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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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o be a heated meeting getting under way right now. mark mathews at the site of the evening committee. and there's also concerns the developers aren't being totally up front. >> reporter: well that is a big concern. the meeting just started. about 20 people are inside. they are still gathering. the developers is planning to send representatives. today the folks who would go on camera were the residents who live near the stadium. julia barber lives one house from candlestick stadium. >> i could spit on it if i spit hard enough. >> reporter: what she's worried about is the stadium spitting on her and her family should developers go ahead to implode it instead of the dismantling. >> we know the particulates from a dust plume cause respiratory problems and heart problems.
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>> there's led and other toxic materials. but the company hireded to take it down say all trace amounts will be removed before the demolition. the planning development found no new environmental impact report would be needed. >> it is my opinion that the trust of our lested officials has been violated. >> shirley moore is vice president of the bay view neighborhood association. >> the debris from the discuss plume will completely consume this community. >> more scoffs that the dust cloud can be largely contained within the stadium's parking lot. >> everyone from major league baseball to football know there's a wicked wind that swirls around that stadium. >> the environmental impact report was passed in 2010 but it did not include the the impact from an implosion. that item was only added last september. and moore says the neighborhood
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didn't find out until last month. >> we were not supposed to know until ten days prior to the implosion, according to their manual. >> there it is. individual residents and small businesses would be notified ten days prior to demolition. i called the supervisor who represents the district to ask her about that. her aide told me the supervisor has not made up her mind about this project and really didn't have anything to say. she's still, quote, gathering the facts. the statement says whig segments of the community prefer crushing candle stick piece by piece, our experts believe implosion is a good. in 2008 she were fined over half a million dollars for allowing asbestos dust to drift into a
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neighborhood. that was in twabd. i called the mayor's office. i got a call back from a woman who says she's been o the job six weeks. she couldn't comment because that happened quote before my time. >> a lot of questions there. thank you, mark. as we tick off the new year kids are back in school but what's the problem outside? can you see it? san francisco, dublin almost everywhere. jeff ranieri has answers about the poor air quality. >> all about the wind and lack of rain for january. we have not seen any rainfall in january. you can see in our type lam here, while we did have high clouds spreading across that's all the smoke, the haze and the car pollution currently sitting across the bay area. and it's not just plus from the bay. winds coming out of the east.
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also taking the plugs to the north bay, south bay and east bay as well. another spare the air day in effect. worst air quality in the the east bay and south bay, where it will be illegal to burn. we could see these all the way through thursday's forecast. winter air pollution stacks up like this. wood burning fireplaces 38% caused from that. 15% from vehicles. we'll have the kmex chance of showers and unusually warm weather. >> new at 6:00, more detours and lane closures. the city of san jose is more than doubling the budget for street repairs and mechanics say it may save you some money. david trujillo is live with one of the streets at the top of the list of repairs. >> this is a priority street network. so this will be repaved.
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after years of broken budgets and deferreded maintenance, now san jose is finally reinvesting in its streets. >> the orange signs will be everywhere in 2015. detours and road closures. the city of san jose is pouring in $50 million this year in street repairs. that's more than double it spent on average over the last decade. >> the streets are bad. all of that. >> taxes on new developments are helping san jose split the bill for this year's repair increase. and drivers don't seed to mind the detours. >> i think it's really good. i don't bother. but if it's a big part that could be a serious accident. >> you go around it? >> sometimes. yeah. but not all the time.
