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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 31, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is the final day of 2014. coming up on "early today," we have breaking news this morning on the airasia flight 8501. then a tragic accident at a walmart as a mother is killed at the hand of her 2-year-old holding her legal handgun. we've got more proof that too much salt is really bad for you. us, revellers around the globe are preparing to ring in the new year. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm richard lui. breaking overnight, another desperate attempt to get some closure to the families of those on board aboard airasia flight 8501. find out exactly what went wrong. officials say bad weather in the next few days will complicate search and recovery efforts on going. now airline executives are
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disputing reports that sew far equipment detected the plane's fuselage under water. >> they are narrowing the search more comfortable that they're beginning to know where it is. no confirmation no sonar, nothing. some visual identification but nothing confirmed. >> the clarification comes as coffins contains the bodies of passengers began arriving at a military air base in indonesia. they'll be taken to a hospital near the airport where families will begin the heartbreaking task of identifying their loved ones. within the last 24 hours, six bodies have been recovered including that of a female flight attendant still in her uniform. life vest ts luggage and wreckage have also been recovered. now the u.s. is sending a second ship the "u.s.s. ft. worth" to help in the search and recovery effort. it will join the "u.s.s. sampson" in the region for the past two days. brian mooar, what's the latest of the recovery operations?
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so key are the black boxes and the fuselage. >> reporter: family members are getting devastating news, but a first step towards closure. >> reporter: the bodies arriving at a military base in indonesia. shipping containers are being turned into makeshift morgues. tents prepared for autopsies of the 162 victims. the discovery of a half dozen victims and various pieces of debris dash hopes of finding any survivors, but puts investigators a step closer to finding the so-called black boxes that may shed light on the cause of the disaster. two american ships, the "u.s.s. sampson" and "u.s.s. ft. worth" have been dispatched to help in the search and recovery efforts. airasia's ceo is trying to comfort family members.
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>> it's a horrible horrible experience. we're trying to do our best. >> the wife of flight 8501's pilot is hoping for the return of a loved one. a search for answers at the bottom of the sea. investigators are confident they will get those an centers because the wreckage appears to be located in shallow water. richard? >> brian mooar in washington, d.c. thank you so much. parts of the world have begun saying good-bye to 2014 and begun to welcome 2015. you heard it fireworks over auckland new zealand. one of the biggest parties happens to it in in times square. that's where we go to nbc's sarah dallof. we know the temperature today, a little chilly? >> reporter: it's going to be a chilly start to 2015 richard. it's in the mid 230s right now. it will be roughly that when the
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clock strikes midnight. that's the bad news. the bad news is people will have about a fill eun of their newest and closest friends to snuggle up to. that is how many people are expected to pack times square to ring in 2015 with an additional billion people expected to watch on tv. a party of this size doesn't happen without a lot of planning and preparation. so far we've seen some of those crystal panels on the iconic waterford ball replaced. we've also seen a test confetti drop. later tonight performers including taylor swift and florida georgia line scheduled to take the stage. new york city's mayor alongside members of the international rescue committee expected to push the button to start the ball's descent. once it reaches the base a happy new year and more than a ton of confetti will rain down on the crowd. that is the responsibility richard, of the confetti master a job i'm betting you didn't know existed until now. >> hi i am the confetti master
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good to meet you. what do you do? sarah dollop. have a great new year. a tragic accident is how a sheriff described the death of a mother at the hands of her 2-year-old boy. it happened yesterday morning at a walmart. police say the toddler was in a shopping cart when he reached into his mother's purse and grabbed a handgun which then discharged. the 29-year-old veronica rutledge died at the store. she did have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. her other three children were shopping with her at the time as well. a wild scene in chicago. when it rains, it really does pour. a wall collapsed at a morton's salt facility. the incident happened tuesday as several tons of salt crashed through a wall and on to cars at an acura dealership. >> because of the pressure and the weight of the salt it's damaged the tires and suspension systems on the cars. >> city engineers are checking the building's structural integrity and luckily there were no injuries. we're just hearing about the
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weather in times square. our good happy friend here bill karins has broken out the special effects today for the new year. >> the vegas stuff is fascinating with the snow. the snow outside of san diego, the elevations have really come down. so it's pretty crazy new year's eve forecast for areas of the west. winter storm warnings for the northern half of arizona, southern utah. there's the winter storm warnings just outside of san diego. all the higher terrain there in southern cal. it's snowing pretty good and it did overnight. lightly snowing now in southern nevada arizona. especially on the rim driving to sedona. here is the radar. san diego, of course you're warm enough. the white in the mountains shows where it's snowing pretty good. back into southern portions of nevada this is where we're seeing light snow. temperatures in vegas, 34. it's 35 degrees in fairbanks, alaska right now. it's colder in vegas than
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fairbanks. that doesn't happen often, hardly ever. as far as the forecast goes in vegas, maybe an inch on the grass, possibly maybe a half inch. not a lot. but enough to hopefully make it look too pretty and not too treacherous on the roads. the windchill not fun either. san francisco, a winarizona. as we go into the overnight hours tonight, the cold air continues to be the story in the northwest. midnight forecast pretty much just cold out there in many spots. >> 25 degrees in las vegas. the new year on the strip is going to be different this year certainly. >> it is. in the headlines this morning, from, hold the meat. >> i would try it. >> i hear it has more fat.
