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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking a new freeze warning. >> the freeze warning covers at least 50% of the bay area. you can see temperatures are again dropping right now with 41 down in los gatos, 48 in san jose 42 in walnut creek. the coldest right now, napa at 39 degrees. we'll take you to the north bay. that really is the chiliest widespread temperatures right now. also 41 in novato. 44 currently in mill valley. so as we continue throughout tomorrow morning on your saturday marin, napa sonoma counties under freeze warning. temperatures will range 27 to 32 degrees. the second zone under the freeze warning is contra costa county. also alameda county as we have been mentioning are you want to cover sensitive plants and bring the pets inside. temperatures not expected to be in the teens, probably won't have too many problems with pipes at this point. you can see on the wind future cast this is our next problem. this huge dome of cold air sitting across california. there's not a whole lot of motion in the atmosphere. so calm winds expected to continue all the way through
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saturday's forecast. only about 2 to 6 miles per hour. that's going to keep that air stagnant. while it's tempting to use the fireplace with this chilly weather, spare the air alert is in effect through tonight, also for tomorrow where it will be illegal to burn. worst air quality in the north bay. details on when you'll get relief from this chilly wither in 15 minutes. let's get to christie smith live in san francisco. the cold is starting to wear on people. >> reporter: yeah that's right. now that the sun is gone it feels even colder here in san francisco. and it's not just tourists who are buying up things to try to stay warm. it's long-time bay area residents who are getting a little uncomfortable with these very cold temperatures. in san francisco, the cold weather has people pulling out the jackets, skaufs and hats. marine corey bought a new one to cross the bay. >> it was very cold. we knew we were going on the ferry today so i have to buy something that will be warm enough for us to ride the ferry.
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>> did you think it was going to be this cold in tran? >> actually not. >> this is one of the smaller seville oranges. >> reporter: over at the berkeley horticultural nursery, they've been answering questions about how to protect plants. >> the two that mostly we're concerned with are the citrus and wouganvilla. those would be the two most susceptible. in that case you probably either want to cover them you'd also want to make sure they're well watered before the frost hits. >> tomorrow we'll be calling our eighth winter spare the air alert for the season. >> reporter: the second of the year. tom flanagan is with the bay area air quality management district. >> weather definitely impacts air pollution in the region. when the winds are calm the temperatures drop. and basically we see air pollution accumulate in the region. >> reporter: so, no burning wood or other solid fuels during the alert. but the push is on to find ways to stay warm.
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at browning's hardware in san francisco, sales are brisk. >> heaters. heaters and more heaters. there's a lot of insulation for windows and such as well. even hand warmer. >> if you do water, make sure you do it only on the ground level. tourists from places like sweden didn't understand what the fuss was about over these cold temperatures. for folks around here, it feels mighty cold. don't forget to keep track of temps with our nbc bay area app. once you download it you can touch the logo to bring up the drop-down menu to find the latest forecast and temperatures in your neighborhood. the app is free for iphone and android devices. a hate crime investigation is under way tonight after a brutal attack in downtown san francisco. it happened in the u.n. plaza near market street around 10:00
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p.m. last night. police say a man attacked another man in the head with garden shears and a hammer. the attack left the victim with deep cuts to his ear and eye and possibly brain damage. the investigators say one detail has them launching a hate crime investigation. >> treated as a hate crime because there was a racial slur that was involved and said by the suspect while he was attacking the victim. >> the suspect was arrested. police say the two men did not know each other. leftover holiday wrapping paper blamed for a fire at a six-story apartment building in redwood city. it happened near marshall and chestnut streets. the trash chute for the building was overloaded with gift boxes and wrapping paper from the holidays. the fire was on the fourth and fifth floors. no apartments were burned but some apartments suffered smoke damage. no one was hurt. the exact cause of this fire is still under investigation. a new year a new law. and long lines. assembly bill 60 is in effect in
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cav allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver's license. many woke up before dawn and waited in line outside the dmv office to apply for a license. including at this location in san jose. it's one of four in the state specifically designed for new applicants. damian trujillo is at that location with more. >> reporter: the doors behind me were locked at 5:00 but there are still dozens of people inside right now waiting their turns. they will be seen before the night is over here. the demand is high. a lot of excitement over this new opportunity. >> how'd you do? >> good. >> reporter: he's been waiting 15 years for this day. >> you're going to need that in the car with you. >> okay. >> reporter: hibberto flores passed his test no worries about police impounding his car if they pulled him over. flores is an undocumented immigrant so he couldn't drive
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legally until today. the first day undocumented immigrants in california can apply for a driver's license under a new state law. flores is relieved. >> to go to work and take my daughter to school work especially with this economy. >> reporter: this is one of four such facilities statewide built to deal solely with driver's license applicants. nearly 500,000 undocumented immigrants are expected did apply for their licenses in san jose alone. >> this is like the dmv office on steroids. this is a mega dmv. >> reporter: ken and his son who's getting his driving per get. ken isn't sure about the new law. >> i think we need to be compassionate, but i'm not for the whole giving driver's license like that. >> reporter: he fears it might lead to amnesty, something he's against. today is also the day before flores' birthday. he passed.
