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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00. this time tomorrow night the golden gate bridge will be moments away from an historic closure. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. after weeks of warning the longest closure in the bridge's 77 year history is nearly here. that means plan b for locals and tourists. why is this happening? tomorrow night's closure will allow crews to install a movable
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barrier over the weeken. the barrier will prevent head-on collisions. it will have a big impact. 160,000 cars cross the golden gate on any given weekend. cheryl hurd joins us from the bridge this evening with last-minute updates. cheryl? >> reporter: raj, the golden gate bridge scheduled to close at 12:01 tomorrow night. construction crews will start the closure process at 9:30. how do plan to get around with bridge closure this weekend. one man is hoping you will take the water instead. lewis is getting ready for the weekend. founder of the first on demand water taxi. >> we operate on a 24-hour schedule. give us a call. tell us where-up are going. where you want to be picked up. >> you can do that through a mobile app on your phone. >> track our bets now on our mobile site.
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on an app. go to it on your phone. click live map. see where our vessel is. we are slowly getting there. >> getting there in time for the golden gate bridge closure. >> a lot of ridership has been local, marin, we haven't overextended ourselves. >> this weekend will be different. lewis is hoping for a bombing business. he has the osprey capable of hauling 40 passengers and a small bet we hitched a ride on tonight. it hold six passengers. those who depend on the golden gate bridge know the closure is coming and. >> not going to go near the bridge. that's going to stay up here and stay on this sigh. and i think the folks in east bay have had that happen to them. so whatever happens comes around to us too. not such a big deal. >> this weekend will be a big deal for lewis and his crew. hoping the bridge closure will force people to get out of their
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comfort zone and try something new. and he says that will be good for him, in the long run. the water taxis have per motion to make three stops along the waterfront. saucilito and tiberon included. the cost of an all day pass. $25. reporting live at vista point. cheryl hurd nbc bay area. >> looks beautiful there, thank you, cheryl. stay with us onair and online. details about the lane confeg racing -- lane configuration and huh to get around. >> in paris, somber gesture. in honor of the victims of the massacre. the eiffel tower went dark for a braef brief time. most of them journalists at the magazine "charlie hebdo." the massive intense search continues in the countryside
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outside of paris. desperately wanted. cherif and said kouachi. the two men matching descriptions rbd a gas station this morning. police and soldiers have ben combing the area ever since. so far no trace of the brothers one who has spent time of in prison helping send jihad fighters to iraq. now the satirical magazine targeted in the attack "charlie hebdo" is fighting back in the best way they know how with ink and paper. the surviving staff members of it are vowing to publish next week. the magazine has a circulation of 60,000. several media organizations are stepping in to help. goingle its part of the effort. google donating $300,000 to keep the magazine afloat. >> bay area film that probably won't make it to any beg thetig theaters could catch on and help stop sexual assault on campus.
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peggy bunker joins us from santa clara university where the film will premier tomorrow night. peggy. >> smenteptember of last year. the cdc revealed in their live time, one in five women will be raped. shocking number and shocking to think of acts of violence on a college campus. tougher to universities like santa clara university are trying to get in front u. >> stupid drunken mistake ruins your life. >> tackling sexual assault on college campuses. >> with mandatory film seen by all incoming freshmen. >> women should be able to come to college without being in fear. and, men need to go off to college and learn how not to be rapists. >> a professor at santa clara university and co-director of can't thread a moving needle. >> the new laws in the state of california are forcing-up to understan that you have to get an affirmative yes. it is not the absence of
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anything. it is let's hear that yes. >> every word of the film is taken from real life accounts of rape victims. >> third, fourth time. i just gave up. i've i went numb. i just tried to picture myself some where else. >> of the absence of a yes, means no. co-director and santa clara professor, barbara means phraser says the film shatters secrecy of rape. >> gives you a sense of of what it moons for somebody who has been raipd andped and the effect. >> they heard off salts on other campuses. they can relate off to the intense pressure not to report it. >> cause a lot of uproar and attention. i can see how some people wouldn't want the drama or attention or story about them. >> everything will start coming become to her or something. >> reporter: the film highlights how young men in college may not
