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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, an arson investigation at the homemade famous by the movie "mrs. doubtfire." the damage that happened and who could be behind that alleged attack. good morning and thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we'll begin with those new details on the fire investigators believe was intentionally set at the well known home in san francisco. just hours ago officers did tell us they have a lead in the case. stephanie chuang is live with the very latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, scott and kris. yeah arson task force investigators from both san francisco police and fire are working this case on this very
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famous "mrs. doubtfire" house here where you can see there's a police officer, patrol car still stationed here outside. we've confirmed the home owner, a plastic surgeon who specialized in femme anization procedures told investigators he believes the arsonist is a former disgruntled patient. property damage not too bad, pretty minimal, in fact. the scorch marks on the garage door are very apparent. there was also apparently two fires set because police say the home owner smelled smoke around 8:00 last night, opened the door and saw his door mat on fire. he was able to douse the flames himself and call police who then determined this was a case of arson. police officers have been keeping an eye on the house for safety. they say because it is a high profile and popular tourist spot. >> we just want to make sure that obviously, this was an intentional act. we don't want to see the suspect come back and try to finish the
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job, if you will so we want to make sure we have officers there protecting the residence, as well as trying to get this person in custody where they belong. >> reporter: made famous in the 1993 movie "mrs. doubtfire," this house in the pack heights neighborhood always draws tourists including some today who reacted to the news of the suspected arson. >> someone walk past with all the reporters in place here we knew what it was. it was pretty shocking trying to burn it down. >> we were coming to see it today and hear on the news last night someone tried to set fire to the garage was very curious to come and see what was going on and what had happened. adds to the experience in a different way. different spin on it all. >> reporter: and we've confirmed with police this is not a hate crime, and usually, you know one of the things police look for is video surveillance.
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so far, though no confirmed pieces of video in this neighborhood. also no confirmation on previous police reports between the home owner and this former patient of his, who he believes might be behind this. one neighbor tells us that there was a lot of activity of course back in august after robin williams passed away people came here in big crowds to kind of set candles, light candles and put flowers there and that was the one concern the home owner had the candles in front of this wooded house, but nothing like this has ever happened here before. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> all right, stephanie. thank you. san francisco town hall meeting, meanwhile, planned for tonight in response to a police shooting that's now considered a case of suicide by cop. police officers shot and killed 32-year-old matthew hoffman in the parking lot of the mission street police station sunday night. now it turned out he was armed with an air soft bb gun. police say hoffman wrote a suicide letter to police
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apologizing ahead of time for his actions and the expected confrontation. at tonight's meeting, more about the investigation. >> authorities in the south bay are looking for a peeping tom who may be recording victims on his cell phone. two people who live at an apartment complex report seeing a man holding a phone through the window. in one case the victim got a glimpse of the man they describe as a person between 20 and 30 years old with a medium build. mountain view police are sure it is the same person who struck on several other occasions. >> three schools on the peninsula closed this morning because of a water main break. water shooting up 40 feet into the air last night. as a result, there's no running water for the middle school and two schools that share the campus. san carlos charter learning center the custodian managed to
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sand bag classrooms making sure water didn't get in and damage the buildings. >> i had our teachers still arrive because i didn't know how many kids would be coming today, so i had our teachers come and, you know weerp going to gather kids if we needed to and put them in the gym, but then we also had them standing out here turning parents away and letting them know. >> that principal expects school to be back in session tomorrow. and now to our microclimate forecast. you might have noticed the haze hanging over the bay area from the silicon valley, to foster city to fremont, even in san francisco. that's the reason today is another spare the air day. that means you cannot burn wood throughout the bay area for the fifth day in a row. it's illegal. meteorologist christina loren joins us now with what the problem is with our air quality. good morning christina. >> good morning to you, scott, kris, everybody at home. we're taking a live look here at sunol, and from this picture you can actually see that pretty blue sky that we traditionally
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have over the bay area but here you are on the hilltops of sunol looking down on the east shore. emeryville now, you can vaguely make out the bay bridge so i can tell you right now the air quality is suffering even more so than this time yesterday and you'll definitely notice that. if you step outdoors hard to make out the mountains in the distance. high pressure is firmly in control. this is going to stay put throughout the next couple days keeping that storm track well to our north. just not getting the wind that we need so why is it so hazy? couple things at work here. the big ridge of high pressure compresses everything then the mountains on the three sides surrounding santa clara valley and the tri-valley as well they can't get that push that they need to have that pollution pushed out of here so you've got that stagnant air mass all that particulate matter stacked up against the mountains, and what we need is a big push of air only coming with an area of low pressure. you can see the wind is starting to pick up here in san francisco. as a result, better air quality
