastinators finishing up their holiday shopping this christmas eve.
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you won't believe how many wait until the last minute. >> prune ridge in santa clara. you can see santa on a see saw, penguins and santa on a motorcycle. we'll be right back.
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it's as much a sign of christmas and mistletoe. one more gift. procrastinators were in force today. if you're still among them, there is time. nannette miranda is live where the stores are still open. good evening. >> reporter: well, at least at this toys"r"us, they're open until 9:00 and shoppers can use all the time they can get. shoppers will probably be going to a 7-eleven or cvs tomorrow.
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a recent survey by the shopping app has found 15% of all holiday shoppers wait until the last minute. >> we have lists. and then we kind of figure it out as we go along. maybe that's why we do this last-minute, because we don't -- we're not very organized. >> reporter: this family started from scratch this christmas eve to get their holiday shopping done on santana row. and they were not alone. procrastinators can be seen at practically any retailer that will have them. >> i have so many of those cards in here. >> reporter: joe says he has got a wallet full of gift cards and finds them so impersonal. he's shopping at the last minute, because it takes time to come up with a thoughtful present. >> i just had to think about all the things that i needed to get. each person needed a different type of thing, so i needed to think about that. >> reporter: then there are the shoppers who like being in the frenzy. >> and the crowd of last-minute, the hustle and bustle, it's really fun. >> reporter: you like it?
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>> i like it. it's great. people waiting in line have plenty of time to talk and stuff. it's great. >> reporter: people who may not like it, though, are the workers who find themselves scheduled later and later on christmas eve to cater to the procrastinators. >> a lot of families do celebrate christmas today. my boyfriend's family is one of them. so it's kind of hard. >> i know it's a crappy situation, but somebody has got to do it. and might as well let the people make some money doing it. >> reporter: and this family is thankful workers are there to help them, and ecstatic there are still sale prices on this last day. >> black friday is too crazy. like, that's just a zoo. and the deals are pretty similar. a lot of stores are having sales. >> reporter: most retailers closed about ten minutes ago. if you need more time, the walmart closes at 8:00, and this toys"r" toys"r"us, most locations close at 9:00. and target closes at 10:00. live in san jose, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. many of us travel to spend
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the holidays with friends and family, but for some bay area day laborers getting home for the holiday isn't a reality. that's why the center of mountain view throws a party every christmas eve. the center takes in gifts and donations from the community, orders meals and invites musicians to play. they have been doing it for 15 years. organizers say the gratitude of participants makes all the hard work worth it. >> well, they are so grateful. there's people who are very hard-working, and they know what they are coming to do here, and they are very appreciative with the community. they really enjoy it. >> reporter: on the menu for as well as some traditional favorites. san francisco ride sharing company uber has hit another roadblock, this time in south korea. the company's ceo is now facing an indictment for allegedly violating a law that bans offering services without proper licensing. seoul's legislature also recently passed a measure to fine uber drivers who don't register as taxi drivers.
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they're offering a financial reward to people who report such individuals. if convicted, he could face two years in prison. people lined up around the block for a holiday meal in san francisco today. glide family services hosted its annual prime rib lunch. 2,000 pounds of rib for the event. the restaurant owner says he has been helping out with the lunch for 22 years. >> well, it really feels great. and when you see some of the people, you see how they smile or say thank you to you. you know what that means? i mean, no money in the world can pay for that. >> glide serves 3,000 people today, and will serve thousands more a christmas dinner. if your holiday travel plans include a visit to the sierra, you'll want to pack your chains. we've got a look at the eastbound lanes of highway 80 in soto springs. chains are required from kingville to donner lake.
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kevin oliver shows us what may be the busiest weekend ever. >> reporter: it wasn't long after the lifts opened when the snow started falling. >> it was sunny this morning and then we watched the storm move in. >> if it was a bright and sunny day, it would be better. but i'm glad there is actually snow on the ground. >> reporter: resort operators are hoping this trend of new snow every few days continues. >> this is getting closer to normal, certainly more than we've had the last couple seasons. >> reporter: with this storm expected to pass before christmas arrives, it could bring perfect conditions for one of the busiest times of the year. >> what's great about this storm is the timing. we'll have a white christmas, fresh snow for people to ski on and then blue skies and clear roads this next week. >> reporter: on the roads, however, it was a different story. with so many people on holiday  break, some just drove up here to experience a taste of winter. >> down the hill it was rainy yç little bit, 15 minutes and it started falling. >> reporter: but others wanted
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to get to their holiday destinations and ended up learning something new. >> well, it's my first time. >> reporter: chains were required over the past for several hours this evening and even then a handful of fender benders. >> let's get the latest back here with our micro climate >> the heaviest snow should be through 10:00. that's the winter weather advisory. snow levels down to 4,000 feet as the cool air moves in. strong, gusty winds there. so the action in the sierra begins to subside later tonight. but our storm already impacting to the south towards southern california, the grapevine until tomorrow afternoon. we'll see snow lowering down close to frasier park overnight. and 1 to 3 inches there. could have some icing or at least slushy roads on interstate 5. and look at the high wind warnings in effect for areas north of los angeles and ventura county. so now southern california dealing with the brunt with the system that quickly crossed the bay area.
