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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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but also an enormous solidarity with all the people here tonight. >> right now at 11:00, an emotional night in the bay area. deadly terror attack in paris, sparked emotions here. powerful images as people across the world stand in silence holding pens honoring the journalists who were killed. the magazine they worked for, targeted the publishing cartoons of the prophet muhammad. good evening. i'm raj mathai. thank you for joining us. morning time in france. waking up to bitter reality. an intense manhunt. two of three suspects on the loose. hundred of police officers swarming the streets looking for the two brothers suspected in the brutal attack. here are their pictures. said and sharif -- cherif kouachi are armed and dangerous. >> the attack was shocking and
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well planned. masked gunmen heavily armed shouting in arabic. caught on camera running from the scene. this is video captured outside the offices of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." it shows the the two confronting and killing a police officer. the assault started in the offices during editorial meeting. the victims some of the biggest names in french journalism were gunned down execution-style. in all, 12 killed. another 11 people were hurt. the weekly magazine was targeted by terrorists for depicting the prophet muhammad in a negative way in a recent issue. 'the not the first time the magazine drew condemnation from muslims. the offices were fire bombed in 2011. thousand in paris flooded the streets. this photo sending a firm message not afraid. you can see it there. and while his country is in mourning france remains defiant. this was the worst tear railroad
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attackrailroad -- terror attack in france in 50 years. act of terror and act of freedom of speech. terry mcsweeney joins us in san francisco this evening the sister city of paris. >> emotional vigil in front of the french consulate, in downtown san francisco. many said the size of the crowd. good sized crowd helped ease the pain. ♪ ♪ >> a huge turnout in san francisco tonight. the crowd spilling on to kearney street closing it to traffic. chanting in honor of the dozen killed in paris today. and there were long moments of intense silence. interrupted by prolonged applause. as if these thousand of people were enjoying a speech only they could hear. it feels much better because i see that -- you know my come
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patriots, gathers and feeling the same. >> reporter: in honor of the journalists killed today. pens were held high. also dropped off. near the candles which sent ape message from san francisco to paris. >> the whistle blowers. assange, a whole bunch of them. >> in berkeley this political cartoonist is saddened by the loss of one of his heroes killed in paris today. he had his life threatened for his work. the slaughter in paris will not stop him, himself a muslim from speaking out. >> if we stop doing what we are doing then we are encouraging the crazies. they're not going to keep us from doing what we have to do. >> reporter: at san francisco's muslim community center on mission street there is little concern about a misplaced revenge attack. >> in san francisco, we are so accepting to all religions. and we are not really concerned
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abut any reactout any reaction from an group. >> reporter: inside the french consulate. >> such a a strong cultural connection to be here amongst all these people and to be sending love and thoughts to the folks in france. and everybody here who has been affected. >> reporter: in a strange twist to all of this the east bay cartoonist, khalil bindeed is concerned about his family who is in france because there may besome attacks against muslims in retaliation even the he isough he is doing what the cartoonists today did for a living. terry mcsweeney bay area news. >> artists are showing their support. within hours of the terror attack. attack." "je suis charlie" a common phrase, i am charlie across the
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world. stay with us for continuing coverage. we are updating our website as well. nbc bay with all the latest developments and begin our live coverage from france once again. our morning show today in the bay. tomorrow morning, 4:30 a.m. we are following breaking news on the peninsula. people are told to shelter in place as police search for an armed suspect. this its happening in san mateo, third avenue exit off 101. officers looking for a suspect in a carjacking earlier tonight. police have taken one person into custody. once again. police officers look fork a possible armed armed suspect off third avenue near downtown san mateo. bring you the latest as soon as well get night our newsroom. not quite the happiest place on earth. nine people who viltzed edvisited disneyland hatch the measles. in san jose with the outbreak. jean nowadays a rare virus.
