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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 8, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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replace her. nbc bay area's michelle roberts begins our coverage of this political shake-up. good evening, michelle. >> good evening. i spoke to her family. they say she has been anxious to get home and spend more time in california. but still two more years left in the senate. she'll be working on immigration reform and also access to health care. >> as long as there are issues and challenges and strife i will never retire. because that's the meaning of my life. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer says she will continue to fight for equality. but in 2016 she will step down as an elected official. >> i want to come home to the state that i love so much california. >> reporter: her family calls this a proud day. >> i don't think she ever expected that she would end up in public life. >> reporter: doug boxer believes his mom'srññ legacy whz berny=her1zcñqzgn rights environment. >> i don't think we've+ everu#;:ñ seen sof2ru/twzy&u tc peoplesññ that generally haven't had a voice in the system. >> reporter: taivboxer's p#8zñ
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e aboutb> kamala harris is the2fttorney >,z#neral of the state. gavin newsom is% theyú8@ would be ve8>mj well qualified for the job. there is no question about that.mç(=2]z whether they will%z[y rung!:a or not, don't,4 know. i think it's quite possible one >> reporter: political[ expert bruce cain says whoeverow losing a v+xylg6
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call her, quote she is one of the most unselfish politicians she has ever known. >> she has always shared the credit. she has always tried to help people succeed with their ideas. she has reached across the aisle. her leaving will be a great loss. >> both democratic lawmakers served in the house of representatives together for five years before boxer was elected to the senate. now senate boxer has climbed the ranks. she has held public office since 1976 when she was elected to the marin county board of supervisors. she made history at that time as the board's first woman president. she served on the board in marin county for six years until she
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was elected to the house of representatives in 1982. then in 1992 she was elected to the u.s. senate. she'll now serve out her term which expires next year. for many today's announcement came as a big surprise. but was it really? coming up at 6:25 our political analyst larry gerston joins us with what he calls clear indications that boxer was planning her exit. now to san francisco and the city's failed bid to host the summer games in 2024. the u.s. olympic committee rejected the city today, instead choosing boston as the u.s. city to compete to host the olympics. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live at san francisco city hall. and mark, the city obviously disappointed when it got the call this afternoon. >> the mayor said it was a very disappointing call. but, you know when i spoke to him this morning, he seemed very upbeat. he also thought that the strong competition would not come from boston but from los angeles.
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san francisco's olympic committee walked out to the cameras about five minutes after boston and the u.s. olympic committee had posted the news online. >> still a wonderful day. and we just heard the news that boston has been schlecht by the usoc. >> reporter: mayor ed lee said the u.s. olympic committee did not mention specifics. >> we don't know. i don't know yet what the points were or whether we came in on it or not. we hopefully will learn that very soon. >> reporter: mayor lee said the team had done its best to represent the city and the region. the plans called for more than $4.5 billion in costs, including a billion for new buildings and improvements. opponents wrote to the usoc asking that san francisco be passed over. >> bringing the olympics here in 2024 would be the nail in the coffin to the cultural diversity that makes san francisco so special. >> reporter: this afternoon it was olympic bid organizer and
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giants ceo larry baer who got the phone call from the usoc. >> they started by saying this was their toughest decision they've made in their careers. and it was a long and difficult meeting to get to a decision. >> we know san francisco make an 11th hour pitch for a new olympic stadium to be built in the city of oakland. but in the end, it was not enough. >> we felt we put together a very solid bid. and we tip our had to boston and we move on. and spring training pitchers and catchers are about 65 days away. so we have that. >> reporter: putting the best face on a disappointing day. the mayor unfailingly upbeat said that he now is looking forward to the super bowl. which of course will be played in santa clara. reporting from city hall mark matthew, nebz bay area news. >> all right, mark thank you. san francisco was also rejected for the 2012 olympics. but this time the bid seemingly
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was much stronger. so what happened? a source close to the usoc tells nbc bay area that boston improved its bid within the past ten days. the source says quote, boston and san francisco were the most attractive cities for the ioc. keep in mind the international olympic committee ultimately picks the host city. the usoc was hesitant on the pop-up stadium plan. the pop-up stadium or to the opening and closing ceremony would have been built across from candlestick park along 101. boston will compete against rome, dubai and other cities for the 2024 games. the ioc will make the final decision in 2017. san francisco as we just mentioned with mark matthews report also made the last-minute adjustment to its bid by including oakland and the coliseum. so what happen news with the coliseum? we'll have that part of the story coming up at 6:30. this just in. a grisly discovery in oakland. a homeless man found a human
