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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11:00 breaking news out of santa rosa a little girl is missing from her elementary school. police sent out an alert a short time ago. they say the girl was last seen headed to a restroom on campus at steel lane elementary. here you see her, victoria valdez ten years old, white female 5'2", pink highlights class still is in session at steel lane. reverse 911 calls are being made to residents in the area to tell them about this missing girl. at this point, police don't think it's suspicious but because of victoria's age,
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officers throwing everything they can into the search this morning. jodi hernandez is in santa rosa. she'll bring us more information the minute it comes. thank you for joining us i'm scott mcgrew. >> turning now to our forecast a departure from the deep winter freeze some people have been complaining about, not me. spring-like conditions hit the bay area as we give you a closer look at san jose. you can see the haze that's sticking around. meteorologist christina loren says because of that haze it is the sixth straight spare the air day. so the good news is it's warm but that's part of the problem, right? >> yeah, if we could get rid of this poor air quality we would have a perfect forecast, but unfortunately, it is still hazy. i want to show you where you can get some relief if you're looking for big deep breaths of air, you can feel comfortable about it. head up to the high elevations. you can see we're seeing a really pretty blue sky. it's down below where all that particulate party gets trapped. let me show you what it looks
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like on the east shore where you can see the visibility dropping off as that haze gets even worse for today. we're going to see the worst air pollution for today, you can clearly see that in san jose as we head throughout the day, another spare the air alert in place and we're likely going to be sparing the air the next couple days with not a lot of improvements until friday. but there is improvement on the way. you can help out the situation. wood smoke is the leading contributor, followed by vehicles and dust and other combustion. obviously, if you can go ahead and avoid taking that vehicle today, take a bike ride maybe, if you don't suffer from asthma or respiratory issues, or if you can go ahead and not burn that firewood i think it's so warm we're going to be able to get by with temperatures in the 50s overnight. not a big issue for tomorrow but we're getting amazing beach temperatures, where the air quality is pretty nice. we'll talk about those plus when we're expecting the rain to return. we could be measuring it in inches. that's coming up in my next report. right now back to you, scott and kris. >> thanks i will not light the
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fireplace tonight. to see what it looks like outside any time you can go to our website, and from the front page you can click on the weather tab, scroll down there you can check out live pictures from our sky camera network, again, >> well the latest developments in france security forces hunting for three gunmen who stormed an office at a satirical newspaper in paris killing three people, the french president calling it a terrorist attack without a doubt. tracie potts shows us security at the highest levels in paris. >> reporter: two gunmen entered the paris offices of charlie hebdo earlier today and opened fire. in addition to the deaths, a number were injured, two police officers were among the dead, as well as the newspaper's editor and a cartoonist. the gunmen ran out into the street where a car was waiting and sped off.
