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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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nguyen. anthony slaughter with the microclimate forecast. it's cold. >> it is cold. that's the highlight of the story. it is very frigid. we are talking about temperatures near freezing or below. even in the south bay where we typically don't see that. that's the main story. we will see poor air quality this weekend, today and tomorrow. spare the air days. then a warm-up is in store. temperatures back near 70. a few of us will get near 70. let's start off with the cold. it's 33 in san jose. 29 in santa rosa. you zoom closer and we have a few places below freezing. cupertino at 30. gilroy at 29. down over towards the 680 corridor is where we have widespread coldest air. we'll be looking at black ice on the road. dublin where temperatures are in
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the 20s this morning. we are going to eventually warm up. that freeze warning posted expires at 9:00. after that, temperatures above freezing. back to the 50s this afternoon. everybody expecting to see full sunshine until the sun goes down. another cold start tomorrow. a warm-up on track. we'll be talking about temperatures in the 70s. >> 70s we are looking forward to it. thank you. >> let's give you a live look at the dmv on center road in san jose. this is where people are lining up to apply for a driver's license. all this because of assembly bill 60. the temporary office, one of four driver's license processing centers opened because of this new law. ab 60 allows undocumented immigrants to qualify for their driver's licensees. they need a photo i.d. and proof of california residency.
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pass an eye exam and written test. then they get to walk out with a driver permit. most say they are anxious to pass the road test and get behind the wheel legally. >> take care of my family. i can take my kids to the day care. >> a dmv spokesperson says more than 11,000 people in california submitted applications across the four centers. 611 applications were processed in san jose. that office stayed open late last night to accommodate everyone who had an appointment. that is the way to go to make an appointment. there is renewed warning as undocumented immigrants begin applying for driver's licensees. authorities say they could become targets of scammers who offer to help for a paid fee. don't trust anyone offering to fill out the paperwork and streamline the process for you. >> that is a scam. you have to apply. you have to come in and you need
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to pay the $33 for that driver license. >> anyone with questions should contact the dmv or mexican consulate. >> want to take you to a developing story. indonesian health minister said it's becoming increasingly difficult to identify the victims of the air asian crash due to the conditions of the body. at a news conference, the health minister said the bodies have been damaged from being in the water too long. search teams found 12 more bodies. 30 people have been recovered. some found still buckled into their seats. indonesia's search and rescue agency widened the search for the missing air asia plane. yesterday they found two large plane parts about 90 feet deep. officials are hopeful this will lead to the plane's black box. >> we have about a three-week
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window left for the recorders. once the weather calms down, the odds go up exponentially. >> there were 162 people onboard when the plane crashed last sunday. to a follow-up. san francisco police released the names of four officers involved in the shooting death of a mission district man who was shot more than a dozen times last march. according to a city spokesperson. the officers involved were roger morse, richard schiff. >> the release of the names come after a pro test last month. the police chief said names were not released earlier because of credible threats to the officers. revealing the names is a victory. >> they know the truth of what happened on that hill. alex never pointed any taser at
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them. this is liberation for a brave soul. >> all four officers are now back on duty. a hate crime investigation is under way after a brutal attack in downtown san francisco's u.n. plaza thursday night. police say a man beat another man in the head with garden shears and a hammer. the victim suffered deep cuts to his ear and eye and may have brain damage. investigators say they are calling it a possible hate crime because of a racial slur the suspect yelled. police have the attacker in custody. old christmas wrapping paper is what firefighters say caused a fire at a six-story apartment building on the peninsula yesterday. it happened near marshall and chestnut street. crews say the trash chute for the building was overloaded with gift boxes and wrapping paper from the holidays. fire officials say the fire was on the fourth and fifth floors. no apartments were burned. some did suffer smoke damage.
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fortunately, no one was hurt. also in redwood city, this is the aftermath of a car crashing into two businesses near costco. two cars smashed into each other around 8:00 friday morning. the impact forced one car to spin around and crash into a restaurant and satellite tv store. one driver was rushed to a nearby hospital. police still don't know who was at fault. >>. >> much more ahead -- a major detour for drivers. you are looking live at the golden gate bridge where traffic is about to get much lighter. the closure that may have you rethinking your plans for san francisco. >> why 2015 could be an especially big year for gay business owners. plus, do you love the fashion and hair of the '80s? it could land you a part in the land steve jobs movie.
