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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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girlfriend. schools were with on lockdown and a highway closed. to the northeast of paris, police ring the printing plant and say they trapped the brothers inside. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. >> now the massacre at that
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french newspaper may not have been the brothers first strike. the associated press is reporting that he one is suspected of fighting for the terrorist group in spring. he may have been among the foreigners deported from yemen in 2012. stay with us. this is still a developing story. it continues to unfold. you can find the details when we are not on the air at nbc bay happening today there will be a historic closure of the golden gate bridge. a live look this morning. traffic light and flowing. the key word is flowing. come midnight the picture will look different because the bridge will be closed. >> nbc bay area is live at the bridge this morning and it is supposed to keep drivers safer while crossing the bridge eventually, right? >> that's right. good morning to you.
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this is what's going out, getting taken out of the bridge. these yellow plastic pylons. this is the only thing separating the traffic in both directions here on the golden gate bridge. you can see them in the distance. those are out. crews are beginning the work this weekend for the closure. the longest in the golden gate bridge's history. the old and new. concrete and steel barriers three times wider and twice the height. the primary goal prevent head-on collisions. >> it is tall and strong. it will separate oncoming traffic and virtually eliminate head-on collisions. since 1970s there have been 128 head-on collisions and 16 fatalities. that doesn't include the number of crossovers where they come back to their own lane and cause a traffic tangle. >> reporter: golden gate bridge representative says the
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technology for an extremely narrow barrier didn't exist until now. the $30 million for the project pays for the 3500 steel and concrete barriers and the brand new machines that will change the lanes in each direction, helping the flow of traffic during rush hour. while the trucks aren't new, they are designed for the bridge's need for a narrow median. manufactured by a local company. regular bridge commuters say they welcome the change. >> i'm glad those will be done. they pop up all the time and cause accidents and come up on your windshield or -- i'm happy about the barriers going up. whenever i am next to the fast lane coming the other way it is frightening to me. >> my wife will appreciate that. i can tell you that much yeah. >> reporter: tell me more? has she talked about it? >> for sure. she finds it fairly narrow. i would usually drive across but
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even if i am driving she finds it unnerving. >> reporter: the bridge reopens monday morning at 4:00 the advice, take your time. >> the barrier is put in place to stop mayor accidents. if drivers take it slow that's what will happen. if they are not paying attention to their surroundings and the new merge there could be more minor accidents. that's not what we want to see at all. now other changes to look for. the merge will shift from right to left now. speed limit drops from 55 to 45. the project costs $30 million. 75% from the state, 20% from toll revenues and 5% from federal funds. the last time the bridge closed was in 1987 for the 50th anniversary celebration for a few hours. so 52 hours is a big deal for the golden gate bridge. the closure starts at midnight
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saturday morning through monday 4:00 in the morning. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a lot of folks head to the golden gate bridge on the weekends. and if you have to travel around the city not as a tourist but because you live there, we have ways to get around that closure. >> good morning. the full closure of the bridge is for a good reason. behind me is a live look. these pylons are all that separate the southbound from the northbound directions. will be a little better if we have that physical barrier to keep those directions separated. let's look because we have some options for you. even though the bridge is closed to the drivers, we have the bus drivers which will continue across. golden gate transit will have a weekend service. golden gate ferry and larkspur ferry will have added service.
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sausalito and ferry terminals to and from the city the best options if you must travel between the two with. another ten miles to go around richmond to the bay bridge both directions of course. that's the only alternate and the san mateo bridge may see more traffic. san mateo bridge will be less than 80. stay with us on-line. we have more of mike's information of how to get around the closure and details about the new lanes and configurations you want to know when the bridge reopens on nbc bay this morning a bird strike forced a united airlines jetliner to make a sudden u-turn after departing from sacramento. here's a photo inside the plane showing sparks flying off the wing shortly after the strike. the 737 was bound from sacramento to denver when it was hit 5:30 this morning. passengers say they definitely felt the strike but then didn't
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know what to think next. >> it was like a jolt to the plane, and i could see the flames. >> the lights started flickering, everybody started yelling. >> i was thinking this could be it. >> reporter: the passengers say when flight attendants heard people yelling fire one showed up with a fire extinguisher not knowing it was in the engine outside. fire crews responded as a precaution. the 737 landed safely and passengers boarded new flights as investigators examined the plane. there are an average of 1,000 bird strikes a year according to the faa. we're going to go now live -- well no we're not apparently. yes, we are. that's jerry brown, not live. governor brown unveiling the latest state spending plan. his $113 billion budget includes 1. 2 billion each for the yan day fund and death payment. the second year in a row the state budget will run a surplus.
