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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 25, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> flames shoot from a home in san francisco. an unwelcome christmas morning surprise for multiple families living in the city. good morning and thank you for joining us on this christmas, i'm sam brock. kris and scott are both off this morning. 100 firefighters, 12 engines, and 90 minutes to extinguish the san francisco blaze. by the time it was out, three buildings were burned and two duplexes uninhabitable this morning. mark, tell us what's the latest? >> good morning, we're on the 200 block of mississippi and we have pictures of the fire that were posted online showing the
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flames that erupted about 6:30 this morning. fire crews arrived in time to see two duplexes side by side both completely involved in fire, quickly to three alarms because of the gusty winds and 12 engines, 135 to 140 firefighters. it took them 40 minutes to contain the fire, an hour and a half to get it under control, and what i understand from those residents and neighbors nearby, only one person in those two duplexes was home at the time of the fire. she tells me that she got out when her smoke alarm went off, but her roommates and people next door, everybody in the two buildings, out of town. only two cats were injured. no injuries to the woman living downstairs and none of the firefighters were injured. the woman who lives in one of
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the damaged apartments told me that her building has experienced some serious electrical problems in the past month. the power was out for several weeks. she said she didn't put up any christmas decorations out of concern it might be a fire hazard. right now fire investigators are on the scene taking a look at this, but they are not saying what the cause is, it is under investigation. reporting live, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, mark. well, this developed into a common theme this morning. fires breaking out all over the bay area. a family of four in san jose managed to escape the flames at a sixth unit apartment building this morning. the fire in the 5300 block of palm grove court was reported just after 8:00. that blaze caused minor damage to several other units and one person suffered minor injuries. investigators say the fire may have been caused by candles left unattended. and suspected some homeless
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folks set a building on fire around 2:30 this morning. no injuries on that front either. the fire got upgraded to two-alarm status before officials were able to corral it. four people out of their home after their home started fire on mlk. three did manage to make it down stairs, but a fourth had to jump to safety, taken to the hospital with a broken leg. cause of that fire still under investigation. anthony slaughter, we had a lot of wind this morning, probably didn't help firefighters very much. >> that's an excellent point you make. the other thing through the next few mornings, while we are not going to have the wind, we are going to have temperatures below freezing. in fact, starting tomorrow, most of the inland valleys into the 30s. some of the coldest will get below freezing. ice will be possible on the roads and saturday morning, temperatures go even colder, so the warning here is be alert, especially on some of those
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bridges and overpasses. we could be looking at slick roads with black ice possible, especially in our inland valleys. that's the news this morning, christmas morning, quiet, peaceful across the weather front on the west coast, mountain snow, but no delays from the rain across the east coast. still cold this morning, temperatures climbing out of the 50s and snow in tahoe, otherwise a cold christmas day across the bay area. lots of sunshine, temperatures near 50. rain chances for next week and the white christmas i promised you in tahoe coming up. >> thank you, anthony. protesters say they are not going to take the day off just because it's christmas. in oakland a group planned a no time off black lives matter christmas day march starting at 5:00 tonight. >> black lives matter! >> last night protesters took to the streets in san francisco and around the bay in berkley demanding justice for victims of
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what they believe to be police brutality. in the meantime, another restless night for police in missouri, dozens butting heads with police at the gas station where a officer shot an 18-year-old man tuesday night. tuesday people were throwing bricks and explosives at the police. that protest started just hours after a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old antonio martin. police say martin pointed a gun at the officer and surveillance video corroborates the story. berkley, missouri, just a couple miles away from ferguson. controversial comedy is now in theaters and online. while north korea is condemning "the interview," the release is getting praise from fans and one of the stars that made a surprise appearance at a hollywood theater. holly jackson brings us more. >> reporter: this morning, a thank you to fans from "the interview" star seth rogan and his co-director adam goldburg. >> we want to say thank you.