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welcome back. the time is 7:08. let's take you across the bay to dublin where it is looking nice. a lot of cars on the road this saturday. golden gate bridge will under go a dramatic change next weekend. let's give you a live look at bridge. traffic moving nicely. next week at this time, the bridge will be completely closed for the entire weekend. today in the bay explains why. >> say good-bye to the little yellow cones on the golden gate bridge that acts as the median to divide traffic. coming next weekend are the movable median that are adjustable just like the cones, giving more lanes to the direction where there is more traffic in commuting hours. it will require the closure of the bridge 52 hours started january 10th and will reopen 4:00 a.m. on january 12th.
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the district says the new dividers will make the roads safer by reducing the chances of head-on collisions. drivers say that makes the closure worth it. >> i would rather see them close the bridge and do this work than wait for other things to happen. >> golden gate transit buses will be allowed to cross the bridge that weekend. ferry hours will be expanded and include late night service. if you must drive, the richmond san rafael and bay bridges are still available. catherine says she may have to change her plans. >> i might do something in the city, but i guess i would have to take the ferry. >> next weekend was chosen because it typically has low traffic counts. the barrier project will cost more than $30 million. you can go to
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for complete coverage of the golden gate bridge closure. we posted information on detours as well as the major changes drivers will see once that bridge reopens. the names of yosemite's most iconic spot could be changed to avoid a lawsuit. last week we told you about the growing trademark dispute at yosemite national park. the company that runs historic hotels says it owns those names and if its contract isn't renewed, it will charge $51 million for their use. the park is considering new names which would allow it to hire a new concession company without problems. the park is still fighting to keep the names which it sees as belongs to the american people. >> more news and weather ahead on today in the bay. >> could this be the last of a dying breed? why businesses like this are disappearing across the country. >>. >> this morning, we are looking
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at hazy conditions. it is very cold. you can see barely able to make out the north bay and alcatraz out there. silicon valley socked in with haze this morning. your full forecast.
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it's 7:14. you are looking outside at a hazy foster city. let's take you over to san rafael. you can see that pink sky, things looking clearer over there. it is a spare the air day. anthony will expand on that in a moment. >> it is harder to find a place to buy a piano these days. fewer students are taking up the instrument. it has forced business owners to get creative. >> step inside the colton piano
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gallery and have a listen. the man whose life is piano. >> since it has keys on it, it's part of my world. >> dave taught lessons for decades and sold pianos for 30 years. if you ask why, he'll give you a lesson in business. >> in today's markets, you have to adapt, which means you've got to run a much leaner and meaner machine. >> he once had six stores across the bay area and now has one in san jose. according to the associated press, stores are shuttering across the country. kids are buying electric pianos in sales. sales plummeted this century. >> i think a lot has to do with disposable income product in a tough economy. >> so he changed his tune, consolidating and moving across from the busy valley fair mall,
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he turned to internet marketing which struck a chord in silicon valley. the bay area's support of the arts made his story of success a common one. >> it's still the same amount of competition that i had 20 years ago. >> the new sales numbers could be troubling, but he says if other stores adapt, the industry can survive. ian cole, nbc bay area news. in other business news, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender entrepreneurs may find it easier to land companies this years. fortune 500 companies have started making efforts to encourage bids from lgbt contractors. it requires large utility companies to report how much they spend with lgbt owned this
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year. applicants must prove ownership and demonstration their status. it is your chance to be in the movies. especially if you are willing to skip shaving and haircuts. a san francisco casting company is looking for extras for an upcoming film about the life of apple co-founder steve jobs. bobono casting is looking for men ages 18-40 with flexible schedules. >> not me. >> they have to forego regular haircuts and shaving because the film is set in the '80s. filming will begin soon. extras will be paid. this is the second movie about steve jobs. ashton kutcher played the starring role in the film "jobs" in 2013. you would look good with a beard. it would keep you warmer.
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>> it would keep me warmer. i'm one of those folks that despises shaving. it would work. >> it's part. >> not tv-worthy, right? >> for november a lot of folks were growing beards. >> we'll see what we can do next november. that cold air has been in place for the past week or so. we are finally, finally at the home stretch of ending this bitter cold. today is the last day of the freeze warnings. i think it will be cold the next couple of days. just not freezing cold. starting off now, we are in the 30s. a few isolated 20s. you can see as we are waking up from each vantage point we have clear skies, but we have lots of heat in the lower part of the atmosphere. temperatures similar to the past few days. back to the mid to upper 60s.