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skull under the freeway at seventh and castro streets downtown. he called 911, bringing police out to investigate. after gathering evidence officers turned the skull over to the alameda county coroner for testing. caltrans also helped clean out the homeless encampment where the skull was found. it was inappropriate, but it wasn't criminal. that's the d.a.'s decision in the case of a san jose police officer accused of posting a threatening message online. the messages were believed to be directed at those protesting against alleged police brutality in ferguson and new york city. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at police headquarters where the officer faces another inquiry. damian? >> reporter: janelle, internal affairs here is still checking to see if officer philip white should be fired. for now the veteran cop has been spared from serving any jail time. officer phillip white was well respected. tonight he remains on paid leave while the internal affairs looks
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into tweets last year during the protests against police use of excessive force. threaten me or my family and i will use my god-given and right to kill you. if anyone feels they want breathe or their lives don't matter, i'll be at the movies tonight, offduty, carrying my gun. today the d.a. said those comments were unappropriate and unprofessional, but not criminal. >> this is a mess their officer made and it's their responsibility to clean it up. >> reporter: they're not surprised by the decision but the community group is still calling for the chief to fire white. >> they know that we're watching them very closely. and we expect them to do the right thing, which is remove officer white from the police department because there is no way to have positive community relations when you have someone like that is that is spouting out such vitriol, actually carrying a gun and a badge. >> reporter: the police department would not comment about the internal probe. and last month the police union
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condemned the tweets. >> we condemn these comments. the san jose police officers association remains focused on fostering positive dialogue. >> reporter: tonight the city waits to see what the police chief will do with officer white. now once ia finishes its investigation, they'll send that report over to the independent police auditor. she will audit that report and the chief will have the final say on the future of officer phillip white. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. good reason for all the clapping. stocks staged another big rally today there was a wave of investor optimism because of the steadying out oil prices. many are expecting upbeat job market news tomorrow as well. now the dow jones closed up more than 300 points. apple says it's hit a major milestone in job creation. the company announcing today that it's created one million jobs in the united states alone. apple came up with the numbers by tallying its own employees as
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well as app developer, suppliers, and manufacturers. while we're talking about milestones apple says it has broken an app record in 2014. the numbers show that apps created more than $10 billion in revenue for developers. he is very lucky to be alive. and we're lucky to still have him. >> still ahead, he survived an 11-story drop. now his family shares how that window washer's recovery is going. plus, the big surprise he just received. and stopping sex crimes with lie detectors. california's new strategy. plus affordable housing in the south bay. but there is a catch. why homeless people will be allowed to live there as well. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking a storm system moving across california right now. we've had a few rain returns offshore. we'll let you know if this means any wet weather in the next 24 hours, coming up in just a few minutes.
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an incredible story of survival, and you might remember it. we want to show you this man, pedro perez. a window washer fell 11 stories in san francisco and lived. tonight only on nbc bay area christie smith spoke with perez's daughter about the accident. the recovery and the surprise the family just learned. she joins us in the san francisco financial district with more. christie? >> reporter: good evening to you. the daughter says this certainly eases their financial concerns and puts the focus back where it belongs, and that is recovery. we're talking about an 11-story fall. but they say they're also comforted by the thought that they're not going through this alone. >> these are pictures of him. >> reporter: monica perez says she continues to count her father's lucky stars. in late november pedro perez, a window watcher fell 11 stories on to the roof of a car in san francisco and survived. today, as he continues to recover, strangers have opened
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their hearts and wallets to help the family pay the bills. >> he started crying because he couldn't understand how much people had helped and how much people actually cared. and so it touched his heart that you know he wasn't going -- he is not going to have to worry about us as much as he thought. >> reporter: he had received worker's comp. but the family hoped to raise $20,000 through a fundraising site to help offset living expenses. so far donations have topped $78,000. and many coming with touching messages from donors who have never met the man. >> he is doing better. you know he is eager to start with his therapies. and he is ready to get up and moving. but he still has some issues here and there. sometimes his memory is still not fully with him. he still has very severe injuries. >> reporter: she says her father doesn't remember the accident, but has moved to a rehab facility. they await the day he can rejoin the family.
