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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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saying this morning as the accused attacker gets under way. >> and a man killed outside the san jose police department. why officers say they had no choice but to open fire. >> it is cold right now. temperatures near freezing but, hey, we're going to see a rapid warmup after 11:00 today. and we're still counting on some showers. i'll tell you who has the best chance and when coming up in your full forecast. >> two crashes, three incidents make it a tough tri-valley drive as well. we'll show you that coming up. >> and a live look from the san bruno mountain. a bit of a frosty start to your week. thank you for joining us this monday, january the 5th. you're watching "today in the bay."
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>> a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this morning a suspect is dead, shot and killed by police in san francisco. police say he reached for his waistband for what turned out to be a fake gun. stephanie, this shooting happened not far from where you're standing now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. this area shut down for hours for the investigation but everything is back to normal now, police officers coming in ond out of the mission station. you can see the chalk circles on the ground that happened around 5:20. they say they mts but then
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realized the skun was still in this and he went to his waistband where there was the butt of a gun and two. >> there were four shots and then you heard nothing but sirens after that. >> turns off the man was car as who has done with similar officer-involved shootings in the past. the same man approached officers at 16th and mission and asked this many what kind of weapons and ammunition they carry.
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they had not replied to him. with the recent shootings of police officers in new york city, you know, officer safety is top in line. we'll hear from. >> it is 6:03 right now. it is nearly freezing outside. not much warmer for people in a
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neighborhood here. before the gas can be restored, there has to be an inspection by city inspectors. the line was damaged when a huge tree fell last tuesday. that tree was removed pretty quickly and the ware line was repaired but according to a letter the residents got from their manage j that's why i say boil up some but folks who have to go to work have been getting creative with their showering and what not.
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according to the city's phone line for their inspections department, there were folks that were off for the holiday. however, they were back on the job on the 30th -- or rather on the 2nd of january, which was the friday for regularly scheduled inspections. why this wasn't one of their stops has yet to be seen. we're waiting for a phone call back. >> thank you, chris. >> more relief is coming today for the -- the assistance center is set to be open today.
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>> the weather can be a bit challenging after you've gone for a euphoric period. >> that's right. have to pay for the holidays now. kind of a nice week on tap. >> yeah, it's going to be lovely out there, at least temperature-wise. though we do have some haze out there, it's going to make for some sunshine and sunshift. you figure in a whole bay area of service because we do not want to add to that pollution. if you're looking for the best air quality, you'll find it at the coast. and now and between sunrise, and
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6 to 9 temperatures will drop off. 32 degrees at 6:00 a.m. we're going to double that number between noon and 3:00. a good reason for you to dress in layers. uniform numbers, this rarely happens, we're going to tell you why it happening in my next report. first up, let's check your drive, here's burke. >> the on incident that is still remains is it has moved to the shoulder a big distraction. that's why i think they're jamming up out of pleasanton.
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and another breaking ball lean approaching that san mateo bridge. traffic flowing nicely with the taillight the. care in cameras. >> the same thing for the volume
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build on the south side. the rest of the bay lookts prit smooth. >> all right, we'll check back with you. >> you got it. >>. p. >> a couple days into the new year. we're trying to get the new year's off counted punch.
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happening today, a painful reminder but a major step forward. this morning more than a
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thousand potential jurors are at a federal courthouse in boston to mark the beginning of the trial for accused marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. jay gray joins us from there this morning. you're standing just two miles from where the deadly attack took place. >> reporter: as you said, it's on two miles from the spot where the blasts occurred. in the almost two years since the attack -- >> i am standing! ah! >> reporter: the path to recovery has been difficult, the steps slow and painful but always moving forward. later this morning survivors in this city will take another major step as jury selection begins in the trial of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's pleaded not guilty to the
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attack that killed three and injured 260 during the 2013 boston marathon and to the murder of mit police officer sean collier after the ait can. what happens in the courtroom will not define his city. >> people just feel they know what happened on that day and a lot of people say let's get moving this thing beyond so the family can have some peace. >> peace and justice that so many hope to find in a federal courtroom, just two miles from the site of the deadly blast. >> the process of selecting the jury which began at the top of the hour is expected to last several weeks. the trial itself could go four months or longer.
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that's the latest from boston. >> thank you, jay. >> two men involved in a violent bank robbery will face a. >> two suspects and one hostage died. >> divers are back in the water this morning resuming the search for the black boxes of the missing airasia yet. the flight crashed more than a week ago killing all 162 on board. so far crews have recovered 37 bodies. >> and a major player is opening up his play book to bring pro football back to l.a. the owner of the st. louis rams is reportedly planning to build a football stadium and retail center on recently purchased land in inglewood.
