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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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difficult to ignore the biting hold that's hit the bay area. on your left, a live look over fremont. if you look closely you can see a flag waving in the wind. not only chilly a bit breezy making it even chillier. on the right, crews cleaning up after the wind that left a trail of damage across our region. downed power lines still causing a problem in many neighborhoods. several homes in san jose had to be evacuated because of live wirls. thankfully no one was hurt. we have team coverage this evening and we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who's tracking falling temperatures this new year's eve. >> the wind storm pushing south, making way for cold temperatures to set in here across the bay area. without the wind there's less friction in the atmosphere. so it's not able to stay as warm as it was, let's say, for the past several nights. it's going to be getting even colder. if you thought it was cold last night, wait until you see temperatures we're forecasting. by 10:00 tonight in san
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francisco, any kind of new year's eve celebration not going to hit freezing but tree by midnight. wind makes it feel like 30s. bundle up. san francisco to san jose 41 at 10:00 p.m. by midnight 38. get a little bit of wind it's going to feel like 33, 34 degrees. you need layers. you need the hat, scarves, maybe even gloves. we have a freeze warning in effect. when it's that cold at midnight we'll have several more hours of those temperatures dropping for the north bay, east bay, and south bay. parts of the peninsula may see temperatures range from 27 to 32 degrees. may produce some damage to sensitive plants. you want to make sure you bring in your pets. a frost advisory not going to get as cold but you may have patchy ice here around sections of the bay. as mentioned simple tips. we know the drill. dress in layers as i mentioned. gloves and a scarf. don't forget to warm up the car in the morning hours. you may have to scrape the windshield. worst commute would be anyone traveling over bridges, overpasses, and hills above
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1,000 feet with the possibility of a little bit of ice. we're tracking that full forecast in 15 minutes. how about a live look over a chilly san francisco. but wow, a beautiful picture of the city. the cold is expected but the people are still going to turn out by the hundreds of thousands. however, they're likely bringing more with them this time around. christie smith joining us from the embarcadero. jeff was saying hats scarves and gloves. i see a coat you lost your scarf. >> reporter: getting a little tight around my neck and warm in the van. we're seeing new year's eve crowds and they are bundled up. big jackets, hats the scarfs. of course, the fireworks won't happen for some time. even restaurants are looking at ways to keep people comfortable in the cold. in san francisco, new year's celebrations for many started early with just a plan to stay warm. >> we're going to bring our
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blankets out. it's really cold. it's a little bit cold. we're not used to it. >> jackets for tonight. >> reporter: think that's going to be enough? >> i hope so. >> reporter: they're coming out early to get a spot along the embarcadero to watch fireworks with test of thousands of others. >> 4,000 to 5,000 devices that are going to be fired in a 15-minute period of time. >> reporter: jeff thomas is with pyrospectaculars and says despite strong winds yesterday he believes the weather should cooperate. >> the heavy winds are supposed to subside. we don't shoot until midnight. my understanding is there could be a breeze. windy, a normal wind for the bay area. that's no problem for us. >> reporter: at water bar and restaurants along the embarcadero they're expecting a busy night. they've brought in a little something extra to beat the cold. >> we've got extra heaters coming in to make sure that all areas are sufficiently at
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comfortable temperature. and we've got balloons coming in. we've got a lot of hats and horns and noisemakers. >> reporter: and san francisco police, they have extra officers in as the city rings in the new year. >> the fireworks show on the embarcadero is a family event. it's no alcohol. don't bring alcohol. if you do you'll be asked to pour it out, dispose of it, possibly be cited. >> reporter: the fireworks technician that we spoke with said just a little bit of wind is actually a good thing. because it can help blow the smoke away from the firework effects. after a night of extremely heavy winds the bay area is cleaning up tonight. clearing the roads, trying to get the power back on. scott budman is in san jose where pg&e crews will welcome in the new year working on the wires. >> reporter: very much on the wire. pg&e crews have been in the silver creek area of san jose
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since last night when the wind storm wrecked power lines and brought power poles down. the good news is now power is back on for the entire neighborhood. part of a bay area-wide day of cleaning up. downed trees in burlingame. twisted metal poles in san jose. much of the bay area spent the last day of 2014 cleaning up. >> oh my god. you know that tree was probably -- probably been there since the 1800s. >> reporter: a tree that crossed over the busy el camino real and broadway intersection landing on john's house. >> a bren window and some cracked windows on either side. >> reporter: and bringing down power poles that scorched everything in their path. >> it looked like one tree, completely horizontal. one at an angle maybe resting on the other tree or a wire, i don't know. it was at an angle.
