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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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bay". good morning. a man shot by police last night allegedly had a fake gun. >> reporter: good morning, sam. you can see some of the chalk markings still on the ground, evidence markers. it points out the man was carrying an air pistol or bb gun. police saw the man in this area and told him he had to go. the officers said they went to
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leave but realized the man was staring at them still. >> they found this curious, exited again to tell him you can't be here. he draw the butt of the weapon, thefired. >> it was consistent right after another. >> now, the man underwent surgery at san francisco general hospital but died before 8:00 last night the sergeants were not injured and are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure with officer-involved shooting. apparently that same man had asked officers responding to an unrelated call near at mission and 16th earlier yesterday what kind of weapons and ammunition they carried and if they did officer-involved shootings
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before. it is 5:02. indicted charges against jaimie ramos were unsealed. a grand jury also indicted 21-year-old pablo, who is suspected of driving the men to the bank. the men barged into the bank and took three women hostage and then got into a gun battle with police. two suspects and one hostage were killed. >> police are searching for a man they say tried to run over a
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police officer. detectives say they were called to a motel 6 because two men were fighting. hawthorne jumped from the second floor of the hotel, almost landing on an officer. he then stole a car from a nearby dealer and then almost ran them over. >> monday can be tough heading back to work after the weekend. about how about starting the week with a cold shower on an already cold morning. kris, this is, i understand, the seventh straight day without hot water? >> it probably feels longer than that. you can see this giant trench this was dug up to repair the
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gas line when a huge tree fell last tuesday. the tree was removed pretty quickly but according to management they'll have to wait for city inspectors to green light that service. for the last six days, going on seven, the folks who lef here, they have been showering at friends' houses or at the gym and without wort the house is cold and there's no heat. >> it really upsetting. >> now, that man says for nearly a week he's been boiling water and taking it upstairs for his three kids to wash up. according to the city's building division, which i called in the last hour, there were inspectors working, though on a holiday
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schedule. they were back on the job on frid friday. they are trying to find out why this wasn't done on friday. we'll keep calling. hopefully we can wake somebody up. >> back in 2010 -- the mercury news says the state is getting involved ino buy public access to that beach. >> the city of oakland starts a new chapter today. libby shaw will be the 50th mayor. she's spoken out against the
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recent acts of vandalism during protests. >> lots of activities going on right now. how about activities on the weather front. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. you have some good news for us. >> some fantastic news if you're looking for warmer weather. good morning, everyone. welcome back to reality as the holidays are over. hopefully yours were fantastic. and we're looking pretty good this morning. no flight delays out of any major airport across the nation right now. if you have family coming into town this week, maybe a week after everything happened, i got to tell you, it's going to reallying, really nice for us here, the kind of conditions everyone on the east coast will be looking for. we do have unhealthy air quality, from the same ridge of
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high pressure we're wishy washy as to whether we'll get any storm activity. that means better air quality for us. if we do get any shower activity out of this, it will be between thursday and friday. do keep in mind changes coming to your forecast but for the next few days, a steady climb. >> welcome back, folks. we're looking at hopefully a nice, smooth welcome back to the work traffic flow. right now the commute is easy at 101 and 680. santa clara, a report of a fender bender. looks like a light volume of traffic through the area right now. and potentially a sfald vehicle. the connector is open and i didn't see anything on our live camera.