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still dropping snow in the sierra. you can see as we zoom in closer to san francisco, yes, the rain has moved on. but those gusty winds and that little taste of canadian air conditioning will be dropping our temperatures here the next few days. right now, 50s outside. and through the day, it's interesting, we started off with some fog and some low clouds. and then some light rain at times. here is the view from sunol, early afternoon rain and towards the evening as the cooler, drier air mixed in, you see the skies start to clear out. the winds will stay strong tonight as you can see from 15 it's to really prevent temperatures from dipping into the mid 30s tonight. but the stage will be set as this cooler air continues to sweep down during the day tomorrow. even if the sunshine, highs stay quite cool. looking at the numbers in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow and as the winds back off into friday morning and into the next few days, in fact, in the seven-day forecast, patchy frost north and east bay valleys becomes more likely as we edge closer to the+ weekend. so for christmas day, the skies are clear, the rain has moved on, but may not feel as warm as
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what the thermometer in your car or outside is trying to tell you. winds out of the northwest, upper 50s in san jose and no matter where you go around the bay area. north bay, 58 degrees. and mid 50s around the tri valley. so we're now seeing a drying pattern taking shape. and you may be surprised as we look ahead to new year's eve next week. how long these dry conditions may be sticking around for a while. i'll have a look at that in our next half hour. scott? >> see you then, rob. meantime, there is time to help out with our food drive. we're teaming up with safeway to help feed bay area families this holiday season. just pick any of the bags packed with food at a safeway location. each one, $10. our food drive runs through christmas morning. still ahead tonight at 6:00, an answer for unwanted gift card needs. one retailer tries to sweeten the deal to get your business. and is facebook getting a little too personal? the company under fire for what it's doing with your messages. plus -- >> can't imagine that kind of trauma. >> a dog that may have nine
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lives. his incredible story coming up. and before we go to break, it's known as the make a wish house, covered in lights and figurines. you can find it on the 1800 block of cherry avenue in san jose. the homeowners raise money for the make-a-wish foundation. you can get pictures with santa and mrs. claus for a donation. last year, they raised $24,000. the lights will be on from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 tonight.
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a class action lawsuit against facebook is moving forward tonight. the question at the heart of the case, did the social network violent users' privacy when it scanned their messages? an oakland judge has rejected the company's request to dismiss it. the suit claims facebook violated federal and california laws when it scammed the content of private messages for outside links. that allowed the company to deliver targeted advertising to users. facebook stopped the practice in
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october of 2012. if you're not sure what to do with your unwanted gift cards, walmart will take them. the company rolling out a pilot program that let's customers exchange gift cards for more than 200 retailers, airlines and restaurants for a walmart card. the walmart cards will not expire, and can be used in stores and online. but there is a catch. shoppers do not get the full value of the original gift cards. they say cats have nine lives, and apparently so did this dog from sacramento. sammy, a 13-year-old boston terrier, is recovering tonight after falling off a 15th floor balcony straight into a hot tub. his owner says it's a miracle. >> just a little bit to the east of this balcony is a pool and a hot tub. and the dog actually went directly into the hot tub. >> sammy has a cracked pelvis and broken ribs, but he is expected to make a full gkzn recovery. still ahead tonight, a potentially deadly mistake. the mishap that may have exposed
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a federal worker to ebola. and does this video prove a new shooting is something different. images at the center of a deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri, and the protests spreading nationwide. >> this holiday season has been the busiest season we've ever had. >> plus, the economy delivering a holiday gift. for the latest evidence that we're on a hot streak. and before we go, a live look at the holiday lights on eucalyptus avenue. this is in san carlos near the arbor bay school. we'll be right back. which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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we're following developing news tonight out of berkeley, missouri, where the mayor is trying to quell protests over a new police shooting just two miles from ferguson. that berkeley, missouri, mayor says the two cases are very different. michael brown was unarmed when he was killed in ferguson, while the 18-year-old shot and killed last night was pointing a gun at police. the mayor's remarks come after hundreds of demonstrators showed up at the gas station where the shooting took place. at one point, protesters threw rocks and set off explosives near gas pumps. investigators say this grainy surveillance video is proof the teen suspect was raising a gun when police shot and killed him. protesters say it is not proof of anything. shoplifting. whág$e officer came there, the video shows that the thief
6:28 pm
