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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00 -- the temperatures are dropping as bay area deals with another freezing night. good evening, happy new year. raj and jessica are off tonight. let's get right to meteorologist jeff ranieri. tracking the bone-chilling cold. >> enveloping all of california. east bay peninsula to the south
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bay. some of the coldest weather in the north bay. 32 in napa. take you to colder spots. you can see, 34 in petaluma. across the east bay. anywhere from 30 in walnut creek. 32 danville. 33 dublin. peninsula, a lot of chilly air. woodside. 30 degrees there. atherton. 33. redwood city. 36. south bay getting in on the bone-chillingily cold temperatures. 37 in las gatos. gilroy, 33. most critical areas, marin, napa sonoma. under freeze warning. protect mranlts. stand take pets inside. if it is not too late to take pets inside. want to again cover the plants. back here toward the east bay as well. coming up. talk more about who will have 27 degrees tomorrow morning across the peninsula.
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in 15 minutes. >> thank you jeff. >> another large reminder of severe weather. crews say rain and wind may be responsible for bringing down a large oak tree on the peninsula today. new video of crews cutting up the tree. blocking part of park road in the emerald hills neighborhood of redwood city. crews say the ground around the tree was saturated from recent rainfall. hope you enjoy cheaper gas in 2014. it is all about to change in 2015. a new california gas fee kidded the first of the kind in its country takes effect today. and prices could jump significantly at the pump. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live with more. cheryl, how much are we talking about? >> reporter: we're not really sure yet. janell, you know a bummer when you start getting used to the gas prices between $2.39 and $2.79. now the new year is here the gas prices may start creeping up.
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experts say gas prices will rise. and the money collected from the new fee will go to address climate change and reduce green house gasses. >> it is good for the environment. maybe good thing. to have some emissions controls. producers will be forced to provide lower carbon fuels or buy pollution permits for green house gasses created when the fuel is burned. in california someone has to pay for clean air. and most likely it will be you at the pump. it's not great. but government has to make money some where. >> drivers have been benefiting from the downward spiral of gasoline prices. >> not having to spend as much on gas, means i can spend on something else. >> tonight. drivers were paying $2.39 for regular gasoline. some economists say prices could rise between $16 to $76 per
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gallon. >> seems like that is too high. i mean it increase gradually. >> i think a big shock in one day. if it was a gradual increase. over six months it wouldn't be so bad. >> start watching for those price increases, because it could happen quickly. will it go as high as 76 cents per gallon. experts believe that it won't go that high. reporting live cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> either way. filling up tonight. thank you, cheryl. new in california a new law benefiting undocumented immigrants. they will be able to apply for a california driver's license. lines are expected to be long when the dmv opens its doors tomorrow morning. this new temporary dmv office in san jose is one of four drivers
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license processing sent ears cross the state. open specifically because of newt law. and, the mexican consulate offered classes to help immigrants with the written exam. >> we have been doing every 15 days to see four hours and a half of teaching the people how to make the exam. we want that they pass exam the first try. not, not, the second. >> the dmv anticipates processing 1.4 million additional driver license applications for undocumented immigrants over three years. some dmv offices will be open saturdays by appointment only. more details now on what undocumented immigrants must do to get a california driver's license. applicants must have a valid id that showed they live in california. and get one at the mexican consulate or other consulates from other countries. they will also be required to provide a thumb print. pass vision and written tests and behind the wheel driving
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test. special licenses will look like california licenses but will have text on the front and back stating they're not acceptable for official federal purposes. immigrant rights advocates fought to minimize design difference for fear of discrimination against those who can see the license holder is in the country illegally. in other news -- a man accused of shooting two police officers in south san francisco behind bars tonight. it all started at 3:00 this morning when the officers responded to shots fired near orange memorial park. the suspect was captured after a seven-hour manhunt. he is ivan gomez. accused of shooting at the officers from a hiding spot. when the offsicers returned fire. he ran away. one neighbor who did not want to beep identified. said violence is rare for this neighborhood. >> we never had anything happen. never before. it was a little kind of scary. we have kids. you know? >> gomez is facing two charges
