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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, a fight to the bitter end. how do you get rid of history? imploding candlestick won't be easy. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. the final days of candlestick are generating lots of concern and controversy tonight. the developer wants to implode the stick rather than take it apart, but neighbors of the stadium showed up in force tonight, worried they might be involved in a toxic cloud.
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nbc bay area's jean elle is at city hall. and jean neighbors don't think everyone's being forthright about the plan. >> reporter: well jessica, the company in charge of taking candlestick down started pursuing a permit here at city hall last year to blow the stadium up and now beem in the bayview say they're just learning about the plan and they are angry. >> we have not known all this stuff until now? they are disregarding our health. they are disregarding our life. >> reporter: a gymnasium full of outrage in san francisco's bayview district. >> i'm really having a problem with this. >> reporter: after people who live near candlestick learned lennar irvin is pursuing a permit to implode the stick. instead of dismantling it piece by piece. >> i have grandchildren. i have friends. my own self i need to foe that when i get up in the morning i'm
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not going to be dealing with issues. >> reporter: a representative from lennar irvin told the crowd blowing the stick up will take one day compared to two months of dismantling. hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint will be removed before implosion, and a dust plan must be approved by health officials. >> the implosion options do not lead to any risk to health. otherwise, we would not pursue them. >> do you understand that we have -- >> reporter: but bernadetta anthony and her neighbors say no especially after a speaker played video of the implosion of the seattle kingdome that sent a cloud of dust lofting through the city. >> you want to sweep the streets. what about our back yards? what happens to our vents in our homes? this stuff is coming into our homes. >> it is something to be concerned about. because the material that was being built at that particular time, you don't know what's in it. >> reporter: people here plan to
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fight the implosion plan. >> now, city staffers here at city hall say at this point lennar irvin does not have a permit to implode or dismantle candlestick but both are in process. jean elle nbc bay area news. we're also following some developing news late tonight in new york city. two police officers have been shot. the gunmen are still on the loose. now, police say the shooting happened in the bronx. the officers dressed in plain clothes, were not targeted. instead they were responding to a robbery when they were shot. both officers were expected to survive. now, this comes just two weeks after two other nypd officers were gunned down while in their patrol car in brooklyn. investigators say they were targeted out of revenge for the recent deaths of two men at the hands of police. here at home they're calling it suicide by cop. the man who was shot and killed by san francisco police officers left a note saying he wanted to die and instigated the deadly
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confrontation. matthew hoffman was identified by the coroner just today. police say hoffman was told to leave a restricted parking area at the mission police station last night. when officers approached him, hoffman reached for a fake gun inside of his waistband. officers opened fire. hoffman was rushed to the hospital but died. police say several suicide notes were found on hoffman's phone. it arrived early and it is potent. the flu is barreling through the country and the peak of the season is still weeks away. making matters worse, a key drug needed to fight influenza seems to be in short supply here in the bay area. the flu is now widespread in 43 states. those are the ones in red on the map. california, though, is among the seven states in yellow there where the virus has not taken hold, at least not yet. but that could soon change. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in san jose with the worry that we won't be really ready to handle this epidemic. >> reporter: well, jessica,
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there are constant reminders that the flu season is here. take a look at this sign. doctors tell me tonight if you haven't gotten your flu shot you should. but there are also other concerns you talked about. that is the drug that helps fight the flu is hard to find. that drug is called tamiflu. >> but here in san jose we don't have very much tamiflu. >> reporter: that's the diagnosis from carton ehrman, a doctor specializing in infant to adolescent medicine in san jose. he says he personally called some 20 pharmacies in the south bay looking for the drug and found out tamiflu is hard to find. >> one pharmacy has two boxes. the other two pharmacies have just one box. none of the 15 or 20 pharmacies that we contacted have the suspension, which is for kids that can't swallow pills. >> reporter: dr. armann says in about a month and a half he's already seen a dozen cases of
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influenza a, the most common form of the flu that is attacking people on the east coast, midwest, and southern states, and it's heading west. >> we want to know right away if you have the flu. >> reporter: testing is important. >> the current recommendation is to treat the entire family that doesn't have the flu with tamiflu once a day for ten days so that it stops the spread of the flu. >> reporter: this cvs pharmacy in alameda is just one of the stores that doesn't have tamiflu tonight. with more cases of flu on the rise one customer we talked to is concerned about the possible shortage. >> knowing there is an epidemic and keeping -- making sure you have the stuff you know in the store for people when they do become ill. i've never used tamiflu but i've heard that it's popular for the type of flu that's going around. >> reporter: now, we did reach out to genentech, the company that makes tamiflu, and we have not heard back yet. now, we did talk to one other
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pharmacy, and they said they are expecting a shipment tomorrow. reporting live in san jose i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, cheryl. more details now. the elderly and children are most at risk of complications from the flu. the flu has killed at least 21 children so far this flu season. now, consider that at this point last year six children had died nationally. part of the reason that the flu season is so severe is that this year's flu shot hasn't been a good match for the strain that's making people sick. at this point it's just too late to order up a new flu shot batch. because it takes about six months to develop the vaccine. there's a new mayor in town and on her first day she was greeted by protesters. libby schaap, the new mayor of oakland, showed up to her inauguration in a fire-breathing snail art car. dozens of demonstrators were already at the paramount theater when she arrived. protesters are concerned about her track record regarding police violence. the city of oakland has been a hot spot for protests.
