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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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killers, who tonight are out of action. police tracked a terrorist near paris. where one is reported dead tonight. and the other two captured. hours earlier, the terrorist team was caught on video after the massacre at the newspaper. they killed two cops and ten journalists. police said two of the attackers were brothers born in paris, but they recently returned from syria. as they fled france went on the highest alert against more attacks. >> we will provide them with every bit of assistance that we can. >> reporter: president obama deplored the killing of journalists. >> freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced. >> reporter: today's target was a satirical newspaper that ran cartoons mocking the prophet muhammad and was firebombed in 2011.
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police say today mass gunmen with assault rifles rushed in went to a staff meeting and killed everyone. including a police bodyguard. outside, the gunmen coolly fired on police wounded another officer and then executed him. it was not a lone wolf attack. like the one last month in australia. or in canada in october. in paris, some mistook today's team of terrorists for elite french anti-terror forces. >> these are guys who either had prior battlefield experience or were able to get significant military training somewhere outside of france. >> reporter: a crowd gathered in paris tonight, in solidarity with the slain journalists. here in washington senior republicans complained that some believe the war on terror is over implying again that president obama has weakened our ability to fend off attacks like the one today in france. live in capitol hill i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news.
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janelle, back to you. >> thank you, steve. we want to take you to paris right now. these are live pictures of a growing vigil right now in the city of paris. it is just after 2:00 a.m. there. people have been gathering all night. thursday will be a day of mourning, and france's president has ordered all flags to be flown at half staff for three days. >> obviously this has a worldwide impact. california senator barbara boxer called this attack heinous and cowardly. the senior member of the foreign relations committee said this was a barbaric attack of innocent french citizens and on our shared belief of the fundamental right of free expression. >> our team coverage continues with nbc bay area's mark matthews. he's outside the french consulate in san francisco. everybody from the cartoonist to the muslim community is weighing in tonight. >> reporter: that's true. we are out in front of the consulate
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consulate, because at 7:00 there will be a rally here. all day long we've been gathering reaction to the paris attacks. at a french cheese shop ruben has been on the phone with family from paris and talking with french customers. >> i think everybody is shocked right now. >> reporter: he fears for violent reactions against muslims. >> for sure in france right now, there is some tension. >> reporter: zahra is the executive director of the consul on islam-american relations focusing on the victims. >> we're really most concerned about the families of the victims, and about apprehending the perpetrators. >> reporter: she hopes people will understand that the extremists who carried out the attack are not representative of islam. >> these individuals are a small group of criminals. >> reporter: the french publication is well known for its satirical cartoons and today fellow artists are speaking out in the way that they can, with their pens. this cartoon from carlos shows bullets from the attackers
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passing through the magazine's headquarters and striking a mosque. cartoonist mark expects there will be an angry outpouring. >> you're going to see some pretty hard hitting cartoons. i sure hope so anyway. >> reporter: twitter is already full of them. this from dave pope who writes, he drew first. rob drew this one that needs no caption. at the chronicle, audrey told us the attack is not isolated. 61 journalists were killed in 2014. >> i think sometimes people don't fully understand just how dangerous it can be to have a job where you constantly speak truth to power. >> reporter: again, the rally here in front of the french consulate set to begin at 7:00. we'll be here. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> mark thank you. 7:00 rally here in the bay area specific lip at the french consulate in san francisco where mark is. these are live pictures in new