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the governor's plan does not include funding for university of california. that likely means tuition rates will likely go up. >> the meeting looks the same every year. the numbers are different. they are not doing enough according to protesters in san jose. less than an hour ago they gathered in san jose demanding governor brown put more focus on the health and well being of those living in poverty. >> we're here to speak out against the governor's proposed budget because it does not deal with the incredible poverty we have in silicon valley or around the state. >> another protest is expected to start in san francisco within the next hour. also happening today, president obama is in tennessee right now announcing his plan to make community college free for students. the plan is to give two free years of community college for everyone who's willing to work for it. these are live pictures of the president speaking in tennessee right now.
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california has more than 2 million community college students. more than any other state. the college president said he is happy to see the push to make going to college as necessary as going to high school. >> the importance of him declaring it as an objective cannot be underestimated. it really is a signal to the students on this campus and their families that getting an education is a national priority. >> the president can propose it but congress has to pass it. the federal government would need to pay 3/4 of the average cost. participating states would pay the remaining tuition and under the proposed rules students would have to be enrolled halftime and maintain a 2.5 gpa. >> seems fair enough. we will have new details on the measles outbreak at what is the happiest place on earth. coming up the warning expands as the number of people who have gotten sick goes up. this is the world famous
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harlem globetrotters back in the bay area.
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dow industrials down 149 points this morning despite some solid news. 252,000 jobs were created in the month of december. more than 3 million jobs created in the entire year. the inemployment number the lowest it's been since the dotcom boom and rates of hiring the fastest since the end of the depression. 252,000 jobs in december. unemployment rate falls 5.6%. you may recall november's numbers were blockbusters 321,000. economists announced they are revising the number up to 353,000. when we deep dive to the numbers, we see the jobs created are good jobs professional
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jobs. . one strange thing, hourly pay dropped slightly. that's hard to figure out. number one the jobs are fairly high end and when you lower the unemployment rate the competition for workers goes up. more than likely the person you are trying to hire already has a job and you have to pay her more to leave than if she were unemployed. we shouldn't see the hourly wage fall. people walking off their jobs in fast food. protesting wages. they want $15 an hour. the big question is whether low-skill and entry level workers may get too expensive, even at $10 an hour. we talked a long time about american factory workers. they have been losing jobs replaced by technology. unemployment went down. that's robots. when it is fast food the experts will argue about that. this sunday on press here, we will talk about that and get in
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to heavy-duty arguing. we don't normally argue on that show. but not this week. >> okay. >> it is interesting. >> it is a touchy thing when you see the divide between the middle class shrinking down. >> yes. now the entry level, as well will shrink down because of automation. switching gears now, some of the world's best basketball players are this this bay area and this time we're not talking about the warriors. >> we're talking about the globetrotters. we have gotten to know the game but what about bob? i think he knows the game pretty well. that is not him. i can tell because he is not as gooded with a basketball. hi, bob. >> reporter: hey, scott and chris. you are looking at slick willie shaw with the harlem globetrotters. good morning to you, slick. >> good morning. >> i you guys are back and taking on the washington generals. >> our 2015 washington generals revenge world tour. we haven't played them in five years. i was on the team so i can't
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talk about that. we are giving them an opportunity. >> i was thinking horse or pig. i don't know if we have enough time. i like to play photo synthetic echo plaz plachl mraz -- eck t /* /* ectoplasm. >> i have to put it behind my back. >> whatever works for you. >> i'm going mad on this. >> there we go. >> oh i have it. >> there we go. >> wait i have to do this. >> you have to do this too. we will also honor a hometown
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hero. fabs fans can go on-line and a game to support our men and women. >> what if i don't do the under the arm thing. >> yeah there you go. >> better than i can do. it is still spinning. >> we had time. >> one more. we will make it. >> sounds good. >> here we go. all right. half-court. and, and. >> oh, too much, too much. >> i'll concede to you. thank you very much. you guys will be here tonight and next friday and saturday back and then tomorrow at the arena. >> come out if you are in the bay area. the memories last a lifetime.