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we've seen freeways shut down and businesses vandalize. schaaf, who grew up in the oak lnd hills, says she wants people to demonstrate but will not put up with violence. >> it is a birthplace of social movement. it is a place of passionate politics. i embrace that. i support it. i don't support vandalism. i don't support smashing small businesses' windows. but i do support this type of free speech. >> the former councilwoman says she also wants to promote the arts and small businesses across oakland. >> i jerry brown -- >> do solemnly swear. >> do solemnly swear. >> that i will support and defend. >> that i will support and defend. >> you heard him. governor brown making california history. today the 76-year-old was sworn in for a historic fourth and final term. he served two of his terms in the 1970s before the rule of the two--term limit. during his inauguration speech the governor vowed to limit
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students' fees at universities and increase california's renewable energy resources. >> governor brown is also moving full speed ahead with his controversial high-speed rail project. that promises to connect the bay area and los angeles in less than three hours. and tomorrow is the groundbreaking. but there's still plenty of opposition tonight. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from the hisdale b.a.r.t. station in san mateo. a lot of people aren't opposed to high-speed rail in general but this one in particular. >> reporter: exactly. a lot of folks we talked to tonight, they are opposed to the specific plan. this high-speed rail plan that goes right along the cal train tracks through the peninsula and are going to court to stop it. the good news for them is they've got time to fight it because the phase that connects san francisco to san jose isn't expected to be completed for well over a decade. >> high-speed rail is a bad thing for the peninsula -- >> reporter: pat journey of burlingame doesn't live all that kroes to the caltrain tracks where the high-speed rail line will operate from san jose to
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san francisco. and she is not opposed to high-speed trains as long as accommodating them doesn't interfere way person's way of life. >> it's going to destroy the peninsula in terms of business and the amount of land that's going to have to be eminently domained from residences and businesses. >> reporter: phase one of the rail system breaks ground in fresno tomorrow. a 28-mile stretch in the central valley. supporters say by 2029 trains traveling 200 miles per hour will connect san francisco and l.a. in less than three hours at a total cost of about $68 billion. >> we're building the nation's only high-speed rail system. >> they don't have the money frankly to complete what they're starting to build. >> reporter: attorney stuart flashman represents three peninsula cities and a number of citizens' groups opposing the current high-speed rail plan. among his clients' complaints viaducts between redwood city would be an eyesore. >> if you can imagine 30
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40-foot-high structures running right through the center of these cities, right down their main streets practically. >> reporter: some supporters say if you just start the project it will be more difficult to stop. opponents say it's time to rethink the high-speed rail plan on the peninsula. >> it hasn't been thought through. >> reporter: but flashman and gianni say they have ideas they think would work and again they're in court trying to stop the current plan. we tried to get a hold of the high-speed rail authority tonight. we tried to get a hold of them late in the day and were unable to do so. they'll be talking tomorrow at the groundbreaking. live in san mateo terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. from drones to wearable tech. next at 11:00, the hottest gadgets on the planet are all in vegas for the annual ces. we're going to take inside for a sneak preview. high hopes. a relatively unknown coffee drink to the mainstream. we'll show you.
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and thousands of cute dog photos flood social media. why it all has to do with one arizona teenager. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. 39 in walnut creek right now. most other temperatures are milder. we'll talk even more about some record-setting heat for tuesday. plus another spare the air alert in effect the next 24 hours. where the worst air quality will be in about seven minutes.