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there. 50s right now, temperatures are going to end up in the mid to upper 60s to low 70s for today. then the good news is we are going to see some rain by the end of next week and looking really good for that storm track to return but before that better air quality. we're going to talk about that and this, this is not our only chance. we've got some really good looking rain chances in the future. we'll talk about that coming up. right now back to you, scott and kris. happening today, full speed ahead for california's high speed rail. we're less than an hour away from the ground breaking on the $68 billion project. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the transbay center in san francisco. bob, the hope is to have trains rolling through there in about 15 years. >> reporter: that's the plan. good morning to you, scott. we're here at the new transit center which you can see it's definitely still under construction. if you're looking down there underneath all that concrete are going to be where the trains are coming in. talking about high speed rail and caltrain and if you look up here at this beautiful super
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steel structure, which will be the actual transit center itself, where the buses will be coming. dennis with the transbay joint power authority, the government agency overseeing this project, so we're about four or five years into this three years to go. a lot still needs to be done. what are we looking at here and how's it going? >> looking at great progress out here. we started back in 2010 with demolishing the old transbay terminal. we've been basically digging and excavating and building a train box, and now we're coming above ground and what we have behind us is the new transit center. >> reporter: in about three years people will be able to take buses, but it will be different than the old way of using the buses. >> right. still be a connection to the bay bridge, just like the bus ramp used to be. it's a direct connection but there won't be a loop like there used to be. the looping will be within the bus deck itself basically the same area as it used to be. >> reporter: as we look at video animation of what the project's going to look like when it's
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completed, describe the before and after. old center was here since the 1930s. the new center? >> the old terminal had a dark closed kind of feel to. the new transit center is going to be beautiful, light, open large, you know public art is going to be in there. over 100,000 square foot of retail space. it's going to be you know filled in. it's going to have a very different experience than the old one. >> come late 2017 buses up and running, got your transit center. we're going to be missing the trains. that's phase two. not funded yet, what happens to get that money? i know that's probably not necessarily your area of expertise, but what's your bet on that? >> working hard you know when you build it and you see the train box is there and waiting and open you can see it's waiting for the trains to come. you know to build that phase two, get that tunnel between caltrain stations with the ground breaking today, the high speed rail makes it think you
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want the trains to come into our train box. >> reporter: is it odd to build the train box and, you know wonder, hey, when is the train going to get here? >> a lot of times you have to build things in phases so i'm used to building things in phases as the funding comes. this is not unusual, but we're getting what we can, functionally. it's going to be operational in 2017. buses will be rolling. >> reporter: thank you very much. appreciate it and happy new year to you. here you have it this is a roughly $1.9 billion project. this being phase one. of course, if you look up there, that's where the bus deck is going to be, where the men are working, they actually still have to use sledge hammers to get the bolts in place. that bus deck will be going up towards the bay bridge. as you heard dennis mention, won't be a loop like it used to be. by not being a loop by being a direct connection frees up land for development. they are going to have this bus deck and you saw the animation,
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quite a beautiful looking facility. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell nbc bay area news. >> that whole area under construction. sales force just down the way. hard at work there. thank you, bob. our michelle roberts is in fresno for this afternoon's ground breaking of the high speed rail. she'll have live reports during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. after more than 20 years, los gatos brewing company will close its doors. according to the silicon valley business journal, coowner and chef wants to focus on two new restaurants and his partner is ready to move on. the business journal reports that san francisco chef scott youkilis along with his brother kevin, will eventually open a new brew pub in its place. no word yet when the doors will close, nor what they'll do with all that beer. >> dibs. still to come historic launch scrubbed. when can we expect space-x falcon rocket to lift up next? we'll tell you. plus -- >> i'm scott budman in las vegas
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from the 360-degree camera to a tooth brush that pairs with a smartphone to tell your kid if he or she is brushing right. we are monitoring ourselves with all sorts of things to wear. we've got a preview of the technology coming to our home in the next few years coming up.
