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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00 -- clear, crisp across the bay area. temperatures are dropping fast. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm janelle wang raj and jessica have the night off. the cold blast spread across the bay area. our third night of below freezing temperatures. jeff ranieri tracking the freeze warning and side effect of the cold weather. >> and the winter chill now
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continues to set in across the north bay. take you all around the bay. get a look at coldest. petaluma. 35. for the east bay, close to the 20s at this hour. walnut creek. 32. danville. back towards dublin. 35. livermore, 37. and numbers also near the 20s here for parts of the peninsula, woodside 32. stanford 3 4. mountain view 39. widespread 30s here throughout the south bay. downtown san jose back into los gatos. most critical areas. marin, napa sonoma. take the pets inside. cover up the plants. not too late for you. now the side effect from the cold air, not day whole lot of movement in the atmosphere. check out windcast. head throughout tomorrow. barely moving outside. anywhere from 2 to maybe 5 mile per hour. that's it. that is going to be well
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keeping air quality unstable here. looking at spare the air alert. head through out saturday's forecast. worst air quality in the north bay. the peninsula. full details when all this the cold weather kicks on out. >> see you soon. thank you, jeff. don't forget. keep track of the temperature ttzs. with the app. download it. touch the logo off to bring down the drop menu. forecast and temperatures in your neighborhood. the app is free for iphone &roid. >> developing story. found plane parts believed to be from the missing air asia flight. searchers found the two large pieces on the java sea bed, 90 feet deep. search officials are hopeful this will lead them to the plane's black boxes. so far, 30 bodies have been recovered. some found still buckled into their seats. there were 162 people on board when the plane crashed on sunday. while flying from in nearby y to singapore. >> rush is on to get a
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california driver's license because off is new law. undocumented immigrants can apply for a license to drive here legally. thousand at dmvs across the state for the first chance. jean elle live in san jose at a brand new dmv processing center. jean? >> janelle, the dmv office stayed open late processing hundreds of applications. we talked with undocumented immigrants who are eager to get a license and get behind the wheel legally. >> i have been here three hours. >> reporter: department of motor vehicles opened ape driver's license processing center in san jose. >> systems went down. the screen went blank. >> reporter: 611 customers. some lined up before 4:00 a.m. put the system to the test. >> jufs ast a long wait. >> reporter: waited for hours to apply for a driver's license. the bill allows undocumented immigrants to qualify with an id
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and prooch of calf of california residency. 11,000 people in california submitted applications at four centers today. >> we have opened processing centers. hired staff at dmv, created 1,000 positions to help absorb the intake. >> even with long waits, the dmv seftz a suck is it was a successful day. [ indiscernible ] >> after having his paperwork approved passing an eye exam and written test he will talk out with a driver's permit. he is anxious to pass the road test and get behind the wheel legally. >> the dmv stayed open two hours after closing taking care of earn who had an appointment. now, some dmv offices including this one will be open saturdays buy appointment only. to accommodate all of the applicants. the dmv believes 1.4 million
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people will apply for a driver's license over three years. reporting live san jose jeanne elle, nbc bay area news. >> renewed warning as the undocumented immigrants began aplague for driver's licenses. thorsth authorities they could become the victims of scammers. those who help applicants for a feed. >> don't trust any one to offer to fill out the paperwork and steam line the process. >> you can't do that. that is a scam you. have to apply. you have to come in. and, you need to pay the $33 for that, that driver's license. >> of any one with question as the but the application process should contact the dmv or consulate. >> jups tis. and bt&and& four officers involved. there is growing anger across the country over excessive police force and racial