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>> great playing b-ball with you. >> thanks. >> i played basketball two years in high school and never scored a point in the game. >> i didn't score in high school either. >> i think the camera i was nervous. i can always nail the back thing, always. >> it was the camera. >> we will run it some other time. >> bob played with the washington generals for a couple of plays once. it was fun. >> he actually is good at basketball. >> he actually is. let's check in with anthony this morning. good morning to you both. in fact this morning a lot of cloud cover across the bay area. high thin cloud cover but nonetheless cloud cover and out there because of the system to the south expected to make its way in to southern california as we head throughout the day today and tomorrow. if you are traveling across southern california, you will run in to showery activity. here at home another hazy day. in fact another spare the air day for the bay area. this will remain in effect for the next 24 hours them good news
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as we head toward the weekend we are talking improving air quality. saturday and sunday. for that matter monday. it looks like the air quality will go from unhealthy to moderate levels. at least we are looking at improvements. there overall highs today will be comfortable in the mid-60s with a good mix of sun and clouds. 65 in the peninsula. you can see it is shrouded in with haze. 63 san francisco. close to 70 in the north bay. today will be a cool day. it will be even cooler as we head to the weekend. we are talking about low 60s for san jose. that will be most of the day in the 500ss. a dry start to the workweek. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, there's a guided sculpture walk where you can see sculptures like this. temperature s in the low 60s at the presidio with a mix of sun and clouds for saturday and sunday.
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if you are trying to check out some cute fellas like this head to the marine ma'amle center in sauls lito. you can get involved in the marine life. it is science sunday from 10:00 to 5:00 and you will notice a mix of sun and clouds in sausalito. we start off the month and year very dry. you can see each day we didn't have rain is an orange. the days we had green, that's the rain. that's where we will be looking at as we head to next week. a week from today we will track the system that will move this way with. friday late in the day in to saturday morning. the next chance of rain will push to the bay area. until then it will be a dry workweek an weekend with better air quality. hopefully that will help you get out and enjoy the activities across the bay area. guys back to 0 you. still to come award shows can drag on if you have you have the wrong host. that's not likely the case with tina fey and amy poehler at the
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mic. we'll tell you.
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he is saying in the movie it's the last time. no it's not the last time. >> i love these movies. i don't know why. i'm not going to see it. have a great weekend. hollywood's award season kicks off this weekend with the golden globes. >> while those up for the awards will generate a lot of was the host tonight will create their own. here's nbc's mark barker. >> getting sloppy in here everybody. >> reporter: the third time might be a charm. >> we got drunk. >> the first two times went well for tina fey and amy poehler . >> we are going to get this show
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done in three hours or as martin scorsese calls it act one. hi julia. you know us from tv. >> that's not to say they can't improve. >> i'm trying to maintain eye contact with one person and win that person over. >> great idea. >> yeah. >> i'm going to try to get julia louis-dreyfus to smile once. >> good luck. >> luck may not be an issue for "birdman." the comedy is expected to be a win dmer the film category unless the hosts get their way. >> i think there should be a "hunger games" type thing where we put the people through challenges to see who wants it the most. >> i. >> reporter: less challenging is finding targets for the hosts' humors. >> taylor swift you stay away from michael. >> is the hollywood foreign press off limits? i think they have a good sense of humor.
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>> and lot of them are asleep by the time the broadcast. >> a few of them are ghosts. >> reporter: which raises the hopes. >> they can be funny and not mean. you can watch the golden globes on sunday night. the show starts at 5:00. >> don't miss our premier special countdown to the globes with meredith vieira. that is 10:00 on nbc bay area. still to come a delivery driver caught on camera doing a pickup instead of drop off. police are looking for the driver turned dog napper.
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now back to new details in the developing story out of paris where two hostage standoffs came to a deadly end this morning. both linked to a terrorist
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attack on a magazine. the suspects were spotted an chased in to a printing factory outside of paris where they took at least one person hostage. after a seven-hour standoff french security forces stormed the factory. police say both brothers were killed, one hostage was freed. at the same time another hostage standoff was happening at a kosher market in paris. the gunman was identified as coulibaly. officials say he was threatening to kill hostages if police didn't stop their attacks on the kouachi brothers. officers stormed the market and the gunman was also killed. we are trying to investigate reports from french media that several hostages were killed in the standoff. stay with us for the latest
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on this story as it continues to unfold. an historic closure of the golden gate bridge. feast your eyes because traffic is flowing. come midnight it will not. picture will look different. the bridge will close. here's nbc bay area's stephanie with why. >> reporter: these are coming out. these yellow plastic pylons are the only thing for years that separated the two lanes of traffic for the directions south and northbound here on the golden gate bridge. you can see them in the distance. they will be there no longer. crews start work at midnight. the closure beginning the longest in the golden gate bridge's history. out with the old and in with the new. concrete and steel barriers that are three times wider and almost twice the height.