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and welcome back. can we say that today's better than it was yesterday? i suppose we can, because yesterday the dow fell 331 points and today it's only fallen 175 points. i suppose that's better. space-x called off an early morning rocket launch this morning due to a mechanical problem. take a look. >> hold hold hold.
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abort. all stations recede abort. >> the dragon capsule at the top there stuffed with supplies for the international space station, but it wasn't really the launch that would have made the news. they've launched this rocket eight times previously. it was the fact that space-x was going to try to land the rocket's first stage on a floating sea platform. they'll try that again friday. last night space-x's ceo got on reddit to conduct what's called an a.m.a., ask me anything. more than 10,000 people joined to ask questions, including what the new tesla model 3 will look like. he says different than anything on the road. they asked what daily habits he recommends for success. he says showering. musk did reveal space-x will show the world the mars transit system early this year. that is news. this gives us a better timeline. musk is just one of thousands of people including president obama, who have done an ask me
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anything on reddit. this is a white house photograph of mr. obama on reddit. because the users vote out the questions, you tend to get pretty interesting questions. get famous people and not so famous people but not famous people are interesting, too because people like the baggage handler at the airport, he's got interesting stories, as well. >> that's true. i feel with a 6 year old and 8 year old i live in an a.m.a. my life is one. >> why? why? well for one week a year the silicon valley is not the mecca of high-tech. this week las vegas takes over and along with the brain power, you get the glitz and the glamour, as well. here's scott budman. >> reporter: hello from las vegas, where it is all about watching each other and things we can wear. this is a camera very much like a go pro, but three cameras in one. you can wear it 360 degrees of video, that will be about $500 all the way to this golf club
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that will quantify your golf swing, that costs about $150. and for $40, a tooth brush that will pair with your smartphone and tell your kid if they are brushing right, all part of an industry that we will spend a trillion dollars on this year alone. it's becoming a familiar sight a drone flying complete with a camera. >> you can see talking to you i'm not carrying anything about it. you can fly it easily. with the videos you can do great things for everyday people. >> reporter: all this consumer tech can be hazardous to our privacy. this company will secure your data with your eye. >> we use the color part of your eye to authenticate you. it is the most reliable means of your body beyond dna to authenticate yourself. >> reporter: there are 3d printers for our homes here. these start at $1,400. 3d programming for your mobile devices, no glasses required and programming channels
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entirely made up of go pro videos. >> have a segment about sports and activities, as well as things like human interest and animals, say my daughter and i sit down and watch the go pro animal channel and sit down and watch for a couple hours at a time it's fun. >> reporter: and, of course music. which means celebrities selling headphones, in this case world renowned d.j. >> you can imagine using this at a festival? >> all the festivals, you know on the bus, all the time now. >> reporter: it's enough to make you wonder where all this new technology will land next. i would be remiss in this sea of cutting edge technology if i didn't mention there is some recycling being done here. this is a company called looped works. they take products and they recycle them and reuse them. this is a really cool bag. there's also a duffel bag made entirely out of a southwest
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airlines seat. there is innovation and recycling being done here. reporting from las vegas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> our coverage from ces continues tonight and you can catch the live reports from scott during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscast. people living in one south bay apartment complex woke up with hot water for the first time in a week. dozens of people went six days without working hot water heaters. this after a downed tree damaged a gas line. once the tree was cleared it took the city six days to approve the work before hot water was restored. needless to say, tenants steamed. the city says it wasn't told about the problem until friday three days after the tree fell. >> those folks got stuck in the middle of that argument. >> nothing like the simplicity of something like water. hot water, to remind you how important that is. speaking of water, christina loren watches the water gauges constantly.