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>> reporter: after the wreckage was cleared away the best news is that it was just wreckage. not much damage. and nobody hurt. >> it was a rough day. rough 24 hours right before the new year. but we are extremely lucky to be alive. >> reporter: getting things straightened up again and bringing light back into local homes. again, after about 30 hours of not having power along this area here in silver creek, pg&e crews are wrapping up and the power is back on in time for new year's eve. as you can see from pg&e's website, plenty of people still without power because of the wind storm. the biggest out ans are in antioch with over 800 people still in the dark. san bruno nearly 400 people without electricity. dozens more in pes ka der row, la done de castro valley waiting for crews to get them
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online. the main focus is making sure no one dies from hypothermia. 100 more beds at this shelter, meaning 350 people will be able to get out of the cold. >> it's brutal. i couldn't bear it. you know it would be so stressful that you know i would probably end up in the county jail. just to have a place to lay my head, you know, out of the cold. >> reporter: six homeless people died in the bay area last year when temperatures dipped into the 20s. a third person has died in northern california because of the wind storm. a tree fell onto a home this morning in redding, killing a woman and trapping a child. yesterday, falling trees killed two people in separate incidents in the paradise ridge area of butte county in the northern sierra foothills. up there, winds topped 60 miles per hour. stay with us for the latest on this wind storm.
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be sure to download our nbc bay area app for your smartphone. you can get personalized forecasting along with our realtime doppler radar and it is free for apple, iphone and android users. to a developing story from china. with a new year's celebration in downtown shanghai turned tragic. china's official news agency says 35 people have been killed in a stampede. dozens more suffered injuries. it happened about a half hour weave midnight. 300,000 people were expected at that particular event. the san jose police department is adopting a new patrol strategy today because of threats made against law enforcement officers across the nation. top brass and rank and file are in agreement, something needed to be done to keep officers safe. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from police headquarters with what the plan is. >> reporter: the plan is that from now on for the rest of the night, san jose police will double up staffing in their patrol cars for every shift.
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now, it will mean less patrol cars out on new year's eve. police say it shouldn't hurt emergency response. san jose police began staffing patrol cars with two officers this morning and will continue through the overnight shift. police say the decision was made because of both nationwide threats against law enforcement as well as nonspecific threats received by san jose's department. >> some of these threats today have focused on new year's tonight. and so the chief and his chief officers decided, we're going to go ahead and deploy these officers tonight and tonight only. >> reporter: police acknowledge the double staffing reduces the number of cars patrolling but increases certain responses because officers won't have to wait for a backup unit. >> putting two people in a car does reduce the footprint across the city. but if we can't get home to our families at night then we can't protect the rest of the city. i think this was the right thing to do. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff's department declined to reveal details.
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>> we're not going into tactics we're going to be using our deputies will be using during this threat. we're making sure that we are aware and that we will be doing certain things. >> reporter: san jose mayor-elect sam liccardo says he plans to ride with officers tonight. >> it's very unfortunate that our officers have to be so concerned about their own safety that they need to double up. obviously they've got to do everything they have to do. >> reporter: some sources did tell us that some of the threats did come from people known locally to police. but again, officials say there were no specific threats to this department. protesters don't plan to take tonight off. several groups have announced that starting at 9:00 p.m. they are planning to march along san francisco's waterfront. police say they've already staffed up for new year's eve and are ready to help facilitate the demonstrations as long as they are peaceful. here's a live look at oakland where another anti-police demonstration is planned. that protest expected to start at 9:00 p.m.
