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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 31, 2014 10:58pm-11:31pm PST

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ease, for a quick 30 minutes break somebody on this panel is going to be taking their shirt off at midnight. who is it going to be? who could it be? you know who it is. we'll see you right back here in just a little bit. i ain't playing. and then, all eyes will be on the ball dropping to the big countdown of 2015, so, stay tuned, and keep it here and we'll have much more of our new year's eve celebration, in exactly, 30 minutes. we'll see you happy new year! >> right now at 11:00, people across the bay area are preparing to ring in the new year. but they'll be doing so in
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frigid conditions. weather providing a bone chilling start to 2015. plus as temperatures drop the battle between ride share services heats up. an all-out fight to get people home tonight as a local taxi app looks to up-end services uber and lift. good evening i'm terry mcsweeney jessica and raj are off. live team coverage. the bay area prepares to ring in the new year. begin with nbc bay area's jean elle. people including jean are braving the cold as they celebrate. jean? >> a lot of company. a lot of families down here. a lot of couples. take a look across the street. that's the waterfront. around the embarcadaro. everyone lined up waiting for fireworks at midnight. ready to ring in the new year. >> my family. i took them out. mostly don't come out. i was like let's have fun. >> watch the fireworks! get drunk. go upstairs and go to bed.
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>> happy new year! >> reporter: people from all over the bay area are bundled up in san francisco, ready to ring in the new year. >> just put up the lamp. >> boulevard is booked. chef nancy oaks looking forward to a successful 2014. >> 2014 went by fast. i don't know if you felt that way. we have a lot of challenges. ahead of us. i think the economy is good. i love san francisco. >> reporter: tyler hoffer pedi-cab driver is loving the crowd. everyone is asking for a ride in middle of winter. it's heaven on earth for us. we make a lot of money. have a lot of fun. keeping an eye out for tired feet in fancy shoes. >> high heels are my friend. always my friend. every day of the year. >> told him, let's get one. >> reporter: maybe just after midnight. >> highlight will be the fireworks. the main thing. >> reporter: party-goers looking forward to a magic night and new year. >> i got a baby on the way.
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that's something new. >> finishing school. plan our wedding. >> i would look to see the end of all of the strife. and any children or elderly suffering. and adventures. >> happy new years. >> reporter: lots of people looking for ward to a better 2015. right now focused on staying warm until the big fires work show at midnight. reporting live san francisco, jean elle. >> thank you. check in with jeff ranieri right now. cold jeff. that's exactly right. temperatures are dropping and fast. 33 in napa. 36 santa rosa. 33 stanford. even in the south bay. see numbers in the 30s. 39 in san jose. back towards gilroy. 32. another round here of 30s. through saratoga. close to los gatos.
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campbell at 38. still planning on heading out, maybe in san francisco. you want to rush down to the area and watch fireworks. 43 midnight. 41 2:00 a.m. colder at midnight. 36. out at 2:00 a.m. x. pert 35. in the 30s. there is a freed warning in effect. first day of 2015. bone chillingly cold here. under the freeze warning. temperatures could drop from 27 to about 32 degrees. want to make sure to cover the plants. it is prob blow tooably late for a lot of you. maybe damage throughout tomorrow morning. if you will be heading out across the bay as well.