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maybe they save water if those showers were cold. >> i was thinking the same thing. hope they at least feltd good about the drought situation. good morning to you, kris scott, everybody at home. we need some rain. we need some moisture, even some wind to help purify our air quality, which is really suffering. by tomorrow at this time you're probably not even going to be able to make out the line of the mountains from the santa clara valley. high pressure gets stronger as that big dome contains a lot of energy. it's compressing everything right to the surface, so you can actually see above that cloud deck, that haze deck right here on the peninsula, temperatures right now mostly in the 50s, actually all comprised of particulate matter. that's just pollution suspended in our atmosphere. basically throughout the next couple days we're going to keep that trend going. we really need some wind. it is in the forecast. not just yet, though. spare the air likely through thursday. we have an area of low pressure on the way, but until then as the big dome continues to gain
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energy, the thick layer of haze and pollution is going to become more and more present. temperatures for today, this is a good product of high pressure. really warm numbers. in fact we are the envy of the nation right now. really cool temperatures across the nation, 80s down in los angeles. for us we're talking about room temperature readings in the south bay for today. if you want to hit the beach, look at santa cruz 73 degrees. 68 degrees right now in half moon bay. today the highs in los gatos, 71. 70 for sunnyvale and 72 here in san jose. here's the thing, tomorrow we're actually going to see those temperatures increase even more so. very unusual for the seventh day of january to see temperatures in the mid 70s in the south bay and close to 70 degrees in the city by the bay, but watch what happens into the end of the week, those numbers drop off clouds will increase, and actually looks like we're going to get precipitation in the north bay. as we head throughout the next couple days here's the deal friday, saturday best chance
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for us. then i bring this calendar out. look at this when it comes to the month of january, this is traditionally our wettest month here in the bay area. we're not going to see any of that rain though significantly until we get into the 17th and 18th. always looking out as far as i can on the models everywhere that's highlighted in green, that's a 50% chance or better of precipitation, so we're looking good for more rainfall towards the end of the month. we are not done with our rain just yet. although it's been dry and it looks like it will continue to be dry with this next system that comes through friday into saturday, maybe a tenth of an inch at best. we can wait, just ten days away guys. back to you. >> thank you. >> we'll take the good with the bad. well the bay area native who just landed into the class, next class, of the baseball hall of fame.
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well winning a super bowl does not guarantee a shot at the 49ers head coaching job. the team says it will not interview san francisco native mike holmgren who went on to win a lombardi trophy with the packers, also worked with the 49ers back in the '80s. the team is expected to interview lions' defensive
11:26 am
coordinator terrell austin thursday and cardinals defensive coordinator todd bowles on friday. they've already interviewed six other candidates. >> including mike shanahan who also made a stop across the bay area during his visit. both the 49ers and the raiders are reportedly interested in the former broncos head coach. shanahan does have a history with both teams, as well. he was the head coach with the raiders 25 years ago, where he butted heads with then-owner al davis, also an offensive coordinator with the 49ers. and turning from football to baseball and the bay area native headlines the 2015 class into the baseball hall of fame. >> it's the first year livermore native randy johnson was eligible for a spot in cooperstown, he was a shoo-in with his five cy young awards, also the second most strikeouts in baseball history. >> not the only pitcher to make the hall of fame this year. pedro martinez and john smoltz are also first-time eligible
11:27 am
players and craig biggio who missed by two votes last year. >> notably, person not there, barry bonds. >> again. still to come a new congress takes control today. we'll have details coming up next.