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the primary goal prevent head-on collisions. >> it is tall and very strong. it is separate oncoming traffic and virtually eliminate head-on collisions. since 1970 there have been 128 head-on collisions. and 16 fatalities. that doesn't include the number of crossovers where they come back to their own lane and cause a traffic tangle. >> spokesperson says demand for sprouted in the '70s but technology for a narrow barrier didn't exist until now. the $30 million for the project pays for the 3500 steel and concrete barriers and these brand new machines that will move the barriers to change the number of lanes in each direction, helping the flow of traffic, especially in rush hour. while they are not new, they are designed for a narrow median manufactured by a local company out of solano county. local bridge commuters welcome the change. >> i'm glad they will be done. they pop up all the time and
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cause accidents. and come up on your windshield or you know so i'm happy about the barriers going up. >> whenever imnext to the fast lane coming the other way with it's so frightening to me. >> my wife will definitely appreciate that. i can tell you that much yeah. >> reporter: tell me why. has she talked about it? >> for sure. she finds it fairly narrow. i would usually drive across but even if i am driving she finds it unnerving. the barrier is put in to place to stop major accidents. if they are not paying attention to surroundings and the new merge there could be more minor accidents. that's not what we want at all. >> other changes drivers need to watch for is heading south. the merge will go from right to left. also the speed limit drops from if 55 to 45. the project costs $30 million.
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75% from the state. 20% from toll revenues and 5% from federal funds. the last time the bridge closed was in 1987 for the 50th anniversary celebration for a few hours. so 52 hours is a big deal for the golden gate bridge. the closure starts at midnight saturday morning through monday 4:00 in the morning. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> you can give us a call and tell us where you are going and are in your groups. >> they are capable of holding 40 passengers. the cost of the pass $25. as we are on the air we are also on-line. nbc bay has information about how to get rid the closure, including new lanes and configurations once the bridge reopens at nbc bay
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>>. people in mountain view have found a new way to get around. the new mountain view community shuttle launches today. this is a map of the route. the four electric bus shuttles are funded by google and will offer free rides throughout the city not just to employees. next week a commuter shuttle will start to run to take presidents -- not presidents residents to and from work. the goal is to tackle the traffic problems in mountain view. a follow up a legal decision seems to clear the way for the keystone pipeline. nebraska supreme court threw out a lawsuit challenging the proposed route for the pipeline judges determined the landowners suing did not have legal standing to do so. that forces the landowners to sell. president obama has previously said he would wait for the nebraska ruling before making a decision on the pipeline. the house is expected to vote on the measure sometime today.
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there is a possibility, of course, that it will be vetoed. new details in the measles outbreak that happened at the happiest place on earth. health officials say five more people who visited disneyland and disney california adventure now have the measles. bringing the number of confirmed cases in california alone to 12 which is up from seven yesterday. health officials say it is likely that a single person with measles visited the parks spreading the virus. doctors warn more people would have been exposed when patients were treated at nearby hospitals and at a lab. most of the cases are in southern california. but health officials confirmed they are monitoring two people who may have gotten the measles while visiting the theme park. a 3-year-old girl is safe after a man reached through her bedroom window and tried to kidnap her. this happened last night in santa clarita north of l.a. sheriffs deputies say the man
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reached through they are bedroom window grabbed her and ran down the street with her. the girl's uncle chased the man down. he told the man he was the girl's father and the man let her go. investigators say the incident appears to be random. a new film will be required for freshman going forward. >> third or fourth time i gave up and went numb. sglit is called can't thread a moving needle. a drama explaining and examining campus date rape. every word taken from real-life accounts of date rape victims. through the film they hope to get in front of the issue. >> the perpetrateors story in the film is somebody who didn't intend to be a rapist but it was -- he had sex with a woman who was unable to give consent. and then he became a rapist.