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what a better gift he says than to be able to drive legally and without fear. by 3:00 today the dmv said it had processed already more than 11,000 applications statewide. a few minor glitches with their computer systems statewide as well. but other than that things seem to be flowing smoothly. lot people here might be spending quite some time waiting their turn. not everyone is happy with this new law. some are outraged that undocumented immigrants will get the opportunity to apply for driver's licenses. these people demonstrated in long beach today outside the office of state senator ricardo lara, who co-sponsored the bill. they say their children were killed by undocumented drivers. >> an unlicensed driver is five times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. five times more likely to drive drunk.
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ten times more likely to hit and run. >> rosenberg says those stats are from aaa. he says his son was killed in 2010 by a driver in the u.s. illegally. the death of a uc davis student on the uc berkeley campus follow-up. the cause of death today, alcohol poisoning. the 20-year-old from lafayette was found dead in an upstairs room at the zeta psi fraternity on none 9th. there was a party there the night before. alcohol is believed to have played a role in another student's death. the corridor says a uc berkeley student died of blunt force trauma in december after falling down a flight of stairs. take a look at what happened to two businesses in redwood city when a car sailed into them. two cars smashed into each other at intersection of middle field and douglas around 8:00 this morning. the impact forced one car to spin around and into a latin american restaurant and a satellite tv store. one driver was rushed to a nearby hospital. police still don't know who was
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at fault. still ahead, a major detour for drivers. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge where traffic is about to get much lighter. the closure that may have you rethink your plans. technology brought them back together after decades apart. a reunion boosted by facebook connections coming up. and it's not the adventurous ride he had planned on. a man left dangling on a zip line in las vegas. the nerve-racking rescue effort launched to free him.
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not so fast. that's what some are occasion to contra costa county supervisors who are expecting a huge pay raise. a petition to block the raise was delivered to the county
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clerk this morning with tens of thousands of signatures from registered voters. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live in walnut creek with what happens next. >> reporter: the pay increase would bump the salary of a contra costa county supervisor to about $129,000. and it's something several public employee unions say is unfair and hypocritical. >> they took such an enormous piece of the pie all at once. >> reporter: from its inception a 33% pay increase expected to take effect next week has caused friction between the contra costa county board of supervisors and unions representing its public employees. >> this is the same board of supervisors that has asked their county employees to make tremendous sacrifice over the last seven years. >> just seems a little bit unfair and hypocritical, quite frankly. >> reporter: a petition to block the pay raise was submitted today. if enough of the 39,000 signatures on it can be verified the issue will be turned pack to
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the board of supervisors. >> there's more going on than simple anger over what some perceive as a raise, i call it an adjustment. i know that's a semantic issue. but we are the lowest paid of all the supervisors in the bay area given our population. >> i have great respect for my fellow supervisors and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. and this is one where we did. >> reporter: supervisor candace anderson was the lone dissenter when it came to voting for the bump in salary. >> not to be trite but it was the right thing to do. and in this case where we have over 9,000 county employees that every day work very very hard to implement the policies,y sies we as the board set, when we can only give them a 4% raise, it did not seem fair or right for us to take a 33% raise. >> reporter: the ordinance will likely be repealed in the next board of supervisors meeting. once that happens, members can put forward a new ordinance for a pay adjustment likely at a
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different, lower rate. >> we're going to have to figure out a way to move forward. i still value the work that our county employees do. i'm sad that they don't seem to value the work i do. >> reporter: the next board of supervisors meeting is on january 13th and i am told that the ordinance is already on that second. new details now on the case of that deadly shooting rampage inside los angeles airport more than a year ago. federal prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty against paul ciancia and that could delay the case even longer. he's cue back in court monday for a hearing on the status of his case. the judge wants him to be tried this year but the death penalty decision could push the date back. ciancia has pleaded not guilty to the murder of a federal airport security officer and the wounding of three other people at l.a.x. in november of 2013. a newark man is recovering