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well the 114th congress convened this morning with republicans taking control of congress. the first time in eight years since the gop controlled both the house and the senate. >> what does that mean for the president and the gridlock that we've now gotten used to in washington? here's nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: fresh off november's republican rout -- >> we are going to make them squeal! >> reporter: the grand ole party is eager for a new start. >> i do think we need to work together, i think that was the failure of harry reid. >> reporter: among incoming senate majority leader mitch
11:30 am
mcconnell's main goals for his party, don't be scary, telling "the washington post," i don't want the american people to think if they add a republican president to a republican congress that's going to be a scary outcome. their first test whether john boehner can hold off tea party conservatives challenging his speakership and the controversy over steve scalise, the house's number three republican, still defending his speech to a white supremacist group 12 years ago. on monday white house aides pounced. >> who republicans decide to elevate into a leadership position says a lot about who -- what the conference's priorities and values are. >> republicans will push to pass the keystone pipeline and fight the president over immigration. republicans know there's a lot on their shoulders, there's expectations from voters to get something done. can they prove ahead of 2016 they can be a governing party, a party with a positive agenda?
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>> reporter: with florida becoming the 36th state to allow same-sex marriages, the state's former governor jeb bush now considering his own presidential run appeared to soften his stance on gay marriage calling for respect for the good people on all sides of the issue. >> and peter alexander reporting. the senate does not plan to vote on any legislation this week. only on nbc bay area new year, same problems. the san jose police department is losing the fight. more officers quitting leaving the department understaffed. in just the last four weeks, 14 officers have left. nbc bay area's robert handa has more on the current and looming problems. >> reporter: the 14 officers who left the department since december means there are now 894 active full-duty cops not counting those on disability or on limited duty but the police union says there are now 23 officers who have put in paperwork to leave in january, either through retirement or resignations. new mayor sam liccardo who made
11:32 am
police staffing a priority in his campaign says he will put whatever resources are available into bolstering incentives to retain and recruit. >> we've got work to do in both ensuring that we can get officers in the academy who are going to be able to help us staff up and to ensure that we create the competition structures that will attract those officers to the academy. >> reporter: but police union leaders say they have little faith, pointing out two of the recent departures were respected police academy training officers, the union says they believe that will stop many current cadets from staying on and make it difficult to bring in new recruits. >> the best and the brightest officers go out to our academies to train them. if we can't even keep them here at the police department what's next? >> reporter: robert handa, nbc bay area news. it arrived early and it is potent, the flu is barrelling through the country and the peak of the flu season is still weeks away making matters worse, a key drug needed to fight
11:33 am
influenza seems to be in short supply here in the bay area. the flu is new widespread in 43 states in red on the map, california among the seven states in yellow where the virus has not quite taken hold yet, but that could soon change. cheryl hurd has more. >> but here in san jose, we don't have very much tamiflu. >> reporter: that's the diagnosis from a doctor specializing in infants through adolescent medicine in san jose. he says he personally called some 20 pharmacies in the south bay looking for the drug and found out tamiflu is hard to find. >> one pharmacy has two boxes, the others have just one box. none of the 15 or 20 pharmacies that we contacted have the suspension which is for kids that can't swallow pills. >> reporter: he says in about a month and a half he's already seen a dozen cases of
11:34 am
influenza-a, the most common form of the flu that is attacking people on the east coast, midwest, and southern states and it's heading west. >> we want to know right away if you have the flu. >> reporter: testing is important. >> the current recommendation is to treat the entire family that doesn't have the flu with tamiflu once a day for ten days so it stops the spread of the flu. >> reporter: this cvs pharmacy is just one of the stores that doesn't have tamiflu, with more cases of flu on the rides, one customer we talked to is concern about the possible shortage. >> knowing there is an epidemic making sure they have the stuff in the store for people when they do become ill. i've never used it but hear it's popular for the type of flu that's going around. >> reporter: cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. well more detours and lane closures, that's what drivers in the south bay can expect in 2015. the city of san jose doubling the budget for street repair and
