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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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solid bid and we tip our hat to boston and we move on. spring training pitchers and catchers are about 65 days away something like that. >> the bay area was looking at a games that would have cost $4.5 million, in the past couple of weeks, there has been opposition to the san francisco bid in fact opponents wrote to the usoc. we'll be hearing from them coming up tonight at 6:00. reporting from city hall, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> mark thank you. one of the big questions now, what exactly happened? this is the second time in recent years san francisco has been rejected by the u.s. olympic committee, but the bay area also lost out on the 2012 games. a source close to the usoc tells nbc bay area that boston dramatically improved its bid within the past ten days. the source goes on to say, and we quote, boston and san francisco were the two most
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attractive cities for the ioc. the international olympic committee ultimately picks the host city. the usoc was hesitant on the pop-up stadium plan that would have been built across from candle stick park alongside highway 101. boston will now compete against rome dubai and other cities for the 2024 olympics. the ioc will decide in 2017. our other top story tonight a bomb shell from senator barbara boxer. >> but i will not be running for the senate in 2016. >> senator boxer made the announcement in a video message today that she will not seek re-election. it's a seat she's held since 1993. she was in the house of representatives for ten years before that. at age 74 senator boxer said age was not a factor. nbc bay area's michele roberts is live in the newsroom. you spoke to her family today. sounds like she just wants to come back home to california. >> yeah that's right. been a lot of travel she wants to spend more time here in
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california, but she also says her work isn't coming to an end yet. she has another two years, then plans to campaign for other democrats. >> i am never going to retire. the work is too important. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer says her work will continue, but in 2016 she plans to pass the torch. >> i don't think she ever expected that she would end up having a close to a 40-year career in public life. >> reporter: doug boxer was 12 years old when his mom was elected to the marin county board of supervisors. >> i don't think we've ever seen someone fight this hard for people that generally haven't had a voice in the system. >> reporter: he believes some of her biggest career accomplishments have been made on women's rights issues and the environment. boxer was elected to the senate in 1992. today she said she hopes her successor will be a progressive thinker. >> there's a whole generation of politicians, gavin newsome, harris all kinds of people that
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have been waiting for their moment and haven't had it. >> reporter: political expert bruce cain says it may be time for an up and comer to fill her seat, but he also has a hunch governor brown might be considering the opportunity. >> governor brown is a very clever and shrewd politician so if he wants it i'm sure he can make a plausible run. >> reporter: experts believe there are few obvious frontrunners on the republican side. cain said he wouldn't be surprised to see arnold schwarzenegger's name on the ballot. whoever makes the run will likely be facing a very expensive race. some political experts already predicting the campaign to cost upwards of $1 billion. reporting in the newsroom michelle roberts, back to you. >> thank you. this from president obama, "barbara boxer is more than a senator, she's an institution." before boxer made the announcement, she called senator dianne feinstein, who she served alongside with in congress for decades. feinstein said boxer's family life played a key role. >> she has always shared the
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credit, she's always tried to help people succeed with their ideas. she's reached across the aisle. her leaving would be a great loss. >> there, obviously, representative pelosi as well. house minority leader pelosi called senator boxer one of the most unselfish politicians she's ever known. pelosi also called boxer a champion for california and the entire country. for many this announcement was a surprise but was it really? coming up tonight at 6:00, our political analyst says there were clear indications and clues that boxer was planning her exit. that's in our 6:00 newscast. overseas we are following developing news out of france tonight, where the intense man hunt for two terror suspects continues. brothers believed to be behind yesterday's massacre at a satirical magazine are still on the loose. police searched door-to-door in a city just outside of paris today after a gas station was robbed by men who looked like the two brothers, but police found no trace of them. meanwhile in paris, the eiffel
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tower went dark in honor of the victims. france's president declared today a day of mourning. the attack killed ten people and the officers of charlie hebdo, as well as two police officers. the big question facing u.s. leaders is could a similar attack happen here? nbc's steve handelsman joins us from washington, d.c. with more. good evening, steve. >> janelle, good evening to you. what happened in paris is what a lot of officials here in washington have feared not just the single dedicated terrorist, but a team of well equipped and well trained terrorists, who in this case could strike again. despite the intensive man hunt the kouachi brothers were still at large as darkness fell in france. french soldiers rushed to paris. the number one concern said officials, is another attack. sharif kouachi, 32 was jailed in 2008 for helping send jihad fighters to iraq. he and his brother said 34