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>> reporter: true, raj. health officials are monitoring the situation. there are no confirmed cases here in santa clara county. caught up with a family from san jose at the disneyland during the infection window. tonight they're doing just fine. >> reporter: a trip that delivers health concerns. >> private messages. do you have measles. were you there at the time. >> reporter: california department of health says there are nine cases of measles linked to disneyland and california adventure between december 15th and 20th. the bourbons were there during the infection window. >> you don't ever want to get a virus or anything. deal with that. a little scary. but i don't think it is to hysteria point. >> no one in the family is
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showing flu symptoms or red rash. most are in southern california. the health department is monitoring two patients. one with measles. one suspected case. experts say it is highly contagious. >> if you cough or sneeze and you are spreading the measles virus. if the will be in the air, and on anything that they might have sneezed on for two hours. >> six of the infected patients were not vax nated. two are too young for the shots. one had the vaccine. the bourbons say their vaccinations are up to date. >> i strongly support and thing everyone should get vaccinated. >> they were careful at the park. >> wash your hand. be safe. >> the health scare won't scare the season pass holders away from the magic kingdom. tonight, in a statement, disney says it is working with public health officials to provide information and assistance. reporting live in san jose jean elle, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. a rise in measles cases. last year more than 600 people in the united states contract the the vie ruls. that's the most cases reported since measles was thought to be eliminated back in the year 2000. serious complications from measles are more common in children. younger than 5 years old. and adults over age 20. >> health concerns continue across the bay area because of our air quality. tomorrow our seventh consecutive, spare the air day. see thick haze pollution, remains visible at night. this is one of the sky cameras in san jose. those people with asthma have been urged to limit jultoutdoor exposure. jeff ranieri joins us now with air quality. when it may get better. >> the wind are calm here. two to four miles an hour. very hazy. air quality remains, unhealthy at the current moment. head throughout tomorrow. on the cusp of larger changes the area of high pressure.
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been producing sinking down to the surface. weak system by the coastline. that will help give us a wind shift for tomorrow. also cool down the temperatures. with of a little wind change. you will notice the difference. not going to go to the good levels. tracking moderate levels of pollution. the north bay peninsula. for the east bay. south bay. approaching unhealthy levels. going to be at laes aeast a little marked difference from the past several days. other thing we're monitoring. record setting temperatures across the bay area. number in the 70s, throughout the day. and details. colder weather. how low the numbers go over the next couple days. >> see you shortly. dozens are back home this evening. rushed out by fire fighters. after a train carrying propane gas started liking. our chopper was overhead. happened this evening near the train yard.
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on north park side drive in pittsburgh. highway 4. swarm of police and fire fighters arrived. and evacuated the neighbors. no fire but crews did plug the gas like. >> 13 flight attendants were fired by united air linz forlines for speaking up. the flight attendants spotted the drawing on the plane about to board at sfo last year. the drawing you can see, says bye-bye. they demanded the plan to be searched for explosives. when supervisors ordered them to fly they refused. the airline fired them for insubordination. >> the flight attendants believed this was a threat to the aircraft. united addressed it initially as a security issue by having some one take a lift and go up 30 feet and look into the compartment, on the plane. in this area. determined there was nothing there and concluded the plane was safe to go. >> yesterday the attendants filed a complaint against united. they claim they're protected as
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whistle blowers for reporting security threats. they want their jobs back. united said in a statement, all of faa's and unite's own safety procedures were followed including safety sweep prior to boarding. the pilots. mechanics, safety leaders deemed the aircraft entirely safe to fly. >> a staffing shake-up in san jose. more patrol units on the street. office means sjpd will disband its metro uniit. deals with gangs, undercover. reasigned to street patrol. police leaders hope off to bring back reduced metro unit in march. bay area learned that the department is talking with the chp to contract out services. next at 11:00, chefs, foodies are celebrating tonight. high-end delicacy allowed back on the menu. but animal rights' graupzs groups aren't happy. >> an urban myth.
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proved to be real for a southern california woman. the disturbing way a snake ended up in her office. >> found in a pile of dirt. could prove a game changer in the world of medicine. back in a moment.
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>> foodies are thrilled. animal rights groups not so much. foie gras is back on the menu. a federal judge decided the ban was illegal. the duck dell democracyicacy is back. cheryl hurd joins us in san francisco where restaurants are celebrating tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: that's right.
