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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 1, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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pleasanton. there is a frost advisory for temperatures that are not going to be as cold. that surrounds areas across the bay for hayward, fremont, mountain view san mateo. you may have ice as well. we keep showing you these tips. in case you missed them in weather like this best way to battle that chill is dress in layers. watch out for ice, especially in marin, napa and sonoma counties the next 24 hours. we'll have dull details in the full forecast and when we could see more rain in about 15 minutes. we checked in with people enjoying the first day of 2015 at the ice rink at embarcadero center in san francisco. while some may think it's cold others coming back from the east coast are enjoying the california sunshine. >> it feels actually pretty good, it feels warm we flew back from vermont last night. >> it's been good. we need to have this kind of cold weather to appreciate what we have in california. rather than new york right?
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my kids went to new york and i don't think i can survive there. >> on the east coast temperatures dipped below freezing. as jeff said the cold is going to stick around for a few days. track the temps with our nbc bay area app. once you download it you can touch the logo to bring the drop-down menu forecasts and temperatures in your neighborhood. the app is free for iphone and android devices. a man who allegedly tried to kill two police officers this morning is behind bars. the attack happened in south san francisco around 3:00 a.m. the officers were on foot responding to a report of shots fired near orange memorial park. this man, ivan gomez, is accused of opening fire from hiding and running away. after a seven-hour search gomez was arrested. one neighbor who did the not want to be identified says this area is normally very quiet. >> we've never had anything happen, ever before. yeah it was a little -- it was
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kind of scary. we have kids, you know. >> gomez is facing charges of attempted murder. investigators are still trying to locate the gun used in this crime. two men are spending the first day of 2015 in a hospital after being shot in east san jose. police say one person was shot in the chest, the other in the face while outside rain nightclub near the intersection of east capitol expressway and mclaughlin avenue. police detained and questioned people as they canvassed the area but have not named a suspect or motive. today marks the sixth anniversary of the death of oscar grand, shot by a bart police officer at the fruit vale station in oakland. family friends and supporters gathered there today for a vigil. christie smith is live in oakland where the vigil just ended. >> reporter: that's right, this vigil did just end, it went on about four hours. oscar grant's mother was here family members, also politicians in the crowd. many who were here talked about how with recent hey-profile
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events across the country it shows there's still work to be done. >> justice! >> reporter: there were speeches songs and calls for change at a vigil for oscar grant. in the six years since his death, his mother says she sees a difference. >> i wanted to say that change is a fight in me to bring about an awareness that black lives matter that all lives matter and that all should be treated equally. >> the crowd gathered outside the fruit vale bart station where grant was shot and killed by a then-bart police officer who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter. in the crowd, many wore shirts or carried signs with the names of more recent cases nationwide that they believe highlight police brutality. >> we're out here because we're grieving we feel the injustice, we feel helpless. >> reporter: alameda county supervisor keith carson says he came out of respect. and added that a number of
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things are being done. >> it is a multi-conventional kind of approach. yes, we are focused on police right now and that's a focus. also we have to look at the conditions under which people live. >> reporter: the crowd listened for hours. they believe they're part of a movement that is here to stay. >> it's grown this year. and we expect to get more next year. >> reporter: oscar grant's mother stays active. there is a foundation set up in her son's name. she also says that later this month she's going to be addressing the city council as they discuss recent protests. someone trying to dry clothes on top of an oven started a fire in san jose. fire crews say it happened in the basement unit on north third street near st. james park. neighbors describe the scene firefighters faced when they arrived. >> a bunch of smoke, then flames. but, you know looked like they were taking care of it when we
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got out here. we're really fortunate they're close. >> the two people living in the basement have been displaced. fortunately no one was hurt in this fire. a crash in oakland early this morning killed a woman and landed a young man behind bars. it happened on interstate 580 near high street. officers found a car that had crashed into a pole spun around, and blocked the high street on-ramp. the female passenger was killed. police arrested the 20-year-old driver for vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. long lines expected tomorrow as undocumented immigrants across the state are allowed to drive for the first time. the new law affects thousands of immigrants in the south bay. nbc bay area damian trujillo is live at the new dmv office in san jose which was built especially for this new law. >> reporter: this dmv office behind me on center road is known as a temporary driver's license processing center. there are three other offices like this one across the state. and they will be busy when the doors open tomorrow. more than 500,000 undocumented