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>> big news, sam. >> the world's biggest gadget maker doesn't even participate. some gadgets like 3d television doesn't catch on. here you see the preparations for tuesday' and next is goi goingpeacekeep goingpeacekeeper. the fcc has announced it will vote on proposed net neutrality rules in late february. president obama asked the s.e.c. to get cracking on that, asking
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the internet -- republicans have threatened to block the changes. they don't control the s.e.c. but they could cut its budget. >> mark zuckerberg announced he'd try to read a book every week in the year 2016. he said his first book will be the end of power by last year buck byrd as new year's resolution was to try to learn mandarin, and he did. [ speaking mandarin ]
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>> you've got to have the time to, too. >> -- last year's polar vortex. >> at least the people there are making the most of it. the bay bridge there from a distance. kind of a cold start once again. will temperatures warm um sooner rather than later? >> yes, indeed. they are going to be notably warmer. as we head throughout tomorrow into the next day, we are talking about a return of 80s close to 80 degrees.
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we might even -- right now it's chilly out there in san jose. but not as chilly as last week. for today, high pressure strong. we're not getting any ocean impact. >> there is a tri-valley. temperatures in the mid of. >> and that low pressure arrived, the one that will actually bring us some rain. looking good. mid 60s all across the board. san francisco, what a treat for you today. then we'll see a nice drop-off,
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a return of that onshore floom and let me show you that futurecast. right now we stop that clock for you between 9:00 p.m. p.m. thursday and friday morning, we're looking at pretty good chances for rain, nothing heavy. any lit we have a stronger system on the way as we head o t the. >> and note at home the lack e
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are. >> >> lots look at your map. the south bay commute is starting to jump in, a little more gently than anybody realized. we just saw that decks already. zpchlt. the northbound side, that's countercommute. and over here it's castro valley y as well as south slow 80, a typical pattern.
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the earlier crash at the san mateo bridge is not a problem as far as the speed sensors go. immediate had 7ane. the pb snrk novato in toward 580, the pild is on and we'll see the speed start to drop. >> big difference from the holidays. >> 6:21 right now. up next, a push for women's
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health. what san francisco is doing today to make sure women have access to essential vitamins. >> and you won't have access to the ask the.
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welcome back, everyone. lots of folks heading back to work and kids back to school. san francisco clinic will be giving away free vitamins as an effort to celebrate national folic acid week. folic acid helps with proper cell division and growth. it is especially important for pregnant women. >> after much legal back and forth, california's historic high-speed rail project will break ground tomorrow at fresno. the $68 billion rail line will be the largest in history.
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state leaders hope the 220 mile-per-hour bullet train will roll out in 2020. it's hit plenty of snags thus far. the system is expected to expand to san diego and sacramento as well. >> 16 all-electric shuttle buses will cover downtown mao. >> the fgs lunch is scheduled for fry. >> it was yet another banner year for the market. >> plus a 7-year-old survivor. new details on how a young girl.
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>> we'll be right back after this.
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a young survivor, a 7-year-old girl, walks through the woods to find help after a deadly plane crash. >> and you'll want to dress in layers for today. it's chilly right now but we'll see rapid warming after 11:00 a.m. then record warmth for tuesday and wednesday. we're still counting on showers. i'll show you where and when in your forecast. >> and the sunol area is backed up for the time being and the
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backup for the bay bridge plaza is there. we'll show you what's coming up to greet you. >> here goes game number 2, uber on the nasdaq as well as ub >> announcer: from tignbc bay a, this is "today in the bay." >> i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> four people killed, a girl's parents, her 9-year-old sister and her cousin. tracie potts joins us from washington d.c. with how this
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amazing girl walked to try to find help. >> reporter: an amazing story, the fact that she survived and was able to get three quarters of a mile threw the dark woods wearing nothing but a t shirt to get help. she was the lone survivor of that crash. her mother, father, 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin died. they wanted to ask what was going on on that plane before the crash and where she was seated. there are six ntsb investigators on the ground in kentucky. now they've cleared the scene. the plane is gone, and their investigation is continuing. no word on when that interview with the 7-year-old will happen. we do know they're expecting to have a preliminary report on
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what happened to that plane ready in about 10 days but the full investigation to take about a year. >> i can't. >> we are going to unlock the secret to what's going on around the bay area with respect to the weather. this is from the san bruno mountain at 6:32 on your monday. yes, it's a new week, a new year. >> but a warmup coming. >> it's going to be very nice to you. good morning tam,as we head for the mid section of the week, specifically for us, we are going to warm up to levels that we haven't seen since the summertime. 33 degrees in the north bay, 39 on the peninsula and it is going
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to be mild out there this afternoon. you want to layer up. 67 degrees for the south bay later today, 65 on the east shore and 66 in san francisco. so your highs come in between about 2:00 and 3:00. i just want to show you your temperature trend for today. look at this, you're going to double -- double that number in fahrenheit between 6:00 a.m. and noon in the north bay. so definitely want to wear the layers for today. and then temperatures dropped rapidly. but the good news is we're going o get a little bit of rain looking over here toward 580, it looks like a nice drive through the dublin area. here's my concern. that's west 580. let's show it on the map. we're looking at the arrow moving from right to left.