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a man hunt has been launched and french president francois hollande has vowed to bring those responsible to justice. >> translator: they will be pursued for as long as is necessary for them to be arrested, brought before a judge, and sentenced. >> reporter: the attack is the deadliest france has seen in at least two decades and has drawn international criticism. >> free expression and a free press are core values they are universal values principles that can be attacked but never eradicate eradicated. >> reporter: the magazine charlie hebdo is known for making satirical attacks on political and religious figures. it was attacked previously in 2011 when a fire bomb gutted the publication's old paris headquarters. in response to this attack france raised its antiterrorism alert to its highest levels. tracie potts nbc news. >> that gruesome attack in paris sent shock waves throughout the world, including here in the bay area. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco with local reaction to
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the attack including how an event like this is now spotlighting the issue of freedom of the press, something certainly near and dear to us. >> reporter: absolutely good morning to you, kris. we're across the street from the general consulate of france here at 88 kearney. the office is only saying it is shocked by what happened earlier today, but there is a planned rally in support of that french publication, charlie hebdo, later here tonight. now, it was mentioned what the french president had said he also called what happened an act of exceptional barbarianism. that magazine has published front covers poking fun at the prophet mohammed. the website was hacked an editor, who died in today's attack was reportedly living under police protection. charlie hebdo is a very different publication than say, the san francisco chronicle, but we spoke with editing manager on
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how an event like this can impact the press, including the chronicle, which has an on-staff cartoonist who often pushes the envelope on many topics including religion. >> i think sometimes people don't fully understand just how dangerous it can be to have a job where you constantly speak truth to power, so obviously, we're sad, you know we have colleagues all over the world and any time something tragic like this happens, we're really upset by it. it also causes us to re-evaluate, you know, our own security measures that we take here you know like all media, we receive threats. we always have and we probably always will. >> reporter: now, the international news agency is the oldest in the world and is headquartered in paris. here's a picture posted just about an hour ago showing dozens holding up signs, social media has already exploded with other
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tributes and support for the publication. the victims and their loved ones, with the hash tag. back here in san francisco, the french consulate page has changed its cover photo to what you see there, meantime, a group of people here they are organizing a rally to peacefully defend the freedom of speech and remember the victims of the terror attack against charlie hebdo. now, this is what the organizers are asking people to bring tonight, pens especially bic pens. bic is a french company, he's asking people to leave them outside the doors of that building as a symbol of continuing to fight for freedom using ink, not blood. that is set for 7:00 tonight. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> interesting statement, thank you very much steph. well california senator barbara boxer is calling this a heinous and cowardly act of terror. the senior member of the senate foreign relations committee issued the following statement
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saying "this was a barbaric attack on innocent french citizens and on our shared belief in the fundamental right of freedom of expression." stay with us for continued coverage of this french terrorist attack. you can also get the latest information on our website, well how about some good news? an update to breaking news we just brought you, that little girl missing from that elementary school is now safe. victoria valdez found four miles from her school in santa rosa. she disappeared after going to the restroom on campus at steel lane elementary. we just heard victoria has been found and is safe. we'll try to get as many details as we can for you. in the meantime bart police hope to talk to a man shot in the parking lot of a bay fair station, san leandro, around 10:15 last night. witnesses say the suspect and the victim got into some kind of argument on the train and then that fight spilled on to the platform before shots were fired in the parking lot. the victim hit in the torso, but is expected to survive. so far, no arrests in that case.
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new at 11:00, it was a very big turnout in the south bay by those for and against the sale of four local hospitals. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose where the state attorney general's office is now holding a public hearing before approving that sale. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. that sale prime health care for-profit company, is trying to buy the nonprofit daughters for charities health system which includes o'connor hospital here in san jose three other local hospitals, and two down in southern california. these images show just how much interest there is among employees of o'connors. nurses and therapists have jam packed the public hearing before a state attorney general's office whose approval is required whenever a for profit is trying to buy a nonprofit and with o'connor in risk of shutting down and shutting out low income patients you'd think employees would be ecstatic
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about an outside suitor coming in to rescue them. not exactly. there is a split among employees, both sides making their feelings known at opposing rallies this morning outside the hospital. united health care workers west are against the sale. they don't trust prime health care based on what they say is a tarnished history at other facilities they operate. they feel there are other companies who would be a better fit. the california nurses association, however, points out that prime has promised to keep these hospitals open for five years, assume pension debt pay down other debt and invest $150 million in improving the facilities. without approval of the sale they feel the hospital won't survive long enough and will have to shut down. >> and there will be a public health crisis, because the other hospitals cannot accommodate the influx of patients that we normally serve. we normally serve over 58,000 patients in a year and half of that are latinos, and half of
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that are medicare patients. >> there are better buyers that agree to keep the hospitals open to our communities, respect our workers, maintain our pensions. these are commitments that prime has not -- they have made commitments that prime has not made. what we are saying is keep the hospitals open prime is just not the answer. >> reporter: the attorney general's office will hold public hearings tomorrow and friday at three other local hospitals, st. louis regional hospital in gilroy and medical centers in daley city and moss beach. they have until early february to approve or decline the sale. reporting live in san jose bob redell nbc bay area news. >> when you talk about closing hospitals, people certainly show up to give opinions. thanks, bob. still to come an arctic blast blankets the majority of the country. how people are dealing with this just awful cold. plus what this small time government official did to irk a
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newspaper and how it got him trending on twitter.