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>> reporter: 44 streets are on the priority street network including key street and part of 10th street. also major streets will also see repairs this year. >> that's great. >> richard yao says he sees a lot of customers at his key street auto shop with suspension problems, many caused by potholes potholes. >> they damage a lot of parts. the whole suspension system. it can be really expensive. >> the city says it needs to invest 100 million $s to repair the streets. now next year san jose will have to find other ways to pour money into the street system. live in san jose for nbc bay area news. >> the dow plumed etted more
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than 330 points today, making it a rough start to the week and the year. the drop due to oil prices that continued to plunge. that means lower gas prices. but traders fear the sign of a weaker global economy. for one week of the year silicon volley is not the high-tech capital of the world. las vegas takes over the title l. the famous consumer electronics show kicks off this week. all the new high-tech gadget ls get put on display. and we have a front-row seat for the newest drones wearables and talking kitchen appliances. but make sure to look before you leap. much of the new technology aims to track you and your habits. while some say they're okay with that others say it's intrusive. scott budman is roaming the giant floor in vegas. he'll be filing reports on our
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website and twitter and here on tv tonight. today governor brown was sworn in for historic fourth term as governor of california. he says a lot more work needs to be done. the governor now wants california to lead the fight against climate change and he's pushing for new regulations in increasing renewable energy sources. he says he has a lot of long-term problems and they're ready to go. >> we're tlgbuilding the nation's only high-speed rail system. [ applause ] and we're confronting the drought and longer term water issues. >> now on friday brown will release his budget prepoe sal for the coming year. coming up in a little bit, our political analyst larry gerston will join us. he has some news that he left out and what it could mean for california. and there's an inauguration
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party in oakland. libby took the oath of office a short while ago. she grew up in the oakland hills and says she's in tune with the entire city. jodi hernandez joins us from oakland with more on the cheers and jeers for the new mayor. jodi? >> reporter: and raj, she is getting a taste of both. she arrived to critics and supporters. tonight she's officially oakland's new mayor and she says she is ready to tackle the city's problems. >> i hope to convey that it is oakland's time. this city has many challenges but we are ready to take them on to turn this city around and become the incredible creative city oakland should be. >> that's the message oakland's new mayor wants to send tonight. as she officially takes the helm -- ♪ justice for us all ♪
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>> protesters want her to hear and see her message. >> we have a mayor that voted against a civilian review board of the police department. >> dozens lined up outside the theater where the swearing in ceremony took place. the new mayor says she's listening. >> i take what they're saying seriously. i'm not here to just listen. i am here to take action. i believe we as a community need to come up with the solutions collaboratively and move forward together. >> he says shaft needs to show she's willing to stand up to the left get tough on crime and crack down on demonstrators if she wants the city to prosper. >> she is going to have to move past the protests that are damaging, and that will be the test before her. >> hooim hoping that people give her a chance to do the right thing. she's been a supporter helping
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the families of homicide victims in the past. so i know she's looking forward to doing something about all the homicide happening in oakland. >> reporter: tonight as the mayor is celebrating at the par mont theater, kitty corner she has a reminder with boarded up windows, smashed during the protests. she says public safety tops her list of priorities. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, joy dee. it began as a verbal harassment of two transgender women ended in a staping in strans. it happened saturday near the civic center. the women were on a muni becauseus when a man started calling them names. the man stabbed one of the women in the chest. she was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive. police say they have arrested a
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suspect. >> still ahead here at 6:00 the note that may offer a motive for a debtlylyly lyly -- deadly shooting involving sfpd. also -- the latest figures on cops leaving the san jose police department are causing a great deal of concern. coming up we'll show you why some of the cops leaving may also mean problems for the police academy. plus a rocket launch set for tomorrow that has the potential to change space travel.
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the time to visit but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. we just learned the man shot by police officers last night left a suicide note. he was inside a restricteded parking area at the police station on valencia last night. he was told to leave.
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when officers approached him, he reached for his waistband and drew a bb gun. officers opened fire. hoffman was rushed to the hospital but he died. police just released a suicide note. one of several found on his phone. it starts by saying dear officers, and reads in part, quote, i threatened your life as well as the lives of those around me. you were completely within your legal rights to do what you did. you did everything right. i just want to find peace within myself. the sfpd is releasing the letter with his family's permission and the department will hold a community meeting tomorrow evening to further discuss the shooting. new year same problems. the san jose police department is losing the fight. more officers are retiring or quitting leaving the embattled department understaffed. in the last few weeks 14
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officers have left. robert is joining us with the current and looming problems. robert? >> reporter: well the police department is taking staffing hits as it prepares for the next police academy class to start next month. a t t this point the numbers are not encouraging. the 14 officers who left the department since december mean now 894 active duty cops not counting those on disability or limited duty. but the police union says there are now 23 officers who put in paperwork to leave in january, either through retirement or resignation. new mayor who made police staffing a priority in his campaign says he will put whatever resources are available into bolstering incentives to retain and recruit. >> we've got work to do in both ensuring that we can get officers in the academy are going to be able to help us staff up and to ensure that we create the compensation structures that will attract them to the academy.
