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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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lines are expected. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live outside a new dmv office in san jose which was built especially because of this new law. damian? >> reporter: janelle, they're expecting ones of undocumented immigrants in the south bay alone to go through the dmv process at this office here on center road. proponents say it will make everyone safer on the roads. they go to the shopping center for a new year's day lunch, a drive that wasn't legal because none of them is has a driver's license. frederico says driving is not a luxury f rather a necessity. undocumented immigrants are now able to drive in california under a new law that took effect today. assembly bill 60 only requires new dmv applicants have a valid id. >> very important to the people. >> reporter: the mexican consulate in san jose issues the valid ids for undocumented immigrants and the consulate had been holding training
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sessions to help immigrants pass the written dmv test. >> we have been doing every 15 days four hours and a half of teaching the people how to make the exam. we want that they pass exam the first time not the second. >> reporter: more than half a million undocumented immigrants are expected to apply in the south bay alone. so the dmv opened four new processing centers like this one in san jose. with almost 100 windows, the dmv hopes to meet the huge jump in demand when the offices open friday. this man says he is a little skeptical about the new law, even though he would benefit. the construction worker worries that the dmv will share his immigration status with federal agencies a concern that dmv denies. >> safe roads for all californians. >> reporter: he likes the new law, saying he'll feel safer knowing the driver next to him presumably passed the dmv test. >> they don't know the rules. so they have to know the rules. and, you know people who have
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drivers license, they know the rules. >> reporter: no appointment is necessary at the four new dmv processing centers. and to meet the rush, the new offices will open saturdays to help people like frederico and his friends. and the new dmv offices will offer those extended hours, and the saturday hours are by appointment only. and that's only for first-time drivers license applicants. we did hear rumors again about some potential campers, camping out here waiting to take advantage of this process when the offices open tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. no signs of that yet. we're live in san jose i'm damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> possibly too cold. thanks damian. hundreds of other laws are also in effect in california. coming up in about ten minutes, we'll highlight some of the most important ones that impact your safety and your privacy. a basement fire sent families scrambling to safety today. san jose firefighters say someone was drying clothes on top of an oven when a fire started. it happened on north third street near st. james park.
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neighbors say the yelling and commotion is what brought them out to see what was wrong. >> saw a bunch of smoke and the flames. but it looks like they were taken care of when we got out here. we're really fortunate they're close. >> the two people living in the basement have been displaced, but fortunately no one was hurt in this fire. new at 6:00, it's day one for the new mayor of san jose. it's already been a very busy day for sam liccardo. he road along with san jose police at 1:00 this morning, and tonight he is stopping by the city's largest cold weather shelter. jean elle is live in san jose with more on what liccardo is saying about his top priorities this year. jean? >> reporter: janelle, mayor sam liccardo says stopping by a homeless shelter is not just a photo opportunity, he is make some of his priorities clear on his first day of the job. tonight he toured the first home shelter, helping to serve dinner tonight. shelter operators say they have a special permit to allow 100 more people inside during this
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cold snap, raising capacity from 250 to 350. people are sleeping on the floor on mats tonight. mayor liccardo says addressing the homeless crisis in san jose is a priority. >> we know they need more resources. they need more -- certainly more money. and they're doing everything they can at a time in a cold snap when we've got a lot of folks struggling out there. this is going to be a key priority of mine to address the crisis we have right now in homelessness. >> reporter: liccardo says his administration will have to find creative solutions. he is hoping to launch a motel pilot program soon using city money to convert unused motel rooms into rooms for homeless people. liccardo also says labor is a priority. he went on a ride-along with san jose police this morning, getting a personal look at how an understaffed department is working. he says he is reaching out and plans to do a lot of listening, hoping to mend fences and define staffing solutions. mayor liccardo will be making a
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more formal announcement about his priorities next week when he is formally sworn in as mayor of san jose. reporting live in san jose jean elle nbc bay area news. >> well that shelter is definitely needed in this winter weather. some areas woke up to the coldest temps so far this season. 40s in san francisco 30s in san jose, and even colder in many other areas of the bay area. but many locals who just flew back from visiting the east coast say there is nothing better than california winters. >> well it feels actually pretty good. it feels warm to us because we just flew back from vermont last night. >> it's been good. we need to have this kind of cold weather to appreciate what we have in california rather than new york right? my kids went to new york and i don't think i can survive there. >> we do like our sunshine. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is watching the mercury, and how long are the cold temps going to last? >> i really think over the next two mornings that's going to be the coldest. as we head into sunday we'll start to see the weather warm up. let's get a look at how cold it