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over here toward greenville, north flynn. by the time you get to vasco, you'll see the speed limit. the bay bridge toll plaza shows you no trouble either. the folks parked on the shoulder have made their way through. they shouldn't park there. they're waiting for that price break. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. it's 5:08. jury selection is starting today in the case of the boston marathon bombing suspect. we'll be live m boston with all the details. >> and big changes coming to
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5:11 am but to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. this morning more than a thousand potential jurors will head to the federal courthouse in boston. jay gray joins us from the courthouse. i understand you're standing two miles from where the attacks
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occurred. >> absolutely. and jury selection scheduled to begin within the hour here. look, the federal courthouse in boston has really become the focal point of the bombing tragedy. as you talk about, just two miles from where the blasts actually occurred. in the almost two years since the attack -- >> i am standing! >> the path to recovery has been difficult, the steps slow and painful but always moving forward. and later this morning survivors in the city will take another major step, as jury selection begins in the trial of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's pleaded not guilty to the attack at the marathon and to the murder of officer sean collier after the attack. today more than a thousand
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jurors have been sumorrmoned toe courthouse. just like the attack, what happens in the courtroom they insist will not affect their city. >> let's just get this thing going and get some peace. >> peace and justice, just two miles from the deadly blast. and the jury selection process is expected to take two to three weeks. the trial itself could last four months or longer. >> thank you so much, jay. nbc will have live coverage of the jury selection and the trial. you can get the latest details on our web site, >> the consumer electronics show
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begins tomorrow in las vegas. it is still the biggest conference with lots of new toys. but you say interest is waning? >> i think so, with the internet you see everything. fitness bands were big. this year the internet of things are going to be of talk, connected devices like the thermostat that will be compatible with new electronic door locks, so lock your door going out of the house and your thermostat will lower
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automatically. and tomorrow spacex will try to land the first stage of a sea-born platform. wall street had one day of trading so far this year. let's go to landon dowdy for day number two. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. stocks lock ok to rebound after mostly negative start to the new year. futures are pointing to a lower open this morning. the s&p 500 and nasdaq ending in the red the second straight year they started out on a down note. the big item for investors to watch this week, the latest snapshot of the labor market with employment numbers. the nasdaq falling 5 points. >> and a major announcement that will make your cell phone as
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fast as one of the world's super computers. >> how far we've come, thanks. >> and how much faster can they really get, though? they're pretty fast right now. i think when it freezes, that's an issue. i don't know. i don't know if i need my phone to go at the speed of light. good morning to you. hopefully you had fantastic holidays. maybe it's back to business for you. that entails taking a trip. no problems across the nation. if you're headed east, bring your winter gear. you might want to double up on things like gloves, scarves because they've got a big time cold snap headed this way. for us, we'll see the opposite. we'll see high pressure keep things nice and in control for us. that storm track well to our
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north but this big ridge of high pressure is not going to budge until we get into the middle of next week. you can actually see the clouds arcing up and around the big ridge of high pressure. temperatures are chilly out there. make sure you bundle up. you want to watch your pets this morning as well. and sensitive vegetation will likely suffer if you leave it outdoors. overall our lows have really crept up. we'll be in the 60s for today, the 70s for tomorrow and we'll start to is he the temperatures drop off, moderating thursday into friday. we'll show you who has the best chance coming up on friday. first let's check your drive. here's mike. >> look, see these cones right here? this is the last monday if everything goes as planned that you'll see these cones. we'll see more traffic on the
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golden gate than we've seen in the last couple of weeks. we see a good volume of traffic on the east shore. this early crash headed away from the toll plaza. we do have a smooth, easy drive through the area. over at the double interchange at west 580 and highway 84 shows the first easy slowing we've seen as well. down through sonoma, another stall reported on 680. i'll get information to see whether or not lanes of blocked. over here, central expressway at
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lafayette. an easy drive along the peninsula as well. dumbarton bridge moving, too. we'll see a lot more traffic from hayward over to the peninsula. but so far you're looking at the limit. >> an accused pennsylvania cop killer could find out today whether he will stand trial. eric frein is accused of killing two state troopers. he's described as a survivalist and eluded capture for seven weeks. prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty. >> today new york is going to remember political heavyweight and three-term former governor mario cuomo. he died in his home on thursday
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just hours after his son, andrew, was inaugurated for a second term. perhaps his most notable moment came in 1984 where he delivered a keynote speech. funeral services are set for tomorrow. >> an amazing story of survival. a 7-year-old girl, the only survivor of a plane crash. sailor was on board when she was on board a plane that crashed in kentucky. she managed to walk nearly a mile to a home near to get help. family and friends say her father was an experienced pilot. the family was flying home from visiting their son for the holidays. >> a fish sells for more than $37,000 on the auction block.
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we'll tell you what is so special about this particular fish next.