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>> but police union leaders have little faith. two were respected training officers. the union says that will stop many current cadets have todaying on and make it difficult to bring in new recruits. >> the best and the brightest go to our academy to train them. if we can't keep them here at the police department what is next? >> well the police department says at this point they are still recruiting for the next academy class, and it says the number of recruits could be known possibly within the next couple of weeks, and that will tell us a lot about the impact of the recent departures. >> robert thank you. as for san jose's new mayor, he's oning into inauguration hiccups. the location had to be moved on short notice because there's not enough room # at the california theater. it's been moved to the scepter
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for performing arts which seats more than 2,600 people. rjs well a rocket is on the launch pad waiting to liftoff. but the return to earth is getting more attention than the launch. it will launch on a resupply mission tomorrow morning. but when it returns it will try to land in the middle of the ocean. that will allow them to reuse the most expensive part of the rocket and if it works it will dramatically change.
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you're going to see 53 in san francisco. we're going to see a big time dip tomorrow. especially with the temperatures in the forecast. an average of 71 in the south bay. that's by about 11 degrees. also averaging 70 and through the tri valley 66 we have a couple of things working for us to get the records near record setting tomorrow. the first thing is no storm systems here in the bay area. to the higher level, relatively clear skies and the area of high pressure brings some heat for us. we'll also see drying offshore winds and that will help the temperatures to start up there. let's take a look at the weather trend over the next couple of days and you can see relatively clear skies on thursday. by friday's forecast it gets colder. but it looks like we're going to hold off on the rainfall right now for a dry workweek for us.
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and once again, low 60s throughout friday's forecast. if you are doing any traveling we have near record setting heat for us across the east coast and the midwest. another major extreme here. temperatures this week 0 to 20 degrees. windchills at minus 5 to minus 30. i'm glad i'm in here in the bay area. >> and so are we. still ahead. get ready to pay more to stay warm. when you can expect your bill to get bigger. and also -- >> it's really been a hazard to try to bathe and boil the water in the kitchen and haul it up the stairs to the bathroom. >> they went nearly a week without hot water. what took so long to get it flowing at a south bay apartment complex. >> and the plane should not have been flying that day. the new details surrounding the airasia crash in indonesia and the key piece of wreckage crews
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may have spotted today. that's coming up. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone
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number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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the south bay catholic community is mourning the death of a priest. he was killed yesterday on highway 101. father richard mandoli just attended mass and was on his way to visit his brother when this crash happened. a 27-year-old man lost control of his car on 101 in san jose. he swerved into the father's car, sending it off the roadway. father mandoli was pronounced dead at the hospital. funeral arrangements are pending. no one in the other car was hurt. prepare to pay more to stay warm this winter. pg&e is increasing rates for electricity and natural gas services starting this week. the increase will be almost 6% for the average home. it's the biggest pg&e rate hike since 2006.
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the money will pay for replacing ole gas distribution lines and installing more blackouts and hiring more workers. the rate hike starts thursday. well the first term was in 1975 when gerald ford was president. today 40 years later he begins his record fourth term. this will be it for 76-year-old governor jerry brown. and he's not going out quietly. and in fact he outlined an ambitious agenda today. nbc's political analyst larry gerston joins us now. high-speed rail economy. governor brown said a lot today. >> yeah he said a lot in one sense. he didn't say so much in others. it's interesting. these kickoff speeches such as browns are filled with broad themes. but some are more substantive than others. now this speech definitely had lots of general thoughts but few specifics. in fact. it left a lot of muddy road maps
6:25 pm
ahead. with all of that most of brown's vision centered on making sure his accomplishments, if you will over the last term continued. those programs should go on. public education funding. high speed rail. >> at firsthand he's very smart and shrewd. what did he leave out. >> let's speak on education. he gave no indication on how the state should fill the $7 billion loss annually when proposition 30 expired at the end of his first term. regarding higher education, he said he would not leave the students as the default financeers you see students already pay a much larger portion of the state education budget than the state. the governor took credit for
6:26 pm
lowering the state's prison population. but he didn't acknowledge the difficulties jail populations and additional costs to deal with them. so in each of these cases and quite a few others raj, brown gave little indication as to how this would address future and lingering problems. >> are you a little surprised here. 76. this is the fourth and final term. why be so vague and general? he's got a swagger to him. >> it's also a legacy. let's not muddy up the waters more than we have to. one possibility is the governor doesn't want to negotiate with the legislature over big ticket items before he has to. and another is by keeping specifics out of the picture brown can keep special interests at bay. but sooner or later the big issues must be addresseded. that's when we'll get a true sense of where brown intends to take the state and how he spends
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to do it. >> four more years beginning right now. thank you, larry. still ahead. a child's extraordinary tale of survival. a 7-year-old who walked away from a plane crash and find her own way to safety. also -- >> we lost a part of our heart today for sure. >> a deadly mistake in the pursuit of the olympic dream. how training turned deadly for two u.s. skiers today. >> i'm marianne favro live in san jose. tenants at this apartment complex finally have hot water after being without it last week. find out what took so long coming uchlt .