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a fire broke out today at a sausage factory. fire crews are worried about the roof collapsing. it started just before noon at the ever good fine foods in san francisco's bayview district. firefighters mainly focused on keeping flames inside the building. they did that. now they're staying at the warehouse to monitor flare-ups and check structural integrity. everyone made it out of the building safely. for the second time this month a pregnant woman went into labor on a flight departing from san francisco. this time a delta airlines flight took off from sfo from minneapolis. about 7:00 a.m. then she went into labor. forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in salt lake city at about 9:30. she was rushed to the hospital. the flight resumed to minneapolis. no word on how the woman's doing. you might remember earlier this month a woman gave birth on a southwest airlines flight headed from sfo to phoenix. still ahead, the desperate search for any signs of life after the air asia plane crash.
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the evidence found today and why the search is about to get even more challenging. i'm marianne favro. take a look at this burned vehicle, one of nine cars set on fire recently in san jose. and now arson investigators say they have a break in the case. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. ripped apart at the rose bowl. incredible video of the wind wreaking havoc on the iconic new year's day tradition.
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>> san jose fire ept department says one person is behind bars accused of setting a car on fire last night. police are questioning him to see if he might be linked to as many as nine fires in the past
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ten days. the latest two happened last night. one on cass precedian sea drive about 7:00 an hour later another one on willow street. marianne favro live with new details.n hour later another one on willow street. marianne favro live with new details. >> reporter: this is one of the vehicles set on fire. the scorched interior the shattered glass. har arson investigators say they have a suspect. shattered glass, torched superior. this is what james sladen discovered when he went out to his car in san jose last night. >> devastated. i was like oh no. i just came back from a trip from l.a. being with my mom over christmas. and i was just horrified. >> reporter: it wasn't just his vehicle that was torched. his neighbor's jeep was also set on fire. andrew says he saw the suspect. >> standing right here. he had his hands in the car. >> reporter: andrew says the suspect used this rock to break in. >> i coughed.
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what are you doing near my vehicle? he looked back at me. when i came out to confront him, he started taking off down the road. >> reporter: andrew chased him a short distance then stopped. that's when he noticed the interior of the jeep was on fire. he sprang into action using a bucket of water to put out the flames. then quickly moved to his neighbor's suv, which was also engulfed in flames. >> i was pouring water all over the flame right here. and by the time i was out of water, my prowas coming around with the fire extinguisher. >> reporter: in addition to the two vehicle fires here there was another one set last night just a few blocks away. and earlier this week three vehicle fires were said near basscam avenue. last night one arrest in connection with one of the fires and investigators are trying to determine if he's linked to as many as nine recent vehicle fires in the south bay. in both fires set on this street it appears the suspect used a lighter to ignite upholstery inside the cars. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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crime on the decline in oakland? according to outgoing mayor jean quan she says the numbers prove they are. homicides down by 10% compared to last year. shootings also dropping by 13%. home burglaries down 29%. auto thefts down by 7%. many of the candidates who ran against quan had criticized her for the high rates. cal trans is going after the main contractor that built the bay bridge's new eastern span. take a look at that eastern span. you can't see the problems from here but this one has had a series of problems since opening last year. everything from rust spots, leaks and misaligned steel rods. now cal trans is threatening to fine american bridge floor $25,000 per day for as long as the work is not completed. cal trans says that's what the contract mandates and that is what the agency will enforce.
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scary moments outside the rose bowl today as strong winds destroyed part of a fan fest. people ran for shelter as tents and awnings blew through the air. four people were hurt while this was going on. and treated at the scene. one worker did drive himself to a local hospital to have his finger checked. strong winds. and that's not all the trouble the winds kicked up in southern california. take a look at this. the wind was so strong it knocked five big rigs on their sides in rancho conduct money ga this morning. trucks are down but nobody hurt. mother nature blew snow into parts of southern california stranding dozens of drivers in the san bernardino and san gabriel mountains. firefighters rescued over 130 people stuck on the highways. some areas got as much as 3 inches of snow. crazy stuff going on down south.