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raj, this new restaurant was celebrating tonight. it served up a couple foie gras specials. you may be surprised to find out how food can create so much emotion. chris golden just stumbled into his favorite san francisco neighborhood restaurant. and only to find out that one of his favorite foods is back on the menu. >> we have the foie gras fries, and sausage. >> should be able to -- eat what we want to eat. here in -- the united states. here in san francisco. here in california. great to have that option. have that choice again. >> that choice was taken away when a bill outlawing the sale force fed poultry was passed by the state legislature in 2004. the bhanan didn't go into effect until 2012. many restaurants that serve foie gras were met with protests. today a federal judge said the
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california ban is unconstitutional and interfered with an existing federal law. >> my feeling. get the legislatures to modify the bill. >> in defense of animal's creator and animal rights advocate. certain there will be an appeal. >> one of the most gruesome disgusting things that could be done. is forcing -- and basically killing -- a living animal. but not everyone agrees with cat. >> not trying to rain on any one's parade. >> the chef here at 4505burgers, barbecue. he rushed to come up with the foie gras special which include fries, and sausage, with the formerly banned poultry mixed in it. >> everyone has their own opinion and beliefs. i'm not trying to offend any one. just trying to welcome the people who want to come eat foie gras gras.
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>> reporter: a lot of people did want to eat foie gras here tonight. they've sold out in just two hours. reporting live san francisco, cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> cheryl thank you. a national group wants to help solve an animal cruelty case in the east bay. this 15-pound raccoon was found in the parking lot of a west oakland church. sunday. some one shot the animal five times with darts from a cross bow. good samaritans tried to save him. a vet had to euthanize the raccoon. the legal defense fund is offering a $5,000 reward for any information to the person behind at take. when pipes get clog you'd have to snake the drain. in san diego, they pull a snack out of the drain. a business owner trying to unclog a toilet found this snake inside. she called for help when sheep saw its tongue moving. animal services officers pulled the reptile out.
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a 5 foot long colombian, rainbow, boa constructor. >> you don't expect that to ever happen. you hear about it. and even the animal control officer said this is like an urban legend. i was interested to see if ever did this ever happen before. she goes we get snake calls before. this never happened before. >> the snake may have been stuck in the pipes for a few days. because it it was underweight and in the process of shedding. if no one claims the snake it will be handed over to a snake rescue. >> jeff ranieri joins us now. don't know how you can top that? jeff? >> glad it was found in sa sann diego not the bay area. temperatures dropping in the 40s. low 50s. coldest in the north bay. 41. east bay, 47. south bay, 49. tomorrow, cool to start. but not, you know done to the freezing mark like we had for a lot of last week. we are done with that arctic chill. at least for now. still a long way to goen winter.
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start off here in the south bay. 46 degrees. 44 in the east bay. and have isolated 30s into the north bay. you are sick and tired of it. poor quality. and produce the poor air quality. dry, sinking air with it. squashes it on down to the surface. its days are numbered. it is moving to the east. that's going to make just a little bit of room for that next storm cyst temperature to move in. it is not a big storm. but you know something to push that poor air quality out of here. just what we need. that area of low pressure gets here for tomorrow. the main thing it is going to do is help switch up the wind pattern. it's been offshore. from the east. scooping up poor air quality from the central valley. moving across the bay area. but by thursday afternoon. it is slit, alght. in san francisco. wind out of the west. though they're light. should be good enough to stir it up. help air quality improve.
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thursday any forecast. other thing it will do is help cool down the temperatures. see cloud cover move in as that storm system gets close. there we go. go ahead. get a look. through out thursday's forecast. high cloud. from the south. not a cloudy nonstop. morning. afternoon. high cloud cover. help filter out sunshine. as the storm system gets closer. it will break up. no rainfall. increased cloud cover. also cooler temperatures coming our way. let's take a look at microclimate forecast. almost off to the wek endekend. and san jose. record setting heat. done to the 60s for tomorrow. comfortable. 69, los gatos. you will seal temperatures. and for san francisco, low to mid 60s. get you up to the north bay. east bay. trivalley. big with board here. slide it up. see napa. 69 tomorrow.
