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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i said, to our staff the i will be right back. stepped out of waiting area. never came back. >> right now at 11:00 clock. he doesn't rob banks but high priced beauty. police trying to track down the so-called botox bandit. good evening everyone i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm a raj mathai.
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cheryl hurd in san francisco with unusual story. >> reporter: the case investigated by san francisco police. the man walks into a plastic surgeon's office in san francisco and gets thousand dollars of service and disappears with a swollen, red face. >> reporter: this man left without paying his $6,000 bill for three treatments. >> botox. which treats wrinkles. fillers which also treats aging. and then a laser treatment. >> reporter: he said he followed his personal protocol. he met with the patient here in this office. they talked about procedures. but looking back dr. pham got a hunch the client was not
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forthcoming. >> little secretive. private coming in. >> dr. pham was given a name paul holford and age, 43. he gave 1140 folsom. turns out to bean office building. pham usually asks for a credit card. the client showed a wallet full of cash. he seemed to know quite a bit about what he wanted done. and so looking back there were some red flags. >> reporter: another red flag. an e-mail from a local representative who sells botox. a warning back in april. telling dr. pham there may beanother botox bandit in the neighborhood. a man fitting the description of the man in the surveillance video. got similar treatments at another san francisco office and got away without paying. this time the bandit slipped away by pretending he was on the phone. >> hopefully this kind of thing won't happen to many people. and this particular person won't
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get away with this. >> now we were there when police arrived off to take down as much information as they could. unfortunately this case is not high on the priority list. reporting live in san francisco, cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> cheryl thank you. also following developing news at this hour. now wednesday morning in indonesia. and searchers have found the tail of that air asia plane that crashed last month. this is in the java sea. show you now the first pictures of the wreckage through the murky water. see there some of the lettering. identifying the tail section. the tail is blefd off to hold the black boxes which could provide important clues about what went wrong. here at home. serious concerns about air quality. plenty of people are irritated tomorrow, same story. a spare the air alert for the sixth consecutive day. people with asthma and breathing issues are struggling. the particulate matter in the air is so bad even healthy people are advised not to
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exercise outdoors. hazy conditions spread from the north bay down to the south bay. even at this hour you. can see the haze right there. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. why is this happening? when wit ill get better? >> main reason this is happening. we haven't had any rainfall in january so far. so the air its just plain dirty. on top of that. relative leave right wind are not stirring up the atmosphere. and thirdly, the wind direction right now is taking anything in the central valley that is pollution, and just continually pushing it here across the bay area. spare the air alert in effect as we head throughouts when day's forecast. areas expecting unhealthy levels. it is illegal to burn. fireplaces contribute most to poor quality. as we get a look. don't seep a marked difference until saturday's forecast. we have cool earl temperatures coming our way. as we did mention. with this unhealthy air, heyest
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risk would be those young. elderly. suffer from asthma. limit outdoor exposure. and exercising indoor maze help. details on record setting highs for wednesday. in a few minutes. >> san francisco's police chief wasting no time holding a community meeting to night to talk about the suicide by top death of of a man on sunday. the man showed up at mission station with a fake gun. jean el lechlt e its live with information on the shooting. even the chief said this was a tragedy. >> reporter: he did. he said matthew hoffman had a history of asking police officers what it would take to be shot. releasing the officer save tef bulletin t. in connecticut way back in march. police say it appears he wanted to die. >> reporter: the hours leading up to the shooting. matthew hoffman approached four
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officersen two separate encounters. that afternoon. >> asking them about their firearms. what caliber it was. had they ever shot anybody. >> reporter: at 5:20 the 32 year old showed up at mission station parking lot where police told him to leave. >> he lift his sweatshirt. where the officers see the butt of of a gun. puchlz the weapon. points it at the officers. and the two sergeants fired the weapons a total of ten times. five each. striking mr. hoffman three times. >> police say that gun was a colt air soft pistol. the orange tip colored black. they say hoffman left suicide notes in his phone. one to police. urging them not to blame themselves. >> i'm not a cop. i wasn't being threatened. i would just think that the guy didn't have to be killed. >> members of the community wonder if the incident could have been handled differently. >> i think -- >> the woman whose son was