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was this morning just in case you missed it. san martin 25 degrees. woodside 28. san jose 30. pleasanton coming in at 30 as well. now right now the temperatures are beginning to drop. we have 46 in san jose. down here toward gilroy 45. but it's up into marin, napa and sonoma counties where we are already approaching the 30s in many locations. novato right now at 40 degrees. so no time obviously you're going to be down into the 30s. and that's where our freeze warning really is most critical for tonight. marin, napa and sonoma counties, you know the drill. take the pets inside. cover up the sensitive plants if you can. the second stop for the freeze warning is here across contra costa, alameda county anywhere from lafayette, orinda down to pleasanton as well. you're also going to see temperatures 27 to 32 degrees. coming up in that forecast this hour we'll tell you which south bay city is going to drop down to 28 degrees for tomorrow morning. >> okay thanks jeff. two men are spending the
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first day of 2015 in the hospital after being shot in san jose. it happened just after midnight outside rain lounge. the nightclub is near the intersection of east capital expressway and mclaughlin avenue. police say one person was shot in the chest, the other in the face. investigators detained and questioned people as they canvas the area but have not named a suspect or what led to this shooting. a man accused of opening fire on two police officers early this morning in south san francisco is behind bars tonight. the arrest came at the end of a seven-hour manhunt for him. it all started around 3:00 this morning when two officers responded to shots fired near orange memorial park. this man, ivan gomez, is accused of shooting at the officers from a hiding spot and then running away. one neighbor who did not want to be identified said the area is normally very quiet. >> and we've never had anything happen ever before. so, yeah it was a little kind of scary, you know. we have kids and, you know. >> gomez is facing charges of attempted murder and just in the
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past hour investigators say they have found the gun used in today's crime. in oakland, police arrested 29 people overnight after a calm protest against police tactics turned violent. officers say last night some of the crowd downtown started throwing bricks and bottles at police. others tagged buildings, set off illegal fireworks, and tossed trash cans into the streets. oakland police asked for help from nearby police departments. when the crowd grew rowdy. most of the arrest arrests for vandalism, failing to disperse vandalism and assault with a deadly weapon. it happened six years ago, but emotions are still running high tonight. tonight -- today marks the sixth anniversary of the death of oscar grant, who was shot by a police officer in oakland. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in oakland where friends and family held a villagele this afternoon. christie? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. oscar grant's mother was here family member all talking about his life.
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there were politicians who spoke to the crowd. but many in the crowd told what's they took away from this is that they need to keep pushing for change. >> somebody say justice! >> reporter: there were passionate speakers as a crowd gathered in front of the fruitvale bart station. six years after her son's death, oscar grant's mother says differences have come about. >> one of the things that changes, a fight in me to bring about an awareness that black lives matter, that all life matters. and that all should be treated equally. >> reporter: the 22-year-old was shot by a bart police officer new year's 2009. in the crowd some wore shirts or carried signs with the names of other young men of color whose lives were lost in what many here say highlight police brutality. >> we're out here because we are grieving. we feel the injustice of it all, and we feel helpless. you can't work within the system and seem to get anywhere.
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>> keith carson says he came today out of respect there. >> are a number of things that are being done now. unfortunately, since the latest killing. over 500 people showed up at bb memorial a couple of week association that we hosted that included people from law enforcement, all the divisions of law enforcement local elected officials, the congresswoman and others were all there. >> reporter: many here say there is still much work to be done. >> these incidents have happened all the time. they happen too much. >> reporter: now, his mother stays active. she plans to address the city council a little bit later this month there. is also a foundation in her son's name. reporting live in oakland, christie smith nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. also in the east bay, a crash in oakland early this morning killed a woman and landed a young man behind bars. it happened on interstate 580 near high street around 3:30 this morning. officers found a car that had crashed into a pole spun around and then blocked the high street on-ramp. the female passenger was killed.
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police arrested the 20-year-old driver for vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. are you breaking the law and don't even know it? we're going to tell you about some of the hundreds of new state laws that went into effect at midnight. also while you'll want to check your bank account if you have dined at this popular fast food account. also -- >> i'm kimberly tere live in san francisco where a newborn baby is getting a whole lot of attention for her perfect timing. what has her parents and her doctors so excite, coming up in a live report.