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funny, kyle. agency's entire metro unit will be reassigned to patrol although temporarily. that move essentially dissolves the department's metro unit which includes 23 officers and four sergeants. metro officers are specialty group that deal with gangs and undercover operations, including prostitution stings. 40% of the unit's cases deal with gangs alone. last year the unit made 60 arrests and confiscated 30 firearms. the shakeup is meant to bolster the department's understaffed patrol units. at this point the plan is to restore a reduced metro unit of seven officers and one sergeant in mid-march.
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well looking at the markets this morning, the dow industrial is up 200 points so we are in our third or fourth day of moving hundreds of points one direction or the other. today it's to the positive. intel says it will set aside $300 million for projects to encourage and nurture minority employees. at the consumer electronics show the ceo of intel said his company needs to do far more to include women and underrepresented minorities. intel is three-quarters male and mostly asian and white. yelp says the ftc has dropped its investigation into the company's business practices, as i'm sure you've heard, some small businesses say yelp pressures them into advertises. this is something that yelp has vehemently denied over and over. the ftc launched at least two investigations and now has dropped both. last year yelp was taken to
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court over this same issue, not only were small businesses able to prove their case the judge said if yelp did pressure businesses, which yelp says it doesn't, it'd still be legal. in a separate issue, yelp did settle a suit over collecting information from children. the company allowed kids 13 and under to sign up and supply their e-mail addresses without parental consent. the law is real specific about that. weirdly enough yelp did ask the kids' age, but didn't stop them even if they were under 13. well this man is trending on twitter this morning. you're saying, who's he? he's a man in maryland who got upset at his local newspaper for writing about him. he threatened to sue because he says he didn't authorize the newspaper to use his name but he is a county supervisor, to which the newspaper says you're a political leader we're writing about county government. this is how this works. he says he didn't care and said the newspaper couldn't use his
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name. so the newspaper came up with a new article headlined with his name as many times as they can, for instance surely he can't be serious, he's making a joke right? we wondered if it's not a joke how should we refer to him if we can't use his name? kris? >> not a private citizen, he is an elected official and, therefore, the press can write about him all you want. avis is looking to ease midlife crisis urges without breaking the bank. the rental car company is offering the new maserati which goes 0 to 60 in less than six seconds as a rental. the car would normally cost $70,000. catch is only available in cities like miami, l.a. and las vegas. you can have your midlife crisis while you're on the road. some former nfl players are being allowed to sue the makers of the wildly popular madden video game. yesterday a federal appeals
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court gave them the green light to take their case to court over the use of their likenesses in the game. the defendant in the case the video game maker redwood city's electronics arts. three former players believe they deserve compensation because their likenesses are being used in historical matchups offered over nine years. ea argues the free speech doctrine known as incidental use is what allows them to do that. after further review the three-judge panel disagreed. ea is vowing to appeal. well did dr. dre still the idea for beats headphones? a high priced legal battle under way. beats electronics is being sued by a one-time partner monster, san francisco-based monster claims beats used its technology then severed ties without compensation. beats was bought last year by apple for $3 billion. apple is not named in the lawsuit, which was filed yesterday by peninsula attorney