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warm up the car. may have ice to scrape the windshield. back in the full forecast in 15 minutes. look forward to that jeff. new year's revellers aren't the only ones in the street tonight. in san francisco, oakland. protesters have taken to the streets to continue ongoing protests. over the police actions in ferguson missouri and new york city. looking at video in oakland. where protesters have been marching peacefully. a change in protocol for a south bay police agency. because of threats from protesters. tonight, san jose police officers are pairing up after unprecedented threats against officers nationwide. the department is now mandated all patrol cars be staffed with two officers tonight. several social media posts have called for people to target officers tonight as revenge for the police shooting in ferguson missouri. some postings have called for a
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quote new years eve massacre of officers. chp calling for officers to be extra vigilant on what may be the busiest night of the year looking to keep everyone safe on the highways this new year's eve. tall order. cheryl hurd took a ride with the chp for a behind the scenes look at how officers deal with pressures of keeping the roads safe. cheryl? >> reporter: terry, i heard some people referred to as tonight as amateur night. because some people decide to get behind the wheel and hit the road. after having too much off to drink. but with all of the pressures that police officers are facing these days they say that your safety is their top priority especially on the night like tonight. see what is out there. chp officer amanda meier is ringing in the new year with a 12-hour shift. >> tonight, working, 101 from 92 woodside road. >> reporter: a beat she is
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familiar with and tonight may be busier than most. >> i think everyone knows that we usually go outen full force. >> reporter: every officer out there is looking for distracted drivers and those that got behind the wheel after one too many drinks. while she is looking out for safety of drivers, she is also focussed on the safety of fellow officers. >> i mean it's like a brotherhood i guess. like -- like try to support -- one another. you know don't want to leave any one out there. alone in an unsafe situation. >> this year officers safety has become an even hotter topic. after increased threats against police agencies nationwide. before tonight's patrols, every chp officer was warned to be extra vigilant. >> the parking lot up ahead on your right. >> tonight this driver is being pulled over for speeding. >> any form of identification. >> the beginning of a long night for officer meier. >> i think everybody sometimes makes a mistake.
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hopefully not tonight. >> myers tells me tonight that she believes that people are getting the message, not to drink and drive. let's hope so. reporting live in san jose cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. awe-inspiring celebrations. a record breaking display, cities around the world rang in the new year. dubai set a record with its celebration. hundreds of thousand of people including a team from guinness world records watched as 70,000 l.e.d. panels wrapped around the world's tallest building. the display became the largest led illuminated facade in history. last year, dubai said the record for the largest fireworks display. australia welcomed the arrival of 2015 in its usual grand style. fireworks lit up the skies of sydney over the city's harbor. more than a million people
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gathered for the world famous show. in london large crowds gathered on the banks of the thames river to watch a fireworks show in the shadow of parliament. we have plenty more new year's eve coverage straight ahead. carson daly brings the ball drop from new york's time square. live coverage 11:30, following this newscast. scary moments outside the rose bowl today as powerful wind gusts sent tents flying and people running for cover. at one point, canopies tents and displays got airborne smashing into cars and smashing into people. it all happened in the fan fest area outside the stadium. where tomorrow's rose bowl will be played. and the man that shot the video can't believe what he saw. >> tents started flying. and people were screaming. >> how did you manage not to get injured? >> good. i guess. i -- god, i guess. if it had come towards the tent
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i would have gone for a ride. four people were treated at the scene for minor injuries. a fifth person checked into the hospital for a treatment of a hand injury. back in the bay area shines of the strength of last night's wind storm. take a look at this massive tree downed on beach road in alameda. 100-foot tall eucalyptus landed inches from homes. one man explained how close his truck came to being under the tree as well. >> this giant gust looked like a physical thing went by 40 miles an hour. one of those, just went over. and missed it. >> crews have already started chopping up the tree. so big they couldn't finish it. they're hoping to finish the job tomorrow. >> it appears san jose police may have a big break in the case of several south bay car fires. police say they caught a suspect setting a car on fire last night. and now they're trying to determine ifling linked to half a dozen intentionally set
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car fires in several days. spoke to one man who spotted the suspect. but was more concerned with stopping the flames from the car. >> just pouring the water all over the flame right here. and by the time i was out of water. my brother was coming with the fire extinguishinger. >> tonight, san jose police question the suspect. so far facing charges up intentionally setting one of the nine suspicious fires. >> a two-alarm fire has firefighters keeping a close eye on what's left of the stan franan francisco sausage factory. started before noon at evergood fine foods in the bay view district. everyone made it out safely. but the firefighters the fire fight, i should say lasted for several hours, as firefighters mainly focus on keeping the flame inside the building. now they're worried the roof may collapse. and they're evaluating the structural integrity of the now gutted building. next at 11:00, the storage wars. apple customers say their phones and tablets are not quite as advertised. why they're taking the tech
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giant to court. >> of then an all-out fight to got you home safely. a local taxi startup. and ride share services go head-to-head this new you're eve. plus a popular movie, predicting what life would be like in 2015. so how much did it get right? we'll take you back to the future off to find out. >> and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. on this new year's eve. temperatures dropping. coldest, 32 in gilroy. how low it will go for tomorrow. details in the freeze warning in eight minutes.