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a chp officer gunned down while on the job was honored in the rose parade today. >> donors open up a life of mobility, health and sight. he was featured on the donate for life float. he was killed in 2012 in alamo after pulling over a suspect. his organs were donated to a number of people.
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this year's theme, the never-ending story featured pictures of 73 people who donated and the people who they helped. along with a new year come new laws. more than 900 to be exact. nbc bay area's kris sanchez goes over the notable changes for california in 2015. >> reporter: on the first day of 2015, gun safety restraining orders take effect. a judge can now order that firearms be temporarily taken away from people found to be distraught or in an emotional state in which they may be a danger to themselves or others. people can now file lawsuits against anyone who shared sexually explicit pictures and video without consent. this is similar to audrey's law, named after audrey pott who killed herself after someone at saratoga high school leaked pictures of her being sexually assaulted at a party. two new laws require local governments in areas of the state with critically overused water aquifers to create a local agency charged with managing the
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groundwater basins. and a big change for school use of social media. ab 1442 requires a school district that gathers and maintains in its records information about students obtained through social media to limit that information to information that pertains directly to school or student safety. and coming in july all smartphones in california will have a kill switch a theft deterring technology allowing owners to make their phones useless if they're stolen. and safety is the driving force behind ab 1885. that forces drivers and passengers of offroad vehicles to wear helmets when riding on public land. sb 9 one 11 prohibits residential care facilities from retaliating against employees from calling 911 when residents need care. and diners that accept dogs will be allowed under certain conditions. for one, they have to sit on the patio, and dogs cannot be walked through the restaurant to get there. and they have to stay on their
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leashes. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chris. speaking of new laws california's most voted on proposition is now in effect. passed back in 2008 prop 2 gives factory farmed animals more room to move. the law applies to breeding pig, veal calves and egg-laying hens which expert says will benefit the animals and in turn benefit the public. studies show that the eggs of hens kept in extreme confinement are more likely to be contaminated with salmonella which kills hundreds of americans each year. now that roomier regulations are in effect official says eggs are safer, but it comes at a cost. egg prices are on the rise. for a look at other new laws go, to our website, click on to the left top story box titled ten new laws. chik-fil-a customers should check their credit card statements. today the fast food chain announced a possible credit card breach that lasted for about nine months in 2014. official says unusual activity was discovered just last month.
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chik-fil-a is working with law enforcement to investigate. the company did not reveal which of its 1300 stores across the country were involved. chik-fil-a says customers should report any fraudulent activity on their bank accounts. general motors is kicking off 2015 with more recalls. according to the detroit news gm is recalling 83,000 suvs and trucks for ignition issues. the models affected include the 2011 and 2012 chevy silverado hg silverado ld suburban tahoe, sierra ld sierra hd, yukon, and cadillac escalade. two smaller recalls announced today affect just 200 cars. last year gm recalled about 15 million vehicles worldwide for ignition and key-related issues. well it was a chilly morning and looks like we'll have another one. let's get a check of the microclimate forecast with jeff ranieri. >> you got that right. you'll see on our ocean beach time lapse, courtesy of weather underground we had clear skies even at the coastline
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northerning that dropped temperature downs in the 40s and clear skies all the way throughout this evening as well. we'll take you outside to our sky camera network in all areas now in the 40s. and not a cloud in sight here across the bay area. biggest chill right now across the east bay and the north bay currently coming in with low 40s. so let's get a preview of what we can expect for tomorrow morning. we have a freeze warning in effect for marin, napa and sonoma counties. also including contra costa and alameda. looks like that is going to be where the coldest temperatures are with the pocket of ice in the north bay and 29 degrees. for the east bay you'll average 32. you want to days in layers especially in the south bay, dipping down to 33 degrees. we'll get you into the trend the next few mornings. on sunday morning, we'll begin to see not only the morning temperatures warm up, but the afternoon highs. you can see for tomorrow just 57 degrees for the daytime high. and by sunday 63. we won't see too many drastic differences between the microclimate zones here. you can see for the peninsula pretty much the same as the south bay and for san francisco will be just slightly cooler. now, we also have some cloud
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cover in here on the forecast. and that's mainly haze that we think we're going have by saturday and sunday. some poor air quality in the atmosphere with not a whole lot of wind stirring things around. and then overall you can see for the tri-valley we'll push up to the low 60s by sunday's forecast. now, we'll take a look at the travel delays. this is updated live information from the faa. and what you're going to see here right now is no delays due to weather. that's the good news. but we are watching some troubled travel spots as we head throughout the next 48 hours. if you're traveling, we've go a big-time storm system shaping for the midwest and the east coast. st. louis a cold wintry mix over the next 48 hours. chicago, rain and snow. and for washington, d.c. eventually some rain and also sleet. so if you were here for new year's and you're heading back well, i was going to say pack your patience. we kind of say that too much. pack your patience. >> definitely. thank you so much, jeff. the weight begins for some of the world's top surfers. but see why fans looking to catch all the action for the mavericks surf contest will have to skip the beach. and this baby girl may not
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be the first born in her family but tonight she has an even better title that is putting her in the spotlight.