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>> reporter: cdc reviled one in five women are victims of sexual assault. theman woman accused of setting a fire at the mrs. doubt fire house will be in court today. she was arrested in san jose on wednesday. she is accused of trying to set the mansion on fire. the house was made famous in the robin williams film and mourners there left flowers, candles and notes on the steps when robin williams died. the man convicted of stabbing his high school classmate to death more than 40 years ago will be sentenced today. steven karlton, convicted of first-degree murder in the 1984 killing of a high school student in pleasantton an fbi lab identified his blood on tina's
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purse. he faces up to 26 years in prison. a southern california woman will spend the next five years behind bars for having her bra. she pleaded eight counts to steal 1g$.8 million funds from the school district. she did it by stuffing thousands of dollars in to her bra and bag on two occasions at least. the crimes were caught on camera. she used the money to support a lavish lifestyle buying first class plane tickets and first row seats to basketball games that. is some bra. >> instead of masking a delivery a fedex driver allegedly steals puppies from a houston home. >> and the family is desperately trying to get them back and juzingjuz using surveillance video to track them.
11:38 am
>> this video shows a driver picking something up up. two little french bull dog puppies, bruno and sheila hanging out in front of their home. >> put the puppies in his car and then went somewhere with the puppies. >> drivers spent ten minutes trying to corral the dog to the delivery truck. >> when i saw the fedex guy started to call my dogs i'm like wait a minute. what's going on here? >> at one point, sheila the black one escaped and the driver walked all the way up to the front door to corner her. >> he knew somebody was home. all the trucks out there. the door was cracked an he knew we were home. >> luckily the family got a call from the vet clinic and someone found the pups wandering 30 minutes from their home and dropped them at a vet.
11:39 am
after a long, cold night the family was reunited. >> the puppies in good health. >> there would have been emotional trauma if they were separated. as a parent they need each other. whoever took them -- >> what's wrong with people? you don't steal a family dog. >> or both. >> or both. nfl commissioner roger goodell has gotten vindication. >> a report on how he handled ray rice's domestic abuse incident. washington loses the trademark of its team name.
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welcome back. detectives detected pings underwater from the plane's black boxes. they have located the tail of the plane but bad weather delayed the search. they have been inspecting pings off and on for days now. they are not sure if they are coming in the black boxes or a different source. 48 bodies have been recovered since the plane crashed off indonesia last month. murder trial of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez began with the judge telling the first batch of juror they could be picked to sit on the panel even if they already heard of the case. hundreds of jurors were expected to file through the courtroom
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for the first day of the selection process. hernandez is accused of killing semi professional football player oden lloyd in 2013. potential witnesses in the case are coach bill belichick and robert kraft. a report on an independent investigation in toe nfl's handling of the ray rice scandal is out find nothing cover-up of the infamous elevator video but calls the league's handling of the case in to question. nbc's peter alexander has the latest. with more hard hits expected on the field this weekend, roger goodell has yet again escaped any serious blow. >> roger goodell survived. i think this report probably puts an end to his job insecurity. >> nearly a year after the infamous punch, ray rice knocking out the woman who's now his wife former fbi director robert mueller's investigation found that no one saw the video before it was publicly shown. still he blasted the league for
11:44 am
what he called a limited investigation that ignored substantial information that suggested it should have done more. >> the nfl's internal investigation was deficient. >> reporter: critics like the national organization for women, are demanding goodell resign. how do you spell whitewash? nfl they wrote. the nfl announced a new conduct policy and goodell said the league is tackling problems head on. why should critics be confident that this time you have got it right? >> we have changed the policy, strengthened and toughened it. >> reporter: the associated press says they never spoke to the law enforcement official who told the a p. he sent a dvd of the assault to the nfl last spring. he sadid for now ray rice is focusing on his future. >> i take responsibility for what i did and only thing i hope
11:45 am
and wish for is a second chance. >> a free agent without a team. peter alexander reporting. the scandal isn't over yet. rice has a grievance hearing where he is demanding she due $4 million he lost when he says he was unfairly fired by the team. u.s. department of justice is wading in carefully in to the fight over the name of the washington football team. the d.o.j. did not take an official position but said it will support the u.s. patent and trademark office decision to strip the team's trademark protection. the team has challenged the decision and the department of justice says it will defend it. well koalas it is animal time. koalas are in desperate need of mittens after the wildfires in australia. several koalas have been rescued from recent fires and are
11:46 am
recovering but others had to be put down. >> the animals are at con stabt risk during wildfires and die from burns or dehydration. my goodness. so cute with those mittens. >> they have figured out how to use devices to measure drought. instruments placed on the ground can measure the depth of snow and soil moisture. those devices use gps signals to see how much the earth moves. they say it will help predict how much water will be available come spring. we are wondering how the forecast is shaping up for the weekend? >> we are looking at a lot of cloud cover. that's the story all day. you can see from the golden gate bridge, the haze is out there an the fog as well. a little cloud cover from time to time because of the system to
11:47 am
the south. this is expected to bring showery activity to southern california. for us it will bring in the morning fog. that's going to return to the forecast each and every morning. then cooler weather as we head to the afternoon hours and better air quality. that's the take away from the forecast as we head through the weekend. we have seen spare the air days all week long. finally, even today will be another one. this weekend things are expected to improve. you will notice as we look at that saturday sunday and monday we are talking about the unhealthy levels going back to moderate levels. as we head to the latter part of next week back to the good levels because we have rain in the forecast. i want to start off with the highs today. you will notice from the sky camera network, we have cloud cover across every microclimate and temperatures cool considering how warm we were the past few days. 67 south bay. 65 peninsula. 64 for the east shore and san francisco. 60s so it will be chilly there.