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after a new year's day accident involving illegal fireworks. police say they believe the man set off an m-80 or m-1000 in newark. the firework exploded in his hand. he was taken to the hospital and firefighters say he'll lose several fingers. no one else was hurt. the man will not be arrested. new at 6:00 after more than 40 years and 500 miles an amazing reunion took place today in the bay area. all because of facebook. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with a very social and emotional get-together. >> lots of people use facebook to reconnect with relatives or your high school classmates. this time around we see the network used to reunite a woman helped by a medical procedure and the bay area family that changed her life. >> reporter: you're looking at a reunion four decades in the making. laticia was 8 years old in 1969
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when she came from tijuana to the bay area to have surgery. >> i remember that one. >> reporter: pat sherman and her family took laticia in to recover. >> they needed families willing to take in these children before and after the surgeries. >> how can they be so loveable with somebody they don't even know? >> i'm going to love this kid for the rest of ammy life. >> reporter: after hospital visits and bonding with the family laticia went back to tijuana and lost touch with the shermans for 40 years. >> i lost hope. >> broke my heart. thought about her for years. >> reporter: until facebook. >> hi my name is letty, i hope you remember me. >> reporter: all these years later, they found each other through the social network. >> i started -- wow, yes, yes.
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>> oh my god, that's her. it's like that was the happiest moment of my life. >> reporter: today, they looked through old pictures and introduced new family members, starting again where they once left off. >> i was just thinking that after 43 years, i never imagined we were going to be all together again. it's just something -- i already cried a lot. >> laticia's surgery and the shermans' decision to take her in helped launch interplast which has stanford roots. it's now call read surge. they've provided more than 100,000 surgeries for people in developing countries. >> it's like no time had passed great story, thank you. businesses owned by gay lesbian, bisexual and transgender entrepreneurs may find it easier to land big customers this year. many federal agencies, organizations and 400500 companies have started making efforts to encourage bids from
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lgbt contractors. in california a first of its kind law took effect requiring large utility companies to report how much they spend with lgbt-owned companies each year. to be certified as lgbt-owned applicants must prove ownership and demonstrate their lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual status. uber customers lashing out on twitter after they say they were overcharged. san francisco company jacked up prices on new year's eve and new year's day. uber had warned people ahead of time prices would be eight times the normal rate because of high demand. but that didn't stop people from venting. uber wrote on its company blog "on busy nights with peak demand like new year's eve we use surge pricing to get enough cars on the road and help ensure you always have a reliable ride." an abrupt end to a zip line ride in downtown las vegas today. firefighters were called to rescue a man stuck upside down about 12 stories in the air on
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the slotzila zip liner. it took firefighters 30 minutes to free the man. he was not hurt but traffic was stopped on the street below during the rescue. the zipliner opened within the last year. this is the first time there's been a problem. must have been cold for him, it was cold in las vegas. just at cold here. another night of freezing temps. >> i don't know if i'd want to be stuck upsatisfied down. that's a scary situation there. it was definitely cold again today. we started with widespread 30s. 30s at the immediate coastline. the other problem with cold air has been stagnant conditions in the atmosphere. we haven't seen winds move much over the past day or so. the one spot where we had that slight ocean breeze immediate coastline, that's where we had the bluest sky in our weather underground time lapse network. the morning hours through the afternoon, a real picture-perfect day. all temperatures right now have dropped into the 40s with clear skies in place. this will now be the third night