pointed a gun that has been recovered. >> the 18-year-old killed has been identified as antonio martin. the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave while the city investigates. tonight a memorial continues to grow for the two nypd officers killed while in their patrol car last weekend. both killed by a suspect, angry about the recent police shootings across the nation. today new york's mayor reiterated his promise to protect officers as security has stepped up. the son of one of the fallen officers spoke out today for the first time. >> knowing my father was a universally loved man has been a universat it oved man has been a easier for our family. my father was an incredible man, he was a hero, he was an incredible husband to my mother. and he was a real dedicated officer. he truly cared about the people of new york city. >> heavy security is expected when the families hold a wake for the fallen officers on friday. meanwhile, the mother of the gunman who killed the officers
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also spoke today, saying she is deeply sorry for each family's losses. tonight, there is an internal investigation under way at the centers for disease control after a mistake inside a secure laboratory may have exposed a lab tech to ebola. according to a spokeswoman, the atlanta worker may have come in contact with the virus monday. it happened when the lab was transferring the sample to another lab. agencies say the technician is not showing symptoms but will be monitored for 21 days. the cdc says there was no exposure outside the lab. the u.s. government has made a $3.2 million payment to allan gross, detained in cuba in 2009. cuban authorities convicted him of crimes against the state, and sentenced him to 15 years in prison. he was freed last week when president obama announced the u.s. would seek to normalize relations with cuba.
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we're following developing news out of northern syria tonight. that's why a jordanian fighter pilot crashed and is being held by isis. isis is claiming it shot down the jet with the heat-seeking missile. u.s. central command is denying that but confirming the pilot is a captive. the jordanian pilot is the first member of the u.s.-led coalition against the terror group to be taken hostage. his family confirmed the 26-year-old identity. they are pleading for his release. it was a movie that some claim led to one of the most harmful hacks in history. we're talking about "the interview." now the movie that sony once said we may never see is available on both the big and small screen. >> it's the first rule of journalism. you give the people what they want! >> "the interview" began screening today on youtube, and other services. tomorrow, hundreds of theaters will show the film on the big screen. the first showings of the film are already sold out at some theaters, including the elmwood
6:31 pm
theater in berkeley. tickets are selling well in san jose. >> i'm not in a rush, but i'm going to see )uit. >> i would love to see it, yes. >> i would enjoy the movie. i hope everything goes well for everybody. and the -- whoever that guy is from korea, i hope he has a merry christmas too. >> sony has heavily criticized because it cancelled the release. the film centers around a plot to assassinate kim jong-un. the economic recovery appears to be picking up steam. the evidence is everywhere from gas pumps to the store to wall street. nbc's brian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: not christmas bells, but close enough as the dow reached another record above 18,000. just one sign the u.s. economy is on a roll. >> the key point really comes down to the job market. when we started this year, we just weren't adding nearly as many jobs per month as we are
6:32 pm
now. >> reporte >> as jobs, wages, incomes, house prices, confidence -- >> reporter: and don't forget, plummeting pump prices. the nafr national average down 90 cents in the last year to $2.35 a gallon. >> you're going to be paying less at the pump and less for heating bills in the winter. >> reporter: and that leaves more money for -- >> shopping. definitely shopping. >> reporter: after several lean years, merchants are feeling the rebound. >> this holiday season has been the busiest season that we've ever had. >> reporter: encouraging news for main street to wall street. as 2014 comes to a close. ♪ so have yourself a merry little christmas night ♪ brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> accompanied by michael feinstein on wall street. back home, a couple police officers were hurt this morning
6:33 pm
when they ran into a burning apartment complex to rescue someone inside. it happened just after midnight at country club drive. a spokesperson for the public safety department says the two officers suffered smoke inhalation but are expected to be okay. the person who lived in the apartment was treated for minor burns. three units were damaged, 14 people have been displaced. >> we need toys! >> fill up the barrels! >> in san francisco tonight, a plea to help bring christmas cheer to some of the city's less fortunate children. volunteers are standing by outside in union square hoping to collect more toys at the last-minute toy drive. donating is easy. just drive by and hand your toy off to one of the elves. the event started out 14 years ago, and there's still a big need to fill. >> every year, actually, the need becomes greater. because the income gap becomes greater. families that are making the
6:34 pm
same amount of money they made last year, cannot provide for their children in the same way they did last year. >> willie brown and o duels. they hope to collect 10,000 toys, that's how many they got last year and set a record. still ahead tonight at 6:00, what's in a name. why some of yosemite's most famous lankmarks could soon have new names. >> as protests pile up over the use of police force, will the anger turn to action? we look at the critical criteria for promoting change. and an honor adam sandler won't be proud. the list he just topped. we'll go back outside to some holiday lights in palo alto. this is on fulton street near walter hayes elementary school. we'll be right back.