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york city where another rally is being held as we speak. 8:00 new york time. solidarity for the french newspaper spreading around the world here. in washington, d.c. fellow americans are holding signs, which are now really becoming the catch phrase around the world and also on social media. >> our coverage of the terror attacks in paris continues at 5:30. "nightly news" digs deeper into the attack on civilian targets. brian williams talks with a counterterrorism expert. that's coming up in about 25 minutes. >> local headlines now. drastic measure for the san jose police department. it's disbanding an entire unit. the metro unit which targets gangs, drugs and prostitution is about to be reassigned for street patrol. they desperately need more officers on the streets. robert honda is in san jose with new details on this story we first broke. robert? >> reporter: well raj, as you know earlier this week we reported that the already
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understaffed department lost 14 officers since december 1st, and another 23 plan to leave this month. it was obvious steps were going to be taken to make up for the shrinking force. but the loss of a metro yuptdunit has the rank and file reeling. 23 officers and 4 sergeants will be taken out of their unit and put in patrol cars starting february 1st. and while it means more police cars on the street it's also a big loss in combating gangs, drug trafficking, prostitution and other crimes. >> we're talking about 400 narcotic investigations a year. over 600 arrests. 6,000 hours of community policing. that we're losing. >> reporter: police leaders plan to bring back a metro unit in mid-march, reduced by seven cops and one sergeant but acknowledge at that point they also will have cut staff in virtually every unit. >> there is no untouchable unit or bureau that we've looked at. >> reporter: nbc bay area has also learned the department is now talking with the california
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highway patrol to possibly contract out some duties of traffic enforcement. >> we're looking at every option possible in order to assist us in maintaining our staffing levels to be able to do our core service. so we're talking to several people, several organizations to see if -- what it is that they can do to -- to offer to help us. >> we do not have enough officers to police this city. supplementing with something like a chp is dmotnot really a long-term solution. some people don't know the neighborhoods, don't know the crime. >> reporter: the police department acknowledges working with other agencies and cuts the units won't solve the bottom line problem officers leaving. coming up at 6:00, steps that are being taken to try to solve that problem. live in san jose robert honda, nbc bay area news. now to a follow-up on the mrs. doubt fire arson investigation. a los angeles woman is busted for setting the famous san francisco home on fire. police arrested tie quon this
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morning in san jose. officers say she was the one who torched the home monday night. it was made famous in the 1993 movie "mrs. doubtfire" and is currently owned by a plastic surgeon. it turned into a memorial when actor robin williams died last summer. the motive for the fire still under investigation. another day, another alert. tomorrow will be our seventh consecutive spare the air day. burning wood is prohibited across the day during these alerts. you can see literally the pollution in one of the live cameras here. it's especially bad in the south bay. let's bring in jeff ranieri who is tracking this unhealthy air. >> right now you'll see the wind speeds are relatively light. that's helping to keep the air stagnant at the current moment. very unhealthy for those folks with asthma. and it's also blowing out of the east. still taking some of the air pollution in the central valley moving it across the bay area. we'll see a key change as we head through tomorrow's forecast. the area of high pressure helping to aid in this pollution
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here across the bay area is going to fade. we'll see a weaker storm system move in. and just a little change in the atmosphere. winds turning more onshore. we will have noticeable differences beginning on thursday. north bay, coast, east bay in the moderate range. the south bay still close to unhealthy. as you're going to see as we head throughout the next several days, the trend will at least stay moderate in the upcoming weekend. we'll also still have details this weekend. how low the temperatures will go in the next couple of days and if there's any forecast of ragein. the message written on the united airlines jet at sfo that had flight attendants refusing to board the plane. i'll have that story coming up. also not so happy, after a visit to the happiest place on earth. the warning about the virus passed around at disneyland. and tracking all the tech. we'll see what it takes to build
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the world's biggest consumer electronics show. 70 years after storming the beach in norm andy -- >> it was scary -- >> an american hero loses his most prized possessions to a thief. the priceless military keepsakes stolen from his home. that's new at 6:00.