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at the stroke of midnight the first bay area baby of the new year was born in san francisco. fiona tang was born at california pacific medical center. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is there live where she met the new baby, the mom and the doctors who delivered her. kimberly? >> reporter: the baby's mom says she wasn't due for another week. so she was a little surprised when she started having contractions and really surprised when she found out the significance of her daughter's birth. 2-year-old aidan tang was excited to see his mom and meet his new baby sister fiona, who is already well-known around the hospital. >> it doesn't happen very often. but when it does it's a celebration among the staff too.
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>> reporter: fiona has the distinction of being the first baby born in the bay area in 2015. and her timing couldn't have been more perfect. >> this one actually was very special, because it was at 000. so exactly at midnight. the way we time it is on the feet talmon or the, because we're constantly monitoring the baby's heart beat during labor. and the monitors are constantly recording the time frame. >> reporter: dr. lam snapped these photos shortly after the birth of the nearly 8-pound baby. >> she was a surprise for the first baby in the bay area, yeah. it's really meaningful. >> reporter: good luck for the new year. >> good luck for the new year. >> reporter: speaking through a cantonese translator fiona's mom plans to tell her daughter about the special significance of her birth as soon as fiona can understand it. >> oh she knows how to pick time. >> reporter: it's always an exciting time as staff hopes to
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get the first new year's baby. three mothers were in labor at the hospital around midnight. >> oh, i think it's wonderful. it's always a joyous time, a new birth. and at the new year it's doubly joyful for everybody involved. >> everything went so smooth. so i'm happy for the family, happy for everybody. >> reporter: the last time california pacific medical center had the first baby of the new year was back in 2000 a millennium baby. live in san francisco, kimberly tere nbc bay area news. >> congratulations to the entire family. she is beautiful. thanks, kimberly. this morning, many took an icy plunge to celebrate the new year. it was all part of a swim from alcatraz. the frigid swim in the san francisco bay is an annual event where participants plunge into the water from the island and race about a mile and a half to shore. 130 swimmers took part this year battling 40 degree temps outside and gusty winds. >> yeah it's a good way the start the new year. it was really fun there is a lot
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of camaraderie. it's great to be around people who are into the same thing as you. >> great. >> now we're going to the sauna. >> good idea. participants also like to brag about braving the bay without wearing a wet suit. despite water temps around 53 degrees. big wave surfers are keeping an eye on the waves headed to california tonight. the window for the maverick's surf contest is now open. if and when monster waves start heading for half moon bay, big wave surfers have just 48 hours to get to the competition. the difference this year is there will be even fewer spectators. beach viewing was shut down in 2010. now even the big screen viewing has been canceled because of liability concerns. the event will still be streamed live online. if the contest is called this winter it will be the tenth competition since 1999. indonesia is now using some of the most advanced equipment in the world to help recover the airasia wreckage. but see why crews are nowhere near figuring out what went wrong. and could 2015 be more
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profitable for more americans? find out what one expert is predicting for this year's economy. also -- >> unbelievable. so fantastic. it was exactly what i saw. >> it's unbelievable. not just for this san francisco artist, but for those who come to see his work turned into life like figures. we're going to show you, next.