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that's the commute direction from dublin out of livermore. as well as west 84 coming out of pleasanton and liver more as well. there's a. now i'm seeing things compressed to 580 and the brunol area. most things are clear again but that is a concern for the tri-valley. we're looking at the southbound direction of 880 slowing toward hayward, typical pattern there. we'll show you the san mateo bridge. there was an incident reported right around the toll plaza. i've seen the traffic flowing smoothly off of 880. there's the high rise coming to the peninsula side. back to your maps, we're showing
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a smoother drive as well as the peninsula 1 1 will slow a bit as folks head their way north 92 to h han. >> north 101. >> the good news is that the maze is moving smoothly and you're close to the limit except you're slowing through richmond so it's a more slow build than we typically see on monday. >> yay if you have a job and kid back to school. yay for the parents. >> you are both optimists and y
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illusionists. >> let's go to scott mcgrew. >> we've lost a little progress this morning down a about a half a percent. we're watching virgin market. the stock did very well around christmas and that could be cash coming off the table but we'll continue to watch the numbers. >> interesting. 6:36 right now. still ahead, an historic day for governor brown. >> and the new congress gears up to get to work or at least trying to. the issue lawmakers hope to tackle first. >> as you get up over the bay area, taking a live look downtown san jose. they'll be packing up christmas in the park, if they haven't
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already. there's the ferris wheel, i think.
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perhaps the most notable moment of mario cuomo's political career came in 1984 at the democratic national convention in san francisco where he delivered the keynote speech. >> a new congress convenes tomorrow. some are wondering just how much lawmakers can get done. both houses will be controlled by republicans. this will be the largest house majority in 86 years. one hot button issue is sure to be the president's immigration orders and republicans say approving the key stone pipeline will be top priority. >> it is ground never covered before. governor brown will make california history today. the governor will take the oath of office for an historic fourth
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term. >> and this afternoon kamala harris will be sworn in as attorney general. she will announce the creation of a new bureau focusing on crimes against children. >> and libby schaaf will take over as oakland as mayor. >> and in san jose, sam liccardo will officially be sworn in as mayor. >> coming up, pro football could once again touch down in southern california. the nfl owner ready to build a brand new stadium in los angeles. >> no hot water or gas. can you imagine that? for nearly a week. how the holidays kept some people in san jose in the cold. >> and an armed man shot and killed right outside of a san francisco police station. why police say they had no choice but to fire. >> and we're back with 15
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minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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it is something that many of us take for granted, hot water. but on this cold morning, dozens of people in a san jose apartment complex will be taking cold showers. they've been without hot water for almost a week. >> all this because of a downed tree they've been suffering, kris. >> reporter: the tree was taken away pretty quickly, water service was restored pretty quickly and even the repair on the gas line was done pretty quickly. the problem is that because it was a holiday, there want anyone to inspect that work before pg&e
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can turn it back on. the trench is wide open here along 280, right across the freeway from san jose city college. this is where a tree came down last tuesday damaging that gasline and that water line. residents got a letter from their management company saying they would have to wait for gas until city inspectors could come by and look at the work. that's why for the last six days, today being the seventh, those folks who lef here have been showerering at friends houses or at the gym. without gas the water is very cold and there is no heat. >> it's really upsetting because we're like in the blind right now. we're pretty much sitting waiting, trying to find a place to shower. >> that man says that for nearly a week he's been boiling water on the electric stove and taking it upstairs for his three kids to watch up. hopefully they don't go back to school until tomorrow as many
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kids in san jose do. there were inspectors out working on friday. however, according to the recording i was able to get, they were doing scheduled inspections. whether or not this was one of those scheduled inspections or why it couldn't have been fit in on that schedule for friday remains to be seen. i do have calls out to the city and pg&e this morning. hopefully we'll get some answers later on today. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> they're both needed. let's take a live look at downtown san jose. the sun coming up in the distant horizon as folks are making their way to work. how will they be greeted in this postholiday atmosphere? >> with a smile if they're waking up with us, each and every day, no matter how bitter the cold is or how bad the air quality is, we have a little bit
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of both for today. if you don't mind cold temperatures, you can handle the way it is. we might get close to 80 degrees mid week in portions of the south bay as well. for this morning, i want to draw your attention to the temperatures because they've actually climbed. we're now at 38 degrees in san jose getting a little more wind at this point. when we get that mixing, your temperatures tend to come up. these are bearable numbers with the exception of the north bay. as per usual, very chilly conditions out there. i want to show you where we usually average this time of year and where we're headed as we head through the next couple days. the average is 58 degrees on the peninsula. today 66 degrees. tomorrow 70 degrees, closer to room temperature by wednesday. that's why we could be rivaling temperature records by the mid