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in a row we'll see temperatures drop down below freezing. you're going to be able to see our temperature averages the usual suspects. north bay, we'll average 29 degrees. 30 in the east bay. even for the south bay which sometimes has a hard time seeing those numbers drop down your average will be 31 degrees. so all areas, all folks going to need to be bundling up through tomorrow morning. patchy frost. you want to know when are we going to get relief? it is just around the corner. check this out, san jose warmer mornings coming as soon as sunday. we'll go from average low of about 31 on saturday to 37 degrees by sunday. and you're probably seeing on the seven-day forecast as well at the bottom of your screen a big-time daytime heating warming coming our way through next week as well. you can see as we head throughout this weekend we're going to stay dry. no storm systems coming our way. we'll keep the haze. watch monday's forecast as we go through these cities. we'll see a 5 to 8-degree bump in temperatures saturday through
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monday. we'll average 66 in the peninsula by monday. low 60s expected in san francisco. as we get you to the north bay, east shore, and tri-valley looks like we'll have 65 in the north bay by monday. for the tri-valley temperatures in the mid 60s. if we're doing any traveling, a lot of folks may have come here for new year's eve celebrations maybe you're going to be heading back. no weather delays right now at airports. but we are tracking three travel trouble spots tonight and tomorrow. st. louis, chicago, also washington, d.c. a mix of rain and snow. janelle will have more in that full forecast in ten minutes. i'll take you through some of the coldest spots at this hour. still ahead, the latest on a very challenging search at sea. the way five victims of the airasia crash were just found that's raising new questions tonight. plus in one week this picture will look different. cars won't be allowed to cross the golden gate bridge. the closure that could throw a wrench in your plans.
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a driver led deputy oots a high-speed chase on 880 in alameda county early this morning. a deputy pulled over the van for not having proper plates. the driver ran, the passenger hopped into the driver's seat and sped away. the van crashed into the center divider at the 880/980 connector. the driver was arrested. police found several people inside the van who were hospitalized. the original drive history took off is still on the loose. the golden gate bridge will undergo a dramatic change next weekend. we want to show you a live look at the bridge right now during the friday evening commute. very light, many people on holiday break. next week at this time the bridge will be hours away from closing completely for a full 52 hours. nbc bay area's nannette miranda explains why.
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>> reporter: say good-bye to little yellow cones on the golden gate bridge that act as a median to divide traffic in each direction. coming next weekend are the new movable medians that are adjustable too just like the cones, giving more lanes to the direction where there's more traffic, like during commute hours. it will require the closure of the bridge for 52 hours starting january 10th and will reopen at 4:00 a.m. on january 12th. the district says the new dividers will make the road safer by reducing the chances of head-on collisions. drivers say that makes the closure worth it. >> the fact that it will be safer on the bridge. i'd rather see them close the bridge and do this kind of work that wait for other things to happen. >> reporter: here are alternatives. only golden gate transit buses will be allowed to cross the bridge that weekend. ferry hours will be expanded and include late-night service. if you must drive the richmond, san rafael, and bay bridges are available. katherine whipple says she may have to change her plans.
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>> i might, you know. i might just want to visit friends or do something in the city. i guess i'd have to take the ferry. still to come rewriting history. the dispute that could mean name changes for some of yosemite's most beloved spots. fighting back. the action the white house took today against north korea in response to the cyber attack that crippled sony pictures. cold cold temperatures again tonight across the bay area. there's a spare the air alert so no woodburning. people across the bay area are buying items to try and stay warm.
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you are looking at a live picture over a chilly san jose. the sun has set and that means temperatures are dropping fast. after so many days of the shivering cold, it almost seems like there's no end in sight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has good news for us. it's about to get a little warmer. >> yeah, over the next 48 hours we are going to see marked differences in that weather forecast. i wanted to take you to our first 30-degree reading, at least in the 30s that's right here in woodside 38 degrees. also chilly in stanford with 40.