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joe cochich. it is nice and warm here but winter weather hitting much of the country with snow and dangerously low temperatures as well. >> here's mark barger with chilly details. >> reporter: bone chilling cold as an arctic air blast puts much of the u.s. in a deep freeze. so cold chicago public schools are cancelled, along with many districts across the region. that's as snow piles up from the midwest to the northeast. >> here in central new york, up to three feet of snow by the end of the week but the big story is the cold, highs wednesday barely hit zero with wind chills 15 to 25 below. >> reporter: pennsylvania roads became treacherous tuesday with sliding cars and multiple crashes, a scene repeated across the midatlantic and midwest, but it's the brutal cold that's impacting millions all the way to the deep south. the cold is also prompting safety warnings to stay off the ice. in indiana, a woman and her dog had to be saved by a swift water
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rescue team. back in chicago, rail crews are heating up the switches to keep commuter trains and their passengers moving. meanwhile, wind chill warnings remain in effect through thursday. mark barger nbc news. >> we are so glad we're not there. >> we are so lucky to live where we are. meteorologist christina loren perhaps luckiest of all because she gets to deliver this beautiful forecast. >> yeah you know i always have a heads up the beaches are going to be close to 80 degrees. seriously, half moon bay right now is 72 degrees, scott and kris can you believe that? >> go ahead. swim suit weather. >> you can tell by my legs the sun has not been out for quite some time. i am rocking the farmer's tan and i can tell you into the next couple days if you wanted to work on your tan through hazy sunshine, you'll have the opportunity to do so but basically the jet stream is really going to tell you the story. why are they so cold, meanwhile,
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we are so warm. it's funny, we always see this trend wherever they are seeing equal but opposites, kind of like the laws of physics, that's what we see here east coast versus west coast, not unusual. so for us the polar air is plunging to the south where highs are going to be from about zero to 15 degrees today, whereas for us we're under the big ridge of high pressure and as that influence continues to be enhanced today as high pressure gets stronger we're talking about the 70s and the 80s, and so we might be wondering why did this lead to that stagnant air mass? basically, everybody asking why the air quality is so bad, because we're under the influence of the big strong ridge, compresses everything and forces it to the surface. if you look out here you'll notice clouds increasing. this is an area of low pressure bringing us more wind and in addition to that wind we are also going to be seeing the temperatures drop off. look at the difference you started off in the 50s in half moon bay. 72 degrees, you're at 72 right
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now, whereas we're in the 50s just about everywhere else. getting a lot of sunshine at the beaches, monterey today, 79 degrees. santa cruz 78. i think half moon bay will end up about 77 degrees. yeah another spare the air day, likely sparing the air through friday with better air quality on the way getting into this weekend. you can really see the trend, though. look how far temperatures are going to drop between today and the end of this five-day forecast. we're going to lose a good ten to 15 degrees of that warmth and saturday into sunday temperatures are going to be back to average with better air quality. still no significant chances for rain just yet. we're going to hold off the next nine days, but i'm still watching a system that will impact us from the 17th to the 18th of this month. national weather service also onboard with this i'm not alone here. you can see all the days here shaded in green, those are days we have a 50% chance or better of betting that much needed rainfall. so we're looking good. dry start to january, nice wet finish ahead.
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hopefully, this will maintain i don't want to have to stop showing you this calendar. back to you, scott and kris. >> all right thank you, christina. we have more breaking news at the fire at the "mrs. doubtfire" house, we just learned san francisco police made an arrest. the suspect has not been booked so his name or her name and mug shot not available just yet. the home owner smelled smoke monday night and when he opened the front door saw his door mat on fire also noticed scorch marks on the garage door. the home owner is a plastic surgeon and believed a disgruntled patient, perhaps, was behind the arson, but police have not confirmed that. the home was made famous in the 1993 movie "mrs. doubtfire." we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you new details as we get them. plus still to come design controversy one local high schooler claim the oakland a's stole his idea.