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if it wasn't for theaters like this and people like you guys, this literally would not be [ bleep ] happening right now. >> reporter: and from the audience at this midnight screening, the reviews are in. >> i thought the writing was great, comedy was great. we didn't need a lot of violence. >> oh, my god, it was pretty funny. i would say a solid 4 out of 5. >> best christmas, yes, everyone needs to see it. >> reporter: "the interview" is playing in more than 200 independent theaters, but not the big chains, which wouldn't screen the film after threats from the cyber attackers who hacked sony. president obama had a different reaction to its debut while on vacation in hawaii. >> i'm glad it's being released. >> reporter: for rental or purchase online on google play, youtube, microsoft xbox and sony entertainment. some of the people who downloaded it posted pictures of
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them watching "the interview," sending a message with a movie. >> i love james franco and seth rogan, i would have seen the movie anyway, the controversy pushed me to see it faster. >> that was halle jackson reporting. the whole situation definitely ingendering some opinions here. this christmas marks a new beginning for more than 100 people pardoned by governor brown last night, continuing a christmas eve tradition, pardons for 105 people. most of the people were convicted of nonviolent drug offenses and burglary more than a decade ago. the governor's office says all those granted pardons had completed sentences at least ten years ago and not been in trouble since. after the pardons, one was retracted. and it's a happy christmas for many, but not all. those who don't have family, friends, or food this holiday rely on the help and the generosity of charities and of
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volunteers. stephanie chuang has gone around san francisco this morning, where thousands are getting free warm meals today and new toys. stephanie, right now you're at glide memorial, a long time staple for the community. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam, absolutely, merry christmas to you. the sounds of hard work behind me of volunteers, people still hard at work to make sure people are getting meals this christmas. we decided to focus our story on the folks who have given one of the most precious gifts you can give, their time. meet brenda, veteran volunteers teaching how to cut a turkey right and fast. after all, they have 5,000 mouths to feed. they are taking the reins so it's clear who's in charge. >> she's the turkey person here. i do hams. we don't have hams this year. >> reporter: captain? >> captain today. >> i have done some other volunteering at other places,
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but i never felt that i made that much of an impact, and then coming here and seeing the people in the line and, you know, knowing that what i'm doing is i'm helping to feed them and giving them their maybe one good meal of the day was, you know, it was exciting. >> reporter: exciting and perhaps more vital than ever here at glide, which has been serving christmas meals the last at least 40 years. >> as you see, the rents go up and people being evicted, then we're going to see more and more people on the streets. yesterday i had a woman come in who had been evicted recently and had never slept on the street before, you know, ended up in the hospital. >> reporter: volunteers are hard at work in the salvation army kitchen trying to feed 4,000 people this year. the response, impressive. 600 volunteers, 100 meals delivered by another 500 who drive to the homes of those unable to leave for a holiday meal. >> many of these people, you
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know, we will be the only human contact they have on christmas day, so that's wonderful just in itself. >> it's pretty early in the morning, we're all getting our coffee in, but by the end of the day, a bunch of us here are going to be great friends and it's going to be a good christmas. >> reporter: at st. anthony's, another mad dash to feed 4,000 people. >> 65 years, we've never missed a meal, so i think for us on christmas day, you know, it's one of the days that's really special. >> reporter: good will spreading, good cheer. extremely personal for cook robert warren. >> i see a lot of friends i know from back in the day that are out on the streets struggling, and doing a good job and trying to at least touch them, i put my heart and soul in the pots. >> reporter: back here live again looking at the nice work of these fine volunteers at
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glide. gene with glide telling me there's a lot of people volunteering for thanksgiving, christmas, and in between, but she's hoping more people will also volunteer before and after the holidays. also, i wanted to let you know lefty o'doul's hit a brand new record this year. they wanted to hit 10,000, they hit 15,000 toy donations this holiday, so a lot of great news this year. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> all right. they met their goal and then some. stephanie, you must have been in three or four locations at least today. thank you very much. after he took the money, he said give me a dog, i want a bull dog, too. >> two puppies taken from a california store. how police are trying to track the culprit down. plus, southern california home owner gets a helping hand, but still ahead, why the woman who gave up her holiday to  shovel mud says she was
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returning a favor. be right back.