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mountain view 47. so when will we eventually get some relief from this chill that's pushing 30s down in los gatos, you're going to be able to see as we head throughout the next several mornings we're going to see temperatures warm up. tomorrow morning is the last bitterly cold morning with 20s and low 30s. san jose will warm up by monday into the 40s. by tuesday close to 50 with morning lows. with this last morning on saturday, dress in layers gloves and scarves. warm up the car, you may have ice to scrape in the north bay. we want to continue our storm team coverage with christie smith in san francisco right along the embark der row. it hasn't been exactly 32 but it is still cold for san francisco. >> reporter: it is. and you know people are bundled up head to toe. we've seen them with scarves wrapped around their faces. tour ipss are often surprised how cold san francisco can get. this cold spell has even long-time residents feeling uncomfortable.
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i think you were talking about this a minute ago. we've seen people walking around with big jackets, scarves, hats due to these temperatures that are plunging. brownie's hardware in the city a manager says people are buying up things like space heaters, insulation for windows and hand warmers. at the bay area air quality management district they're issuing the eighth spare the air alert for the season tomorrow. so people shouldn't burn wood or other solid fuel. for those in the city today, the weather was more than they bargained for. >> weather definitely impacts air pollution in the region. when the winds are calm, the temperatures drop. and basically we see air pollution accumulate in the region. >> very cold. we knew we were going on the ferry today. i had to buy something warm enough for us to ride the derry. ferry. >> reporter: people are of course calling around to
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nurseries for advice on ways to cover or protect their plants that might be susceptible to frost. that's what that alert comes from wood stoves or fireplaces are the only source of heat they're exempt. we did run into a few tourists from places lake sweden they didn't understand what all the fuss was about. for the rest of us, mighty cold out here. you can keep track of the temps with outbound nbc bay area app. touch the logo to bring up the drop-down menu. latest forecasts and temperatures in your neighborhood. the app is free for iphone and android devices. we are following a developing story. president obama today ordered more sanctions against north korea for the cyber attack on sony. sanctions target the country's primary intelligence organization its arms dealer, and ten government officials. the move comes after the u.s. blamed north korea for hacking into sony's computer systems and making terrorist threats against
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movie theaters because of sony's film "the interview" about the fictional assassination plot against the country's leader kim jong-un. searchers have three weeks left to find airasia's black boxes before they stop pinging. so far the bodies of 30 people have been pulled from the java sea in indonesia. five of them still strapped to their seats. nbc reports on what's preventing divers from getting to the bulk of the wreckage. >> reporter: the searching continues late into the night in indonesia. the search crews have been dealing with very difficult weather conditions yet again. it is monsoon season, heavy rains, winds, these storms which can come on very suddenly. and also difficult seas, waves as high as 13 feet which not only make it tough to actually spot debris on the sea surface but also to retrieve it and move it from ship to ship and eventually back to land. despite these difficulties searchers were able to recover
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21 bodies today. they made a lot of progress on that front. ten of them have been brought to this identification center in surabaya and the identification work will begin tomorrow morning local time. four people in all have been identified, including a teacher in her late 40s, a flight attendant, young flight attendant, a young man, 22 years old, and an 11-year-old boy. all of them indonesian. the ceo of airasia tweeted today that he was accompanying the flight attendant's body back to her hometown and also would attend the funeral. in terms of looking for the wreckage and the main body of the plane which searchers believe is at the bottom of the java sea, not much progress today. they were the no able to listen for black boxes, they were not able to deploy the equipment they use to listen for pings, the weather was simply too rough. they'll try again tomorrow. we're learning more about
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crews have recovered the data recorder from a ferry that caught fire in the adriatic sea on sunday off the coast of italy. investigators say that may help them find out what caused the fire that led to the deaths of at least 11 people. the search for other victims has been postponed because the fire is still burning on the ferry. rescuers plucked 477 people to safety. there is dispute over how many people were on board. one report says as many as 499 passengers when the fire broke out. the long-awaited trial of the suspected boston marathon bomber is set to begin on monday. the federal trial for joe tsarnaev is expected to last for weeks. the alleged bomber could face the death penalty. the passengers and crew of >>. >> reporter: over a year and a half federal prosecutors have been building their case against joe tsarnaev. the 21-year-old faces the death penalty for allegedly setting
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off two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon with the help of his brother, an attack that left three dead and injured over 260 others. tsarnaev is also charged with the killing of an mit police officer in the days following the attack. his brother taller lin tsarnaev was killed in a shoot-out with police during the pair's attempted escape from the area. many in boston hope the upcoming trial will bring closure to the dark, painful memories of the terrorist attack and the days that followed. >> i think people want it to be over. people want to move on. >> reporter: moving on like victims of the attack. >> i am standing! >> reporter: rebecca demar tee i don't was feet away from the finish line when the bombs exploded ripping apart her left leg. >> for me to be that close to something that could have destroyed me and it only allowed me to be stronger. >> reporter: in her hometown of houston, texas, she took her first steps on her new prosthetic leg. small steps moving forward.