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well there's some controversy over a t-shirt manufactured by the oakland a's. >> the shirt's read "stoked" misspelled purposefully to highlight the oak in oakland. one problem, though an oakland teenager is accusing the team of stealing the idea. he won a business competition for using the name spelling when
11:27 am
he was just a freshman in high school. now the t-shirts have other items with that word and he's mad at the team, says the design is not coincidence. >> so either way they just decided that they could steal from oakland youth and they injured my brand tremendously because this is a word that i use to promote oakland and combat negative perception and they are using it for a baseball postseason. >> he says he could not trademark the word because one already exists for the correct spelling, but he believes that he has common law trademark rights to the brand. the a's say they are looking into the matter and will get back to us later today with the response. we'll have that at 5:00 and 6:00. >> in the meantime, google the kid and buy a shirt. a warning, the botox crime that has him worried.
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i said you know to our staff, i'll be right back stepped out of the waiting area and never came back. >> right now at 11:30, he doesn't rob banks, but a high priced beauty product. police are trying to track down what they call a so-called botox bandit. it is uniquely illegal and he may be showing up at a plastic surgeon's office near you. >> cheryl hurd is in san francisco with this very unusual story. >> so we do have surveillance footage of him, you know entering the office as well as him leaving the office. >> reporter: and that's the only thing they have, because this man left without paying his $6,000 bill for three treatments. >> botox, which treats wrinkles fillers, which also treats aging, and then a laser treatment. >> reporter: he followed his personal protocol. he'd met with the patient here in this office. they talked about procedures but looking back dr. fan says
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he got a hunch the client was not forthcoming. >> a little bit secretive and a little bit private sort of coming into the office. >> reporter: he was given a name, paul halford an and age, 43. he gave the address, 1140 folsom and turns out to be an office building. fan usually asked for a credit card but the client showed his assistant a wallet full of cash. >> also seemed to know quite a bit about what he wanted done and so looking back there were some red flags. >> reporter: another red flag this e-mail from a local representative who sells botox. it was a warning back in april telling dr. fan there may be another botox bandit in the neighborhood, a man fitting the description of the man in the surveillance video got similar treatments at another san francisco office and got away without paying. this time the bandit slipped away by pretending he was on the
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phone. >> hopefully, this kind of thing won't happen to many people and hopefully this particular person won't be able to continue to get away with this. >> reporter: cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. and now new questions about a hayward train crossing after a close call yesterday between an elderly driver his car, and a passing train. he was stopped in traffic on the tracks when a train came bearing down. the train ended up clipping the back of his car and he considers himself lucky. neighbors say the tracks are notorious for being dangerous and claim the crossing arms don't always come down. >> what was important to me i emerged out of this alive. >> sometimes they come down, sometimes it does not, and it's like you don't know if it's okay to go because one minute the bells are ringing like it's coming. >> reporter: hayward place say they are aware of issues with that crossing but witnesses told them he was driving around the arms as they were coming
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down. after interviewing him, officers issued a citation and took away his driver's license. well the charges are adding up for a man arrested for a string of south bay arsons. he faces eight counts of arson, accused of torching eight cars last month. police say they arrested the san jose man as he watched that final car burn. this isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law either. in 2009 he was convicted of having combustible materials and malicious intent to set structures, property or forests on fire. he has been arrested several times since for demeanors, some of those cases still active. san francisco's police chief is shedding more light on what happened in the moments before two of his officers shot and killed a man. at a community meeting last night, police chief said it appears 32-year-old matthew hoffman wanted to die. hoffman approached four officers in two separate encounters sunday afternoon asking them about their guns and when they use them then he showed up at
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mission station pointing what appeared to be an air soft pistol at officers rather what ended up being an air soft pistol. officers say that hoffman left suicide notes on his phone telling the officers not to blame themselves. critics say officers should have called in a crisis intervention officer earlier when hoffman was asking about the guns, but the chief says at that point he was not a threat. >> his questions were odd, but, you know the officers contend with folks all the time that are a little bit not just so and it doesn't mean that you're homicidal or suicidal. >> the two police sergeants who shot and killed hoffman are now on paid administrative leave, which is typical. sam liccardo hasn't been mayor of san jose for more than 24 hours yet he's already running into controversy at a swearing in ceremony last night. he's already getting slammed by
11:35 am
the san jose police officers association for his appointments so far. >> the ousting of a city manager who tried to build a bridge and some other key appointments of republicans who supported measure b is really a bad sign that we're not really headed in the direction we need to be. >> we need to be able to do things that will improve compensation create incentives for officers to stay onboard and to come to san jose. >> liccardo a few minutes ago announced the metro team for the police would be on patrol. outside the inauguration meanwhile, advocates pushed for a campground for the homeless now that the jungle has been closed. from the bay to l.a. californians are a step closer to making it up and down the state in a few hours. yesterday governor brown broke ground in froez know on the $68 billion project, the first of its kind in the country. by 2029 the goal is that passengers will be able to ride from san francisco to l.a. in less than three hours.