11:35 am
mechanics say that may save you some money. damian trujillo takes a look. >> reporter: the orange signs will be everywhere in 2015. detours and road closures. the city of san jose is pouring in $50 million this year in street repairs. that's more than double what it has spent on average over the last decade. >> they need to put more money into them, because the streets are bad. knocks your front end alignment out, all that. >> reporter: taxes are helping san jose foot the bill for most of this year's repair increase. the state is also contributing gas tax dollars and drivers don't seem to mind the expected delays and detours. >> i think that's good. small pothole, i don't bother but big pothole, that could be a serious accident. >> reporter: you go around it? >> sometimes. not all the time. >> reporter: 44 streets are on the priority street network,
11:36 am
including key street and part of penn street, but other so-called major streets will also see repairs this year. >> it's great. i mean tax money well spent, i guess. >> reporter: richard says he sees a lot of customers at his key street auto shop with suspension problems many caused by potholes. >> yeah they basically damage a lot of parts, not just the shocks but your whole suspension system. it can be really expensive. >> reporter: in the thousands of dollars for the european cars. the city says it actually needs to invest $100 million to repair all the city's damaged streets, money it doesn't have. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> they are stinkers those potholes. piece of u.s. history is about to be revealed to the world. >> take a look at this. time capsule was sealed in 1795 but just last month it was discovered on the cornerstone, in the cornerstone rather of the massachusetts safe house in boston. it's going to be open today. we're told the capsule was
11:37 am
sealed by paul revere and samuel adams, two key players in the american revolution. the box weighs about ten pounds and is about the size of a cigar box. hopefully not cigars, though. >> gosh, could have gotten easily tossed. >> could have. we'll let you know what's in it. >> that's exciting. still to come high hopes for the flat white. starbucks tries to bring a relatively unknown coffee drink to the mainstream. plus -- >> a great chance of success for her research and she's going to give us a great chance for success for having our friend back. >> a second chance for a wounded vet. his remarkable story coming up. and we're getting into that time frame of our rapid warmup for today, before all is said and done we're talking about record highs. we'll let you know if that goes for your city plus when temperatures will cool off and we'll finally get better air quality. that's all coming up when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number
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you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! a soldier who could be offered a new lease on life and it's all thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> sergeant john adams flew from
11:41 am
the south bay to chicago for an experimental treatment. nbc bay area's michelle roberts shows us the hurdles to get from palo alto to the windy city. >> he's a good man. i miss him. >> tammy and george adams have been at their son's bedside for a year. >> i don't know how much he understands, but i know he recognizes my voice. >> reporter: sergeant adams is flying to chicago. where a team of medical experts are waiting to hopefully change his life. >> i want to hear his voice again, i want to hear him talk to me. >> reporter: a year ago jordan suffered a traumatic brain injury during a car accident days before christmas while he was on leave from a tour in south korea. >> i expect if anybody can come back, it will be him. >> reporter: sergeant adams can't communicate but his family is hoping for a medical miracle. >> hope is there, faith is there. going to move you over okay,
11:42 am
sarg? >> a medical trial, the treatment is considered experimental, insurance will cover the care but not the high cost to transfer him across country. medical transport company vital one is donating its services to bring jordan to chicago. >> sergeant jordan adams dedicated his life his young life to serve our country, and nothing to ask of us to take upon this transfer. >> reporter: jordan has a long recovery ahead, but won't be doing it alone. >> we love him and we're here for him and never going to leave him, ever. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> we wish that family the best. certainly keep you updated as we learn more. the flat white, have you heard of it? coffee a lot of americans don't know about. >> apparently starbucks added it to the menu. some people think to build its coffee credibility, but the drink is already being served to people more sophisticated than me here in the bay area.