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while 1,800 miles away the city of boston hopes the start of this long-awaited trial will help them do the same. am. senator harry reid is recovering tonight. the senator was using a resistance band yesterday when it snapped and caused him to fall. he broke several ribs as well as bones in his face. the senator was admitted to a las vegas hospital as a precaution. he is expected to make a full recovery and plans to return to washington over the weekend. in time for tuesday's start of the new session of congress. still ahead, the photo sarah palin posted to facebook that sparked outrage online. plus it's tough for u2 fans to fathom. the reason bono says he may never play guitar again. and they are names yosemite fans know and love. but they could soon are a thing of the past. the fight crewing over some of the park's most iconic spots next.
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the names of yosemite's iconic spots could be changed to avoid a lawsuit. last week we told you about the growing trademark dispute at yosemite national park. the company that runs historic hotels including the ilwanee says it owns those names and if its contract is not renewed it will charge $51 million for their use. the park is considering new names which would allow it to hire a new concession company without any problems. meanwhile the park is still fighting to keep the names which it sees as belonging to the american people. u2 frontman bono says he may never play guitar again after a bike crash in new york central park in november. on the band's website bono revealed more details about that crash. he says he broke his hand
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shoulder and elbow as well as a bone in his face. he wrote that recovery has been more difficult than he thought. it is not clear if he will ever be able to play again. it's also not clear if this will affect the band's upcoming innocence plus experience tour announced last month, set to start on may 14th. thousands of people are blasting sarah palin accusing her of animal abuse. palin got over 12,000 comments after posting this photo of her young son using their dog as a stepping stone to reach the kitchen counter. palin, the former alaska governor posted a comment saying her son's use of the family lab reminded her to "see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone." palin reportedly intended the pictures to show the resourcefulness of her youngest child, who has down syndrome. we're going to deal with another cold night. oh, jeff. my jackets, i can't get warm enough. >> you want it to be over? >> i want it to be over. are you going to make my wish
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come true? >> soon enough. 36 hours, we'll see cold temperatures beginning to fade away. we'll have details first on how cold it's going to be for tomorrow morning and then how much warmer throughout the next several days. also stocks are up, gas prices are down. will the good times last? the predictions economists are making for 2015.