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back toward mill valley. 65. wall nut creek. 68. oakland at 66. for the trivalley. we have danville at 66 degrees as well. bring you the air quality. we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. slight improvement. that wind change. done to the moderate levels in the north bay. peninsula. i think the trend overall with two days of that cooler went coming back at the coastline. should at least by this weekend give us moderate levels of air quality. not down to the good category. some sort of improvement. extended forecast over several days. temperatures out of the 70s. san how say. in the 60s. san francisco in the nikts. immediate coastline. may get a drizzle. watch out for that. weep need a big storm system. rajy. not on here. get something. >> warmer here than at east coast. >> hot compared to the east coast. >> still ahead here at 11:00,
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new research about avocados might surprise you. plus we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. niam liam kneeson. it's on next. great.
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>> combmon as dirt. a compound in soil could be used as a powerable antibiotic. researchers, say a compound in some dirt can be used to break down cell walls in bacteria and prevent them from rebuilding. a test in mice show the compound was able to kill super bugs mrsa and tb. despite early success. scientists admit they're several years away from creating a drug within, and with the soil compound. forget an apple a day. a new study from penn state university shows a daily avocado can significantly lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. researchers found that they could see the health benefits within weeks. avocados also have natural sugars that may help regulate your blood sugar. experts warn that avocados are
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not low calorie food. one avocado has 250 calories. hass avocado helped pay for research. up next. best team in the nba. put on a show in oakland tonight. courtside with the warriors.
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>> finding a little extra pep in their step tonight. hosting indiana. andrew bogut making a surprise appearance. off the bench after missing 12 games due to a sore knee. the big man, a rigorous warm-up with no pain. back with the teammates for the first time since december 8. with that said over a minute to play in the first. sean livingston. the alley-oop. bogut. third quarter now. harrison barnes. throwing down the monster put back. and the lead is 13. on to the fourth. warriors tooin pull pull away. and, that's a triple. thompson finished with 40. one shy of the career high. finally. the exclamation point.
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>> we were tested big time. we had to figure a lot of things out. we went. i thought the players did a great job of kind of just doing things on their own. sorting through the game. and -- great win. one of my one of my favorite wins of the year. hoping to interview for the permanent position was a winner. just like mike shanahan's meeting a few days ago, former raiders hall of fame coach, madden, sitting in on the conversation as well. tuesday's baseball hall of famers have the press conference. livermore's randy johnson one of the best pitchers of all time. heck of a time buttoning up the jersey. nerves if you will. getting help putting on his hat from john smoltz. finally, orange and black faithful turning out in droves at wrigley field.
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the giants trophy on display for viewing. picture taking raising money for the junior giants. lines were long. fans were patient to make a piece of their own history. first one a dream come true. second one, it wasn't a fluke. the third one. just set our dynasty. means a lot to been front of the trophies. >> there you go. what's a little line. right? that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> this is one, he had a chance with nicole kidman. he dent even know it. last night. jimmy fallon got the news that kidman was romantically interested in him. i'm single. i'm like okay yeah great. >> what? what? what are you talking about? >> yes. >> did i date nicole kidman. did we go on a date? >> you are there in a baseball cap and like nothing. and you wouldn't talk. >> you didn't do anything. a mutual friend introduced the two ten years ago. jimmy just didn't have anymantic future.
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both are happily married to other people. programming note for you. this sunday evening. biggest movie and tv stars at the golden globes here on nbc bay area. watch the broadcast live at 5:00 p.m. we have complete coverage on our website, nbc bay with some of our golden globes predictions. man, he put on a video game for nicole kidman. >> she said. want to his apartment in new york. put on video games. >> oh man. >> happily married now. >> would have liked to have seen that. >> they're happily married now. >> speaking of jimmy fallon. he's next! ♪ ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- liam neeson fred armisen and carrie brownstein stand up from


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