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let's see what it's like around here. >> we're on the back side of that storm system. so that's the good news. we're beginning to see conditions calm down. you can see on our weather underground time lapse network today, blue sky to start the day. we had a few high clouds by the afternoon. then eventually that sunset we got the clear skies back. beautiful, beautiful conditions here across a lot of the bay area. that wind it still is whipping up this morning. the best news is sustained winds are down 75%, 80% from this time yesterday. very calm conditions in livermore. not even gusting at the moment. 6-mile-per-hours in san jose. 7 miles per hour in napa 4 miles per hour in santa rosa. this is coming out of the north. a colder wind tonight. even though it's not gusting, when that wind kicks up you're going to feel it. if you're headed out for new year's eve celebrations bundle up. 41 by 10:00 p.m. by midnight 38. that's where we should be for the overnight low for a lot of the inland valleys so it's going
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to be getting colder throughout tomorrow morning. let's get a look at temperatures right now. you can see continued clear skies across the bay. 53 in san francisco. south bay 47. chilly for new year's eve. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, north bay dropping down to 29. may have patchy ice. it will be close to that east bay, average 31. peninsula averaging 37. for the south bay, 34 degrees. so get ready for that cold tomorrow. here's your weather trend. cold mornings the next couple of days. by the afternoon, not too many differences in our temperatures for the south bay by saturday 61 degrees. a few clouds. by saturday 63. you'll see that across the bay area. we're not see many temperatures extremes as that storm system that moved over leveled out the atmosphere for us. north bay, east shore, tri-valley all expecting upper 50s to 60 from friday saturday. then by sunday once again some clouds move on in. about 25 minutes we'll have full details on your forecast and we'll tell you when the next chance of rain will be.
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i think you'll like it. we all need a break. >> we've had our break. jeff thank you very much. changes may be coming to a south bay landmark. the new entertainment the winchester mystery house wants to offer its guests and why neighbors aren't too excited. a new rule for the new year. the common product that will disappear from restaurants in san jose tomorrow.
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san jose restaurants are saying good-bye to styrofoam. starting tomorrow nearly all eateries will have to use alternative food containers. the ban affects about 500 businesses such as mom and pop restaurants, coffee shops, bars food trucks. styrofoam is already banned at chain restaurants in san jose. a popular tourist attraction wants to serve more than mystery to its guests. the changes the winchester mystery house wants to make are
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raising eyebrows in the neighborhood. robert handa tells us how neighbors have brought those big plans to a screeching halt for now and how the fight may have just begun. >> reporter: the legend of the mystery house is sarah winchester kept adding rooms to accommodate ghostly spirits. the themes keep building hit a community roadblock, when the people who run it applied to spread out the operation. the mystery house wanted to expand its license to the department of alcohol beverage control with plans that included outdoor special event music, with sales of all types of alcoholic drinks and to run until midnight. about 150 residents of the winchester ranch mobile home park sent a kloeffler of protest. >> who's going to be coming to these events? the fact that it has the potential to get really rowdy and really start causing issues in the neighborhood. >> i don't think i would be concerned about they were doing it inside their buildings. but outdoors in the summer
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sound carries so easy over that fence. >> reporter: the abc rejected the application. the mobile home group pointed out it has cooperated with winchester before and was disappointed they weren't contacted beforehand. >> 25% of the people who live here are in their 80s and 90s. two-thirds are over 70. so when we have something that goes on until midnight it's not good. >> reporter: abc says the rejection is for the so-called informal application process. winchester mystery house can submit a formal application. we did not hear back from winchester on whether wants to resume its plans and neither has the mobile home park's residents. they say they are ready if it happens. these days it's not a common reason you see politicians resign for. health problems. that's why a san mateo city councilman robert recognition is resigning next tuesday. it's not clear exactly what health ailments ross has.
6:26 pm
his colleagues are praising his decision as a good chase for his family and the councilman. city council has 30 days to appoint someone to serve until the 2015 general election. coming up at 6:00 their families and search teams are not giving up. new developments in the effort to rescue survivors and precede from that doomed air asia flight. plus chilling new video taken by passengers aboard the ferry that caught fire in the adriatic sea. in some parts of the world it's already 2015. in the big apple the party is just getting under way. a sneak peek ahead.