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of attempted murder. neither officer hurt in the shooting. san jose's new mayor isn't wasting any time on his first day on the job. sam licardo made several stops, highlighting priorities for the bay area's largest city. jean elle is live in san jose. jean public safety and the city's homeless on top of his list? >> they are, gentleman nell. this morning, stopped by san jose pd for a ride-along. tonight he plans to hire more police officers. later in the day. he stopped by a homeless shement er shelter all. off san jose's new mayor talks priorities. >> we know they need more resources. they need more money. doing everything they can at a time in a cold snap when we have hey lot struggling out there. this will be a key priority of mine. to address the crisis now in homelessness. >> reporter: he helped dish up dinner for hundreds staying at the shelter. he wants to launch a motel pilot
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program that will use city fund to convert motel rooms into rooms for people without a home. this 69-year-old hopes the mayor is serious about finding solutions. he says his social security just isn't enough to pay rent. a tent city last year. they close that down near the airport. i've want to san jose state. >> earlier, he went on ape ride along with san jose police. getting a firsthand look at how the understaffed department is taking calls. >> never hurts to take a look and see what officers are doing. >> reaching out to department angry with city hall about cuts to benefits. the contract expire this year. licardo steps into tense negotiations. >> i will reach out. frying to get negotiations moving in the new year. mean time a good idea for me to
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listen. >> the mayor plans on doing a lot of listening and thinging abut ya a -- thinging abut creative financing. we'll lefrn more next week at his public swearing in. jean elle bay area news. >> liberal political powerhouse passed away. mario cuomo died at his manhattan home 82. cuomo rose to the top of politics in 1984 political convention in san francisco where he delivered criticism against ronald reagan. >> mr. president if you asked a woman denied the help she needed to feed her children because you said you needed the money for a tax break for a millionaire or for a missile, we couldn't afford to use! >> cuomo the father of the current new york governor andrew cuomo, and former three term governor of the empire state. we spoke with former san francisco mayor willie brown who reflected on cuomo's legacy.
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>> he defined what it mint to be a democrat. prompted me to push like hell to get him to run for president in 1992. >> considered a favorite in 1982, he opted not to run. the sixth anniversary of the death of oscar grant at an oakland b.a.r.t. station. the killing sparked riots in 2009. now that police tactics are under the microscope again, reece lement his case is back in the spotlight. family frmgts friends, supporters held a vigil this afternoon in front of the b.a.r.t. station. >> one of the things ss ss changes. bring about an awareness that black lives matter. all lives matter. all should be treated equally. >> grant was shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer who claims he meant to use his taser. grant was not armed. >> bad weather continues to hamper efforts in the search for
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bed and debris in air asia plane crash. latest ships to arrive to assist in the search. crews fear the bad weather could cause the debris to drifting. they believe they located a big portion of the fuselage in the java sea. still working on retrieving the plane's black boxes. the plane with 162 people on board. crashed last sunday flag from indonesia to singapore. search crews found two bodies today, bringing victims recovered to 10. one victim quickly identified by her fingerprints. the first victim buried today. >> next at 11:00. biological bad luck? what really could be to blame for most cancer cases. >> then you might call it a bizarre turn of events. the stunning discovery in one man's arm. and the connection to a crash 50 years ago. >> plus as people begin to prepare for those new year's resolutions, the one type of exercise that could beep the best for your body.
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>> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri ranieri. temperatures keep dropping across the bay area. we have more cold weather for tomorrow. we'll be illegal to turn. more on your forecast coming of in 6:00.