11:48 am
63. north bay good mix of sun and clouds and 68. if you are looking for some things to do this weekend. on saturday at the jack london square check out the jack of all trades market from 11:00 to 5:00. it is free. check out the second-hand items. and if you are a pet lover head to the pup meet up and sf dog mayor party at nob hill. you can meet the dogs along with the dog mayor and even notice temperatures comfortable. falling in the low to mid-50s by six. overall no rain expected anywhere across the bay area. you'll notice as we head to the weekend with it is going to get cooler on saturday and sunday. 50 5 a 50s for a high. we start off the next workweek dry. monday and tuesday dry.
11:49 am
friday of next week images like this. rain returning. here you go. by thursday evening, our next system will dive in from the north. it is going to take its sweet time getting here. by friday evening it will be up to the north. friday in to saturday morning is when it will move in. it's a week away. we have some timing problems. we have to deal with the projection and the track of where the system will go. of course once we with get it nailed down we will have a better idea of how much rain we will get as we head to next week. overall a dry weekend headed our way and better air quality. let's everybody breathe a good deep breath a sigh of relief if you can enjoy the outdoor days. back to you. >> exercise if you have that. we have great gadgets from the consumer electronics show. >> many appeal to main stream audience. there are a lot of quirky products to be seen. >> it is a like a segway
11:50 am
skateboard. you lean forward to make it go. fitness trackers plentiful as well. they will track your waist measurement and smart socks. if that is too much for you to handle. there is a cardio scale. looking to simplify weight management. >> it gives you a smiley face or frowny face. >> i think i would get the frowny face fairly often. >> and a pot that waters itself for those who lack a green thumb. >> i need that. climbers making their way up the sheer face of el capitan are climbing at night, believe it or not because it is easier. we'll explain coming up.
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a group of women climbers nepal ease are back at home
11:53 am
after becoming the first woman team to climb the highest mountain on all seven continents. the team started the seven-year journey by climbing mt. everest, mount vincent in antarctica last month. only four were able to make the last journey because of a lack of funding. >> a big journey finally culminated in the seventh climb. we can now say seven! >> wow. they received a warm welcome home. they said they would continue to climb even after achieving their goal. two men trying to climb up the sheer rock of el capitan could reach the summit this weekend. >> if they do it will be at night. they switched to night climbing because the days are too warm. at night the rocks are colder allowing a better grip with fingers and climbing shoes.
11:54 am
>> free climbing means they are only using their hands and feet, no tools to scale the rocks. the ropes are only there to catch them if they fall. one of them is kevin jorgenson of santa rosen. he is nursing finger injuries. the 14th day of their climb. >> i know my 8-year-old is going to do that to me someday. still to come a couple of tennis stars get help from an unlick likely place. details next.
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a tennis natch couldn't help but go to the dogs in new zealand. >> bull mastiff, border collie jack russell mix were the ball retrievers during a practice match between venus williams and her opponent. >> it was a big hit mostly because of the curiosity factor and they earned great marks in handling the task. of course they love balls. balls endured an unusual amount of drool and lovely dog breath. >> did you see venus? she is like aw! same reaction as the rest of us. >> thank you for joining us. the next newscast is at 5:00. >> get the day's news at nbc bay have a great weekend.
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. >> today on "access hollywood live". did someone have plans tonight. look at that outfit right 30. ready to roll. >> bill cosby handled the heck >> bill cosby handled the heckler who called him a rapist during his performance and what he just said about that incident. >> i probably shouldn't have done the spin while talking about that. >> justin bieber underwear ad you might be surprised. >> sunday golden globe. fashion forecast for you. "access hollywood live"starts right >> carpet is rolled out there it is. the sound is ready to rock and roll. we are two days away from hollywood biggest party. golden globe welco


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