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part of the week. as we get to your weekend and the end of the week, temperatures drop off. keep in mind there is a slight chance for showers. doesn't look like everything is going to get the rain but i'll show you that on futurecast in a moment. right around 65 degrees, fog free in san francisco but you will see the haze. same for the east shore and looking good in the tri-valley as well. some really cool temperatures out there this morning. mid section of the week holds the warmest days. if you want to get outdoors. we should see better air quality tuesday and wednesday. then thursday into friday we get the rain, the best chance right now as per usual looks like the north bay and immediate coast. right now i'm bringing in that shower chance for friday morning. we're going to keep watching this for you. still watching the 16th through the 17th for that storm track to return and i'm going continue to because we need that rain. let's find out how we're doing on your drive, you want a smooth
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ride. the only one who can give it to you it mike inouye! >> the commute really kicking in now, north 101, there's that silhouette for 680, 280. north 101 is one of the slowest spots, slowing up toward the airport where the earlier incident looks like it's cleared from the afrmt at 87. 280 to get in, same thing for 85, bogging down right around saratoga. there's your south bay commute that we typically see. also, exceptionally slow 680, a burst of traffic and your typical morning build for 580 there were three early incidents, they look mostly cleared from the roadway but we still have one lane blocked by a box truck here. and the dumbarton bridge, south bay 880 shows a little buildout
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at union city. typical pattern. let's look at the san mateo bridge. we really over the last 15 minutes have seen a lot of traffic on the flat section, starting to bog down. the earlier incident at the toll plaza still on the chp books. i'm going to say they're over to the shoulders. no real problems from palo alto or the peninsula or san from from 101. >> the bay bridge has the drive developing and a bay bridge toll plaza, a lot of slowing there because the metering lights are on. back to you. >> thanks a lot are mike. 6:50 this morning, an armed man dead shot and killed by san
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francisco police. police say he reached toward his waistband for what turns out to be a fake gun. >> stephanie chuang joins us from the mission district police station. this shoot owing kurd not far from where you're standing right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. i'm standing in the middle of about nine evidence markers. you can see one of them a chalk circled marked on the sidewalk outside the mission station. three sergeants were leaving around 5:20 last night when they saw a man in his 30s. it's a restricted area so they asked him to leave. instead he stayed in the driveway and drew a weapon, what appears to be a handgun. it turned out to be an air pistol or bb gun. he died after undergoing surgery at sf general hospital. the same man approached officers responding to an unrelated call
6:52 am
asking them what kind of weapons and ammunition they carry and if they'd been involved in shootings before. the chief says police safety is top of mind. >> i know a lot of people are very concerned with how things are, with how it's going nationally as far as officer safety. we are as aware of it as anybody. officers are looking out for one another all the time. but again, we have a job to do. >> reporter: now, the sergeants were not injured. they are paid administrative leave, that's standard procedure. the chief is set to hold a town hall meeting as he has done with other officer involved shootings to get feedback from the community where he may show pictures of or show the real fake gun that the man was allegedly carrying. witnesses told nbc bay area that heard about four gunshot. this area was shut down for hours for the investigation, which is being conducted by the homicide unit here at stpd,
6:53 am
internal affairs swes the d.a.'s office. >> thank you very much, steph. >> 6:52 right now. there are hundreds of travelers back in the bay area after being stuck on a flight from abu dhabi to san francisco for more than 24 hours. their 12-hour delay added to the 16-hour flight time, a total of a 28-hour ordeal. the wait included no food and no information about the cause of the actual delay. it was only after seven hours of growing pressure from passengers the flight crew finally started handing out sandwiches. one passenger we spoke with said passengers had to get information from the internet just to find out why their flight was delayed. >> information started to get out the entire airport was actually closed. that's when people started to get frustrated because it became clear to us when we were told you're leaving within 30 minutes, europe leaving within
6:54 am
45 minutes that that was sort of just a lie. >> reporter: now the airline eventual sent out a tweet saying bad fog delayed flights in abu dhabi, the cabin was switched out and foot restocked before the airline took off. they could be facing steep fines as a result of the tarmac delay. >> the waiting list for public housing will be out for five days beginning next tuesday. right now a thousand people are on that list. but they hope to add another 2,500 people. this is the first time the list will be opened in four years. officials say lack of funds kept rooms from being fixed up but now extra money from the state and federal government will make more units available. >> in milpitas, some residents are trying to prevent a nearby land fill from getting even larger. the land fill is right off of dixon landing road and interstate 880.