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you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside downtown san jose. we'll make some history. tomorrow they swear in their new mayor, sam liccardo. good luck to him. >> it's an annual tradition playing out in japan. it's a little fishy. this morning the first new year tuna sold on the auction block for more than $37,000. the 398 pound pacific blue tuna is considered lucky because it's the first of the year. the winner, the owner of a tokyo sushi restaurant was the lucky
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winner. >> a dog rescued has become a sensation. >> meet kiss. he has a condition which makes it impossible for him to put his tongue in his mouth. >> his profile is on facebook, twitter, pinterest and tumbler. he already has thousands of followers. >> you have to love, christina, the fact when you have that big tongue, can you probably lap up all of that rain water. >> you don't want to leave that standing water. that's what attracts the mosquitoes. it's not that time of year. what's so great about cold weather and that cold snap we had last year -- it really was last year but i should alast
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week, the deal is all of our pests, the mosquito, you've got the fleas and the ticks, they lay dormant and that's good for our pets. here's the deal, we are going to warm you up from the 60s today, into the 70s today, closer to 80 degrees. we'll tell you how long that will last before rain comes back into the picture. a little something for everybody. let's check your drive. welcome in mike inouye. >> and your graphic averaged out to 66 for everybody across that bay as well. that's about the same as the speed here. 65 is the limit but i think 66 they'll let you go to palo alto. reports of a racoon in the lane so we'll have a crew out in the area. i didn't see any folks swerving around. easy drive but that's where the report was coming off the
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dumbarton bridge. it's an easy flow of traffic. looking at the east bay, no real -- we're looking over toward the bay bridge where we have the cash lane starring the backup. maybe a little bit light. we'll ease you into this monday morning commute but we're seeing more traffic and that the last couple weeks. >> thank you, mike. hours on the tarmac in a foreign country, no food, no water. we'll hear from the passengers on the fly to sfo next. >> get me out of here. >> and folks out early this morning getting ready to jump start the first full week of the new year. it's 5:26. we'll be right back with news, waert and traffic next.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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. a man shot and killed at a san francisco police station. >> plus new help for families on the peninsula impacted by last month's storms. >> we'll see a dry week but not for warm. it's cold right now. record warmth tuesday and wednesday and then a slight chance for showers at the end of this week, better chance for next week. we'll talk all about the short range and the long range in just moments. >> look, you had a couple of weeks of breaks so we're bringing it back, returning with traffic already at the bay toll plaza. >> you have to pay coming back to work. it is monday, january 5th, this is "today in the bay."
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a very good monday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a confrontation between an armed man and police turned deadly. now they say the man had a fake gun. stephanie chuang is live near that area, which is actually restricted to the public. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. there were three police sergeants leaving the mission station here around 5:20 last night when they saw a man in his 30s in this restricted area. you can see the signs for the parking lot say "police personnel only." they asked him to leave. they chief said instead of man stayed in this driveway and reached for what appeared to be a handgun in his waist band. that's when two sergeants fearing for their lives shot the
5:31 am
man. the chief says officer safety remains top of mind. >> i know a lot of people right now are very concerned about how things are with how it's going nationally as far as officer safety. we are as aware of it as anybody. officers are looking out for one another all the time. but, again, we have a job to do. >> reporter: now, the sergeants were not injured. they are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedures with officer-involved shootings.
5:32 am
witnesses said they heard four shots, one right after another. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, steph. >> meantime, two people died in a multi-car crash that closed an east bay highway. this mohamed on west 84 in sunol. two other victims suffered major injuries. that crash closed all lines for four hours. >> today the office of emergency services will open an assistance center in south san francisco to provide information and services to victims in that flood. the assistance center is set to
5:33 am
be open for two days. >> it is almost freezing outside and not much better inside for residents of one san jose complex. they are without hot water for the seventh day. kris? >> reporter: you want the safety of an inspection and that's why the city requires that the gas company have their work inspected. however, given the holiday schedule, things have gotten very difficult. when you get this cold, sometimes a hot shower is the only thing that can warm you up. there is a trench that's dug alongside the apartment complex here, just across the freeway from san jose city college. a free tyree fell and damaged the pipeline, not just for the gas but the water. crews were able to move the tree very quickly but then the work to repair the line that was also
5:34 am
down in a they do have water, they just can't heat it because of the gas service. according to management, they cannot turn on the gas until the city inspectors come out. that means for lots of folks who live in this apartment complex, there are no hot showers. >> it's really upsetting. we're like in the blind right now. we're just -- we're pretty much sitting, waiting, trying to find a place to shower. >> looking for places to shower, folks have been going to the gym, they've boiling water. according to the building