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just in the past hour we have learned that mario cuomo has died at his home in manhattan. he is the father of the current new york governor andrew cuomo and a former three-term governor of the empire state. cuomo rose to the forefront of national politics during the 1984 democratic national convention which was held in san francisco. cuomo was 82 years old. search crews armed with special equipment are waiting for a break in the weather to investigate the site of the airasia crash in the java sea. even with the bad weather, searchers were able to recover the body of more victims today. the wreckage is believed to be 100 feet down resting on the floor of the java sea. nbc's kelly cobiella has the latest. >> reporter: the total of nine bodies recovered from this plane crash somewhere in the java sea. they have also identified the first victim as an indonesian woman who was a passenger on board that flight. her body was turned over to her
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relatives at the police station in surabaya. there was a brief ceremony a very emotional scene with her relatives, and her remains were taken back to her local village and she was buried tonight. in terms of the search searchers are really focusing on the theory that the main fuselage has either held together or is in the same area. so they're looking in this spot in the east java sea where a plane spotted something, a shadow, an image of some sort going on the notion that perhaps that is the main body receive wreckage. but they have nothing definitive yet. they brought in all sorts of equipment to help them answer that question and potentially maybe send down navy divers to verify. they have an unmanned underwater vessel, metal detecting equipment, 3-d mapping sea floor mapping, but as of yet haven't been able to decisively say that is the main body of wreckage. and of course once again, they're battling the weather. the high seas, the choppy waves, the high winds and heavy rains have a all come back.
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and that's really hampering efforts. there are still some ships involved in the search overnight. but the aircrafts are grounded. the divers didn't get out today. they weren't able to go down and check anything out. that may be the case again tomorrow. they also now have equipment out searching for the pings, listening for the pings of the black boxes. and so far have not heard anything. today one investigator said it may be a week before we find those black boxes. back to you. >> okay thank you kelly, for the update. in china, a tear fight end to 2014. half an hour before midnight, a huge crowd was gathered a at square in shanghai to ring in the new year. something triggered a stampede, and what was supposed to be a celebration turned deadly. at least 36 people trampled to death and another 47 people hurt. it's not clear what caused the stampede. some witnesses say the commotion started when people scrambled for what looked like dollar bills being thrown out of the window. people say the papers were thrown out after the tragedy.
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back here in the u.s., the weather caused problems this new year's day. cold temps gripped much of the country. richard jordan shows us the trouble it caused and how some people made the most of it. >> reporter: january always tends to bring in some cold weather. but this year even in southern california sweaters and jackets were required for rose parade. in boston those brave at heart had the opposite idea getting down to nearly nothing and heading to the beach. the annual polar plunge has brought thrill seekers together for more than a century to start off the new year with a shock to the system. >> serve having fun. they're all partying last night. and then they come down here and get the cobwebs out, jump in the nice cold water. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. the winter classic sure felt like winter. hockey fans came out to watch a game specifically played indoors, outdoors. the party is over in new york's times square. nearly 200 workers bundled up from head to toe sweeping up the mess left behind by the
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thousands that range in 2015 at the nation's largest new year's block party. but in oklahoma city, the celebrations were short-lived. icy roads caused more than a dozen accidents. a semitruck hit a patch of ice, overturned and caught fire. then out in texas, a chain reaction crash left drivers feeling the impact of the deep freeze. >> very, very icy. losing control, and the good thing is everybody is safe and get out fine. >> reporter: the year is off to a blustery start, but many people hope it will warm up soon. richard jordan, nbc news, washington. but not quite yet. in the bay area, temperatures are plunging again as we head into the night. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has more on the freeze warning. jeff? >> it's going to be just about as cold as we had yesterday. and that's all because we have these clear skies. check out this awesome end of the first day of 2015 on our time lapse network here. back here behind us, across the
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bay. looking good there in san francisco as that sunsets tonight. it did look pretty warm out there. a lot of temperatures struggled to get into the 50s today. we'll take you into the live sky camera view. you can see clear conditions persisting across the bay towards san francisco. we'll get you look at the temperatures across the region. it is now beginning to drop into the 30s. that's why when we wanted to bring you this next update we're going to zoom around and show you the colder temperatures. 39 in mill valley. 38 in novato. back for the east bay, we're also in a few spots gets close to the 30s like walnut creek and danville. widespread 40s with los gatos close to the 30s as well. we'll have details in the freeze warning coming up in about 15 minutes. >> okay, thank you so much jeff. the economy was bustling as we closed out 2014. but does 2015 hold the same prospects? economists believe gas prices and the unemployment rate will continue to drop and companies will keep on creating new jobs in 2015. but what about incomes? will americans finally start to see a rise in their take holme