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brown says it's worth the investment because it will cut down on pollution. critics say it costs too much money and is a waste. airport officials at lax are looking for whoever is responsible for shooting a laser pointer at jets three separate times. all of those incidents happened this past sunday first on a delta plane leaving in the afternoon, then at the same time a laser reached another delta plane leaving the airport two miles in the sky, then a third struck an inbound plane in the air. pilots say lasers can be blinding, put passengers at risk. no suspects have been identified. a surprising new report reveals who is dying from alcohol poisoning in america, and you might be surprised that it's not the young drinkers the college students. the cdc says six americans die from alcohol poisoning every day. most of those victims are middle-aged men between the ages of 45 and 54. about 38 million adults say they binge drink four times a month.
11:37 am
for men that means drinking five or more drinks in a single day. two bay area biotech companies are teaming up to take on the task of curing parkinson parkinson's disease. gene sequencing on nearly 3,000 patients. they'll get the information from the mountain view startup 23 and me which does dna analysis. the companies hope to use the information to treat the disorder, which at this point has no cure. the patients will give their permission for the research of course and they will remain anonymous. well a big shift in the work for students in new york city, who will be allowed to take cell phones into their school. until now public school students have not been allowed. they've been required to put phones in storage units like this one off campus. today new york city mayor bill de blasio is expected to lift that ban, as he promised he would during his campaign. he said parents ought to have access to students in case of emergencies.
11:38 am
principals will form their own guidelines. most bay area schools cell phones are allowed, certainly not during class, though. next at 11:00 putting drivers and bicyclists on the same page. new technology that could make the roadway safer for everyone. plus a controversial reality show about couples debuts this weekend, but lgbt groups are demanding the show be cancelled. and we're seeing temperatures in the 80s right now. it's not even noon in the bay area, we'll tell you where, how much longer this near record warmth will last and more importantly, when that much needed rainfall returns to the bay area. your full forecast is coming up next.
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welcome back a tv special debuting on tlc sunday sparking outrage in the lgbt community, called "my husband's not gay." gay men who have chosen to marry women for religious purposes. >> now gay advocacy groups are trying to get the show cancelled. nbc bay area's ian cole shows us why. >> reporter: the trailer of the tlc one-hour special "my husband's not gay" showcases four mormon men, three married to women, say they are not gay,
11:42 am
but have same-sex attraction. >> inside the mormon faith, we really do a lot of things well. we don't understand what it means to be an lgbt individual very well. >> reporter: mitch is an openly gay mormon one of the first to hold a leadership position in the church even written a book "how can you possibly be a gay mormon." he thinks the show is toxic. >> and it leaves a stain, i think, on us as a faith that we somehow as a culture encourage lgbt individuals to think that the only way for them to have a life in this world or the next is to marry someone of the opposite gender and pretend to be someone they are not. >> reporter: he wrote an article detailing why the show is bad for the lds community. it will be published tomorrow in "the huffington post." other organizations urging tlc to pull the show gathering more than 85,000 signatures of people opposed to it. tlc stated "tlc has long shared
11:43 am
compelling stories about real people and different ways of life without judgment. the individuals featured in this one-hour special reveal the decisions they have made and speak only for themselves." mane disagrees. >> what we're very likely to see on the tlc program is going to be as much reality of the life of an lgbt mormon as "real housewives of orange county" is real life for a stay at home mom in southern california. it's not going to be the reality of what happens. >> reporter: in san francisco, ian cole nbc bay area news. >> reality tv's not real. i think we can all agree on that. >> i think we can agree. so it is exciting it is scary. high-tech skateboard from the bay area that you just have to see to believe. >> of course scott budman tried it out. he's in las vegas with some cool new technology. ♪ >> reporter: this week las vegas is obsessed with flashy technology.