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from coast to coast, new year's eve celebrations are well under way. at this hour on your left san francisco. hundreds of thousands will gather to watch the fireworks along the embarcadero. and take a look at the growing crowd in new york's types square. there they're expecting about 1 million people to make their way. this celebration before midnight, back there right now it's about 9:30. while we await the arrival of 2015 in the u.s. australia has already welcomed the new year in in its usual grand style. now, that's grand. fireworks lighting up the skies of sydney over the city's harbor. more than 1 million people at
6:30 pm
the harbor for the world-famous show. back live to times square sarah live in the middle of awe the excitement bundled up and looking warm. >> reporter: i've got to bundle up, it is in the 20s here tonight. but a million people are braving the cold to come to one of the world's biggest celebrations. times square shut down tonight, transformed into one massive street party. bundled up and ready to celebrate. more than 1 million people are prepared to ring in the new year in iconic times square. >> winter coats, gloves scarves, freezing our tails off to watch the ball drop. >> reporter: it's a bucket list item for many. worthy of a trip across the country or across the pond. >> we like the whole sort of -- just everything about the place. it's kind of -- there's so much to take in.
6:31 pm
>> hope it will be a good year. >> reporter: organizers spent hours making sure it lives up to expectations. >> happy new year! >> reporter: a test confetti drop. and some new panels on that sparkling crystal ball. >> every year waterford replaces about 10% of the crystals on the new year's eve ball. they've been a wonderful partner. >> reporter: security is as tight as ever. authorities say they know of no specific threats but will be on high alert with radiation detectors and plainclothes police officers stationed in the crowd. >> we will be patrolling the city by air, by sea, on the ground and in the subway system. >> reporter: every last detail organized to ensure 2015 gets off to a safe and celebratory start. and of course practice makes perfect. organizers have run that ball through several test trials. take a look at this this is what the ball is comprised of crystal panels more than 2,000 of them. they really do plan to down to
6:32 pm
the smallest and most intricate detail. >> last year, help us out, those of us who haven't seen it you saw it last year. tell us what it's like as the ball's coming down. you've got a million people there. it's got to be crazy. >> reporter: it is surreal. it is for this very brief moment, everybody united you're chanting cheering and then confetti fills the sky. it is like snow. more than a ton raining down on you. everybody's grabbing a few pieces to take with them as a souvenir. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. for some of us we get lucky, a twice in a lifetime opportunity. >> sarah thanks very much, have a great 2015. despite the cold and windy weather that's chilled the bay area the fireworks expected to go on in san francisco. the only question now is will the skies stay clear enough to see it? chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has the answer. >> this is a 100% chance of clear skies.
6:33 pm
that is the great news. there's not expected to be a cloud in the sky. it's going to be great for visibility. when it's uncomfortably hard a lot of times to see any kind of fireworks in san francisco. 8:00 47 degrees. midnight as we ring in the new year, 43 degrees. we still have some breezy conditions. not nearly as windy as yesterday. as that kicks up 43 is going to feel like the upper 30s. san jose we didn't forget you, we're showing this a lot tonight because a lot of you have plans. you're checking in tuning in tuning out. 41 degree busy 10:00 p.m. by midnight 38 degrees in san jose. bundle up. did your new year's eve plans include cocktails with friends there are options to get home safely. muni is offering free rides to the public through tomorrow morning. bart will run until approximately 3:00 tomorrow morning with trains every 20 minutes after midnight for the standard fare.
6:34 pm
cal train is offering rides with four trains providing service out of san francisco after midnight. vta is offering free rides. ac transit and samtran will provide free rides starting at 8:00 p.m. take a look over the city of oakland where police letter minding new year's revelers that they are watching for anyone who plans to fire their guns or set off illegal fireworks tonight. every year several people end up being injured or killed daw to accidents connected to illegal fireworks and falling bullets. opd plans to step up patrols to crack down on illegal activities. police have set up a hotline where you can report celebratory gunfire. the number's on your screen -- it's not there, it could be. find it at new year's eve coverage continues on watch the fireworks show in san francisco live bundled and up warm.