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beaware. >> the perpetrator in the story in the film is somebody who didn't intend to be a rapist. but, it was -- he had sex with a woman who was, unable to give consent. and, that he became a rapist. >> now, raj, jessica, filmmakers given $150,000 grant from at vonn foundation. gave the cash to the filmmakers on a promise. it has to be available to all colleges and universities across the country for free. at santa clara university. peggy bunker nbc bay area news. >> well the woman accused of setting a fire at the mrs. doubtfirehouse is charged with attempted murder. taiwan welch set to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. the officers arrest herd yesterday. welch accused of trying to set the pacific heights monday on fire. the man, made famous in the 1993 robin williams movie. the home as you remember was the site of a make shift memorial
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when robin williams died last summer. no charges filed against ape police officer behind incendiary tweets. he sent tweets that criticized demonstrators linked to police after officer involved deaths of michael brown in ferguson missouri and eric garner in new york. on paid administrative leave. at this point. there is no word from the police department as to the response. >> the announcement. tonight the race begins to fill her spot. after decades on capitol hill barbara boxer's senate run will end next year. she is leaving congress but still vows to fight for her beliefs. >> i am never going to retire. the work is too important. >> the shake-up in washington and here in the bay area. the 74-year-old made the announcement in this video message released to day. her grandson plays the role of reporter. boxer elected to the house of representatives in 1983.
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and within her senate seat in 1992. most recently served as head of the senate environment and public works committee. she is championed many use over the years including woman's right to choose. civil rights and job creation. once her term is of in 2016 she plans to campaign for other democrats. president obama issuing this statement. barbara boxer is more than a senator. she is an institution. he went on to say she will be missioned but looks forward to working with her until her term expires next year. a rare senate seat open here in california. as for possible candidates to replace boxer. lieutenant-governor newsom and attorney general harris. newsom and harris have been planning for this moment. reportedly they agreed not to battle for the position at least against each other. perhaps suggesting they'll, one will seek the senate seat. the other the governor's office. >> new individually tonight.
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the foie gras is back on the menu in california. but tonight animals' rights groups are protesting. abut a dozen people you can seep here representing peta holding silent protest outside one market restaurant in san francisco. yesterday a judge ruled the ban on selling foie gras inment state is unconstitutional because the ban interfered with the federal law. people on both side of the issue are passional ate abut this. >> the animals are sick. eating diseased liver. sick animals. not a delicacy in my opinion. >> everybody's rights have been restored. if woo e can respect everybody's rights. they have the right to protest. everybody can live haply together. >> the chef doesn't have foie gras on the men to tonight or right now. but does expect a shipment tomorrow. >> next at 11:00:00. sending millions of students to college for free. details of the president's am besh us new plan. >> take a look at the selfie could be a security risk. why the white house is investigating a picture of malia
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obama. >> plus it was the reputation the store owner never expected. how the ebola scare force aid bridal shop to close its doors after decades of being in business. >> good evening. meteorologist, jeff ranieri. cloud cover moves across the bay area. tracking a few showers offshore. let you know if the showers will make it off to the bay area coming offenoffen -- coming of in a few minutes.
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>> how does free community college sound? president obama previewed his plan to give two free years of community college to students
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around the country. many are asking how would it work? who will pay for it? and can the country afford it? nbc bay area's ian cole has the details. >> reporter: from air force one, president obama posted a facebook message previewing his speech tomorrow morning. >> what i would look to do is see the first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to work for it. >> california is home to more than 2 million community college students. the most of any state. many eager to hear more. >> hopefully, my brothers can go to school. >> a lot of people go to community college. and transfer. it makes sense to me. >> the college president brian murphy happy to see the white house push going to college as necessary as going to high school. >> the importance of him declaring it as an objective cannot be underestimated. it really is a signal to the students on this campus and to their families that getting an education is a national priority.