11:44 am
it's the consumer electronics show and that means lots of expensive gadgets with a skateboard somehow stealing the show. okay not just any skateboard this is the boosted board from the bay area capable of 22 miles per hour and powered by wireless remote. >> people are using it to get around the city. we're from san francisco, so we could carry it on to the train, the bus, bring it with us and it works great as a vehicle where you can go to the train station to our house. >> reporter: not far away this guy, huffing away on a bike in the name of safety. >> protecting the unprotected. >> reporter: it's a high-tech helmet backed by auto giant volvo that helps bikes detect oncoming cars. inside this volvo, a high-tech sensor to detect bikes. >> not only making things safer, it's actually also providing
11:45 am
information to cars and bicyclists so they are updated about the traffic environment around them. >> reporter: and speaking of technology and cars expect a lot more of it in the year ahead. this bmw even has an app that learns about what you like and remembers it. >> based on your driving, where you stop for refuelling where you stop for parking. we recognize that and based on this information, give you for the next time recommendations based on that. >> reporter: a car that knows what you like, one of many things that will drive the tech industry in 2015. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i want whatever that is. our coverage from ces continues tonight. you can catch live reports from scott during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. so-called goldilocks planet found some possible candidates two planets have been found by the keplar space telescope, not exactly twins of earth, but they
11:46 am
are close matches, in fact the closest matches yet. one that's not too hot or too cold which could possibly sustain life. both of the newly discovered planets orbit stars just like the earth does but those distant stars are smaller and cooler than our sun. getting there could also be a problem, since the planets are trillions of miles away. new numbers show californians doing slightly better on conserving water, still not good enough. you'll remember a year ago governor brown asked everybody to cut back by 20%. well officials reported yesterday californians cut overall water use by almost 10% in november compared to the same time last year. but important victories are being overshadowed by huge deficits. for example, the bay area's cut water usually 18%, los angeles, san diego, orange riverside counties have only cut use by 3.2%. so once again we win. here's a breakdown, san jose cut back on water use by about 18%, san francisco cut back by
11:47 am
ability 7% or 8% 7.8% to be exact. people in morgan hill cut back by more than 41% in november compared to last year. all right, hayward conserved the least, cutting back only 3.2% so get with it hayward. >> 41% in morgan hill though. >> maybe they had a lot to go because they were using a lot of water. lot hotter in morgan hill. i don't know throwing that out there. >> seems like the reason south bay people are heeding the warning, neighbors with brown lawns, dead plants. >> brown is the new green, right, christienachristina? >> right. you two do a very good job of reminding people how important conservation is. we are located here in the south bay, so thank you very much for heeding those warnings. you know what in order to really get out of this drought, i want to start with this. snow pack at a glance because 60% of the water that actually fills our reservoirs that we drink from it comes from the snow pack so take a look here.