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monica also says that she can now pick up a class again she had taken up to help. >> they're hopeful from the movement he has in his legs now that it's looking like -- it's more of a possibility that he will walk. we're lucky to still have him. >> reporter: now i spoke to a spokesperson for cal osha. they're still investigating exactly how this happened. and they say that can typically last about three to four months. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. well city leaders breck ground on the donner lots today. this is affordable housing in san jose. the site is located in the heart of downtown on fourth and st. johns streets. the homes are small units for those the city calls working folks. some of the units are dedicated to those who were formally homeless. >> we're looking at a 2 1/2 vacancy rate. it's a challenging and tight market. any time we get developments and
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partnerships creating opportunities to get people out of encampments, off the street and into their own homes, it's a great chance. >> housing is very challenging for the entire bay area. getting homeless off the streets is an issue that will go before the city council in san jose later this month. san francisco now is number one. the city topped the annual nationwide poll of the best performing cities. the milken institute bumped san francisco from third to first on the list. they were third last year. and now san francisco is number one. the city's thriving tech sector gets the credit. analysts say san francisco and san jose share an innovation advantage, meaning they can offset high costs and red tape with an extraordinary talent pool and lively entrepreneurial spirit. san jose ranked fourth on that list. lie detector tests may not be admissible in court, but the state is going to use them to fight sex crimes. it's a first for california. when sex offenders are released from jail they'll take periodic lie detector tests as a way to
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gauge their behavior. the new policy follows several high profile cases involving parole what's have rape and killed after being released. combining the test with gps tracking has cut crimes as much as 40% in other states. a climate expert is making a weather prediction for 2015, forecasting that the u.s. will be warmer than last year which was warmer than the year before. he says evidence of global warming can be found in the world's oceans. at devices placed around the world, a recording how the extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is making its way into seawater. >> we can measure that now very accurately these with these argo floats. more than 3,000 of them distributed around the world's ocean. we can measure the heat don't of the ocean. and it's going up at a substantial rate. so the planet is going to keep getting warmer. >> that is dr. hanson. he is a former nasa director and has been studying climate change since the 1980s. let's talk about our
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climate. we've had a lot of stagnant air for the last few days. let's get a check of our microclimate forecast with jeff. >> we do have a slight improvement today. we still have plenty of haze out here across the bay area. what is happening on the satellite radar picture is a storm system is now moving into california. it's stirring up the atmosphere a little bit. but again, no rainfall with it. so we're not going to see that air quality go to the good levels. this storm system ran out of gas before it got here. so again, no rainfall tonight. now what it did do is bring in the cloud cover. you can see it in the weather underground time lapse. we started off with blue sky. throughout the day, the cloudy skies rolled on in. and the temperatures dropped. we were down 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday's highs. think outside of the sky camera network right now. temperatures in the 50s. and the interesting thing about the cloud cover right now, it's going to sit across the bay area. acts as a big blanket for tonight. so it will keep temperatures relatively mild as we head throughout the evening. also for tomorrow. so we're not expecting anything tomorrow morning to drop down to the freezing mark. by the afternoon, we'll have
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some increased sunshine for your friday forecast. it will be sunnier for us and that's going to help temperatures to warm up little bit more tomorrow. close to in the north bay. back here for the south bay, 65 degrees. let's take you to the weather trend as we head throughout the next couple of days. dry weather for saturday. saturday, and monday. we have really bottomed out on the temperatures with the cooling trend. we'll see just some subtle differences as we head throughout the next four-day period. 62 by sunday. and in san francisco, right up near the coastline, upper 50s near the marina. for the north bay, east shore, the tri-valley, temperatures averaging in the 60s. really though matter where you're traveling the next several days, it's going to be pretty much the same temperature-wise. with no rainfall right now coming our way, we did want to give you an update on the rainfall season. despite the fact that we haven't had any rainfall in january, december was so great with that historic rainfall, all areas still reading 100 to nearly 200% of average. hopefully we'll get some more rainfall in here looks like within the next two weeks we may get another storm system at
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least by next weekend, you guys. >> okay thanks jeff. coming up free tuition? how a proposed college plan would work and how it could help millions of americans students. a scam warning for homeowners in one local city. what you need to know to protect yourself.