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killed by sfpd in 2001 believes crisis intervention trained officer should have been called before the shooting. >> but hoffman was not a threat. >> the questions were were -- odd, but, you know the officers talk to folks all the time are a little bit not just so. it doesn't mean you are homicidal or suicidal. >> police say, the sergeants involved in the shooting here at mission station. one was 6 1/2 yerz on the force. the other was 28 years. police say the first time either one has been involved with a shooting that led to the death of a suspect. reporting live in san francisco. jean elle bay area news. >> east bay. not your usual scene in a quiet san ramon neighborhood. hazmat crews called to the house on henry lane. this its just west of 680 this morning. officers found marijuana and
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hash oil operation inside of this home. they showed up to make sure the air was safe to breathe. police then arrested one man. >> well the charges are adding up for a man arrested for a string of south bay arsons. jafson guilland faces eight charges of arson for eight cars suspected to torch. police say they arrested the san jose man as he watched the final car burn. it isn't his first time in trouble with the law. he was convicted of having combustible materials and malicious intent to set structures, prompts or forests on fire. he has been arrested several times since then for misdeminors. some cases are active. >> new boss in san jose officially swoern in as mayor to. night promising all kind of improvements. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney jones us. and the may your hadn't left the building before he got a real life lesson what it means to bea mayor. >> just had given his first
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speech after being sworn in. other attack from the police officers association as well as home lls advocates. got to tell you the reason this event was held at center for the performing arts. so many people wanted to beep here. and the may your's vision received a warm reception from the very large crowd. the speech could have been titled we are from san jose we can do anything. >> mayor sam liccardo sworn in by the san jose police officer. and preceded by colorful aztec answers, promised a city hall spirit onner use such as traffic, drought, education and summer jobs. perhaps the longest owe vags of the night came when he talked abut the police department. >> and we will rebuild america's finest police department.
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>> reporter: not participating in the applause the higher ups in the san hope say police officers association, who say liccardo's actions speak louder. >> ousting of the city manager, and a bad sign we are not headed in the direction we ought to be. >> liccardo suggested a kinder gentler pension reform for voters. >> in the meantime we need to be able to do things. that will improve compensation create in send tich thousands, staying on board and to come to san jose. >> mayor liccardo have some heart. >> outside, advocates pushed for a campground for the homeless. now that the area known as the jungle has been closed. mayor liccardo talked big picture and pledged to end homelessnessen our lifetime. >> and we will tell the world, that we're from san jose. thank you. god bless you.
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>> also sworn in tonight. four members of the san jose city council. they will be key for mayor licardo taking the vision and making reality. terry mcsweeney. nbc bay area new. >> thank you. governor brown, three decade. lot of political haggling. today the high speed rail project fwroek ground. the $68 billion project the first of the kind. by 2029 passengers will ride from san francisco to los angeles in less than three hours. while brown says it is well worth the investment kriltices are the guy is just a waste. >> there is an amenity. an efficiency. there is a -- a sustainability on the type of fuel. there is protection of the air. there is a protection of the land. worst cases, we have $200 billion in debt and future generations such as these children have a huge tax burden paying it off. say i am going to mauve off to texas instead.
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>> as far as financials go. half the project paid for by state and federal dollars. the other half that's still up in the air. >> next at 11:00. the controversial reality show about couples, day bups this weekend. lgbt groups are demanding the show be canceled. >> then alcohol's alarming toll. research on alcohol poisoning and why researchers say there is an unlikely group at high risk. >> putting drivers and bicyclists on the same page. the new technology that could make the road safer. >> and give i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, a live look in san jose. 47 degrees. see the haze on sky camera network. talk about air quality for your wednesday. who will push into the 70s in a few minutes.