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former president george h.w. bush remains hospitalized tonight after experiencing shortness of breath. an ambulance rushed the 90-year-old to a houston hospital last night. a spokesman says he's staying there mostly as a precaution. a year ago, bush had a two-month stay at the same hospital for bronchitis. a white house spokesman says president obama and his family have sent their well wishes to the former president and his family. a judge has rejected a motion from oscar winning director roman polanski. he pled guilty to one count of statutory rape for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in los
6:38 pm
angeles. he was ordered to get a psychiatric evaluation and spent 42 days behind bars. during a brief release, he fled the country. polanski has spent years trying to get the case dismissed. adam sandler is funny, but the boss cutting his paychecks may not be laughing to the bank. for the second year, he wins the distinction of being voted hollywood's most overpaid actor. forbes puts it together based on box office bang for the buck. sandler gets $3.20 for every dollar paid, rounding out the top five, johnny depp, who grossed a dollar more, and then ben stiller, ryan reynolds and tom hanks. i heard something that all five of the top, you know -- are men. no women made the list. >> not a list you want to be on. >> no. >> that would be the naughty
6:39 pm
list in hollywood. the weather is starting to clear out now. the rain earlier, but here's the view now as you look outside. it is windy out there. that's part of the story, gusty winds bring in cooler air and set us up possibly for jack frost to make a return to the bay area. by the end of the week. we'll talk about that, coming up. >> looks like very low temperatures. we'll talk to rob in a second. before we go to break, we want to show more holiday lights. these are flashing right now in concord. if you live in that area, you may know bruce mertz, better known as mr. christmas, and he has been putting lights up since his wife died in 1985, more than 50,000 lights, including the extravagant displays you see there. he's 85 and dealing with health issues, and this will be his last year, so check it out if you can.
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welcome back. as protests continue over police shootings nationwide, many are asking whether these often disruptive demonstrations will lead to any lasting change. in tonight's reality check, nbc bay area sam brock looks to the history books for an answer. >> in 1968 speech, dr. martin luther king jr. once said, quote, a riot is the language of the unheard. protests play a pivotal role in our country's history. will the latest outcry over police force and an alleged lack of justice actually lead to meaningful change? let's look to history for some clues. >> no justice, no peace! >> nobody is doing anything about it. you can be the fourth day or fifth day until somebody does something about it. >> reporter: it's a question without an obvious answer. how long will protests continue that have consumed the bay area
6:43 pm
and the nation for weeks, and what real change will they produce? history is littered with examples of powerful public protests. >> but by the content of their character. i have a dream today! >> reporter: from the march on washington and dr. martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. to vietnam war protests that dialed up a nation's dismay. the 2009-2010 tea party demonstrations that pushed back on bank bailouts and government excess. when do such outcries work and when do they fail? sociologist dana fwisher explored that question with mpr in 2008, during the height of the iraq war protests. she outlined several key criteria, such as a critical mass of people involved. a sustained response. and perhaps most importantly, a perceived threat. >> i think that probably one of the biggest things that galvanizeded so many people to march on washington was the real
6:44 pm
threat they would be affected by what was taking place. they would be affected by unequal rights. they would also be affected by the draft. >> reporter: in the case of the civil rights movement, freedom rides, sit-ins and a 250,000-person march undoubtedly prompted new laws. notes stanford historian carson, who at 19 years old attended the march. >> we wouldn't have the civil rights acts we have without a lot of protests. you know, that we're coming on the 50th anniversary of the montgomery march. without that, there would not have been a voting rights act of 1965. >> reporter: but dr. carson cautions, protests do not necessarily lead to change, making the goal of shaping public opinion another critical avenue. he cites the example of michael brown. >>$ñ that's somebody's brother, that's somebody's son, that's -- americans should ask is, would i want someone i'm -- i love being
6:45 pm