5:35 am
division, there were inspectors on duty for the first time after the new year's holiday on friday. i know that they had regularly scheduled inspections, according to the message that was left on the recording. however, they didn't didn't squeeze in an. >> no doubt. they need some relief and a hot shower. >> there's nothing better than a hot shower on a cold morning. or maybe some warmer weather to help out. >> yeah. we all want to be able to take that hot shower. we still need to conserve. i always feel guilty when i see the water running longer than it needs to be. 39 degrees in livermore, 35 degrees in stockton. so here's the deal. if part of your work takes you into the central valley, it is
5:36 am
slippery out there. as we make our way back to work today, you want to make sure you dress for winter in the morning. you can peel off that first layer by about 10:00 a.m. your hour-by-hour trend, this is going to be the area today. temperatures will climb rapidly and then as that sun starts to drop off, temperatures will fall off into the 50s. tomorrow will not be as cold because of the return of the onshore flow. 66 in the south bay looking
5:37 am
good, african-american we'll show you the map. it not really dramatic. south 280, reports of a fender bender there. and very early right now and, still ks west 580 showing a
5:38 am
typical pattern. nothing dramatic around the bay or the north bay. you see a little slow egg on our sensor approaching 580. we should see these metering lights on any second, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. drivers are back in the water this morning continuing the search for the black boxes of the missing airasia jet. the weather prevented divers from reaching. so far crews have recovered 37 bodies, 13 of them have been identified. >> hundreds of travelers back in the bay area this morning after being stuck on a flight from abu dhabi to san francisco for more than 24 hours. their 12-hour delay added to a
5:39 am
16-hour flight time that totalled 28-hour one manager we spoke with said passengers had to get information from the internet to find out why their flight was delayed. >> information started to get out that the actual airport was actually closed. that's when people got frustrated because it became clear to us when we had been told you're leaving within 30 minutes, you're leaving within 45 minutes, that that was sort of just a lie. >> the airline eventually sent out if this had happened in the
5:40 am
u.s., fines would start after three hours on the tarmac for domestic flights, four hours for international flight and it can go as high as $27,000. >> the new news this morning that could make bay area fans very happy. >> and a live look outside right now, downtown. >> we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break. we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone.
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income, and 4 out of 5 people who have enrolled qualified. if you don't have a health plan, or you do, but you want to make sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. the ntsb is hoping a 7-year-old girl holds the key to what happened when a small plane crashed, killing her family in
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kentucky. trace tracie potts joins us live with the amazing story of survival. >> reporter: many are calling it a miracle, sam. the 7-year-old was in the plane when it crashed with her family. she was the sole survivor. not on did she survive the crash, but she survived walking through the cold, dark woods in nothing but a t-shirt and shorts for almost a mile to go get help. now the ntsb investigators on the ground, six of them there now, want to talk to sailor to find out not on how she survived this ordeal but what may have been going on on that plane before it crashed, where was she sitting, what did she see, what maybe did she hear that might give her some insight on why her family was killed on that crash. we know she has some broken bones, she's out of the hospital with other family members, but such a sad story that she lost her family and now investigators have to try and figure out what
5:44 am
happened. >> hard to imagine how a 7-year-old would be capable, like you said, of walking that distance in the cold temperatures. thank you very much. >> strong little girl. 5:43. jury selection begins in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces multiple charges in connection with the 2013 bombings that killed three and left 260 others injured. he's also charged in the murder of a campus police officer a few days later when tsarnaev and his older brother led police on a manhunt. his brother died in a shoot-out with police. the trial is expected to last around four months.
5:45 am
a new congress is convening tomorrow but some are wondering how much they can accomplish. one of the hot button issues right now is the president's recent immigration orders. republicans say the keystone pipeline approval is at the top of their list. other issues, the affordable care act and responding to isis in iraq and in syria. >> governor brown is about to make california history. the governor will take the oath of office for the historic fourth term. brown is the nation's oldest governor. >> also today attorney general pam will harris begins her final four years as california's top cop with a major initiative aimed at protecting children. harris plans to announce the creation of a bureau within the
5:46 am
department of justice focusing on crime for minors. >> and we had feisty conditions last week. those winds creating havoc. >> what a turn around this week. >> we have a nice, quiet pattern and the inclusion of rain at the end of the week. it's 35:4 6. as we all try to get into our new year's resolution, maybe yours is getting outdoors. today it's probably not the best idea if you suffer from asthma or respiratory issues. a lot of times the teachers will keep the kid in from recess even, it's that bad with the worst -- for us, high pressure