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tv special on tlc on sunday sparking outrage. called "my husband is not gay" chronicles gay men who married women for religious purposes. game advocacy groups are trying to get the show canceled. ian cole shows us why. >> reporter: the trailer of the tlc one hour special, my husband is not gay, showcases four mormon men, three married to women. they say they're not gay but have same sex attractions. >> inside the mormon faith we do a lot of things well. we don't understand what it means to be an lgbt individual very well. off awe an openly game mormon one of the first to hold a
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leadership position in lds church. how can you possibly be a gay more mon. he thinks the show is toxic? >> it leaves a stain i think on us as a faith. that we somehow as a culture encourage lbgt individuals to think the only way for them to have a life in this world or the next is to marry opposite gender and be some one they're not. >> he wrote an article. detailing why it is bad for the community and published home in the huffington post. other organizations, like g.l.a.d. urging tlc to pull the show. gathering 85,000 signatures of people opposed. tlc issued a statement, stating. tlc long shared compelling stories about real people and different ways of life without judgment. the individuals featured in the one-hour special, reveal the decisions they have made and speak only for themselves. maine disagrees. >> what we are very likely to
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see on the tlc program is going to be as much reality of the life of an lgbt mormon as real life housewives of orange county is real life of a stay at home mom in california. >> some other headlines tonight. did dr. dre steal the idea for beats headphones. a high priced legal battle kicked off centerered in the bay area. beats electronics maker of beats by dre headphones is being sued by its one time partner. monster. san francisco based monster claims beats used its technology then severed ties. and didn't give monster any compensation. beats was baltimore last year might recall by apple. for $3 billion. apple its not being named in this lawsuit which was field today by peninsula attorney. the who's who of the tech world in las vegas to kick off world
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famous consumer electronics show. technology of tomorrow being shown off today. how about this. some of the cool gadgets we saw. the bike helmet. volvo, car company developed this for cyclists. it comes with gps, you don't gement lost. the real catch. alerts you if a car is coming. that same technology built into the volvo car. high tech sensors detect bikes and will send an alert to the driver. >> keeping things safer and providing information to cars and bicyclists. so they're safe. it is about traffic environment around them. >> okay. a big hiltt. this high tech skateboard. goes 20 miles an hour. a wireless remote lets the skateboard rider control the speed. sound dangerous. coverage from ces continues tomorrow. kachl catch our live reports from business reporter scott budman there on the convention floor. live reporting. 6:00 a.m. from today in the bay.
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>> question as but a train, after a close call between an elderly driver his car and fast moving train. 84-year-old angel paraguan was stopped in traffic. when a train came barreling down. enned up clipping the back of his car. he considers himself lucky. the neighbors say the tracks are dangerous and complained the crossing arms don't always come down. >> what is important to me. i emerged out of this e aalive. >> some times it comes down. some time it does not. you don't know if it is okay to go. one time the bells are ringing. >> heyward police are aware of the issues with the crossing. witnesses told them, that paraguan drove around the arms after they were coming down. officers issued a citation and took his driver's license away. >> amazing he survived that.