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were named suspects in yesterday's attack because one of them left an i.d. behind. a third suspect turned himself in but the terrorists' soldier-like precision is alarming experts in the u.s. they theorize that the brothers and certainly others were trained and sent home by isis or al qaeda. >> and so this is kind of the high end of the new genre of attacks. i'm afraid we're going to see for some time now. >> reporter: maybe, some lawmakers fear in america. >> we have a situation where citizens of the european union could come more freely to the u.s. unless that's tightened up, that's a danger back here at home. >> reporter: in philadelphia sydney wilkinson said she will not stop drawing cartoons that could offend muslims. >> if you do not like to see your process character katured in a cartoon, don't do stupid things in the name of your prophet. >> reporter: in the u.s. security was tighter at french
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government offices as the eiffel tower lights went off and back on to honor the dead and defy the extremists. couple of late breaking revelations here in washington, u.s. officials tell nbc news that the french have determined that said kauachi, the 34-year-old, did, in fact go to yemen, studied military tactics and training for several weeks before returning to france. but some good news u.s. homeland security tells nbc news these brothers were on the u.s. radar, banned from traveling here to the u.s. for years. they are on the no-fly list. live from washington, steve handelsman nbc bay area news. >> steve, thanks for the update. we are learning more about the suspects tonight. coming up on nightly news, we'll tell you about their criminal records and how they managed to slip through the cracks of antiterrorism forces. brian williams nightly news coming up at 5:30. following breaking news now in the south bay in san jose. firefighters are battling flames
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at an auto parts yard. this is video from just outside the san jose pick and pull which is on commercial street. you see the smoke and flames down below there. this is at the pick and pull on commercial street just a few blocks south of the san jose municipal golf course. firefighters say high energy pg&e lines are on fire. the flames first broke out just a couple hours ago, around 3:00 in the afternoon. crews can only do so much until pg&e cuts the power. we've reach the out to pg&e but haven't yet heard back. we'll bring you the very latest on the story as it develops. a new south bay housing project ready for construction, and now we're learning who many of the homes will be set aside for. also -- >> i'm damian trujillo live at police headquarters in san jose where there will be no criminal charges against the police officer who sent out controversial tweets. what happens to the internal probe, that's coming up next. i wish a super hero would walk in the room for me and tell me, hey, it's going to be okay.
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>> no super hero could save the day for this man, so he took matters into his own hands. good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. sunshine in san francisco today, does show the cloud cover rolling in by the afternoon. we're tracking the storm that brought the clouds and let you know if there's any rainfall coming up in a few minutes. then at 6:00 the window washer survived an 11-story fall on to a car. now he just learned something incredible. >> i showed him a couple of days ago and he started crying. >> the amazing gift that allows him to focus only on his recovery. that's new at 6:00.
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it was a mess today in the tri-valley, traffic was backed up for hours all because of a beer truck. that beer truck overturned on 580 in dublin this morning. the chp says the driver had a
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coughing fit, he coughed so hard he choked and briefly blacked out, but he is okay. as for all that beer, you see some of the coors light right there, thousands of tons of beer was offloaded, even once the beer was removed, the rig was so heavy it took several tow trucks to haul it upright. new details on a police officer in hot water because of what he tweeted. officer phillip white made controversial comments on his twitter feed about the recent protests in ferguson and across the country, but the d.a. says the san jose cop didn't break the law. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from police headquarters. damian no charges from the d.a., but this officer still not in the clear. >> reporter: yeah you know a community activist still wants the police chief here to fire officer white, but for now the veteran officer is off the hook on control charges. four years officer phillip white worked with kids and community groups to help keep children out of trouble, but he got into
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trouble himself after his twitter controversy during the national protest on alleged police use of excessive force. one tweet on his account read, "threaten me or my family and i'll use my god given law appointed right and duty to kill you." another tweet read, "by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives don't matter, i'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun." the comments were unprofessional, but not criminal. >> it's not over a lot of ways just getting started. >> reporter: debug led the protests and said their main goal now is getting officer white off the force. >> there's no way to have positive community and police relations when you have someone like that that's spouting out such vitriol actually carrying a gun and a badge. >> reporter: officer white remains on paid administrative leave. the police chief will make the final decision on whether to fire the veteran police officer. live at police headquarters in