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>> chick-fil-a fa naktnatics put down your chicken sandwich check your statements. announcing a credit card breach lasted nine months in 2014. unusual activity discovered last month. chick-fil-a is working with law enforcement to investigate. the company did not reveal which of its 1300 stores across the
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country were involved. >> play station gamers are getting a big thank you from sony after enduring a three day lockout from gaming network. on christmas day, hackers bombarded the network with huge amounts of traffic, stopping play station owners from connecting connecting. now affected gamers will be able to get five free days of membership. the company is giving a 10% discount to any and all play station merchandise. sony yet to announce when these thank you gifts will be made available. >> talk about timing at the stroke of midnight. the first bay area baby of the new year was born in san francisco. fiona tang the mom says she wasn't due for a week. she was sur pried when she started having contractions yesterday. mom, dad, the hospital staff were smiling cheek to cheek when the baby came out exact low at midnight and not a second too soon. >> everybody was so excited. so happy. the number one baby not only,
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bay area, could possibly, be california, west coast. everybody was so excited. >> fiona weighs under 8 pounds and joins her older brother to complete the happy family of four. congratulations. >> well the new year's resolution many make every year. year after year. get in shape. fitness apps 24-hour gyms are making it easier than ever to start. new research shows why one ancient technique could be the best choice for physical active tef. nbc bay area's correspondent explains why. >> reporter: you may not think yoga is the way to jump-start your body into a healthy year of shredding pounds. but a new study suggests yoga is a great we to get in shape. >> it is a new year's resolution. all part of trying to find a better way of balancing my life. >> calming. relaxing, sure. not all mental. the study published in european journal of preventative cardiology. compared to people who did not work out. people who practiced yoga showed
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improvement in heart rate. blood cholesterol and bmi. as for weight loss. yoga worked as well as cycling or brisk walking. >> something you can feel. when you are doing the practice. soap it its just nice to get that science behind it. >> instructors at be the change yoga and wellness have noticed strides in students' strength and weight loss. >> there is a lot of physicality. challenging, physical exercise involved in yoga. these days. >> yega made the list of tom ten fitness trends for 2015 in shape magazine. others include high intensity, interval training. kraufs cross fit and personal training. get moving. set small goals with realistic expectations. >> in california where we don't hatch the extreme weather. we can get out and walk or hike or walk the dogs. >> whether yoga or another exercise. doing something can be a great way to start off the new year. in san jose.
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ian cole. nbc bay area news. >> swimming a great we to exercise. many did that this new year's day. over 100 people dove into the chimy san francisco bay. and swam from alcatraz to shore. an unusual tradition. not for the fanlt ofint of heart. the early morning swim under a mile and a half. many swam more than that. battling strong kur enltcurrents and cold walter. many did it without a wet suit. 40s in san francisco. chillier on the bay. early this morning and tonight. >> can't blech that they did that this morning. now check this out you guys. since the last time we checked in with you. san jose dropped 2 degrees in less than ten minutes. all because the we have seen winds calm down. when the wind kick up a little built. helps disrupt the atmosphere. heat things up. right now. fluctuation. look at the temperature. 38, 36. back to 37. but overall trend will be going down as we head into tomorrow morning. right now, average of 34 across
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the north bay. peninsula at 37. we mentioned san jose right now at 36. for tomorrow morning. here is where we bottom out. coldest air. calmest wind. north bay. 29 degrees. east bay. 30. 33 in the peninsula. for south bay. 33 as well. no matter where you are at here. dress in the layers. give yourself time to wake up. don't hatch off to work tomorrow. the perfect day to kind of silt inside. get an extra coffee. received that paper. look at the combedest silties. head throughout friday. -- look at the coldest cities. head throughout friday. woodside could be one of the coldest in the peninsula. 27 degrees. average, is 37. walnut creek, 27, napa. 29. mill valley. 31. top, cold locations across the bay area. think we will get out of the cold mornings as we head into sunday. going to get warmer air moving
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in here. get a preview of warmer temperatures into next week on the scrolling seven-day forecast bottom of your screen. freeze warning. critical areas. protect plants. bring pets in. marin. napa. sonoma. widespread temperature thousands. 27-32 degrees. see also the same across contra costa, alameda county. mirinda, laugh yet almageur mow. we have been talking how to dress in the weather. not used to it. and in case you missed it. and the ten times in the past couple of days. walkingout side have your jacket on. got my heavy coat on. why am i still feeling the cold? you probably didn't dress in layers. when you dress in layers it also traps in heat near your body. will help keep us warmer. also for tomorrow morning. watch out for ice on wind shields. maybe scraping, marin, napa. on the microclimate forecast.