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east shore 56 along with san francisco. north bay will be close to 60. as i mentioned, we have a spare the air alert today. the worst will be across the north bay and coastline. tomorrow the south bay gets in on that action. it's all because of this area of high pressure. doesn't look impressive. you get that sinking air down to the surface. low pressure you get rising air. that's how you get clouds and thunderstorms. with high pressure you get the exact opposite. you get that downward force. because of that, it traps all of the pollution near the surface and with lied winds you talk about stagnant airs. that's right where we live. breathing in all that particulate matter is unhealthy. that's why we issue the spare the air alert. we have a meteor shower this morning and tomorrow morning. you can see it tomorrow morning. the best time to do it is those
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predawn hours, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. if you can locate the big dipper, it will be south of that. it's one of those meteor showers you don't hear a lot about because it only lasts a few hours. most folks miss it. you can check it out tomorrow morning before today in the bay. futurecast does show this next system out of the pacific. this is the one that will eventually break down that area of high pressure and bring in that onshore wind and bring us a few showers. by thursday morning we will see a few showers lining up the coastline. this will not be a big storm system. as it moves in, it falls apart. most of the rain will stay to our north. we could get a few showers that amount to a few 0.1 inch of rain. it will be a slow climb every day. talking about temperatures warming up. san jose at the top.
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walnut creek at the bottom. san jose 70 by tuesday. walnut creek you'll be chilly. monday and tuesday back into the 60s. san francisco, you are not going to get into this cold air. monday and tuesday, temperatures do start to climb back to the 60s. it will still be chilly at the coastline. inland is where you want to be where temperatures will be in the 70s by tuesday. hang on. a couple more days to go, then we can thaw. >> i'm holding tight. >> still ahead on today in the bay -- >> it was unbelievable. it was so fantastic. >> it's unbelievable not just for this artist, but those who come to see his work turn into life like figures.
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to many the new year represents a new start. one san francisco artist is content with things ending up where they started. he shows how he is using an old art to bring new things to life. >> it often feels as though we spend much of our lives traveling in circles, spinning our wheels only to end up back at the point where we started. for artist peter hudson, that is the goal. >> world is going in circles. >> in the treasure island warehouse, hudson puts a new spin on an ancient art. >> i make large-scale zoatrope. it's one of the earliest forms of motion picture. it was a cylinder which flips. it would animate it. >> the sparks of his work have been burning since childhood. >> always been into animation. illusion and magic.
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>> i met these swimmers in 2000 static. a big part of the creative process is figuring out how to do stuff. from a very early age i was always given that permission to be myself. >> if you walk in here without knowing him and you're a volunteer, you're just like, whoa, dude. that guy had way too much coffee. >> i i want all my tools purple so i know at a distant the tool is mine. >> hudson's art jumps out. his pieces are an elaborate version of those old flip books except hudson's characters are life sifb. >> it's story telling. >> hudson's figures come to life with spinning motion and strobe lights. >> with that little amount of time you have, you could tell some amazing stories.
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>> the wheel of mythological skeletons paddle down the river sticks, arm dangle a yo-yo, the struggle of american dreams. monkeys swing from branch to branch delivering apples delivered by a serpent. >> it was exactly what i saw. >> it blows people's minds. sometimes people stare and don't understand what it is. >> hudson's pieces appear at art and music festivals around the world. sometimes i wish i had a little, no, it's a bad idea. >> hudson calls his latest piece eternal return. as the massive base spins, golden figures run and leap and dive before swinging back upwards to do it again. >> that idea is no beginning, no end.
7:27 am
i keep doing it again. >> because the wheel in his own mind never reaches the end. >> i am a slave to these visions. >> nbc bay area news. unforgettable laugh, too today in the bay is back in two minutes. a deadly plane crash with one survivor, a 7-year-old girl. the amazing story of what she managed to do in the moments after that crash. it's not the ride he planned on. a man left dangling on a zip line in las vegas.