11:48 am
this is 2013, and you can see we were looking good at that point, then i show you 2014 where it was so meager last year in comparison to this year we're not doing a whole lot better. we have a lot of digging out to do but at this point we're still running about 38% to 40% of average for this time of year whereas last year at this point those numbers when it came to your snow pack were in the teens. we're doing okay we need more of that sierra snow we need rain here in the bay area and looks like toward the end of the month the pattern will change. today, though you can really see with the dry weather and high pressure are doing in combination, we have some really bad air quality, so high pressure forces everything down we've got the thick layer of haze capping the bay area. and until we get significant wind and moisture that is going to be the story. but today, in addition to that poor air quality, we are seeing some amazing temperatures in half moon bay. what happens is you get the dry down sloeping winds and that leads to 72 degrees, whereas you're at 56 in san francisco,
11:49 am
where it's rather flat sea level there. 63 degrees in san martin and 58 degrees right now in livermore. so for today, near record warmth, i think we're going to see quite a few records broken possibly even shattered here in the south bay. 74 degrees is the high and, yeah looks like the old record to beat was just 71 degrees. 70 degrees is the high for santa rosa up in the north bay and 73 is the forecasted high for today. if you want to hit the beach, today's the best day to do so. we're seeing a bit of wind you'll find the best air quality in addition to the higher elevations of the bay area. monterey today, 79 degrees, 78 for santa cruz and you'll be in the mid to upper 70s at ocean beach for today. then as we get into the weekend, temperatures are really going to drop off, so the great beach days go away. hey, but the good news is, air quality will improve and we'll be closer to average for this time of year average is 58 degrees in the south bay. keep that into perspective. 74 today, temperatures steadily
11:50 am
dropping off all the way through the weekend. then like i keep promising you, everything still looks good for a very rainy second half of the month. now, hopefully we'll see cold systems that will just dump snow in tahoe. if that is the case we could actually continue to take away from the deficit we're running but boy, oh boy do we need it. january typically the wettest month in the bay area. haven't seen much so far. we need it. does look like it's on the way. i'm going to be praying tonight for that rain guys. we're in that situation. if we don't get it january or february, our chances aren't going to be that great for getting out of this drought and we could be looking at mandatory restrictions. back to you, scott and kris. kaepernick is looking up to his game for next season. the super bowl winning quarterback that he'll be training with.
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welcome back. colin kaepernick plans to work in the off-season with one of the best quarterbacks in nfl history. the sacramento bee says kaepernick will work with kurt warner at a training facility in phoenix. the two expected to focus on the mental aspects of the position. lots of film study. this past season kaepernick was ranked 20th in the nfl in passer rating 24th in completion percentage, especially to people on his own team. >> wow. so mean. the giants' three world series trophies will start making the rounds in northern california today, stopping in in sacramento, but beforehand they stopped right here. the bay area studios last night. nbc bay area team got a chance to take pictures with the 2010 2012 2014 trophies. we could get used to it, right? the tour will hit a number of cities as well as new york,
11:54 am
before finishing up in san francisco on april 14th. >> imagine that three of them. >> all here. mohammed ali has been released from the hospital after suffering a severe bladder infection. >> initially diagnosed with pneumonia, but later discovered to be a bladder infection. he was released last night and has fully recovered. ali suffers from parkinson's disease. the former world heavyweight champ will turn 73 next week. >> we'll be back in just a minute.
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well we have video of a panda cub playing in the snow for the first time. can't beat that. it's melting hearts around the world. >> 16-month-old rolling downhill in the snow as she plays with a block of wood at the national zoo yesterday. >> go home bow-bow, you're drunk. >> second somersault and pounces on her mother. her mother says let me take a nap. the cub turned 1 in august. only the second panda born at the zoo to survive her first birthday. maybe put a helmet on her then. >> thank you very much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> you can also get the latest information any time of day, from bow-bow and the rest of us, have a great day.
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. today on "access hollywood live" live", if afelicia rashard defends bill cosby. she doesn't hold back. >> and letd talk's talk about justin bieber bieber. wait until you see his abs. >> and jimmy fallon blew it. welcome to "access hollywood live" on hump day. >> we made to wednesday. >> we have a legend in the house this morning. let's get right to this beautiful woman.


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