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. next at 5:00 13 united airlines flight attendants say they lost their jobs for bringing up a security threat on a plane about to leave sfo. nbc bay area's maryann favro has more. >> janelle, one of the flight attendants said she wasn't willing to bow to pressure to ignore an unresolved security threat. even if it meant risking her job. on july 14th last year at sfo, this is what 13 flight attendants say they saw on the
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united airlines plane they were about to board for work. a flight headed for hong kong. the words bye-bye, and two faces drawn in oily residue on the tail cone. 30 feet above the ground. >> the flight attendants believed that this was a threat to the aircraft. and in fact united addressed it initially as a security issue by having someone take a lift and go up 30 feet and look into the compartment on the plane in this area. they determined there was nothing there. and concluded that the plane was safe to go. >> reporter: the flight attendants refused to fly unless the more than 300 passengers were taken off the plane, and the boeing 747 was thoroughly served for explosives. supervisors ordered them to fly. they refused and ultimately united fired them for insubordination. yesterday the attendants filed this complaint against united with the federal occupational safety and health administration office in san francisco. they contend they're protected as whistleblowers for reporting
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security threats and are asking for their jobs back. united airlines said there was no credible security threat and issued this statement saying all of faa's and united's own safety procedures were followed. including a comprehensive safety sweep prior to boarding. and the pilots mechanics and safety leaders deemed the aircraft entirely safe to fly. but the flight attendants contend what they saw that day was enough to raise concerns. not just about their own safety but of the passengers they serve. the flight was canceled for lack of crew. the 13 flight attendants were fired in october. mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. several californians are now being treated for measles. it's where they likely got it that's raising eyebrows. disneyland. there are nine cases linked to penal who visited the theme park between december 15th and december 20th, right before the holidays. one case confirmed, and another
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suspected case involved people right here in the bay area alameda county. measles is a rare and extremely contagious virus, but also very preventable. >> we vaccinate children when they are a year of age and between the ages of 4 and 6 years of age. that will give them immunity for a lifetime. so it's the babies under a year that can't be vaccinated that are going to be most at risk for getting this illness from somebody who's carrying it around. >> we should note, one of the nine people infected had previously been vaccinated for the virus. two other cases involved children younger than a year old. disney released a statement this evening saying they're working with the local health department to provide any information they can. dueling rallies in the south bay over the sale of northern california hospitals. at issue is whether prime health care should be allowed to buy
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the charity health system hospital chain. san jose's o'connor hospital is one of charity's hospitals. the state attorney general's office today held a public hearing. if approval is required one of a for-profit group buys a nonprofit. they said they don't trust prime health care based on its reputation. but the nurse's association fears if the state blocks the sale o'connor and other hospitals will close. >> because the other hospital cannot accommodate the influx of patients we normally serve. we normally serve over 58,000 patients in a year. >> there are better buyers that agreed to keep the hospitals open to our community, respect our workers, maintain our pension. >> more public hearings are set, with other hospitals involved in the sale. the most glamorous floor in the world. at least this week.
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we've seen many of the products on the floor of the biggest tech arena of the world, the consumer electronics show having now in las vegas. >> scott budman is there. he takes us back to the show floor with how big the show really is. >> reporter: it's still huge. in fact the consumer electronics show takes up 35 football fields with just about every square foot taken up by gadgets. and there are 1.9 million square feet worth of space here. the most ever for ces. 3,200 companies have come to las vegas from all over the world to show off their products with somewhere close to 140,000 of us here to test those products out. by the way, that's three people for every single slot machine that you'll find in vegas. if you're wondering how we all stay energized, ces will serve
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up close to 17,000 cups of coffee this week. if you were to drink one cup of coffee a day, you'd need 47 years to reach that number. now, let's say you wanted to see every product here without ces. with companies representing every part of the planet it would take you 700 million miles worth of travel to test everything. why all the attention on this one show? consumer electronics is already hot, and it continues to play a huge role in our lives. each household in america has, on average, 24 consumer tech products inside. scott budman nbc bay area news. >> that sounds about right, 24 in each of our homes. >> yeah. >> i think i have about 24. >> i feel like i'm in las vegas. i have not been outside at all. and i hear it's beautiful. hazy but beautiful. >> yes. and very unusual.
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you know, probably a lot of you shaking your head even though you knew the temperatures were coming your way, because it is january. we should have 50s and also low 60s, and rainfall. that, of course did not happen today. gilroy one of our warmest, 76. the south bay had the warmest temperatures here at least widespread, san jose 74. santa theresa 72. willow glen 70. redwood city topping out at 70 degrees. one area that's beginning to improve a little bit on the air quality is up in the north bay. our weather underground camera showing us blue skies, and also some clouds. but you can see it's uncomfortably hazy across the peninsula. that's where the air continues to be very stagnant with light winds. check out what you cannot see right now from our palo al to camera at highway 101. it is unreal. we'll see a key change in the forecast for tomorrow. it's going to be improving the air quality. the high pressure helping to drive the pollution with slight
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offshore winds, and very light winds albeit. and that warmer than average weather. throughout tomorrow we'll see the high pressure will gradual shift off to the east and weaken. it will just take one subtle change in the atmosphere, this weak storm system approaches the coastline, even though we don't have any rainfall with it it's going to give us a directional change in the wind. from easterly winds to onshore, cooler winds, coming out of the west 3 to about 6 miles per hour. that should be good enough to stir up the atmosphere. and also give us some improvement. now, the other thing we'll see with the weak storm system moving in is the cloud cover. it will not be totally cloudy across the bay area. clouds moving up from the south will give us filtered sunshine. you'll notice yes, we do have rainfall well offshore by thursday at 5:00 p.m. as that storm system continues to get closer it will just continue to fall apart. no rainfall unfortunately all the way through saturday's forecast. we'll take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout your thursday. almost to the end of the work week for a lot of us.