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divisions. cheryl hurd has more. >> we think of this as a great victory. bah the names have been hidden from us for nine months. >> reporter: ben boxieta its a close friend of alex nietto. >> now the community. the public will be able to skrult into is who these officers are. they will be able to investigate what their record are. >> reporter: police officers involved in the nieto killing last month, officer roger morse, richard schiff nathan chew and jason -- jason sawyer. >> there was a credible threat. threats against police officers are often carried out. >> it is a difficult time to bea police officer in america with marches akrauchs the country. alleging police brutality against people of color. nieto's name has been use theed in local marches and san
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francisco. after the unrest in missouri. >> there are people upset about the tragedy that happened in the park back in march. and, it's always a tragedy when somebody loses their life. i mean we are heartbroken about it too. able. the situation at least the facts as we know them right now, appears to have been within policy. and the officers were action in defense of their lives. >> they know the truth. of what happened on the hill. alex never pointed any taser at them. confession officers is liberation for a brave some. >> reporter: sawyer was involved in a shooting in 198 #. and awarded medal of valor for saving an officer. >> hate crime investigation under way after a brutal attack in downtown san francisco u.n. plaza last month. a man attacked a man in the head
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with garden shears and hammer. the victim suffered deep cuts and possible brain damage. investigators are calling it possible hate crime because of a racial slur the suspect yelled during the attack. police arrested the suspect. >> old christmas wrapping paper, fire fighters say caused a fire at a six story apartment building this afternoon. redwood city marshal and chestnut. fire crews say the trash chute was overloaded with gift boxes and wrapping pamer. fire officials say on the fourth and fifth floors. fortunately no one was hurt. >> redwood city. aftermath of the car crashing into two bitz nsusinesses. two cars smashed into each other. the impact forcinged one car to spin around and crash into ape restaurant. one driver was rushed to the
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hospital. we don't know who was at fault. >> deadly plane crash with one lone surviveorsurvivor. a 7-year-old girl. the amazing story twhut she. >> why 2015 could be an especially big year for gay business owners. >> do you love the fashion and hair of the 80s. why it could land you a part in the steve jobs movie. >> good evening. i'm meteorologist, jeff ranieri. clear skies across san francisco right now. we have plenty of 30s here tracking across the weather maps. talk more about when the combed weather gets out of here in seven minutes.
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miraculous story of survival tonight after a 7-year-old girl walked away from a plane crash that killed four others on board. this happened in southwestern kentucky tonight. after the crash the girl apparently walked nearly a mile through the woods in the dark to a nearby home to get help. the resident called 911. the girl was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. authorities found the piper aircraft couple hours later. the pif lot and three passengers on board were killed. authorities say the plane was headed from florida to mt.
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vernon illinois. an faa spokesperson said that the pilot reported engine problems and lost contact. the man who helped the girl. she told him, two of the victims were her mom and dad. >> an unlucky day in las vegas. a man on a zip lining ride. came to a stop. 12 stories in the air. the man held upside down for 30 minutes. while rescued him. he was not hurt. traffic was stopped on the street below. the zip liner, opened within the last year. the first time there has been a problemai week away from the biggest closuren golden gate bridge history. of a live look at the bridge right now that will be closing at mid night a week from now. the bridge will be closed for a full 52 hours as movable median barriers are installed to replace plastic cones in place. the change is meant to reduce head-on collisions.