5:47 am
back in control. really not getting much wind. everything is compressed, forced to the surface. things are going to start to change as you get into the second half. temperatures for today are going to be 35 in the south bay, 39 degrees on the peninsula and on the east shore with continual dropping for the next couple hours before we hit those lows this morning. butover overall a lot more bearable degree 65 on the east shore. in san francisco, really no african-american meanwhile in
5:48 am
san francisco with a little bit of a dropoff, as we get some showers potentially by thursday, not expecting much but the 16th through the 17th looking really good. as we head through the next 15 days, we're going to have to wait. the second half of january does look active. a 30% chance by 9 p.m. on thursday. mike? >> the bay bridge are right on schedule for 5:38. it was about 90 seconds than we thought. as we look at the map, it's the approach that is smooth, but there's the build. we see more traffic going south
5:49 am
101 through san rafael. you see the build as far as the volume of traffic. now the bay, coastal areas, looking at 101 and 880, moving very smoothly on east side of the bay. 680 north and south heading up past castlewood. reports of a crash causing more slowing where the dublin interchange is showing crashes. we do see the slowing heading westbound and toward the crash. and a look at 580 coming into. >> starting today, a free shuttle bus will. >> and they were donated by
5:50 am
google, mountain view's major tenant. >> major player opening the play book to bring football back to los angeles. the company tells the l.a. times the stadium may be ready to go as soon as 2018. it not certain that the rams will be the team that moves to l. but they're not happy with their l.a. >> a decision on the expansion is expected later this month. now hundreds of milpitas residents have launched a social media campaign called the
5:51 am
milpitas odor problem and have asked leaders not to allow the expansion. >> almost every day the smell, the shall, which. >> previously officials have said they're working to control odors coming from that land fill. women 13 to 44 yoors old who belong to the san francisco health network will receive a three-month supply of multi-vice mince that hopes with folic as $
5:52 am
not because of the new technical gadgets but because the old ones are on sale. among the items expected to be marked down are televisions. keep a close eye on that if you're in the market. general motors will unveil new features for its onstar service. that company is partnering with retailers so drivers can take advantage of specials. >> scott mcgrew with a chip. >> that's the stuff that actually powers those gadgets. nvidia is getting attention after an announcement that it had developed a chip from mobile
5:53 am
phones that can deliver a tera blot. the chip for your cell phone just announced is as fast as the computer at lawrence livermore. wall street starts its second day of trading, the first day of trading after 2015. on friday the dow gained 7.5% last year. sam and lawyer rarks the biggest story for tech and business in 2014 had to be the alibaba ipo. not just the biggest of the year, the biggest in the history of american ipos. i think the least impacted story was google leasing a field for
5:54 am
the next 60 years was the most underreported text and business sto story. >> kind of an unusual purpose yeah, it's chilly out there right now. you want to dress in layers. layer up this morning. 35 degrees in the south bay, 39 on the peninsula. as of 11:00 a.m., we're going to see a rapid warmup all across the bay area. temperatures for today, you'll notice the deference between yesterday and today, we've got a 5 to 10 degree climb, 65 degrees on the east shore, 66 in san francisco and 67 degrees in the north bay. today it's a spare the air day. otherwise looking really good for a a warming trend for the next couple of days before
5:55 am
temperatures crash and we bring on the rain. more on that in just moments. right now i want to check your drive. sounds like there's something going on. you're on the phone over there. >> i am. you mentioned the word crash. we have a collision or something going out there as the bill for the tri-valley. it's in your commute direction where everybody comes together. south 280 still slows a bit. and the bay bridge toll plaza has on the metering light to you. >> the ryan was fired last week
5:56 am
after six years of gang green's coach. now there are about a dozen people in the mix to replace jim harbaugh. >> as for the raid exthe denver post returning the team owner, mark davis, flu to denver to interview jack del rio yesterday. >> del rio. >> fans are geding ready for the championship games. >> oregon, ohio, located just outside of toledo. today its mayor and city
5:57 am
straight or but most of the foons are buckeye fans. that prospect will also ask the local high school to chang its colors for the day because they are green and yellow, same color as the oregon ducks. >> after years of fighting, efforts to connect northern and southern california via high-speed rail about to become a reality. >> and cold weather sweeping across much of the country today. in some cases you. >> stream video from your home to the tv.
5:58 am
5:59 am
moving forward. what those affected by the boston marathon bombing are saying this morning as the
6:00 am
accused attacker gets under way. >> and a man killed outside the san jose police department. why officers say they had no choice but to open fire. >> it is cold right now. temperatures near freezing but, hey, we're going to see a rapid warmup after 11:00 today. and we're still counting on some showers. i'll tell you who has the best chance and when coming up in your full forecast. >> two crashes, three incidents make it a tough tri-valley drive as well. we'll show you that coming up. >> and a live look from the san bruno mountain. a bit of a frosty start to your week. thank you for joining us this monday, january the 5th. you're watching "today in the bay."


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