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>> searchers are gating much needed break in the weather as they continue to look for victims and answers in air asia tragedy. the search for beds and allodies and the black box can intensify as waves calm down. 7 of 162 have been recovered. officials say the good weather should allow them to focus on finding the plane's main cabin. in jakarta, 5,000 people took part in the vigil for victims of the air asia crash. the solemn ceremony took place in the same place where people would traditionally gather to
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celebrate the new year. >> preliminary radar data seems to indicate the air asia jetliner may have been pushed past the plane's limits. shows the airbus a 320 made an unbelievably steep climb before crashing into the sea. in the minutes before the crash the pilot request aid course change because of the bad weather. >> caltrans is now threatening to levee major fines against the main contractor that built the new eastern span of the bay bridge. take a live look at the span. had a series of problems since opening last year. many of which yet to be fixed. issues from rust spots to leaks and misaligned steel rods. now caltrans is threatening to fine american bridge floor $25,000 every day for as long as the works is not completed. caltrans officials say the fines are standard part of the can tract. however the contractor is expected to challenge the fines in court. apple is now facing a new lawsuit over mobile operating system. the suit filed here in
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california, claims apple did not tell customers how much of their iphone's memory would be needed to run the ios 8 operating system. it claims the company doesn't accurately explain the difference between total storage and actual storage spacing on its phones. the two men who filed the suit are seeking class action status. apple has the not responded to the complaint. >> starting at 12:05, the biggest question for tens of thousands of people will be how to get home. some will turn to ride share companies. as the bay area company explains, that could cost you quite a bit tonight. a local company is hoping their proposal will get san francisco revellers to call for a taxi instead. >> the latest battle its about to get under way, in the war between taxis and ride share companies like uber lift on the busiest night of the year for all of them. >> promoting. ton of buzz. >> redwood city based flywheel offering $10 flat rate rides with contracted taxi drivers. the gel to get you thinking taxi
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instead of uber. it comes as uber and lift will be increasing prices due to demand. >> we want to change the per sepgtsper -- perception. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: those who choose uber can expect to pay more than usual tonight. roughly $100 for the average ride between 12:30 and 2. 30. a.m. according to the company. >> i appreciate them giving me a heads up. same time, really. >> flithe offer is attracting taxi drivers. and the app is expanding customer base. >> allows drivers another avenue or tool to to be successful and to tap into -- people who need a ride anyway. >> reporter: under the deal riders pay $10 flat rate if the meter goes above $50 you pay the difference. fly wheel will pay the cab drivers double the metered rate. >> passengers get $10.
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the driver can make a living. little extra. >> so far the marketing push is paying off. some riders say they'll switch back after the new year. >> for me it is like the comfort of being in like somebody's nice car. you know even if it is somebody's prius. so much nicer than a taxi. when the clock strikes midnight. fight for riders and drivers will begin. in san francisco. ian coal. nbc bay area news. >> with 2015 less than an hour away many are beginning to think of new things we meet see and experience in the new year. but what if we know what to expect? you might recall the movie "back to the future 2" came out 25 years ago. set in the year 2015. the movie claimed in 2015 we would all be driving flying cars, self tying shoes and the cubs would win the world rear seize. before you dismiss all. several of the movies
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predictions have come true. for instance people carried computer tablets and wore what can be described as a top of google glasses. also people in the film watched flat screen tvs that could snow multiple channels at once and used a version of facetime that allowed people to see each other while talking on the phone. maybe cubs fans have reason to cheer after all. huh. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the microcast forecast. >> pretty good movie. >> did well on what might be happening. a long time ago. san francisco bay all clear for fire work setting off. clear conditions across the bay. continuing to lead to cold temperatures. check it out now. average of 37 in the north bay. san francisco. 42. for the east bay. 37. and down to about 38 here across the south bay. if you are still going to be heading out here in san jose. by midnight. 36 degrees. 2:00 a.m. stiffel out and about. 35. wind kicks up. feel like below freezing for sure. in san francisco, while it is 42
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right now. at lest for the average. you are going to see here as we head throughout midnight. most of san francisco will be right around 42 43 degrees. then as we head 2:00 a.m. 41 expected. go ahead take-up to the forecast throughout tomorrow morning. of course with it this chilly right now. it's just going to get even colder as we head throughout the next 3 to 6 hours. take a look at what we can expect for tomorrow morning. the average in the north bay. 29 degrees. patchy ice possible. 31 for the east bay. down here across the south bay. 33 degrees. so no doubt. cold weather. it is going to be with us for the first start here of 2015. take a look. freeze warning in place here across the north bay. east bay. south bay. parts of the peninsula. really it is not too many places here across the bay area that are not covered by this freeze warning. you may have damage to the plants. you want to bring the pets indoors as well. hopefully not too late for either one of the things. battling the chill. some common sense tips. forget them in the bay area. not very often, temperatures get into the 20s.