treated this way. >> reporter: policing changes in light of the brown and garner cases are still evolving. and other historic examples, the vietnam draft triggered anger and impacted millions. yet the draft still took place, iwf for good chunk of two decades. in 2003, americans protested the decision to invade iraq, and those efforts proved futile. on the other hand, the tea party movement before the 2010 real change. >> i now pass this gavel -- >> reporter: both in terms of who got elected to congress and how government spent or didn't spend taxpayer dollars. all of these events reached critical mass, saw a sustained protest, and carried a perceived threat. the success of national protests varied greatly in each case. if history teaches anything here, it's that you do need sustained protests, a perceived threat, and critical mass to affect change. but those factors don't guarantee that change will
6:46 pm
actually happen. i'm sam brock, and that is this edition of "reality check." >> thank you, sam. a company called delaware north runs hotels, including the iwane and yosemite lodge. the company h[w;.v filed a claio own those names. if the trademark claim goes through, the national park service would either have to pay to keep using the names, or change them. some of the names date back more than 150 years. yosemite says the names should belong to the park, and to the american people. let's talk weather now on christmas eve as we head into christmas day. here is rob mayeda with the forecast. >> right now, breezy and cooler outside as we watch the rain move on here, still at 51 degrees in the north bay. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. strongest along the coast and into san francisco. northwest winds at 24 miles per hour. and that's transporting in coolerw8 air, continuing the s showers across the sierra, heavy
6:47 pm
snow along highway 50 with chain controls up. should be moderate at times. and southern california, you're going to see those issues continue into the early afternoon with a winter weather advisory around the grapevine and a high wind warning in the mountains north of los angeles into tomorrow afternoon. that's where our storm is headed next, to the southern sierra and southern california for tomorrow. meantime, as the cooler air comes in, it did shut down this evening, and chilly temperatures ahead. as the front moves off to the east, during the day tomorrow, still northwesterly winds. so with the sunshine, cool temperatures. and as the winds back off and the cold, dry air settles in for the valleys and the north bay and tri valley and areas south of san jose, patchy frost possible for friday morning. and a chance we could see a few more opportunities for this, every one of these nights where the winds are light and the skies are clear, as the cold air sinks in, we're going to have patchy frost possibly as early as friday morning. and you notice tonight it will be chilly too, lots of 40s and
6:48 pm
upper 30s. temperatures tomorrow in san jose, 58 degrees. keep in mind, it was just yesterday we were at 68 in san jose. 70 around livermore, so quite the pattern change around the bay area. sunshine returning, and highs only in the 50s. north bay tomorrow, highs in the upper 50s, around santa rosa, mill valley. and windy conditions around the coastal hilltops. winds up to 10 to 25 miles per hour, but gusts along the coastal hilltops near 40. so even though the rain has moved oranges we could still have wind related issues with tree damage over the next few days. winds back off for friday. notice the chilly mornings for places like san jose. and the weekend, temperatures not changing a whole lot. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. and with sunday in the forecast, 49ers' final game sunday afternoon. looks like jacket weather. we shouldn't have to worry about any rain showers. winds out of the northwest from 5 to 15 miles per hour. now notice the temperatures here for santa rosa and livermore, dropping down close to freezing
6:49 pm
temperatures for friday morning. we'll have to watch and see if we get these widespread frost advisories. but it looks like the first morning we see a chance of chilly temperatures, friday morning for the north bay and livermore. highs staying in the mid to upper 50s and notice the drop-off for livermore and towards santa rosa. we'll see those numbers in the low to mid 50s as an even colder surge of air tries to drop into california. the long-range forecast now, takes you from now through the middle part of next week. we have this large high which is going to build off to our west. so any chance at prescription will have to drop in from the north, which is a drier trajectory for us, maybe enough to give some sierra showers and low snow levels. but it's going to also pull in even colder air there towards the middle part of next week, which coincidentally is close to the new year's eve forecast. so our first outlook for that shows our daytime highs perhaps a little bit cooler than what we'll see to roubtd out this week with some mid 50s around the south bay and still that chance of patchy frost. but keep in mind, if you're going head to lake tahoe or reno
6:50 pm
for new year's eve with the next system for the middle part of next week, snow levels as low as 2 or 3,000 feet in the sierra. the cold settling in now is going to continue for the weekend and middle part of next week. could even see colder temperatures arriving through the bay area as we ring in the new year. scott? >> thanks very much, rob. a golden gift for a warrior super fan. coming up in sports, andrew bogut makes one fan's christmas dream come true. we'll be right back.