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immigrants in the south bay now qualify for a california driver's license. to accommodate them the dmv opened this new building with almost 100 windows to process the rush of new applicants. this man says he's been studying for months and is almost ready to take his test. assembly bill 60 opened the doors for undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver's license. applicants only need a valid i.d. to take the test. an i.d. they can obtain at the mexican consulate and at the consulate offices of other countries. the san jose mexican consulate has been offering classes to help immigrants with the written exam. >> we have been doing every 15 days to see 4 1/2 hours of teaching people how to make the exam. we want that they pass exam the first try, not the second. >> reporter: critics argue undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to apply for a
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license at all. but immigrants say the ability to drive legally is not a luxury, rather, a necessity. >> it's a necessity. >> reporter: he says not being able to drive is like trying to walk with no feet. and he's grateful of the new opportunity. every dmv office requires new applicants to make appointments but at the four new offices like this one, first-time applicants can walk in so one day they can drive out legally. these new offices will offer extended hours. they will also be open on saturdays by appointment only for first-time applicants. that includes teenagers and high schoolers who might be applying for a driver's license for the first time. now, we heard rumors that people might be camping out here tonight in anticipation of tomorrow's big opening. we haven't seen any signs of that yet. some of the other new state laws in 2015 include a gun safety measure. judges can order firearms be
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temporarily taken away from people who may be a danger to themselves or others. another new law allows people to sue anyone who shares sexually explicit pictures and video without consent. it's similar to audrey's law named after audrey pott who killed herself after explicit pictures were circulated of her without her permission. and coming in july all smartphones sold in california will come with kill switches which will allow people to render the phones useless if stolen. overseas where the first victim of the air asia plane crash was buried today. officials in charge of the search efforts identified the woman by her fingerprints. her body was handed over to family members during a ceremony at a hospital before being quickly buried following muslim traditions. the woman was one of nine victims found so far. two of those bodies recovered just today. the search continues for the remaining 153 people aboard the plane that crashed into the java sea last weekend while the plane was traveling from indonesia to
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singapore in bad weather. next at 5:00 a popular fast food chain popping up all over the bay area. but tonight a warning for anyone who recently ate there. then biological bad luck. the surprising new claims about cancer. plus she's certainly one of a kind. we'll introduce you to the first baby born in 2015 here in the bay area. why doctors say this delivery is extra special. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. almost a warm day with our sunset across the san francisco bay. but anyone that headed outside knows it was anything but after starting off in the 20s this morning. temperatures dropping again. napa 44. 46 in walnut creek. we'll let you know how low we'll go in seven minutes.
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at exactly the stroke of midnight, the first bay area baby of 2015 was born. fiona tang arrived at san francisco's california pacific medical center. kimberly terry spoke to the doctors and fiona's mom about the new arrival. a big congrats to the family. >> reporter: absolutely. and the entire hospital staff is equally thrilled. the doctors here say it's always exciting to work on new year's eve for the chance that the first baby of the new year will be born in their hospital. this was no exception, it was a thrill for the parent and the entire hospital staff. >> everybody was so excited, so happy. she's the number one baby not only in the bay area possibly the whole california west coast. so everybody was so excited. >> reporter: the newest addition to the tang family is already a standout. >> it doesn't happen very often. but when it does there's a celebration among the staff too.
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>> reporter: weighing just under 8 pounds fiona arrived on the first day of 2015. her timing impeccable. >> this one actually was very special. because it was at 000, exactly midnight. >> reporter: dr. lam who snapped these photos says he's certain of the time because it's recorded by computerized fetal heart monitor. >> she knows how to pick up the time. >> reporter: the baby's mother wasn't due for another week. she told us through a translator she was surprised when she went into labor last night but considers fiona a good-luck baby. >> we'll tell her later, yes, especially we'll tell her about it. very special. >> reporter: dr. fan, who delivered fiona, says new year's is always exciting. the hospital has three mothers in labor around midnight. >> everything went so smooth. i'm happy for family, happy for everybody.