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11:13 on your christmas morning, and new right now, the owner of a southern california pet shop hoping that a thief will have a change of heart this christmas morning and return two puppies that were stolen at gunpoint. the robber walked into the pet shop yesterday afternoon, drew a gun and demanded money and two bull dogs. the owner of the store handed over two ten-week-old english bull dogs, puppies of his own dog blue. the man even threatened to shoot blue when the dog growled at him. each dog is estimated to be worth $2,500, but workers say this is not about the money. >> it's not about the money, it's just the fact we don't know where they go. >> the man was wearing a bandana over his face, but his every move was captured on surveillance camera. cameras in the shopping center parking lot even caught them riding away in the passenger seat of a black bmw. we'll see if that assists police. a young girl whose story pulled at the heart strings of
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people all over the world received a special christmas surprise last night. the 6 year old is so ill she likely will not live to see next christmas, so her small town came together to give her a christmas to remember. here's the full story. >> reporter: with old glory leading the way, hundreds of people crowded on to main street for a christmas light parade organized especially for little addy. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: 6-year-old addy enjoyed the parade with her mother and sisters, love showered on her family that's touched everyone in the community. >> it's changed the way people think about christmas in this little town. >> reporter: nathan beck and his family made two floats for the parade. >> restored my faith and humanity to see people pull together for this tiny girl in this town that they don't know. >> reporter: the floats nothing fancy, but made with tender loving care. >> worked with what i had,
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bought a few lights, finished up a float for her, put her name on it. we love her. >> reporter: as the special guest of honor, addie watched the parade in front of the post office, where over the last month, nearly 300,000 christmas cards, letters, and gifts arrived. the community stepped in to help open them all. the majority of the toys have been shared with local charities to help other families in need this christmas, and with feelings of gratitude, addie's mom got emotional tonight. >> i think it's really awesome, really amazing, so many people want to come and do this and so many people showed up to watch, as well. >> reporter: overwhelmed with generosity felt from around the world, addie's family said they have everyone to thank for making memories from this christmas last forever.
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>> and in addition to the cards and parade, the police department also donated gifts, including money, to send the family on a trip. some heart warming news this christmas, meantime, nothing warm about conditions. a bit chillier than usual this morning, good morning. >> it is chilly. looking at that story, touched your heart, isn't that every kid's dream, all the teddy bears, you can bury yourself in them. such a great story. the other great story, we are waking up to a white christmas across the sierra. clear skies across the state of california right now. there's the live cam, producing snow this morning and skiers are out enjoying it here this morning in the bay area, temperatures still warming back into the 50s. you know what, we're really not going to move much more. talking about highs only in the mid to upper 50s later this afternoon, but good news, don't have fog, don't have rain, don't have gusty winds, so it's going to turn out to be a beautiful christmas, not only here across the bay area, but tahoe.
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snow flurry action through this evening, but everywhere else across the state, clear skies expected through this afternoon and really for that matter through this weekend. the small caveat is there is in the forecast is there will be the potential for patchy frost over the next couple mornings. starting tomorrow morning, into saturday morning, and even for sunday, as well. keep that in mind if you're doing traveling, especially before 9:00 in the morning, early, between 6:00 and 9:00, that's when we're going to see the biggest threat each and every morning. the other thing we're tracking is another system for new year's eve. the thing about this, sam you may remember this earlier this morning we showed this, the green was over the bay area. you can see the system off towards the east, so again with every update we're going to see with the forecast it's going to be something we watch closely, but there is a 20% chance of showers. i think we're not going to get anything because the system is going to be to the south, so a lot of action across southern
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california. may get a residual raindrop, but i don't think it's going to be a complete washout. we'll be tracking it, you can track it for yourself on, but here's the official new year's eve forecast. i know it's a week away, but you're thinking about, right? 54 at the embarcadero with a 20% chance of drizzle. overall, really the fireworks is what everybody wants to see. sam, back to you. >> anthony, rain or no rain, there will be fireworks, we promise. >> that's right. southern california woman spent her christmas eve shoveling rocks and mud from her yard, but thanks to a marine corporal she didn't have to go it alone. every time it rains in southern california, the yard fills up with dirt and rocks, but help yesterday arrived in the form of marine corporal priscilla taylor, called on her day off, who offered to help. >> i just thought, you know, this is your time, this is your, you know, your freedom and you just got back and you can do whatever you want and you've
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chosen to come here and help me, how can you be any more of a servant? >> they met earlier this year after heimlein sent monthly care packages to taylor, not only a marine, but a single mom. she routinely went above and beyond. >> she would take my son on play dates with her while i was gone, little things she did that meant a lot to me. a person like that is rare to find, so i'm blessed to have her in my life. >> the pair had only met twice before, once during taylor's deployment to afghanistan and once upon her return. how police officers are helping make the holidays brighter for a single mom who was a recent victim of a burglary. how walmart hopes to cash in on unwanted gift cards and what's in it for you next. ♪ ♪
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it's a nice story, oklahoma city police officers respond to burglaries all the time, but one recent call really got to them. it spurred them to go the extra mile, bringing a brighter holiday to a mom and her 3-year-old son. sarah stewart were there as they surprised the woman at her work. >> reporter: tears of joy and surprise from young single mother debra ennis. her monday night work shift at denny's was not at all what she expected when about two dozen police officers came to see her. >> it's completely unbelievable.