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okay. here is a live look at the evening commute on the golden gate bridge. smooth sailing at this hour. but get ready for historic change for the first time in its 77-year history, the golden gate bridge will close down for construction. traffic will be stopped a minute after midnight tomorrow night for crews to install a movable median barrier. the goal is to make the bridge safer for drivers and help avoid head-on collisions. the bridge is expected to reopen by 4:00 a.m. on monday. well it is big news on capitol hill and here in the bay area. as we mentioned at the top of
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this newscast senator barbara boxer is calling it quits. but if you read between the lines, this was no surprise. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us. larry, follow the money for the clues, right? >> follow the money, exactly. because we've been checking her campaign coffers over the last six months and they have been stuck at $150,000. guess what? you can't get a senate seat in california with that kind of money. she needs tens of millions of dollars. the fact that barbara boxer was not raising money was a big sign to many of us that you know what? she is going to be checking out. >> they say this could be a first billion race in the country. we haven't had a shake-up like this in decades. everyone jockeying for position. it's began already hours ago. who takes over in the senate seat the next year. >> i tell you, raj, the democrats have a very deep bench. here are a few of the candidates and there are many. gavin newsom. likes the executive branch idea. was mayor of san francisco. but will he go for the senate? maybe. and then there is attorney
6:24 pm
general kamala harris, a darling of liberal democrats, particularly because of the bank settlement she procured a couple of years ago. state treasurer john chung made the controllers office his last job transparent, showed people where the money was coming from, where it was going. a big player in the budget process. and then we can't leave out former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. watch him. and then a second tier they include former controller steve wesley hedge fund manager tom steyer former state president pro tem darrell steinberg, and maybe even congressman adam schiff from southern california who has made a name for himself on negligence issues. >> compelling names. i know you are going to tell me the republican possibilities. is there a chance? >> it's a big democratic blue state. we know that they don't have much of a deep bench.
6:25 pm
mostly because democrats hold all of the statewide offices. so all that being said you might want to look to congressman darrell issa as a candidate. but after all, he headed the government oversight committee, has made a lot of waves. and namely another outsider like charles munger jr. who has tossed hundreds of millions of dollars for conservative issues. >> what about governor jerry brown? >> yeah everybody is asking about brown. you know look. brown is in the beginning of his last term. it's his legacy. he's got a career spanning more than 40 years. close to 50 by the time he is done. he wants to cement that legacy. so he'll be promoting things like high speed rail water policy, prison realignment. and he wants to see through new public education funding formula. so you know what? put it all aside. the stage is set, really for something exciting. the next generation of california's leaders. >> larry, we're going to be busy
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in 2016, aren't we? >> we sure are. >> all right. larry gerston from our newsroom. thank you. a warning about a new scam making the rounds. three men posing as water department workers in san francisco. police say on december 18th the suspects convinced a homeowner on 19th avenue to let them inside. two suspects distracted the homeowner, a third burglarize the home taking cash and valuables police. say always look for a city vehicle and id at a minimum before letting anyone into your home. they also offered these safety tips. >> if they come out there, they will be calling. there will be an appointment. but they will not go into the home. so no resident should be letting these individuals into their home because that is not the protocol for our city workers. >> police say they do have video of the three suspects and are now looking for them. well coming up free college. president obama's new plan which he sent out via twit their evening to make a degree more affordable. they're attempting one of the most challenging climbs in the world. now the weather at yosemite is
6:27 pm
changing the way a pair of hikers have to handle their approach. and we're following developments out of france. the manhunt continues. everyone searching for the brothers who went on that terrorist rampage inside of that magazine's office. we'll tell you how the staff of that magazine is vowing to fight back.