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before you're too quick to judge, apparently the vegetarian version got rave reviews. you have to eat 12 at once. good news to report. george h.w. bush released from methodist hospital in houston. mr. bush spent the past week there after experiencing shortness of breath. straight ahead, a look at the biggest stories of 2014. you're watching "early today." i love how it conforms to my body. with tempur-pedic the whole bed is comfortable. we actually got our bed as an engagement gift from her parents. maybe that's the secret to marriage. you're gonna stay together if you have a tempur-pedic bed. i told our friends, this is the best investment i've ever made. it's helping to keep us young. i love my bed. (vo) it's your year. treat youself to your best night's sleep with tempur-pedic. my hygienist told me that less tartar means less scraping. so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes!
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oh, what a year 2014 has been. the events that changed the world and our lives. here's a look back. >> 3, 2, 1! >> u.s. helicopters and navy warships are scouring the sea looking for any signs of the malaysian boeing 777 that left kuala lumpur to beijing. disappearing about an hour into the flight. no relief in site from the polar vortex. temperatures remain freezing in the northwest as the arctic air sweeps into the northeast and south.
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>> southern discomfort across the southeast. snow brought atlanta to a virtual standstill. abandoned cars and trucks littered the highways. it happened 60 miles north of seattle. a rain soaked hillside gave way and swallowed everything in its path enveloping homes in a mix of mud, trees and rock. >> relentless and powerful. a night of dangerous tornadoes following several days of deadly storms. alabama, mississippi, and louisiana were all hit hard. arkansas especially seems to have suffered. firefighters raced against the wind carrying embers hopscotching between treetops and up in swirling columns the people here in san diego county are calling firenados. >> a jumbo jet destroyed in ukraine. malaysian flight with 295 people aboard. a night of terror in isla
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vista. a community of mostly students in santa barbara. a rolling rampage of gunfire from a black bmw coupe that left seven dead including the shooter, seven others injured. the pointed questions and concerns about how and why general motors allegedly hid effects of faulty ignition switches, problems that led to at least 13 deaths and dozens of injuries turned personal. the strain was visible on gm ceo's mary barra's face as lawmakers aggressively questioned her. the death of robin williams left his family friends and generations of fans across the world in shock. tear gas filled the air in ferguson, missouri, where hundreds of angry protesters again clashed with police as tensions continue to boil over after the death of 18-year-old michael brown, the unarmed teenager who was shot and killed after a confrontation with police. nearly three weeks after surprising many by walking into emory university hospital sick
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with ebola, dr. kent brantley is walking out. >> i am thrilled to be alive, to be well. >> emory doctors have released brantley and fellow missionary nancy writebol. they became infected with the virus while working to contain the ebola outbreak in west africa. thomas eric duncan died at texas presbyterian hospital. for ten days he fought the ebola virus here. he arrived in the u.s. from liberia and within a few days got sick. shots rang out at marysville pilchuck high school just before 11:00 a.m. >> we are confirming two deceased at this time, one is the shooter. >> at least four others have been taken to hospitals. republican leaders are celebrating. incumbent senate democrats mark horner and jeanne shaheen hung on but mark udall, mark pryor and kay hagan lost their seats. republicans joni ernst, shelley moore capito, mike rounds and steve daines took what had been democratic senate seats. almost in an instant it went
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from fall to frigid. arctic temperatures mixed with howling winds unleashed an unprecedented snowfall in buffalo. and liftoff at dawn. >> orion pushed away from pad 37 and into history. >> the dawn of orion and a new era of american space exploration. today a staten island grand jury rendered its decision. no indictment for the new york city police officer who whose officially banned choke hold was cited in garner's death back in july. >> chanting slogans now synonymous with the continuing movement of police violence, protesters called for changes in the way police interact with people and in the way incidents of police violence are investigated and prosecuted. during an nfl season that's often played out in the courtroom instead of a stadium, nfl owners unanimously approved a new sweeping league personal conduct policy. freed after five years in a cuban prison, american alan
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gross arrived back in the u.s., part of the diplomatic deal that was secret till now. >> today america chooses to cut loose the shackles of the past. the u.s. will open an embassy and press for reforms to boost cuba's economy signaling a new era. after half a century, the door is now open. >> 3, 2, 1! >> yeah! >> and that was 2014. the maker behind play-doh is trying to make good with parents after a seemingly tnt toy part took on a whole new meaning. it's an extruder meant for squeezing out clay icing on a cake. take a look. parents complained it looked more like -- well, you can figure that one out. hasbro says it is updating future play-doh products with a new tool. you are watching "early today." ...we're going to need you on the
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a beautiful clear day in new york city. now to sports 12th ranked maryland faced michigan state in a thriller. >> clock's running down. >> and he hit it! >> oh, wow. >> maryland's dez wells sends it to overtime with a game-tying 3. the terps will go on to win it 68-66 in double overtime. meanwhile, it's a bitter finish for the gators. florida's jacob kurtz tips the