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i didn't expect it at all. >> reporter: master sergeant casey owens was called to debra's home sunday night after someone broken in and stole all the christmas presents and two televisions. >> only thing that came through my mind was this is the first year my son wasn't going to have a christmas. >> reporter: owens put out a message to fellow officers and dispatchers, saying he was going to try to replace the presents and invited them to donate, as well. >> i just saw, you know, she's working extremely hard, she's a young single mother, she just needed a break, especially during christmastime. >> reporter: owens said the response was overwhelming, he and fellow officers raised about $1,000 and a group of dispatchers just about matched it. they were able to get debra $350 in cash, several gift cards, a new tv, and burglar bars for her home. >> thank you. >> we don't have time a lot of the time to go back and really try to make a difference in
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somebody's life like we were able to do on this occasion. >> this is the most amazing feeling to see people care like that, especially during this time of the season when they have their own families. >> that was sara stewart reporting. nice to see the family so positively impacted. if that christmas ham does not go as planned, or you want something easy to eat, several restaurants are staying open today. denny's will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long, applebee's and some boston markets are open. call before you head out. golden corral and ruby tuesday also open, and if you need a caffeine fix like many people do in the early hours, starbucks is open for business, as well, in select locations. about $1 billion worth of gift cards will go unused this year. walmart is trying to find a way to be able to pocket that cash. starting today you can take gift cards from more than 200 retailers and restaurants and exchange them for walmart gift cards. the walmart cards don't expire
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and can be used in stores or online, but shoppers won't get the full value of their gift cards, they'll get close, though. for example if you exchange an amazon gift card, you can redeem up to 95% of what it was originally worth. for staples, 90%, and for gap, it is up to 85%. coming up, candy covered apples yanked from store shelves. one family says it's about time. they've already lost a loved one to listeria from the apples. details on the story still ahead. i'm currently deployed, i'd like to say hi to my wife, my daughter amina, aziza, and a.j. also hi to my town, oakland, california, and happy holidays and i'll be coming home soon. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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two men in jail this morning after what could turn out to be a deadly fight in downtown palo alto. early sunday morning two groups of men got into an argument outside of a downtown bar. the man on the left-hand side of your screen is charged with knocking another person out. the victim hit his head on the sidewalk and has yet to regain consciousness. the second suspect faces charges of nearly hitting officers with get away car. the attack happened near emmerson street and university avenue in palo alto. further charges will be added if the victim dies. on the other end of the spectrum, one man does a quick act of kindness after a san jose family nearly loses their home from a fire. yesterday's fire started from a dryer and damaged much of the top floor of this house, leaving the family without a place to stay on christmas eve. a man dropping off gifts at a fire department toy drive nearby heard what happened, donated $2,000 to the family. nobody was injured from that fire. a missouri firm is recalling
11:30 am
caramel apples because they could contain listeria. the happy apple brand is linked to deaths and illnesses in ten different states, including california. the recall will impact 31 states. a family of a woman who died of the bacteria filed a lawsuit on monday. more details now, the family of 81-year-old shirley fray says she bought the treats from a safeway store around halloween. the family sued safeway, saying it's safeway's responsibility for selling those items. safeway will not discuss the pending lawsuit. and former president george h.w. bush is spending christmas morning in the hospital. he was admitted to a houston hospital on tuesday for shortness of breath. officials expected to release him yesterday, but said they decided to keep him overnight for more observation. a spokesperson said bush had a good day yesterday and his prognosis does remain positive.