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and help you enroll. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income, and 4 out of 5 people who have enrolled qualified. if you don't have a health plan, or you do, but you want to make sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. things are still unfolding in paris. hundreds of police officers continue to search for the remaining two suspects in
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yesterday's massacre. the two brothers are believed to have robbed a gas station today near the town of long point outside of paris. teams quickly moved in, but an extensive search turned up nothing. as france struggles to make sense of the attack on the well-known satirical magazine leaders here in the united states are worried a similar act could be carried out in america. nbc's steve handelsman has the very latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: despite the intensive manhunt, the kouachi brothers were still at large as darkness fell in france. french soldiers rushed to paris. the number one concern said officials is another attack. cherif kouachi 32, born and raised in paris, was jailed in 2008 for helping send jihad fighters to iraq. he and his brother said, 34, were named as suspects in yesterday's attack because one of them left id behind. a third suspect turned himself in. but the precision is alarming
6:31 pm
experts in the u.s. they theorized that the brothers and certainly others were trained an sent home by isis or al qaeda. >> and so this is kind of the high end of the new genre of attacks i'm afraid we're going to see for some time now. >> reporter: maybe some lawmakers fear in america. >> we have a situation where citizens of the european union can come more freely to the u.s. unless that is tightened up that's a danger back here at home. >> reporter: in philadelphia pulitzer prize winning cartoonist sydney wilkinson said she will not stop drawing cartoons that will offend muslims. >> if you do not like to see your prophet caricatured in a cartoon, don't do stupid things in the name of your prophet. >> reporter: in the u.s., security was tighter at french government offices as the eiffel tower lights went off and back on to honor the dead and defy the extremists. i'm steve handelsman nbc news,
6:32 pm
washington. >> steve, thank you. they're not backing down. the surviving staff members of the "charlie hebdo" magazine are vowing to publish a million copies this week. the magazine usually has a circulation of 60,000. several media organizations are stepping in to help and even google is a part of the effort. google is a part of the french media fund that is donating $300,000 to help keep the magazine stay afloat. weather again a factor. rough seas and murky waters prevented divers from retrieving the black boxes from airasia flight. the indonesian government released new video of the tail section rusting at the bottom of the java sea. should it contain the voice recorder and data boxes. tomorrow crews will try to remove the tail using large balloons and a crane. the airasia plane crashed on december 28th in bad weather, killing all 162 people on board. nfl commissioner roger goodell might be off the hook.
6:33 pm
today an independent report was released on the nfl and its handling of the ray rice domestic violence case. the investigation headed by former fbi director robert muller found that the nfl did not see that elevator video before it was released by tmz. the video showed the former baltimore ravens running back punching his then fiancee. the report did say without seeing the elevator video early on, the nfl should have done a more thorough investigation. since the incident the league has toughened its personal conduct policies. president obama announces a plan to make community college available for more americans. he teased his community college proposal in a video uploaded to facebook today. >> i'd like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to work for it. >> the white house says details will come in the state of the union address on january 20th and the president's budget request on february 2nd. the white house expects 9 million students to participate. the program would require action
6:34 pm
from a republican-controlled congress. let's take you outside. more now on the olympic-sized disappointment for the bay area's bid to host the 2024 olympics. a live look now in san francisco. tonight's decision to go with boston as the bid city for the 2024 games also dealt a big blow perhaps to oakland's plan for building a new stadium for the raiders. so the question remains what happens now for the fight to keep the raiders in oakland and build them a new stadium. let's bring in nbc bay area's jodi hernandez from oakland. jodi? >> reporter: raj, for a brief time today, there was a lot of hope and excitement here in oakland that the bay area's olympic bids could perhaps help save oakland sports. it appears now it's back to the drawing board. >> the thing is that the olympics will be here would be very positive to oakland. >> reporter: but those hopes have been dashed. less than 24 hours after learning san francisco's bid to
6:35 pm
host the 2024 olympic games included holding part of them in oakland. the u.s. olympic committee selected boston instead. >> that would be a bummer, a real bummer, yeah. because, i mean i would love to go see olympics up here. >> reporter: fans and city leaders were especially hopeful that the olympics would finally bring the funding needed to build a new stadium and keep oakland sports teams from leaving town. but the column cites easy access to bart freeways and the airport. the mayor called it a win-win all the way around. >> the timing couldn't be more perfect where the opportunity to build an olympic stadium would then create a permanent home for one of our sports teams, most likely the raiders. >> reporter: but it's not to be. and some city leaders sounded mighty skeptical of the oakland stadium olympic plan even before the bay area officially lost the bid.