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good morning. let's give you a live look outside. that is from emeryville looking toward the city across the bay. if you can make out san
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francisco in the haze on this spare the air saturday. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter with a look at the microclimate forecast. it looks cold across the bay area. >> and hazy. that shot from san francisco, you couldn't see the city from emeryville. san jose, if you look off in the distance, you can barely make out the mountains. that is haze. that's why we have the spare the air alert. with temperatures near freezing, that poor air quality will remain in place today and tomorrow. if you want to get outside, we are talking about 60s and 70s on the horizon. tuesday we'll be in the 70s for some of us. right now, it is still very cold. livermore 32. the south bay dealing with frigid numbers.
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30 in cupertino. the east bay dealing with a wide slew of 20s. 29 in concord. it is cold. later we warm up to the 50s. spare the air today. if you are going to be thinking about using the fireplace, it is against the law unless that is your only source of heat. >> good to know. thank you. >>. >> we want to give you a live look at the dmv on center road in san jose. people are lining up there to apply for their driver's licensees. this is all possible because of assembly bill 60. the office is one of four driver's license processing centers open because of this new law. ab-60 allows undocumented immigrants to qualify for driver's licensees. they need a photo i.d. and proof of their california residency.
7:32 am
most say they are anxious to pass the road test so they can get behind the wheel legally. >> have to take my family, take my kids to day care. >> a spokesperson says more than 11,000 people in california submitted applications at the four centers. 611 applications were processed in san jose in that office. it stayed open late to accommodate everyone who has an appointment. >> there is a renewed warning this morning. authorities say undocumented immigrants could become the victim of scammers. people who offer to help for a paid fee. officials say don't truts anyone offering to fill out the paperwork and streamline the process if they are trying to charge you money. >> you can't do that. that is a scam. you have to apply. you have to come in and you need to pay the $33 for that driver's
7:33 am
license. >> if you have questions about the application process, contact the dmv or mexican consulate. not so fast. that is what the contra costa county supervisors who were expecting a huge pay raise. a petition to block the raise was delivered this morning with tens of thousands of signatures from registered voters. today in the bay kimberly perry tells us who is behind the petition and what happens next. >> they took such an enormous piece of the pie all at once. >> reporter: a 33% pay increase expected to take effect next week caused friction between the contra costa county board of supervisors and unions representing its public employees. >> this is the same board that asked the county employees to make tremendous sacrifice over the last seven years. >> it seems a little bit unfair and hypocritical. >> reporter: a petition to block the pay raise was submitted. if enough of the 39,000 signatures can be verified, the
7:34 am
issue will be turned back to the board. >> there is more going on here than the simple anger over what some perceive as a raise. i call it an adjustment. we are the lowest paid of all the supervisors in the bay area given our population. >> i have great respect for my fellow supervisors. sometimes we have to agree to disagree. >> candice anderson was the lone discenter when it came to voting for the bump in salary. >> it was the right thing to do. in this case where we have over 9,000 county employees that every day work very, very hard to implement the policies we as the board set, when we can only give them a 4% raise, it did to the seem fair or right for us to take a 33% raise. >> the ordinance will likely be repealed in the next board of supervisors meeting. members can put forward a new
7:35 am
ordinance likely at a different lower rate. >> i still value the work our county employees do. i'm sad they don't see the value of the work i do. >> kimberly perry, today in the bay. >>. >> to a developing story. indonesia's health minister says it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the victims of the air asia crash due to the condition of the bodies. at a news conference, the health minister said the bodies have been damaged from being in the water too long. earlier search teams found 12 more bodies. so far 30 people had been recovered. some found still buckled into their seat. search and rescue agency says it widened the search for the missing air asia plane and debris may have drifted more than 200 nautical miles. yesterday searchers found two large plane parts on the java sea bed about 90 feet deep. officials are hopeful this will lead to the plane's black box.
7:36 am
>> normally we have a three-week window left for the hangars for the data recorder. once the weather calms down, odds go up. >> there were 162 people onboard when the plane crashed while flying from indonesia to singapore on sunday. >> a miraculous story of survival after a 7-year-old girl walked away from a plane crash that killed four others onboard. this happened in southwestern kentucky. after the crash the girl walked nearly a mile through the woods in the dark to a nearby home to get help. a resident called 911 and the girl was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they found the small piper aircraft. the pilot and three passengers were killed. authorities say the plane was headed from florida to mountain vernon, illinois. an faa spokesperson said the pilot reported engine problems then lost contact with air traffic controllers.