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they endured six days without hot water, but tonight things are warming up for the dozens of people in san jose who can finally take a hot shower. they lost their hot water last week when a big tree came down on their building. tonight the hop tap is working again. marianne favro joining us live with new details on why tenants say they don't understand why it took so long to fix the problem, marianne. >> reporter: yeah they still don't understand why it took so long. nearly a week jessica. the hot water was turned on around 5:00 or 6:00 this afternoon, giving hot water to about 36 apartment units here
6:31 pm
and tenants are thrilled they can take a hot shower again, they're still steamed the problem took so long to fix. the huge tree was removed shortly after it fell on thursday afternoon. and for the first 36 hours tenants had no running water. when it was turned back on it was ice cold and it stayed that way until this afternoon. >> can't shower because the water is so cold. it's really frustrating. i don't have kids. but there's families here. i don't think that's okay. something should have been done. >> the apartment manager did not respond to our call. but valley fair realty gave this letter to tenants telling them they were waiting for the city to inspect the work before the gas could be turned back on. when we checked with a spoke person they said the management did not tell them about the problem until 4:30 friday afternoon. the city says it worked to
6:32 pm
expedite the process so crews could complete the work today. pg&e gave the final green light this afternoon and the hot water was restoreded. >> it was one tree and 36 residents. certainly we're prepared for disastered and other types of things. i would would seen to me we could soft an sure like this in fewer than seven days. >> they question why they were forced to live without hot water for so long. #. >> we contacted valley fair realty. they declined to comment. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> this thursday is d-day. the u.s. olympic committee will announce its decision for the 20 2024 summer olympics. we're competing with l.a. l.a. has the experience.
6:33 pm
san francisco is considered to have the international charm. the u.s. olympic committee will nominate one american city. then the international olympic committee will make the final pick in 2017. almost two years after the boston marathon bombing the trial of suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev began two miles from the attack. it's a complicated and high profile case with a huge jury pool. jay gray is in boston with what respective jurors are being asked to weigh. >> reporter: hey there. good evening, jessica. multiple requests by the defense to delay or move the venue of the trial. but today the jury selection began and the suspect in the case was a part of the process. the marathon bombing trial began under heavy security this morning. officers on the ground and in the harbor surrounding the courthouse. throughout the day as many as 500 jurors shared in the
6:34 pm
assembly room with the suspect in the case dzhokhar tsarnaev. dresseded in a khaki pants and a dress shirt, he seemed to smirk and then listened as the judge gave brief instructions to the jurors before each filled out a questionnaire. attorneys will review the forms, eliminate those ineligible to serve and begin questioning the remaining late next week. >> we try to produce a jury that can fairly and impartially render a verdict and give a punishment that considers all options, including the death penalty and life without parole. >> tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to the bombing that killed three and injured 260 during the 2013 boston marathon and to the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier a few days after the attack. the judge announced opening statements will begin on or around january 26th and he
6:35 pm
expects the trial to last three to four months. if they time line stands, it means the trial will still likely be going on during this year's marathon set for april 20th. in boston jay gray nbc bay area news. >> jay, thank you. they were olympic hopefuls. two american skiers training in austria died in an avalanche. 20-year-old ronnie berlack set off an avalanche during their downhill run. coaches describe the two as outstanding ski racers who were hoping to land a spot on team usa. the two men were skiing outside the trail boundaries when their bodies were found buried in approximately 12 feet of snow. four other skiers in the group escaped unharmed. new controversy over the airasia flight that crashed into the java sea. r i understood knee shan officials say the plane wasn't supposed to be flying that day.
6:36 pm
>> indonesia's top air officials say they took out without the proper permit. it only allows them to fly during certain days but the flight took off on another day. they announced they suspended the airport's operator and several air traffic controllers because of this. they also suspended all airasia flights while the the investigation continues. mandatory briefings are righted between air traffic controllers and pilots before the departure to inform them about panel emergencies including weather. airasia crashed during bad weather. search teams may have discovered the tail section of the plane, which holds the black boxes but they can't confirm that yet. a few more bodies were recovered for a total of 37.