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they're rolling out the red carpet. for one week a year the silicon valley is not the mecca of high-tech. this week las vegas takes over. a lot of glitz, glamour, and
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brain power. the world's biggest tech show the ces kicks off tomorrow. but we're there tonight. here's business and tech reporter scott budman. >> reporter: well good evening from las vegas. which for this week becomes the center of the technology world. because during this week we'll get to review products that will find their way into your homes in the next several years. here's a sneak peek. it's becoming a familiar sight. a drone flying complete with a camera. >> as you can see, i'm talking to you. i'm not staring at anything about it. you can just fly it easily. and with the video stabilization you can do great footage for everyday people. >> reporter: but yeah all of this consumer tech can be hazardous to our privacy. this company will secure your data with your eyes. >> we use the colored part of your eye to authenticate you. it is the most reliable means of your body beyond dna to authenticate yourself. that's just biologic statistics.
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>> reporter: there are 3-d printers for our homes here. these start at $1,400. 3-d programming for your mobile devices. no glasses required. and programming channels entirely made up of gopro videos. >> we have a segment about sports and activities as well as human interest and animals. my daughter and i sit down and watch the the gopro animal channel. we'll sit down and watch for a couple hours at a time. >> reporter: and of course music, which means a celebrity selling headphones in this case world-renowned djtiesto. >> you can imagine using this as a festival and having everyone grooving to it? >> not necessarily a festival. when you're in the bus. you know, everybody listens to dance music all the time now. >> it's enough to make you wonder where all this new technology will land next. >> according to the consumer electronics association, which puts on the show this year's ces will be the biggest in its
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history. that organization also says that we as americans will spend more than a trillion dollars on consumer technology products this year. reporting from las vegas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. sought rule is what happens in vegas will not stay in vegas. at least this week. our coverage from the ces continues bright and early in the morning. you can catch live reports from scott beginning at 6:00 a.m. on our morning show "today in the bay," as well as our 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts tomorrow evening. >> elon musk's spacex company is hoping to make history following tomorrow's space launch but it can't happen until the rocket heads back to earth. it will launch a rocket with a supply capsule with over 5,000 pounds of goods destined for the international space station. when the company returns the commercial space agency will attempt a soft landing onto a platform that is 300 feet by 170 feet wide. the gold goal is tooto try to
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save the rocket. usually the expensive one-time use rocket detaches and crashes into the ocean but the company's ceo wants to make it reusable. here's one for you. it's a coffee drink americans know little about, and tomorrow it goes mainstream. >> that's because starbucks will add it to the menu something to build its coffee credibility. but the drink's already being served in some places in the bay area. ian cole got his own taste. >> reporter: unless you're a coffee connoisseur able to distinguish between types of espresso it may be hard to tell the difference between this and this. but that difference is about to xwloed onto theexplode onto the coffee scene in america. >> four ounces of milk with less than a centimeter of foam. >> reporter: chromeato coffee is one of the few shops to make a flat white. similar to a cappuccino like a condensed latte, hard to make and define. >> incredibly quick in preparation, also is really
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delicate. if you stress it even a little too much essentially you have too much foam. >> you get more of the sweetness from the lactose in the milk and the sweetness in the espresso really shines through as well. >> reporter: it's popular in australia and the uk and been around for two decades, but tomorrow it'll be served across america as starbucks will add the flat white to ists menu. >> really curious to see how they pull it off and excited to see if they introduce it to the public well. >> reporter: few customers have had it. >> i've never heard of the drink before. always willing to try something new. so i feel like with the marketing power of starbucks people will start talking about it. >> reporter: starbucks denied a request for an on-camera interview saying the drink has not launched yet. and even if starbucks makes it popular in america that's okay by chromatic standards. >> what that means for suss we're going to get even more customers that are excited to taste something they tried and
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they want to taste it elevated even more. >> reporter: in san jose ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> feel like driving down there right now to get one. >> what did we figure out? it's like a cappuccino meets a latte. >> sort of. but smaller and more delicate. >> i can't keep track. >> i'll take one of those. doesn't have as much milk or sugar as the other. outside the sky camera network right now.ñi coffee would go good maybe a decaf. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. and we still have a lot of hayes. 39 in the north bay. our cold temperature right now. as we head to tomorrow morning we are yes going to see temperatures get even lower but it's not going to be nearly as cold as we've been dealing with the past several nights. 36 is the coldest average in the north bay. you definitely need to bundle up for tomorrow morning. east bay 41. and the average of 42 3 in the south bay. for your tuesday forecast it's going to be all about the wind. we're not going to see extremely gusty winds across the bay area. only about five to ten miles per
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hour. but it's the direction of that wind that's going to change the forecast. you can see today anywhere between five to ten miles per hour, and once again mainly offshore. for tomorrow we will see our second consecutive day of offshore winds. the primary thing this is going to do for suss help bring in pollution from the central valley. another hazy day in the forecast but it's also going to help boost our temperatures. you combine it with some hotter air moving in with a loft. checking it out, record-setting heat possible here for january. 70 is the forecast high for san jose. the record is 70. and in gilroy the recordforecast is 73. the record is 70. record-setting heat. it's not going to be extremely uncomfortable. you can see the microclimate forecast as we head throughout tuesday. smooth sailing on the temperatures. it's not what we should be feeling this time of the year.