6:36 pm
>> i would love to see them here. and it's a boost for oakland. people would say that show me the money. >> reporter: now we are told that the raiders are set to sign a one-year lease extension here at the coliseum next week that will buy them some more time to strike a stadium deal. one member of the coliseum authority told me he believes a deal can be reached with or without the olympics. obviously, it will have to be done now without the games. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jodi. following up now on two men making a historic free climb up the sheer face of yosemite's el capitan. they're making a dramatic tactical change. free climbing means they use their hands and feet to scale the huge rock. the ropes are only there to catch them if they fall? what's changed? the men are now climbing at
6:37 pm
night with headlines. a friend who blogged for them said the days are just too warm and the night rock is cooler. that gives their fingers and climbing shoes better grip. one of the climbing friends is from santa rosa. he is nursing some finger injuries. today marked day 13 of their climb. still ahead here at 6:00 is google slipping? just a bit. the small gain for one of google's biggest competitors. against her will. the growing controversy over a teenager's refusal to undergo chemotherapy. what a court ruled today. and putting drones to work. why you'll soon be seeing more of them in wine country.
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google's grip on the internet search market stumbled last month. according to the data firm stacked counter, google's share fell to 75% in december from 79% the year before. still the majority of the market but that's the lowest since stack counter started crunching the numbers. yahoo had the biggest gain jumping from 7.4 to 10.4%. the shake-up comes after fire box browsers switched their default search engine from going toll yahoo. 70 million bucks. that's how much honda will have to pay for failing to report safety issues. it's the largest auto safety fine in u.s. history. the national highway traffic safety administration issued two fines. one is for honda's failure to report 1700 deaths and injury claims over the past ten years. the other for failing to report warranty claims properly. it's a meal fit for hollywood royalty. the golden globes will air right here on nbc bay area on sunday
6:41 pm
night. and tonight we're learning what the nominees and guests will enjoy for dinner. the first course a modern waldorf salad. hollywood stars will have the choice between argument tick char and fillet mignon. chefs will offer canelloni as a no meat entry. glasses will be filled with champagne. for dessert a trio of lemon cheesecake hazelnut cake and chocolate salted carmel. you can watch the golden globes right here on nbc bay area. this sunday night. the show begins at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night, don't miss our primetime special countdown to the globes with meredith vieira. it features interviews with hollywood's hottest stars. that's 10:00 p.m. on nbc bay area. >> just the way janelle pronounces the menu. >> i know. >> wonderful. >> my mouth is like drooling. watering. >> i've never had arctic char. >> fish. >> could have it for dinner. >> jeff is buying in the nbc kitchen. all right. let's take a live look outside
6:42 pm
of the sky camera network. you can see the we have mainly clear skies to lower levels. but up above, a lot of cloud cover. we'll talk more about friday's forecast if that cloud cover sticks around in just a few minutes.
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she is refusing treatment, but judges have overruled her. a connecticut teenager will continue to receive chemotherapy against her will. this case is receiving national attention for legal and ethical issues. here is nbc's erika edwards. >> all rise. >> reporter: at issue in front of the connecticut supreme court on thursday should a 17-year-old girl a minor, be able to refuse medical treatment that doctors say is very likely to save her life? >> does the right to refuse treatment spring into being on the morning of the 18th birthday? >> reporter: cassandra has
6:45 pm
hodgkin's lymphoma. it's a disease that has up to 85% survival if treated with chemotherapy. cassandra calls chemo toxic.. her mother says her 17-year-old is mature enough to receive treatment. >> it's very serious. and my daughter does not want poison in her body. this is her constitutional right as a human being. >> reporter: but according to the court's ruling thursday it's not. cassandra has been under state custody since last month after investigators said forton allowed her sick daughter to miss doctors appointments and medical tests. the justice decided that cassandra is not yet ready to make critical health decisions on her own. >> after cassandra represented to the trial court under oath that she would undergo treatment she ran away from home and stopped treatment. >> forton was emotional after the ruling. >> she knows i love her and i'm going to keep on fighting for her. >> reporter: the court's ruling means cassandra will continue to receive the chemotherapy she
6:46 pm
doesn't want. it's expected to take six months. cassandra turns 18 in nine months, becoming a legal adult in september. erika edwards, nbc news. back here at home technology providing an unlikely tool to improve california's grape harvest. in monterey consolidate, shied ven yards has been using them to patrol violence. with more than 4,000 acres, it's cheaper and much faster to get a drone's eye view. it looks for danger in the form of destructive bugs or even diseases. >> we don't catch a vineyard disease it gets to be a problem, it's very expensive to replant vines and redo trellis and lose the production. in other agriculture, it could be even more important. and overall in agriculture i would see one day billions of dollars being saved by quick identification. >> just this week, the faa issued its first ever drone permits for use in the agriculture and real estate sectors.