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cooling off with the storm system approaching the coastline. san jose expecting to get out of the 70s tomorrow, 68 for downtown. we may still have a few low 70s in morgan hill and gilroy. it will take another day for that cooler wind to really impact you. the peninsula, 67 in palo alto. san francisco low to mid-60s. north bay, east bay and tri-valley temperatures down about three to six degrees from today. napa looking good at 69 degrees. 65 in mill valley. walnut creek 68. and for the tri-valley expecting 66 degrees in danville. spare the air alert for tomorrow. but decreased air quality. it will be improving for the north bay, coast and east bay at moderate levels. still uncomfortable in the south bay. overall trend will be at least moderate levels all the way through this weekend. but, you know at least it's not going to be add bassbad as it was the last couple of days. dry friday and saturday.
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we may have to deal with cloud cover in san francisco for the upcoming weekend. no measurable rainfall. temperatures cooling down into the 60s. hopefully we'll get back to normal in the next couple of weeks. we may get rainfall two weeks out from now. >> okay. thanks jeff. intel is putting its money where its mouth is. still ahead, the company's new $300 million plan to diversify its work force. plus a new twist in the fight over the unexpected decision made that means a delicacy back on menus soon.
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menu. restaurants and canadian duck and goose farmers have been fighting the law in court ever since. activists oppose it on grounds of animal cruelty. today's ruling found the state law conflicts with a federal law regulating poultry. the state said it may appeal. intel is making a move trying to add diversity to the silicon value. they're vowing to hire more minorities. the ceo of intel making the big announcement today at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. here's the plan. intel will set aside $300 million for projects to encourage and nurture minority employees. ryan said the company needed to do far more to include women and underrepresented minorities specifically blacks and hispanics. intel is about three-quarters male and mostly asian and white. tina fey returns to nbc
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sunday night. she and amy poehler host the golden globe awards. the third time they're presideing over the most relaxed show. an open bar and casual seating. everyone tends to be a lot more loose in this setting. fey said her upcoming tv show "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt" is renewed. while nbc aired "30 rock," fey's previous comedy they thought kimmy schmidt would find a better audience on netflix. watch the golden globes right here on nbc bay area this sunday evening. we'll show it live beginning at 5:00. did you see it? the secret nicole kidman told jimmy fallon last night. we'll be right back.
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busted. jimmy fallon was exposed on his show last night as shy. guest nicole kidman recalled their first meeting years ago when both of them were single. a mutual friend introduced them. but when kidman arrived at fallon's apartment, he barely talked. >> and then you put a video game on or something. and i'm like -- [ laughter ] >> and so after an hour and a half, i thought, he has no interest. this is so embarrassing. >> apparently fallon didn't realize kidman was interested in him romantically until last night.
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he could have dated nicole kidman. they're both happily married now. >> they're both happily married. on our broadcast tonight, massacre in paris. the deadliest terror attack on french soil in half a century. mass gunmen open fire in a killing spree then get away. tonight, the dead and critically wounded, the manhunt and incredible outpouring in the streets. also tonight, the growing threat of military-style attacks on civilian targets in broad daylight. execution killings and those who fear it's just the beginning. a big break to report in the search for that airasia jet and the mystery surrounding the crash. and our frozen nation. here at home windchills 30 below zero with more on the way. "nightly news" from washington tonight, begins now. this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams reporting to


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