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>> reporter: apparently fiona is in a tie when it comes to being born in the new year. a baby boy was born right at the stroke of midnight in brooklyn, new york. >> one on the west coast, one on the east coast. thanks so much. we have all heard stories of teachers dipping into their own pockets to buy classroom supplies. but there is a music teacher in richmond who has taken that idea to a whole new level. garvin thomas has "bay area proud." >> it is not by accident that tim wilson teaches enrichment where students don't have all the advantages of their wealthier neighbors. he chose to start his teaching career there because he wanted to make a difference in those kids' lives. no matter how much of his time or money it takes. >> one, two, ready, go! >> reporter: as the music teacher of richmond's livonia
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dejean middle school, he's surrounded by music, using it to touch people's lives. >> you're playing with the beatles, look at you! >> reporter: it's something tim has been doing his whole life. >> now c, c -- >> reporter: a very roundabout way, we should add. >> yes stay rocking it! >> i'm here to make a difference with what i think i can offer. >> reporter: tim was a trumpet prodigy growing up in scott's valley. his talent eventually finding a home for 20 years in the orchestra of the san francisco opera where tim rose to the position of principal trumpet player. but in 2003 doctors said increasing pressure in his eyes had led to you glaucoma. and when he played that pressure rose. >> that could be a risk for blindness early in life if you don't stop playing the trumpet." >> reporter: with that tim's career was over. he spent the next decade focused on raising his two sons. ♪
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>> reporter: not even picking up his trumpet until years later while trying to get certified as a music teacher. tim, not realizing how much he missed it until he had an audience. a woman who had wandered in to watch him practice. >> i can watch the emotion in her psyche as i play my concerto to her. she's just thrilled and enthralled with it. and right then i realized what it is to be a musician. being able to move their hearts. >> you heard it go down didn't you? you have a good ear for hearing when it goes up and down nice job. >> reporter: and it is just what tim wanted to provide his students when he started teaching. but something was missing. a lot of somethings. >> no resources with which to teach the kids music that they want. >> reporter: tim says he was fortunate to find a nonprofit called little kids rock, one that trained him how to teach music that was relevant to students in a way that would get
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them excited about learning. they also provided 30 free guitars to help him do it. still, that wasn't enough for each student to take an instrument home to practice. and that wasn't good enough for tim. >> it's lost. i'll never get the resources that these kids need by the time they're gone off to high school. that's not fair to them. so i just bought what i thought we needed right then and there so i didn't have to deal with the red tape. >> reporter: no red tape just a lot of boxes. because tim has since bought some 80 guitars with amplifiers to match. also keyboards, drum drum kits, the list goes on. jim broadstreet is with little kids rock. >> we all put money into our classrooms. but a level like this, no. tim wilson has taken it to another level. >> i don't know the words to
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adele but i like to listen to her. >> reporter: they deserve every advantage. so i just start shelling out whatever we needed and asked myself this question out of compassion. if it was my kid how would i treat that child? >> all together! >> reporter: tim says he has been too busy organizing all the gear to stop and count how much he spent. he guesses it's between $50,000 and $100,000. all on a musician's pension and a middle schoolteacher's salary. >> that's the kind of advantage every one of these kids needs. and they don't have that. and so if i can provide it, i want to. >> reporter: believe it or not, tim is not done buying equipment for his students. he recently purchased 80 electronic drum kits costing about $15,000.
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these people are fortunate they survived the polar bear plunge. san francisco's annual swim from alcatraz takes it to a new level. participants dove into the water from the island and raced about a mile and a half to shore. 130 swimmers took part this year battling 40-degree weather and gusty winds. >> happy new year! >> why are you doing this? >> for fun, bragging rights and because it makes you really high. >> that's a great way to start the new way. >> endorphins when the water's cold. >> it's all about bragging rights. take a look most of these people swam without a wet suit. despite water temps around 53 degrees. they are certainly brave souls. i could not do that. it was so chilly outside. it's going to stick around is that right? >> yeah over the next 24 hours, more cold temperatures coming our way. i was going to ask you, that happened this morning on one of the coldest days in recent memory. san francisco in the morning
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time, normal temps 50s. they woke up with upper 30s low 40s. time lapse courtesy of weather underground, clear skies from this morning through this afternoon. and as we mentioned earlier clear skies really helping temperatures to drop right now. there's nothing to hold in any of the heating that we had for today. sky camera network, most temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. you have 48 across the south bay. 46 in the east bay. san francisco right now at 50 in the north bay at 48. 40s at 5:20. it's going to be a repeat performance as we head throughout our friday forecast. temperatures dropping yet again. looks like is south bay's going to average 33. 32 by the east bay. and for the north bay 29 degrees. that's where we could have patchy ice. what i've done next is pinpointed some of the coldest microclimate cities we can expect tomorrow. looks like one of our coldest temperatures will be in san martin, 28 degrees. keep in mind the average is 36 this time of year. woodside 29. you'll follow in second.