6:35 pm
pay? here is what jim cramer of cnbc's "mad money" thinks. >> thing will be great wealth and such success for companies in 2015 that don't be surprised if you get a raise you didn't ask for. >> the first economic indicator of the new year will come a week from tomorrow when the latest jobs report is released. the flu now widespread in 36 states. but fortunately, california isn't one of them. the california department of public health says flu numbers are sporadic but increasing statewide. elsewhere in the country, the flu is at its height. many urban areas are restricting visitors from entering hospitals. while many of the flu viruss this season have mutated and are different from what is in the flu vaccine, the cdc still suggests getting vaccinated. and of course don't forget to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. could we see another bush run for president it? seems more and more likely. jeb bush has resigned all of his board memberships. the former florida governor stepped down from both nonprofit and business board memberships
6:36 pm
as the year ended, according to an aide. a spokesperson calls the resignations a natural next step as he turns his focus to gauging whether there is support for a potential candidacy. in december bush announced plans to actively explore a white house bid. that's not the only florida republican making news about presidential politics. senator marco rubio tells national public radio he is going to make a decision soon on whether to seek the republican nomination. while he isn't saying when, the 43-year-old says the intention of others won't affect his decision. rubio specifically said that while he has respect for former florida governor jeb bush he won't let bush's decision to form a presidential exploratory committee sway his own decision. have to see it to believe it. we're going show you the work of art in san francisco that comes to life, leaving the audience in awe. and a fresh start more people are making to help give their bodies a healthy boost. we'll be right back.
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a shaky start to the new year in northern california after an earthquake struck off the coast. usgs reported a magnitude 5.1 earthquake just after 4:00 this morning about 70 miles from ferndale in humboldt county. officials say they only felt some light shaking with no reports of any damage or injuries fortunately. that shaking was reportedly felt as far south as santa rosa. to many, the new year represents a new start. but one san francisco artist is content with things ending up where they started. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how he is using an old art to bring new things to life. ♪ >> reporter: it often feels as
6:40 pm
though we spend much of our lives traveling in circles, spinning our wheels only to end up back at the point we started. but for artist peter hudson that is the goal. >> the world is going in a circle. >> reporter: in the treasure island warehouse -- >> one, two records -- hudson puts a new spin on an ancient art. >> i make large scale zoatrope. it's one of the earliest forms of motion picture. it was a cylinder with slits in it. as you spin the wheel, you look through the slits and it would animate it. >> reporter: the sparks of his work have been burning since childhood. >> always been really into animation and the illusion of magic. >> the whole box is bubble wrapped! >> reporter: i made the swimmers in 2000 that were static going through the ground. for me a big part of the creative process is figuring out how to do stuff. hmm. from a very, very very early
6:41 pm
age i was always given that permission to be myself. [ laughter ] >> if you walk in here without knowing him and you're a volunteer you're just like whoa dude! that guy had way too much coffee. >> paint those tools. i paint all my tools purple so i know at a distance that the tool is mine. >> reporter: at any distance, hudson's art jumps out. his pieces are an elaborate version of those old flip books, except hudson's characters are life-sized. >> it's a blending of filmmaking. it's storytelling. >> reporter: instead of flipping a page, his figures come to life with spinning motion and strobe light. >> with the little amount of time you have a cyclical loop, you can tell some amazing stories. [ cheering ] >> reporter: a wheel of mythological skeletons paddle down the river styx. an arm dangles the yo-yo symbolizing the american dream.
6:42 pm
swinging from branch to branch for an apple delivered by a serp pant. >> it is so kpk. it is exactly what i saw. >> it just blows people's minds. sometimes people just stare and like don't understand. what it is. >> reporter: hudson's piece appear at the burning man arts festivals and music festivals around the world. >> it's so stressful. it's always so stressful. sometimes i wish i had a little -- no it's a bad idea. >> reporter: hudson calls his latest piece eternal return. as a massive base spins, golden figures run and leap in an eternal dive before swinging back upward to do it all again. that. >> idea really, really fascinates me. there is no beginning and there is no end. >> reporter: unlike his pieces, hudson is always moving forward. >> torture. and i keep coming back and doing it again. >> reporter: because the wheel in his own mind never reaches the end. >> i feel like i am a slave to these visions. >> joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news.