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>> reporter: if congress passes the proposal the federal government would pay 3/4 of the average cost. participating states would pay the remaining tuition. for student they have to be enrolled halftime. maintain 2.5 gpa and make progress toward completing their program. buttock but the oakland based organization posted it and says it sound great. it covers 1/5. they signal that tuition is all that matters and flat out the other costs of attendance that determine if students can get to campus. whether they're focused on material or huh to pay for their next meal while in class. student will say anything would help. >> probably within of the best dealize have ever heard. i envy it. >> reporter: ian cole nbc bay area news. >> details you will want to hear. president obama will make his formal announcement tomorrow morning at a knoxville, tennessee, community college.
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off awe >> a new white house probe into this suspicious selfie maybe using president obama's daughter's image to sell t-shirt. the rap group, posted the photo on instagram. it appears to show malia obama wearing a white tee sthirt with the rap group logo. the caption include a link to the website. members of the group say they got the photo from a mutual friend. >> what happened to the olympics. the u.s. olympic committee rejected san francisco. so is it a loss for the bay area? or blessing in disguise? jean elle joins us from san francisco with both side of the olympic battle. jeanne, bay area gets beat out by boston. >> once again, raj. olympic bid backed by city leaders in san francisco all over the bay area. tonight. opponent say while hosting the olympics sound like a good idea. the cost is too high. >> started by saying this was
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the toughest def six they estest decision. >> the president, larry baird said it sounded close. boston beat san francisco, for the 2024 olympic. >> we have been honored to be invited into this. we did our best to represent our, our city and our region. >> with one phone call. the bay area olympic dreams are on hold. for team usa alternative lets. it is a big disappointment. >> it was sad. >> he is in san diego training for the 2016 games with u.s. rowing.peteing onbiggest stage. >> to compete where i grew up. >> in oakland, 2024 games would have delivered a station. >> the timing couldn't be more perfect. this opportunity to build an olympic stadium would then create a permanent home for one
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of our sports teams. most likely the raiders. >> reporter: oakland must find a new game plan. sochl couldn't have been happier. >> well are derighted. relieved. boston was selected. >> members are celebrating the defeat. a picture on facebook shows supporters holding a protest sign in denver. for members of the u.s. olympic committee to see. they want billions it would take to host the games spent wisely. >> look to think we could manage infrastructure projects. do some of the good things they wanted to do with the bid without there being an olympics attached to it. >> reporter: back to the drawing board. have off to wait and see if the u.s. olympic committee invites san francisco to enter another bid for the 202 games. reporting live in san francisco. jean elle bay area news. >> could have guaranteed great weather. >> better weather than boston. >> for sure. >> or winter.
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>> jeff what do you think? >> why did they turn us down. come on. sat lilt radar right now. did have a storm system move across today. weak produced cloud cover. dropped our temperature. that with pollution for an extreme leap just nasty looking day out there. looked like it would rain all day long. it didn't. you can see here on satellite radar picture. tracking showers well off shore. lower atmosphere is dry. do not think any of that will make it across the bay area. sky camera network now. cloud cover in place. 52 most of the bay area. north bay. 45. take you into tomorrow morning's forecast. we'll start mild. cloud cover. still remaining in place. upper 40s. low 50s here from the south bay. right through the east bay. the one thing you do want to notice is with that storm system still, upper level energy passing over tomorrow morning. slight chance of some drizzle in san francisco.
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that's the only hitch in the forecast for tomorrow morning. you will want to watch out for that. take you into futurecast the what you will see here again tomorrow morning is this widespread cloud cover. from marin, napa. sonoma. san jose. santa cruz as well. but by the afternoon. it moves off toward the east. we should have at least partly cloudy skies coming our way. even for portions of the north bay. east bay. lakely mostly sunny skies. by this weekend. we have been talking about the slight chance of rainfall. getting close to us yuflt. you can see. pull out in the wide view. most of the rainfall. way too far off to the north. or off to the south to be impacting us. for right now. dry weather for this upcoming weekend. take-up to you to the microclimate forecast. finally here. 65 degrees. cloudy in the morning. sunshine afternoon. peninsula. 64, palo alto. ocean breeze. kicks up. feels like the 50s.