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san jose damian trujillo nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. the homeless will benefit from a new affordable housing development in san jose. leaders broke ground on the donner lofts today, located on 4th and st. john streets. the homes are small units for individuals and families of two. and for those the city calls working folk. 20% of the 102 units are dedicated to people who are formally homeless and could have a hard time finding a home in this market. >> 2.5% vacancy rate throughout the county so any time we get developers and partnerships to look at creating opportunities to get people out of encampments, off the streets and into their own homes, it's a great chance. >> the site of the development has a bit of history itself, it was the former home of eliza donner, one of the surviving members of the donner party. san francisco is number one. the city topped an annual nationwide poll of the best
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performing cities. the milken institute bumped san francisco from third last year to first this year. the city's thriving tech sector gets the credit. analysts said san francisco and san jose share a, quote, inno vase advantage meaning they can offset high costs with a talent pool and lively entrepreneurial spirit. san jose ranked fourth on the list. technologies providing an unlikely tool in monterey county. they've been using a drone for a year now to patrol its vines. with more than 4,000 acres it's cheaper and faster to get a drone's eye view of what's happening with the plants. the camera looks for danger in the form of destructive bugs or even diseases. the vineyard says catch a problem early and you only have to treat a few rows of vines instead of the entire vineyard. that could potentially save thousands of dollars a year. okay look at the calendar the time of year many of us talk about our new year's
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resolutions, changing our ways. >> the man you're about to meet is in the process of changing his whole life you could say. here's a clue super hero. garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. >> ricky has packed a lot into just 31 years of life. athlete, musician arborist now he's got a new identity given to him from an unlikely source. for ricky mena it was all about the car, or better yet, the 2008 cherry red chrysler 300 was a symbol of what life was all about for the younger ricky. >> as a younger man, i was more selfish rather than selfless. i bought it for the image, even though i just wanted to go out to be seen. things like that. >> and poor guy in his early 20s, he had a lot to show off, after all. >> i'm going to perform one song for you all. >> reporter: a steady job with the city of pittsburgh and a rising rap career. but just like cars make turns,
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so do lives. and this story -- >> we have somebody super special here today. >> reporter: -- is one heck of a u-turn. >> domino effect in life. >> reporter: the dominos in ricky's life were an injury that cost him a job, a music industry he didn't quite fit in with and a love affair that soured. ricky found himself last year living in a friend's spare room offering personal training sessions in exchange for room and board. >> and it was like okay who am i now? >> reporter: the answer surprisingly came from ricky's grandmother. surprising seeing as she died two years ago and she came to him in a dream. >> she came to me in a dream, flipped on a reel-to-reel like old movie projector, which is totally her style. >> reporter: the images were of spider-man giving gifts to needy kids. >> and so i said what's that got to do with me you know in
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the dream? she said that is you. >> reporter: that wasn't of course ricky then. but it is now. with the last $1,000 ricky had left after selling his precious chrysler he ordered a custom-fitted spider-man outfit, and for the past few months wherever there are underprivileged or overchallenged kids needing a smile, ricky is happy to be there for free. >> this is the most broke i've ever been financially, but the richest i've ever been in my life. >> he doesn't want to remain the brokest of his life. he's establishing a nonprofit called heart of a hero. he wants to spread the word about what he's doing. he's the one super hero out there who does not want to keep his identity secret. >> heart of a hero sounds great. what a great person. thanks so much. >> made us all smile here. >> costume fits him perfectly. so custom. >> thank you, garvin. let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist jeff ranieri. we said yesterday was too early to talk about the weekend, now it's thursday, we can do it. >> totally appropriate. we did have dramatic changes today, cloud cover moving in across the bay area also a few returns on the radar. as we zoom in you can see any of that rain starting to get near the coastline, this really fell apart. not expecting wet weather through tonight. outside to the sky camera network, temperatures right now in the 50s with that cloud cover here across the north bay east bay, also the south bay. with the clouds in place, i really don't think temperatures are going to be dropping off too much more for tonight. you might need a light jacket as you head out. taking you into the largest thing tonight besides the cloud cover, that was the drop in temperatures, as that storm system continues to pass over. we've seen a drop anywhere between 3 to 7 degrees from this time yesterday, so from record setting heat yesterday, to temperatures that are finally a little bit closer to average. now let's take you into what's going to happen as we head throughout the next 24 hours. what you'll see here throughout