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6:52 pm
. happy holidays, everybody.
6:53 pm
when it comes to giving back, we can all take a tip from andrew bogut. with the help of the warriors and the make-a-wish foundation, melbourne, australia, native trent frost got the opportunity to meet his hometown hero. but that was only the beginning. >> i had met trent two years ago and his wish was to come to an nba game, and he had a condition and couldn't travel. >> good? >> good, yeah. very good. >> he said if you ever come my way, let me know and we'll hook you up. and make a wish came to me and i was sick and said what do you wish and i said i wish i could go to an nba game. and it was a snowball effect from there. >> he had a small injury. >> i'm at a loss for words. very excited. >> this is my home team, here
6:54 pm
for a couple days. we have a game tonight, and get the vip treatment. >> he took me upstairs to the manager's room. >> you're good buddies with this guy, we want to offer you a contract. >> he said, take a seat, we have a contract for you to sign. >> the contract is signed. i'll sign it first. >> and that was a complete surprise to me. >> a one-day contract. >> as professional athletes, we have a great opportunity to give back to the community and to children all over the world. >> so overwhelming to see the look on my child's face. >> i was expecting to come, shake hands, and then come back to the game. but he's going above and beyond. >> go home with new shoes and be ready, right? >> absolutely, yeah. >> seeingplñ him today, there io bringing him down after this. it's amazing to see him like this. >> pretty inspirational story.
6:55 pm
he's a bigger role model than any of us, i think. >> i had to sign a hat -- to have his dream come true is -- no moneyff1a÷ could ever amount what this has done. >> it's a dream come true. it really is. >> what a great story. now later this season, curry will host four make a wish dreams. in the comcast sports net studios. >> that is an excellent story. thank you very much. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, you can watch snorts net central on comcast sports net bay area tonight, starting at 10:30. it came down to the wire, but bay area charity has what it needs to help feed those in need. tonight, we're happy to tell you that saint anthony's met its holiday goal of collecting more than 500 hams.
6:56 pm
while the charity group met that immediate goal, officials say they can always use more. they say they are making it as easy as possible to donate. just drive up and deliver to the curb of their offices located at 150 golden gate avenue in san francisco. >> you know, my husband and i, we're retired, and we can do this. so we donated probably about 20 hats, brand-new, and about 50 pairs of socks. so we just felt like we wanted to do something. >> all right. now, if you want to donate and even if you don't have a ham to donate, the charity needs a lot of stuff, including heavy blankets and jackets. they say even simple things like and donations can be dropped off again 150 golden gate avenue in san francisco, seven days a week. now we're going to head towards the heavens, and norad. there he goes. tracking santa. you can do this on the web at i know that google tracks him as well, and what better authority to find out just how accurate
6:57 pm
this is. i believe we're told that u6rob he's last seen in ecuador. >> wow. >> headed our way, no doubt. >> well, 5:00 in brazil. brazil. >> so he is moving fast. >> well, lots of places to visit. so norad says they are tracking santa by satellite. they even gave him the call sign, what else, the big red one. >> looking good. >> there you have it. >> weather looking good. rain has moved on, chilly and breezy tonight. >> thank you very much, rob. thank you for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. before we go, we leave you with one more holiday display. this house located in santa clara. all lights synced to different songs that apply on a loop. enjoy and have a great christmas eve.
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jake gyllenhaal's hot new hookup. meg ryan getting engaged? breaking christmas eve couples news. >> now on "extra." ♪ jake gyllenhaal linked to the star of "the affair." kendall jenner hooking up with chris brown? john mellencamp proposing to meg ryan? >> who just bought her man this new car? jennifer aniston on the pressure to look perfect. >> in hollywood, it is a big thing about women and makeup. >> and jen stripped down from the oscar buzz to her climb to the top of the hollywood ladder. >> i didn't sell a damn timeshare. kevin costner on his racially charged new movie


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