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two months in the hospital last year for a bronchitis related cough, he's still young in spirit, celebrating his 90th birthday by sky diving. well, factory farm animals in cages will get more room to move come january the 1st because of proposition 2, an initiative passed in california six years ago. peggy bunker has been following the changes and brings us more. >> in 2008, more californians voted for prop 2 than any other initiative in state history. it was a simple measure that factory farms give animals more room to move. farms were given six years to transition and their deadline is now here. will the changes do anything at all to make our food safer? it was a water shed moment for california farm animals, proposition 2, passed with a whopping 63% of the vote, giving animals room to move. >> prop 2 said that egg-laying
11:32 am
hens, breeding pigs, and calves need more space. >> reporter: the three animals affected by prop 2, the humane society says egg-laying chickens will benefit the most. jennifer was a campaign manager for proposition 2. >> from the perspective of the largest animal protection organization in the world, there are animals that suffer the quantity and quality of duress and depravation that egg-laying hens experience. >> reporter: the january 1st deadline is almost here and with it a new question, if hens are still in the cages, will prop 2 do anything to make our eggs safer to eat? multiple studies show that chickens kept in extreme cage confinement versus cage free are more susceptible to outbreaks of salmonella. salmonella sickens over a million people annually and kills approximately 400
11:33 am
americans every year. the cdc cites eggs as the number one cause of food poisoning in our country. >> there isn't a silver bullet, there is no magic answer. there are pluses and minuses on both sides. >> reporter: arne is one of the largest egg producers in northern california. he also serves as a president of the association of california egg farmers. he owns over a million egg laying hens, which produce about a million eggs per day. >> if you're eating an egg in san jose or san francisco or oakland, probably came out of here. >> reporter: the million-plus hens are kept in what are called battery cages, which arne told me in advance he would not let me see. this is footage of a typical operation, the hens live in cages inside sheds that can hold more than 250,000 birds. >> walk in there and they are going to be just as happy, okay? >> reporter: even though they are packed? >> they are going to be just as happy. >> reporter: research tells a different story. a study published found that
11:34 am
eggs from battery cage chickens were twice as likely to sicken consumers with salmonella. the usda cites waste allowed to build up in the sheds creating fecal dust. the latest usda report says factory farm eggs were four times more likely to be contaminated with salmonella. he disagrees, saying salmonella outbreaks are less likely. >> that's the biggest thing, so keeping them healthy and providing a safer product is easier to do. >> reporter: jan rescues factory hens when they can't produce anymore eggs. >> dying every day because of poor nutrition, poor conditions, all their energy's going into producing eggs. they are anemic, riddled with parasites and worms. >> reporter: one of the very few
11:35 am
people who has regular access to factory farm egg sheds. >> strong urine and feces smell, they don't clean the feces, they are waste high piles of feces, burns your eyes and lungs and it's doing the same to the chickens. >> reporter: construction is under way for an enormous shed to house more than 250,000 caged hens. >> one is going to have about 260,000 when it's done. >> 260,000 birds? how many people to maintain that? >> one quarter of one person per day. everything is automated. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> i think it's technology being used to the max. >> reporter: the question remains, will prop 2 impact salmonella outbreaks at all? if nothing else, the health of the animals we eat directly linked to that of our own. about 90% of the eggs we eat in our country come from factory farm hens kept in cages. several countries, such as
11:36 am
germany and austria, banned cages for egg hens altogether, but risks are driving change in the egg industry. wendy's, burger king, and denny's, major chains that have switched to only using cage-free eggs. back to you. >> peggy, thank you. a sign of hope this christmas morning for the parents of premature babies and it comes from an unlikely source. doctors at childrens hospital los angeles and several other facilities across the country are now using caffeine or viagra to change blood flow in babies and help them survive. premature babies have an easier time breathing if given small doses of viagra, caffeine helps stimulate the tiny diaphragm, lungs, and brain. interesting. most feel some sort of stress this time of year, and in some cases, the symptoms of stress can make you sick. the message from doctors, relax. studies have shown that chronic
11:37 am
stress causes inflammation in the body, heart disease, diabetes, sleep problems. experts recommend finding healthy ways to cope with stress, like exercising, eating healthy, seeing friends, and getting enough sleep. still ahead, why a washington state family hopes somebody will help their dog make a cross-country flight. and an oakland man using his unique skills to put roovs over the heads of homeless. those coming up in our latest installment of bay area proud. good christmas morning to you, i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. i want to show you the sun rise this morning from san francisco and san jose, something we haven't been able to show you over the past week or so. beautiful colors and clear skies. we're going to break down the rest of the weekend forecast and get you into next week and include the new year's eve forecast, as well. all coming up after this.