11:43 am
ian cole got a taste. >> reporter: unless you're a coffee connoisseur able to distinguish between types, it may be hard to tell the difference between this and this, but that difference is about to explode on to the coffee scene in america. >> two ounces of espresso covered with milk less than a centimeter of foam. >> reporter: one of the few shops in san jose to make a flat white. it's similar to a cappuccino, like a condensed latte, hard to make and define. >> incredibly quick in preparation and it also is really delicate so if you stress it even a little bit too much essentially, you have too much foam. >> get more of the sweetness from the lactose in the milk and in the espresso really shines through, as well. >> reporter: it's popular in australia and the uk and been around for two decades, but tomorrow it will be served across america as starbucks will add the flat white to its menu. >> really curious to see how they pull it off and excited to see if they can introduce it to
11:44 am
the public well. >> reporter: the flat white has been on their menu more than a year, but few customers have had it. >> never heard of the drink before. always willing to try something new, so i feel like with the marketing power of starbucks, that people will probably start talking about it. >> i got this for now. >> reporter: starbucks denied our request for an on camera interview saying the drink had not launched yet, and even if starbucks makes it popular in america, that's okay by chromatic standards. >> what that means for us is more customers that are excited to taste something that they've tried and want to taste it elevated even more. >> reporter: in san jose ian cole nbc bay area news. >> got to be honest if you serve me coffee in a glass tumbler, it's not hot enough. i like wicked hot coffee. >> i like mine in jugs like this. >> yes, you do. a band of arctic cold from the midwest to the northeast bringing heavy snow freezing
11:45 am
rain and bad traffic. good for coffee. >> they could use some coffee. mike seidel is in columbus ohio, and nbc's dylan dreyer is in new york with updates on the huge storm your friends and family will be crying to you about. >> reporter: this is meteorologist mike seidel here in columbus ohio. so far three to four inches of snow. it is winding down and relatively mild at 15 degrees. schools have shut down this morning because of the snow and the roads are in pretty good shape, plowed them just a little dirty slush out here but what's ahead is the dangerous cold. temperatures tonight will fall down to about 4 tomorrow morning, wind chills about 15 below zero if not colder. the wind is gusting from the northwest from 15 to 25 miles an hour then by thursday morning, first sub zero morning of the season in columbus, down to 5 below zero and wind chills as cold as 25 below zero. dylan? >> here in central square, new
11:46 am
york, north of syracuse about 8 to 12 inches of snow on the ground, most of it fell right when we got here yesterday in near whiteout conditions. now the heaviest of the lake effect snow is taking a break as the clipper system moves to the south, exits off the east coast. we will see it fire up into tonight, tomorrow even lasting through friday morning. we could see an additional one to two feet of snow in some of the heavier bands, then top that out with the cold and the wind chills well down below freezing. pretty brutal around here. dylan dreyer nbc news. >> better them than us. >> all the reporters in vegas for ces, yes, yes! >> if you're here, you're enjoying, what 70 degrees as we check our forecast. >> low 70s are hard to beat scott and kris. 80 degrees is where you have to use your air conditioner in most places, but 72 is the high here in san jose today, and hey, that's room temperature. so hard to beat. you might be able to give your
11:47 am
heater a break the next couple days. i want to show you the temperatures across the nation right now, only place warmer than us austin texas, on this map. we're at 55 degrees in san jose but hey, we just have that cold air mix out, so we are on our way to a very warm day. half moon bay mixing earlier, much warmer. a rapid warmup will take place between now and 3:00 p.m. basically you can see the trend from the south bay, up to 66 degrees by lunchtime, 72 degrees at 3:00 p.m. then temperatures fall quickly once we lose that sun. our days are short. that's why it's unusual to see highs like this this time of year. here's the deal only warmer as we head throughout tomorrow. for today, temperatures 72 degrees, the record in san jose is 70 so we'll likely break that record. 70 degrees on the peninsula, where the record is 69 and we have a really good chance of breaking the record in san francisco. these are longstanding records in san francisco, going back about a hundred years. just an example how unusual it is. not unusual, though when we
11:48 am