7:37 am
the four victims included the girl's parents, sister and the pilot. call it a very unlucky day in las vegas. a man on a zip lining ride came to an abrupt stop 12 stories in the air. he hung upside down for about 30 minutes while firefighters worked to rescue him. he wasn't hurt, but traffic was stopped on the street below during the rescue. the zip liner in downtown vegas opened within the last year. this is the first time there has been a problem. you may have noticed over the past year the number of ginneric drugs on the market skyrocketed. researchers say the sky high price of prescription drugs led many of us to cheap out seeker generic alternatives that have the same benefits, at least in theory. kate snow has more. >> reporter: cindy takes about a dozen pills every day for her heart, ten are generic. >> when we went to the drug store to pick it up they said
7:38 am
they'll be $398. i was like, oh, no. >> reporter: a year before that cost about $85. and the digoxin used to cost her $5 and is now three times as much. >> my husband had to get a second job on the weekends to help pay for the medicine. >> reporter: she is not alone. nearly half generic medications increased in price in a year, some dramatically. one migraine medication spiked 700% in six months. a common antibiotic up more than 8,000%. jackson's local pharmacist sees it every day. >> every other week you are seeing some products, well-used products they are dumping for no reason. >> reporter: after complaints the congressman organized a hearing. what is driving the cost up? >> greed. first of all, let me make it clear. it's not all these generic companies, but there are others who are buying up a company or
7:39 am
buying up the drugs and then they turn around and say we can make a lot of money with this drug. >> reporter: not true says the president of the generic pharmaceutical association. >> there have been some increases. if you put them in context, you are talking pennies compared to very expensive brands. >> reporter: if a medicine has gone from 34 cents a today to $74.46 a day, that is a big increase for people. how does that happen? >> it happens sometimes because there can be drug shortages, there could be supply problems around the world. there could be a whole bunch of market forces. >> reporter: market forces cindy jackson can't control for medicine she has to take. >> you can't pick and choose what medicine you are going to take when it comes to your heart. >> with her husband working catering jobs on the weekend, they are paying the bills for now. kate snow, nbc news washington. coming up on today in the
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bay, warriors look to continue their home winning streak. they would have to beat the best team in the east. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut. mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
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the warriors went into last night's game with the best record in the nba. toronto raptors entered with the best record in the eastern conference. the best in the east versus the best in the west. someone had to lose. oracle arena was rocking for this highly anticipated matchup. he had a huge night with his first triple. steph curry led all four with 32 points including this impressive slam on the fastbreak. there it is. warriors with a huge statement win. 126-105. they have won 11 straight at home. coach gives props to his star
7:43 am
point guard. >> that was fun. i told staff i've seen him play a lot of great games. this is right there at the top or near the top, but 32 points, 12 assists and no turnovers, i don't know how you beat that. >> more news and anthony is back with the forecast next on today in the bay. >> technology brought them back together after decades apart. >> we are waking up to hazy skies. especially the coast line and north bay. spare the air alert is in effect today and most likely tomorrow.
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welcome back. 7:45 the time. very cold numbers across the bay
7:46 am
area we still have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 this morning. once we get above freezing, 32 degrees in livermore. 33 in san jose. not freezing, but cupertino at 30. santa rosa at 30. it's still very cold this morning. stagnant air across the bay area. look at our sky camera network. you can see that dirty particulate matter off in the distance. that is why we have a spare the air alert. same for the peninsula. east shore 56. san francisco 56. in the north bay. that high pressure sitting on top of us is creating sinking air. you get that with these weather systems with low pressure. you get rising air. that's how you get clouds and thunderstorms that form up to 20,000, 30,000 feet in the atmosphere. with high pressure you get the opposite. all that sinking air will push is down to the surface and traps
7:47 am
the particulate matter and pollution at the surface. because of that sinking air today and tomorrow, we have poor, unhealthy levels of air quality. the worst today will be in the coastline. if you suffer from respiratory ailments, even if you don't, you want to limit time outdoors because it's unhealthy. >> we have a meteor shower tomorrow morning. if you can locate the big dipper, look south of that. you want to make sure you are not looking up towards any trees. that will impede the view. it will be right toward the horizon from about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow morning. it's not a big meteor shower. it goes overlooked a lot of times. if you see some of those, it's spectacular. let's fast forward to our next storm system. this is going to be more of a nonevent for us in the bay area. we've seen major storms over the past month or so that produce
7:48 am
historic amounts of rain. this system is not going to be like that. most of the heavy stuff will be up toward our north. eureka and oregon and washington state. we'll get clipped by the tail end of that cold front. we could see a few showers. as it starts to pull north friday morning, we'll have a few lingering showers for the north bay, but we'll stay dry and start to warm up. today is the last day of the freeze warning. tomorrow temperatures won't be near freezing, but will be chilly by sunday and monday. even by tuesday as temperatures climb back to 70. keep in mind most remarkable thing about this, our high 58 in the south bay, by monday and tuesday, we'll be close to that for our overnight lose. that gives you an idea of dramatic swings we'll be watching the next couple of days. hang on. we've got a little bit to go
7:49 am
before we can finally thaw out here. >> we like to see a 7 as the first digit in that number. thanks. today in the bay is back next with a bay area reunion. it took 40 years but is finally happening. a grateful woman and the bay area family who helped her through life-changing surgery.