6:47 pm
just in case you needed another reminder thank the heavens for california. millions of americans woke up this morning to record low temperatures. look at this. 26 states recorded temperatures below zero today. ice, snow and biting wind. volunteers and firefighters doing their best to help those who don't have any shelter. >> you know it's going to be the coldest night of the year. we'll get you into a shelter. >> i'm all right here. >> all right. you know how to get ahold of us if you need us? >> it is so cold. many schools and businesses have shut down because of the weather. tonight, get this temperatures in 40 states are expected to plunge below freezing. >> it's that windchill factor. it's so cold. our forecast much more mild. some changes on the way. here is jeff ranieri. >> you got that exactly right. temperatures across the midwest, also the east coast will be warming up by sunday and monday going from below zero into the 20s.
6:48 pm
a look right now at the satellite radar picture. we have had a storm system moving across the bay area for today. even a few returns on the radar. some rainfall well offshore. it is so dry at the lower levels that we're not anticipating any rainfall for tonight. but that cloud cover is going to continue to move across. and it also cooled us off quite a bit too. take you outside of the sky camera network right now. temperatures are pretty much in the 50s here across the bay area. so it's a cool night out here. but the cloud cover that is going to stay in place in the overnight hours will keep temperatures relatively the same over the next six to ten hours. take you into the futurecast. as we continue throughout the night, widespread coverage through marin, napa and sonoma counties. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we're generally starting off with another overcast sky. as we head throughout the day we are expecting sunnier weather throughout your friday forecast. you really think by 1:00 2:00 and 3:00 we'll get the window of sunshine across the bay area. at least partly cloudy skies. and then for a select view across the north and east bay mostly sunny conditions.
6:49 pm
we have been tracking rainfall well offshore. the storm system the past several days really didn't look like it was going to produce any rainfall. by saturday's forecast most of it remains well offshore and way off to the south. so we're looking at dry weather even right into this upcoming weekend. so we'll take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout friday. tgif. and once again, clouds to start the day. sunshine by the afternoon. and with that increased sunshine temperatures go up a few degrees. it will be comfortable. not nearly as warm as it was the past few days. san jose expecting 65 degrees. 68 in los gatos. and 66 in morgan hill. throughout the peninsula, you have 63 in foster city. 60 in pacifica. wind picks up off the ocean out of the west. that's going to feel like the 60s. for san francisco 60 in forest hills. you head out towards the embarcadero, soma 60 degrees. north bay, east bay and tri-valley. the thing to note here up into the north bay, that's where the cloud cover is going to clear the first. we do think napa is going to be one of the warmest temperatures tomorrow with 68 degrees.
6:50 pm
back here towards mill valley 64. and for the tri-valleys, 67. we did have a slight improvement in the air quality today. tomorrow, there is going to be a little change in that forecast. we are expecting moderate levels of air pollution here in the peninsula and also for the east bay. still close to the unhealthy levels in the north by and also the south bay. what yes really need to clear this air out is some rainfall. as you'll see in that extended forecast, no rainfall again for friday, saturday sunday monday or tuesday. not even next wednesday, thursday, or friday. may not get some rainfall until next weekend. any time here from the 17th through the 21st century we're possibly looking at rainfall coming our way. so right now clear weather this weekend. raj and janelle, you know that means? >> what does that mean? >> it means we have time to prepare for the wet weather i know is going to be coming around. clean the butt gutters, do the leaf blowing. >> lots of time to prepare. >> the optimistic jeff ranieri. thank you, jeff. >> sure. up next warriors star stephen curry. the dude is everywhere. he has been sitting down on the
6:51 pm
job. we'll show you his latest trick shot geraud moncure joins us. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy.