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san francisco. tracking low 60s throughout the marina. also downtown. get-up to the north bay. east bay. trivalley. thing to notice here. napa should clear out first. have the warmest temperatures tomorrow. close to 70. have a longer window of the sunshine to help the temperatures to boost up there. trivalley. 64. air quality unfortunately not going to get better tomorrow. moderate levels of pollution in the peninsula, east bay. near unhealthy levels in the north and south bay. what we need to clear out pollution. rainfall. not in the forecast. saturday. sunday. monday. tuesday. may not get revel until january 17, through the 291st. weekend dry. raj, jess instead of a four. it gives you've plenty of time to do house chores. leaf blowing. clean out the gutters. >> pro krastcrastinate. >> come do it for you. >> that was an offer. >> see you saturday morning, jeff. >> thank you jeff.
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ahead at 11:00 is google getting into car insurance business. >> we also have jimmy. >> hey guys playing, pictionary. and music from go face killer.
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my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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>> teenager refusing to undergo chemotherapy overruled by a judge. the connecticut supreme court ruled the 17-year-old girl isn't ready to make critical health decisions on her own. she has hodge kins cancer of the immune system with up to 85% survival rate if treated with chemo. she calls chemotoxic poison. and doesn't want to be forced to put her bed through it. today's ruling orders her to receive the treatments for the next six months. nine months from now she turns 18 becoming legal adult responsible for her own health. >> going out of business because of ebola. an ohio bridal shop closing for good because of its connect tugs an ebola patient.
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the store owner begin to lose business after the nurse amber vincent visited to help bridesmaid. vincent treated an ebola patient that died. and not long after it was discovered vincent herself contracted ebola. that resulted in the store being closed for weeks. costing the business tens of thousand of dollars. the business couldn't bounce back even after vincent recovered. >> you want to the store? is it safe to go there? people were like wow they're still open. i thought they closed. >> the store though will close by end of the month. >> up next. stephen curry has something pretty interesting to sthar with the -- sthar with the public. a double overtime thriller for stanford.
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good evening. geraud moncure. sharks surviving without joe thornton. missed his fourth straight game. left shoulder injury. the team had won consecutive games on the road. frustration for the veteran mounting. >> when they win it's lake okay. you didn't have to stress so much. the guys are doing so good. hopefully they keep winning. and my shoulder, my shoulder
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gets better. and go from there. >> sharks skating for a perfect roady. early second period. san jose down 3-1. and right place, right time. for the rebound score. four game goal streak for the rookie. the lead is cut in half. midway through the period now. blues on the rush. throw on three. see it highlighted. no one marks, yuri and the slap shot from the left side is money. and, blues win by the same skr they did last week at the tank. 7-2. this kid ready to move on for the rangers game come sunday. saturday in san jose. to the college hardwood. pac 12 showdown. we pick it up in ot. ucla up. two second remaining. at the free-throw line. made the first. misses the second. go to double overtime t under 30. isaac hamilton. tony parker for the slam. ucla wins. 86-81. double overtime.
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snapping the slide. tough challenge for usf. visiting gonzaga. finding kevin wilcher the triple. the zag's lead is 9. second half. great ball movement. leading to the bucket and foul. bulldogs win going away. 88-57. off night. the latest in the footwear unveiled earlier today. steph curry under armor rolling out the curry one. high top. first signature shoe. journey from unheralded prep player to nba top tier point guard. run $120. finally, practice warriors facility. just another day of shot making. all forms, fashions. curry dropping in the effortless 30-footer. sitting in a chair. yeah, that easy. he just simply laughs it off. hosting the cav lerz at oracle.
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missing lebron james. due to injury.
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the geico gecco may need to step up his game. google wants to sell auto insurance. let shoppers compare and get
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policies. google was get a cut. they offer the service in the united kingdom. >> before we leave you tonight. don't forget golden globes here on nbc bay area. sunday night at 5:00 p.m. live with tina fey and amy pohler. tomorrow night primetime special. countdown to the globes with meredith vieira. interviews with hollywood's hottest stars. 10:00 p.m. before our newscast. >> all three lady, will be a fun gno night, girls night out. >> gno? >> glad we didn't know what that meant. >> gno. >> good night. have a good day tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lena dunham, j.k. simmons


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