6:37 pm
162 people were on board that flight. the weather is expected to improve over the next few days. janelle wang nbc bay area news. >> janelle, thank you. we have new details about the lone survivor of that plane crash in kentucky just 7 years old. officials say she may soon talk with ntsb investigators. her family's plane crash killing her parents, her sister and her cousin. sailor was injured but managed to walk barefoot through the woods and in the dark for nearly a mile to a home with its lights on. her family was flying from a vacation in florida on friday night to their home in illinois. their father an experienced pilot, sent out a distress call and then lost contact with air traffic control. it has never been done before. what a pair of climbers is trying to do and what is so unique about their approach. >> the family of a wounded veteran is hoping a doctor can
6:38 pm
help their son speak again. the family took off just a few hours ago. we'll have the story coming up.
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it's noticeable difference i should say. gas prices have fallen for a record 102 straight days. take you outside. a live look at the evening commute in palo alto. prices haven't been this low since 2009. the national average is $2.19 for a gallon of regular. prices here in the bay area are significantly higher. in san francisco it's $2.81. and in san jose the average price is $2.67. might want to put that 2015
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diet on hold. girl scouts have three new kinds of cookies for sale this year. you can enjoy the toffee cookie trios and ra ra raisin. if you can't wait for your girl scouts, you can go to the girl scout cookie finder app. driving directions to the nearby cookie booth. which might be close. you can come over. >> we'll be there! >> i think the raisin is your favorite. >> it's fun. >> have you tasted them? >> no, i haven't. i'm going to. #. >> we want three boxes. live look outside in san francisco. you can see the moon looking bright tonight. we'll talk more about the record setting heat for tomorrow.
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tonight, a soldier in a coma for more than a year is getting ready for a procedure that could offer him a new lease on life, and it's thanks to the kindness of strangers. just a if hours ago sergeant john adams flew from the south bay to chicago for an experimental treatment. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us live from san jose to tell us more about the hurdles he was facing here before just getting him from palo alto to chicago. >> well sergeant adams should be in chicago by now. he's had an extremely long and difficult year. he's lucky to be alive after an accident that he had. now there's hope he may speak
6:45 pm
again. >> he's a goods man. i'll miss him. >> tammy and george adams have been at their son's bedside for more than a year. >> i don't know how much he understands. i know he recognizes my voice. >> today sergeant jordan adams is flying to chicago where a team of medical experts are waiting to hopefully change his life. >> i want to hear his voice again. i want to hear him talk to me. >> a year ago jordan suffered a traumatic brain injury during a car accident. it happened days before christmas while on leave from a tour in south korea. >> i suspect if anybody can come back, it will be him. >> his family is hoping for a medical hir kl. >> the hope is there. the faith is there. >> the chicago v8 hospital has chosen sergeant adams to participate in a medical trial. the treatment is considered experimental. insurance will cover jordan's care but not the high cost to transfer him cross country.
6:46 pm
medical transport company vital one is donating services to bring him to chicago. >> sergeant adams dedicated his life, a young life to serve our country. this is nothing to ask of us to take upon this transfer. >> jordan has a long recovery ahead, but he won't be doing it alone. >> we love him. we're here for him. we're never going to leave him. >> they flew on a private jet donated by someone in chicago who heard the story and wanted to help. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> well it's scary watching them. two bay area hikers are trying to scale el capitan. they are making the climb without any tools. it's hard to climb this with tools. rope is attacking them to the mountain just in case they fall. that's them right there.