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you daf to bundle up in your living room. that's at to the latest on the air asia disaster. bad weather continues to hamper the search for bodies and wreckage in the java sea. searchers desperately need to find the flight's black box to solve what went wrong. officials say strong currents may have moved some of the wreckage as far as 30 miles in the past 24 hours. in jakarta, indonesia, 5,000 people took part in a vigil for the victims today. the location where people would gather to celebrate the new year. jennifer johnson has the latest on the search for answers. >> reporter: the "uss salmon" among several ships using sonar to search the you've have a sea for debris but weather is hammering the search and currents are pushing parts of the plane up to 60 miles. >> the weather is not looking good the next two or three days. that is slowing it down.
6:36 pm
but they did inform me that the ships are looking to operate 24 hours, which is very encouraging. >> reporter: investigators know the plane dropped quickly, but why? aviation experts say it's crucial to find both the cockpit voice and flight data recorders. >> those are the two critical things behind the recovery of the victims is getting those recorders. they are going to tell the tale of this air asia tragedy. >> reporter: 162 people were avenue board the flight. includes may also come from their bodies. so far just a handful have been found, including a flight attendant. >> trying to identify what types of injuries caused their death, whether it was multiple blunt force trauma or other things. >> reporter: as a makeshift morgue of shipping containers sits empty families wait in anguish. "from the bottom of my heart i want them to still be alive" this woman says. investigators begin the difficult task of collecting dna
6:37 pm
from family to identify the dead. the massive italian ferry fire. two passengers took cell phone video during the rescue in the adriatic sea. you can see dark smoke and flames pouring from belowdeck. at least 11 people died. hundreds were saved but nearly 100 others are unaccounted for. cruise are working to tow the vessel into port so they can continue to search for victims. it may be the most talked about movie of the year. you'll be able to catch "the interview" on more platforms and in more theaters. plus why apple's next big thing could change the way you write and draw.
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6:40 pm
it's about to get easier to stream "the interview." several video on demand companies are lining up. our parent company comcast and time warner are among those looking to screen the film. also on friday the number of independent movie theaters screening the movie will increase to 580. major chain theaters refused to show the comedy about the assassination of kim jong-un after hackers began threatening violent attacks against any movie house that showed that movie. apple reinvented countless devices. what the company may be working on next might not surprise you. it's working on a smartpen. these images were pulled from a patent filing which depicts and describes a pen-like device. according to the filing you'd be able to write or draw on any surface. no word yet if apple will make the device. but the patent gives it protection against competitors if they're thinking about making it.
6:41 pm
the stock market had a slight stumble on this last day of the year. major indexes finished lower today but recorded major gains for the year. those increases range from 7% to 13%. >> are you investing heavily? you're very excited. >> no just checked the 401(k) today. >> you're doing well? >> i'm not complaining. >> it's going up and temperatures are going down. >> yes, yes. let's take a look it's going to -- it's good to save right? a live look outside at the sky camera network. you can see we have clear skies across san francisco. we'll talk more about those temperatures and how low they'll go tomorrow in just a few minutes. it's known as san francisco's version of the "titanic." the new stories rising from the wreckage of the "rio" just outside the golden gate ahead.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
some new images are offering a unique glimpse into a famous bay area shipwreck. the sinking of "ss city of rio de janeiro" in 1901 marked the biggest loss of life in san francisco's nautical history. now more on new views of the "rio "rio" and what we're learning from the bay area woman tied to the shipwreck. >> reporter: the famous waters of the golden gate straits. admired by visitors, tro versed by ships throughout the bay area's long history. but these ebbing tides also hold dark secrets. just outside the gate is the final resting place of several ships, chug what came to be known as san francisco's "titanic." >> i've always held an aversion --
6:45 pm
>> reporter: any-year-old dorothy never knew her grandfather. >> thomas edwards brady. >> reporter: her grandmother didn't talk about him much. >> i guess having remarried my grandmother didn't want to rock the boat. >> reporter: details trickled down. >> these people were coming back from the king's inauguration. >> reporter: he was aboard the 350-foot steamer "city of rio de janeiro" when it attempted to enter san francisco on a foggy morning, february 22nd 1901. >> he kept the lights going when the ship hit whatever it hit. >> reporter: under the helm of captain william ward the ship smashed into the rocks near ft. point at what's now the southern anchorage of the golden gate bridge. >> when i heard the story that my grandfather wanted to get the logs, that's when the ship went down because it went down within a matter of minutes. >> reporter: 128 people died. mostly chinese and japanese immigrants. >> the captain stayed on. he died with the ship. so did my grandfather.