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something drivers say make this closure worthwhile. >> safer on the bridge. rather see them close the bridge and dupe the work than wait for other things to happen. >> the january 10 to 12th weekend was chosen. one of the lightest weekend for bridge traffic. the bridge will reopen. we have posted information on detours as well as the major changes drivers will see once the bridge reopens. >> the names of yosemite's most iconic spots could be changed to aindividual avoid a lawsuit. the growing trademark dispute at yosemite. the company that runs hotels says it owns the names. if its contract isn't renewed it will charge $51 million for the use. now the park is kidding new names which would allow it to hire a new concession company without problems. the park is fighting to keep the
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names it sees as belonging to the american people. >> no more tickling the ivories. a number of piano stores has hit a low. fewer students taking up the instrument. forcing business owners to get creative. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: step inside the colton piano gallery. have a listen. piano man in the back corner from a man whose life is pianos. >> if it has keys on it. it's part of my world. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: dave gatt tault lessons for deckade and sold pianos for 30 years. if you ask why he'll give you a lesson in business. >> of in today's market you have to adapt. you have to run a much leaner meaner machine. >> reporter: he once had six stores across the bay area. now has one in san jose. according to the associated
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press, stores are shuttering. kids are turning to activities or buying electric pianos. sales peaked in early 1900s, but plummeted. >> a lot has the to do with disposable income of pro dingt aduct in a tough economy. >> gatt consolidating moving across from the valley fair mall. he turned to internet marketing which struck a chord in silicone valley. gatt says the bay area support of the arts made his story of success a common one. >> it's still, the same amount of competition that i had 20 years ago. >> reporter: the new sales numbers could be troubling, but gatt says if stores adapt, the in sdus tree can survive. -- industry can survive. ian cole. nbc bay area news. >> in other business news tonight. gay, lesbian, by sexual and transgender entrepreneurs may find it easier to land big
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customers this year. many federal agencies organizations, fortune 500 companies started making efforts to encourage bid from lgbt contractors. in california. first of its kind law took effect yesterday. requires large utility companies to about it how much they spend with lgbt companies each year to. beep serltified. an live can'ts must prove ownership and demonstrate their status. >> it is your chance to be in the movie. especially if you are willing to skip shaving and haircuts. a casting come of pane is looking for extras for an upcoming film about the life of steve jobs. and the casting is looking for men, age 18-40. with flexible schedules. they have to forego haircuts and shaving. the film is partly set in the 80s. filming will begin soon. ex-trays will be paid. casting officials have not said how much. the second movie about steve jobs in recent years.
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ashton kucher played the role in "jobs" in 2013. this cold weather is almost done. but we just have thuf get through of a couple more days. here is jeff ranieri. >> got that right. check it out. san jose downtown 237. no doubt. pushing down below the freezing mark again for your south bay. see down to 36 for your average. east bay, 35. peninsula t. 37. check out the damage for tomorrow morning. had two mornings down here to 27 28 degrees. in the north bay. looks like average again is going to be 29. see the same thing here for the east bay. peninsula, 34. for the south day. 31 degrees. you all know the drill. you don't have any kind of work. maybe just, i don't know. slech in a lit sleep in. read the paper. grab a couple of cups of coffee. take you into the combedest
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spots for tomorrow. those were the averages a cross the peninsula, dpz will be the slopest. san martin. 27. walnut creek. 27 napa. 29. san jose. 31. five to ten degrees colder than where we should be for morning lows. when are we going to see changed. i have the answer in just a second. take a look at the freeze warning. critical. marin. napa. sonoma. now, let's check out. we'll see. see here in san jose. marked differences head throughout sunday. monday. tuesday. by monday tuesday. hard to believe how cold it is going to be here tomorrow. see temperatures back up close to 50 degrees by next tuesday. also check out the yoelg seven dash forecast. take a look at tuesday and wednesday. a huge spike in the temperatures. my crow climate forecast.
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through out your saturday. sunny day. over the chill. the temperatures. say you are heading to pacifica to the coastline. looking at 56 for your high. 59, san jose. for san francisco. temperatures in the mid 50s. north bay, east bay. not too many changes here. nappa. 58 pitch the afternoon. for the most bay, oakland at 39. >> that's gold by the way. danville expecting temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. only thing you need how to worry about. we have a spare the air alert in effect for saturday. going to be hazy sunshine. if you do suffer from problems or allergies that is going to cause you concern. five days. no rain in the forecast. scanning cloud cover. sunday monday tuesday. wednesday.
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biggest thing you note. take a look what it will do by the afternoon hours. 70 tuesday. also whence days. san francisco, warming up. low, mid 60s. >> a slide chance of showers by thursday. go from the cold temperature thousands all the way up. like beach weather there. >> it is. i cannot wait for the warm-up. thank you, jeff. still ahead. sarah palin in a controversy involving her dog. why you to's be the same musician again. and mrups we have jimmy. >> hey, guys julienne moore, mike cam era, and i'm here everybody. music from kid rock! they're up next!