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head through friday. the chilly start. nice day coming our way. crisp. cool. air. temperatures in the mid 50s across san jose. peninsula not too much change. nor in stan fran. we have so much cold air aloft. big dome sitting on california. microclimate temperatures aren't going to see extremes tomorrow. coastline. inland. napa. temperatures in the twendz. throughout the trivalley. 55 expected. on the five-day forecast. no rainfall coming as we head throughout saturday sunday monday or even tuesday. but of check out the temperatures. warming up to 69. by next tuesday. you are saying this has been great. get the sunshine. we have had chilly crisp air. when is the next rainfall come offing? looks like a storm system offshore. nexts when day. eventually rainfall by thursday. do want to end with one last
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thing. we know a lot of people came to san francisco bay area to ring in the new year. no traveling delays due to weather. if you are heading out tomorrow. three traflt trouble spots. saint louis, chicago, washington, d.c. have a connecting flight, or heading that way. watch out for rain and also snow. >> thank you for the update. >> you are not going to believe thifs one. what doctors found in one man's arm. 50 years after an accident. we'll be right back.
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new research shows cancer is caused more by random bad luck than anything else. medical researchers in baltimore analyzed stem cell division in tissue compared that with a person's lifetime risk of cancer. the conclusion -- was that 2/3 of a person's cancer risk comes from chance mutations in dna during cell division. the rest comes from factors like smoking, tanning, and inherited genes and external risks. authors say they hope the
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findings lady to moreed to focus on detection and screening. illinois man has a reminder of a traumatic event. five decade ago. doctors removed a 7 inch turn signal from his arm. he was driving his t bird in 1963 when he got into a major crash. broke several ribs and his hip. because of those injuries, doctors didn't notice the metal turn signal in his arm. neither did art until 15 years ago. he underwent a metal detector in the airport. it showed something in his arm. until last month it started to hurt. doctors removed the 7 inch rod yesterday. >> i was amazed to see how core roded it was. i mean it is almost got all the chrome off of it. >> after 50 years. well art is trying to figure out what to do with the turn signal. he has kiddedconsidered making it into a key chain. good sense of humor. historic night for college
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football. sports is next!
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welcome back. say it is about time. that's the case. today marked the start of the college football playoffs. and boy was it exciting.
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two games. four teams. but there would be two winners heading to arlington, texas. on january 12th for the championship game. let's begin with the rose bowl. oregon and florida state. two heisman winners. marcus moriotta and darous wins don. ensuing possession. winston rolls left. find travis. ruf dofl -- give him six. darren carrington dut. third down. winston find the freshman. and he coughs up the ball. ducks recover. two plays later. the qb. carington again. scores the touchdown.
11:30 pm
19-point lead for the ducks. desperation time for fsu. fourth down. winston trying to make something happen? ! what happened there? goodness. tony washington scoops it up. scores from 58 yards out. yes, oregon wins 59-20. headed to the national championship game. other semifinal. the sugar bowl. sec champ, alabama. versus big ten champion ohio state. second quarter. bamma up 8. and t.j. not 100%. running back gets into the end zone. tie takes a 26.1 lead. osu down flips it to evan spencer. are you kidding me. he throws it to michael thomas. makes an unreal catch. >> early in the third. all of a sudden buckeyes are rolling. core dell jones, devin smith. wide open.
11:31 pm
buckeyes on top. later, bamma's blake simms. wrong person. steve miller. pick 6. 28 unanswered points. nourth quarter. buckeyes lead 6. takes off. laying his vengeance on alabama. 85-yard touchdown run. osu, wins 42-35. urban mier and buckeyes. advance to take on the oregon ducks. don't forget. tomorrow two of best teams in the nba. raptors and warriors square off. we'll have coverage at 7:00. >> janell will be rig
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well going to be freezing! again tonight. >> literally. not just an expression right. we have to say that a lot here. in the north bay. it is going down below the freezing mark. 29 degrees. south bay will likely have isolated 20s. and the east bay as well. so, as you have been mentioning. wear the layer. don't get up early. stay inside watch the cold. >> snuggle. fireplace. good night, folks. >> yes. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris rock carrie underwood and featuring the legendar


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