have strong high pressure to have the poor air quality. that's actually going to get worse as we head throughout tomorrow, then improvements as an area of low pressure tracks to the coastline. into the 70s for today. by tomorrow peak warmth. then getting into this weekend, temperatures drop off, we bring that fog back in the picture and for us that means we're going to see a much better sky. you'll be able to see the beautiful mountains and the great hillsides as long as they stay green until we get our next round of rain. that really moves in as we head throughout friday into saturday. very slim chance. let me show you here take you to your future cast. stopping the clock for you at 1:00 p.m. just a little bit of light precipitation here but the system will be strong enough to give us better air quality. i stop that clock for you again as we head through saturday at 6:00 a.m. still seeing the same pattern, hit or miss showers, maybe a tenth of an inch at best. here's the deal always looking
11:49 am
out to see what the models are saying, january we typically see more rain than any other month here in san jose. although we haven't had much so far, this is what we are counting on. starting on the 17th into the 18th. we're going to open up that storm window. all your chances for green here that's right, bet on green, 50% chance or better for the whole bay area and this next system that does look to be lining up out there, it's a big one. we could be talking about another round of potential flooding. enjoy the dry spell while it lasts. things are going to change. temperatures are great air quality not so great. you know what scott, i know you're from the town hey, very very cold. bitter cold only to get colder. >> i think i got the last flight out before it turns that cold. holy cow. >> lucky, lucky man. >> a lot of company in the next couple weeks. >> we'll be back in just a minute.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
well as we saw from scott budman earlier, the consumer electronics show in full swing in las vegas. >> yeah jennifer bjorklund is also there at the las vegas convention center and has a preview on all the new hot gadgets just in time for the new year. >> reporter: last-minute touches going in as exhibitors get ready to welcome us to the future. >> this is a ring. >> reporter: functional jewelry that controls your phone or tv with a wave of your hand. >> are we going to have a whole new generation of people going like this? >> yes, yes, yes, that's what we're aiming for. >> reporter: or mix all your moves from your heart rate to your steps crystal clear. some other well known names also expanding into new territory. first alert syncing detectors with an app that lets you know what's going wrong and where in your house and take safety on a run with you. tap the watch, signals your gps coordinates to an emergency contact. >> first of its kind
11:53 am
incorporating safety elements into a fitness watch. >> reporter: ces is also showcasing more smaller companies and startups. >> you would have never seen these people before, they wouldn't have had a place at a show like this but this year we're seeing them all over the place. >> reporter: like a baby bottle that alerts you if your infant is swallowing air, or this tooth brush. >> from the left to the right, very very bad. not good. not winning when i'm doing that. >> reporter: so many new gadgets you need something to carry them around in. here's a new line of upcycle leather goods, new or recycled leather that's getting thrown away. >> we know people are going to buy things. we felt if we gave them an option to do something done in a way that's environmentally impactful and socially impactful that we could give them an option to feel good about their purchase. >> reporter: this is the company behind the recycled bags from southwest airline seats, 43
11:54 am
acres of leather reused. how about this flashy jacket it has a brake light, flashers on the front, and even turn indicators. in las vegas, i'm jennifer bjorklund, nbc news. >> jennifer showed us the southwest bag, too. both of us are grossed out about it. scott showed it to us earlier. there's his smiling mug, live reports during our 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts. still not buying the southwest bag. >> if your butt's been on my purse, i don't want my purse. we'll be right back.
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11:57 am
puppy love doing wonders for a teen fighting leukemia. >> stuck in a children's hospital in phoenix, and the only thing that made him feel better was visits from a service dog until a family friend started a facebook page full of dog photos. that took off. now a small group has a half million photos of dogs from people around the world. still has three years of treatments left, so says the photos make it that much easier. the whole world jumping in with pictures of their dogs. >> my kids wanted to upload pictures of the dog, what are you talking about? he is cute maybe we'll do it. thanks for joining us next newscast at 5:00. see you tomorrow. >> get the latest at
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us today on "access hollywood live". bachelor big hunk of burping love is with us. we talk about the way over served girl last night. >> my favorite already. >> so blitzed then gave her a rose. lots of other crazy moments from the bachelor. >> bachelorette cameron diaz married last night to ben why now why at from a why he's the one. we have all the details. >> and meet the actress playing whitney houston. "access hollywood live", starts right now >> we are here. >> welcome to "access hollywood live", >> welcome to "access hollywood live", on a post bachelor celebrity apprentice monday night. i'm billy bush.


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