6:46 pm
i don't feel happy when i see waves going in. you know it just -- i can't explain. >> reporter: the ship's remains lived in murky silence until a recent expedition by noaa pinpointed the wreckage in 287 feet of water near baker beach. >> it's great they finally found the ship that's very historical. it's over 113 years since the sank. >> reporter: now noaa released new 3d sonar images showing the ship in its grave of mud. >> it's the san francisco's "titanic." granted, there wasn't that many people compared to what happened with the "titanic." but the tragedy of the amount of people that died. >> reporter: along with the ship the story of the last moments of thomas brady are also emerging from the water. >> here this man was, you know keeping a ship afloat for a lot of immigrants for that time. he was to me a hero. >> he's down here with us. >> reporter: brady's body was never recovered. his tale and heroics remain a
6:47 pm
footnote in the shadowy depths of this famous nautical highway. >> eerie story on this new year's eve. let's check in with jeff ranieri to see what temperatures are going to be like on this new year's eve. >> a lot of folks stepping out, a mix of upper 40s and low 50s. you can see it's clear across most of the bay. beautiful shots in san francisco, also the north bay. in case you missed it earlier, san francisco, new year's eve celebrations, by midnight 43. a little wind. it's going to feel like 30s. now down to the south bay, right now already 47 degrees. at least for the average temperature. as we take you to what we can expect the next couple of hours, 45 by 8:00 by 10:0041, by midnight we are expecting upper 30s and when wind kicks up we could have temperatures that feel like about 35 degrees. so cold by midnight. cold for new year's eve. as we head into tomorrow morning it's going to get even
6:48 pm
chilliver. we think they're going to bottom out near 29. patchy ice there. the number two cold spot would be the east bay, 31 degrees. an average of 34 here across the south bay. so with that cold weather in place, there is a freeze warning here for the interior valleys, north bay, east bay, south bay, and also for most of the peninsula. you want to protect sensitive plants and watch out for icey patches on the roadways if you're traveling late tonight, into early tomorrow morning. bring in the pets. it's simple commonsense tips. we're not used to dealing with temperatures in the 20s. most of our overnight lows for all 12 months of the year usually average about 30 degrees. when it dips down into the 20s like those in the north bay we forget how we're supposed to dress. just remember to put those layers on have the gloves scarves, don't forget to warm up the car, may have some ice on the windshield in marin napa sonoma counties. watch out for icy bridges and elevations above 1,000 feet. the microclimate forecast. as we head throughout the first
6:49 pm
day of 2015 once we get over the cold start, we have a nice sunny finish. a nice day to relax around the house. 56 in san jose. for the peninsula, foster city 56. san francisco, temperatures here are going to be starting off in the upper 30s and low 40s. we should push up to 54 degrees around soma and downtown. north bay, east bay, tri-valley coldest temperatures in napa 56 by the afternoon. but i don't want to get ahead of myself. start with 30 then 56 by the afternoon. the tri-valley you'll start with 30. then you'll push up to 54 by the afternoon. cold in the morning, then a beautiful afternoon. the five-day forecast while we need rainfall there's no sign of it as we head throughout the weekend. it's going to be kind of a break after this wild december we had with that historic rainfall and that most recent wind storm. we'll get clouds by sunday. next chance of rain really does
6:50 pm
not look like it's going to develop until next week. a storm offshore by tuesday. by thursday a good section of the west will be getting wet weather. doesn't look like a major storm system. we'll hope forecast models change and we have several days for that to happen. for everyone at home, have a great new year's eve. we're going to be ringing it in here at the station. >> where else would we rather be? don't answer that. more news ahead on this new year's eve. >> my wife and i are going to go nuts. >> warriors coach steve kerr shares plans for new year's eve. meantime, the 49ers and raiders make their coaching plans for the new year.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