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stocks started off the new year relatively flat. the dow finished 10 points higher. the s&p finished with little change are the nasdaq fell 9 points. overall 2014 was a good year for the stock market. with gas prices way down and more people back to work many say the economy ended the year on a high note. as nbc's jennifer johnson reports, economists are painting a pretty sunny picture for 2015. >> reporter: the collapse of oil prices that sent gas prices plummeting was the gift that kept on giving for consumers at
6:45 pm
the end of 2014. economists say that will likely continue for a while. saving drivers $750 a year. >> those people are out spending more money, buying more goods and services and that means manufacturing has to make more stuff and they have to hire became topeople to do that. that's good for the economy. >> reporter: economists predict job gains will average $250,000 a month, putting 3 million americans back to work. retail and food sales expected to grow 5%. wall street soared and pre56s are optimistic for 2015. wage growth is expected to remain modest. >> there is a question as to whether the growing economy will finally reach down and lift the middle class up in 2015 in ways that it hasn't reached them thus far. >> reporter: motor vehicle production is expected to grow. home building will stay modest as fewer buyers can afford new homes. congress says a lot of key decisions could have an impact. whether to raise the debt
6:46 pm
ceiling and what to do with the dwindling highway trust funds. >> those kinds of deadlines can either be met in ways that are dramatic and create a problem for the economy, or they can be done smoothly which would be most important for an economy that's got a bit of momentum going for it. >> reporter: for now consumers can enjoy the boost from lower gas prices and the savings in their pockets. the end is near. let's get to jeff ranieri. >> the next 36 hours, notice much warmer temperatures in the morning hours coming our way. we've got one more cold night ahead of us. you can see san jose right now already 44 degrees and clear skies. christmas in the park all lit up down here at cesar chavez park head down there for fun this weekend. outside to the sky camera network, you can see continued clear skies throughout the bay area. we did have some haze for today. we still have the haze for tonight. we'll have more on that air quality in a minute and a half.
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the forecast into tomorrow morning, with 40s right now across the bay area as we head throughout saturday morning, we're going to bottom out with the lowest numbers again in the north bay. 29 for the average. we'll likely see a few numbers around 26, 27 for the east bay. 30, 31 for the south bay. on this next graphic, what i've done is selected some of coldest cities we can expect here across the bay area. peninsula, it will be woodside 27 degrees. 10 degrees below where you should be. you're going to have patchy areas of frost this. san martin 27. nearly 10 degrees below your average. walnut creek 28. napa 29. san jose also 31 degrees. that warmer weather for the morning hours comes as we head throughout sunday, monday tuesday. the morning hours eventually will have some 40s return. we still have that freeze warning in effect for marin, napa, sonoma counties. widespread temperatures anywhere from 27 to 32 degrees. cover up the plants take the pets inside.
6:48 pm
same drill across contra costa county and alameda county as well. in effect until 9:00 a.m. on friday. i really think as we head throughout sunday morning's forecast we should see all the freeze and also frost advisories being canceled at this point. so we'll take you into our numbers throughout saturday. the thing you'll notice is not too many differences. from the south bay to the peninsula to san francisco, no matter where you're going tomorrow you'll need the jacket. just don't expect any kind of big-time extremes. san jose 59 for your high. los gatos 60. pacifica 56. palo alto 59. and for san francisco we have 55 right along the marina. north bay, east bay, and tri-valley. napa 58. that's a decent rebound after that chilly start. for the east bayoff got 60 in fremont up towards walnut creek, 57. the tri-valley danville expected to top out at 57. so we have sun in the forecast tomorrow. but the thing that you have to equate into the forecast is relatively still conditions in the atmosphere the cold dome of
6:49 pm
air locked over the entire state, there's little movement in the atmosphere. so with that said we're going to have another spare the air alert throughout friday's forecast. worst air quality in the north bay. you may have felt it in your eyes coughing wheezing today. that's going to continue for saturday's forecast as well where it's going to be illegal to burn. if you suffer respiratory problems or allergies watch out for that. the next five days temperatures are really going to soar. 59 for the average high in san jose on saturday. check it out. tuesday and wednesday, 70 degrees for the anticipated high. it's going to be really warm here at least compared to what we've been dealing with. we'll have a chance of showers by next thursday. does not look like a large storm system. the biggest thing is that the mornings will get warmer by sunday, monday. the afternoons hot compared to what we dealt with today, 70 by tuesday, wednesday. >> 70 degrees. that is beautiful. thanks, jeff. two of the top teams in the nba battling it out at the
6:50 pm
oracle arena as the warriors try to keep two big streaks alive. brodie brazil is up next with sports.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
it's a new year which means new goals but many will not keep them. 40% of us will make resolutions this year. last year 40% did not keep any of their promises. according to the poll weight loss is the top goal and for good reason. >> good news in america, we're living longer. bad news we're living longer, sicker. >> researchers say more than one-third of our resolutions are about being healthier.