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the freezing mark. dress in layers for tomorrow morning. if you are up hear. give that car a little time to warm up. you may have ice to scrape off the windshield. especially in marin. napa. and sonoma. if you do go back to work tomorrow. across any bridges. may be icy there. hills above 1,000 feet. go ahead take-up to microclimate forecast. we head throughout thursday. once you get over the cold morning. we have of a beautiful day. first day of 2015. sunny skies. san jose. 56 degrees. over towards morgan hill. looking at 5, 6 for the peninsula. not much difference for temperatures. with the storm system. really leveled everything out for us. san francisco. 52. forest hills. sonoma. expecting 55. bring you to the north bay. east bay. trivalley. and the largest differences from the morning to the afternoon. here in napa. 28 to start. 56 by the afternoon. we think, start off at 35. jump to 54 by the afternoon. for the trivalley. low to mid 30s to start.
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and 54 expected in pleasantton. over the next five days here's how it plays out for us. no big storm systems. dry weather all the way through the upcoming saurlt day. sunday. maybe a little cloud cover. sunday's forecast. monday also expecting plenty of sunshine. next chance of rain fall. not going to get here until, next thursday. here is the thing. forecast models are continuing to show the storm. weakening. and mainly heading off to the north. so for right now. looks like, thursday would be the best possibility of precip. right now. our show is not over. for terry, all of you at home. a happy early 2015. do you like this graphic? >> i love that. >> i spent about 15 minutes on it. >> ha-ha. >> happy new year. >> and he is working tonight. prove to the boss he is working not just sitting around. >> jeff thank you. >> 49ers/raiders search for the new head coaches. sports coming up next.
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good evening. here in the comcast sports net studios. we head into the new year.
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both the 49ers and raiders in full coach search mode. lots of names and faces. the red and gold have a couple offensive coordinators. on their radar. josh mcdaniels on the east coast. both coaches teams. have byes in the first round of the playoffs. alug them tolowing them to interview. and, jack del rio and the head coaching gig. an east bay native. coached the jacksonville jaguars from 2003 to 2011. oakland brass interviewed seattle seahawks offensive coordinator. daryl bevel. sharks skating to finish 2014 with win in anaheim. snapping a three-game pacific division streak. had their way with the ducks. winning two of three. and first period.
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shoots. joe pavelski deflects. a 1-0 lead. great play pavelski. stick on it. 18th of the year. later in the first joe, thornton. taking a huge hit from clayton stoner. thornton in pain. he would leave the ice. did not return! sharks start the third with the two man advantage. two second left. pavelski buries the one-timer. 2-0. second of the night. skate to a 3-0 victory. and the shird shutthird shutout. last couple months. 2014. very good to the ducks. hold the nba top record. shooting a league high 4%. defensively. they're tied for seven sets everall. not bad. all of this great play has the head coach in a relaxed mood. on this new year's eve. lucky. everything. new year ends. 25-5. i love coming to work every day.
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just, fun. and humble. and hard working. i the guy live in the bay area. >> new year's eve plans. >> that's who i am. got to stay with who you are. and that's it for sports. have a very happy and safe new year, everyone. more news coming up after the break.
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about a half-hour before 2015. some people trying to figuree should they go out or not. >> what's it look out there. >> want to head out. remember the jacket. clear out there. temperatures in the third by midnight. 36 degrees in san jose. 35 by 2:00 a.m. for you late partiers. and san francisco, not quite as cold. 43 at midnight. 41 expected by 2:00 a.m. and obviously, going to get chillier. bundle up. >> jeff. thank you very much. great working with you, 2014. >> you too, man. >> lack forward to 2015. happy new year's everybody. want to leave you with fantastic fireworks from around the world. have a happy new year! [ cheers and applause ]
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