6:55 am
the decision is expected later this month. hundreds of residents have launched a web site called milpitas' odor problem, asking officials not to allow the project. >> every day we are smelling the stinking odor. we cannot open our windows when we want. it's so bad, i'm thinking about leaving. >> they have requested a revised permit to extend the height and width of the land fill. previously officials have said they're working to control odors coming from that landfill. >> all new this morning, a major player in the nfl is opening up the play book to bring pro football back to l.a. st. louis rams owner and developer stan cronke are
6:56 am
looking to put up a stadium and retail center. could that portend a team? he said the stadium could be ready to go as soon as 2018. he's not saying the rams will move to l.a. the raiders and chargers are reportedly flirting with a move. >> and we look at things cheaper than last year. >> including oil, scott mcgrew. >> now we're talking about oil under $55 a gallon, the lowest it's been in more than five years. let's talk about the euro. it's at a nine-year low versus the u.s. dollar. a lot of worry about that greek exit out of the euro. we were worried about this last year as well. not so much a worry this year because we've got a lender of last resort in the ecb. but the euro plunging, the ruble
6:57 am
is plunging as well, after falling 46% over the course of 2014, it's made it very difficult for russians to buy regular things. let's talk about jobs. we'll look ahead to friday and we'll get a jobs report. another one you'll remember we got a blockbust are one last month, 321,000 jobs added in the month of november. our next report comes in friday. sam and laura? >> we'll look forward to it. >> see if we can keep the momentum going. one final check, 6:57. jury selection is under way this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces multiple charges in connection with the 2013 bombings that killed three and left 260 others injured. >> more relief is coming today for the victims of flooding in last month's big storms. today an assistance center will be opened in south san francisco
6:58 am
to provide information and services to victims in that flood. >> and dozens in a san jose apartment complex are facing their seventh day without hot water. a big tree fell knocking out gas and water services. the tree was removed but the services cannot be turned back on until the work is inspected. >> imagine having no hot water at all? >> we're starting off cool but a warmup is in the works for mid week. >> as of this afternoon temperatures climbing by a good 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday's highs, though i have to tell you layering up is the key word for today -- words. 45 degrees in san francisco, you're up to 66 later on. almost uniform temperatures, a very rare occurrence when it comes to your various microclimates. >> stay warm and stay
6:59 am
comfortable. you could be on the road a little longer than you've been accustomed to the last couple of weeks. >> beautiful sunviez. we have the return of the headlights as well. now north 101 right -- that just came into the chp. a typical build for the tri-valley sorting itself out. here's the approach to the san mateo bridge, extra heavy right now, just kicking out of hayward and we know the metering lights are on. there's the golden gate bridge. >> going to be a little closer to that. >> college football fans are getting ready for the national championship game between the oregon ducks and ohio state. >> what game? >> oh, the national championship game. we heard of that one. one town in ohio is taking things so seriously, it plans to change its name on game day just
7:00 am
for game day. this is oregon, ohio. its mayor and city administrator willish issue a proclamation for a name change. no name on what that temporary name will be. >> not an oregon town. >> no kidding. >> good morning. dangerous chill. millions from the midwest to maine to the deep south dealing with brutally low temperatures. if you think it's cold now, al says just wait. day one, jury selection begins this morning, the trial for the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing attack. why it could take weeks to find the 12 jurors who will decide if he lives or dies. manhattan mystery, the founder of a $200 million hedge fund found fatally shot. was it suicide or murder? this morning his own son is in police custody. and royal scandal.


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