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animal rights groups are now joining thousand of others outraged over a photo sarah palin posted of her young son using their dog as a
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steppingstone. peta calls the post inappropriate says the former alaska governor appears to have no apparent sympathy for the dog. when palin posted the picture of her son using the family lab door to reach the kitsch in counter. she wrote, see every stumbling block turned into a steppingstone. palin reportedly intended pictures to show the resourcefulness of her son trying who has downs syndrome. he was trying to help her wash the dishes. u 2 frontman bono says he may never play guitar. after a beak crash in new york's central park in november. on the website. bono revealed details about the crash. he broke his hand. shoulder elbow as well as a bone in his face. he wrote that recovery has been more difficult than he thought. it's not clear if this will affect the band's innocence plus experience tour. the tour was announced last month and set to begin in may. the warriors look to continue their home winning streak. sports is up next.
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>> kelly johnson joins us from comcast sports net studio. warriors are on fire kelly. >> huge night. ten, the magic number. extended their home winning streak. improved to 10-0. and beat the raptors for a tenth
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straight time in oakland. raptors, warriors, top teamen the east. best in the west. what a game. again, ten straight wins at home. 60 seconds. first half. a dime to drain on green. career night. first triple-double. 16 points. 13 assists 1. 1 rebound. third quarter, play of the night. curry with the monster right-handed slam. this guy can do more than just make it rain. had a game high 32 points. 12 assists. zero turnovers. curry from downtown. and added, 26 points. 26 minutes. warrior, huge statement. 126-105. >> that was really fun. i told steph, i have seen him play a lot of great game. this was right there. at the top. near the top. but, 32 points. 12 assists. no turnovers. don't know how you beat that. over to the haas pavilion.
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opening conference play. washington. second half. tied at 38. jordan matthews. a triple. golden bears taking the lead. later, williams. great finishes. two handed huskies within two. tough lane. bears extending their lead. closes the door with another three. part of the game high 31. cal wins, 81-75. how about washington state. taking on stanford. pac 12 opener. both teams. first half action. anthony brown. allen drives. gets the easy dung. no defense there. less than 30 in the half. allen can't get to the go. there for the put back. stanford up three at the break. second half. jason randall. knocking down the three pointer. randall, 18 points. later, brown down court, the easy bucket. stanford wins running away.
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71-56. the final. nfl news. 49ers offensive coordinator. interest around the league. tampa bay. bucs reportedly interviewed roman to be offensive coordinator after jeff tedford's departure. bucs have the number one pick in the nfl draft. also according to reports. the raiders interviewed eagles offensive coordinator, pat shermer. shermer's job, 9-23 in two season with the browns. all right. what's gem are what's jim harbaugh up to. got rid of twitter when he took over. he is back on social media. sending ow the tweet as michigan's head coach. encouraging his play tires stop by. by the way, harbaugh already has over 95,000 followers in less than a day. that's a popular man. that will do it for sports tonight. more news after the break.
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the weekend is here. decided newt leave the house in the morning. it is just too cold. freezing cold in places. >> took advice. sleeping in the coffee. >> nice. keep you warm. going to need a jacket in the south bay. 31. dress in players, peninsula. 34. warm the car upn't in the east bay.
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29. chilly san francisco. 42. possibly patchy ice. north bay. average of 29 degrees. how does the five-day forecast play out. we are going to see temperatures warm up by next tuesday. wednesday. that is right. 70 degrees for the daytime highs. slight chance of showers. next thursday. does not look like a big storm. hate to be. a downer on everything. illegal to burn if you have the fireplace. spare the air alert in place for saturday. air quality in the north bay. hope everybody has a good weekend. >> boundundle up. take it all off next week. our jackets. >> ooh, take it off. >> enjoy the weekend. >> bye. >> bye. o 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julianne moore michael cera musical guest kid ro


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