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thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can.
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let's bring in geraud moncure from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. we want a recount. what does boston have that we don't have, geraud? >> that's a good question. possibly sandoval. it would have been fun. it would have been a lot of fun. as we told you earlier in the newscast, the city of boston chosen to represent the united states as a possible bid for the 2024 summer olympic games. beantown beat out san francisco, los angeles, and washington, d.c. in an attempt to bring the
6:54 pm
summer games back to the united states after what would be a 20-year gap. boston joins rome as the only other city which officially has a bid for now. mayor ed lee keeping it positive, keeping it focused on what the bay area will have. >> i'm excited about still the olympics. still sports. we're getting ready for the super bowl l. and i'm focused on that. we're excited about another run towards a world series larry. we'll be doing that. maybe in between an nba championship in the bay area. sharks attempting to close out a perfect three-game roadie tonight in st. louis. once again without center thornton. a left shoulder injury causing him to miss a fourth straight game. >> it just sucks being injured, you know. i never -- really since my first year the worst part is just getting bagged. i hate that. so you try to play extra everything, to be honest. yeah it sucks and hopefully get
6:55 pm
back soon. when they win, it's like okay you don't have to really stress so much because the guys are doing so good. so hopefully they keep winning and my shoulder gets -- me and my shoulder gets better and we'll just go from there. >> so sharks and blues final season meeting. sharks skating a man down. but logan couture fires top shelf on brian elliott, cutting the deficit 2-1. seconds later, same power play. blues return the favor. paul stack any, his ninth of thor. >>. right now 5-2 st. louis heading into the third period. well off night for the doves. but when they hit the floor tomorrow against cleveland, steph curry will be rocking his first new signature shoe, the curry 1. the superstar in under armour unveiled the high top today which is inspired by steph's journey from an unheralded prep player to an nba top tier point guard. okay finally, when the
6:56 pm
doves aren't bringing thousands to their feet inside oracle they're doing some pretty amazing things as you can see on the practice court. curry dropping in the effortless 30-footer today while sitting in a chair. it's just that easy. go ahead. laugh it off. ha ha. a lot of people might not understand, but you got to be pretty strong to get that ball that distance while sitting down in a chair. looks a lot easier than it really is. trust me on that. >> it's all in the wrist, geraud. it's all in the wrist. >> and we like those curry wind, the basketball shoes. my 5-year-old already wants a pair. do you know the cost of this, geraud? >> you know what, raj, $120. reasonable. >> that's reasonable. that. >> is reasonable. i could use some serious air. >> back in my day they were $45 -- no just kidding. >> thanks geraud. >> air jordans for me were around $100. >> 120 bucks for steph curry's
6:57 pm
new shoe. >> i think it's worth it. fair very stylish. different colors and everything. >> a look into the five-day. >> we're going to look into the weather trend and see more sunshine compared to today after that cloud cover. we'll start with clouds tomorrow morning. and then we'll see partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. 65 in san jose. san francisco, 63. and then as we head throughout this weekend, dry weather through the bay area with numbers staying relatively the same. 50s in san francisco. low to mid-60s throughout san jose. and then as we head throughout next monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday no rainfall in the forecast. air quality will likely stay hot rat all the way through the next week. well could see several more days of spare the airs. keep showing this chance of rain from the 17th through the 21st. we really hope that happens, even if it's a week storm system. that would be exactly what we need to clear out this pollution here across the bay area. >> that would be good news. thanks for joining us here tonight. we hope you have a great evening. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> good night, folks.
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jennifer lawrence back on and getting serious with chris martin. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ extra, extra ♪ they hooked up they broke up now they're getting together again. the new j. law/chris martin headlines today. new video, bill cosby faces the cameras. his tv wife phylicia rashad and her message to cosby's accusers. ben roasting himself, melissa slimmed down ellen bowing down to part ya. >> you guys look amazing. >> the fashions the blunders at the people's choi awards. >> i'm so sorry, i


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