6:53 pm
experts advise just take small steps and write it down so you're much more likely to keep your resolution. there are also several apps to help you track your progress. the warriors on a roll. let's get to starts with brodie brazil in the comcast sports net studio. happy new year and great to see you. >> thanks, you too. i have resolved to keep this beard for a full year 2015 before i get fired or kicked off the air. >> it looks great on you. >> thank you, appreciate that but you're lying. it may have seemed improbable just a few years ago. but in just two months of this basketball season the warriors and raptors are currently tops in their respective conferences. tonight they'll do battle at oracle arena where toronto has lost their last nine games in a row at oakland. the warriors also come into tonight riding a ten-game home winning streak. that's their longest since a 15-game run in the 1989-90 season. they've done it by averaging more than 111 points and shooting almost 50% from the floor.
6:54 pm
-- i think these games probably bring out the best in our guys. you know 82 games is such a long season that inevitably you're going to have some nights where you're just not quite there mentally. we try to get them there every night. but sometimes you have a game where you don't need to do much. and this is one of them. a new calendar year, a new pac-12 season for both team stanford and washington. their first match of 2015. first half anthony brown to roscoe allen, who drives and dunks. now less than 30 seconds in the first half jason ranne dell for the tip-in. stanford up by three at recess. second half, here's randle knocking down the trifecta. he had 18 points. and later brown down court gets the easy bucket. stanford wins 71-56.
6:55 pm
the nfl's all-pro teams were released today and for the first time since 2005 the 49ers didn't even have a single selection. last season they had five players, including first teamer navorro bowman, who missed all of this 2014 season with knee injury. san francisco's offensive coordinator greg roman is drawing interest from around the nfl. notably from tampa bay, who have reportedly interviewed roman to be their offensive coordinator following former cal coach jeff tedford's departure to the canadian football league. the bucs have the number one pick in this year's draft. also according to reports the raiders interviewed eagles offensive coordinator pat shurmur for their head coaching position. shurmur has head coaching experience with the browns. in cleveland he compiled a 9-23 record in 2011-12. so is jim harbaugh up to? well the head coach got rid of his twitter when he took over at the san francisco 49ers.
6:56 pm
now back in college he's back on social media where today he joined twitter and sent out this inaugural tweet as michigan's head coach encouraging his new players to stop by the office. finally the san jose sharks have a day off before they host the st. louis blues tomorrow night. it looks like joe thornton will be able to skate for team teal when they return to the ice. now thornton is listed as probable after he left wednesday evening's new year's eve game with shoulder injury. we'll have that contest for you tonight. san jose hosting st. louis on comcast sports net california. joe thornton participated in practice today. that's a good sign. he also leads the sharks this season with 33 points. they need their leader out there. they need him on the ice. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage sports net central tonight at 10:30. believe it or not it wasn't the cold that bothered those taking part in a swim from alcatraz, it was the currents. we've got pictures in from
6:57 pm
yesterday's annual tradition. the water temp 53 degrees. the air temp even colder. but strong waves swept many of the swimmers toward the bay bridge. instead of swimming the 1.5 miles to shore it was longer. you can check out these pictures for yourself on if you participated, send us your pics to >> that's wild. >> they weren't wearing a wet suit, that is unbelievable. >> they were stuck in the water even longer. >> so crazy. i'm just happy we survived these frigid temperatures. >> it was frigid. we were actually colder than new york city for overnight lows for parts of the last couple of nights with 20s. tomorrow morning we'll drop down to the 20s for the north bay. south bay 31. east bay your average 30 for tomorrow morning. a spare the air alert in effect. we'll have haze in the atmosphere so watch out for that.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking baby news. alec and hilaria baldwin expecting number two. their only interview. >> we're having a baby. how about that for a project? >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra ♪ >> "extra" exclusive. alec and hilaria sitting down to dish and tell all about their pregnancy announcement. >> how are you feeling, honey, the second time around? >> their wild he said she said. >> it's twins! >> more hollywood couples news. jennifer aniston battles the tabloid circus. >> my relationship is very normal. >> j. law and chris back together? we have the new pics. plus -- >> his


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