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subject of our next story has the eyes of an artist, the hands of a contractor, and the minds to blend these things into the most interesting and, as nbc bay area's garvin thomas shows us in this week's bay area proud, the most compassionate of ways. >> greg is a man with the ability to see solutions where others see problems. the problems people saw in his
11:41 am
west oakland neighborhood were illegal dumping and homelessness. his solution is our bay area proud. >> let's see. >> reporter: if it were stories greg was after, he'd have no problem finding them. among the piles of illegally dumped trash that appear each morning in greg's west oakland neighborhood, there are clues that tell the story of how each one got there. >> light bulbs, mixture, this is a marijuana operation dump. >> reporter: but greg isn't interested in stories. just happy endings. and so takes only what he needs to build them. greg is an artist whose long held a fascination with small living spaces. he once built a home out of a dumpster. greg also marvels at the
11:42 am
shelters his homeless neighbors construct out of materials they find on the street, so a couple of years ago, greg gathered some of those materials and built one himself. and that was that. or so he thought, until one rainy night a homeless woman knocked on greg's door asking for a tarp. >> i didn't have a tarp. i said i'm sorry, went back in, walked past my home. what am i doing with this? i ran back outside, charlene, come back tomorrow, i'll have a home for you. as soon as i gave it away, felt so good for me. wow, this is great. these people are so happy. >> reporter: felt so good, greg decided to do it again and again and again. with the help of a rotating cast of volunteers, greg has now built more than a dozen homes for the homeless. all are on wheels, all made solely out of the materials greg
11:43 am
pulls each morning from the trash piles, and all are destined to make a homeless neighbor's life a little drier, a little safer -- >> it's great. have my own place to be. >> reporter: and judging by the look on kelly's face, a whole lot happier. kelly says she has not had a roof over her head for 19 years. but will tonight, thanks to greg. >> a lot of happiness, which is the best part for me. >> reporter: since our story about greg first aired in april, he has been contacted by people around the world praising his efforts, offering their support, and looking to do the same thing in their community. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that's a nice story, garvin. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you, just visit our website,, and search "bay area proud." okay, the goal here is not
11:44 am
to stress you out, but time is kind of up and your chance to christmas shop is officially over. that deadline is done. some people, though, did push it until the last minute. the target in mountain view was packed until closing time last night at 10:00. according to, 15% of all holiday shoppers waited until the last minute to buy gifts. people like linda, she spent more than seven hours yesterday checking items off the shopping list. >> 12 grandchildren, wrapped everything up, oh, no, i need one more thing for this child. we are so tired we can hardly make it, so this is it, we're done. >> we also spotted a lot of shoppers cashing in on clearance christmas decorations, as well. it's not unusual for people to travel across the country during the holidays, one washington state family did not expect their dog to take a vacation of their own. a local shelter put her picture on facebook, a woman recognized patty and realized the dog got
11:45 am
picked up by a truck driver. the driver was in nebraska, heading for iowa, so the owner created the facebook page "bring penny home for christmas." thousands offered to help and penny was dropped off in pennsylvania, her owners are currently figuring out how to get her back home for the holidays, looking for that reunion. christmas shopping is, in fact, over, anthony. if you have 12 grandkids you could forget one or two. you have two kids, it's easier. >> i have 16 nieces and nephews. we go to the dollar store and get a grab bag. they love to reach in anonymously and find something. that's the easy way to do it, if you've got 16 grandchildren. let's talk about the weather. look at the country. this is the way to have a christmas morning, right? we don't have any major weather across anywhere across the entire united states. a little bit of snow across the upper midwest and a little rain across the pacific northwest and across the east coast, but that's about it, just a little
11:46 am
bit of the weather elements this morning, so quiet and peaceful, the way that christmas should be, right? unless you have screaming babies. let's talk about the temperature map. you can see it is very cold out there, still climbing through the 50s across most of the bay, but 28 still in truckee. they are expecting to stay cold today, along with us in the bay area, sunshine, clear skies as far as the eye can see and the cameras bouncing around a bit off towards the east bay and peninsula, where winds are up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's the cold air being pulled in from canada and alaska, usually we get the influence of the tropical air, today and the next few days, looking at cold northerly wind, so our influence will be from the north. and because of that cold air inundating the bay area, we are going to be looking at cold mornings. in fact, between 4:00 in the morning and 9:00 each morning between now and sunday we're going to be looking at