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>> wow. very elaborate. beautiful pieces of art that. >> is wild. >> it is wild. i've never seen anything like that. >> incredible. well we haven't seen something like this these cold temps that have been sticking around for days. and it's not over yet. >> i know. you've been bundling up this morning. you're going have to do it all again tomorrow morning. i know you all can get through it. you can see a live look outside the san francisco bay area camera. clear skies are persisting right now. we'll let you though who is going to drop down into the 20s coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, jeff. lace up the sneakers and get ready to bust a move. we'll tell you what is the latest and greatest when it comes to fitness in 2015.
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for many new years means new year's resolution to get in shape. fitness experts have a handful of tips to help you reach your goals for 2015. they suggest setting small and realistic expectations. you won't lose ten pounds this a week and you likely won't maintain a five day a week routine at first. also, try to find an activity
6:46 pm
you actually enjoy. have some fun, whether it's walking a dog, hiking or group classes. that is the key to a successful exercise plan. and we spoke with a los gatos fitness expert who added this. >> in california where we don't have the extreme weather, we can get out and walk or hike or walk the dogs or you know your kids with their new bikes, and you're walking along or biking with them. you can do all those things year-round. >> experts say it's important to remember that some physical activity is better than none at all. we've talked about exercise. now let's talk about diet. many of us may have overindulged and splurged over the holidays. let me tell you, it was worth it. but now many folks are ready to clean up their diets. nbc's erika edwards shows us how simple it is to start. >> so one person is going to put the bananas in. >> reporter: the ingredients in this after school snack at the leek household in north carolina are simple. bananas and milk.
6:47 pm
homemade banana ice cream is a great illustration of the leeks' commitment to clean eating that is little to no processed food. >> i felt compelled to completely overhaul our diet. >> reporter: clean eating refers to food in its most natural state, without extra sweeteners preservatives or other additives. the key is finding ingredient labels that don't read like a science experiment. >> shorter ingredient lists and simpler ingredient lists where you really understand what you're eating and putting in your stomach. it's really that simple. >> reporter: experts say refrigerated versions of food tend to be less processed than similar products on store shelves. they may have additional stabilizers and preservatives. think fresh juice, salsas and salad dressing. >> if it's natural, typically it only has two to three ingredients. and that really gets my attention. that's what i always purchase. >> spinach in your lunch? >> reporter: when the leeks are cooking they find by getting rid
6:48 pm
of refined flour and sugar, they notice improvements in their health including in their daughter who struggled with asthma. >> she literally went an entire year without wheezing at all after we changed our diet. >> reporter: cleaning up the food we eat could be the freshest way to start the new year. erika edwards, nbc news. >> well soup would be good right now because it is cold and frosty outside. let's get a check on our microclimate forecast with jeff. >> i like that. are we going to whip that up in the kitchen tonight? >> i did bring some home. i have some soup that i brought from home. >> i did too. i did the black eyed peas earlier. >> that sounds delicious. >> good luck for 2015. you can see outside the sky camera network here across san francisco, clear skies right now. and the cold temperatures setting in across the bay. 44 for your average in the north bay. we've already seen a few temperatures drop down into the 30s for the east bay average of 43. and across the south bay right now 48 degrees. we'll take you to tomorrow morning. what you can expect for the morning lows. it's going to be a repeat performance again for the bay area.
6:49 pm
check it out. in the north bay, marin, napa and sonoma county to the 20s for tomorrow. possibly some patchy ice. 32 for the average in the east bay. peninsula, 35. and a little bit of colder here for the south bay, and 33 degrees. now, what we have done next in the graphic has pinpointed where we think the coldest microclimate cities will be. san martine looks like it could be the number one coldest spot again this morning. you had 25. tomorrow not as cold but still down there. 28 degrees. your average is 36. napa 29 pal outcreek 30. and mill valley 34. most importantly, we're expecting the cold mornings to begin to dwindle. we'll take you to the freeze warning for the most critical areas where temperatures will drop the coldest. you know the drill, take in the pets and cover up the sensitive plants here in marin, napa and sonoma counties and for contra costa and alameda along the 680 and 580 corridor. the temperatures will most likely be getting down to freezing.