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ball in his own basket for the game winner handing the win to florida state. florida state tops florida 65-63. jim harbaugh was introduced as the new head football coach at his alma mater, michigan. go blue. he signed a seven-year deal worth about $40 million including a $2 million signing bonus. lions tackle ndamukong suh wins his appeal. the incident at sunday's game will cost him $7,000. john baumgartner winning his third world series in five years. yes, he's 25. 19-year-old lauren hill lived out her dream of playing in a college basketball game with an inoperable brain tumor reached her fund raising goal of $1 million for cancer research. way to go. hill's friend bengals
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player devin still tweeted his support saying congrats lauren hill on raising $1 million for cancer research. just ahead, the reviews are not even in yet. we reveal, though the most anticipated film for 2015. plus danger for a trooper when a drunk driver hits the gas. you're watching "early today." [ male announcer ] with you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. i have exactly the amount of postage i need, the instant i need it. can you print only stamps? no... first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mail man picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it
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entertainment. according to fandango, "star
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wars: the force awakens," is the most anticipated film of 2015. the super hero epic "avengers" in second place. the asking price for sonny crockett's 1986 ferrari testarossa is around $1.75 million. i looked this up bill that tweet rise from "mime vice" is auctioned on ebay. the classic car guide lists the normal off-the-street version 25 cheaper. a new survey by zillo rank the person people want to have as their ideal neighbor. other than bill karins. jimmy fallon came in first place. blek shelton and miranda lambert were number two. i don't know tommy. maybe we should do something else like sit on the floor and be really quiet. >> the voice behind "chuckie" has passed away, also known as the voice of babe in the 1999
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film passed away at the age of 51. the cause is not known. "american sniper" hit the $1 million mark in five days. the clint eastwood directed film opens nationwide january 16. what are celebrity new year's resolutions. let's take a listen. >> are you a new year's resolution type of person? >> i'm a new year's evolution person. don't need to fix anything just keep evolving it. >> my resolution this year is to learn how to speak spanish. see if i get to it. >> if i have something to change, i'd change it right then change it that day. i don't want for new year's. if you wait for new year's you're not going to do it. >> he's saying he's not going to do anything in the new year. >> he's saying if he wants to change something, he does he doesn't write a list. >> this is "early today," we hope it's your first stop of the day on nbc. bill is still talking. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em.
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leading the news from "the new york times" editorial board, when new york city police walk off the job. with heightened tensions between new york city police and mayor bill de blasio, officers are taking their anger to a new level. according to "the new york post", arrests plummet 66% with nypd in virtual work stoppage following the shooting death of two officers. from nbc news, cancer death rate drop spares 1.5 million americans according to the american cancer society, there's been a 22% drop in cancer death rates in the past two decades. the drop is attributed to improvements in cancer treatment and detection methods as well as a downturn in smoking.
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from "the l.a. times," thieves steel over 3ds 00,000 worth of wine from the french laundry restaurant. just 76 bottles of very expensive wine were stolen from the three-star restaurant. eaten there, bill? >> no. i want a bot of that wine too. >> evidently those bottles are gone though. the wisconsin state trooper at home and recovering from injuries this morning. the dash cam recorded this frightening moment when the driver of that car dragged him about 50 feet just inches away from passing traffic. the driver had been pulled over for dui. he was eventually arrested when he showed up for work the next day. police in pennsylvania say officers shot and killed a man who they say tried to run them over with his car. it happened during a traffic stop. police saying they later found a youtube video showing the suspect threatening to kill police and fbi agents. police have described him as a 52-year-old white male. the fatal shooting comes two weeks after the man killed two new york city police officers in an ambush style shooting. san diego zoo has a new member of the family and you
4:28 am
just have to see him. born just four days ago, this baby gorilla hasn't left his mother's side yet. dozens have already been gathering to see the newborn as gorillas are endangered in the wild. this is one mother/son bond that is going last. >> that's a protective mommy. >> how about that for a gorilla cam? >> that's a good one. >> we have panda cams. >> we've done that been there. >> bill cam? >> new year we're going 2015 gorilla. now for a look ahead. it's new year's eve. las vegas could be ringing in 2015 with snow as bill was telling us. forecasters saying there's a 70% chance of light snow with 32-degree temperatures. about 340,000 people are expected to head to downtown las vegas. happy birthday to gabby douglas, 19 today. sy turns 37 and bibi new worth, lilith on "frazier" was 56.
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>> can you do gan
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strong winds toppled trees and in one case leaves several homes uninhabitable. will the wind die down before midnight? a mystery in the south bay continues. a string of recent car fires leaving lots of unanswered questions. get ready to party. the countdown is on for 2015. the growing bay area hot spot where more and more people are choose to go celebrate. >> are you ready to party? >> i can party right now. >> a live look this morning at downtown san jose on this new year's eve, weapons, december 31st. from


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