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tonight is cloud cover continues from the north bay down to the south bay. i think at 6:00 and 7:00 for tomorrow, the overcast skies really don't go anywhere but then as we head throughout 2:00 3:00 and 4:00 on your friday a window of sunshine, so it does look sunnier by your friday afternoon. a much better day coming our way, then by this weekend, it looked like a while back we might get rainfall, but the storm system at least in part with the rainfall is going to stay way too far off to the south, so we're not expecting any rainfall as we head throughout saturday or sunday's forecast. so let's take you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. starting off cloudy get the sun by the afternoon, that sun's going to help boost up temperatures a little warmer than we had today. san jose expecting 65 degrees. los gatos, 68. for the peninsula, cool at the coastline, 60. palo alto 64 and most of san francisco remaining in the low 60s. taking you to the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley and we will get close, we think, to 70 in napa. that's because you're going to
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clear out from some of the clouds first for tomorrow. you're going to have a longer jump to get the temperatures up there. so again, 68 for your high, 65 in santa rosa. for the east bay, 65 in oakland, back towards walnut creek, 66 and danville expecting 64. the air quality still is unhealthy for parts of the bay area and while the atmosphere did get stirred up today, we had slight improvement. it's really going to stay about the same for tomorrow. close to the unhealthy levels in the north bay and the south bay moderate levels of pollution for the peninsula and the east bay. i really don't think we're going to see a marked change in this maybe until next friday or saturday. so let's take you into the weather trend. the reason why we may not see marked change in the air quality is we have dry weather saturday, sunday monday tuesday, even next wednesday, thursday and friday. next rainfall the 17th through the 21st is really what we need you guys to eventually give us some cleaner air. right now, dry weather forecast for this weekend, and, unfortunately, the air quality sticks around. >> thank you, jeff.
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up next at 5:00 intense night on the peninsula that had police scouring a neighborhood with their guns drawn. and the scam that's hitting san francisco home owners. what you need to know to protect yourself next. sticks around. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people.
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two oakland men are behind bars tonight for auto burglary evading police and pointing a gun at police officers. this all stems from last night when police got a call about two men breaking into a car in a san mateo parking garage. police located the suspects driving nearby after a short chase. the suspects crashed and took off on foot. one was caught immediately, the other was spotted at an apartment complex and surrendered. police say he pointed a gun at officers. police are still searching for
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that weapon. a new scam is making the rounds. three men posing as water department workers in san francisco. police say on december 18th the suspects convinced a home owner on 19th avenue to let them inside that home. that while the two suspects distracted the home owner, a third man burglarized that house, taking cash and valuables. police say always look for a city vehicle and i.d. at minimum before letting anyone into your house. they also offered these tips. >> the water department's individuals as we have over here will not be going into your home. if they come out there, they'll be calling there will be an appointment, but they will not go into the home so no resident should be letting these individuals into their home because that is not the protocol for our city workers. >> police say they do have video of the three suspects. $70 million, that's how much honda will have to pay for safety reporting violations. two $35 million fines, one is
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for honda's failure to report 1,700 deaths and injury claims over the past ten years, the other for failing to report warranty claims properly. it's the largest auto safety fine in u.s. history. still ahead, this weekend's glamorous dinner and drinks for the biggest stars in hollywood. stay with us.
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here's what we're working on for our 6:00 newscast using lie detectors to fight crime. the state's new plan to help prevent sex crimes at 6:00.
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it's dinner theater hollywood style, the golden globes, 72 hours away and tonight we're learning what the nominees and guests enjoy for dinner. the first course a modern waldorf salad. california cuisine with a global inspiration, then arctic char and filet mignon, and waiters will pour 400 magnums of champagne. you can watch the golden globes rights here on nbc bay area this sunday night. the show begins at 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow night don't miss our primetime special countdown to the globes with meredith vieira, featuring interviews with hollywood's hottest stars, 10:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. >> i think some of the actors may bring in flasks of their favorite drinks as well. >> it is a party. golden globes. >> gets a little crazy. >> i'd like a sample of the dinner, please. >> speaking of which, almost dinnertime. brian williams is next.
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>> see you at 6:00, bye, folks. manhunt. the frantic search for two brothers on the run after a massacre in paris that sparked world outrage. tonight, police are chasing a trail of clues door-to-door and deep into the woods as we learn that both suspects were known to the u.s. also, the threat assessment here at home. how many people the u.s. is watching and how difficult it is to track them, as security gets stepped up. du and cover. the earthquake drills going on, not in southern california, but deep in the heart of texas where suddenly the ground won't stop shaking. and fighting back. the united airlines employees who were fired after refusing to fly because of a message they saw written on the plane. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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