joining us now geraud moncure moncure. trainers and raiders, the new year's resolution is to find a coach. >> absolutely. you know terry, are you ready for a game of who's that coach? because that's the competition already taking place on both sides of the bay with the 49ers and raiders. each in need as you said of a new leader. the red and gold have a couple of offensive coordinate others their radar. they're scheduled to interview denver's adam gates on friday as well as new england's josh mcdaniels this week on the east coast. body coaches' teams have a bye in the first round allowing them to interview now. mike shanahan had a conversation with 49ers gm trent baalke on tuesday. now, no ward on if it constituted an interview or whether or not they're going to
6:54 pm
follow up from either side on that one. the silver and black plan on talking to denver defensive coordinator jack del rio, east bay native who coached the jaguars 2003 to 2011. also oakland brass has already interviewed seattle seahawks offensive coordinator darrell bev bevville. ws head into the new year an nba best 25-5. how'd they get there in the warriors ranked tight for second in points scored at 1 over 8 her game. shoot the highest percentage of any team in the league. pretty good. all this great play has head coach steve kerr in an auspicious mood on this new year's eve. >> i feel lucky about everything. you know the new year ends, we're 25-5. i love coming to work every day.
6:55 pm
you guys of just fun and humble and hard-working. and i get to live in the bay area too. it's all good. >> new year's eve plans? >> just going to go nuts. that's who i am you know? you've got to stay with who you are. admonish mosh pits. sharks closing out 2014 in anaheim against the ducks. flashback to the last meeting between these teams nine days ago. sharks enforcer john scott gets tim jackman, knocks him out cold. jackman would eventually be okay. after tonight, three minutes in jackman in need to settle a score, blows off team with michael halley gets the best of him. physical early given these teams. 1:30 later. mark edward vlasic shoots joe pavelski deflects, sharks 1-0. pavelski getting his stick on it. great play.
6:56 pm
beating frederick anderson for his 18th of the year. right now get ready for the third, sharks lead 1-0. san jose skating to end a three-game slide. the full story tonight at 11:00. >> thank you very much. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage sportsnetcentral tonight at 10:30. frigid temperatures down south could affect the one thing everyone shows up to see at the annual rose parade. float designers worry the snoeld snap could wilt flowers. the flowers may suffer but cold weather isn't keeping people away lining the parade route. temperatures expected to dip as low as 29 year night in pasadena. everyone doing whatever they can to stay warm. >> we want a beautiful spot like this because you have the sun beating down on your back so it won't be chilly in the morning. >> is the heater keeping you warm? >> yeah, and we're going to crank it up when the sun drops. >> it's stunning that people
6:57 pm
sleep out in 30-degree weather. >> people spending the night along the route while the floats spend the night outside and have no protection from the cold. from the west coast to the east coast. and there's going to be a party right there in about two hours from now. a look at times square in new york city. it's about 10:00 there now. and two hours from now the ball drops. i've never been there for that char event. looks like i'm in the minority. about 1 million people watch it. >> if you've been to times square those monitors blow off a little bit of heat. they're so huge. so temperatures maybe in the twiz but i bet with the people and monitors it will feel 3 to 6 degrees warmer. >> 26? >> cold here new year's eve, we have 38 degrees at midnight in san jose. have a great time tonight and bundle up.
6:58 pm
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kim and kanye versus brad and angelina versus george and amal. which celebrity wedding beat them all in 2014? >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ extra, extra ♪ "extra" teams up with the daily to uncover the year's juiciest celebrity scandals hookups breakups and train wrecks. >> there's always some kind of drama going on. >> from tori and dean to conscious uncouplings and kim k. 365. then star diets revealed. how you can get j. lo's booty, jessica simpson's legs and kate hudson's abs without starving yourself or hiring a big-bucks


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