6:47 pm
the pair is climbing a section that stands more than 3,000 feet above the yosemite valley floor. last week that had hay to deal with strong winds which threatened to bring down their gear. >> it's getting pretty rowdy. >> getting tossed around like a rag doll. supposed to do this all night. >> hiking sleeping right there on the rock. the two started their climb before christmas. they hope to reach the top of el capitan on friday. >> wow. they are brave. talk about that. jeff, what kinds of winds are they facing now? >> 15 to 25 miles per hour. the colder temperatures are beginning to subside. they had numbers in the teens and the 20s. we want to get to the air quality. now five days of this poor air a
6:48 pm
enit looks to stay unhealthy. but the worst levels in the east bay and also for the south bay. if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems it's going to be a rough go for you. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. a chilly night. and check out the moon. definitely lighting up the night sky. i right now it's 55 in san jose. it is 99% full at the current moment. we are going to see stark contrast in the forecast. the main thing we're tracking is the wind. we had overshore winds for today. porm will make a second consecutive day of offshore winds in the forecast. and that offshore wind coming from the the east is also a warming wind here across the bay
6:49 pm
area. and check out what it will do for our temperatures in january. almost lost my train of thought here. it's january. we should have rainfall and cold temperatures. record at 70. gilroy forecast at 73. and your record is 70 degrees. take you to the micro climate forecast throughout your tuesday. sunshine across the higher levels. but once again the pollution near the surface will give us more of the milky sky, partly cloudy in many cases. 73 in los gatos. 67 in palo alto. for the north bay, east bay and tri valley the warmest numbers anywhere around 65 do 68 degrees. for the east bay.
6:50 pm
61. and danville expecting 63. we did have the possibility of rain last week. maybe on thursday or friday, but now it looks mainly dry. we'll see cloud cover increase. the better chance of showers by saturday's frafd. not the kind of storm system we need at this point. we'll show you why in the future cast here. it loses a lot of upper level support. the storm breaks apart throughout friday and saturday. if we see anything at all it looks like late friday early saturday at best just a few showers across the bay area. >> local tv, national tv. the warriors are in the spotlight again. it's the hottest ticket in town tonight. jim joins us next.
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tips for jesus is back in the bay area. one got a $2,000 tip last week. at the the tacolicious. the big tipper comes in all the time and is always great. it's not clear if he's the same man believed to be the creator of tips for jesus. as for the tip, it was split between the entire staff. >> how fun! >> that's a good tip. >> let's bring in jim for our comcast sportscast newsroom. we have a big game in oakland. it's fun watching the warriors. >> boy it sure is. the warriors put their win streak on the line tonight.
6:54 pm
and it's a match-up featuring three of the best shooters in the association. seth curry shooting 49% from the field. russell westbrook and kevin dur durant, they rank first and third. and they're healthy after the first meetings. and after losing the second half of the second meeting in december. december. >> i think it's two very good teams trying to force their will on the other team. >> something's got to give. and it's a battle every time we play them. each game lasts. it's been a great game. always wanted to play them. it's what the nba is all about. >> if you're a raider fan or football fan listen up the raiders returned to oakland.
6:55 pm
plans are on the start for the rams to return. they unveiled plans for an 80,000 seat stadium in englewood on the site of 300 acres. it's twice as big as the vatican city. stay with football and the 49ers. mike had interest in returning on the 49ers. he said the 49ers are, quote, not interested in him for the head coaching position. the san francisco native has ruled out the possibility of a future coaching comeback. mike shannahan interviewed them on new year's day and according to reports, he's also interviewed the raiders for their vacant positions. but worth noting shannahan was fired back in 1989.
6:56 pm
four games into his second season. the giants still looking for a veteran presence in hair mlb lineup. he will turn 34 this year. alex tested the free agent market this winter. but decided to return home faster than his trademark homerun sprint today. sharks began a three-game road trip in winnipeg. he hit the road. sometimes the road hits back. not here. they got a four-minute power play 1:14 into the game. and brent burns. gets a point and a one timer. he blows it past michael hutchinson. early second period, it's a tie game.
6:57 pm
# the sharks now lead by a score of 2-1. and tonight at 11:00, great seeing you two. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to everybody. and i decided, what was wrong with the old me. >> no resolutions. it's the coffee drink that americans know very little about. tomorrow it goes mainstream. that's tonight at 11:00 after state of affairs. >> tomorrow? >> well, sunny skies here. 65 degrees. air quality that's going to be moderate to unhealthy level in the bay area. stay dry through the workweek. slight chance of showers as we head throughout saturday. >> thank you. thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening.
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♪ extra ♪ >> real housewife teresa giudice behind bars. how she spent her final hours before checking into federal prison? >> now on "extra." ♪ extra extra ♪ >> teresa joe and their four girls going to church. the giudice family's last moments together where she secretly surrendered at 3:00 a.m. her new life going from a mansion to a tiny cell with a metal bunk bed. >> how close is it to tv's "orange is the new black"? new video. halle's man snaps. shoving and airport worker in a paparazz


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