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napa 29. mill valley 34. your average at 36. i think we'll start to get out of these cold mornings as we head into sunday and also into monday and tuesday. you'll see more on that scrolling seven-day forecast of a warming trend coming our way next week. let's get you to the most critical areas with this chill in marin, napa sonoma counties where temperatures definitely are going to range 27 to 32 degrees. not too late to cover up those plants and remember to take those pets inside. across contra costa county,al lead de you're second in line with this freeze warning, 27 to 32 degrees expected with widespread chill from lafayette through moraga san ramon, sanville pleasanton sinnoel. rest of the bay, maybe patchy frost. so if you want to battle the chill, the best way to dress in layers. you'll need gloves maybe the scarf if you're up early tomorrow morning. any time from 6:00 to 9:00. warm up the car in marin, nap park sonoma counties and you may be scraping ice.
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throughout friday the second full day of 2015, and once we get over the morning time temperatures we've got a great day coming our way. sunny skies in san jose 57 degrees. morgan hill expecting upper 50s. for the peninsula, 55 in pacifica. not much of a change in palo alto with 58. that's really the mode we're going to be in tomorrow. no matter whether you're at the e, the interior valleys, temperatures aren't going to vary too much. downtown san francisco expecting 55. north bay, east bay, tri-valleys, 31 in the morning to 58 by the afternoon. for fremont 38 to 57. across the trivalley, 32 to danville to start, 55 by the afternoon hours. the next five days no rainfall expected saturday or sunday. dry for your weekend. still stays dry on monday tuesday. but check out the temperatures. we're going to warm up close to 70 degrees as we head throughout next tuesday for the interior valleys. a stark contrast from what we had for today. we're going to finish out with that next possibility of
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rainfall. looks like by next tuesday, storm system lines up offshore. it's looking better and better like we'll eventually get rainfall by thursday morning. a lot of the heaviest rainfall may head to the north. but a little bit more rainfall to start off 2015 wouldn't be a bad thing. janelle, happy new year. i know this is kind of the first time i'm seeing you today. >> happy new year jeff. still ahead, it's not just about your genes and lifestyle. why your cancer risk could be tied to bad luck. check your statements. a data breach at a popular fast food chain.
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new research shows that cancer is caused more by random
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bad luck than anything else. medical researchers in baltimore analyzed stem-cell division in different kinds of tissue and compared that with a person's lifetime risk of cancer. the conclusion was that two-thirds of a person's cancer risk comes from chance mutations in dna during cell division. the rest comes from factors like smoking, tanning inherited genes, external risk. authors of the studies say they hope the findings lead to more focus on early protection and screening. chick-fil-a fanatics check your credit card statements. the fast food chain announced a possible credit card breach. officials say unusual activity was discovered last month and chick-fil-a is working with law enforcement to investigate. the company did not reveal the exact location of the stores involved in this investigation but said there were a few. the restaurant operates nearly 1,300 stores across the u.s. we'll be right back.
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sam liccardo hits the pavement running. see how he spent new year's day and what's on his agenda for 2015 coming up in 30 minutes at 6:00. keep your ski clothes out. not to ski but to survive these frigid temperatures in the bay area. >> the heavy jacket you used in the sierra probably came in handy this morning. tomorrow morning another repeat performance for the south bay. we'll average 33 degrees for the east bay 32 for the north bay 29.
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looks like the coldest with the possibility of patchy ice would be in marin, napa, sonoma counties. on the broadcast tonight, desperate for answers. the first victim identified in that airasia crash is buried. but bad weather is keeping so many others from being recovered, leaving their families in limbo. polar plunge. 2015 off to a frigid start all across the nation and not even the annual rose parade in sunny southern california can escape the chill. on the books. everything from a minimum-wage hike to a ban on selfies with tigers. a host of new laws, some stranger than others, in the new year. and out with the old. the promises we make and the habits we're hoping to break to start 2015 on the right foot. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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