6:50 pm
and you also know the things to do when it gets cold. some of you do forget. i put a jacket on. why is it still chilly? when the wind kicks up it helps to pull the heat away from the body. if you dress in layers you can keep away the chills. in the north bay ice possibly to scrape and the worst commute is over the bridges and that's where the ice is usually the quickest to form. the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. once we get over the chilly start, we have a sunny finish coming our way for the second day of 2015. san jose expecting 57 degrees. morgan hill also 5-7. you'll see looks almost like a carbon copy in almost every single bay area city. palo alto 58. san francisco also expecting the mid-50s. that's because of the recent storm systems moving in it really doesn't give the chance for the microclimates to set up. everyone really gets impacted by the same colder air up above. you see for frye you start with 29. and with 57 degrees, for the
6:51 pm
east bay we start in 38 in fremont. danville start with 32 and end with 55 degrees. the next five days, we keep sunny skies in the forecast through saturday. sunday and monday we'll have haze develop. no big storm system coming our way. and also dry weather through tuesday. but then by next week we still have a storm system on the way. not for tuesday, but eventually by thursday looks like we'll get some rainfall back in here to the forecast. but overall, an awesome start to 2015, janelle. at least in my opinion. >> yes i agree with you, jeff. thank you so much. big game day today, including the rose bowl. highlights next in sports. and who is heading to the national championship game.
6:52 pm
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the last two heisman trophy winners squaring off today in pasadena for the college football semifinal play-off game. marcus mariota and famous jameis winston looking to keep his record perfect as a starter. let's get to it. rose bowl baby was the place to be. ducks took an 18-13 lead into the second half after a fumble. and royce freeman would run it in for a touchdown right here. they were just getting warmed up and still in possession. famous jameis winston rolls left. he finds travis rudolph for a touchdown. the lead is just fife at that point. but ducks would strike back immediately. mariota with a dime. and darren carrington does the rest. 56 yards td.
6:55 pm
next noles possession. next down winston finds freshman dalvin cook. but he is not cooking up anything good. ducks recover the fumble. two lays later, mariota finds caring on the again. another td 19-point lead for the ducks there was no looking back. it's desperation time for fsu. winston trying to make something out of -- uh-oh, nothing. he's gone. 58-yard fumble returned for six. ducks outscore fsu in the third, 27-7, and win the game, 59-20. let's get over to the pros. 49ers start the new year coachless. enter rex ryan, a former new york jets coach. according to nfl network, ryan is expected to interview with the 49ers sunday. now ryan was fired after leave leading the jets to a 4-12 season. he took the jets to two afc championship games in 2009 and 2010.
6:56 pm
another candidate is mike shanahan. the denver post says the 49ers are expected to formally meet with mike shanahan at some point. and the two-time super bowl winning champion well he spoke with gm trent baalke earlier this week. shanahan was the 49ers' offensive coordinator from 1992 to 1994. tomorrow the best team in the nba, the warriors play host to the best team from the east, the toronto raptors. both teams average 108 points a game. so far the warriors rank higher than the raptors in points allowed, rebounds and assists. should it be a very good game. we'll have coverage on comcast sportsnet bay area beginning at 7:00. some of you are looking forward to seeing lebron james come to the bay area. but king james is expected to miss at least two weeks of action as he recovers from a knee and back strain. lebron says his knee has been hurting all season. he has never missed more than
6:57 pm
five consecutive games since turning pro. but most likely he will not face the warriors january 9th. that is not what the fans want to hear. but i do know we wish everyone a happy new year. back to janelle. >> happy new year to you. looking back to the future. the second installment came out 25 years ago, it was set in 2015. the movie showed people driving flying cars wearing self-tying shoes. and the cubs won the world series. that did not happen. but other predictions did come true. people carrying computer tablets and what can be described as a type of google glasses, watching flat screen tvs and using a version of face time that allowed people to see each other while talking on the phone. >> that's pretty miraculous. >> i know. they had good predictions. >> i remember watching that as a kid saying there is no way that's going to happen. check it out. >> that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. hope to see you back here at 11:00. good night.
6:58 pm
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the secrets to hollywood's greatest love stories revealed. john and kelly. sting and trudy. kurt and goldie. >> we have a good time. we fight. we do it all. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ extra, extra ♪ >> hollywood's happily ever after 23 years of marriage for john travolta and kelly preston. >> she likes to play the game of life. >> 40 years for jeff and susan bridges and 32 years of unwedded bliss for kurt and goldie. why they're saying this. >> easy now. we don't want to go overboard. >> don't go too fast. then goldie and melanie griffith in aspen.


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