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73 in los gatos. warmest temperatures tomorrow. if you want some of that air is going to be right here in the south bay. morgan hill 72. peninsula 67 in palo alto. still stays cool at the coast flooin pacifica with 63. and for most of san francisco also some low 60s. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley. not as hot in napa. you'll stay with 62 degrees for the east bay. looks like it will warm up in fremont to 68. and for the tri-valley danville with 63 degrees. we mentioned with the same wind that's going to bring us heat it is going to bring us some poor air quality, another spare the air day in effect. this makes six days of poor air quality. if you suffer from allergies, it's going to be a tough go tomorrow. worst air quality in the east bay and also the south bay. as far as rain goes it's not going to happen. dry weather all the way through friday. a slight chance of showers by saturday's forecast. >> ti jeff. still ahead, why little dog photos took over the internet
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tomorrow. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. bradley cooper is my guest tonight! plus harry conic jr.! big fish featuring >> referee: raphael saddiq.
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of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. search crews may have discovered the tail section of the plane that crashed in the java sea last month. the find significant because the tail is where the black boxes would be. bad weather has kept crews from making much progress. there are questions now about whether the airasia flight should have been allowed to take off at all. indonesian officials say the plane left without the proper permit. jury selection began today in the trial of suspected boston marathon bomber and it's expected to continue for weeks. more than 1,000 potential jurors were called in for the case of accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. jurors will not only decide whether he's guilty but decide his punishment if he's convicted as well.
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prosecutors say they are asking for the death penalty. same-sex marriage is now legal in florida. it's the 36th state to do so. but state-specific rulings on gay marriage could be coming to an end. on friday this week the supreme court is expected to meet privately to consider whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry or whether states may limit marriage to a man and a woman. this could essentially lead to a nationwide decision on gay marriage. up next wait till you see what the warriors did on national tv tonight. the bearded ahmed fareed joins us next.
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ahmed fareed here from the comcast sportsnet studios. the warriors trying to win their 12th straight at home facing the thunder tonight. the bad news coming in they were face the third top scorer in the nba. the good news they held okc to 31% from the field. season best for the warriors. the warriors were good. we've said that all season long. earlier in the first steph curry one-handed pass to klay thompson. that's a triple. second quarter, dubs up 15 off the rebound. harrison barnes he was 5 for 5 from three-point land had 23 points. warriors led by 20 at the half. in the third klay thompson over
11:30 pm
kevin durant. didn't matter. durant russell westbrook not good. klay curry, they were good. 117-91 the final score. dubs win, best record in the nba still. sharks beginning a three-game road trip in winnipeg. early in the second we've got a tie game. carlsson doesn't like tie games. the sweet deflection in front. his second goal in as many games. 2-1 sharks. tie game though. seconds left off the face-off. marc-edouard vlasic. couture actually calling an audible on the play telling vlasic to pinch back door. hockey people. sharks win 3-2 in near walk-off fashion. a lot of good beards on that shot, too. it appears the owner of the st. louis rams in position to move his team to return to los angeles. a company controlled by rams owner stan kroncke today announced plans to build an 80,000-seat stadium in inglewood, california.
11:31 pm
any moves, though still subject to city and nfl approval. mike holmgren expressed an interest in the 49ers' head coaching job but told a seattle radio station the 49ers were "not interested in him." sought san francisco native reportedly going to call it a career. we've got more news after the break. ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining,
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for a teen fighting leukemia. chemotherapy is hard enough for 16-year-old anthony lyons. he's stuck any children's hospital in phoenix. the only thing that's made him feel better -- visits from service dogs. until a family friend started a facebook page of dog photos. the idea took off, and what started off as a shawl group now includes over half a million photos of dogs from people around the world. lyons still has more than three years of treatment left, and his photos of his furry new friends makes it much easier to tolerate. they're big, they're small, they're little. look how cute they are. >> we're all going to log on to facebook right now. >> send pictures of our dogs. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a great day. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper. harry connick jr.
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