7:50 am
7:51 am
after more than 40 years and 500 miles, an amazing reunion took place today in the bay area because of facebook. our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us a social and emotional get together. >> you are looking at a reunion four decades in the making. she was 8 years old in 1969 when she came from tijuana to the bay area to have surgery. pat sherman and her family took
7:52 am
her in to recover. >> a family willing to take in these children before and after the surgery. >> how can they be so loveable with somebody they don't even know? >> i said i am going to love this kid for the rest of my life. >> after several hospital visits and bonding with the people she called her second family, she went back to tijuana and lost touch with the shermans for 40 years. >> i lost hope. >> broke my heart. thought about her for years. >> until facebook. >> i hope you remember me. >> all these years later, they found each other through the social network. >> i looked around, i started, no, no. yes, yes. >> oh, my god. that's her. that was the happiest moment of my life. >> they looked through old
7:53 am
pictures and introduced new family members, starting again where they once left off. >> i was just thinking that after 43 years, i never imagined we would all be together again. i've already cried a lot. >> scott budman, today in the bay. >> her surgery and the sherman's decision to take her in, they have provided more than 100,000 surgeries for people in developing countries. a washington family is happy to finally be reunited with their puppy after she ran off. they didn't find her at the neighbor's house down the street. the puppy made it 2,400 miles across the country. penny got loose from her owner's washington office six weeks ago. she was picked up by a truck
7:54 am
driver who thought she was a wild dog. pony's owners tracked down a rescue group to pick her up and get her to baltimore where she will fly back home. >> i'm very excited. i'm so glad to have her home. she is a well traveled dog. >> penny still has a 2 1/2 hour drive home but will have a bed and a lot of food on the truck and a lot of tlc. today in the bay is back next with more on the needs of pet rescue work.
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visit today. this morning we have special guests from pets in need, the executive director is here with sugar. she is a poodle and not our usual candidate. she is an older dog with cataracts. >> she is. she is 11 years old, cataracts, completely blind.
7:57 am
she is as loveable as can be. she is a terrific lap dog. we will have surgery for her next week probably then she will be ready for adoption a week or so after that. >> fantastic. she is a sweetheart. calm and quiet. she's been here 20 minutes, not a peep out of her. you brought her -- talk about why you brought her and she illustrates the work rescue organizations do. >> we figured we rescue about 20, 30 animals every week. every once in a while we come across a beauty like sugar where we know she'll have serious medical issues. it will cost us between $2,000 and $3,000 to have the surgery. it puts pressure on a rescue shelter. obviously, we can't rescue too many animals that have those kinds of medical needs. we couldn't resist this little girl. >> what kind of home do you recommend sugar go to. probably not one with a lot of
7:58 am
young children. >> quiet home. she is a lap dog. she will love to sit in the lap of a mommy or daddy. an area where she can run around without bumping into too many things. >> you think she will have a few more good years in her? >> oh, yeah. she is healthy in every other respect other than cataracts. any other issues she has, we'll take care of those before we put her up for adoption. >> it's the work you do. it's not just for the puppies and kittens that are adorable and easy to find homes for. it's these other animals that need a home, as well. >> exactly. she is a special little girl and will need a special house and special family. i know we'll find a good home for her. >> thanks so much for joining us. to find out more how to adopt sugar, go to pets in thank you for making us a part of your morning. there is a special newscast tonight at 4:00 and 11:00.
7:59 am
you can follow the news on our website have a great morning.
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