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>> jeff ranieri. with us. hazy outside. eyes irritated. tloelts. throats. noses everything. >> see san francisco on the live camera. hard to see haze. haze at 1,000, 1,500 feet. beautiful shot at lower level. across downtown. take you to the rest of the sky camera network. not overly cold. east bay, 43. north bay. 41. tomorrow isolated 30s. not nearly as frigid as it was last week. when temperatures were dipping down into the 20s. start with 39 there in the north bay. 44 for the south bay. need a light jacket to start. now the big problem in the forecast has been the air quality. talked about it before. the main driver of the air quality has been high pressure. been parked across the bay area. past three. five days. helps to compress particles in the atmosphere done to the surface. that will be with us for
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tomorrow. but instead of just getting that. like we have. it is like the one two punch for us. we also have the very driving wind across the bay area. also coming out of the east. slight offshore direction. taking pollution as we keep mentioning from interior valley. gradually pushing it here across the bay area. we expect that to happen for tomorrow. again. so the air quality. stays. well at unhealthy levels. we head into the forecast. the other thing that wind out of the east is going to be. aviavatic warming. you get the dry winds moving across our hills. it sdendzdescends. air warms up. warming in gilroy. san francisco expecting record high of 66. not going to be uncomfortably hot. definitely 5, 12 dagzegrees above our averages. head through wednesday. mainly sunny. once again with the air quality. the function of that will keep
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it, down to about 5, 6 mile visibility. san jose. log -- los gatos. 70, palo alto. for the trivalley. temperatures, mid to upper 60s. take you to air quality forecast once again. head throughout tomorrow. all areas. unhl thee unhealthy ozone. improvement by saturday's forecast. the reason why. wind are going to shift. temperatures will be dropping. see in san jose. from 70 tomorrow. down to 61 saturday. that should be good enough to clear out the air quality. raj, jess. everyone at home. only chance of any showers might be on saturday at the coastline. north bay. it its a very slight risk right now. but you may want to watch out for a few drops. first part of your weekend. >> 70 degrees. >> tomorrow yeah. enjoy. >> downright toasty. >> coming up next. baby panda taking the internet
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by storm. >> winter storm. we have jimmy too. >> hey, guys nicole kidman is here.
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>> results of a new report surprises people. documents who is dying from alcohol poisoning in america. not college students. in the first report in a decade. cdc says six americans die from alcohol poisoning each day. most victims are middle-aged men. the death rate is the highest among men between 45-54. 38 million adults say they binge drink four times a month. for men, five or more drinksen a single day. >> two biotech companies teaming up to take on the task of curing parkinson's. genentech will perform gene sequencing on nearly 3,000
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parkinson's patient. they'll get information from 23 and me. hopes to use information to treat the disorder. which has no cure. patients will give per motion for the research and remain anonymous throughout. >> a lot of blink in the studio tonight. show you three special visitors that came to nbc bay area next. >> very fancy.
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>> good evening. geraud moncure here. bet hudson's new year's resolution wasn't i am willing to got my right ankle cleaned out. to make season start. he figured it was a good idea. the 39-year-old underwent bone spur removal from the ankle last friday in north carolina. estimated recovery time. eight week. the same ankle, he broke with the atlanta braves in 2013. increased discomfort during off-season workouts forced him to make the move. he played a big role in 2014. the most recent world series trophies. making the round in northern california on a tour that starts tomorrow in sacramento. tonight the trophies stopped by
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the kntv officers for an early visit. raj and the crew in there. the tour conclude on opening day in san francisco, april 13th. bay area native. former giant. pitcher randy johnson received baseball's ultimate honor today. the big unit grew up in livermore. won his 300th career game with the orange and black, elect to baseball hall of fame. five time cy young award winner. class of 2014. the big unit. pedro martinez john smoltz, and astros second basement craig biggio. barry bond received just 36.8% of the vote. finally. sharks, wild one at minnesota tonight. picking of in the third period. game tied at two. fires. and follows up nicely for his own rebound. and ago head goal. for a 3-2 lead. later.
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jason zucker. scores. second of the game. tied at 3. head to overtime. marc-edouard blocks it. in space on the wing. top shelf winner. past kemper for the victory. 4-3. won 3 of 4. try off to make it a 3-0 road trip thursday in st. louis. that's sports.
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get ready for extreme cuteness. excuse the pun. look, look look pandemonium. rolling, rolling, rolling. 16-month-old bow-bow. baby panda, spending the know day like kids. running around. playing. tumbling down outside the enclosure. then the mommy took on her mommy. down sunnyhe goes. look how cute. oh, my gosh. >> if it was up to jessica. we would have led with the story. they're so cute! >> watching on the internet in the weather office for five minutes. >> now i am following bow-bow on twitter. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nicole kidman patton oswalt
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