11:47 am
temperatures first in the north bay tomorrow and the east bay, coldest temperatures. because of that, black ice on the roads and saturday gets colder. temperatures back into the 20s for the north bay and isolated 20s for the east bay. south bay, you'll be in the mid 30s, anywhere you go except for san francisco, you're going to be looking at temperatures that are going to be close to freezing and because of that black ice is possible on some of the roads, especially before 9:00. other than that, sunshine, quiet weather, bit of morning fog towards next week, but this weekend it will be cold, even today, temperatures only climbing into the 50s. that's going to be the story through next week. in fact, by tuesday and wednesday, another storm system expected to move this way. here's the deal, headed more inland. because of that, it's not going to tap into sub tropical moisture and it's going to move to the south. as it comes in from the north, drifts to the south, a lot of rain is expected across the central valley, down towards l.a., but the thing about it, the computer models change and earlier this morning it had rain
11:48 am
over the bay area, so we could see showers on new year's eve and morning, but the best thing about it is a 20% chance. let's talk about that new year's eve forecast, it's a proverb to me. new year's eve forecast includes drizzle, but overall we'll see the fireworks. even if we have rain, the fireworks still must go on, right? >> it's a guarantee, 5 out of 5. we like it. thank you very much, anthony. still to come, "the interview" is not the only movie in theaters today. despite all the talk about it, coming up, a preview of what else you can see on the big screen.
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11:51 am
well, no doubts about it, christmas day is one of the biggest movie days of the year, and "the interview" is not the only movie hitting theaters this morning. >> look at me. look me in the eye. >> that's a scene from "unbroken," which is a new film directed and produced by angelina jolie, following the life of an olympic runner who survived in a raft after 47 days after a plane crash in world war ii, only to be captured by the japanese navy and sent to a p.o.w. camp. "unbroken" is rated "pg-13." >> greatest device in history
11:52 am
and the germans use it for communications. >> let me try and we'll know for sure. >> another world war ii movie based on a true story, "the imitation game" follows a mathematician who's trying to crack german codes and win the war. rated "pg-13." >> they know your name, they feel invincible. >> they aren't. they think they are. "american sniper" based on a new york times best seller, starring bradley cooper as the u.s. navy s.e.a.l. "american sniper" is rated "r." >> if i give you this money and you don't pay me back, there are no rules. do you understand the gravity of the situation? >> i understand. >> there's mark wahlberg, leading a double life as a
11:53 am
gambler in the movie "the gambler," also rated "r." >> i paint every single one of them and no one will ever know but you. >> reporte >> "big eyes," one of the most successful painters in the '50s and '60s, but it would soon come out his wife was the one who painted the popular works of art, rated "pg-13." ♪ ♪ >> and lastly, "into the woods" has a star-studded cast including meryl streep right there, emily blunt and james corden, following a number of classic tales. all interact with a witch, "into the woods" is rated "pg." still to come, how our troops are celebrating the holiday overseas.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
well, finally on this christmas holiday, we are remembering our troops across the world on christmas day. u.s. troops in afghanistan were treated to a song and dance show at bagram air base today. entertaining men and women spending the holidays away from their families. we understand the challenge involved there. that will change for thousands of troops, though, next year. by the end of this year, the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan will drop to 10,000,
11:57 am
and we cannot begin to express our gratitude for everybody who is serving abroad right now protecting ourselves, protecting our country's freedom. >> yeah. puts in perspective, especially around this time of year, what to be grateful for. >> you know it. we've seen so many great acts of kindness so far today and hopefully they'll continue throughout the holiday. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. get the latest information you need all day long at you want to do the honors? >> have a great day. >> have a great day.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
is that the best picture of gwen y'all could get up there? >> get over. >> the voice coaches are here. they're running amok. they have taken over "access hollywood" live. going to hell in a hand basket. starts right now. >> stand by billy and kit. stand by camera 2. we're live in 5, had, 3, 2, 1. all four voice coaches on our set. welcome to "access hollywood" live. i'm billy bush. kit hoover, an extended thanksgiving holiday with her family. she's not with me. but holly robinson pete is. >> not terrible the traveling


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